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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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that wraps us up for this hour on msnbc. kate snow is picking things up. >> you are excited mm i'm excited for the olympics tonight. >> i'm so excited. i have a sweat band to put on. short shorts, i'm beginning to rock out watching. >> great to see you. have a good weekend. >> we are turning to news in chicago this hour, because police releasing dramatic body camera footage in connection with the fatal police shooting of paul o'neill just last week. the head of the chicago police oversight agency described these videos as disturbing and scary. the videos do not actually show o'neill being fatally shot, but they show the events leading up to it including the officer unloading on a moving vehicle.
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but first, let's try to go out to chicago as we await a press conference there. we're not quite ready to go to tammy leitner yet, but we are awaiting a press conference that should be happening momentarily. authorities in chicago expected to talk about this video they released at noon eastern time this afternoon. we should point out that this video was released because of new rules in chicago. just passed back in february by the mayor and the city. remember, that la-quan mcdonald, the case that got so much attention eight months ago, remember it took 13 months for that video to even be released. so this is quite a change that this video of last week's shooting coming out this quickly, but obviously concerning a lot of people, drawing a lot of attention. we'll go back to that press conference on the right side of
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your screen as soon as it begins in chicago. for the moment, let's turn our attention to politics. we are an hour away from donald trump's event in des moines, iowa. from there the republican presidential nominee has to high tail it up to wisconsin for a second rally tonight. keep in mind, wisconsin just so happens to be the home of the speaker paul ryan. will trump finally endorse the house speaker with just days left until the primary in wisconsin? what hillary clinton is saying about the e e-mail server, let's start with the clinton campaign. kristen welker spoke with the democratic nominee, part of a forum hosted by two professional organizations where she was asked about her e-mails. you're the one who asked the questions. walk us through her answers. >> first of all, this happened all the a convention for
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national association of black journalists and national association of his ppanic journalists. we each got one question. i said that during a recent interview, she said that fbi director james comey said that her answers were truthful and consistent with what she told the american people. now that response got a lot of attention because director comey didn't exactly say that. he said that he had had no indication that she department tell the truth to the fbi, but didn't really weigh in on whether or not she was truthful to the american people. i asked her about that very point. here's how she answered me. >> i was pointing out in both of those instances that the director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and in many other
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occasions over the past months that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited. let's turn back to chicago. the attorney for the family involved with paul o'neill's death last week. as we mentioned he was 18 years old and shot by police last thursday, july 28th. the video out today. let's listen in. >> i'd like to start off by saying that that is my first
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little brother. i'm very hurt. words can't describe how i feel at this moment and how i felt when it happened. but i really want everybody to know that paul was loved by my mother, his family, me, that was everybody's best friend. he loved to keep smiles on everybody's face and joking and playing basketball. he got out of school, graduated, got his diploma. we were trying to make the next step be going to dawson so he can pick up a trade, which is for the company com ed. but i want everybody to know that paul had goals.
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>> i can't do it. i'm sorry. >> let's give her a second to calm down. as you can see, this has been very hard on their family.
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i've been in contact with their family from the beginning. from an hour from when it happen happened. it's been hard for her mother as well. she would like to stay private. it's been hard for their family because they never went through anything like this. no one should go through anything like this. no son, no brother should be kill killed and life being in the hand of a chicago police department. this is heartbreaking for me as an activist in chicago to continue seeing things like this knowing that i have a mission to see changes and every step forward is always ten steps back
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for us in the community. protesters were people that want to e see changes always ten steps back when you make one step forward. this is one of those times. we asked for body cameras. we got those body cameras. but every time something happened, it's always a problem with those body cameras. if you looked at the video, one of the body cameras supposedly was not working, but that officer supposedly turned it on as he was leaving the incident. i don't believe that story. i think we need to investigate more into what happened. i'm putting pressure on the superintendent to see if that camera was really recording, if it that camera was turned off because it seems to me that all other cameras were working, that one should have been working and shouldn't have just magically came on after the incident
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happened. that story i'm not believing. so we have a lot of work to do. it's heartbreaking for me to have to sit with families and support them through tragedies. we're supposed to be supporting graduations, successes, the fact that paul could be joining that program. this is the type of support i want to be giving families. not sitting here supporting them through a tragedy by chicago police department shooting him unarmed in the back. >> questions? >> can you talk about some good things about your brother and what you remember? >> i remember the ments where
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i will be just upset about something and he will always come in. just to see other things than the neighborhood. me and my mother stayed there to motivate him and kept him on the right path.
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>> the superintendent johnson says he will get to the bottom of it and officers will be held accountable. do you believe he's sincere? >> we don't want her to speak on that. >> i can address that. >> there's a whole lot of unanswered questions. so i certainly hope that superintendent johnson is sincere. they made the video available earlier than ever in the past. in the past we have had to fight. so this is a step in the right direction. if we're showing us the video is a step in the right direction, there are so many unanswered questions about why, how. from seeing the video, it looked like they were close to high-fiving each other. to hear one officer say "f" this, i'm going to be suspended for 30 days giving us an indication of how these officers felt about how they were jacked up and while they are saying
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this, paul o'neill, 18 years old was lying face down on the ground bleeding after having been -- that has to stop. it's great to have body cams, even though we don't know what the body camera would have shown, but those who are turned on police officers, we still have police officers shooting unarmed black men as they are running. and that is what needs to be done, i would hope, when superintendent johnson says let's get to the bottom of this. officers cannot exact their own street justice. while paul lay on the ground. >> if you have one message for police and the city.
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>> we just want answers. nothing further. just the truth. >> the problem is e we always looking for answers. the problem is we don't have any radical people in power that would just look at what's right and say we need to do this immediately. it's always procedures in place and fop contracts in place and they have to investigate and the investigation is going on. it's always these procedures we have to wait on and wait for answers. we need more radical people to say i saw that video and that officer did wrong and he needs to be disciplined immediately. we need a radical superintendent to be that way. so superintendent johnson should be that way, and he may violate
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some of the procedures and codes they have in place to protect these officers, but he needs to. >> your reactions? >> our bodies right then and there, we were really hurt. it was disturbing. very disturbing. not the way anything is supposed to be done. >> i don't want anyone to try to show my brother's image. i want to know the truth for myself.
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>> we have been listening in on a press conference, a very emotional press conference there. in the center of the screen there is the sister of paul o'neill. she's 23 years old. if you have been watching for the last few minutes, you saw her break down. you saw her very emotionally talking about the death of her brother 18-year-old paul o'neill last week at the hands of police. that's her brother there graduating. she call ed it disturbing to se the tape that got released earlier today in chicago. she said it's not the way anything is supposed to be done. but she said she was glad that tape was released to the public because i wanted to know the truth. the lawyer that you saw on the left side of the screen was an attorney for the family of paul o'neill.
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he says releasing the tape is a step in the right direction, but there are many unanswered questions. let's go out to tammy leitner who are has been following this story from chicago. walk us through what happened today and this e emotional reaction from the family. >> obviously, a lot of unanswered questions, but this is what we do know. we do know that 19 yoormd paul o'neill stole a car and when police tried to stop him eight days ago, he bailed out of the car. a pursuit happened and he was shot in the back. according to the autopsy, he died of a gunshot wound to the back. we know those three officers that were involved in this shooting have been relieved of their power. they were strip ped of their badge and their gun. we know that two of the officers involved in this shooting, there are videos from the body cam worked. the third officer we know his body cam did not work. we're told they were just given these body cams fairly recently and that officer apparently
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misused it. it was an accident is what the department is saying. we also know that that video was released today. e we received nine clips of video. we have been going through those all afternoon that show what happened leading up to the shooting, during the shooting and after the shooting. >> we do not have one of the principle cameras. that being the person, the officer who fired the fatal shot. we don't have that perfective, right? >> there's one piece of video that could be a key piece missing. there are three officers involved. and the body cam for the third officer is saying it malfunctioned. this district just got the body cam videos recently just learned how to use them and you have to hit the button twice to start the video and once to stop it. they are saying possibly he got confused. but for whatever reason, it malfunctioned and we don't have
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possibly some critical video from that third body camera. >> tammy leitner in our chicago bureau, thank you. our msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber joins me now. also joseph cologne. as tammy leitner said, there's some missing -- some holes in the video that was released today. what are we seeing? we have been running it there a few times over. you see an officer draw a weapon and fire shots at a moving vehicle. >> there are wholes and yet this is more video faster than you typically get. this is critical because you see the shots at the moving vehicle. legally that's one of the more problematic parts, even though we don't have everything. we can put on the screen the police policy on this, which flatly prohibits firing at or sbo a moving vehicle when the vehicle is the only force used
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against the sworn member. what that means in plain english is you can't shoot at a vehicle because it's stolen or moving away or fleeing because that's use of deadly force for a fleeing suspect. and a e fleeing suspect isn't seen as posing deadly force. if someone had a gun out the window, that would change everything. here we have a situation of someone unarmed. so what we just heard in the press conference that you were covering is also the statement from those participants and the family lawyer that they think it is questionable that such a key part of the video that might show the actual shooting is part of the video that's missing. that's a question they are raising. >> police superintendent johnson named back in april. he's new on the job. he came out last week, took quick action, stripped the officers of their police powers
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and said it appeared they may have violated or some of them violated police policies. as you look at this as a former officer and you see people firing at a moving vehicle, what are your thoughts? >> we have been trained never to fire on a moving vehicle. especially in a city like new york or chicago because if it you hit the driver and it goes into a sidewalk, there's people standing around. there's the reason why they don't want you shooting at tires and the like. unless they are shooting at you from the car, it would be all allowable. if you look at the penal code, it doesn't appear he was trying to run down any officers. they were still in the car. and this is a problematic shooting. >> we did get this video quite quickly, as you noted. you think back to la-quan mcdonald, which took 13 months for that video to come out. what's the difference in terms of procedure and releasing information to the public?
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>> it's a great question. the difference is after the outcry over la-quan mcdonald, the city changed their policy, which used to have a presumption of withholding the video until all investigations were complete, which could take years. and now they have said they will release within 60 days, this even fast eer than that. for people at home saying, gosh, another incident, does anything change? yes, today we are looking at this because of those controversies and that puts, i think, a lot of skepticism toward what at least in chicago they said for years, hey, we can't release this because it would prejudice investigations. now all of a sudden, they can release it. which goes to a difficult thing when you look at civil police relations and skepticism in the community and the fact that the data tells us the majority of officers are involved in questionable shootings, are bravely risking their lives, are protecting us. that can be true while at the
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same time when you have incidents like this, you have skepticism about accountability because the rules don't seem to be uniformly applied. it's the first day that chicago pd have released something before invtitions are complete. that allows the citizens of chicago and people around the country to look at this with their own eyes. not to preare judge the kulkt but to add some facts and video evidence into what is a story that it ultimately obviously is going to be discussed either way. that's what's different. >> when it comes to their conduct, can i clarify one thing i heard before i came out here on the set from another producer that there might be a moment after the suspect is shot after he's down on the ground where one of the officers is yelling at paul o'neill. do you know if that's right? >> the audio and video we do have, which does not show on vid e owe the shooting itself, does still show the officers
12:23 pm
swearing, speaking in an excitable or angry manner all about it. and again, with regard to the treatment of human life, which is something that officers are sworn to uphold and care about, there's certainly the appearance that well after the chase is over and the shooting is over, the individual here ultimately died on the ground, handcuff him and there isn't necessarily the appearance of great care for getting him medical attention or caring for his life. we know that he was killed in that manner. there's plenty on here that's questionable. that's not just me reporting that as a journalist. the oversight board here in the chicago pd has said some of that. the questions remain what happened to the rest of the video if it ever existed or not, why if it didn't exist why was there that malfunction and what will chicago do to provide the most transparent accountable mechanism. it's clear this is a faster and more transparent process than
12:24 pm
before. >> quickly before we go to break, what happens next? how quickly will this get resol resolved? >> it's going to have to happen quickly because after the video, the citizens are going to demand justice here. there are no such thing as a good shooting, but this one is particularly bad. >> thank you both for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, the long fight democrats and republicans have been having. the economy, are you better off than you were eight years ago? both clinton and trump are promising more jobs. we talk with supporters of both campaigns, after the break. ns. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪
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12:28 pm
and four days before the primary for ryan, will he or won't he endorse the speaker. katy tur joins me with more on that. trump in wisconsin coincidence, what are we hearing? >> i know that this was planned before this drama unfolded between donald trump and the speaker of the house. donald trump said he wasn't ready to endorse paul ryan in his primary race. so whether he's going there for this rumored endorsement that he is going to endorse paul ryan, we're going to have to wait and see. that's something we have not been able to confirm. it's so hard to predict. we saw that in the run up to governor pence beingnnoued as his running mate. it's hard to tell if donald trump will follow through with something, even when he says he's going to do it. we're going to find out if he's going to endorse paul ryan later in wisconsin. that would be the attempt to try
12:29 pm
and close the circle. . and reset for the general election. these polls are that are out in battleground states are not good signs for donald trump. there's a a growing course of everybody who is trying to get him back on message. tonight could be the start of that. >> katy tur, thank you. we have got. brnd new jobs numbers out today. the u.s. economy added 255,000 jobs in july. the numbers crushed expectations of about 180,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. it is the perfect day to welcome curtis ellis, trade adviser and economic adviser to the trump campaign and executive director of the american jobs alliance. nice to e see you. thank you for being here. let's talk about those jobs numbers straight off the top here. 255,000 jobs added in july. so far we have had average growth of 186,000 jobs.
12:30 pm
unemployment steady. my colleague over at cnbc said he's been talking to people and everybody says it's hard to find anything bad in this jobs report. i'm going to guess you could find something bad. >> i don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but we have seen job growth of 1% this year. you have to look below the top line number of that 217,000 private sector jobs. if you look below and e see what kind of jobs are created, we see low pay jobs and don't support a middle class. >> with the argument from the otherside, i'd like to play sound from hillary clinton because she's defending the obama administration saying it's better than it could have been. here's her sound from earlier. >> i think if you look at the record, you have to conclude
12:31 pm
that his leadership saved us from a great depression. so as bad as things became, 9 million jobs lost, 5 million homes lost, $13 trillion in family wealth wiped out. as bad a as it was, there's no telling how far down we would have gone without his leadership. >> that's the argument that it would have been worse. if it's only 1%, at least we're finally recovering. >> we still have 15 million people unemployed. this is a direct result of the clinton's policies going back to nafty and the open door policy with china. as a result, we are left with mostly low wage service jobs. for example, in this number you put out there, 45,000 jobs in bars and restaurants. 14,000 jobs in retailers. we lost 3,000 jobs making
12:32 pm
computers. there were only 9,000 jobs created in manufacturing, which was always the ticket for the middle class. zero were created in july. >> we have a new poll out. had when you look at the economy, 46% say trump would be better dealing with the economy. 42% say clinton. what specifically will donald trump do to earn that trust to continue to get that trust? >> he's going to put out a plan on monday. he's give iing a speech on econc policy and his policy is americanism versus globalism. it's the policies that have ripped good-paying jobs out of this country, destroyed communities and led to the
12:33 pm
situation where we -- >> what does that mean? if you can give us a little preview of monday's speech, what are americans going to see in a trump administration? >> we are going to overhaul the tax and regulatory policy and trade policies to make america the best place on earth to do business. we're going to see what we saw after world war ii. widespread broad based prosperity. >> let me ask about one other thing. hillary clinton has a new ad out. i'm sure you have seen it. you're trump's trade adviser. and talking about concretely where donald trump on a personal level produces his items that he sells. take a look at the ad and i'll ask you about it? >> these were made some place. but they are great. everything sold at macy's. >> where are the ties made?
12:34 pm
>> they are great ties. >> china? ties are made in china. >> their point is you talk about bringing jobs back to america, but he's outsourcing his own business. >> what happens is if you deal with walmart or toys r us in the toy industry and if large retailers, they give you a price and they say you have to produce goods at this price or we won't distribute them, and then yourself forced to go offshore. you're forced to produce overseas. we have heard this from case after case, industry after industry, manufacturer after manufacturer. these big box e retailers come to them and basically tell them we'll hook you up with a manufacturer offshore otherwise we're not going to do business with you. >> he will change that? >> that has to end. >> how? >> we have to put america first. we have to give american people
12:35 pm
jobs. we have to bring these industries back. >> how do you convince toys r us to buy from u.s. manufacturers instead of overseas? >> there are a myriad of ways that can be done through tax policies, trade policies and through changing regulatory pos policies. >> nice to see you. thank you for being here. appreciate it very much. let's get the other perspective from a hillary clinton supporter joining me now is the congressman from california. nice to see you. >> thank you, kate. >> let me ask you to respond to our interview there. >> my jaw dropped several times. >> why? >> because, again, only excuses, no answers. donald trump doesn't have to wait to be president to create jobs in america. he could manufacture his products here in the u.s. >> and what about the jobs numbers we were talking about? the job numbers look pretty good, but he was pointing out that those maybe aren't the best jobs. that number doesn't represent strong paying jobs.
12:36 pm
>> it seems like the party of lincoln not only has become the party of trump shs but the party of doom and gloom. the grinch even looks like a happy guy compared to them. you create a quarter of a million jobs and that's bad news? remember when president obama got the keys to the white house in 2009 we were hemorrhaging 900,000 jobs a month. 900,000 americans were losing their employment on a monthly basis when president obama got the keys from george bush. what a difference. 15 million jobs in the last 76 months of straight remarkably unprecedented straight job growth. that's good. nowhere in the world is that bad except for the world of donald trump. >> but it is working. when we asked who would be better in dealing with the economy, 46% said trump. 42% said hillary clinton. why do people trust trump or think trump is stronger on the
12:37 pm
economy? >> perhaps they have been deceived by the story of i'll make america great again. i'll create jobs in america. when people start to realize who this guy really is and does and outsources jobs outside of america, not create them here, when he realizes this is a guy who goes to court to try to keep from paying small businesses and workers their salaries and their contracts shs i think they will change their mind. he tries to present the story that he's the next best thing to ice cream and all the rest. we're finding out differently now and it's going to be tough for him to sustain this kind of message over the next three months. i don't fear that americans are going to be sold on his lies. but we'll see. >> one last question. we spoke to kristen welker a few minutes ago about hillary clinton today responding to the private e-mail controversy answering the question about sending e-mails. she spent four minutes and 20 seconds answering a a question
12:38 pm
about whether she sent classified information. why doesn't the candidate just come out with a simple answer on this? >> i think what she's trying to do is explain what she did and make it clear without giving any answer that doesn't provide the correct information. i think what we're finding is this whole issue about the e-mails was more complicated than people thought. at one point other secretary of state were use iing their own systems as well. and what we're finding now with this ability to hack government accounts, it's important to do this the right way. she made some mistakes. what she's try iing to do is ma it clear we're moving forward. she's provided the fbi and the investigators all that think needed. and as we found from the fbi investigation, we can move on because there was no activity that would require us to move forward in any kind of prosecution of any sort. >> congressman, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you.
12:39 pm
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get back to great. this week, these items just one cent each. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. some breaking news to report as we await the arrival of donald trump in wisconsin later. in iowa sooner than that. confirmed to nbc news that he will be when he's in wisconsin endorsing speaker of the house paul ryan. two sources telling my colleagues that. in fact, one of them saying to hallie jackson, it's trump, you never know until he he actually says it, but our reporting at this hour that we'll hear donald trump at one of these events, presumably in wisconsin later tonight, endorsz the house speaker paul ryan, which is a big switch from the other day when he said he wasn't quite there yet, which caused a lot of controversy within the republican party.
12:43 pm
we'll get to a reporter as soon as we can on that. we're also following developments now out of florida, where health officials have confirmed a new case of zika virus. the non-travel related case haz has been identified in that same one square mile area of miami-dade county, where 15 cases have been identified previously. for more, i want to get right to the source and bring in the director for the centers for disease control and prevention. nice to see you again. wish it was for a better reason. . let me start with florida and what we just reported. so another case, not travel. someone who got it in florida. this after yesterday you said you thought that part of florida was pretty clear and getting better. what's the situation? >> that's not what i said yesterday. i said we anticipate there will be additional infections identified and this is one of them. but we have to be really clear about what we're talking about. this is a six-block area where
12:44 pm
there have been now 13 infections with the zika virus spread by mosquitos. around that six-block area, we have identified a one-mile radius. that one-mile radius is where we're advising pregnant women not to travel and women who live there to do everything possible to avoid mosquito bites. i was there yesterday and went through the one-block area. i was impressed with two things. first, they are really working hard to do what they can to control mosquitos. they did aerial spraying yesterday morning. we already saw many dead mosquitos in traps yesterday afternoon. whether that will control the mosquito only time will tell. the other impression i had from traveling through it was this was going to be really difficult. this is a difficult mosquito to control. it can hatch in a bottle cap full of water. it lives indoors and outdoors. it basically co-evolved with
12:45 pm
human beings for hundreds of thousands or millions of years and it's well suited to urban environments. this is a complicated urban environment with construction sites and residential, business, industrial areas and lots of places a mosquito can hide. >> let me make sure i'm clear on what you said. so at the status right now today there could still be mosquitos flying around who are potentially infectious? >> we haven't yet cleared this area. we still recommend that pregnant women not travel to this very specific one-mile area north of downtown miami. >> as the director of the cdc, what are your concerns moving forward? you and i spent a lot of time talking about ebola a couple years ago. are we at the point where you feel comfortable that communities can respond quickly and effectively or are you worried we could be at the begin of a much bigger problem? >> we're not half way through mosquito season for this year. communities wherever this particular mosquito is present, need to be careful. i'm impressed with how active
12:46 pm
miami-dade county and the state of florida have been. they have aggressive and comprehensive mosquito control program, but this is a tough mosquito to kill. it's a tough mosquito to control. even with a good program, we don't know for sure that they will be able to get rid of the mosquito quickly. we'll have to see how that goes in the coming days and weeks. for other places anywhere in the u.s. where this mosquito is present, we urge pregnant women to take steps to protect yourself against mosquito bites. wear long sleeves when possible, applying deet to uncovered skin, you have to reapply a couple times a day and staying indoors when possible. even in other parts of the u.s., if there isn't zika virus spreading, there's a potential it could if a a traveler comes back with skozika in their bloo.
12:47 pm
so the risk is low, but it's not zero, which is why we have given that advice for women. >> we know of three research facilities working on a possible vacci vaccine. how quickly would that happen? >> a lot of things we wish we had. we wish we had a way to diagnosis infections that happened years ago. we wish we had had better ways to control mosquitos. and we wish we e had a vaccine. it will be a couple years or more before we have a vaccine available. it's very promising. the body's immune system for this virus is very strong. once you get it once, you probably can't gets it again for many years, maybe for life. that gives us a clue that a vaccine is possible to make. we're hoping for a safe and effective vaccine, but even if we have that, we don't have it now. we'll need other ways to control mosquitos. >> and tonight is the opening ceremony, as i'm sure you know, for the olympic games in rio. zika virus has been a major headline in brazil. as the head of the cdc, are you concerned about or what is your
12:48 pm
confidence level in authorities there in brazil? have they taken enough precautions? >> first off, in terms of zika, we advise pregnant women not to travel to anywhere where zika virus is spreading. that includes the olympics and anywhere where it's spreading. the key information is that pregnant women shouldn't travel to a a place where it's spreading like the olympics. for the athletes there, there are concerns to protect themselves against mosquitos. what other problems there could be for the world there's been this theoretical idea that they will go back to their home koun try and spread zika virus. we don't see that as a major issue. this accounts for lisz than less than a quarter of 1%. >> always good to have you with us, thank you for giving us the latest. appreciate it. >> thank you. in just a few short hours, those games, the xxxi o limp yad kick off. the flame is making its final journey through the city streets on the way to the stadium for tonight's opening ceremony.
12:49 pm
expectations pretty high for that ceremony and for team usa and its flag barer michael phelps. ron mott is in rio with a preview of the festivities. >> reporter: hey, kate. we have been talking about who is going to be the one to carry the torch to light the cauldron today. pala issued a statement saying it's not going to be me. so if that's true, we're going to be in for a big surprise to see who is going to light the cauldron tonight. a big party here in rooe rio. they do parties well. that's their reputation here with carnival and all. here at olympiapark, it's sparse. there are a few workers and media members walking around. come tomorrow this place is going to be crawling with spectators and fans and athletes alike. basketball and ka ray tee and wrestling behind me. for the u.s. olympic team, eyes on the wum's soccer team tomorrow. they have a big match against
12:50 pm
france tomorrow. that's the top match in that group. the top two will go on to the quarters. the u.s. expected to be there. they are riding a free olympic streak here, so they want to become the first team to win gold after winning the world cup, which they did last year. also tomorrow, all those giants in the nba will hit the hardwood. they play china tomorrow afternoon. 6:00 local time here, then on sunday, it's all aboswimming an gymnastics. it's a good weekend to venlg out on the coach with the remote looking at their favorite sports. >> all right, ron mott down in the action. so jealous. you have a great seat for tonight. by the way, you can catch those opening ceremony of the 2016 rio games tonight, 7:00 eastern on nbc. we're getting breaks newing in about donald trump and a
12:51 pm
potential endorsement of paul ryan. working on that. we'll bring you more on that as soon as we have it. and we will be right back with more. covered this dog treat called dentalife. it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) purina dentalife. for life.  turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.*á because strong is beautiful. get even stronger results with pantene expert, our most intensely concentrated pro-v formula.
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down to the gum line. (vo) purina dentalife. for life. as we broke a few minutes ago, that new frs the trump campaign. nbc news confirming donald trump will endorse paul ryan later today ahead of the wisconsin primary on tuesday. nbc's halle jackson has that reporting. she's with the campaign in green bay, wisconsin. she joins me on the phone as we look at the podium in des moines, his next stop. tell me what your sources are telling you. >> let's be clear because i think that the way to phrase it is he is expected to endorse paul ryan tonight and i say that because what we have been hearing is is that caveat, is donald trump. until donald trump actually says it, you know, you can take it to the bank.
12:55 pm
like when we knew who he was going to pick, but still made the announcement. i think the expectation is is we can say that he is expected to endorse house speaker tonight in his home state. this is significant for trump because he started that fire storm earlier in the week. if that sounded familiar, it should. because that's what ryan said about trump in may. about a month before ryan decided to get back to trump. it is a sign perhaps that trump is willing to come around to the establishment, willing to make this overture. it should be noted that speaker ryan was expected to win this primary. this was not a function of trying to get ryan the support. it's been that ryan would win on tuesday. this is really more about political, tone you could say of this race and the political relationship between a top republican on the presidential
12:56 pm
ticket and a top republican in congress. i will tell you this, donald trump is been struggling in polls. when you look at our poll iing that came out last night. some of the cross tabs we've been digging into today, that steve kornacki has looking at, you can see trump support in his base may be beginning to erode, particularly when you see for the first time since january, hillary clinton is leading with men. a demographic that's been part of o trump's pace. but donald trump has stayed on message the last couple of days at his rallies. he has talked about hillary clinton. done what his campaign wants him to go, which is go after her on her e-mails, talk about negative economic numbers. he has done that in a way that has felt differently from ea earlier in this campaign. item told by one person he has made it clear that not only does he know what he's doing, he knows what he needs to do. we're going to see what he has
12:57 pm
to say in about ten minutes here. i think he's speaking now or is that file video now? he's going to be speaking soon in iowa hoping to turn that red this fall and wisconsin as well. probably a tougher challenge for trump. remember, this is state here in wisconsin that went for barack obama back in 2012. trump did not do well in the primaries. he lost the ted cruz and in fact, lost enough to give the never trump movement kind of their last gasp of possible hope. clearly, that didn't work out the way they wanted it to, but when you look at wisconsin and michigan, the campaign feels they have a better shot at michigan than wisconsin, but both those states can tap into that deep dissatisfaction and hopefully, they believe start to turn those numbers around. trump will be in michigan on monday. >> let me clarify what folks are seeing, there's mike pence, the vice presidential candidate and this is an event in des moines, iowa. halle's on the phone because
12:58 pm
she's in wisconsin in green bay, next stop later this evening. i don't know if you know the answer to this, but if we expect that donald trump may well endorse paul ryan, do we expect paul ryan to be there tonight? >> no. i don't think so. and in fact, one of the things about donald trump when we he comes the some of these states where he hasn't done well, for example, governor scott walker isn't going to be there tonight. he's going to be attending a spaghetti dinner instead. ryan is focused on his own direction in janesville by milwaukee, working with his constituents there because he's focused on his race on tuesday. >> all right, and just to restate the breaking new, sources telling nbc news i'll let you say it, that we expect an endorsement. >> from donald trump tonight here in green bay of paul ryan. with the caveat of trump is
12:59 pm
trump. until we hear it from him, that's going to be the 100% confirmation, if you will. >> thank you so much. and as we say, this comes after da days of angst over trump saying he wasn't ready to go ahead and endorse paul ryan, so, now, we appear to be at that point. that could be significant for paul ryan. paul ryan has said in many radio interviews today and yesterday, that he didn't think it was any big deal whether he got that endorsement or not. certainly, his competition, the man running against him for his seat in wisconsin was really glad to have om positive words spoken about him by donald trump. just last week. we're going to continue to follow that breaking news. we're going to listen in to mike pence here in iowa in just a few minutes and we'll be going there as soon as trump is there. that's going to do it for me. i'm kate snow. i'm going to be joining you on a different schedule next week because of the olympics.
1:00 pm
i'll be with you suh 11:00 a.m. every day. your preview, politics, right before we go to the olympic game. for now, to steve kornacki. >> thank you for that. thank you, everybody, for joining us. i'm steve kornacki in new york. mike pence is on the stanl in iowa. the trump rally getting underway. >> a following like his other than the in the land of the free and the home of the brave. funny thing is the party in power seems helpless to figure our nominee. the opposition and the media have the same problem. they keep telling each other the usual methods are going to work against him. they keep thinking that done him in. something else comes up and they say, now, we got him. they turn on the television the next morning and donald trump is still standing stronger


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