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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  August 10, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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qualifying, disqualifying on its face. >> he crossed a temperamental rubicon and there's no turning back. >> we'll get to that. okay. i thought we actually had a different lead. but we will hear what trump had to say. >> we can have whatever lead you want, mika. your feelings are the most important thing around this table. willie, is that right? >> it's mika's show. we're all just living in it. >> so -- >> spin the wheel. >> i really don't want to hear donald trump talking about assassinations. >> first, we're going to do, though, let's talk about this hillary story. mike barnicle. a new trove of e-mails that were contained by the conservative watchdog group judicial watch is now raising questions of new links between the state department and the clinton foundation. >> "new york times" today you could file this under things that the trump campaign can get
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to. the headline are new questions about clinton's state department and charity. basically, a story about access between people at the clinton foundation and the state department that began early in 2009. as soon as hillary clinton assumed the secretary of state's job. the key paragraphs in the new story are probably this. in april, 2009, douglas j. ban who led the foundation global initiative e-mailed ms. abdean. he wrote that he needed to contact a lebanese nigerian billionaire who was one of the top donors with someone at the state department to talk about his interests in lebanon. referring to jeffrey feltman who was the american ambassador to lebanon at the time. >> ron, from the very beginning you have said the problem with the e-mails would be if we get all of the e-mails that they
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would show financial nexus between the clinton foundation and the state department. here's just one example of the clinton foundation getting probably millions of dollars. we don't know the exact amount and then have the foundation pick up the phone and say help our donor over here. >> it actually wasn't me. it was people very close to the clintons, including a source who was working with the clintons for more than two decades who told me the week that the "new york times" exposed this rogue server was that this was all about the foundation. blurring the lines between their political and personal lives. look for the pay to play. this kind of favor we're giving. >> is this story disturbing to you what we found out about this back and forth between the state department and the foundation. why should americans be
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concerned? >> because you don't want to have politicians who are giving favors to donors. you know, that's, obviously, an ethical breach. we have the trust issue here. hillary clinton told us that all her work related e-mail are turned over. we're finding e-mail that aren't turned over. >> why wasn't this one turned over? this one is fairly significant, is it not? >> very significant. there are dozens and maybe hundreds that haven't been turned over and among the 30,000 that she deleted between lawsuits and the fbi and uncovering e-mails that should have been uncovered and weren't. here is the thing that gets me. the biggest thing in politics right now. this should be blowing everything out of the water and it's not because donald trump yesterday suggested that hillary clinton should be shfor her political views. this is a guy who has talked about violence in the past before. whose explanation for his remarks yesterday do not hold water, as you've been talking about for the last hour and ten
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minutes. until and unless he condemns violence against his opponent and apologizes for his remark he is, in fact, encouraging violence. that is what he is doing. that is totally unacceptable and that is the biggest story today and that should be. >> they did put out a statement in response to it. i'll read one line. neither of the e-mails and the communication between her aides and the president's personal aides. they don't believe this is an overlap. >> she's not on these e-mails. these are staff e-mails. >> staff e-mails from the state department. >> staff e-mails that are doing work on her behalf and her foundation behalf. that's not excal puato-- >> every administration has friends who use their personal connections to try to get special access. what makes us different is when bill clinton, when hillary clinton took the job as secretary of state they knew
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there were issues related to this and they promised not any intermingling between bill clinton's portfolio and hers. this shows clearly they did not stay true to that. >> this has been problematic all along. and it's where, it's where the questions have never led to good answers, whether it be about the server or now about this type of thing. it's always been an answer that has left everybody extremely uncomfortable, especially from the candidate herself. >> our bill clinton all of a sudden, his speech fee is doubling. getting paid $550,000 to go to places that sometimes have business directly related to the state department at that time. >> and to mark's point, i mean, it was a critical component of secretary clinton to becoming secretary of state. this commitment that there would not be any overlap between the clinton's foundation private business fund-raising and the
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state department itself. she assumed office january 20th, 2009. the "times" story cites this traffic that occurred in april of 2009. >> if i could jump in, i'd like to thank mark for correcting me on the issue that these were not her e-mails. and follow up on the broader point that this is part of a pattern with the clintons who really, to give them the benefit of the doubt. they believe they are doing the right thing. and they believe ends justify the means. they have undermined their entire credibility and maybe her campaign with this kind of behavior. >> mark, you were just about to say this is how clinton inc. works. >> they'll say the foundation does good work and they deserve a hearing before the state department and they deserve jobs and access. that's the way they view it. you can't do that in the context of trying to have and promising to be a separationetween these
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two sxwurlworlds and you can't all the overlapping relationships as the critics led to them getting rich during this period. >> i talked about hillary clinton and their great frustration came through, again. which is you have a story like this in the paper today and hillary clinton saying what she said about the fbi investigation where james comey she was being truthful when he didn't say that. they had a candidate hillary clinton is so beatable and so distrusted by so much of the american people. you have moments from donald trump that is overshadowed. >> they want to talk about the economy and the orlando shooter. the trump campaign wants to talk about that today, but, that's, you know, there's a backup here because people are still going to be talking about what he said. >> all would be such big news if not there this. on the campaign trail yesterday deep division over what donald trump said and what he meant while he was talking about the second amendment.
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listen for yourself. >> hillary wants to abolish, abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> okay, so, it just keeps getting -- >> that is incredible. i can't watch it. >> it just keeps getting worse and more obvious. she would get -- >> did you see the guy behind him? >> she would get to pick the justices and nothing you can do about it. only something the second amendment people could do about it. >> that would be a horrible day. he very, very clearly, willie, is talking about after hillary clinton is elected president of the united states. not this pathetic span that oh, we're just trying to unite
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second amendment supporters. >> the after the fact explanation and the spin you're getting from his supporters is that donald trump was calling out to supporters of gun rights to support him and defeat hillary clinton. the logic of his statement does not track with that. she was already president and she got to pick the nominees. >> you are right. i'm a democrat. i'll ask you to say it. isn't this a chance for republicans to jump -- if they ever had a chance to get out of this problem that they've put themselves in, would this not be it? >> this is so simple. for me it was simple a very long time ago and i could in district that i got elected, jerry fauldwell called the most conservative district in america. i could explain this in three town hall meetings. let me tell you why we did this. i couldn't support the democrat that is now the nominee. you don't insult gold star moms. you don't go around saying second amendment supporters can
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shoot the president of the united states because she is appointing justices that you don't like. you can't say the sort of things that donald trump says. and people in my district would understand that. you c-- >> it's called the truth. >> mika, we're saying this over and over again. they're cowering. you have to pick one side or the other. when you have the secret service for the first time in the history putting out a statement about the presidential candidate, a nominee saying we are aware and here it is. the secret service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon. that, mark halperin is an ominous statement. >> what did the agents there standing there guarding trump think? what did they think? >> what are they saying? do we have the michael hayden said. general hayden dead on, as
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usual. this is what he said after the shooting remark. >> if someone else had said that outside the hall, he'd be in the back of a police wagon now with the secret service questioning him. i always tell my seniors that cia, you get to a certain point in this business, you're not just responsible for what you say. you're responsible for what people hear. that might be a good lesson here. >> yeah. >> steve, you heard all of this and you have been mulling it over guaranteed for a day now. what are your thoughts on all of this? >> well, there was a poll out earlier this week that had donald trump. four, in fact, in the last week that had him falling behind by double digits. one of the four had a finding in it that really jumped out at me. some movement in the democratic convention and the week after the democratic convention when donald trump got into the whole public spat with the kahn family and the question was temperament.
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hillary clinton's score on that now is at about 61% and donald trump is down under 30%. that gap has widened significantly in the last two weeks. again, because of some of the things that were said about donald trump at the convention and also what he said to the kahn family and what he said to the kahn family the week after. that just seems to be a key underlying statistic. the doubts about donald trump's basic fitness, basic bearing to be president of the united states. even if this race got close again and you come down to the final week and come down to people being in the voting booth, that is the kind of thing that will keep people from checking off his name in the end and this whole thing that we're talking about right now, everything he said yesterday. everything we're talking about today. those numbers were terrible for him on temperament before yesterday. i can only imagine how bad they are right now. >> here's what joe writes in "washington post." >> only 33%. >> the gop must dump trump.
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okay. joe "the post." the muslim band and the mexican judge flap and john mccain's military service and the son of privilege attacking an immigrant gold star mother. are a few of the low lights that have punctuated donald trump's chaotic chase for the presidency. any one of these offenses would have disqualified any other candidate for president. we are in unchartered waters, but that does not mean the way forward is not clear. it is. number one, the secret service interviewed donald trump and ask him to explain his threatening comments. number two, paul ryan and every republican leader should denounce in the strongest terms their gop nominee suggesting conservatives should find the supreme court more favorable to their desires, if his political rival was assassinated. number three, paul ryan and every republican leader should revoke their endorsement of donald trump. at this point, what else could trump do that would be worse than implying the positive
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impact of a political assassination? number four, the republican party needs to start examining quickly their options for removing the republican nominee. a bloody line has been crossed that cannot be ignored. at long last donald trump has left the republican party few options but to act decisively and get this political train wreck off the tracks before something terrible happens. >> how is it that no candidate in that field a year and a half ago that began with 17 people on the stage could figure out how to take this guy out of the race? >> they were weak. they were just weak. i've said it before and john meacham, you know the bushes very well. you've been around them. i said it from the very beginning. jeb couldn't go after trump. i said from the very beginning for all my critiques of george w. bush while he was president of the united states, he would have cut him into ribbons in the first five minutes of a
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political debate. just like he reduced al gore to liquid by turning and staring at him when gore lurched across the stage like a dork and got into his face. there were just no george w. bush types out there that could stare this guy down and just mock him ruthlessly. >> yeah. i think you're right. i think bush 43 is the one republican who could have gotten under trump's skin effectively and made the case, made the case out there. one thing i have a question for you about is, i mean, my sense of where republicans are right now is they've sold their soul, but the check is bouncing. >> yes. >> and do they have that sense? do they know? the sense that trump is going to lose and everybody is going to forget about this by christmas and they're just going to -- it's a new day in eden.
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what is it -- paul ryan is a constitutional officer. he's third in line to the presidency of the united states. he's not just the highest ranking republican. he's third in line. i mean, what is his calculus? what is the calculus of those? are they just expecting that trump loses and then closes his twitter account and he goes away? >> i guess they're just creatures of habit. if the nominee wins the nomination you just follow him. but the thing is, they've made the ransom payment. they've given him the endorsement and he just keeps asking for more every single day. and the cost keeps going up every single day. that's why i'm shocked that some leader hasn't stepped up and stepped out on the national stage in washington or governor saying, no. enough. i'm not paying ransom any more. i'm not being held hostage by this person any more. i'm going to cross him.
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>> mr. meacham up in maine this morning in ken bunkpeort a man who put his own ambitions ahead of the party a couple of times. what is he thinking, do you think? >> that he got some things wrong. he got some things right. but he always tried to put the country first. that the basic consensus that he represented, that he fought for as a 20-year-old in the united states navy that he fought for through the years in texas politics and becoming president and ending the cold war. that that's all broken up. it's a world he really doesn't recognize. he's hopeful. he always believes that there is a brighter day. but he has a very hard time i think right now seeing how we
4:18 am
get there. >>. you want to understand where the republican party is at and why they're not following your advice, that man's grandson just endorsed donald trump. and urged people to vote for donald trump because he wants to be governor of texas. and right now the republican base -- >> does he want to be governor of texas or run against, does he want to run against ted cruz? >> i think he wants to be governor. he has an electoral future in the republican party and today if you plan to face voters in a primary or even in a general election certain district rve, rational choice. >> if this becomes donald trump's party, ceases to exist. it withers and dies. 40% tops in any general election nationwide. and george w. bush's grim prediction that he might be the
4:19 am
republican president of the united states becomes true. >> i told you koppco a couple m ago that this is now donald trump's party and you have to own it and i stand by it. he is not going to go away. the party is not going to stop dividing after this election. i would like to unpack what general hayden said. what people hear matters. let's talk about the people who are hearing this. people who are very disconnected and very angry and feel like their country are falling apart and who are desperate. what they're hearing and looking to the leaders for cues. what they're hearing from donald trump is take up arms. that's a very dangerous thing and the head of your party now that is saying it. >> button that up, here is a tweet that everybody should read and people defending donald trump should read. >> our politics follow suit. when they affirm violence, we should fear that violence should follow. that was from gabby giffords yesterday. >> thank you. that's exactly who i was thinking about when i heard
4:20 am
this. ron, thank you so much. >> ron, by the way, congratulations, ron. congratulations on going home. >> going home. >> going to see that grandson. >> steve, stay with us. still ahead on "morning joe" chris shays joins us to talk about the state of his party. jennifer gramholm joins us, as well. you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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>> john mccain has pledged to support donald trump over 50 times. >> i would support the nominee of the party. >> i vote for the republican nominee. >> trump even tweeted senator john mccain should be defeated in the primaries. graduated last in his class in annapolis. >> hello, i said i support the nominee. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> support the nominee of the party. if i change my mind, i'll let
4:24 am
you know. >> the only thing that changed was john mccain. >> exclusive first look at a new ad out this morning from representative ann kirkpatrick. launching a tight with senator john mccain. joining us now, former congressman chris shays and jennifer granholm. the best convention speaker on the face of the earth. congressman, we'll start with you. an announcement this morning about who you were voting for. >> first, can i clarify something. did you kick joe out? >> no, we're good. he's actually on a conference call. but let's say he's in the penalty box. i like that. >> congressman shays, congressman -- >> he was my first choice and second choice and third choice. >> joe's, too. >> hillary is my next choice. donald trump lost me a long time ago.
4:25 am
he does everything and does everything that my mom and dad said and taught me not to do. frankly, he's dangerous. >> dangerous how? specifically if he became president, what concerns you most? >> first, let me count the ways. first off, words matter as we find out. if someone doesn't like him, they're bad. >> right. >> so, a good governor from new mexico, she didn't support him and so she's a bad governor. she's a good governor. so, when a leader criticized him, what is he going to do. >> you're taking this position, which we actually, at this point, wonder why there aren't more republican leaders serving right now. what should paul ryan do at this point. >> i want a little more sympathy for paul. mika, trust me. you are a smart person. the word is empathy and you have to understand what that person is involved in. he's representing all of the
4:26 am
members running around the country. and they're saying to him, if you oppose donald trump, i'm going to lose the next election. don't put me in that position. >> chris, you are a smart person. >> i am. >> i cannot have sympathy for someone who is endorsing a candidate who said what he said yesterday. come on. what more does he need to say, chris shays? >> you made a point. but you were making this point a long time ago. i watch your program. i love you. i call it the mika show. >> oh, come on. i do have sympathy for paul ryan. but, i'm soraersorry, i expect . i know joe is right. it's not good coming from me. it comes from him, too. it comes from you. republicans. >> i have friends up for office and they say if you don't support donald trump, you're hurting us because we have to answer the question. i'm going one step further. i am hurting them, but, you know, there is a time when you put your country first. >> joe is recommending, though, that the republicans essentially
4:27 am
dump trump. what is the next step for that? former senator humfry said that the republican party should actually intervene to get him off and replace him. would you be supportive of something like that? >> yeah. >> what i like about hillary is that she's going to work with republicans and all americans. she understands foreign leaders. she understands the white house, she understands congress. she's tough, she's smart. i think she'll be a good -- >> you said words matter and a new trove of e-mails obtained by watchdog group on links between the state department and hillary clinton family foundation as her time as secretary of state. obtained 296 pages of records some show clinton foundation donors tempting to exploit contacts. one e-mail exchange "an
4:28 am
executive at the clinton foundation in 2009 sought to put a billionaire donor in touch with the u.s. ambassador of lebanon because of the donors' interests there." in another encouraged high-ranking state department aides to help a clinton associate. the clinton campaign said the e-mails and questions don't involve the secretary nor do they relate to the foundations' work. come on, i mean you've read the article in "new york times" this morning. these questions remain because the answers were not satisfying and they don't feel like they're truthful. >> i mean, first of all, the judicial watch was complaining that these e-mails had not been released before when these were not her e-mails. >> her staff doing work on behalf of her. >> on people underneath her. >> does that make it better or worse? >> she signed an ethics agreement and this shows, i mean, doug band had a personal role as a personal, someone with
4:29 am
the president. a personal employee of the president and the role with the foundation. so, obviously a blurring of lines between those two roles. but, there was nothing in those e-mails that suggested that the state department took some sort of formal action on behalf of some of a business person other than perhaps to make an introduction to two people. there was nothing, there was no action that the state department took or anything like that. an innocuous inquiry. >> you think this is just a coinciden coincidence? >> i don't think it's a coincidence that the judicial watch is unrolling all of this stuff at this particular time because they would prefer us be talking about this. >> this would be the big story of the day if donald trump hadn't literally -- >> the big story and level of political malpractice and the trump, you call it a campaign but it's not a campaign.
4:30 am
normally this would be the story of the day for any campaign opposing hillary clinton. it's not going to be. >> it's not. >> the people who support trump, the challenge they're going to have and a challenge when i supported sarah paline and every day the story gets worse and rudy's comments. you think of chris christie. they're going down. >> it's tough. it's not that this is not a surprise. over the period of time when during the primary at the rallies where he had been encouraging violence and applauding violence that had been happening. i mean, the fact that he's been saying these kind of things all along is, shouldn't be surprising us. what happened yesterday was it just shows he simply has no filter. and i think that general hayden yesterday had the best comment about it which was, not only are you responsible for your words, but you're responsible for how people interpret your words when you're in this position of
4:31 am
importantance. >> do you think john mccain think donald trump would be a good president? >> no. i don't think they'll think he'll be a good president. >> in washington, it makes sense that paul ryan pull his caucus together. but they view it as you clearly don't like this guy and you don't think he will be a good president and stick your neck out and endorse him and stick your neck out. >> i think they the support of. there's a difference. i'm not trying to be cute about it. i heard him say he'll be a great president. >> they are supporting him. they endorsed him. >> it's easy. >> you know, i'm just trying to make sure you see the distinction. i answered honestly. i don't think they would make a good president. i don't think they said he'd be a good president. in this business that we're in, you know, you don't say cnbc is better than nbc. even if they were, you wouldn't say it. >> did you hear gabby giffords'
4:32 am
tweet? >> no. >> do you remember what happened there? this is where we're at. he's saying those things. >> let me tell you what scares me. i'm scared for the life of the president. i'm scared for hillary clinton. i'm scared even for donald trump. >> you can't be scared for paul ryan's re-election when we're talking about these things. >> there is a war out there and people are playing into it. i think there is going to be a point where paul simply has to say, you know, enough is enough. >> what about these vulnerable senators like ron johnson and kelly ayotte. >> good senators. >> yes. >> could they not put their foot down and say, this is not who i want to be serving. >> that is a decision they have to be making with their constituents but good people who support donald trump. there are good people. >> we get that. >> isn't it one of the tragedies. one of the tragedies. true tragedies of the business that you're both involved in. politics running for office in the course of the last 20 years,
4:33 am
what you said a few moments ago. the country is more important than the party. just receded in terms of a priority. very few republicans are saying what you're saying. that the country is more important than the party. >> that's true. some people think the status quo is so bad that they want to change. >> yeah. i get that. i think we all get that. but, still, words are weapons. >> former congressman chris shays, thank you for coming on this morning. that was nice. >> he's going back to connecticut. >> he's out of here. >> jennifer granholm, thank you, as well. >> you bet. the always outspoken congressman peter king joins us. you're watching "morning joe." we're back in a moment. excuse me...i think there's a misprint. oh. model year end clarence event. looks right to me. shouldn't it be clear- clearly... it is time to get a great deal and a reward card on this turbocharged jetta.
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roughly the same time conled trump made his controversial remarks in wilmington mike pence
4:41 am
was on a stump in pennsylvania where he said this. >> donald trump just gets it. you know what i'm saying? when he does his talking he doesn't go tip toeing around the thousand of rules of political correctness that the establishment places in the way. >> so, that was before he knew about what donald trump had said in north carolina. once pence stepped off the stage a reporter read trump's comments to pence. trump was very clear in that he was talking about the elections importance to the constitution. >> electing donald trump as the next president of the united states will ensure that we'll have a president and that we'll make appointments to the supreme court that will uphold all the liberties in our constitution including the second amendment. >> you don't believe he was inferring any violence relating to hillary clinton? >> of course not. donald trump is urging people around this country to act in a manner and people who cherish the second amendment have a very
4:42 am
clear. >> peter king of new york. he chairs the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. congressman king, always good to see you, sir. let me put the question to you. what did you hear yesterday when you heard donald trump make that comment about hillary clinton in north carolina? >> at best it was complex. he shouldn't have said it. i understand where you're coming from and i think you should just say, listen, i did not mean that and it came out the wrong one. i think it suggested he was actually encouraging people to assassinate hillary clinton and the presidential candidate should not make. having said that, let me put this in some context. i thought the democratic events we're talking about looking into the eyes of your children. we have had cops assassinated in dallas, baton rouge, new york and, yet, hillary clinton having black lives people matter michael brown was a criminal who
4:43 am
tried to kill a cop. just think in the aftermath of cops being assassinated to have organizations on there which encourage the killing of cops which they've done to me is absolutely disgraceful. i'm serious about that. >> let me go back to the central question. if donald trump was not suggesting assassination, what was he saying in that comment? >> he shouldn't have said it. i don't think he fully appreciated what he was saying. again, that was a mistake in comment. that was not a plan like the democrats and hillary clinton did in having anti-police people on the stage. >> what do you mean by an over the shoulder comment? what was he referring to when he said that? >> i don't even know. i don't know if donald trump does. i have known guys like this. i'm willing to accept what he said and he met the second amendment people. but, again, do you really think he was urging people to kill
4:44 am
hillary clinton? i think it was a dumb remark. as simple as that. to suggest that is, i think you're reading far too much into it. are you saying he was negligent in saying it? absolutely. he should take it back. but that is different. i go back to this, again. when cops are being killed and the democratic party -- >> hold on, let's play the clip right now. we'll play the clip and -- >> you could play it as long as you want to do. i heard it. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> he says if she gets elected president and starts appointing liberal justices, there is nothing you can do about it.
4:45 am
they said, well, the second amendment people can do something about it. that's about as clear as -- who was it who was talking about second amendment solutions. >> sharon angle. >> come on, you're not -- >> joe, you had me on your show. >> i'm just asking you. >> you invited me on your show and hillary clinton -- i know you are, joe. yeah, but you had me on the show and i'm telling you that you ignored my point. mika brzezinski wants to look into the eyes of her children. my father was a cop. i have to look in the eyes of nigh grandchildren. >> you're deflecting. you're taking something -- >> i'm saying what he said was wrong. but you cannot say that he intentionally wanted to have people kill hillary clinton. that's ridiculous. >> i'm saying this guy is not fit to be president. he proved it time and time again. i can tell you this, peter. unequivocally he will prove it
4:46 am
to you again tomorrow and next week and prove it again to you all the way down the line. >> i've been on your show criticizing donald trump more than you have. i'm saying -- it's more unfit to have the president of the united states who has given any kind of support at all to those who support cop killers. that's what i'm saying. that's what hillary clinton did with michael brown. >> by the way, you haven't been criticizing trump more than mika has. go ahead. >> there's a point -- >> i was supporting him when joe and mika were defending him. >> oh, come on. >> here we go. here we go. now we need to take it back. hold on, sam. >> when we go back maybe nine, ten months ago with the muslim ban. i don't think i heard you talking about the muslim ban. >> i would not -- >> the second he did it. i said, is this what germany looked like in 1933? i said, is this what --
4:47 am
>> i also opposed that. >> been very clear from the very beginning and, yeah, we had him on the show and we said he was likely to win the nomination. we were right for that. i said from the beginning after jeb bush dropped out i supported john kasich and i also said i could never vote for donald trump. i also said i could never vote for donald trump from the very beginning. please don't res have history. go, ahead, sam. >> you certainly made donald trump to be a plausible candidate. >> what i said was, he could win the republican nomination when we had elites coming on here saying there was no way he was going to win the republican nomination -- >> and americans -- >> i know people who vote in the republican primaries and i knew he had a chance. people who had their head in the sand for way too long and because their heads were in the sand and they didn't understand what was coming -- >> they called us supporters. just like he called david
4:48 am
axelrod a supporter. sam. >> hi. there is, congressman, i'm curious about your reaction to this. a veterans affair adviser to donald trump who you probably are aware of, new hampshire representative. he did say that he believed hillary clinton should face a firing squad for her use of a private e-mail server. still has a spot on the campaign as veteran affairs adviser. there is no quibbling about what he meant when he said those things. if your standard is correct about black lives matter, about trump's comments yesterday. do you think that he should have a job as a veterans affair adviser on the trump campaign? >> i wouldn't have him. again, i've been very critical of the elements of the trump campaign. i am saying you are carrying this a step too far. >> what do you think it suggests that people who are advising donald trump have in fact
4:49 am
hillary clinton to call the firing squad. pushed forward by the trump campaign by having him as an adviser and by the suggestive comment that the candidate himself made yesterday. are you troubled by it? >> let me ask you, the candidate, the candidate himself hillary clinton visits michael brown's mother who attempted to kill a cop and even the obama justice department said the cop did the right thing. why didn't she go to the cop and thank him for his service. mika, you keep passing this off. my father was a cop, i know what it's like. you just ignore it. you ignore the fact that night at the convention was a disgrace. >> that's great. peter, you want to come on the show and talk about that night at the democratic convention, we can do a segment on it. we are talking about comments that at the very least joked about assassination. you want to put it into context, let me ask you a question. after what happened yesterday and all the the other things we
4:50 am
listed time and time again as we watched this candidate like a train wreck on fire, do you think donald trump is fit to be president temperamentally? do you think he could temperame? do you think he can do it? >> i supported bill clinton against impeachment. i am not an enemy of hillary clinton. i consider her a friend. donald trump in this time and place would be a better commander in chief because of his views on the supreme court and the military, yes. >> do you think he has the temperament to be commander in chief? >> he'd be better qualified than hillary clinton? >> do you think he has the temperament to be commander in chief? >> yes, i do. >> we can do the whole night at the convention segment. >> okay. >> by the way, i'm wearing shoes this morning and i'm not stepping out of the tent from
4:51 am
the tent revival. peter, thank you for being with us. we appreciate your spirited defense of donald trump. willie geist is going to explain what just happened. >> i'm still processing what just happened. um -- the congressman has left us, but if he says donald trump has the right temperament, i wonder what the congressman thinks about the 50 national security experts who came out yesterday and suggested just the opposite. i wonder if he disagrees with their assessments, people who have been at the right hand of commanders in chief during the most difficult times in the country. >> and by the way, steve, peter king has often broken from his own party and so he is not a guy who blindly follows republican orthodoxy, which i find -- well, he also does on long island. he lives in the epicenter. i guess we need to explain this
4:52 am
to the viewers too. i'm not suggesting that peter king does not believe everything he says, but if you want to find a district that's the epicenter of donald trump support in the united states, i suppose the numbers would show you that congressman king's district is that epicenter. >> yeah. it's interesting. i caught your reference at the end when you mentioned the sandals and the tent meeting. that was one of peter king's speeches in the '90s. >> our friendship started when i was going after newt gingrich. he said, yeah, scarborough just walked barefoot out of a tent revival. >> donald trump, he's talking about the black lives matter, the cop issues there. he was trying to inject here. that's something that has resonance with a certain type of voter in his district.
4:53 am
that's something that trump is connected with. you see it with rudy rudy giuli too. there's a certain kind of blue collar republican that does gravitate towards trump. >> long island republicans, that's the epicenter of his support. i do want to say point of personal privilege -- and i'm not talking about peter here -- but there are a lot of stupid people in political circles who have watched this show and who have seen us predicting donald trump's success suggesting that that somehow means that we supported him and enabled him from the very beginning. no. all we said, before almost anyone else did, was that the guy was going to win the republican nomination. i couldn't vote for this guy. also said after the muslim ban came out, we tore him to shreds. that was back in november.
4:54 am
i've said that so many times, could never vote for a guy who did that. >> you hung up on him on the air and also revealed some very prescient statements about vladimir putin. >> it's kind of like if john madden said that a team he was going to hate was going to win the super bowl. i talked to gary danielson. he said before that when he analyzes, sometimes people get confused and think he's actually rooting for or against a college team. >> i get asked that question all the time too about this show and donald trump. we were talking about and explaining last year when people would come on the set, people who live in new york and washington and roll their eyes and laugh at donald trump, say,
4:55 am
this is going to be over in the summer. and i think you saw something that a lot of those people didn't see. it wasn't advocacy. it was explanation and analysis. >> he thanked david axelrod for his support, donald trump did. again, a confusion between understanding what was going to happen. >> all right. we will be right back. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
4:57 am
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up next, republican nominee donald trump has said a lot of
4:59 am
things over the course of the campaign, but his latest off the cuff comment about hillary clinton and the second amendment are his only remarks to get a response from the u.s. secret service. we have much more ahead on the vast reaction to this remilitary action fr-- remarks. we're back in just a minute. which i can use all over the world. like here. and here. and here. thanks, captain obvious. and with this green screen i can make it seem like i'm all over the world. even though i'm right here. here you are. i know. i just said that. i'm way overdressed. so simple it's the obvious choice. woo! what makes wendy's baconator different? while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different,
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5:03 am
pick her judges -- that means if she gets to pick judges, she's all right the president of the united states. >> you're treating mr. trump's words like he's the most articulate person who's ever graced our ears with his words. that's not true. he is not a politician. he's not a person like you who's very articulate, very well spoken. he's a business person that's running for president. i don't think the way he said that and the sequence of his statements -- i'm not going to judge him on that because i don't think that's what he meant and he can be inarticulate at times. let's say he was an english professor with a phd in grammar, i think we could go through it this way and dissect what he said literally based off the sequence that he said it. but i'm not doing that mr. trump, because you can't do that with mr. trump, right? he's a business person and he misspeaks a lot because he doesn't speak for a living. >> so that's the excuse? he misspeaks a lot.
5:04 am
what more needs to be said? hello. congressman duncan there trying his best to explain away the comment from donald trump. we have mike barnacle, managed editor of bloomberg politics and cohost of all due respect mark halperin. and in nashville, tennessee, pulitzer prize winning historian john meechum. i'm wondering how inarticulate do we need to be to try and understand the twists and turns that some people are making to explain this gaffe. had this been the only gaffe, maybe. but here's my question to republican leaders who still endorse trump -- and we'll show it to you again and let you all decide. but here's my question, what more does he need to say? what more does he need to do? >> let's show it again.
5:05 am
>> i don't understand. what more does he need to say to prove that he is not fit to be your nominee? on the campaign trail yesterday, deep division over what donald trump said and what he meant while talking about the second amendment. listen for yourself. >> hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> phd -- i don't know what a phd in grammar is, you know, but if you could have a phd in grammar, you know, i would have gotten that. you don't need one of thoseo just realize that this is once
5:06 am
again donald trump saying something so completely out of bounds and this time to dangerous that the secret service had to even let americans know they are aware of the comment. >> first time ever. >> we have the reaction. let's go around the table first. tons of reaction from washington and around the country. >> willie geist, just as i was insulted when hillary clinton and hillary clinton's people tried to tell me what was the truth when i knew they were lying after the u.n. press conference, i was so insulted last night by people trying to tell me what i didn't hear. so insulted. actually how stupid do they think we are? how stupid do they think we are? >> i was watching this live and i was actually writing something at the time and it caught my ear to the point that i stopped and rewound the dvr and said, did he say what i think he said? i couldn't believe he said it.
5:07 am
he did. you don't need a phd in grammar, you need a phd in logic. he said, if she gets to pick the judges -- >> after she was elected. >> that means she's already president. so the explanation and the defense that this was about second amendment and gun rights advocates gathering together if she was elected to pick judges doesn't hold up. >> it's stupid. >> in continuation of his constant reference to a rigged election, trying to delegitimize the election process, his comment about the second amendment yesterday in a company that is awash in weapons, in guns, in a gun that is filled to a certain extent with a lot of anger over what's happened in the last 10 or 15 years, donald trump's candidacy, his can ddidy
5:08 am
is now toxic to democracy. >> mark halperin, you said essentially media and cable commentators should think twice and then think again. and you also had said earlier in the day that you -- obviously the secret service, you didn't know whether they were going to act on it, but you were sure they were absolutely livid about this threat. >> even if you wanted to give their explanation the benefit of the doubt, which is hard to do, you can't say things like that and then not come back and not be defiant but apologetic without letting this drag on. he wants to talk about the economy today. >> nobody's talking about anything but the fact that he's suggesting to his supporters that they assassinate his opponent. >> let's just leave it and talk around it. >> his supporters can fight back
5:09 am
and say this isn't what he meant. but you cannot say something like that, have people interpret it like that. >> disqualifying. he crossed a rube cicon yesterd. i was watching it. i was like the guy in the back who turned to his wife and said, oh my god, did you hear that? >> yeah. >> it's very clear, common sense what he meant. the key phrase there is i don't know, you know, so it's an attempt -- he was almost walking it back as he said it. historically you just cannot have a president of the united states or a candidate for president who talks this way. >> and he's doing two things here. can you explain what he's doing in that he's putting a
5:10 am
suggestion out there to the most unhinged and putting a dog whistle out there, you know, people in the south, people during dark difficult times would do the same thing. it's a dog whistle. then he pulls it back for polite society, i was just joking. >> it's orwellian really. it doesn't track. you don't need a phd in grammar or lodgegiclogic. you just need basic common sense. it's dangerous. mike used a great word, toxic. there are three elements history tells us presidents need to have in their temperament. one's a sense of proportion.
5:11 am
one's a sense of humility and ability to learn from mistakes. and the third is a sense of dignity because you do represent the state in your person. on all three scores, donald trump falls woefully short. >> the word that's been thrown around about trump has been fascist. the key element in fascism was a call to violence. this is the suggestion that if she's elected president of the united states, the one thing that, quote, second amendment people -- which is an insult to the millions and millions of people that fight to defend the second amendment, is to kill her or to kill judges. that -- he crossed a lot of rubicons yesterday. >> he crossed the line to
5:12 am
disqualify him. the reaction was swift. he not only implied assassination, he implied that second amid teammate supporters are all potential asas anyosasa. he is now hurting the cause of defense and the second amendment. conservative writer wes lewis posted hr c is an awful presidential candidate. she is not, however, a free pass for trump to act ballistically unhinged. and has the secret service ever arrested a protectee? as we mentioned, the secret service tweeted they were aware of trump's comments. and michael hayden saying trump would put the country at risk had this to say. >> someone else had said that outside the hall, he'd be in the back of a police wagon now with
5:13 am
the secret service questioning him. i used to tell my seniors at the cia, you get to a certain point in this busess you're not just responsible for what you saw, you're responsible for what people hear. that might be a good lesson here. >> the trump campaign responded to the backlash with a statement titled on dishonest media. quote, it's called the power of unification. second amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified which gives them great political power and this year they will be voting in record numbers and it won't be for hillary clinton. it will be for donald trump. trump retweeted support from the nra. they posted donald trump is right, if hillary clinton gets to pick her anti-seconds amendment supreme court judges, there's nothing we can do. >> hold on. he said there was something they could do. the nra just set them up. because donald trump did say there's nothing you can do. and then he goes, oh, wait a
5:14 am
second, there is something maybe the second amendment people can do after she gets elected. >> i don't know whether donald trump realizes the power of his own words or not. i don't know what's in his mind. but the power of words here coming from a presidential candidate -- >> with a rabid following. >> with an intensely rabid following. >> where he can say whatever he wants to say, something completely different the next day, something completely different the next day and they follow him wherever he goes. he said, i could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue. when those words suggest the possible assassination of his political opponent, if she were to be elected, then those words have consequences. >> and yesterday's performance will have consequences. it already has consequences. but it gets to something that
5:15 am
jim rootenburg wrote about on monday. it's a question for the media. and it's a question of whether do we legitimize donald trump's performances -- and they are performances -- by trying to be objective about it, by bending over backwards about what he said yesterday? i don't think you can be objective about it. >> you can't. >> but the role of the media in this is i think going to come under increasing surveillance. how are we covering this? what he said yesterday was so out of bounds, so beyond the pale. >> here's the problem, you have trump defenders bending over backwards trying to explain away his remark. ann coulter tweeted i just woke
5:16 am
up from a nap. the media is trying to get trump assassinated by incessantly calling him hitler. excuse me? and shortly after winning his primary last night republican house speaker paul ryan dwgave trump the benefit of the doubt. >> i've been a little busy today. i heard about this second amendment quote. it sounds like a joke gone bad. i didn't actually hear the comments. i only heard about those comments. >> is that really what you're going to say? you didn't hear it therefore you didn't know? paul ryan, enough. what more does he need to do? >> if you're the highest ranking republican in america and you have heard that the republican nominee may have threatened or suggested that his political rival is assassinated, especially with the environment that we're in in 2016, you
5:17 am
actually make it your business to look at the 20-second youtube clip. first of all, i don't believe him. i'm sure he saw it. how busy -- i've been in races where you win 80%. you're not that busy. >> no. >> i want a prima won a primary. i'm not too busy. did you hear theub republican nominee just threaten -- you would stop and watch it. >> it's heartbreaking to watch. >> it is. it is very sad to watch that. this is a whole new level and i hope that paul ryan, when he gets his wits about him this morning will actually do the right thing. this is unspeakable. >> the most charitable explanation you can take out of what donald trump said is he was talking about defenders in congress of the second amendment standing in the way of the
5:18 am
nomination. that's not what donald trump said. that's the charitable look at it. but the statement the campaign put out was not reflective of what donald trump said. they were defending something that was not what he said. he went on and said something else. they were talking about second amendment people uniteding iune to stop hillary clinton from becoming president. >> he was talking about hillary clinton and gun control essentially which is something that has been talked about a lot on the campaign trail. hillary clinton is a gun grabber and everybody knows if she's in a position to appoint supreme court justices she will do everything she can to remove the second amendment. trump was pointing that out. >> it's not about november. it's after november. >> that's actually not what he was talking about. just before that he was saying what could happen. he doesn't want that to happen.
5:19 am
>> so the clinton people -- this is how corrupt they are, from their days back in arkansas they were corrupt. this is how corrupt they are. they spin out that what he meant by that was, that it was a joke and that what he meant by that was that they would kill her. now, okay. now, to buy that you have to be corrupt. because if you said to tme, i would say to you, are you out of your mind? >> i've been very critical of donald trump, but i actually don't think that's what he was saying. i think he was suggesting that the second amendment advocates across the country might be able to come together to pressure the senate to reject her nominees should she become president. that's how i interpreted it.
5:20 am
but it is an example of donald trump's looseness with language that could lead to interpretations such as ones put out by secretary clinton's campaign. >> second amendment solutions. it was painful watching rudy giuliani, a guy that i've respected for a long time, do that routine. >> the worst was paul ryan. >> just shocking. >> shocking. >> is paul ryan going to burn up every last ounce of his reputation and credibility that he's built over 20 years for a lifelong liberal manhattan democrat? >> please, paul ryan, go home and spend more time with your family, okay? because you need to be grounded. >> ryan now has won his primary. and like every republican, he has said donald trump doesn't have a blank check. you cannot say something like that and then be defiant even if
5:21 am
you want to credit their after the fact explanation, you cannot responsibly ignore what people are feeling about what he said. he is a protectee. he has had threats on his life. donald trump should understand that you cannot say something like that and expect people to just move on the you're defiant. >> he can't stop. this is proven again and again and again and again. he can't stop himself. >> could i ask john meechum down there in tennessee. you're not in manhattan. so this has had a chance to wash over you and people you know for nearly a day now. has there ever been anything even close to this in history? >> no. i mean, what you get to is, you know -- and this is a terrible analogy to bring up, but you do get to the ferocity of what was
5:22 am
going on in texas in 2003 and 2002. there was an enormous amount of hate. president kennedy said when he went into texas, we're heading into nut country today. so there is a sense that there's a more fervent atmosphere than it needs to be. what's interesting is there's a slight disconnect. we saw this at the convention with trump. his rhetoric does not necessarily resonate with folks who -- i think a lot of people are in a place where they're actually more positive about the country than trump's rhetoric is. what happened when i saw this yesterday,when my 14-year-old son saw it, was can you really talk like that? and the answer is no, you can't. >> still ahead on "morning joe,"
5:23 am
history has its eyes on donald trump. we'll hear from one of his top supporters on where trump should fit in with previous 44 pt 4 presidents. and in just a bit martin o'malley visits the set and finds community policing in his hometown of baltimore is racially biassed. >> umbrellas needed in many areas today. a lot of wet weather on this wednesday. northern minnesota has dealt with thunderstorms all morning. and how about the humidity increase overnight in the north? you woke up this morning, opened the door and you could feel it in the air. oppressive humidity from d.c. all the way up to southern new england. we are in a drought in much of the northeast. we need this rain. it's had a good soaking across new york state and pennsylvania. even new york city will get a little dose of rain early today. heavy rain down along the gulf will spread inland over the next seven days.
5:24 am
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to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ ♪ does he have the mental fitness, the kind of psychological suitability to the office of the presidency? >> um, my answer will be sure. >> sure? >> sure. i mean, he is at least as reliable as andrew jackson, who was one of the most decisive presidents in american history. >> sure. >> that took a while.
5:28 am
that was newt gingrich talking about donald trump yesterday. and he was doing that on the "new york times" podcast. the runup which has just started. so john meechum you got a pulitzer prize for your work on andrew jackson. what say you, sir, about this most interesting podcast, complete with a very pregnant pause? >> first thing, i think, is don't list newt as a reference. i think is the first thing i would say. the second thing -- and i think this goes to the jackson point and to what happened yesterday. the thing about andrew jackson which people forget is he understood that he had the vices of his virtues. he understood his own weaknesses. he knew how to manage people who thought that he was temperamentally out of whack. but he was able to compensate
5:29 am
for that and use that. what trump has shown is that he's able to create chaos, but not compensate for it. and i think that the temperamental gap here, the missing piece is that he's shown no capacity to learn from his own mistakes. he's shown very little capacity to admit them. that's a key point for presidents, whether it's andrew jackson or john kennedy learning from the bay of pigs to the cuban missile crisis. or endless examples. if you can't learn from your mistakes, you're not going to be a good president. >> willie, we've actually seen him get worse. he's gotten so much worse over the past three to four months. yesterday, one more fabled attempt to make the turn, to read from a teleprompter. we were commenting he had not blown himself up in 48 hours.
5:30 am
it's almost as if the guy cannot stand for people not to be talking about him 24 hours aday. here we are. guess what? if you threaten or suggest the assassination of your political opponent, people will talk about you. >> everyone including members of the press have to stop falling into the trap of he made a speech about the economy, he read off the teleprompter and thinking this is a new day. we know who trump is. there are a lot of people who voted for him. but this is who he is, there's no pivot. >> this is why it's not about him anymore. he's not going to change. >> he's a known commodity. >> so republican leaders, it's about them. coming up on "morning joe," hillary clinton finally got her win in iowa in the primaries. is she poised to do it again in the general election? kristin welker joins us live as new polling shows clinton winning in iowa and winning big with women. marie believes that her chicken pot pie
5:31 am
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5:32 am
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] and as of now, i'd have to say no. you made with your airline credit card.these purchases hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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5:34 am
her temperament, a word she uses all the time, is terrible. it's a loser's temperament. she's got the temperament of a loser. i have the temperament of a winner and we have to win again. >> temperament. >> donald trump talking about hillary clinton last night. clinton is back on the trail in iowa today for the first time
5:35 am
since her narrow win in february's caucuses. a new poll shows her with a slight lead over donald trump in that state, 41-37. joining us is kristin welker. what's the clinton campaign strategy when it comes to the swing states, specifically the one you're standing in? >> reporter: their strategy is to reach out to working class voters, those voters who could make all the difference in these critical swing states, particularly here in iowa. she's going to be here touring a small business later today and speaking here at this school. they are also eyeing some new polls in some other big battleground states. in ohio secretary clinton has opened up a lead 49-45% according to the latest quinnipiac poll. in our latest polling, 43-38%. in florida it gets much tighter. i think we're going to be spending a lot of time in florida. she does have a lead but it's within the margin of error
5:36 am
46-45%. she's opened up a much bigger lead in the quinnipiac poll, 42-37%. tim kaine was talking about they're even eyeing that state as they look to expand the voters who are interested this them. take a look to what he sad to say about that and also he weighed in on the second amendment comments. >> we are serious about texas. we are very serious about texas because we know the kind of work that you can do. i really, frankly, couldn't believe he said it. so i went to watch the shrvideo it and found that he had said it the way it was printed. it just revealed a complete temperamental misfit with the character that's required to do the job. >> reporter: now, this comes as
5:37 am
the clinton campaign also beefing up its ground game in traditionally republican states like arizona and and today the campaign announcing a new branch aimed at rallying support. and we also anticipate a number of other names to come out today. >> another story a lot of people talking about this morning, the clinton campaign reacting to the n new trove of e-mails. judicial watch obtained 296 pages of records, some of which show clinton foundation donors attempting to exploit contacts at the clinton-run state department. >> reporter: well some of the e-mails certainly do raise some questions. in 2009 for example, you have one of the top aides at the
5:38 am
clinton foundation trying to put one of their big donors in touch with an ambassador, reaching out to a state department official to do so. the clinton campaign's push back is, look, these e-mails don't involve secretary clinton. we're seeing one of her top aides. and they point to the fact that he was acting in the capacity of really representing former president bill clinton, not the foundation itself. but this just underscores the fact that this problem is ongoing. it is persistent not only in terms of these potential conflicts between the state department and the clinton foundation but just the broader question of what is in some of these e-mails that we haven't seen. so you can expect republicans to pounce. but the clinton campaign pushing back forcefully saying look there's nothing to see here.
5:39 am
>> hard to believe it's been six months since we were all there together in des moines for those caucuses. >> it's a lot warmer here. >> looks better than it did then. >> i want to go back to java joe's in the summer. >> that would be nice. >> send me a postcard. >> we love it. the thing is first of all, texas. why are they serious about texas? come on. >> not this time. >> four, eight years from now, maybe so. tim kaine was talking about a complete temperamental misfit. i think i found a good comparison for trump. like keith oberman. one night he would say nazi war
5:40 am
criminals. and then republicans legalize rape. then he got to the point in the 2008 campaign, every time a state would vote for hillary clinton, he'd cal them racist. westirginia goes for hillary clinton. and then they're racist. and you just never knew when the head was going to explode off the shoulders. >> is that why you watched? >> that's why a lot of people watched. they want to know if the head was going to explode. he was a cable news host. and that ain't counting for much. >> i like keith. >> he knows baseball. he needs to stick to baseball. >> i want to point out to just completely move away from your point -- >> no, hold on a second. do you think entire states were racist that voted for hillary clinton? tonight, the ghost of jefferson
5:41 am
davis rises over verizon headquarters. sir. >> that's not nice. there's a quote in the times about why this works. they're talking about republican women who are drawn to the temperamental argument. it says -- >> is this about keith oberman? >> people like me who are republicans but reasonable and still have our brains attached, it's hard to see trump as a reasonable republican. this is why the temperamental argument works, it helps cleave off -- i'm going to stop. >> we need a reason to laugh. i think you might have given us one. either that or cry. still ahead this morning, we have a lot to get to. >> a lot to get to. you did very well trying to swat that away.
5:42 am
it's just me. i don't call entire states racist just because they don't vote for the person i'm cheering for. >> okay. still ahead on "morning joe," we have a lot to cover. the father of orlando shooter speaks out in hillary clinton after being spotted at one of her rallies. now the trump campaign is making political hay at his attendance. a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out,
5:43 am
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5:45 am
[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. the clinton campaign is responding after the father of the orlando nightclub shooter was spotted at an event this week. he was seen by affiliate wptv sitting almost directly behind secretary clinton during a rally in florida on monday. the rally was a 3,000 person open door event for the public. this individual was not invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. but the trump campaign zeroed in on mateen yesterday. >> she did not disavow. and if that were me, this would be a headline all over the world
5:46 am
about trump. but she did not, as i understand it, disavow this man. and he's got some pretty harsh views. it's a whole double standard but we're punching through it and i think the people understand. >> after that interview, a spokesperson for the clinton campaign released another statement saying, quote, hillary clinton disagrees with his views and disavows his support. >> okay. joining us now, former democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley joining the table. good to have you. >> what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >> okay. >> yeah. this is a hard time right now. >> it sure is. >> and on both sides there's deep flaws, is it fair to say? >> i think what's fair to say is that there's deep anger and a lot of alienation in our country, both in the democrat party and the republican party and independent. but i think what we've seen lately with donald trump's
5:47 am
thinly veiled threats -- i was listening to part of the program earlier. i never dreamed that during my time in running for president that i would feel compelled to have to call out the fascist appeals of another person running for president of the united states. >> it's heartbreaking. >> the scapegoating of minority groups, the calling people to violence in the course -- >> right. and that actually, that is the one thing that has been missing from this formulation of what is fascism where he has talked at punching people in the face. >> taking care of the protesters. >> right. that's one thing. but fascism calls for the violent over throw of the existing order and that, i believe, is a line that trump crossed yesterday clearly when he said if she gets elected
5:48 am
president of the united states -- well, the second amendment people can take care of her. >> could you have imagined a year ago at this time that people like michael turtof, tom ridge, would be endorsing hillary clinton? >> you know why i think we're here? i really truly believe it's because important people in leadership positions, in publishing and in politics did not think he could win and they underestimated the power and the potential of his candidacy and the power of people who feel victimized, screwed over and left behind. >> let me ask you this. you ran. how would you have tailored your message differently, knowing now what you didn't know then about just the level of disaffection from republicans and democrats?
5:49 am
>> yeah. i think it should be a humbling experience for all of us as americans, just the deep, deep level of the sense that i am not recognized in my struggles, i'm not seen by my own country, my country is not working. in retrospect i probably should have spent a lot more time connecting to the anger, acknowledging the anger. i thought we'd get through a period of in our discernment and decision making where we would leave the anger and fear stage behind and move ahead to prescriptions. >> right. >> during my time on the stage, i don't feel like we've really gotten there, although we might be getting there now. i have a theory in the wake of michael phelps from baltimore and katie ledecky from maryland winning the gold and the women's gymnastics team. >> unbelievable. >> i think the reason donald trump is tanking has a lot to do with the hope, the optimism, the discipline, the diversity that we see in the young men and
5:50 am
women from the united states of america competing on an international stage, winning, embracing one another. >> yeah. >> they're not talking about scapegoating one another. they're about our country. >> let me ask you about the new york times this morning. the justice department will issue a scathing new review of the baltimore police force. that comes later today. accusing that department of racial bias. part of the problem, according to the report, is attributed to the zero tolerance approach baltimore police instituted in the late '90s. that was back when you were mayor. how did it get to this point? and did you see this problem back in the '90s with zero tolerance? >> look, i've read large portions of that reporte. the report looked from the time period of 2010 forward. i wish thatthat'd look at t period before that. you cannot effectively police in the united states of america
5:51 am
without also taking actions to improve the policing of our police, the discipline of our police, the training and the recruitment. those were all things that we did during my time. as you might image in 1999 popular was majority african-american city and i was also white then as i am now. there was not a day that went by when we did not talk about how we would save lives in our poorest neighborhoods, which by the way people were being victimized and dieing in record numbers. at the same time that we improved the diversity of our force, better super vision, raising the pay. >> why has the zero tolerance policy caused such controversy even in the middle of your presidential campaign when you went back, you'd have protesters complaining about that? was it worth it? >> because of freddie gray's tragic death and the unprecedented numbers of police-involved shootings and kill that ings that we're now s
5:52 am
because of technology in our country. >> what's the prescription for this process? either the prosecutor made a horrific mistake in charging all these police officers that could not be convicted or the system is broken on the other end. what's the answer there? >> the answer is larger than that, joe. we have top find a wt to find a improve the discipline and training out of our police. 5% of your force should be dedicated to internal affairs. you should have a civilian review board. these were all things that cities that were successful in reducing crime and building up trust did. in my own time as mayor, we drove down police-involved shootings, in fact, fatal police-involved shootings to three of their four lowest years in modern times. it's not an either/or.
5:53 am
>> i wish we had more time. >> come back. >> back in a moment with more "morning joe." >> when we come back, sam stein's special comments. >> no. we'll be right back. i'm going to give this place a killer review. i don't know, i just always thought maybe my bachelor party would be a little less g-rated. wench! ahhh! ahhh hahaha... oooh! party time! party boy! ok, ok. mm hm, party time. hmm, mmm, mmm... we've been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, so you can see our confusion. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can also communicate digitally. like robots. did you build that robot? that's not a robot, that's my coworker earl. he builds jet engines with his human hands.
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5:59 am
who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets.d have to say no. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great. this week sharpie singles now twenty-five cents. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. oh, that is harsh. that is harsh. he is a mean person. >> it comes from the heart. >> out of time. we have to go. now stop. wrap up the show. >> sam's here. sam has a special comment. go ahead. >> no, i don't. good-bye. >> never mind. stephanie rule picks up the coverage right now. good morning. i am stephanie rule. this morning we have got a firestorm in the world of politics. donald trump's offhanded comments parking outrage. >> hillary wants to


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