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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i'll be with you suh 11:00 a.m. every day. your preview, politics, right before we go to the olympic game. for now, to steve kornacki. >> thank you for that. thank you, everybody, for joining us. i'm steve kornacki in new york. mike pence is on the stanl in iowa. the trump rally getting underway. >> a following like his other than the in the land of the free and the home of the brave. funny thing is the party in power seems helpless to figure our nominee. the opposition and the media have the same problem. they keep telling each other the usual methods are going to work against him. they keep thinking that done him in. something else comes up and they say, now, we got him. they turn on the television the next morning and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for
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hard working americans. to make this country great. really is amazing. it proceeded out of a lifetime -- >> mike pence in des moines. he's warming up the crowd. we're expected to hear from donald trump srtly. wup one of two stops for donald trump today. going to be in wisconsin as we have been report ng the last few minutes, the expectation now, the expectation is that donald trump is going to endorse paul ryan, the house speaker, who's running for re-election. he's in republican primary, in wisconsin. that primary taking place next week. trump said just a couple of days ago he wasn't quite ready the to endorse ryan. obviously, that set off quite a bit of discussion, a bit of controversy, but donald trump now the indications are that he's going to do that. as you might have heard from halle jackson, the last few minutes, with donald trump, there's always that heir of uncertainty.
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even when something is expected to happen. you never quite sure until he follows through. the indications that today ond tonight, will be endorsing paul ryan. mike pence is warming up the crowd in des moines. we're going to keep an eye on the event in des moines and bring you out there as soon as trump starts speaking an more to tell you about in the world of politics and in the 2016 campaign. ahead this hour, we are going to start with what's the top of our agenda right now, the head of the agency investigating the chicago police describing as shocking. a new video of police opening fire on an unarmed 18-year-old. >> okay. the 18-year-old who was shot was driving a stole stolen car. the officers have been stripped of their police powers for violating department policy.
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a live report from chicago. also on the agenda, short circuited. hillary clinton's new line on our e-mail scandal. >> what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited and for that,ly try to clarify. >> is she helping herself or digging a deeper hole with that answer? all that and much more still ahead this hour. we are going to begin though in chicago. that breaking news we're toll teling you about a a minute ago, the police department and an agency have released what the agency calls shocking and disturbing videos of an officer involved shooting. it occurred last week, the video rs new. they're just out though. an autopsy showing that 18-year-old paul o'neil was shot in the back. there is still lots of confusion
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here. cammie joins us on the ground in chicago with the latest. what can you tell us about this. >> steve, as you mentioned, it doesn't show the actual shooting that moment when it happened, but it paints a picture of what happened in the moments leading up to the shooting and what happened after. now, we have several different views of this from body cam videos as well as dash cam videos that were in the car. let's watch that first clip of how this started. >> okay. >> so, what happened is police were pursuing the suspect and you can see from that body campaign campaign video, they tried to get him to stop. he narrowly missed the officers. he missed one of the officers
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and that's when the officer opened fire. he then crashed the car. officers take off chasing him and what you don't hear are the shots that are fired. multiple shot rs fired. paul o'neill is struck. down on the ground, bleeding and unresponsive. that's when police officers cuff him and we've watched this video, we're not showing it to you because it's disturb, but you see an officer walk up and he appears to kick him as he's on the ground bleeding and unresponsive. now, this morning, the family, his mother and sister, got a chance to watch this video and as you can imagine, they were upset. visibly shocked over watching the video of their family member get killed. let's listen to what his sister had to say. >> i'd like to tart off by saying that that is my first little brother. i'm very hurt.
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words can't describe how i feel at this moment and how i elt when it happened, but i really want everybody to know that paul was loved by my mother, his family, me. that was everybody's best friend. he loved to keep smiles on everybody's face. >> their attorney, michael oppenheimer, made the point in his opinion, that these police officers were acting as judge, jury and executioner. he also alleged there's a cover up because one of the body cams malfunctioned. steve? >> tammy, thanks for that. and back to politics, we were showing you a second ago that trump rally underway in iowa right now. mike pence, donald trump's running mate warming up the crowd. this event underway with donald trump expected to speak shortly. it comes with nbc news learning that donald trump is probably going to be endorsing house
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speaker paul ryan in wisconsin later today. we say probably because with donald trump, there's always that uncertainty until he says it or does it himself. katy tur is outside trump tower here in new york, so in a way, it's amazing. the republican convention is over. we are totally in the general election right now. in the discussion is still around whether the republican nominee for president will endorse the republican speaker of the house in his republican primary. in his congressional district. looks like trump's going in that direction. what do we know? zpl it is an important caveat to say that you never know what donald trump's going to say until the words come out of his mouth, but what we are hearing at nbc news is that donald trump is is expected to endorse paul ryan tonight when we campaigns in green bay, wisconsin. this is a big deal, steve, because this week has been a lot of discussion about donald trump deciding he wasn't going to endorse paul ryan. this is after quite a bit of
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party disunity and then claims the party was back together. it's after a convention where paul ryan thought donald trump would get on track and now has said he doesn't understand why donald trump isn't going after hillary clinton and why he keeps missing those opportunities. so, a lot of drama surrounding that, but donald trump's been dropping in the polls, quite significantly. wisconsin being a state he needs to win. he's going to be there tonight and it's becoming clear to him that he needs to get on the side of paul ryan to wisconsin. he's apopular guy there. he's more popular than donald trump. donald trump did not win wisconsin during the primary. there was a couple of congressional districts around paul ryan's congressional district that he needs to win, some counties that like paul ryan a lot and donald trump need to find a way to reach out to them in order to take that state in november. so this was an important endorsement for donald trump. it is an important endorsement for trump to make and it's a
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moment you're starting to if he does this, the campaign trying to right itself. trying to correct the course and get away from controversies. there's been a growing course of people whosk trying to tell donald trump it is time for him to just quit it with the headlines. quit it with the controversial statements and move on and talk about policy. and get away from all of the drama surrounding his campaign. if he does that tonight, if he endorses paul ryan, it will be another small glimmer of hope for the gop that donald trump is going to findly reset himself. >> we're going to go now to des moines, iowa. here's donald trump taking stage. let's take a listen. ♪ >> thank you, everybody. so r we have to start by saying i miss you. we did very well in iowa. this was my first indoctrination into the world of politics.
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you know that. and i spent a lot of time out here and i buy a lot of equipment for john deere, so you have to like me for that. i appreciate everybody being here. it's been an amazing period of time. we're getting our points across. sometimes, it's not easy. we have a very hostile media. and like nobody can believe. we know it. do we know it? and we're going to, i think i'll write a book. what i know. what i know about people. but i have to tell you, we're going to be talking about the queen of corruption. all right? we're going to be talking about law and order. we have a problem in this country for lots of different reasons and by the way, great, great respect for our police. just got another endorsement this morning.
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if hillary clinton becomes president, you will have, you will have terrorism, problems, you will have really in my opinion, the destruction of this country from within. just remember that. just remember i said it. the destruction of our country from within. i wrote up some little notes, it concerns her, president obama, who is doing a terrible job. look at what's going on in our country and you see what's happening. i thought i'd discuss this because we know hillary, i know hillary and it's interesting. did it this morning. unstable. hillary clinton.
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lacks the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead this country. and i believe that's tha so strongly. believe that so strongly. the director said he lied, lied, lied, lied. all the other things she's done and then on sunday, she said he never said that. who has who has disregarded. thank you. who has disregarded the lives of
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f americans and put all of us at very, very great risk. while supporting economic policies that have destroyed our economy. and believe me, our economy is a bad, bad shape. and we're going to go into that. people in the background know it. the people that know her know it. and she's like an unbalanced person. in the words of a secret service agent and you know, were look, i hope they never write a book about me like that. the press hasn't -- >> listening in on donald trump. he's talking to a crowd in iowa. he was introduced a few minutes ago by mike pence, the first of
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two trump events today. he'll be in green bay, wisconsin tonight. it is expected that donald trump in wisconsin tonight will be endorsing paul ryan, the speaker of the house, for re-election to his house seat. ryan in a republican primary being challenged in a republican primary next week. donald trump apparently will endorse him tonight. not doing that as you can hear right now. and interestingly, donald trump may be launching into more of a standard stump speech in the first few minutes. as standard as it could be for tump, but maybe a little bit more of that message discipline in the wake of the controversy and bad polling news. let's take stock of where the race stands at what has been one of the worst weeks for donald trump. maybe the worst week he's had as a presidential candidate. here's the newest number in term of in national horse race. comes from our nbc "wall street journal" poll. hillary clinton pulling ahead by nine points. not the only national pole this
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week we've seen with a result like this. there was a fox news pole that had it at ten. there's a mclatchy poll that has it at 15. what here is hillary clinton opening up the largest lead she's had over donald trump in the campaign and opening up leads that are larger that we saw in the 2012 race. there's significant movement to hillary clinton's way. the question is, can donald trump find a wii to get back into this thing. he still does have some time if nothing else. let's look deeper into the numbers. here's one surprising finding. the gender gap. ths still a gender gap, but look at this. hillary clinton is is leading trump by a point among men. we've seen barack obama win men by a point in 2008. we've seen bill clinton win them by a couple of points in 2000 t 2. it is a much bigger margin. the gender gap again. a much bigger margin among women. a 16 hf-point advantage.
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how about that. we talk about this divide, the sort of blue collar, white collar divide. donald trump has made a pitch aim ee eed squarely at blue col voters. donald trump is leading in our poll with this group. but that's not the number he needs. mitt romney, he beat barack obama by more than 20 points, so that's bad news for trump, but here's the devastating news for trump in this poll. look at this. white collar professionals. they have college degree, suburbs, professional, generally look at this. hillary clinton leads them over trump by seven points. here's the thing. never, never, have we seen a democrat win this group in a presidential election. hillary clinton right now leads it by seven points. that may be the worst finding here for trump and even within the gap within the noncollege college divide, you see it's really only men. blue collar men. men without college degrees trump is winning.
1:17 pm
every other one, he is losing to clinton. also bad news for trump is where the electoral map is shifting now. we have a new poll this week. all this bad polling news. hillary clinton, a poll has her ahead in arizona. on one democrat, bill clinton in '96 has care rid arizona in generations. how about this. georgia, ahead by four points. georgia last wentd f for a demot in 1992 with bill clinton. you add this together, look at this map. we've looked at what the scenarios are that could trump would hit 37 270. we have the other here to consider. if hillary clinton, if she's leading georgia, if she could georgia, if she could flip arizona, that path for donald trump to 270 goes from very difficult to almost impossible to see. of course, there's another red state on this map and that's north carolina. so, we talked about trump trying to make incursions into blue state, but if hillary clinton were able to win all three of
1:18 pm
these states or just two of them, that would change the electoral math in a way that would make it almost impossible to see donald trump getting to 270. we can also show you the story of this election. this week really became clear. the story of the college noncollege divide. you can tell it in pennsylvania. this is a state that donald trump need to win to get to 270. tas state that's gone democrat since 1992, but democrat, his campaign has high hopes of winning this state because it has a lot of those blue collar vit voters. new poll, this came out yesterday has hillary clinton ahead. barack obama won this state by five four years ago, so why is is hillary clinton doing better in a state donald trump is supposed to do well in? here's the story. this is the story of pennsylvania and folks, this is the story right now of the entire 2016 election and why trump is in such bad shape. take a look at this. southwest pennsylvania. this area around pittsburgh here.
1:19 pm
this is filled with the kind of voters donald trump has been appealing to. plu collar, white voters and you can see in this poll, trump is leading by 23 points in this part of the state. he's leading by 23 points. that actually represents an improvement from where mitt romney was in this same region four years ago sork trump with that message aimed at blue collar white, he has boosted republican support in that region of the state. but when you pitch your message so squarely at one group of voters like that, there's a reaction. a consequence and check this out. havi a little trouble with this. check this out. the suburbs of philadelphia. this is white color. college educated, professional. suburban. it's also densely populated. this is about 20% of all the votes in the entire state come out of these four counties. four years ago, barack obama won the suburbs of philadelphia by nine points over mitt romney, but donald trump, donald trump
1:20 pm
appeal i appealing so hard to the voter this is this part of the state, how's he doing in the suburbs he's losing by 40 points. in this new poll that hillary clinton. that is the b problem. that is the central problem donald trump is encountering right now. he has run a campaign that seems to be improving where republicans normally do among blue collar men. blue collar men in particular. he is getting a bump there, but at what coast. that's the coast. cost. the suburbs that republicans rely on right now turning hard against donald trump. toward hillary clinton and right now, in pennsylvania, trump doing worse actually overall. than mitt romney did four years ago. this is a story we're seeing across the country. joining us now to talk more about the state of the race, steven frum, a former speech writer, senior editor at the atlantic. david, it's friday. it's been a rough week for donald trump. we see him on stage in iowa. the state of the trump campaign and the prospects for turn around, what would you say right
1:21 pm
now? >> his really only hope is to get on the big plane and go to bermuda for the rest of the election. the secret of his success in the primary, he was able to grab the tv camera, fix it on himself and say outrageous things, but that galvanized a segment out of one party of two in the country. he can't stop doing that. can't stop making the camera focus on him. can't stop making himself the theme. so, a lot of voters who might not like hillary clinton that much, who might not be democrats, they're not thinking at her. what they're thinking about is the newest atrocity. are we insulting babies today in war hee whos? disabled? women? which group that any decent human being would respect is being treated with contempt that day. if he got on the plane and went to bermuda and just stopped talking, the camera might have a minute to focus on hillary clinton and some of those foe
1:22 pm
voters might remember, hey, we always don't like her. >> donald trump is still pu pursuing the same strategy he pursued in the republican primaries and the types o voert he's done well with were learning they're enough to get you the republican nomination, but you've got to grow them to compete in the general election. >> and he may be losing a grip on some of them. because it does have an accumulating effect. that remember, voters he was getting were people who were loosely connect wd the political process and they sort of enjoyed it that he was shaking things up and his wife appears naked on the front page of newspapers. that's different. but you know, a week of that is kind of fun. i think a lot of people had a reaction in 2015. this is arresting. yu can't stop watching it. and then over time, you get horrified. now imagine somebody pays as much, about 1/20 the amount of
1:23 pm
politics. they need 20 times as long to decide, whoa, this is a bit much. this is not for the presidency, nuclear war, war and peace. a bit much. many of those people over the next few months will arrive at the point where viewers of programs like yours arrived a long time ago. >> in the news this afternoon, it looks like donald trump is going to endorse paul ryan in his republican primary in wisconsin. we're expecting donald trump to say that tonight at his event in green bay. what does that say to you that here we are in the middle of auction and this is the discussion. actually, there been suspension. >> well, that's remarkable but if he doesn't, this is the first struggle for dominance that trump has lost. i wrote about this in one of the first debates. donald trump stages these little exercises in primate group dynami dynamics, he breaks the will of
1:24 pm
the smaller orangutans. the one person who stood up to him was carly fiorina early in the debates until trump overwhelmed her. paul ryan has increasing levels of distaste for trump and now, suddenly, donald trump has to make that endorsement without getting anything from paul ryan and that in the trump world, that is humiliation and that must hurt him and maybe why he t it. >> thank you. coming up, hillary clinton again today playing defense on the issue of her e-mails. her new response is coming up next. also, there is one demographic group where donald trump support lags behind not just the democrats, but also the libertarians and the green part nominee for president. our most important number of f the day. we'll show you the group where tump is running not in first, not in second, not in third, but in fourth place. plus, just hours away from the opening ceremonies of the
1:25 pm
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much of the focus this week has been on hillary clinton's recent gains in the polls. she still does face questions about her private e-mail server. questions that continued today at a reporter's forum in washington. now, kristen welker who's the pro moderator of this forum, she
1:29 pm
asked clinton about her recent comments about james comey. >> this week, you told two news organizations that james comey said quote, my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. that assertion as you know has been debunked by multiple news organizations, which point out that directrek comby said there indication you lied to the fbi, but didn't weigh in on whether or not you were truthful to the american people. are you mischaracterizing his testimony and is this not undercutting your efforts to rebuild trust with the american people? >> i appreciate your asking that because i was pointing out in both of those instances, that director comey had said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. and i have said during the
1:30 pm
interview and many other occasions over the past months, that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so, iay have short circuited and for that, i you know, will try to clarify. she says she points out comey said she did not lie. he does not believe she lied to the fbi. comey was asked by congress if she lied to the american people. he said he wasn't going to address that. one way or the other. it seems like she's taking the situation maybe a little more nebulous here and trying to make it more clear cut than it is. >> well, i think that's right, steve. i think she gets caught in the weeds and when you're accused of
1:31 pm
something, you want to go into the nuances et scetera. what the secretary should say if asked about this again, she should say look. director comey's testimony for the house committee, he's a little unclear. before the house committee, he was very clear. that there were 122 e-mails that had classified information, but the key factor is three of them were marked classified and there by secretary clinton could have only assumed three were classified documents and of those, two turned out to be improperly classified. so out of 30,000 was marked classified that she apparently received or sent out over her server, and that's the bottom line.
1:32 pm
only three out of 30,000 of those three two of them were marked improperly. >> right. and there's the distinction here, we should point out to everybody between the handful that had the markings on them and then the question whether that was proper or improper but there were over 100 that had classified information that comey said secretary clinton and those on the e-mail chain should have recognized as classified material but, yes, it didn't have those actual -- >> the documents weren't classified, and the key here about whether there was any violation of procedures or laws is did they release or send over a private server things that were marked classified and that's the bottom line. and whether they should have known or, you know, should have known, et cetera, unless they're marked classified, then it's very unclear whether anybody should have known or did know and, remember, on the opposite end of every one of those transmissions was other state department people who also
1:33 pm
didn't react to the fact there may have been classified material. >> that is where james comey in his public statement says it wasn't just hillary clinton. it was hillary clinton and those who were on these chains. he said they had been careless because they should have recognized that information as classified information not, again, classified markings. i know we get in the weeds here. one big picture question to you on this. what this really gets to, the story has really gotten to is the question of honesty and trustworthiness. these are the most recent polls. this is from right after james comey made the statement, is hillary clinton honest and trustworthy? 30% yes. 68% no. when you look at that answer she gave today, when you look at what she said over the weekend when she was asked about this on the sunday shows, does that reassure any of those people saying no? >> i don't know. again, if i was advising the secretary i would say just stick to the fact that the procedure of the fbi homeland security is
1:34 pm
when a document has classifie information in it, it says classified in big, bold letters at the top. out of 30,000 e-mails that she sent out or received, only three on the top and two of them were improperly classified. and stick to that because that's -- people can understand, big black letters, classified or confidential or private. we all send out private or confidential letters, and she didn't violate any rules or any laws on documents that were marked classified. >> all right. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. >> i would stick to that. >> appreciate the time. thank you. >> thanks, steve. and coming up it is the night more than 11,000 athletes from around the world have been waiting for for years. the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympic games. we're going to head down to rio for a preview right after this. ♪
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welcome back. here now are the headlines at the half. a little bit half past the hour. here are the headlines. donald trump expect ed to endore paul ryan at a rally tonight in wisconsin, this two days after trump said he wasn't yet ready to back paul ryan. that caused another breakout of party disunity. ryan has been critical of trump for many of his inflammatory statements. he has refused to rescind his endorsement of trump. the july jobs report also out today. it beats all expectations with the u.s. adding 255,000 jobs over the last month. the unemployment rate remaining unchanged at 4.9%. and in chicago police released the body cam videos of last week's officer involved fatal shooting of 18-year-old paul o'neill. the videos show police firing down the street at the report car that o'neill was driving in. three police officers involved have been relieved of their police powers after officials
1:39 pm
concluded they violated department policy. after five years of preparation, we are now just over two hours away from tonight's opening ceremony of the summer olympics in brazil. it will be seen by about a billion people around the world. rehearsals were held overnight providing a glimpse of what we can expect for the big ceremony tonight. nbc's ron mott is live in rio de janeiro. ron, so we've got reports that an athlete has actually left the olympic village. what's that all about? >> reporter: yeah, there will be at least one athlete not in the parade of athletes coming into the stadium tonight. we're just getting reports out now by the associated press that a greek athlete, we don't know which sport, apparently has been sent home, left the athlete village here, after testing positive in pregame dope testing. we don't know where those tests were conducted. they were conducted last month, so this athlete has been disqualified now from competing here. and just to keep in mind that there are a lot of folks who
1:40 pm
aren't happy to see the russian delegation here because of the state sponsored doping that wata said they were engaged in he is pegs ly in and around the sochi games, but still, 271 of those athletes are here. there will be more than 5,000 doping tests conducted here and you can bet if any one of those positives happen to be russian athletes, that whole controversy is going to come back. a lot of folks critical of the ioc. now back to the festivities. tonight we have the opening ceremony, as you mentioned a billion people, as many as a billion people watching on television. the one surprise we're still waiting on is who is going to actually light the cauldron. pele, the great soccer star, was weary of hearing people like me saying he might do it. in addition to some other things he says, i have no physical conditions to be a part of the olympic opening ceremony at this moment, and as a brazilian i can only ask god to bless everyone, or to bless everybody. we should point out last month e
1:41 pm
he did take part in the torch relay, so he was at least involved in the runup to the olympic games here, but he is probably the -- well, he isn't probably, he is the most well-known brazilian athlete if not the most well-known brazilian person in the history of this country. it would be a surprise if he's not somehow involved. we do know that gisele bundchen, the supermodel who is married to tom brady, will be part of the ceremony. we don't know if she will physically be in the stadium or on a television screen. it will be festive and fun and in the words of the director, cool. steve, back to you. >> i had pele in the lighting the flame office pool, too. ron mott down there in rio, enjoy the show tonight. thanks for that. and after the break, we talk all the time about which group is trump winning with. how about a group donald trump isn't just losing. he's coming in fourth place right now. we're going to tell you what group of voters donald trump is
1:42 pm
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ask your doctor about viagra single packs. i've heard so much about that beautiful baby, beautiful parents, so much i don't throw babies out, believe me. i love babies. >> donald trump, not the first time he's talked about babies. he's in iowa. later tonight when donald trump will be endorsing paul ryan, the speaker of the house, for re-election. there's a bunch of different polls out, here is a new one from mcclatchy. it also includes the green party and libertarian candidates. gary johnson here, the libertarian, jill stein, a
1:46 pm
four-way race. when they broke this down by age group they looked at 18 to 29-year-olds, donald trump was running in fourth place, 18 to 29 years old, 9% of the vote. donald trump's coalition looks different than for past republican candidates. the youngest voters out there less than 10% given the four-way option, less than 10% go with trump. he finishes in fourth place. our most important number of the day is nine today. still ahead, a positive jobs report out today from the labor department, how it impacted wall street. the cnbc market wrap is coming up. york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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america is far less safe and the world is far less stable than when obama made the decision to put hillary clinton in charge of america's foreign policy. >> so that is a new ad from donald trump. he tweeted out a few minutes ago, you see at the end -- i don't know if it showed up on the screen, it said paid for by the republican national committee. we have no idea on where that will be running, but we haven't seen too much in the way of trump advertising.
1:55 pm
join by joe peska and senior editor of politics, beth, just getting our first look at the trump ad. we know he has some money now. ads like this on the airwaves. the message, beth, consistent with the trump message at the republican national convention. >> he's doubling down on that. even for trump, he's talked about immigration, of course and some of the threats overseas but he was cracking down on crime and the inherent destabilized united states. this ad seems to be reinforcing that, talking about putting hillary clinton back in charge of foreign policy. they're clearly finding out this is a message that resonates with voters. it resonates with the trump voters. the question whether it's resonating any further than that. >> we showed it earlier, the
1:56 pm
suburbs of philly, i'm using it it as a microcosm across the country, is it resonating there? >> the suburbs of kansas city, in davenport. the other thing i'd say about this ad, there's nothing you would rate it as pants on fire. it's a fair enough argument but it seems like the kind of argument you'd make a couple months ago before a lot of polling came out that said americans trust hillary clinton more than trump. if what you're thrusting forward is the issue of who is going it to keep you safe, i think trump loses that fight and so why is that the argument he wants it to make? one of the few things is the economic argument and cares about downwardly mobile workers. not who will be safe in this crazy world. >> disqualifying hillary clinton on the question of national security comes 12 hours after this ad came out from the clinton campaign trying to do the same thing to trump. >> if he governs consistent with
1:57 pm
the things he says as a candidate, i would be very frightened. >> he's talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. >> this inot somebody who should be handed a nuclear code. you have to ask are self do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes. as of now, i'd have to say no. >> and, again, not an ideological message here. this is not about the direction hillary clinton wants to take foreign policy wise versus donald trump. this is just a question of basic fitness to handle the nuclear codes. >> well, if anything, it's ideological jujitsu because that was stocked with republican and conservative commentators selling out who should be not selling out but krcriticizing, aptly criticizing, their own candidate. i saw a tweet, i never thought i'd be used in a democratic ad. it's fine you're using me because i feel that. they could have done a fou four-minute version. they played a version of that during the convention, and it was notable that so many of the people who are questioning trump are republicans.
1:58 pm
some of them have said they're going to vote for hillary. they've never voted for anyone but a republican in their life. >> beth, in "the new york times" today mike morrell said i ran the cia and i don't trust donald trump to lead the country. this seems to me if you're the clinton campaign and you're ahead and you want to keep some traditional republican voters from rallying around their party's standard-bearer this is the way to do it. >> absolutely. that's the message there. come on over. the water's fine. you can actually break with this guy you're probably a little bit uncomfortable with even though he represents your party and come over to hillary clinton who is makinging a strong pitch around security. also the temperament issue. it's really not this binary choice between a liberal and conservative. this is someone stable versus unstable. she's been hooking to the message now for a few days ever since the convention. he's given her lots and lots of fodder it to work with with some of the erratic things he said this week. as you were saying, it's a pitch for republicans and apparently
1:59 pm
it's working. you've been talking about what's been going on in pennsylvania, those voters who might have supported romney are coming over to her and she is welcoming th. hillary clinton is welcoming those -- >> my sense is they'll listen to the messengers you see in the ad, to a mike morrell. >> the validators. >> the big question coming out of this week, this is probably the worst week donald trump has had, did the race change in a permanent way this week or are we three or four weeks from now say iing donald trump is only t points behind, he could win this thing? >> in a couple weeks we'll be able to tell if this week's what we think we're seeing is true is true. how could you argue he was doing anything but playing massive amounts of catch-up, doing no amount to get his message out, just having another terrible week where he needs to make up ground and he's losing ground. >> we're going into the olympics now which is going to take everybody's attention away from politics. the narrative that exists right now is trump's losing, trump's
2:00 pm
flailing, will harden into temporary permanence because nobody is paying attention to politics the next two weeks. >> if there's such a thing as a reset button in the trump world, maybe this is their chance to press it. beth fouhey, mike pesca, thank you. i'm steve kornacki. "mtp daily" with chuck ed todd starts right now. if it's friday, as the olympic torch lights up rio, the trump campaign is looking to torch the week that was. can his campaign get back on track, or has donald trump simply hit too many hurdles? if all else fails, he can just blame it on rio. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ good evening. i'm chuck todd here in washington. blameless here. it's all rio's fault. welcome to "mtp daily. "as


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