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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  August 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at with cameras almost everywhere. >> it gets real. >> what may once have been a private lapse in judgment -- >> denver, did you do this? >> -- or a minor embarrassment can be seen by millions almost immediately. >> it can be on the internet the next day if you're not careful. >> and live online forever. video shaming. >> he was, like, i feel terrible that you guys have it on camera. i was, like, too bad. >> is it helpful? >> speak english in america. >> or just mean?
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>> just a simple recording can actually change a person's life. >> people being captured for their worst behavior is like 15 minutes of shame. >> "caught on camera: exposed". >> this is for my daughter hannah and all her friends on facebook who thought her rebellious post was cute. >> a dad responds to a post from his daughter on facebook, by fighting fire with firepower. >> that right there is your laptop. this right here is my .45. that was the first round. >> february 7th, 2012. tommy jordan, an i.t. professional is fixing his 15-year-old daughter's laptop when he comes across a post on
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facebook that had been hidden from both him and his wife. >> we're installing soft warks i, killing time and i browse to the dog's facebook page, because the dog has his own page on facebook. >> i brought my family from seeing my posts anyway. and then i didn't remember the dog had a facebook, because what dog has a facebook. >> she forgot to block the family dog. so in all honesty, it is the dog's fault. >> what tommy finds on bonnie the dog's page is an obscenity laced tirade that hannah posted. let's just say he didn't click like. >> the only way i was going to get is message across on the venue she post it was to put it on the venue she posted it on. >> but he doesn't type out his reply. while hannah is at school, he captures his thoughts on video. >> as soon as i'm done, i'm going to post this on your facebook wall. >> why did i grab a camera and record it as a post to just replying in a facebook comment or something else? i'm not really sure, actually. >> this is called to my parents,
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by the way. to my parents, i'm not your damn slave, it is not my responsibility to clean up your [ bleep ]. >> just got stressed out and everything was really bottled up and just exploded. >> you tell me at least once a day that i need to get a job. and i love that. this part. you could just pay me for all the [ bleep ] i do around the house. seriously? are you kidding me? >> facebook was up, i typed it out. i didn't mean to post t i just changed our settings and you hit enter, it posts it automatically for you and i didn't take it down. >> i saw the post, i thought i would never want a parent to see that and think that was the language that was used at my household and it was okay, because if i were a parent and i saw a kid talking like that, i would never let my kid go there again. >> i'm tired of this [ bleep ]. next time i have to pour a cup of coffee i'm going to flip [ bleep ]. i have no idea how i have a life. i'm going to hate to see the day when you get too old to wipe your ass and you call me asking for help. i won't be there.
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signed your pissed kid, hannah. >> reading hannah's rude post makes a point. but it is what he does next that makes news. >> i warned you months ago about what would happen if you did something like this on facebook again. >> i did something a couple of months previous, he had said something about how if i did something similar to that again, he was going to put a bullet through my computer and i brushed it off, like, yeah, okay, who does that. >> i will put a stop to it, i'll put a stop to it right now. >> tommy jordan is about to become an internet legend. >> that right there is your laptop. you see it is out here on the ground. this right here is my .45. that was the first round. these are exploding hollow point rounds from, yeah, you have to pay me back for these two. because these are about a dollar a piece.
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one, two, three, four, five, six. oh, yeah, and after that comment you made about your mom, your mom told me to put one in from her. that one is from her. if i got left -- i got two left. now i'm out. >> why did i take it outside and shoot it as opposed to beating it with a hammer or throwing it in the trash can or hundreds of thousands of people said you should give it to charity. i'm big on keeping my word. i'll put a bullet through your laptop. >> tommy uploads the video to youtube, posts it on his own facebook page, and shares it on hannah's page for her friends to see. at the time, they have fewer than 200 facebook friends combined. >> i expected 15, 20 people to see it, you know, hopefully the parents of the friends that saw the first post, hopefully the audience that saw her post, that was about it. >> that wasn't it. by the time hannah first sees the video at school that day,
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the number of views is already in the thousands. >> my friend showed me and it had probably 4,000 views at that time. >> tommy waits all day to talk to hannah about her post, and his reply. however, if a heart to heart with hannah is going to come, it will have to wait. >> i forget what the event was, but she didn't even get in until like 10:30 that night. at that point, my wife and i are so emotionally drained. we cried, we held, we talked, we cried some more. hannah came in said hi, love you, and went to bed. >> the following day, tommy begins to realize the firestorm he started. >> sometime the next 36 hours or so after all this was published, i can tell there is feedback coming from the web. my account on facebook is blowing up. >> the family's sudden internet fame starts to affect their daily life. >> it was just really strange to
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think, we can't go together anywhere and not be noticed. >> people are parking across the road stalking my family trying to find parts of a broken laptop in my yard. that's how strange it got that fast. it was a little bit weird to deal with. >> as the number of views on youtube and facebook explodes, so does the media coverage. >> i rode the bus and the next couple of weeks, my dad had to get out of bed and take know school because he was afraid there would be news sflanz tvan driveway. >> tommy finds himself criticized on national television. >> take a gun and shoot it. that's ridic us. >> what are you going to do now, blow up the car? >> he's roundly lampooned on the internet. >> yee hwa. >> and since tommy didn't break any law, no charges are ever brought. but the family still feels under siege and yet tommy says the experience actually brings them closer together. >> it made us more communicative because we had to be. we spend a lot more time
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together because we couldn't go out to pizza hut without being mobbed. >> short-term our relationship was affected because we were just kind of, you know, angry, awkward, didn't know what to say, when to say it, how to say it. >> set it up over here. >> but long-term i think it helped us out not necessarily greatly, but we definitely understand that something needed to change, we needed to figure out a better way to handle situations. >> in the following years, more than 40 million people see the clip on youtube alone. and tommy's supporters and detractors seem to be evenly split. >> i get asked to write books about parenting. i'm, like, are you kidding me? are you serious? >> pay you for chores, are you out of your mind? >> you think i'm a parenting guru. have a great kid. i have a great daughter. she made one mistake. it could be argued i made a mistake depending on the point of view. >> the family says they emerged from the crisis. at the time, many predicted that tommy was irref caably damaging
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hannah and his relationship with her. >> people across the world were just plain wrong, she's not drug addicted. she graduated school with honors, got into college, turned out great. i'm not going to attribute that to youtube. i have a great daughter. i like to think we can communicate well. that's the kind of kid i have. >> i'm glad he shot my laptop nine times. >> if i got one left, i got two left, now i'm out. >> it was kind of obnoxious when i first saw it, but i'm glad what happened since then. >> hope you enjoyed your fiasco on facebook. hope it was worth all this. have a good day, y'all. >> coming up, intolerance caught on camera, for all to see. >> we speak english in america. >> and later -- >> i have a knife. >> a fast food tantrum goes viral. >> i don't want people to think of me as a crazy outrageous psychopath. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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we speak english in america. >> how's this for an english first debate? a loud argument over language and american identity at a local restaurant. >> she speaks english. she's not perfect. >> and the woman who starts the heated exchange has her views seen by millions. >> she's not going to -- don't be racist like that. >> spanish is from spain. >> you can't be doing that. >> i know. >> july 31st, 2015, los angeles, california. carlos vasquez is l.a. born and raised, his folks legally immigrated from el salvador in 1986. it is the day before carlos' 24th birthday and the family is celebrating by going to one of their favorite restaurants. >> it has been a tradition for
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my mom to go to ihop for our birthdays. >> as we were called to our table, suddenly a lady appears. i don't know where she came from, but she began speaking loudly, shouting to be quiet, that english is spoken here. if i'm talking to my family in my language, i don't know why she was offended. >> i interrupted her and i told her, wait, don't speak to my mom that way, she speaks english. she shut me up and told me, you shut up, you are from the mexican mafia and you like to kill people. that's when i got offended. so i take my phone out -- you can't say that to my parents. they speak english, not perfect, but they speak it. i was very angry inside. i did not show it or express it. so i thought, only way she'll understand me is if i speak to her in a calm way. don't speak to my parents like that. you got to respect.
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>> quiet. be quiet. close your mouth. i speak english too. okay. i speak english. i speak english. >> i was just confused and i was lost in emotion because i was watching my mom cry to a stranger that they're not deserving of this. >> who is talking about nazis here? who is talking about castro here? when i noticed she was off topic or talking about nazis and castro, i can't scream at this lady. >> even though she saw my son recording, she didn't change. there remained the same aggression and anger. >> fortunately the video stopped
3:16 pm
by itself. >> castro. >> we sit at the table, i was ready, angry, writing about what was going on and i posted it. i didn't even wait. i posted the video, i just really wanted my friends to see what was going on. because my friends knew it was my birthday and me showing this, like, whoa, that's very unfair. i never thought the video would go viral at all. >> just a few months after carlos puts the video on facebook, his post has more than 19 million views. the video has also been seen many more times on youtube and other sites. >> my friends said bravo, we saw you, good job, don't let them bring you down. we support you. some people have recognized me in the street and they ask, are you from that video and i say, yes, and they say congratulations, good job. >> carlos and norma start reading the many comments coming in. >> i said, wow, that's great, good people empathize and support me because a word can
3:17 pm
prop you up so you don't feel so trampled. >> some good messages, some were still offending us. but it didn't really hurt us because most of the messages were positive vibes and comments towards my mom. >> msnbc tried to contact the woman, but no one from the restaurant knew her name or how to reach her. and unlike many viral videos, no one has stepped forward to identify her. still, mother and son are both glad that this disturbing moment got caught on camera. >> the phone has become a weapon defense to capture anything that is not right. previously things stayed anonymous, no one knew anything but the technology helps us to have evidence and publish it. >> phone does have power. you record it, it could be worldwide seen by many people. >> we have freedom of speech. from california, to new york, another person crosses the line. >> i called you a [ bleep ].
3:18 pm
you're a [ bleep ]. nasty [ bleep ]. >> and her outburst is exposed for the public to see. >> racism is alive and well. i'll tell you. alive and well. amazing. absolutely amazing. >> may 30th, 2014. narvo bennings starts s start h a suburb of buffalo, new york. >> the summer just started to hit. >> benning is headed to work when he realizes he has forgotten something. >> i say, you know what, let me go to the store and get off the next exit and grab some deodorant. i was parked next to that -- where this car is. so, you know, i get out, and go in the store. >> the trip to the store is uneventful. >> so i'm coming out of the store with my deodorant and i see her two kids standing on the sidewalk directly in front of my vehicle.
3:19 pm
the mother was a few steps behind. so i get in my vehicle, and i look down for a little bit, her kids stop directly on the sidewalk in front of my vehicle, they weren't in the parking lot, they weren't behind my truck. so i started my car after the kids were directly in front of the vehicle, the little girl got startled, so she did, like, you know -- like that. the mother comes walking down faster, and that's when she starts screaming obscenities. i heard her say the n word. i said, what did you just say to me? she said, you heard what i said. i end up finding my phone and that's when she's walking directly to the vehicle. and that's when i started taping. i have her on tape calling me racist comments, calling me a [ bleep ] in front of her kids. >> scared my children. >> the camera is out here. i wanted to confirm, reaffirm she actually said that. >> the woman calls someone she later refers to as her husband.
3:20 pm
>> talk to this [ bleep ] right now. i'm telling you, he's video recording me, he scared the [ bleep ] out of -- he wants to run his mouth talking about me being a tramy mother. >> really, i said that? you called me a -- >> i called you a [ bleep ]. you're a nasty [ bleep ]. >> okay. >> the racial tension around here is a bit crazy anyway. they would have put me in a situation where i would have probably been arrested if i didn't have evidence of what happened. so i'm actually glad that i had the evidence, so if anything else was said, hey, guess what, i have it on tape, this is how it went down. >> the woman's rage displayed in front of her children gets ratcheted up even further. >> get the video off my kids now! or i will [ bleep ] break it. i'm going to whip my coffee at him. >> go ahead. >> [ bleep ] nasty [ bleep ].
3:21 pm
>> when the woman goes in the store, benning decides to get on with his day. >> i said, you know what, let me just go to work, be done with it. you can't get angry enough to use that word. no one should use it in that connotation, just wrong. it has crazy history behind it. >> at work, benning shows the video to his colleagues. >> i was just going to show my co-workers and that's it. and then one of my co-workers was, like, you should post that. that's absolutely wrong. i say, yeah, it is crazy. he said, i can't believe she did that. >> benning posts the video on youtube and it doesn't take long to go viral. and perhaps because in the footage she mentions that she's a local stripper -- >> you ain't getting far [ bleep ]. >> the woman is soon identified by viewers. her personal information including address, telephone number, and e-mail address are revealed on social media. and she becomes the target of threats. within a few days, she goes on local radio wblk and tells her
3:22 pm
side of the story saying that benning had used an epithet against her prior to the recording. >> i'm sorry. imju i'm just not a racist. if he didn't try to almost hit my kids, none of this would have happened. and then he called me a crack head -- >> if the guy was standing with me here right now, what would you say to him? >> honestly for ruining my life now, for me about to lose all my kids, you want to know my answer, not a very wise one. >> since the radio broadcast, the woman has not granted any interviews. and because her phone, e-mail and social media presence have all been closed down, msnbc's attempts to reach her were unsuccessful. >> have you ever called anybody a cracker? >> no. i'm laughing at it because that doesn't even sound like a word -- i can't even say it to myself, that's something i don't teach my kids. it is just something i can't form my mouth to say at all. >> benning says most of the
3:23 pm
reaction has been positive. making him wish he had been able to capture similar moments from his youth. >> if i was able to expose people growing up, i would have have to have a big vhs recorder on my shoulder at all times. i had a phone that was able to record this one time for the world to see it. not to cause shame on her, but to let the world know this is still happening. >> racism is alive and well, i tell you. alive and well. >> coming up -- a who's who of road rage. when "caught on camera" returns. dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it.
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the united states postal service. priority: you a heated exchange dissolves no a tirade that sounds more like a comedy routine. >> who are you? >> pickering. >> who? >> pickering. >> the man on the scooter and later a huge portion of internet users want to know -- >> who is that? >> september 21st, 2015, steve
3:27 pm
midd middleton lives in hall, england. he uses a scooter to commute to and from work and has his helmet cam on every time he's out riding. >> i have -- it is on the side there, and just points forward to collect any evidence in case i have a crash. >> middleton approaches a traffic circle called a round about in the uk. >> i was coming home from work one night, round about very similar to this one, i saw a line of cars waiting, i could see a gap i could pull into. i was waiting to pull off and -- he blasted his horn at me. i think he got upset because i jumped. >> having jumped to the front of line of vehicles, middleton goes through the traffic signal and turns right. but the man who was behind him at the round about blocks his
3:28 pm
way. >> what's your problem? [ bleep ]. >> you got a problem. >> you got a problem. >> i was mystified. i didn't really understand what it was all about. >> you're a fool. i didn't know who it was. i thought at first, i thought, who is it? i was thinking should i know him? who are you then? >> pickering. >> he said his name and i didn't know who it was. >> who? >> pickering. >> he said pickering. i don't know -- >> pickering. >> i was, like who? >> and he said it again. >> pickering. >> who is that? >> me. [ bleep ]. >> the exchange seems to be over. but pickering pulls over again
3:29 pm
to challenge middleton to a fight. >> i thought it was going too far. i couldn't understand it. >> i'm going to knock you out. >> you said who you are. >> through most of the argument, pickering seems oblivious to the fact that his comments and actions are being caught on camera. but once it is pointed out, the confrontation soon ends. >> i'll see you on youtube. yeah. >> that little thing. >> yeah. >> with that? >> yeah. youtube, all right. >> i wasn't sure if he was going to chase me a third time and stop me a third time. i looked over my shoulder and i can see him turning around, doing a three-point turn. he realized it is being filmed and he turned around. >> that evening, steve makes good on his promise to post the video. >> i'm pickering. >> i was hoping to go home and
3:30 pm
he would write his name to youtube and it would come up on youtube. and maybe that would shame him to behaving more appropriately in the future. >> msnbc contacted mr. pickering asking for a statement. but he chose not to speak with us. middleton says there has been no direct contact between him and pickering since. and though pickering has apologized in the press, middleton can't be sure he's seen the video. but millions of others have. within days, the clip becomes a national phenomenon, complete with scores of online parodies. >> pickering. we can fight if you want. >> do you know who i am? >> no idea. >> pickering. >> who? >> ronnie pickering! >> much of britain seems to want to know who is ronnie pickering. it is soon revealed in his heyday, pickering did amateur fighting and may have been better known, but prior to this video, he's hardly a household
3:31 pm
name. >> first i felt a little responsible, when i realized the whole world was laughing at him. then a side of me says, well, he did it himself, saying, do you know who i am? i didn't poke him with a stick or anything. he just did it. i didn't know who he was at all. just some bloke in a car. >> ronnie pickering. >> who is that? coming up, a driver loses his cool in the arizona heat. >> you got a problem? >> yeah, i got a [ bleep ]. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. burning of diabetic nerve pain,
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a 12-year-old boy died at a water park in kansas. this happened at the water park in kansas city on a ride that is promoted as the world's tallest water slide. the park has been closed as the investigation continues. another new poll continues to show hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump. the washington post has clinton up by eight points nationally over trump. that's twice what it was before
3:35 pm
the two parties held a convention last month. now back to "caught on camera." a driver sees red. >> got a problem? >> yeah. i got a problem. >> losing control. >> you got to stop. stop. >> and learns he's clashing with the wrong motorcyclist. >> are you going to behave? are you done? >> july 11th, 2015, yuma, arizona, cody and louisa are a young couple trying to find time to be together. munoz works nights athe s s aas >> we don't get to see each other as much as we would like to. >> we'll go to lunch and have a nice day. >> the two head off using their
3:36 pm
favorite mode of transportation. >> it was a nice day to go riding. so we decided to go on a motorcycle instead of a car. >> their relaxing date it about to get more intense when they encounter a driver behaving erratically. >> we're just coming down this hill, at the previous stop light and that's when he started honking and swerving back and forth on me. so i got my right lane, expecting him to just pass me and everything like that. but instead of passing me, he got behind me. this is the stop light where he got out of, and i pulled up to the line right here, expecting him to just stay in his car and be angry. >> but the driver doesn't stay in the car. he's ready for a confrontation. >> got a problem? >> yeah, i got a problem. [ bleep ]. >> stop it! >> after hitting munoz, he shoves loy. >> hey!
3:37 pm
you better [ bleep ] step back right now. >> he went to sucker punch me and that's when i started stepping back and everything like that and he about right here where the sewer grate is when he kind of sort of tripped and i used that to kind of bring him to the ground. >> stop! are you done? are you done? stop! dude, i did nothing to you. >> yeah, you broke the law. >> munoz guesses this attack has something to do with the fact that he had threaded between the man's car and a city bus. nbc news reached the driver, but he declined to comment. >> i went in between you at a -- on a road? >> yep. >> and you're going to punch me and assault me for that? >> yep. >> you purshed my [ bleep ] girlfriend. she weighs 100 pounds. >> she assaulted me. >> no, she did not. >> yes. >> but munoz knows something the driver is unaware of.
3:38 pm
i have you camera so we'll see. >> okay. >> once he said she assaulted me. >> cody said i have it on camera. >> that's when he realized, i messed up. >> this dude assaulted me for no reason. >> a passerby helps by calling the police. the driver allows a blood test to be taken and it is found to have more than three times the legal limit of alcohol. meanwhile, police examine munoz's footage. the video helps to support charges including assault and endangerment. two months late, the driver enters a plea agreement, pleading no contest to dui in the slightest degree, and disorderly conduct, which comes with ten days of jail time. all other charges are dropped. after the incident, munoz uploads the video to youtube. >> the main reason i put the video up on my channel is purely just to show my family what happened. a good friend of mine posted it on local news channels, facebook
3:39 pm
page. and i think that was the beginning of the video starting to spread. after he did that, a lot of people locally got to see it. >> the video is far from a local phenomenon. munoz's youtube post alone has garnered more than 13 million clicks from around the world. loy and munoz hope the video will be seen as a cautionary tale. >> road rage incident, like the one i had, definitely gives them a warning to act appropriately and not be so crazy because there is a good chance now adays someone has a camera and is recording, and they could be on the internet, you know, the next day if they're not careful. >> stop. are you done? are you done? rage, it can travel from the road to the workplace. a fast food employee melts down.
3:40 pm
and a customer is there to record it for the world to watch and comment. february 8th, 2015, st. paul, minnesota. abel abraham and friends stop for a bite to eat before attending a party. >> as i approached the register to order my meal, there was nobody present, and there was a loud commotion coming from the back. >> the commotion moves from the back of the restaurant to the counter area. it is an escalating dispute between a manager and employee lonnie johnson. >> i'm not being paid and i worked so hard. i had just quit and i was, like, you don't want to pay me. >> my first reaction was to put it on my phone. i got into the habit of recording daily things i would just find interesting. >> police are called. but by the time they arrive, johnson is long gone.
3:41 pm
>> i'm going home, they know my address. they know everything about me, where i live, where i stay. >> when abraham leaves to catch the train he bumps into johnson at the station. even though the two don't know each other, abraham still decides to approach him. >> me and lonnie chatted for a little bit. i asked him if it was okay if i could post the video. he encouraged me. he said, go for it. i didn't think it would do anything. i was mad, like, i wanted to go home, i'm mad. i'm still mad. i don't care. do what you want to do and i left. >> i felt it had potential to go viral, but i never once thought it would go as viral as it did. >> my phone had ring and it rang again and then rang again and rang again. i was, like what is going on? >> and the comments section is far from flattering. >> i was, you're watching my emotion. that's not really funny. now i see how it is.
3:42 pm
i feel how it is in the video now. it is crazy. gets real once you're in the video. >> johnson says he's never charged with a crime. and in fact, he's issued a check the following day. but it takes abraham by surprise three days later when he learns from local media that johnson's manager brandon robertson has lost his job. >> the first thing i did when i found out the manager was fired is i actually tried to get in contact with the owners of that mcdonald's location. i called. i told them i was the one who shot and recorded the video. i don't think it was deserved. i tried to get everything i could to get him his position back, but sadly they said their decision was made. >> you did that. >> i'm not going to lie, i felt bad. >> soon after the incident, a local paper quotes a statement from the owner of this franchise saying, in part, our organization took swift action and paid the employee for all hours worked. msnbc reached out to the owner,
3:43 pm
but he says he has nothing to add to the statements released at the time. the postee and the poster both say they learned a valuable lesson. >> just a simple recording can actually change a person's life as witnessed by lonnie and brandon, the manager. when i watch viral video like that, it makes me wonder who has probably changed in anybody in that video's life. >> after that, i became more i would say calm. i don't want people to think of me as a crazy outrageous psychopath. >> coming up, not your father's intervention. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework...
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a young man who had too much to drink at the mercy of his friends. they decide to induce just a little terror to teach him a lesson. >> [ bleep ]. >> february, 2010, just outside boston, three friends plan to meet up for a night out. >> me and brendan were already together earlier in the night. ryan was going to meet us at my house. ryan decided to have a lot more than just a few drinks. >> he drank way too much and passed out, so we decided to take it upon ourselves that we needed to do something to make him realize it was a bad idea for him to, one, be drinking by himself and two to be drinking to excessively. >> the way this group of friends relates to each other, sports
3:48 pm
and pranks. and what good is a practical joke if you can't catch it on camera, so you can show the world. >> even this giant prank war our whole entire lives. we wanted to teach him a lesson. >> for this teachable moment, pat and brendan have a little inside information. >> since we have been best friends our whole entire lives, we know what each other is afraid of. and we know that ryan, his biggest fear in life is being buried alive. >> he made a mistake of telling us the fear. >> so the idea was that we wanted to make him think he was in a coffin. >> we had a box and we knew we couldn't dig in any of the property that we were on, so we decided that putting it on top of a table on a slab where he can actually fit -- >> by banging on the box, we were still burying him and there was dirt being put on to the
3:49 pm
coffin. >> oh, my god. >> it looks painful. but it is only ryan's pride that is really damaged. >> stop, stop, stop. >> i don't know if i've been more scared in my life. >> that's my biggest [ bleep ]. you know that's my biggest fear. >> i woke up in the box, i remember very vaguely being black and i felt a contained space. i freaked out. >> he swung so hard. if he was sober, he would have hit you. >> after a little more sparring,
3:50 pm
the friends decide to give each other some space for the night. >> the next day, pat and brendan show ryan the footage. >> wake up call was that they had it on film. seeing myself, that messy and sloppy, that's no fun. i don't want to be that guy that is getting looked at like that. it is a learning experience and something that i moved on almost instantaneously from. >> a couple of days late, ryan is in for an even more painful lesson. >> no way we weren't going to put it together and post it. i knew his father would see it. and probably wouldn't be too happy about it. but that just goes to show, you probably shouldn't get black out drunk and do stupid things because it will come back and haunt you. >> i thought it was most embarrassing to my close family members that have to talk to me day to day and they were, like, what are you doing? what's up, man? >> when i heard from ryan that people were coming up to him and telling him he looks like an idiot on camera, i was so thrilled. i was, like, so now do you see what you do to yourself?
3:51 pm
and he was like, yeah, i do, but i feel terrible you have it on camera. i was, like, too bad. >> before long, the viewership goes way beyond friends and family. >> knowing it went viral is weird, of course. i think i'm more upset or embarrassed about close family members seeing how i acted and what i did. >> all right, all right, all right. >> brendan and pat say ryan hasn't gotten nearly this drunk since the experience. plus, having millions see him in that compromised state has given ryan a unique perspective on the shaming videos that have been a constant on the internet. >> for the most part, somebody who posts something along these lines i think they're trying to get a little spotlight on them, like, oh, i captured this moment, but it really does put this person down. there are certain scenarios where, hey, this person is being ignorant, this person is going off, and just terrible person at this moment in time. >> all right, all right. >> i would say people being
3:52 pm
captured for their worst behavior is like 15 minutes of shame. >> coming up, even animals can get their 15 minutes of shame. >> oh, my goodness. you didn't. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders. opportunities don't wait around, so you have to be ready for them. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at w...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing.
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♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. fixodent and forget it. apparently while i was out, somebody got into the kitty cat treats. >> a mischievous animal, caught red pawed. >> you did this? >> making this pooch an internet star. >> denver, you won't look at me. >> march 8th, 2011, the eastern shore of maryland, maui takes care of the family pets while his wife brenda is away on
3:56 pm
business. >> we really feel like our dogs are like our children. very much a part of our lives. >> but one of their furry children, denver, is a bit of a rascal. >> when i'm home, she doesn't usually get into trouble. it is when i'm not here she finds herself getting into things she shouldn't. denver has a witness for cat treats more than any other dog treats we would buy her. i thought it would make more sense for us not to have cat treats around anymore, not to tempt her. >> against brenda's advice, maui continues to buy the treats for the family cat. but he has a plan to keep them out of canine jaws when he leaves the house. when he returns, he discovers he's been outwitted. >> i thought i had the perfect solution right here up on the shelf, like this. and i don't know what happened. could have been the cat knocked it off, i don't know. >> going to go look at the suspects. >> after taking all these precautions, i just could not believe that it happened. that's why i grabbed the camera.
3:57 pm
>> suspect number one. was it you, macy? >> one thing for somebody to tell the story, you see the story, especially the way he interrogated her. >> did you do this? did you? i don't think you did. number two. >> there is absolutely no question in my mind that she knew i was going to be disappointed. when i walked in that door. >> denver, was this you? look at me. come here. let me see. let me see your face. oh, my goodness. denver, you didn't. >> and it just that denver has her own way of saying with her little smile she does that she did it. >> are you sorry about it?
3:58 pm
okay. you know the routine. in the kennel. go on. very disappointed. you're in the penalty box. >> maui reached out to me and said, brenda, i'm going to send you this link for this video what you're about to see what happened at the house today while you're away. >> he decides to show the video with a few friends. >> it is kind of funny. i'll share it with a couple of my facebook buddies with a twisted sense of humor. i uploaded it on youtube and it went bonkers. >> let me see your face. >> the video garnered an estimated 100 million views. denver has become so well known, she has even launched her own line of products. >> without question, denver is a celebrity. >> i never thought i would be a talent manager for an animal. >> the video helps give rise to a new trend on the web. dog shaming seems to be here to stay.
3:59 pm
>> who pooped in the kitchen? >> did you do this mess? >> but the phenomenon is criticized by some animal behaviorists and psychologists. they say dogs can't feel guilt and when being interrogated by their owners, they're most likely feeling fear or anxiety. caught on camera attempted to get denver's reaction to all this -- >> denver, denver. >> but she would not comment during our interview. maui and brenda both disagree with the behaviorists. >> she knows we would never harm her. she's like our family, so we don't -- there is no abuse or anything like that. >> years after maui first posted the video, it is still popular. it averages 30,000 hits a day. and there are more products and videos to come. >> this adventure with denver has been a lot of fun. the fact that denver is famous but she's a dog so she's not a
4:00 pm
diva. >> denver, was this you? he's fine. >> out of the car, riding the hood of the car. >> on the road and in danger. >> i had to take the threat out. >> high impact. >> my thought in all honesty is there's no way the person in that vehicle is alive. >> and high risk. >> i actually had thought he killed my friend. >> in law enforcement, situations can turn bad fast. >> hearing these shots,


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