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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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you're not working. >> which is when? >> to the news. >> it's been a trouble iing wee for donald trump having republicans asking themselves should i stay or go. we'll see trump next hour when he speaks to voters in maine. the candidate and his campaign insisting today that his bid for the presidency is unified and on track. but we know of at least three gop lawmakers facing reelection who are getting off the trump train. after a public spat on his own reelection bid, paul ryan says he's staying the course, but not from the sidelines. >> if i see and hear things that are wrong, i'm not going to sit by and say nothing. because i think i have a duty as the republican leader to defend republican principles and our party's brand. bejust came out of our convention and he said pretty strange run since the convention. you'd think we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton and
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all her deficiencies. >> adding to that, some new polling. it shows trouble for donald trump with hillary clinton pulling ahead with double digits in critical swing states including florida, where a new poll shows florida swinging clinton's way despite trump's large rallies yesterday. reporters remain on the campaign trail to cover all that. plus efforts by the trump camp to get its own house in order. i want to starred with katy tur, who has been covering donald trump's movement from the beginning. what are you hearing from inside the camp about what these new numbers might mean? we're also talking about pennsylvania, michigan, new hampshire. >> reporter: thomas, they are doing the national anthem behind me, back to you. >> i want to make sure we pay respect to that moment right there. as we hear the national anthem, we'll go back to her in a second. kelly o'donnell standing by. she joins us from washington. let's go to what is playing out opposite the poll numbers.
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that is donald trump trying to say, yeah, we're unified, but we have this public split of three congressman. now we have speaker ryan repeating of being ready to stand up for party principles if trump gets out of line. are you hearing from your sources that there are republicans that are interested in leaving their backing of the nominee? >> i think those who are most willing have been giving us clues along the way. the three congressman you referred to have been doing that. they supported others in the primary process, have been critical of trump publicly and i think it's very helpful to look at where to they come from and how do voters normally play in these elections to get a sense of the support they feel in criticizing or separating themselves from donald trump. if we look at members of congress who come from illinois, pennsylvania and new york, those are states that regularly vote for the democratic candidate in presidential elections and if you drill down into the specific
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districts they represent, you see it goes back and forth between the different nominees over the years. so that gives these members of congress, who are speaking out, it's adam kinsinger of illinois and charlie dent of pennsylvania. they have really rooted in their own home constituencies ambivalence about donald trump. that gives them added backing to speak out. there may be others in the party who share their views, don't like the way he's conducted himself and the things he's chosen to talk about. the way he's offended different sectors of the electorate, but they may not feel as comfortable stepping out when others in the party will need conservative voters to turn out, to show up at these elections. so much of what happens when it comes to endorsements or not endorsements has to do with how it could affect other races. that's something that can help us decipher how this all plays out. >> if you look specifically at
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the fact that he will not vote for donald trump, he will vote for mark kirk. he took back the endorsement of donald trump i think it was back in june after the judge statements. we have represent hanna in new york, who is retiring. he went the step further saying he's going to be voting for hillary clinton. so as we look specifically here at what republicans are saying, they are not going that far. they are not saying i'm not voting for trump, they are going to say i can't support this nominee. >> it's not terribly out of character for each of them. when you talk about mark kirk, he may be the most vulnerable senate republican. i think adam has with his military background and a very public member of congress has ambitions that go beyond this election cycle. i think it's helpful to just gauge it by that. we have to say it's still highly unusual to have sitting office
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holders from the republican party who are not supporting the nominee. that's sort of the bedrock of what this campaign season has been about. but charlie dent was an advocate for john kasich throughout the primaries. so the clues were there and now as we get into this general election season, they are in their home districts now, congress is not in session. they are talking to their own e voters. they are in their communities and it's easier for them to take this stand. that doesn't mean it's not principled. i take them at their word, but it's also set in a context of their home environment. >> kelly o'donnell in washington, thank you so much. back to our colleague katy tur, who is there at the portland, maine, event where donald trump is going to be speaking shortly. let's go back to the new polling numbers coming out. florida, pennsylvania, michigan, new hampshire, have you heard from your sources any concerns inside the trump camp about what they reflect? >> the campaign is not saying
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whether there's any concerns about these new polls. paul manafort saying they expected this to happen. hillary clinton was going to get a post convention bump. we're going into august. the news cycle is is going to be dominated by the olympics now. donald trump will have less free air time. his campaign rallies won't be on tv as much by virtue of the olympics being aired. he's going to have to figure out a way to make his mark in august. so far when i have spoken to the campaign, i haven't gotten any concrete answers about how they are going to be spending that money. this is a big deal. there's an acknowledgment from those outside of the campaign within the party that if donald trump's go down even further, they are going to be in crisis mode, especially the majority in the senate and the house.
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those are two things that are most important to people right now. the presidency is top of mind, but maintaining control of congress is first and foremost. i spoke to supporters here today and i asked them if they believe these controversies are getting to them. and while they wanted to brush off the controversies, they did admit to me one thing. they want to hear donald trump get back on message. take a listen to how they phrased it. >> he has to stay on his message, because he has a good message and follow through and win the women vote back. >> why do you think he's losing the women vote right now? >> well, because he's not politically correct, which is one reason why a lot of people like him. but he has to know when to use it and when not to use it. >> reporter: so everybody from donors, aids, republican party, his supporters, pretty much everyone is telling donald trump to get back on message, focus on
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the things that work for him, trade, jobs security, job creation, the economy and national security. we saw him start to hue more towards that mess yesterday. we'll see he continues that today here in portland. >> katy tur at the rally, thank you. we check in with hew hewitt, political analyst. it's been awhile since we were together. cleveland was the last time we were sweating it out on the stage there at the rnc. let me talk to you about where you stand. are you still voting for trump? >> of course, i am. i'm not one of these people who are worried. i lulled enough to remember that george bush was 17 points behind in july. that reagan was at 39%, exactly where donald trump is now, in august. the event this morning, the stabbing in london, not yet
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known to be terrorism. might be mental instability, but the world is on edge, thomas. i think events are going to decide this election. i would like to see -- >> they are saying they ruled out terror with london. but when you talk about the context of reagan or bush, this is not a campaign season or a political nominee that we have ever seen before like you would give an example of bush or reagan. so do you think it's fair to characterize it in those contrasts? >> they have ruled out terror, but it's a norwegian, so the issue is migration in the london context. but back to the question of reagan. reagan was roundly and wildly criticized throughout the summer of 1980. not until the debates that he proved himself. they tried to use the nuclear button stuff on him as well. it's been a rough two weeks. i had dorothy woods on my radio
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show this morning. she is the gold star spouse of ty woods, left by hillary clinton in the administration to die on a roof in benghazi. she said that hillary clinton is fundamentally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. if they take that line, if they absorb that attack and stay on the supreme court on hillary clinton not being believable, her record in egypt, libya, syria, iraq, the server and the fact she compromised by the russians, if they stay focused on hillary, donald trump can easily make this a race again. it's not a good situation to be in. you'd like it to be much closer. nevertheless, i do believe that all of the -- >> but in respect to ty woods and the sacrifice for this country and what they tried to do in benghazi, i imagine that dorothy understands that it's not secretary of state clinton at that time to deploy military assets. >> she doesn't understand that. she claims that hillary clinton
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was at her desk and was part of the problem that night. she realizes there's a conference call that the pentagon was involved. while the stand down order is in the pentagon chain of command, i think you have to realize that she very much is part of the administration that covered up and kept in complete secrecy the disaster that was the benghazi response. so dorothy woods said, and the transcript is available by website. people can listen to it. she's fundamentally unqualified to be commander in chief. i became to that conclusion because of her server. she lied a about her server. so i think trump's challenge is to stay focused on this conversation. hillary and donald have an extraordinary fragility with voters. he broke that. he can repair it. the one who breaks it last, the one who demonstrates themselves to be least trustworthy last in
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the cycle is going to lose this election. paul ryan, who is the real leader of the republican paerd, his remarks earlier are the ones that most republicans have got to pay attention to. we want him to stay focused on the message of security and especially the supreme court, which will flip into a disastrous majority if hillary makes one appointment. >> nice to see you, thank you for your time. want to give you a look at the results of our pulse question for you today. the question being do you think gop leaders can convince donald trump to reset his campaign and focus on hillary clinton? the pulse is live. you can weigh in for yourself at let's see how you feel so far. we're going to share the results. 3% say yes, 97% say no. it is live. check it out. a as for hillary clinton's focus, she's eyeing the west and
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touring an electric company in nevada before rallying supporters later today in las vegas. meanwhile her campaign making new moves that may be revealing. just how confident team clinton is about the chances of ining with the oval office in november. we're live to vegas, after this break. smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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welcome back. hillary clinton continues her western campaign swing taking it from nevada and any minute now the democratic nominee will tour an electrical company in the las vegas valley. then rally supporters this afternoon. they have filed paperwork to set up the former presidential transition team. steve patterson joins me from the site of clinton's rally.
11:17 am
also kristen welker is live at the white house for us. steve, let me start with you. we have clinton in vegas. is she going to hit trump on his business record about where e he manufactured certain products with his name on it? >> with all the headlines surrounding the trump campaign, hillary clinton thinks if it ain't broke, don't fix it. they put down the hammer and focused on the economy and focusing on jobs. that's obviously what we expect to hear today. there's $100 million advertising campaign. his outsourcing of jobs, attacking him where it hits home. that's what they plan to do today. that's why clinton was at a tie factory yesterday. that's why she's at an electrical company today. that's why she's talking to union workers today. she wants to talk about her jobs
11:18 am
plan. that would introduce millions of jobs. trump's plan would equal us getting back into the recession. so clinton hitting trump on the economy, on jobs and that's what we expect to hear today. really a fury of punches on content and nothing on character. that's what we expect to hear today. >> steve patterson in las vegas, we'll see hillary clinton coming up. kristen welker joining us now. let's talk about these numbers. as we look at the new leads out of suffolk university for hillary clinton in florida, a pivotal state to watch, but the information about the transition team and the paper work being filed. some would say proper preparation prevents poor performance. is this showing overconfidence? >> reporter: i think this is in and around the time you'd think about filing your paperwork.
11:19 am
the clinton campaign has done so right here in washington, d.c. there's no doubt that the clinton campaign and democrats are feeling confident. the concern among some democrats is that the clinton campaign will become overconfident. they are taking one step at a time. still, these are the types of meetings that are going on really within both campaigns. we know that this filing of the paperwork has come after weeks of meetings here at the white house. the same is true for the trump campaign. the chief of staff reaching out to both campaigns with the clinton campaign. chris christie with the trump campaign to talk about potential transitions and also to invite representatives from both camps to attend briefings here at the white house. we are told that mcduh na has underscored they will be impartial throughout the process, even though you have president obama hitting donald trump pretty hard.
11:20 am
also both have been cleared for intelligence briefings. the campaigns have to reach out to the white house to get those briefings. >> no one should go measure the drapes just yet. we'll continue to watch. kristen, thank you. happening now, the president meeting with his national security team at the pentagon to get the latest on the fight against isis. a new round of airstrikes are launched in libya. we take you to the pentagon, next. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™.
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11:24 am
when that happens, we'll take you there live. we are going to the pentagon. what are we expecting to hear from the president? >> we are going to get a read out from the president on whatever advances and success they have had in these airstrikes . but even before the airstrikes began, thousands of isis fighters had already fled. we are told today only about 150 isis fighters remain in the city. and the success that the u.s. and other coalition forces have had on the battlefield, have caused isis to spread out and change the threat. in some cases, it's a more insidious threat against targets in europe and even here in the united states because isis realizes it can't win the battle against the u.s. in a head to head fight on the battlefield. so instead, they have stepped up their efforts to inspire and
11:25 am
recruit lone wolves around the world, including here in the united states to launch terrorist attacks. so in some cases, that success has turned into what could be a potential larger threat to the u.s. homeland. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you, appreciate it. we'll have the president speaking after he has that team meeting with his national security advisers and will bring it you. hillary clinton is showing a double digit lead over donald trump. the latest numbers of where trump stands and where he needs to gain ground to have any hope of winning come november.
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swing states, it's looking better for clinton and worse for donald trump. at least at this point in the election. joining me from washington is political ed car californry dan. carry, walk us through the new numbers. these are crucial for november. >> absolutely, thomas. we're seeing some swing state results in pennsylvania. clinton up by 11 points. michigan, clinton up by 9 points. new hampshire, clinton up 15 points. a new poll out of florida showing her up 6. delving sba these numbers, there's two things that stood out of these polls. one of them is that donald trump is having trouble with his own base. he's losing a little ground with republicans in all four polls. he's performing worse with republicans than hillary clinton is performing with democrats. and another thing i would point out, very crucial to hillary clinton are the affluent
11:30 am
suburban areas. in pennsylvania, no matter how well donald trump does in the western part of the state, the key is going to be the philadelphia suburbs. clinton is clean iing up in philadelphia and in the suburban southeastern part of the state. those suburban areas of philadelphia. white, college-educated voters are turning off from donald trump, according to recent polls. it's hurting him right now, especially when you look at the education gap. it's only getting bigger. in some cases clinton is catching up with men where donald trump has traditionally led. this is not a great spade of state polls. i'm sure we'll see more in the coming days. >> let's talk about the implications of what this means for donald trump campaign and also with a bounce from the conventions. is this what would be natural at this pnto see the person that came second bounce ahead a little bit? >> yes and no. the gap is so wide. the fox poll that came out had donald trump trailing hillary
11:31 am
clinton by 10 points. everything is a little bit margin here or margin there. but if you're into the double digits, if he's trailing by double digits, if it has massive implications for down ballot races. keeping some of the seats, but a 10-point margin in national polls has big impact at state levels. >> florida, we saw this new poll coming out today saying that in a head to head matchup, so when you take out any other candidates, she has a 6-point lead over him. when you drill down to women specifically, she is double digits and this is by 50% to 38%. huge margins. south florida is 57% to 33%. can someone come back from that if you're on the lower tier? >> they can come back, but
11:32 am
florida is problematic for donald trump because it's really difficult for republican to win the presidential race and not win florida. basically impossible, frankly. republicans have far fu ewer paths. for him to be trailing that far back is big trouble. >> is it wise strategy? donald trump is coming up in portland, maine. maine is typically a blue state. does he really have an end road there to spend critical time in a state like maine? >> what trump has said in various interviews is that he wants to expand the map. he doesn't necessarily want to signal to the clinton campaign where he's going to try to expand the map outside the swing states we typically look at. like ohio, florida shs the places we know that the election is typically made. one advantage that donald trump has is he is still doing very well with white working class voters. that stands in pennsylvania and in ohio and other states. he also is doing better in
11:33 am
states without a high population of minority voters. hillary clinton has locked up the non-white vote in all these battleground states. so trump campaigning there and other places that are a little bit unconventional, what he's trying to do is shore up his base with those white working class voters. the problem is there aren't enough of those voters to make up for both the minority and those college-educated voters who have been turning away from him. >> it's a modern day electorate. thank you both so much. a a reminder for folks. you see the box on the lower left. president obama is holding a news conference in a little while. he's talking about the ramped up campaign against isis, the concerns with libya, the president is sure to take questions about the presidential race, which would focus on hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll bring you that news conference live when it happens. join iing me now is former ohio secretary of state honorary vice chair of the rnc platform
11:34 am
committee. gentlemen, good to have you with me. let's talk about the polling surrounding the gop nominee. do you expect more republicans running for reelection to distance themselves from their nominee? >> i don't think so. if the nominee can become a bit more disciplined in delivering his message. i start out the three m's. that's message, muscle, which is ground game and organization, and money. in terms of where we are today, not what we raised last quarter, the clinton campaign has an advantage in money. it also has an advantage in organization, but it should not have an advantage in message. but it will require donald trump to stay on message and not get
11:35 am
drawn into these sideline issues that are not crucial to the majority of americans. >> so we know the congressman of illinois, charlie dent of pennsylvania, the latest republicans to say they won't vote for trump. that adds to the list of senators. they stopped short of saying they'd vote for clinton, but we have the retiring congressman hanna saying he will vote for hillary clinton. so if you were inside the campaign of hillary clinton, how would you approach these trump defections and do you know if the clinton camp is actively pursuing other republicans to denounce trump and go her way? >> i think there's a huge opportunity to reach republicans and independents that nobody was more offended by him attacking a a gold star family within the past week. we have seen former national security officials from the bush administration come out and make clear they are going to support
11:36 am
clinton over trump. we have got the senior adviser to jeb bush making clear that she'll vote for clinton over trump. and i think these names will keep building up. it seems like we need to tally the number of times a week speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell try to separate themselves from donald trump. he's an albatross among the party. but at the end of the day, the leadership fan the flames of the tea party and they ended up with donald trump as the nominee. this is someone that they laid the groundwork for. >> so let's talk about congressman kaufman, a person up for reelection in colorado. he has an ad with an anti-trump message. i want to play some of that add for folks at home. take a look. >> people ask me, what do you think about trump? honestly, i don't care for him much. and i certainly don't trust hillary. i'm a marine. for me, country comes first. my duty is always to you. so if donald trump is president,
11:37 am
i'll stand up to him. plain and simple. >> colorado seems to be not a purple state anymore as they look at the dramatic change and shift in that state it will go blue. will ads like that work for republicans that want to stay in office going against trump? >> in terms of their narrow districts, they know their districts better than folks sitting on a porch in new york or washington, d.c. look, let's go back. here's the opportunity. not so many -- how many republicans are defecting, but the number of working class americans who are frustrated with the anemic economic growth who are part of that low labor participation rate, who don't feel safe in their neighborhoods, this is a game of numbers. you might have defections from
11:38 am
the republican ranks, but i think you're going to have a stream of defections from the democratic ranks. the question among blue-collar workers and families, the question will be is trump organized enough and disciplined enough to drive those folks to the polls. he is very dependent on the infrastructure of the state parties. and those infrastructures are ineven in terms of their effectiveness, but in battleground states, he has to mend the fences with john kasich or how it's going to be a steeper hill to climb. >> do you really think he can mend a fence with kasich? kasich seems not interested, whatsoever. >> one of the things kasich has to do is turn out the voters for trump. if he's not delivering on an anti-trump message, it's about messaging for trump to get those voters who come out and vote for
11:39 am
portman to stay discipline d an vote trump. >> thank you, gentlemen. i appreciate it. we're going to be following the president from the pentagon and his remarks. we have hillary clinton in las vegas. donald trump is in portland, maine. all these events in the next hour. also the pulse today. the question being, do you think gop leaders can convince donald trump to reset his campaign and focus on hillary clinton? 3% think yes, 97% say no. the pulse is live. this hour more questions than answers across the pond. an american murdered in the streets of london. officials revealing they do not believe this was an act of terror as they continue interrogating the accused killer. more on that, a after this. into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life.
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11:43 am
with his national security team about the ongoing campaign against isis. . coming up in the 4:00 p.m. hour, he will hold a news conference. as that happens, we'll bring that it live to you here. >> it was just wall to wall police. then there was a body laying. >> so there a witness describing the chaotic scene in london after a knife attack left one person dead and injured five others. the one fatality was an american citizen. one other american also injured in that attack. the suspect is a 19-year-old norwegian national and indications point to mental illness as a cause and not terrorism. matt bradley is where that stabbing took place. a high alert for this kind of attack.
11:44 am
what's the latest on the investigation and able to rule out so far? >> the police have come out today and have said strongly they have ruled out the possibility this attack was motivated by radicalization or any political motive at all. they are saying it was more of a question of mental illness. the latest news is a statement from florida state university. they are now saying that the woman who was killed, the american woman in her 60s is the wife of a professor at florida state university. she is now and she was there teaching over the summer. so this investigation is ongoing. right now, they said today the police that they were able to raid a home in northern london and planning in southern london. they have interrogated the suspect and spoken to his family. they are still trying to glean as much information as possible. the american woman who died last
11:45 am
night, her autopsy is scheduled for friday. that's not going to give us clues into the motive behind the attack, but the suspect is in custody and it's only a matter of time before we're going to start to see more and more information about what actually was going on in the mind of this man and why he made this audacious attack here. >> just 19 years old. a national from a neighboring country, correct? >> reporter: he's 19 years old. he's from norway. he's a norwegian citizen. he came here in 2002 at age 4 or 5 and has been living here ever since. he's of somali descent. but he's basically norwegian, but has lived almost his entire life here in the uk. >> matt bradley, thank you. as we have been telling everybody. the pentagon briefing with president obama taking place with his national security team. he's going to have remarks coming up within the next hour or so.
11:46 am
but here's an inside look of who has assembled to talk about the ongoing campaign againstist skpis what's taking place in libya currently. we'll bring you that information as soon as we can. but this from the campaign trail. we just got this talking about mike pence on the campaign trail today. we know e that he came out with an endorsement for paul ryan. when he was asked about endorsing john mccain or ayotte, they are in reelection fights, he said i look forward to supporting republican candidates in the days and weeks ahead. so does donald trump, but the states in this election are so high. basically, he declined to say he would back either one of those. he asked if he shared behind it saying private conversations will remain private. back after this. ♪ staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace,
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welcome back. we are minutes away from donald trump's rally in portland, maine. crowds of people have filled in to hear the remarks from the gop nominee. for more than a year, trump has cultivated a loyal base drawing thousands to his different events across the country. critics accuse the nominee of stoking anger and division during those rallies. "new york times" reporters compiled highlights to showcase the sometimes negative tone seen at trump rallies. a strong warning for viewers because in this video it contains vulgar and harsh language. >> do you know the safest place in the world to be is at a trump rally?
11:51 am
>> muslim is not a religion. it's an ideology. >> there's a lot more to check out on the "new york times" website. erika is one of the producers of that video and joins me now. we couldn't show a lot of things. we had to believe a lot of other portions just to get what we had on. as we look through the different footage of these campaign rallies, you went to maine events, north carolina, ohio, arizona, cleveland. was this consistent tone encouraged by the candidate or were you basically trying to piece together some of the more sensational footage that you had? >> the interesting thing about this project is how it started.
11:52 am
reporters had sort of noticed that they had stopped noticing this language. despite the fact they were more than a year attending these events, they were focused on what the candidate was say iing. >> you were saying they became unaffected by it. >> your main job is to cover what the candidate is saying and pay attention to what the candidate is saying. they had sort of started to block it out. we set out to start documenting it, and it wasn't very difficult to just go to a rally, start recording audio, start recording video and it's not just inside, it's outside as well. >> in a lot of these videos, as i look through the whole thing on the website, much of the language and the vulgar harsh language is directed toward hillary clinton. i want to show another brief portion that we have edited for daytime tv. take a look.
11:53 am
>> do you think this will be typical over the next three months now that we're in the general, or have you witnessed a a difference in tone at rallies? they are not as hectic as in the primaries? >> this footage is all from before the convention. this is from primary rallies. i guess we have to see -- everyone is asking will donald trump's tone change, the next question is will certain things that we have seen trump supporters change. >> we know what a 10-year-old yelled out earlier this week. that's not something parents want to see doing at a political rally, but there are other aspects to the type of supporter that shows up and you also include that in the verbiage that's written with your piece. this is what we found yesterday.
11:54 am
jacob rascon was at the rally and spoke to folk there is and they had a different type of tone and why they support trump. i want to play that. >> i truly believe from the bottom of my heart that donald trump represents a possibility of a change. >> there's nothing he's going to do to disway me. >> i'm a nurse and feel that the hospitals and medicare and medicaid, a whole new system, i feel he's going to be the one to do it. >> there's a contrast of the election of folks that show up and believe donald trump is the nominee. monday night trump said we have a media that's so dishonest. they are among the most dishonest people you are going to meet. we are going to punch through the media. sometimes he's praised "the new york times" and other times trashed "the new york times." do you feel you need to be proactive and counter some of
11:55 am
the images that you have collected with the voices there that are harsh with the voices we just showed from the rally the other day in florida? >> i think that this is one piece of the "new york times" coverage in general and you don't set out to answer every question and every story. the question we set out in this story was not how do all trump supporters made. but this is something that happens. it's also no secret that there are people who feel this way who live in our country. that's not news. the news is that people in a public setting feel comfortable enough to yell these things repeatedly in many different cities, many different people and all we had to do was catch it on film. we're just showing you what we gathered. >> we're not suggesting anything is made up.
11:56 am
i think we're all living through a time that we're not seen before. thank for your time. you did a great job. so you want to take you back to the pentagon. this is an inside look of the briefing that's taking place with president obama and his team. he's going to be giving a press conference of remarks. we expect him to take questions from the media about the state of the 2016 race. that's coming up at 4:00. we'll have it for you live. will your business be ready when growth presents itself?
11:57 am
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11:58 am
you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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12:00 pm
up. we're like fire and ice. i have a fan. >> the secret is i have a heater down here. we have so much going on this afternoon. it's a busy day. in about an hour, we're waiting for president obama to hold that press conference to discuss the administration's fight against isis. we'll certainly bring that to you live. but right noul, he's meeting with his national security team. these pictures just into our newsroom. also happening now, the man who wants to replace the president this fall, donald trump, set to teenage take the stage in portland, maine. new polling showing the degree of his recent controversies may be afikting his stanzing in e key battleground states. florida, maine, pennsylvania, new hampshire, all places where trump needs to make up some ground. reporters have been talking to their gop sources all day and are bringing us the latest on what all this means for the race for


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