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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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coming up, don't miss msnbc live with richard lui bringing you the political news and updates for the day. we will see you for another day of rio olympics tomorrow. thanks for watching. olympics tomorrow. thank forz watching. # # # pf pf and a very good day to you. i'm richard lui. it's 5:00 p.m. in the east, 2:00 p.m. in the west. recovery weekend, donald trump returning to the stump in new hampshire following a week of missteps that took a toll on his support nationwide. we've got those numbers. his first steps to getting back on track, though, officially deny dorsing the reelection bits of house speaker paul ryan and john mckay and kelly ayotte. the nominee getting back on message taking aim at hillary clinton last night in green bay. take a listen to this pf she haes a monster, okay? look at what happened.
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look at her history. in another way, she's a weak person. she's actually not strong enough to be president. let's turn to the democratic nominee hillary clinton. she is off the trail this weekend, but her campaign working overtime to try to find the right answers surrounding the former secretary of state's use of a private e-mail server and we're also ringing the summer games officially under way. we'll take you there live as the world tunes in for the 2016 olympics. back mehere in new york city, we'll start with donald trump it's been a week of bad poll numbers and divisions. trump trying to heal some of those wounds in wisconsin last night endorsing key republicans this there. in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the
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house, paul ryan. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. and i fully support and endorse his reelection. very important. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. trump by the way has major work to do, trailing clinton by nine percentage points in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll and he's down big in swing states that were tight a few weeks ago. nbc's jacob ras comb is in wyndh wyndham, new hampshire. jake, trump had a different tone, he was reading his message, taking off his notes there, he was attacking clinton and not rkz. that'ses a little bit of a twist, a change there. the question, though, who's getting him to try to button
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down right now and will it last? will it last and if the past is any indication it won't last. how many times have we gone over this, it seems that trump is making some sort of pivot where he's realized what he's doan, he's down in the polls or not being received well and he does some sort of switcheroo, a pivot. this was an outstanding one this week. we're looking at the crowd in new hampshire that have lined up. his rally isn't for a couple of hours. think about what happened last night when we had the endorsement of paul ryan, senator john mccain and senator kelly eye yot from here in new hampshire. there was a significant turnabout from a few days earlier when he was lashing out against them. one thing we do expect to hear tonight which is interesting is the way he's ramping up his attacks against hillary clinton. he isn't calling her just crooked hillary clinton. he's gone to calling her a
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monster, unhinged and called her brainwashed. these are unprecedented name-calling tack tatics we don see in politics at least for several decades. we expect that kind of rhetoric on hillary clinton tonight and otherwise to stay on message. jacob, we'll be looking alt tha escalation soon. thanks for that, jacob. no campaign event today as wer saying earlier for hillary clinton or her running mate tim kaine. clinton is taking some heat, though, today on her answer on the e-mail server during a question and answer session on friday. what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short sieve circuited it, and for that i will try to clarify because i think, i know, chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other because of course he
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could only talk to what i had told the fbi and i appreciated that. pf nbc's kelly o'donnell covering the clinton campaign for us. kelly, as you've been watching the clinton campaign, you know, the last week pretty quiet, really all about donald trump and his guffaws, right? a big week ahead for secretary clinton. beweighed down by the e-mail server pf it's a rare week for hilalary clinton to not have an public events. she's done very little taking time off the trail. a pause for the moment. monday right to background florida with two events and they are listed as rallies which connotes a bigger crowd, a bigger rousing message and there have been times certainly when she has toured these important states earlier in the campaign season, before the general election was really under way, where it might be a more targeted topic.
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so rallies in florida really tells you we're on to the general election, a state that she very much wants to win and where polling shows she is doing well. also important because it is a home state for donald trump. he is there quite often. he considers it his second home. and on the e-mail issue, while many clinton supporters are frustrated about repeated questions on this, why is it still in the news, hillary clinton herself adds to that by adding new inconsistencies or puzzling responses. she was refrntsing her last weekend appearance on fox news sunday with chris wallace where the fbi director said she had been truthful both in her public statements and to the fbi. that is not what he said. he testified ayiny eied and i w room when that happened they had no reason to believe she was evasive during her interview with the fbi. that was important. if you're not truthful to the fbi, that could result in a charge. dhe had no indication she had been anything but truthful to the fbi. buff when those lawmakers
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questioned the fbi director about a series of her past public statements, he repeatedly said specific facts that she had previously asserted were not true. so there is this gap between how she addressed it when she was in person with those investigators and what she had said over time more than a year of public statements and testimony before congress. so that's why this continues to be an issue pf right pf and it really ties into some of the polling that suggests there is a question about her forthrightness, her trustworthiness. and that's an issue that voters often rely on when she decide on who they want to be their president. richard? thank you so much. kelly o'donnell covering the clinton campaign. thank you. despite trm p's week of controversies, new numbers from our nbc news poll shows trump message that the country is in crisis is resonating more than clinton's. the polls are showing the problem is not the message but instead the messenger, it would seem. that problem is even expanding
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to red states. new poll numbers out of journal george, they show that clinton is up four points. this in a state that has gone red in the last several elections. trump also down big with african-american voters, only getting 1% support. and he's down big with all non-white voters as well. and none, as you see here on your screen, of the recent controversies have helped the past two weeks certainly. questions over a relationship with putin, fighting with a gold star family, the khan family, initially not endorsing the gop leadership, which changed on friday. and then the discussion which also happened toward the end of the week, the nuclear weapon concerns and his ability to handle the football, as it's called. some republicans also endorsing clinton. that we'll talk about shortly. and initially saying he saw nonexistent video of iran and a cash deal related to that. all of that some bumps and controversies over just the last week. for more on all this, let's
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bring in msnbc contributor robert trainor, also with us lynn sweet "chicago sun-times" washington bureau chief and victoria defrancesco msnbc contributor. great to see all of you. robert, we'll start with you on this. as i was listing as you saw on that full screen there all of the problems, if you will, the controversies in the last week, it's like watching somebody fall down the stairs but really never hitting bottom i guess pf it's not only that. i think a lot of people have final finally flipped the switch and said, okay, it's time to pay attention. the general election is under way. i need to figure out what hilary clinton stands for and what donald trump stands for, but when you peel back that next layer, you don't know what donald trump stands or. he's not consist. when you talk about policy detales, he speaks off the cuff. when you contrast that with hillary clinton, despite her issues, she answers in a
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substantive wie. after all, we're dealing with the president of the united states and donald trump seems to fail to grasp the mechanics of the presidency. are simply saying, you know what? i don't think he's ready to be president. >> voters might be thinking more as we get closer to the november date, i guess what you're saying robert. victor victoria, minority voters rob was talking about, will they show up for the polls in these big numbers it seems to be showing in these early numbers we've got and really the question is how sticky are these numbers, right? >> so it's going to be a two-step process, richard, right? at least with the latino community there has been a lot of anger because of trump's position on immigration, his anti-immigration rhetoric. but i don't think that trump's anti-immigration receipt richt is going to be enough. i hope that the clinton campaign
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isn't just relying on that because there's also going to have to be a massive mobilization push. you may be angry, but are you angry muf enough to get up off your couch? sadly, we know with the latino population they have the lowest rates of voter turnout. part of that is just lower socioeconomic status but the other thing is latinos are a youthful population. close to half of the latino population is made up of ma nellials. to black, white, brown, young people just don't vote. going into this general election, it's going to take mobilization by the clinton campaign and also if donald trump keeps up his attacks, which he has so far, on the latino vote, then that's going to be the one-two punch getting la teeth knows out. >> and the folks you're talking about so important because they overwhelmingly are for clinton right now. at least by 2-1 in some of the latest polls. lynn, you know, those endorsements i was mentioning last night, too late, a little too little too late? what has he gained?
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>> oh, i think it's the worst of both worlds. paul ryan doesn't gain much, if anything, from trump's endorsement. and when it comes forced the way it was, john mccain has done trump a favor by backing him. trump's backing may not mean that much. but i just want if i could quickly get back to the point of mobilizing more than endorsements of other republicans. >> sure. >> especially in florida where that is the biggest battleground battlegrounds that is why hillary clinton is spending so much time there as is trump. when you talk about the minority votes not that it's all monolithic among the latino vote on florida, but at least hillary clinton has on the ground workers who go to any event she's at, from the convention to other events, she says at her events, i'm hiring people. i want people from the neighborhoods to work for my
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campaign. that's not a message you hear from trump. he has no ads. he has no targeted consistency group outreach. i think when you realize that this campaign really is just about a handful of swing state that's's what i think we need to keep our eye on. the fact that wisconsin is a swing state and donald trump didn't seem to have a play in dealing with the big three, scott walker, paul ryan and reince priebus who is the head of the republican national committee, and that he had this kind of forced endorsement before the tuesday election does not play well in a key -- i'm betting in a key swing state to help trump. >> you're betting. okay, good. we'll figure out the monetary involvement later on, lynn. victoria, before we go here, i do want to ask you this because as i was speaking with jacob rascon and you heard this. i was saying as well as kelly o'donnell it's been a week of headlines for donald trump ergo
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not good headlines but we've heard nothing really about secretary clinton. is this a good situation for the clinton campaign when that is the summary of the week? >> it is good when there's no bad news for her. but we saw at the tail end the really bad news for trump that there started to be questions again of the e-mail issue. so i think it's a wash at this point, but she needs to get out there in front of it, richard, because this e-mail thing is going to dog her continually. she needs to put it to bed once and for all because still 94 days lt in this campaign, and she can't have that dragging her down. >> all right, grab a coffee, stay in your seats. robert, lynn, victoria, they're going to stay with us. they'll be back later in the program. we'll talk more about all of those things. thank you so much, my friends. next, why some republicans say hillary clinton should be president and what they do not like about donald trump specifically.
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>> welcome back. hillary clinton is appealing to conservatives with a new ad. here's a look. >> you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament in control of the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. >> well, she might be hitting a nerve now, at least with the nearly 25% of republicans who see themselves as moderate. several prominent republicans say they will never vote for donald trump right now and more of them are throwing their support behind hillary clinton. richard hanna became the first republican congressman to support clinton. then meg whitman posted this on
2:19 pm
facebook, it is clear to me that secretary clinton's temperament, noble experience and commitment to america's bedrock national values make her the far better choice in 2016 for president of the united states. i urge all republicans to reject donald trump this november. now,s also supporting clinton is former republican senator from south dakota larry pressler. he joins us now from boston. senator, thank you for being here on this saturday. you were an esteemed three-term republican senator, supporting hillary clinton. this is probably something you talk about around the coffee table. is this not republican sacra lidge. are you worried about your long-term credibility here? >> yes, i'm sure it will hurt me a great deal in the republican party, but i think the issues are so important. we have the economy, foreign relations, and so forth, and there's just such a difference at the end of the day i think that the policies regarding the economy and foreign affairs and so forth will become more
2:20 pm
important. we've had all this almost barrage of things against donald trump this last week, but that may backfire. there may be a public -- but at the end of the day, i'm worried that the clinton people, that we will become overconfident that this election will start to look like a slam dunk and it's not at all. i still think the possibility that trump could win. it would take a very unusual set of circumstances, but the -- i feel there's a certain apathy setting in to the clinton campaign so i'm trying to reverse that. >> you're trying to reverse that by stepping out and saying i am for hilary clint nlt. i want other republicans concerned about national security. >> that's right. >> is the big item here, the big straw that broke the camel's back here, at least in the last week, this issue about his ability to make the proper decisions related to national security, specifically with our
2:21 pm
nuclear arrest neanell here in e united states? >> i think that's a big problem. i'm writing a book on the storage of the nuclear arsenal. hillary clinton has a long record of dealing with these very decat delicate issues and working with other countries in this very area. so i think there's a fallacy. a lot of republicans will say, i'm not going to vote for either one, and that could lead to a disastrous situation. that could lead to a donald trump victory. so i'm calling on republicans to declare for hillary clinton. >> now, let me ask you this. have you spoken with other republicans? do you see those right there on the edge that might move over and publicly declare their support for secretary clinton? >> well, there seems to be a great hesitation, a lot of them say that they won't vote for donald trump but they won't say that they'll vote for hillary clinton. so my message is that, that could be deciding the election the wrong way. things are going to change a lot in the next two months, and donald trump has the magical
2:22 pm
ability in a certain situation, jimmy carter had it for a brief time, barack obama had it for a brief time when he was running, but donald trump has that ability there, and in the last two weeks of this election with certain international circumstances to still win this election. but the clinton tain r campaign seems to be kind of relaxing to be assuming that we're going to win hands-down. >> predetermined is what you're saying. >> that's right. so i'm saying that republicans shouldn't -- that republicans shouldn't be comfortable in just saying i'm not going to vote for donald trump. they should be willing to say i'm going to vote for hilary clint nl. that's my message and that's the message of -- >> senator, sorry to butt in. i wanted to ask you this. there's doug elmets who spoke at the democratic convention. he worked with ronald reagan. he said he's had backlash, even threats against his very body. have you or do you worry about such an extreme situation for
2:23 pm
yourself? >> yes. i have in my voice mails in my very pocket some calls from very threatening calls from very conservative republicans out there. i don't know -- i guess they're for trump, but they just hate hillary clinton so much. and we've got to get beyond that personal stuff. >> what are some of the words, senator, that you heard on these messages? >> i wouldn't be able to repeat them over tv, but they say i'm a traitor to the republican cause and that i'm not worthy of anything and so on and so forth. i find this very strange because the level of hate towards hillary clinton out there is ama amazing. and we've got to overcome that and speak up as republicans and say, let's look at the issues and look at our national security and look at our national defense policies and look at the economy. that is what we -- that is -- and we've got to rise above this level of hatred or strong
2:24 pm
dislike for hillary clinton to take a look at the issues and where our country is going in the next four careers. >> senator, thank you so much for spending your saturday with us. senator larry pressler, have a very good weekend. >> thank you very much. next, more cases of the zika virus in florida. but there's some new measures under way to stop it as well. later, we will go live to rio where athletes from more than 200 countries have begun competition in the summer olympics. man, my feet are killin' me.
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2:28 pm
aerial spraying maneuvers early this morning in response to overnight rain that created puddles just ripe for breeding mosquitoes, including thes moss dorito believed to transmit zika. so far, officials say the spraying appears to be be quite effective. yesterday we learn of one more case of locally transmitted zika. we are told that person was a close contact to one of the first two cases of the locally transmitted cases. now, all of the transmissions are believed to have occurred in this one square mile north of downtown miami that includes this popular arts district, the business here we are told by bitz owners is down. the miami mayor says he's spoken to people who say business is down as much as 50% at some restaurants and galleries and shops. miami's mayor calling the response to zika which has resulted in the cancellation of several events overblown, over the top.
2:29 pm
however, the cdc says caution is prudent right now. the chances of catching zika are low, they say, but the consequences potentially severe. they continue to remind pregnant women or women hoping to become pregnant to stay away from this area, richard. >> sarah, thank you so much. appreciate it. next, she is riding high in the polls so how important is it that many vote hers just do not trust hillary clinton as of yet? plus, the lasting impact donald trump could have on american politics, even if he loses. [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ]
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of the rio olympic games.
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i'm richard lui live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. thank you for staying with us. happening right now, donald trump gearing up to rally folks in the key battleground state of new hampshire. this is among his first appearances on the campaign trail following a week of missteps that took a toll on his
2:33 pm
place in the polls. the gop nominee trailing nine percentage points behind hillary clinton, a back-slide nationwide. but it's not all good news for secretary clinton. there's a recent poll that 68% people do not trust her. for more, let's bring back our panel, robert traynham, lynn sweet and victoria defrancesco. rob, we'll kick it off with you on this one. we left our conversation here earlier about all of these hits, if you will, that donald trump took in the last week. but hillary clinton at the enld of the week as victoria was also noting was this inability to really answer the question, why can't you explain the e-mail server situation? which was worse, that big single issue at the end of the week or all five or six or seven
2:34 pm
mistakes made by donald trump? >> i think it was the big issue at the enld of the week. look, i think people just want her to answer the question. just be honest and very transparent about it. and remember, richard, you know, going back to 1992 from vince foster's suicide to white water to not releasing her transcripts of the speeches to the impeachment. it just goes on and on and on and on where people, it's almost like a gut check, you know what i mean? people say, look, hillary, i like you and i'll with you on the policies, but why can't you answer the question? and time and time again, even the fbi director said, look, she was very sloppy with the e-mails and if she simply would say, i made a mistake with the benefit of hindsight i probably should have used one e-mail server but i'm more interested in your paycheck, monre interested in fighting for you, put this to bed, people would say, finally, hillary, you've answered the question and moved on. but she didn't answer the question so it's something about her where she simply cannot speak declaratively when she
2:35 pm
makes a mistake. i think most people just scratch her said and say, why are you hiding something? >> it's not only declaratively, victoria, why hasn't this answer given many, many times be simple and straightforward? what was the short-circuit, quote unquote. >> i think it was the ssaging in the campaign. they drnt know exactly how to put the situation forward. as robert pointed out, it's not just this one e-mail issue that brings up questions about clinton's trust. it's 20 years of incidents here, incidents there, things tied to her husband, things tied to the clintons in general. but one statistics that i do want to bring up is that, even though she is suffering in terms of trust numbers, everything in life is relative, and when it comes to favorability, hill clinton does do much better than donald trump does in favorables. when we break that down by partisans, we see that democrats have a much more favorable
2:36 pm
toward their nominee than do the republicans. she has to hang on to that, beef that up and putting behind the issue of trust and say, let's get back to the policy and say i'm sane and competent as boomberg would say. >> stay on target, say on stafrgt. lynn, as you were looking at the numbers, these latest polls, we're certainly seeing a move by secretary clinton in some of the key space whz we take a look at white voters, white working class men, she's gaining a little bit as she's moved along. this is before what happened at the end of the week when she was -- had this issue about the short circuit. will this set her back, or is that already baked in? >> well, i think what happened on friday and i was there, the mistake she made was trying to use the fbi director's testimony before republican committee as a testimonial, and she was clumsy
2:37 pm
in trying to clean up something she said last sunday. but i think for people who care about the e-mail issue as a votingor issue for hillary clinton, i don't think it will change anything. remember we're talking about a small number of persuadable swing numbers. >> very small. >> in a handful of states. when you talk about the polls, the ones i look at, the swing state polls, not the national, she's ahead in new hampshire, michigan, florida and pennsylvan pennsylvania. so this isn't great. i was in the room when she started this to nbc's kirsten welker's question. when she started being not clear, not clear at all, in that answer. but i would bet, you know, you can make a mistake once, you make it twice, maybe they'll clean that up. but again you're talking to persuadables. if that's your issue, that's probably settled so i think you have to look to some of the other factors and donald trump's bad week, then, adds to it
2:38 pm
because the e-mail issue is an old issue, as i've said. you might have your opinion, and you might not be changing on it. because trump adds new controversies by the day, you don't know how much of a hole deeper he's he going to dig himself into. just a few minutes ago -- >> we certainly don't, lynn. as we look forward, as i was saying earlier, it's like watching somebody fall done the stops but never reaching the bottom. robert traynham we have a week ahead of us. hillary clinton will be be in florida. she has some rallies as kelly o'donnell was saying, larger crowds. how can she correct what happened at the end of this week? we're now on a saturday. when they hits the road monday. >> you know, richard, it's really interesting with kelly o'donnell reporting she mentioned rallies. i think that means even the hilalary clinton campaign realizes they're moving to bigger venues because the enthusiasm is clearly on her side. what she needs to do and she
2:39 pm
clearly is doing this is turning the page and drawing a really big contrast between herself and donald trump. i am the sane one. i am the copy tent one. i have the experience. look, even republicans are now backpedaling on donald trump. yo saw the ad with the chirp and using donald trump's words against himt. look, the best thing that hillary clinton can do right now is talk about policy, look reason and come across as very thoughtful and stand back and let donald trump implode. >> keep your head down and work at it. robert, lynn, victoria, with a lot of to-dos here for both hillary clinton as well as donald trump. thank you all three and have a great saturday. >> thanks, richard. win or lose, donald trump's campaign will have a lasting impact on u.s. politics. some say for the worse. writer sir sarah -- says donldz trump is helping to make extremism mainstream. sarah joins us now live from
2:40 pm
st. louis, missouri. thanks for being here, sarah. how is he making extremism mainstream? >> well, he's been doing it from the moment he announced his candidacy and actually well before that. he's been doing it for 30 years only now he has a national platform. all along people have been saying that eventually trump will pivot. he said it before the primaries, dur the primaries and after. but what trump's been trying to do is pivot america to his view, which is extremely paranoid, bigoted and hate full. he's been doing this with a lot of success, with a lot of complicitiy i think on the part of the republican party and the immediate wra area. >> you made several points in your article. number one, one of the lasting effects a donald trump candidacy here whether he wins or loses is the rise of right-wing extremism and militia groups. you also go on to say there's an economic discontent which he has
2:41 pm
brought to a theme and consistently talking about. and you also bring up the major challenge of the decline of media. those are your three points. >> uh-huh. >> so tell us about why you came up with these three points and what brings you to these three ideas? >> well, those are just three points of many. i highlighted them because they connect to this theme, which is how extremism is mainstreamed in america. you know, in terms of the first point and the rise of militia groups and hate groups, there's been this rise going on since 2008 basically since obama won the presidency. and what we're seeing now is a much more open and overt support of a presidential candidate by these kind of groups which trump himself has been reluctant to condemn. he's gone back and forth on people like david duke saying he disavows him and then hinting it's okay. he said his campaign staff tweeting out anti-semitic memes. all these things that were once
2:42 pm
dog whistles now sound like the tune of a pied piper leading millions of measuamericans astr. disconte discontent, this is a real problem. i think it's been underestimated all along. especially where i am in st. louis, the problems of places like this are not described. he's tapped into that pain but unfortunately he's linked to to a particular conception of who has that pain which is a white male post industrial worker. trump doesn't understand what these people do. when he -- you know, he's not somebody who actually feels the pain of the working man. but unfortunately he's been able to convince a lot of people he is. how is he able to do this well a lot of that had to do with the role of the media which as i'm sure you know has been in financial trouble for the last 15 years. they're looking for ratings they're looking for clicks they're looking for cash. and a candidate like trump is a god send. he'll call into every show. he'll say all kind of inflam story statements and he attracts
2:43 pm
big crowds. so i see why the media was airing his rallies nonstop, was giving him more coverage than any other candidate but it's had real repercussions to real people, increased attacks on american citizens. you know, sometimes when i talk to fellow members of the media about this, they get very defensive. but i think this is a time for everybody to be reflective about what's happened and do our best to stop what is a very harmful and damaging trend for our country. >> sarah kendzior in st. louis reflecting on your article on foreign policy, thank you so much. >> thank you. next, donald trump's impact on downballot races, especially the battle for control of congress.
2:44 pm
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hampshire so very well for a long, long time. senator kelly ayotte. >> there he was last night, donald trump, endorsing new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, one of several republican senators who could lose their seats this election that we're watching. trailing democratic governor maggie hassan by 10 percentage points in a recent poll. now, that same poll shows hillary clinton up 15 points in new hampshire. after both parties' conventions. look at this. will trump's endorsement help or hurt ayotte and other senate republicans fighting for their jobs going forward? for more, we're joined by beth fewy. you know, when you're looking at all these states here, beth, the question is, is donald trump's effect enough to lose the senate, swing it over to the democrats? and it looks like, at least the way the poll numbers are, it's very possible. >> it's very possible. republicans need -- democrats need to pick up a net of four seats to take control. that seems incredibly doable
2:48 pm
especially if trump's problems continue and we see a very dramatic loss for him, even a close loss, even a narrow loss will imperil several of these republicans because they're in states that won't go for trump chances are. kelly kay yot, a 15-point divide. >> huge. >> huge. if trump loses by 15 points in new hampshire you can basically say good-bye to kelly ayotte. it was going to be a close race no matter what. we've got a couple of others that are probably going to go no matter what, illinois mark kirk the incumbent, republican, that is a blue state. it's going to be probably bluer than ever with trump at the top of the ticket on the republican side. so we're probably saying good-bye to him. ron johnson in wisconsin he's been polling way behind as well in that race. >> ten seats i guess you're watching right now at least. >> yeah, yeah. when you already have those two that are likely to goshgs wisconsin and illinois, you need only two more. there's a number of states to choose from, kelly ayotte being probable li top of the list. >> so the issue also is who comes out to speak on behalf of
2:49 pm
these particular republican candidates? >> right. >> do they send out pence? does mike pence is he the guy with the rnc saying, i am the person who will help these candidacies? >> well, the republican party is going to have to make a decision at some point. whether it's time to basically campaign for their down-ballot races instead of trump. and in that case what you're trying to do is getting people to ticket split. tell people in new hampshire, guys, we understand you'll be in hillary clinton but if you don't want to give her a blank check to do whatever they she wants to do as president, send kelly ayotte back to the senate. but that is walking away from the top of the ticket. that's walking away from your nominee knee. it's a pretty dramatic thing to do. >> a lot of things are dramatic this cycle. i used to live georgia for five years and we would discuss at least politically how this was a pre-swing state. the latest polls show no, this is a swing state because
2:50 pm
secretary clinton at least in this latest poll coming out from the ajc show hers ahead. >> we've seen one poll, the poll you mentioned, showing at least competitive which is shocking. if we're talking about georgia being a swing state, then we're talking about a very, very dramatic win for the democrats in november. i mean, look, things could change a little bit. georgia seems until that poll a fairly long way away from being a truly purple state. but this is the effect that we've seen on trump from this whole week, poll after poll after poll showing the republican convention damaged him a bait, bit, hitry clnlten got a bump and then this week. >> we said texas would be the first if you will purple state. is that at all in what you're looking at? >> knox t not texas. maybe arizona. a large hispanic population. next, let the games begin. competition is under way at the summer olympics. we've got all that live as we go to rio.
2:51 pm
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this is always a fun time here at msnbc because we get to talk about the olympics. vibrant colors, lighting, the stadium in brazil as the 31st olympic games opened with a lively ceremony that concluded with a breathtaking fireworks show. always a spectacle kicking off day one, team usa winning its first gold in the women's 10 meter air rifle competition. that's just port of it. chris jansing is live there for us in rio, this her 81st olympics. actually, her eighth olympics. she can always bring us perspective what's happening there. chris, what have you seen after hitting the ground there? >> reporter: well, can i tell you, i just got here today. this is what is great about every single olympics. you take someone who has been toiling away, working like crazy in obscurity and suddenly in that moment when it counted, with the eyes of the world on them, in that pressure moment, they bring it all home. and that's what happened to ginny thrasher, she's a
2:55 pm
sophomore at west virginia university and guess what, nobody had her on their radar for a gold medal. today she brought home the first gold medal std games, the first gold medal of the united states. she was by the way competing against two women who already had gold medals and she has another event to come. i'll be talking to her later on tonight. i'll have to 0 for you on msnbc tomorrow morning. let's take a look at what you see if you watch our olympics coverage tonight. first of all, men's basketball. that will be on the nbc sports network, u.s. versus china. let's guess how that will turn out. you'll want to see that. men's gymnastics. they had a terrible injury today. a french gymnast. but the u.s. men's team performing maybe better than a lot of people expected. what to watch in swimming, katie ledecky, she could win five gold medals here. she was swimming in the preliminaries today of the 4 x 100 meter, a relay.
2:56 pm
i ran into her dad and her uncle, one of the things again that's consistent about olympics, i think the only people more nervous than the athletes are their parents up in the stands. i talked to them going over to the swimming venue. and then women's beach volleyball, a perennial favorite here. the usa versus australia coming up, all of those last three events will be in prime-time coverage on "nbc nightly news" tonight. by the way, mute your coverage if you opponent doedon't want t more results. we also won a silver medal, the men's archery team won silver. team usa off to a good start. i've been told this was pretty dead the last few days, but now this is what we see, this is what's so much fun about an olympics. you come out into the venues, and people are milling around and having a good time. and you see the flags of all the
2:57 pm
different countries. and that's what's going onnor here from rio. richard? >> chris, the energy there no doubt fantastic. chris jansing, live in rio. we'll be talking to you a lot in the coming weeks. that does it for
2:58 pm
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