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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 14, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. breaking news out of milwaukee where protests turned violent after police shot and killed a man they say was armed with a stolen semi automatic handgun and fleeing a traffic stop. it is not clear if the man had his weapon drawn at the time.
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the officer involved has been placed on administrative duty which is standard practice. after the shooting, angry cloros took to the street and one officer was hit with a brick. and the mayor appealed for calm at an early-morning news conference. >> if you love your son and your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears an get them home. get them home right now. before more damage is done. >> this is a situation where we are asking every resident of this community to do everything they can to help us restore order. >> let's get the latest from our milwaukee reporter ebb recca clauf of wtmj. >> people are waking up to devastation in their neighborhood. this is the city's northwest side. there was looting and violence overnight. you could see some of that happening right here at this bp gas station. this is where the majority of
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the violence happened. three other businesses, including a bank and beauty store and parts store were also hit. but at the gas station here workers were trapped inside while the violence was happening. they could only watch as people through rocks and bricks, trying to break in while the clerk stood behind the bulletproof glass at the cash register. finally someone set fire to the building. they were all trapped inside until an armored police vehicle came in and they were able to get to safety. now there has been escalating racial tensions between the gas station and teens at the park across the street throughout the summer. teens had been clashing with police and some had spilled over into this gas station. a worker at one time drew a gun and fired it into the air and that caused protests afterwards by black lives matter so things have been heating up within this neighborhood. >> the city has watched this particular neighborhood throughout the entire summer be
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a powder keg -- this entire community has set back and witnessed how aukee, wisconsin has become the worst place to live for african-americans in the entire country. >> reporter: this is a historic neighborhood on milwaukee northwest side and people have taken it among themselves to start cleaning up and put a call throughout the city asking people to come over to this side of the city, pick up and clean it up so people could go back to their lives. back to you. >> thank you. wtmj for that update. ? georgia, a fatal shooting of a police officers in eastman outside of atlanta. the officer was responding to a call about a suspicious person and shot and killed after exiting his vehicle. the suspect fled the scene and remains at large. to new york where there are
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still more questions than answers after the leader of a new york city mosque was murdered in brought daylight. he and his associate were shot in the head by a gunman after leaving a mosque in queens and both later died. they held a rally, claiming the killings were an act of hate but authorities say there is no evidence the men were targeted for their faith. tammy leitner is following the latest developments for us now. good to have you with us. are ples closer to tracking down a motive or a suspect. >> as you mentioned, they are not yet calling this a hate crime but it was very bold. it happened in the middle of the day, broad daylight on a busy street. there were witnesses around. witnesses that were able to describe to police what the suspect looked like and they created a sketch based on that. we know the suspect ran up behind the two men and his assistant imam and they are both
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taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead. this happened in ozark park and it has a large community of bangladeshy and they are concerned, even though this is not being called a hate crime, they are concerned that muslims could be targeted after this. >> thank you to tammy leitner. moving on to politics. at this point right now we have an update on some of the news we've been following that but before we get to louisiana, severe flooding continues to plague the gulf coast. some towns have been cut off by the flooding. at least three people have died and more than a thousand have been rescued from floodwaters. gabe gutierrez joins me now with an update on the situation. tell us where it looks like where you are right now. >> good morning. we are here in east baton rouge and we are with good samaritans
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on a boat going to the neighborhood that is flooded out within the past few hours. the residents are saying it was a dramatic scene with this water rushing up throughout the morning. and i'm here to join ma'am -- what is your name. >> and landrieus. >> tell us what happened. >> i woke up and smelled something and my feet were in water. i went down to tarpon and said we are not going to flood and come to the house and i picked them up late last night where my youngest one and the water just keeps rising. i've never seen anything like it. >> and we could look around, this entire neighborhood -- >> this is high ground. >> this is high ground. your family came from denim springs and people not familiar with this area, that is cut off at this point and so is watson. >> absolutely. >> and this is was supposed to be the safe haven, the high ground. >> yes. >> so ayman, as we are going around, we see the homes are in several feet of water.
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while we were trying to get e. the roads and the rivers are rising and more than 1,000 water rescues over the past 24 hours or so and unfortunately three people have within been -- been confirmed dead and the governor has declared a state of emergency and he will give a briefing with latest information but the coast guard are rescuing people using helicopters so this is an unfolding disaster here in louisiana. there are a lot of people here, including this family that was just rescued, that is really just telling incredible stories of survival and there are some places that are difficult to get to. for example, watson, louisiana, and denim springs where people are taking to social media to beg for help. >> i was on social media last night and y'all come to my house and if i have anybody in baton rouge or surrounding areas and need a place to stay, come to my house and they did. >> and look at this neighborhood. >> amazing. back to you. >> i wanted to ask you quickly
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in terms of how far -- the woman that you were just talking to that last night she felt safe. could you give us a sense of how quickly this happened, how quickly did it go from being a safe spot. >> and ma'am. >> was just talking with you about this -- again, this is supposed to be a safe haven, as you look around there is so many feet of water. how quickly does the water rise here. >> we went to bed at about 3:00 in the morning and it was dry. and 3:00 and 7:00 it just -- >> so several hours? >> several hours. that is it. just four at most. >> and again, and ayman, yesterday we were in baker, louisiana, which is not far from here and we could see the water rising quickly yesterday afternoon. but some of the rivers are expected to crest today at record levels. and so that is what we're seeing right now. the rivers -- the rain thankfully has stopped and there was a lot of rain in the baton rouge area but it thankfully stopped. we're seeing the rivers really
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rise and as the water -- we're having issues because we're actually -- we're only in several feet of water but hitting mailboxes here in the front yards of som of the homes, so the water is quickly. the hope is that once it crests and the water could recede, but still as i mentioned, a difficult situation here in louisiana. >> incredible images there. thank you, go gabe, for what is happening there. and trump took to connecticut where he spent much of the rally attacking the news media. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media, that is what i'm running against. >> trump directed his anger at the new york times for yesterday's article titled inside the failing mission to contain trump's tongue. joining me now is hallie
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jackson. good to have you with us. last night we saw trump shift his focus back to the media, away from hillary clinton for a little bit and he talked about, quote, rigged elections this week, but he is using the idea of a rigged media as a strategy against his campaign as well. >> listen, this is a strategy he's been deploying for months. since the primaries and you go back to last fall and you saw donald trump go after the media when he found it appropriate. to some ironic, given that he did suck up the media spotlight particularly during the primaries to the chagrin of other candidates. on the republican side that were in the race at the time. now there is deep dived into what has happened in trump's came and he is cratering in the polls, and in key states that he has to win in order to have a shot in november, you're seeing him turn his -- to steal a headline, turn his tongue on the media at the tongue lashing. he is out this morning on twitter hitting the media for not covering his rally and
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crowds enough. and he said this, the failing new york times which never spoke to me keeps saying that i'm saying to advisers that i will change. trump writing -- false, i am who i am. that is no indicative of where his head has been over the last maybe ten months, right. particularly since he started doing well in the republican primary. it is also something that republicans around his campaign and close to his campaign say, man, this is an issue. trump has said, i'm told, by top advisers in the campaign, that he knows what he needs to do. and that he knows what he is doing. but frankly, when you look at what he's been saying on the trail over the last week or so, his second amendment people comments about hillary clinton and saying that president obama was the founder of isis on friday pennsylvania, talking about the rigged system and he could only lose pennsylvania if he cheats, it is raising eyebrows. >> hallie jackson in new york for us. and i want to talk about this
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with our panel and john carlo and keith boykin and politics reporter alizza collins. good to have you with us. and let's pick up with trump picking up or narrowing his strategy and with the new york times in particular and threatened withdrawing their credentials in response to the story that the paper did called -- "the new york times" trump article we have it, inside the failing mission to taem trump's tongue. some sources say that he is not controllable any more and there is reports that various republican elders like reince priebus have to be on the campaign at times. what does that say about the state of the campaign and for the next few months. >> it says two things. one, in donald trump bans the media from covering his campaign, this won't be anybody left to cover his campaign. >> i'm not sure he would be dwis
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appointed with that -- disappointed with that. >> and you could pinpoint when candidates run against the media is the moment that is the beginning of the end of their campaign. it is not a wise strategy and he would be wise to abandon it. >> and he said the system is rigged against him and i want to play you this sound bite. take a listen to it. >> the only way they could win it, in my opinion, and if in certain sections of the state they cheat. and we have to call up law enforcement, and we have to have the sheriffs and the police chief and everybody watching. >> i hope you people could sort of not just vote on the 8th, go around and look and watch other polling places and make sure that it is 100% fine. >> so there -- alizza, you hear him talking about in particular calling on the voters to help with the issue of election observations in the state of pennsylvania, a swing state.
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i'm curious to get your thoughts if you think this call by donald trump will result in what some would consider as voter intimidation. and could it hurt his chances in november even more. >> you know, i think election observers aren't a new concept. the difference here is that he is calling on them to point at, if i lose. so his rally is based through -- rather than having a quiet thing. i think it could go either way. we see at trump rallies protesters and trump supporters getting into it and i could see that at the polling place but the trump campaign is saying this is normal and we want to make sure there is fair election and we've pointed me to studies in pennsylvania which is a battleground state and we want to make sure there is no discrepancies. we have seen that the obama campaign had that issue as well. >> and this is something that the washington post is
7:15 am
reporting, this could violate a decree in place in terms of preventing this lawsuit going back against rnc in 1981 forrin tim dwating voters -- for intimidating voters in the state of new jersey and what could it mean in the back drop of this decree since 1981. would it be considered voter intimidation and, if so, why? >> it depends on what trump is calling for. if he could do something leading to voter intimidation, he will deny that is the case. but there is a pattern that goes back sometime with the democrats being concerned about voter intimidation in poor communities and minority communities and this is a regirthtation of that and and he is saying, if i lose in pennsylvania, a state that hasn ge to republicans since 1988 and that there is voter fraud and encouraging people supporters who are out there and
7:16 am
to go out there and monitor people, that is a disturbing trend and it will undermine democracy. >> and you are one of 70 republicans signing a letter to reince priebus and rnc asking them to divert funds away from the trump campaign to other parties that are critical for the republican party and why are you signing that and more importa importantly, do you think they will heed that call. >> i'm signing this on principal and practicality. and some have given service, a quarter century to republican causes and we find trump and his campaign odeus in so many ways that are detailed in the letter and many regret that and there was a poll that came out that showed 51% wish that our nominee were not trump. so as a matter of principle, we need to go on record and state
7:17 am
that. that is point one. point two, that is practicality. and we can't afford to lose as a party otherwise we will give a blank check to hillary clinton and that is scary. and we saw that trump campaigned in connecticut on saturday. that is proof he is not winning connecticut. that is my state. i know it well. why is he there? no one knows. his campaign has not moved forward and that is a problem. >> we'll leave it at that. we'll take you later on in the program. thank you for your insight. and coming up, the attack on the russia election and how it could affect november's election. don't go away. i'm billy,
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on friday, a hacker released files believed to be stolen from the democratic campaign committee during a cyber attack
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and it includes cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses for 200 lawmakers. and nancy pelosi said she received scores of on scene called and text messages in the aftermath of the attack and u.s. officials are almost certain that russia is behind the hackers targeting the democratic party. joining me now professor of international affairs and national security expert malcolm nance. and malcolm, let me begin with you, if vladimir putin is complicit in the leaks, what does he stand to gain from helping trump? >> well, i think that this is a very long-ball, old-school of vladimir putin that is playing and if you read "the washington post" today these type of shenanigans have been cared out in -- carried out in europe
7:22 am
regularly. and with trump, he hopes to gain quite a bit of objectives that could never been reached during the soviet era when he was an ex-kgb. he would gain the fracturing of fwh nato and theuran union and united states as a junior partner rubber stamping all of their goals so it would make great sense for russian intelligence to make a play to get their man elected. >> from the assessment of the u.s. government they believe russia has been involved in this hack. two-part question, one, do you believe it is state actors reason russia behind the hacks or could it be a private nongovernment affiliated hacker and are you at all concerned whoever it behind this hack could also carry out a hack on election day at the ballot box, could that affect the system that we use here in the united states? >> you're absolutely correct.
7:23 am
it could be much bigger than what we've seen thus far. the question is, what is there their game? is it a question of creating cha chaos? i'm not sure. the intelligence from the u.s. government and also independent security organizations whose sole function is to track these type of hacks is that this comes from two entities. one entity is the gru, russia military intelligence, their version of nsa and the former kgb and the russia state intelligence apparatus and other players who are subcontractor criminal orpgs organizations that are run by the two state operations that could be running out operations against independent donors. this is not being taken seriously. this is a attack on the united states that is over the chinese
7:24 am
hacks carried out in 2008. they literally tried to elect a president. >> and let me pick up on that, nina, this is an attack on the us. i'm curious to get your thoughts. the u.s. administration thinks the u.s. is behind this and should they be acting against the russia government for what is being called cyber war against the united states by some. >> i agree that the outcome of possible elections of donald trump would be exactly that, because trump is such an easy target for putin. he eat him for breakfast and thinks this is the guy that is vain and attention-seeking and putin could deliver that. and i'm not sure that i see this as a calculated attempt to influence american politics. i think the way putin does it very cleverly, even in his policies in russia, it is a network of things that he does. and thinking where the chips would go. i don't imagine that they
7:25 am
thought that he uld be perceived as someone that could influence american elections. that is a lot of power and i think he is proud to have that power. as for the united states, i'm not sure about the sanctions because there is already sanctions and they are a difficult position and do they have proof because until we stop doing the probably, i think putin would say -- i think legal action with all of this released, nancy pelosi telephone numbers and everybody else, stealing against information, that probably should be a way to go. >> and so i know you've written a piece that describes in detail some of the relationship trump and his campaign have had various russian entities and you were in -- and even advisors like paul manna fort and they have worked with grass prom,
7:26 am
according to your sources, yet you ultimately think putin may not want a donald presidency and why do you think he would have close connections with russia and that putin reads very well. >> i think what he showed could be an opportunity for putin. so in some ways trump is a gift for him but on the other hand we've seen for a year, trump was highly unpredictable and putin is big at liking to throw things in but i don't know if he wants the chaos that can ensue with trump as president and he knows how to work with hillary clinton so i think that the way we see trump is somebody who is unequipped and slightly difficult. putin probably sees the same. >> malcolm and nina, we'll be back later in the program. stick with us. appreciate your insight so far. coming up, live to rio for the latest on the 2016 olympic
7:27 am
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yesterday in swimming, the total for all olympic games dating back in 1896 and michael phelps won his 23rd medal in the men's 300 meter relay, his last olympic race ever, so he claims. joining me now from rio, chris jansing who is following it all for us. chris. >> reporter: good to see you, day eight was filled with record-busting performances and none more closely watches or cheered than michael phelps. he has 28 gold and 23 medals and six just here in rio. so where do you keep all of the medals? >> i would never tell that.
7:31 am
i think there is probably about two people -- maybe three people in the world that know where they are. >> now if michael phelps would be a country he would be ahead of india and mexico and argentina and how do you get there? well at the peak of his training, he was swimming 50 miles aweek. and eating 12,000 calories aday. another history-maker. simone manuel, taking home two gold and two silver and a break out for the african-american woman, the first to win individual gold. and for muslim american muhammed, the first to win a medal wearing a hijab and in sab sabre. >> i hope we challenge the idea that there are things that our girls can't do that there are --
7:32 am
that their dreams are never too big and not too long ago i had a dream of qualifying for an olympic team and i -- and now i have a medal. who even know? this is just a blessing. >> i talked to the whole team and they hope the success will spur more young girls to get into fencing. she took it up because she was looking for a sport where she could dress in keeping with her faith. more golden results. jeff henderson, olympic in the long jump. and for puerto ricos around the world, the first gold for that country kurtis of a shocking tennis star monica puig and elena johnson winning the 100 meter. and now we find out tonight who is the fastest man in the world the 100 meter, usain bolt versus american justin gatlin and the men and women of team usa gymnastics are competing in
7:33 am
individual events. and venus williams going for gold but not the one she expected. doubles with her sister serena. she's won that before a couple of times. instead, it is mixed doubled with a partner she has never played with before in this tournament. she's had some health issues and feeling better and not so great. but she is going for the gold today. ayman. >> we're going to wish her luck. and here is a piece of advice. do not blink during that race for the 100 meter and you may miss the entire race. >> boom -- ten seconds. >> and don't go grab some popcorn or anything like that. chris, thank you for that update. we'll touch base with you later on in the program. after the break, trump claims he will only lose pennsylvania if cheating occurs. the numbers seem to tell a different story. stay with us. and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief
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here are the stories we're following. in milwaukee, protests turn violent after a 23-year-old man was shot and killed during a shoot chase. he was armed, said police, and the officer has been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure. police are look for the gunman who shot and killed an imam and his assistant near the mosque in kwee queens, new york and there is no evidence they were targeted for their faith. and louisiana is in a state of emergency as historic flooding continues. crews worked to rescue residents saving more than a thousand people and three people have died and officials say the storm is not over yet. this week trump began crafting his own explanation for his poll numbers that could indicate future losses in key battleground states. >> we're doing well in florida. we're doing well in ohio. i think we're going to do well in virginia, we're not doing as well there now but i think we're doing well, i just don't think
7:38 am
they're giving us the credit. we're still close. the only way we could lose, in my opinion -- i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. i really believe it. >> and here with the polls, new nbc wall street mar is poll show hillary clinton with a clean sweep with the states needed to reach the 270 electoral college threshold and five points ahead of trump among registered voters, 44% to 39% and in north carolina, she trouncing him with a whopping 13 points in virginia. but her lead in colorado is the largest of all. she's 14 points ahead. trump also trailed clinton in iowa, ohio and pennsylvania. without those states in play, is this even still a race. let's bring in fred yang and sarah flores, former deputy campaign manager for carly
7:39 am
fiorina. and how important are the polls at this point in the race. >> i think they are very important. i think in the history of our firms with p.o.s. involvement in the "wall street journal" polls since 1992, the lead a candidate had after both conventions nationally was roughly where the election ended up in november. i think the second thing is, look, it is a good period for mrs. clinton. she is definitely gaining in the polls. i think nun like what mr. trump is saying, i think where his deficit is he is still trying to get republicans to coalesce behind them. clinton is getting 90% of democrats in all of the states and national polls after the convention. trump is still only getting 80%. so for him it is glass is half full or half empty. this race could get closer but we're getting closer to november. >> do you see a trump packed victory and could he still carve one out? >> i do.
7:40 am
given the fact he is a republican nominee for president, i think a lot of the rules from past elections are being rewritten. there is still a way for him to win. but all of those battleground states you pointed to, the north carolina and the florida and ohio and pennsylvania, he has to not just win one or two, he has to win all of them. and again, right now this is not a good period for him. >> and sarah, trump said on friday if he loses pennsylvania, it will be from, quote, cheating. and how do you think that will play with party leaders? >> trump has over and over again shown his ability not to stick on message. we have hillary clinton e-mails showing a higher level of corruption than people thought before, sort of a pay for play aspect that he has not been able to stick on that message. but as fred has said, you would rather be up than down right now. however, what we've also seen is volatility in the polls that they've moved quicker than in past cycles and they are much tighter than a month ago and now
7:41 am
they are spread out and i think you could see them tighten again and thus far they haven't shown the sort of campaign apparatus and discipline to get the polls tighter. >> let's listen to trump taking to evangelical christians that the gop usually has no problem with, utah. take a listen to this. >> you have got to get your people out to vote. and especially in the states where -- we're having a tremendous problem in utah. it is a different place and is anybody here from utah? it is -- i didn't think so. we're having a problem. >> so utah has gone red in the past 12 presidential elections but clinton went on the offensive with an op ed in the news. is trump having a problem with religious groups like evangelical christians and mormans? >> clearly he is not doing as well in utah as he should be.
7:42 am
whether that hold, whether they change their minds, i think the problem for trump is in swing states, if he is too far below water, he'll have a turn-out problem. republicans on the fence about him will assume he will lose and not come out. and the concerning part for the trump campaign is that trump has said he is not interested in having a get out the vote effort and he doesn't think that is necessary. so this is not that you will see republicans necessarily voting for hillary clinton, it is that you will not see them vote and that will hurt down ballot candidates as well. >> appreciate your insights this morning. in our next hour we'll check back into latest in the protests in milwaukee and the officer-involved shootings and the imam and coming up next, the scathing d.o.j. report. i hear you.
7:43 am
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a scathing justice department report accused the baltimore police department of unconstitutional stops and racial discrimination and bias against women. >> these violations have deeply eroded the mutual trust between bpd and the trust of the policing in the community and officer and public safety. >> the investigation was launched in the aftermath of freddie gray's death in police custody last april. the doj found that over five years officers stopped 300,000 pedestrians in african-american neighborhoods and often without reasonable suspicion. the police department is now in negotiation for a multi-year and reform effort. joining me, davion love, good to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. >> and the justice department
7:47 am
report probably no surprise to you. you've been stopped many times. give us the reason that you were stopped and what that experience was like? >> well, i mean, i think one of the things that is essential in the part that the d.o.j. that was the weakest on was the importance of civilian oversight over policing and administration and dispensing discipline and training protocol and the reason that is so important is because you could have the behavior and emphasis that happened in the d.o.j. report happened but when you don't have civilian oversight and i think it is important for the viewers to know that why that is able to happen is because the f.o.p., the fraternal order of police have created a context by which the policies in which civilians have involvement in policing, the policies are rejected and it is difficult to get the kind of policies necessary for civilians and i'm not just talking about the review board but the ability of civilians to have power as to how policing happens in our
7:48 am
communities. >> so let me ask you this about freddie gray after he died in police custody, people like you were demanding changes in the baltimore police department and they say changes are underway and do you trust them and have he seen any of the things that you have just outlined. >> one of the things important to note is that law enforcement is governed by state and local law and as much as federal involvement in the reform of police can be helpful to a certain extent, it could only be helpful to the extent and to which local reforms are supported. local local forms -- reforms in the last assembly we were able to reform the bill of rights in that the civilians could serve on the board to determine that but it is important that people understand the importance of civilian oversight because you could have as many policies or body cameras and all of these other mechanisms including in the consent decree carried out
7:49 am
by the federal government and the administration but unless you have civilian oversight based into the way policing happening, you will have a shift in the way that policing affect people of african decent. >> and what do parents of african-american teenagers tell their kids about how to deal with police if they get stopped? >> well, i mean, i think, like you said in the beginning of the segment, many of us in the community knew the things that the d.o.j. report revealed to the larger public and those conversations have to do with understanding the precarious situation that people of african-american decent are in. and if you think about the fact that we live in a society structure on the principle of racism and white supremacy that holds the white folks as a greater value it is the reason we see the lack of political consequences on law enforcement at carry out these deeds toward police in our community. >> thank you, damon love, i
7:50 am
appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> and the report raises concerns about how baltimore police handles sexual assault cases and complaints were dismissed or mishandled. women would be asked questions, like, quote, why are you messing that guys's life up. and i want to bring in the council of the maryland coalition against sexual assault. and i want to talk about this aspect of the report, the justice department report said the police often didn't take sexual assault cases seriously and failing to adequately investigate sexual assault. i know you've been fighting on behalf of sexual assault victims for years and did the justice department get it right with their assessment of the baltimore police department? >> absolutely. the department of justice is spot on. the way that sexual assault reports have being handled right now in baltimore city, denies survivors access to justice. it is ineffective and unfair.
7:51 am
so i am really immensely grateful to the department of justice for including this issue in the report. it is 163-page report and six of them are devoted to the issue of gender bias and we have a lot of work to do in this area. >> so talk to us about that, the areas of work. what needs to change in baltimore specifically. >> you already talked about the one really victim-blaming question that the d.o.j. report included -- why are you messing that guy's life up. and we are just horrified to see a statement by a prosecutor referring to who reported sexual assault as a can i'ving little officer and lmao or laughing my -- off. and it wonders why a survivor would report. >> you are a member of the
7:52 am
baltimore sexual assault response team and this week in the baltimore sun you said the city is curbing the oversight power and that is what damon was talking about, that there needs to be oversight and why do you think your group's powers are being curbed. >> we need to make sure that civilians are involved and make sure that rape crisis centers have involved in the sexual assault response team and their jobs is not to make people feel comfortable or like them, it is to speak truth to power and to say why do we need to change things. what the d.o.j. report did, which i thought was so interesting, they highlighted how baltimore city is evading audit. so right now we look at cases and we talk with law enforcement about how their responding to survivors and we often suggestions and we talk about how can they better respond. and they've just been leaving cases open. because we only audit closed cases and so by leaving them
7:53 am
open, they evade review. >> thank you very much lisa and jordan. it is a scathing report. so many angles to discuss but we are out of time. appreciate your insight. >> thank you. coming up, religion in the 2016 olympics. we'll talk about the women making history in rio after the break. to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. no... they feel good? you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve.
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one woman competing in the olympics wearing a hijab have been a sensation. and many have captured attention for her religious garb and sparking conversation of her uniform over her western counterparts and making history as the first olympican to go for the gold in the garment. she defeated italy in the finals yesterday and yet another history maker, the first ever
7:57 am
woman to compete for her country in the 100 meter race. she came in seventh on friday and came out on top on social media gaining support for her bold showing. one sprinter also wore a hijab with full body covering finishing last and representing afghanistan. medals and others rio competing in the hijab has shown that olympic experience comes in diverse expressions. much more to come in the next hour including the latest out of milwaukee and the devastating floods in louisiana. stay with msnbc. fall in love with a new daily fiber. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas. love your fiber. new mirafiber.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin. am joy returns next week. in milwaukee, violent protests erupted overnight. they say the man was apred with a semi autoea


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