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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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knowing that? they don't like bricks or bags of cement or steel beams. they're built not to fire, but to deter. you don't have to like the idea of mutually assured destruction to know what it is. ronald reagan hated it. can't we agree on one basic thing, you have to get it about nuclear weapons. they're not to be used. they're to deter. can any of us be entirely sure that donald trump gets it? that's a serious question for all of us. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in" -- >> i'm afraid the election's going to be rigged, i have to be honest. >> of course the election will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> the president versus donald trump. >> i obviously have a very strong opinion about the two candidates who are running here. one is very positive and one is not so much. >> then trump raking in the
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small dollar contributions, even as big donors panic. plus, new polls putting hillary clinton double-digits ahead, and the president addresses the iran cash controversy. >> we announced these payments in january. this wasn't some nefarious deal. >> will trump still insist he saw footage of the transfer? >> they have a perfect tape, and the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane. >> except the video trump repeatedly claimed he saw was just b-roll from cable tv. >> the tape was made, with the airplane coming in. nice plane. i mean, folks, what's going on here? what's going on? >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. this week, donald trump has been asailed by the president of the united states, leaders of his own party and his own staff
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talking anonymously to the press. but the one thing that could happen to donald trump, a man who spent hours upon hours talking about his numbers in the primaries, are his plummeting numbers now. already, hillary clinton with a significant bounce from the democratic convention. today a new poll puts the democratic ticket nine points ahead of trump and his running mate mike pence. another poll from maris college, gives clinton an enormous 15-point lead over trump, up from just a three-point lead last month. those are both national polls. if you look at the battleground states where the election will really be decided, the picture gets worse and worse for trump. in colorado and virginia, two states with a big haul of electoral votes, clinton is already so far ahead, her campaign has stopped buying tv ads there. and she holds big leads in a handful of other states trump needs. clinton up by six points in florida, up by nine points in michigan.
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pennsylvania, where many thought trump could make a run, clinton up by 11. in new hampshire, clinton crushing trump by a massive 17 points in a one-on-one match-up. all week long, donald trump has appeared to lay the ground work for claiming a stolen election. calling the system, quote, rigged. and today in a press conference on the middle east and isis, president obama was asked to address those claims. >> it is, i don't even really know where to start on answering this question. of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? i think all of us at some point in our life played sports or played in a schoolyard or a sand box. and sometimes folks when they lose, they start complaining about being cheated. but i've never heard someone complaining about being cheated before the game was over. >> trump sticking mostly to his notes today at a rally and
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offering kind words for house speaker paul ryan, who was endorsed yesterday by his running mate mike pence, after trump pointedly refused to do so. >> paul ryan's a good guy, no, he's a good guy. so make called me yesterday, and he said, would you mind if i endorsed? i won't do that if it's going to cause any complications or problems. i said, mike, you like him? yes, go ahead and do it a hundred percent. and he endorsed him. >> at that rally, a group of protesters sat up holding pocket constitutions in their hands, an apparent reference to khizr khan's rebuke of trump. the protesters were booed. republican voters booing the constitution and escorted out of the hall. in another sign of trump's larger influence on our politics, paul ryan's notorious opponent whom trump shouted out in a tweet earlier this week,
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now thinks the u.s. should consider rounding up and deporting all muslims from the united states. i'm joined by cornell belcher. what do you make of this bevy of polls over the last few days? >> i think it's the trump campaign is falling apart. i want to curb the enthusiasm a little bit for us democrats. hillary clinton is not going to win the election by 15 points, or 10 points. american elections just don't happen that way. although, it's a real danger now, and particularly problematic if you look at a state like new hampshire and pennsylvania, states where trump is supposed to be doing well. new hampshire, a third of that electorate there are independent voters, and a large swath of that state there, you know, not a very diverse state. it's a really white state, independent state. state with a large swath of white working class voters. these are the voters that donald trump is supposed to be doing really well in. but what you're seeing, particularly independent women white voters are breaking heavy
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against him, and his republican base, he's not doing nowhere near where romney did with the base of republicans, where republicans are continuing to pull back from him. can he recover from that? i find it hard to believe. but at the same time, we're not going to have a ten-point presidential race in this country right now. you know, republicans will begin to come back to him, but when independents, especially independent women are moving away from him, a group that barack obama didn't win independents in 2008 or 2012, but if hillary can grow strength with independent women, she should be really solid. >> let's talk about the map, because that's what i've been looking at today. that's where you start to see how difficult it starts to become for him. you have the clinton campaign pulling ad spending out of colorado and virginia. here's something that blew my mind today. this is politico's gabriel deben dety said look at the real clear politics averages.
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georgia, missouri, and arizona are all closer races. first of all, let's be clear, arizona -- i don't know when the last time it went to a democrat. it certainly didn't go to barack obama in 2008. that race being closer, you've now got the clinton camp pulling ad spending from virginia and colorado. if you take those off the map, his pads have to run through that kind of ohio, pennsylvania route somehow. and he's ten points down in pennsylvania. >> i tell you what, if we're actually expanding the map in places like missouri and georgia -- georgia's an intereing state. we've been saying georgia is the new virginia, it's the new north carolina, because of demographic changes, but georgia is also an awfully expensive state. we looked at the numbers in 2008 and 2012. but it's so expensive. but if trump is at a point right now, where they can pull money from virginia and colorado, she absolutely has the opportunity to start putting money in a
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state like georgia and putting money in a state like missouri, and expand that map and make it awfully hard for him to get there. he cannot get there if -- no republican can get there right now if they can't win florida and he's down big in florida, and he's saying crazy stuff that's not going to help him with that hispanic vote in florida. >> that's the other problem is florida. florida has not been that close in most of the polling, even when other national polls tightened. partly, because if you look at the cross tabs, ronnie won 29% of hispanic voters in florida. trump is polling at 13%. there's just no way to get there with those kind of numbers. and that's the kind of stuff, i agree with you, we're seeing a temporary depression a little bit, because certain voters are recoiling, but that's the deeper structural stuff that it's hard for him to overcome. >> even when republicans come back to him, look, unless we completely outlaw blacks and hispanics from voting, he can't get there in states like florida
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and ohio. he just can't. they've got to expand the tent and they picked the absolute wrong guy to expand their tent. >> don't give anyone any ideas, cornell. thank you. >> thank you. >> francesca chambers is the white house correspondent for "the daily mail." francesca, i want to start with you on this ryan primary, which is looking to be a fascinating little microbattle in this ongoing civil war in the republican party. ann coulter is going to campaign with ryan's primary opponent, who is calling -- let's just be clear, i want to put this on the table, explicitly contemplating ethnic cleansing and the round-up and deportation of a specific group, in his campaign, running on the republican party ticket. that's where we are right now. >> well, the trump campaign, regardless of whether donald trump his personally endorsed
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paul ryan seems to think he's going to win with flying colors next tuesday. paul manafort saying, next week, he expects donald trump will bebehind him, that he'll be supporting paul ryan for president, then having to walk that back and say, oops, i meant for congress. putting more of a spotlight that we're seeing within the trump campaign right now. >> john, one thing we learned from the primaries, this is someone in the person of donald trump, who enjoys -- i don't know if there's a better word -- bullying people. we saw it with jeb bush. he enjoys torturing people, making their life miserable. and it really looks to me like he's doing that intentionally to paul ryan right now. here's ryan today talking about his endorsement not being a blank check. take a listen. >> would there ever be a bridge too far where you have to say -- >> i've always said, of course there are moments in that, i'm not going to get into speculation or hypotheticals. none of these things are ever
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blank checks. >> trump knows he has ryan. there's no way out for ryan. >> well, on the other hand, donald trump may not realize it, but he's getting bullied by republican voters right now. if you look at the polls that you were talking about with cornell, new hampshire, he's getting 63% of the republican vote. that's way below what you need to win. in most polls, including our nbc/"wall street journal" poll, he's lagging ten points behind hillary clinton in terms of how much support he's getting from his party compared to what she's getting. and there are more democrats than republicans. you can't win an election that way. so, yes, donald trump can make life difficult and sick a bunch of people on twitter on somebody, and get them to boo somebody or get criticized on talk radio, but unless he pulls his party together, he cannot win the election. >> john's point is a really important one when you look at the cross tabs of the polls and democrats and republicans. it really was a question, as we
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went into the conventions, about coalescing, are the parties going to unify behind the nominees? republicans have come back to donald trump. the democratic convention opened with people booing the first invitation of the name of hillary clinton. democrats are more united now right-hand hillary clinton than republicans are around donald trump. >> that does seem to be the case. which is what the clinton campaign predicted. they said, we expect by the end of the week for the party to be coalescing around hillary clinton. and i want to go back to your comment about the polling and what path way trump would have. you have to look at ohio, you mentioned pennsylvania and ohio. prior to the democratic convention, she wasn't polling more than one point ahead of donald trump and again, that was before the convention. i'll be curious to see what polls say coming out of that convention after her bus tour, where she spent days in ohio and pennsylvania to see if she's
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doing well now in ohio as she is currently in pennsylvania. that will be a clear indicator of donald trump's path way and how he's doing in the rest of the country, particularly in the white working class voter states. >> that's a great point. >> can i mention one other aspect of the polling that i think is remarkable? hillary clinton's the first female major party nominee in american history, running against a male. in our nbc/"wall street journal" poll she's leading among voters when you ask, who would be a better commander in chief? hillary clinton by 11 points. better at handling acrisis? hillary clinton by 28 points. that tells you something both about these two individuals and how attitudes have changed about the possibility of a woman in the white house. >> and it's interesting, because that was the major concern in 2008 of the hillary camp. the clinton camp was, we with have to get over this kind of threshold. it's a gendered threshold and we have to prepare people mentally too embrace a woman as commander
5:14 pm
in chief. they lean heavily on that. they have not leaned as heavily on it here, partly because i think he was secretary of state and that probably did a lot to solidify it. but that's a great point about how that's the dog that's not, barking at this point. >> yeah, and donald trump likes to say, hillary clinton's weak and i'm strong. but commander in chief, crisis, and handling foreign policy are about three of the most important indicators there. and on terrorism, she's even with donald trump. so i'm not sure he's got a lot of running room right now with the strength argument. >> also something i saw on a cross tab about which issues he's winning on, one of which is deficits, which is hilarious and further evidence of my long-standing belief that no one actually means deficits, when they say deficits. it's a string of letters that mean something else about how you feel about government and the country. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you, chris. up next, what these dismal poll numbers mean for all the
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if you're looking for a reason explaining why the republican panic over donald trump has intensified over the past several days, considering he's been the exact same candidate for the past year, look no further than the latest polling in down ballot races. right now in florida, where trump trails clinton by six points, marco rubio enjoys sizeable leads over either of his likely democratic opponents. arizona, which has gone democratic only once in 64 years, donald trump trails hillary clinton by three points. the latest real clear politics average still has john mccain with a five-point lead over his democratic opponent. however, the narrative is
5:18 pm
shifting in states like -- pat toomey is trailing katie mcginty. and that gap widens among registered voters. in new hampshire, where trump has fallen behind hillary clinton by 17 points, kelly ayotte who says she will vote for trump but is not endorsing him, is trailing her democratic opponent maggie hassan by ten points. joining me now from real clear politics, sean, what we're seeing here is really interesting. you've got a lot of contested races in the senate. vulnerable republicans. they are, as a class, outperforming trump. but gravity at some point starts to tug on them. that's basically the picture. >> i think that's right. we have had landslide years where the losing parties come out okay, like 1972 and 1984. but this is a year where the
5:19 pm
republican base is having so many problems with their nominee that i think that separation is going to be hard to attain and he could drag everyone down with him. >> a congressman in the denver suburbs has run an ad against trump. he's in a district obama carried. so he's fairly imperilled by this. here's mark kirk's ad in illinois basically doing the same thing, obviously in a blue state. take a look. >> long before his stroke, mark kirk was independent, ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. after facing death, kirk returns even more committed to serve illinois. he's the first republican to support a vote on president obama's supreme court nominee. he's a leader on protecting a woman's right to choose. and mark kirk bucked his party to say donald trump is not fit to be commander in chief. mark kirk, courageous and independent. >> i'm mark kirk and i approve this message. >> so my thought about that is, if you're running that ad,
5:20 pm
you're screwed, basically. but the question is, is there any -- is there any way -- you wrote a great piece about the ways in which structurally our politics have gotten so much more polarized and straight ticket. is there any way in this environment to separate yourself, to fight against that gravity? >> you know, it's -- this entire election is like a fascinating poly sigh experiment. maybe we really do live in a simulation. where if you can still have ticket splitting, you would have it. where you have a candidate who is increasingly unpopular with his base. maybe the individual candidates are more popular, but over the last decade, we've seen senate races and presidential races converge very tightly. there are still out-liars like heidi hide camp winning in north dakota in 2012, but generally speaking the rule is going to be, if trump tanks, the senate candidates are going to tank too, in places where we aren't
5:21 pm
really expected them to right now. >> then the question of the house. the house republican majority is quite baked in, because of redistricting, the nature of the distribution of the two parties, the voting rights act, there's a bunch of reasons. but the question of what kind of blow-out would you need to transfer to what kind of number of seats? what does that math look like? what do we know about that? >> it's hard to say. because seats don't shift uniformly. i remember quite frankly in 2006 people thought that republican gerrymanders in pennsylvania, ohio, and michigan would save the house. and in that wave, they all came crashing down. i think if trump is losing by seven, eight points, the house is definitely at risk for republicans. >> i've read you forever and ever, sorry i said your name wrong. >> common mistake. >> must-read electoral analyst throughout this entire experiment. thanks, sean.
5:22 pm
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well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. we are a land of laws. we have borders. you said it. they're illegal immigrants. they're not supposed to be here. they have to come into this country legally. we have a country of borders. we have a country of laws. we have to obey the laws. it's fine if they come in, but they have to come in legally. >> people are going to come into our country. we want people to come in, but they've gotta come in like you, legally. right? >> laws, it's about the laws.
5:24 pm
these rabid opposition to illegal immigration, of course has been one of the essential pillars of the trump platform. to the candidate and his supporters, it's a black and white issue. people who come here without the correct documentation have broken the law and therefore they should deal with the consequences. which is why the latest headline regarding melania trump is intriguing. gaps raise questions. it also started with a decision made earlier this week by the rupert murdoch-owned post to inexplicably air nude photos taken in 1995. and these photos seem to highlight inconsistencies in the various accounts she's provided over the years regarding her immigration status. her own statement suggests she first came to the country on a shorm visa that would not have authorized her to work as a model. trump has also said she came to new york in 1996, but the nude photo shoot took place in the united states in 1995.
5:25 pm
melania trump has said she followed immigration rules, but as the report details, her description of how she went about renewing her visa, suggests she may have been illegally working in the u.s. her response to the politico story doesn't do much to clear the confusion up. >> in recent days there's been a lot of inaccurate reporting and misinformation concerning my immigration status back in 1996. now, i'd bet a lot of people don't really care whether melania trump had the right visa to work in the u.s. in 1995. i know i don't. and certainly some of trump's supporters don't seem so bothered by it either. watch this supporter's reaction when asked about it today. >> i'm fine with europeans coming here. >> okay, europeans, but not, not
5:26 pm
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5:30 pm
trump's corner. now some of trump's donors, hard to know who, because they're speaking anonymously, are reportedly starting to panic. one donor telling the hill yesterday, i would break his effing thumbs if i could. because he can't stop effing tweeting. he didn't say effing. while big donors have had it with trump, small donors are lining up to hand over their money. >> just a little while ago, i met with the gold star families and a gentleman handed me a check, and he said, you know, mr. trump, this is for your campaign. and i said, you don't have to do that. he said it's more money -- and i haven't even opened it yet, i don't think i'll tell you how much it is, actually, but he said, it's more money -- wow. he said it's more money -- more money than we can afford. >> ah, yes, the check opening. "the new york times" reports
5:31 pm
trump and the national committee raised $64 million, the bulk of it from small donations. in the past month, he's significantly closed the fundraising gap with hillary clinton. compare those numbers to june, where there was a $17.5 million difference. trump has the potential to be the first republican nominee whose campaign could be financed by grassroots supporters pitching in 10, $20 apiece. so, you and i have been tracking this the whole time. we've ended up where we thought we might. but it's still sort of a fascinating, under the radar story. the big donors are not that into him. they're not showing up in the way they showed up for romney. but the small donor fundraising has gone from zero to 60 very fast. >> very fast.
5:32 pm
and i'm not sure we've seen it this fast. it's astonishing. it's a combination of the rnc having built this capability in-house for a while, and trump being in the same way that interests bernie sanders is, kind of the perfect candidate to do this fundraising. and people want to give him money partly because of his message, that i'm not wedded to the lobbyists and the donors and the establishment. it's a powerful thing for these small donors. >> i talk to a bunch of folks who work in this space throughout the campaign. this is the perfect guy. this is a group of people that from richard vigery doing direct mail back god knows when, through selling gold and all the different ways in which people have been able to get money out of small dollar conservative -- hard core conservatives, it's a perfect match. >> that's right. for a long time the republicans
5:33 pm
have had this latent huge advantage in small donor money, because they have a huge pool of donor and a culture of giving small checks. the problem was, it was swallowed up by direct mail entrepreneurs, scam packs and other scam artists who would use this list to say obama's coming to take your guns, or there's a military operation in the southeast or buy some gold, or buy a cure for cancer, so all this money was going to the wrong place. and the democrats meanwhile, were perfecting a technology, not doing the scam packs, not a big problem on the left. and here you have finally the marriage of one of these outsider candidates, who captured the nomination, and can take advantage of the platform that was built by a reputable party institution that is not out to scam donors. boom. now, it also gives him this leverage. that's the other fascinating thing. this is the sort of under the radar star. the star everyone is paying attention to is campaign in crisis, which is true. but you take away donald trump, that money's not coming in.
5:34 pm
like, he is the source tr that revenue right now. >> exactly. so it's kind of -- they're both kind of tied to each other. trump has outsourced his digital and grassroots to the rnc and the party. but he is the temple. parties at this point in the election rely on the candidates to bring in the money. but the guy at the top has to bring in money. so now he's doing it, but it's not coming from the big donors. so they can't tell him to take a hike. the whole party needs the money that he is bringing in. on the other hand, he does need some of the big donor money. it would not hurt. it's just that he is really doing amazingly well with small donors right now. >> so there's the input and the output. input is raising money, the output, you spend most of it on tv. the numbers are insane. he's getting out-spent 98-1 by the clinton campaign, by some records. they're barely up on the air somewhere. there's a question about, does that change anything?
5:35 pm
or are we in some weird now place where paid tv advertising isn't having the punch it used to have? >> the ad rates are getting higher and higher. the clintons and the pac have been buying ads in advance for months and months and months at lower rates. he's coming in now when the prices are high and going higher. i think they had something like $74 million cash on hand, which is a lot. what do they do with that money? that's a lot of money to have on hand. the clinton campaign has been investing in all this time. you could see some big advertising purchases if they think that will work for them. >> i'm really fascinated to see what a big huge buy from the trump campaign in say pennsylvania looks like. shutter to think. nick confessore, thank you for joining us. ahead, how the director of missouri's public defender office is getting back at the governor who cut his funding. you will not believe this. plus, donald trump continues to talk about a tape he swears exists that even his campaign admits is some other tape he saw
5:36 pm
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thing 1 tonight, remember democratic governor jay nixon? he was thrown into the national spotlight after the death of michael brown and the ensuing
5:40 pm
protests in missouri. the criminal justice system in ferguson and the larger state also came under intense scrutiny. among issues of note, missouri's public defenders office was understaffed and underfunded. they were 49th in the nation, spending less than half the national average. then in 2015, the st. louis dispatch said they handle about 100,000 cases a year. michael berry has requested budget increases but has met with little success. just last month, $4.5 million meant to go towards relieving the overburdened office was slashed. a fed-up michael barrett decided to sue, calling the withheld funding unconstitutional. but that doesn't solve his problem in the short-term. he needs more public defenders
5:41 pm
now. so he invoked an obscure measure he says would allow him to draft private attorneys to serve when needed for people who cannot afford an attorney. take a guess at who he drafted. that's thing 2 in just 60 seconds. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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all right, so the missouri public defenders office is underfunded and overworked. the director has a problem. after budget cuts reduced a $4.5 million to just $1 million. he called upon a statute to draft any lawyer in the state when he needed to. so who does he have in mind? none other than sitting governor one jay nixon. on tuesday, barrett called him up for date. saying, as of yet, i have not used this provision because it is my sincere belief that it is wrong -- however, given the extraordinary circumstances that compel me to entertain any and
5:43 pm
all avenues for relief, it strikes me i should begin with the one attorney in the state who not only created this problem, but is in a unique problem to fix it. therefore, i hereby appoint you to -- in case you missed that, he assigned the sitting governor as a public defender. the governor's office responded, saying, barrett doesn't have that kind of authority. oscope, oscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model,
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president obama seemed to revel this afternoon in correcting the record after a much reputed report in the "wall street journal" claiming the obama administration secret airlift the $400 million worth of cash to iran that coincided with the release of four americans from tehran. >> this wasn't some nefarious deal, we announced these payments in january, many months ago. there wasn't a secret.
5:46 pm
we announced them. the timing of this was, in fact, dictated by the -- by the fact that as a consequence of us negotiating around the nuclear deal, we actually had diplomatic negotiations and conversations with iran for the first time in several decades. so the issue is not so much that it was a coincidence as it is that we were able to have a direct discussion. the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions, and we do not have a banking relationship with iran, that we couldn't send them a check. we do not pay ransom for hostages. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and we won't in the future. >> the iran cash settlement report appeared yesterday morning and donald trump has brought it up in every rally since beginning in daytona, beach, florida, where he seemed
5:47 pm
to see something in the story that literally nobody else did. >> i got up this morning and i pick up the papers and then i turn on the news and i see $400 million being shipped in cash and it's being shipped overnight to iran. $400 million. i look and i'll never forget the scene this morning, and remember this, iran -- i don't think you've heard this anywhere but here -- iran provided all of that footage, the tape, of taking that money off that airplane, right? and they have a perfect tape, done by obviously a government camera, and the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane. right? that means that in order to embarrass us further, iran sent
5:48 pm
us the tapes. right? it's a military tape. it's a tape that was a perfect angle, nice and steady. nobody getting nervous because they're going to be shot because they're shooting a picture of money pouring off a plane. >> just to be clear, that $400 million was iranian money that had been withheld from them that was ultimately litigated through the hague. it was being returned to them, not paid to them, just to be clear. news organizations launched an extensive search for the tape that showed cash being delivered to iran taken off the plane. the only video anyone could find was this grainy footage showing the american prisoners being released from iran, landing in geneva. "the washington post" asked, could this be the footage trump was referring to? quote, yes, hope hicks responded in e-mail. merely the b roll footage included in every broadcast. but did donald trump let the
5:49 pm
admission from his own campaign stop him from telling this incorrect story? of course not. >> you know, it was interesting, because a tape was made, right? you saw that with the airplane coming in, nice plane. and the airplane coming in, and the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be, by the iranians. and you know why the tape was given to us, because they want to embarrass our country. they want to embarrass our country. >> donald trump's apparent adherence to a narrative that is by his own campaign's admission false, it just one more glimpse into the permanent alternate reality universe where he resides. we'll take a closer look at that next.
5:50 pm
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(to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. >> i think it's so sad and so disgusting. and you also wonder about a government who could approve a thing like that, where they take cash into a country and just hand it to them, bushels and bushels of cash. >> the lower third graphic at trump's rally. trump says he watched non-existent video of iran receiving cash. trump isn't fudging the truth. he made up a narrative about the iran settlement and didn't back away when it was debunked. it's fully an alternate reality. philip rutger pointed it out during his sitdown with trump. he said trump was distracted during the interview, he rout e routinely was looking at a television screen playing fox news behind us. joining me now, eric bowler,
5:54 pm
senior fellow at media matters and betsy woodruff. betsy, lat me start with you i've started to see very ernest hand-wringing, people that are in the never trumpers, about how did this happen? how did we create a set of media institutions that were so powerful that they're completely inoculated from the facts in a way that has allowed trump to flourish? >> the problem is, conservativism has flirted for too long with conspiracy theory inc. think about sputnik news, funded by the kremlin or actual conspiracy theory sites. so it shouldn't be surprising that donald trump would find a big audience that overlaps
5:55 pm
nicely with some folks in the conservative inlet. when you think about trump as someone who believes the world is governed by a cabal of puppet masters and globalists trying to undermine the american worker and that we can't really understand the truth because of there vast media-driven conspiracy to keep the truth away from american voters, then everything about him kind of makes sense. it's understandable that he worries we don't know what's going on, that he wants to withdraw from the world, to withdraw from the diplomatic progress we've made with iran, to build a wall, to have higher trade barriers. it's his world view as a whole. it's how he thinks and it's been nurtured by many folks in conservative media un unfortunately. >> i wrote a piece called the nafta super highway, it was a long piece where i heard the nafta super highway would be four football fields long, from canada to mexico, through the heart of the country.
5:56 pm
republicans were getting asked about it at town halls. state legislatures were passing opposition to it. it didn't exist. there was no such thing, and yet this entire flourish being universe had grown up around this thing, and i keep thinking about that, when i see trump talking about, you know, the tape of the muslims cheering 9/11. right? or this tape of the unloading cash. it didn't matter it didn't exist. they were able to create this alternate world around it. >> yeah, he continually crosses new markers. this is unusual in that his campaign stepped forward and debunked this iranian video clip and he goes out and says it again. he's saying, i'm in a bubble, no one can touch me, no matter what my campaign says, i'm going to do this. in the past, it was climate change doesn't exist, unemployment numbers are faked under obama, and people thought it was crazy, but it was based
5:57 pm
on policy. trump seems to be doing this to everyday life, right? when you see him talking in the video, you can almost see him conjuring up the image in his head while he's talking out loud. so there's a conservative media that has been helping him nurture this and now the mainstream media has to come to the realization that he's a pathological liar and no one signed up for that, for a campaign. >> there's also this crazy gas lighting jedi mind trick that he does. we saw it with the melania speech. clearly there were some words, sentences, that were lifted from michelle obama's speech. that was just evident to anyone no matter what their views of marginal tax rates, or the balance between freedom and security. yet they made them all march out the march out there, look in the camera and just pretend it wasn't obviously true.
5:58 pm
i think that's some new level that we've reached here. >> it's really weird. it's strange. it's hard to get your head around the fact that we're almost in some ways operating in a post fact political environment. and you have to couple that with the fact that these news cycles move so quickly. and also that i think in many cases, we as reporters feel that we have to always give trump the benefit of the doubt and always try to assume that maybe he's telling the truth, that maybe his surrogates have some basis for what they're doing, which is why so many reporters spent a lot of time today looking for a video that didn't exist. >> right, he wouldn't just lie. >> just like the video of muslims protesting 9/11, that didn't exist. the burden is on trump to produce evidence of his statements, but in some way, reporters have taken up that responsibility. it's weird. >> take a look at this. >> i'm telling you right now, we're going to write fairer rules for the middle class and we aren't going to raise taxes
5:59 pm
on the middle class. >> and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. >> that is an official video put out by the campaign. she very clearly says, we aren't going to raise taxes. no one gets up and says, we are going to raise taxes on the middle class, first of all, and gets a cheer. >> this is like breitbart got in trouble because they just this day put the wrong photo. they said it was a huge rally for trump. but it was a rally for the cavaliers when they came home from the nba championship. and you laugh at that. and he's running for president. back to my point earlier, no one signed up for this, to cover a presidential campaign. no one thought they would cover a pathological liar, and now all
6:00 pm
the rules, none of them apply and the fact-checking isn't going to work. everyone's got to respond. it was aren't. just for the record, aren't. that is "all in" for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts right now. >> but who could ever prove it was aren't? >> i can't believe they just put "are" on there. >> who's going to bother to check the tape? all of us are. thanks, my friend. and thank you at home for joining us this hour. it's exasperation day. here's the thing, the republican party really, really wants wisconsin to be a swing state. now, true, it has been 32 years since a republican won a presidential race in wisconsin, but even as republican presidential candidates lose there year after year after year, even michael dukakis won wisconsin, republicans still have kept their hopes alive that wisconsin


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