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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. good day everyone, i'm betty nguyen at msnbc world headquarters in new york. big developments this hour as flooding devastates large parts of louisiana. right now officials are calling on residents in low-lying areas of that state to evacuate. they fear the river could rise more than three feet above the levees as more rain threatens to pound areas already submerged in waist high water. officials are calling this historic flooding. we'll have a live report from baton rouge in a moment. brand new polls in key battle ground states once again showing donald trump trailing behind hillary clinton. in florida clinton is up 45 to
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40. in new hampshire clinton leads him 45 to 36. in georgia a traditional red state he's behind by four points, 45-41. new reaction today from republican vice presidential nominee mike pence on whether he'll get donald trump to change his mind on banning "new york times" to cover his campaign. >> i know you have a strong feeling about a free press. have you gotten him to change his mind? >> we'll keep our private conversations private. that's an ongoing discussion in the campaign. and i do believe in the public's right to know whether it's about these latest allegations about hillary clinton or otherwise. we'll continue to advance that principle. >> here's how his campaign chair is characterizing their scrutiny his boss has faced this past week. >> what do you say to republicans when they call you up and say please get mr. trump to focus? >> well, first of all, the piece
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you just did is an example of what he said last night besides running against hillary clinton he's running against the media. contrary to the story in "new york times" which are not correct and contrary to the lead in of this story of trump unplugged he's very plugged in and connected. >> susan collins is still deciding who will get her vote after writing an op-ed this week saying she will not vote for her party's nominee. >> i, unfortunately, cannot support either major party candidate, and i'm taking a look at the libertarian ticket because it's headed by two former republican governors who were very successful. i may end up writing in the name of the person that i think is best qualified to be our next president. >> now no one is on campaign trail today. vice president biden will join hillary clinton for a rally in
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his home town of scranton, pennsylvania tomorrow. donald trump will deliver a foreign policy believe in youngstown, ohio. >> hallie jackson is kofrl tcov the trump campaign. >> reporter: let's start with man maniafort. >> reporter: the campaign is very strong. we raised $132 million in the last fwhos. we're organized in all 50 states. we've been in the battleground staefrtsry d states every day this month. and we're starting to get traction in those states. >> reporter: paul manafort
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points out fundraising is the strongest it has been. which is true. he's pulling in money from big money donors in the past couple of months. he's focusing on battleground states. we've been out on trail with him in ohio, florida and connecticut and places very blue, places that have no chance of flipping red come november but that's something that comes to trump himself. he wants to compete in these traditional blue states like connecticut. the other part of it, though, is trump essentially when he attacks the media as he did today, so for example tweeting i am who i am in response to what he called the failing "new york times" report and the tweet earlier this morning is essentially confirming the reporting about him. that it is his campaign, that he's the one calling the shots, and that he's simply not going to -- i'm not even going to say the "p" word, pivot, he won't
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change, he'll continue be to the candidate we've seen over the last 14 months. >> we'll hear from trump tomorrow in his foreign policy speech. do you expect any specifics there? >> i do. you'll see him when he head to youngstown, ohio talk about national security, foreign policy, get back to what republicans want him to be talking about right now, an area where republicans see potential vulnerabilities on the democratic side. they want trump to get on message, to talk about foreign policy and the economy. he's done a couple of these policy changes over to last week and so i expect we'll see him continue to do that. the question is what happens at his rallies later in the week. that's where we've seen trump get in trouble with his off the cuff comments. more now on those devastating floods across louisiana. officials want residents in low-lying areas to evacuate. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in baton rouge where is situation is bad.
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gabe, what is it like where you are at at this hour? >> reporter: a lot of activity. you can see people taking out boats and trying to rescue some people trapped in their homes. we saw one truck carrying several of them. you can see several of them being brought off right here. there's a gentleman we've been talking to, that is planning to go out right now. sir, can you come over here for a second. you were out rescuing people all day yesterday? >> yes. >> how many could you rescue >> four or five. >> what do you plan on doing today? >> my grandmother. we can't get any communication with her. so she's about half a mile down the street. we're trying to check on her, and rescue her. >> we have heard from several people p.m. >> can't get in touch with anybody. phones don't work. >> looking behind here, when we showed up here just a few hours ago this was all dry. these rivers seem to be rising and trapping some of these
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people in the neighborhoods. >> first time i made it over here today. i was at target about a mile down the road was completely dry and today i'm told you can't get to it it's under water. >> i'll get you get to work. so as you can see behind me many people are walking out, about waist deepwater. these people are going, some of these good samaritans are going in and taking people out of their homes. more than 2,000 people at this point have been rescued throughout the state. three people confirmed dead. this is a very dangerous situation. especially in that area where the water is even much higher than this. rivers are expected to crest here throughout the day but the danger will be if there's any more rain in the forecast we do get some rain here overnight and some more rain is expected in louisiana and a flooding threat in southern texas over the next few days. very dangerous situation here as you can see, an ongoing rescue
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operation is under way. >> we saw some rescues earlier. are you still seeing any of those? >> reporter: i'm sorry i couldn't hear you very well. coast guard rescues are ongoing. we've seen late yesterday and early this morning aerial rescues with helicopters plugging people from their homes here in this area. as i said in livingston parish, a very dangerous situation there. more people coming here, being pulled from their homes. how are we doing? gabe gutierrez with msnbc. were you trapped in your home >> no i'm helping. >> reporter: how incredible is it to see this water. thank you. this is an ongoing situation. rescues are continuing to happen in livingston parish where that 911 center was under water. authorities are overwhelmed. we have different agencies here. the national guard, state police are assisting with taking
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supplies to stranded motorists on the highway, several interstates are closed down, many roads are closed down and very difficult to get around as you can see. >> an active situation there. of course we'll continue to follow that. another big developing story to tell you about, milwaukee, officials are calling for calm today after the fatal shooting of a man by police set off several hours of violent protests during the night. as many as 100 protesters clashed with police. the unrest began after a man fleeing from a traffic stop was shot and killed by police. police said that man was armed but did not say whether he drew his weapon. now the extent of the damage could be seen clearly today as the cleanup began after a night of violence. the officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative duty as standard practice. the shooting is under investigation by the district attorney's office. kerri sanders is in milwaukee for us this afternoon. what's the scene like where you are? >> reporter: you can see that
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there's some folks that have gathered here. some standing in the shade. some venting their anger on what happened between the police and community and some people just angry at the police in general. speaking out about their frustrations not over what they say was an one off incident last night but something they say is an ongoing problem in the relationship between some in this community and the police department. but understand there are some people here who woke up this morning and seen this and are really quite disturbed. their stomachs are turning. they are horrified by what happened last night. listen to what some members of the community had to say to us on camera. >> just praying for a change and for everybody -- for everybody to keep on just doing the wrong things and not for everybody to be bringing down things and everybody being taken to jail every night. >> reporter: so it's like take out from the shade here right in the sherman park areaer and i'll take you to one of the areas
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hardest hit. a lot of the television cameras and people pointing their cell phones over here at the bp station. there's two officers in there right now. this bp stages was torched along with the other areas that were hit during the violence. now as a result of the sense of increased anger and anticipation that that anger may not subside by tonight, the sheriff has called for the national guard to come out and perhaps patrol the streets. that's a decision that's not been finalized yet but clear italy police had their hand full last night, could not contain the situation that welled up much larger. interestingly the mayor said this developed on social media. people being called out to the streets to participate in at least in the expression of anger. whether it was an outright call on social media for violence i'm not sure. i haven't seen those tweets or other social media posts.
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meantime, here's another view. >> city has watched this particular neighborhood throughout the entire summer be a powder keg. this entire community has sat back and witnessed how milwaukee, wisconsin has become the worst place to live for african-americans in the entire country. >> reporter: the alderman is talking about a previous incident that took place here, one that angered people not to a level of violence but felt the police officer used too much force. that's still that's under investigation. i think what we'll perhaps get the best information out about what happened here last night is the officer was wearing a body camera. so, if the police and the city decide to release that body camera video it may answer a lot of questions that people in the community have. until then, it's a lot of rumor and hearsay which, of course,
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for the police department trying to keep law and order that's one of the most difficult things to control because people start believing something that one person told another person. if the video comes out we'll get the clearest idea of what happened last night and people can determine themselves. >> that video will be key if it's released. also today in new york city still developing a story there. police today looking for a gunman who shot and killed an imam and his assistant on the street. we're following developments. what do you know about this investigation? >> reporter: no word on possible motive or whether they will consider this a hate crime. but it was such a brazen crime you have to wonder what the motivation was behind it. it happened in a very busy part of queens, broad daylight. there were witnesses. they were able to describe to the police what the suspect looked like. the suspect ran up behind the
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two imams, shot them in the back of the head. they were and the to a nearby area hospital where they were pronounced dead. but this ozone park is a work section of queens. i want has a lot of bangladesh are speaking about concern that there could be backlash to muslims in that area. let's listen to the president of the new york chapter of cair who we spoke with earlier. >> whether hate crime out wardly and when we find the perpetrator of this crime it will be more clear. muslims are worried that the negative rhetoric by our elected officials and people running for office sometimes is going to come back to haunt them personally and cause more tragedies in our community. >> reporter: we know the suspect was caught on surveillance video leaving that area with a weapon in his hand so hopefully police can use that to track him down.
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ we have new reaction from vice presidential nominee mike pence on donald trump's its remarks. >> isn't the sarcastic excuse getting a bit old? >> i don't think it's getting old at all. donald trump made his way through a very competitive primary because he spoke not like your typical politician just plainly like an every day american and speaking plainly is what american people will anticipate in the course of this election but more importantly they will have a president that
9:19 am
tells them exactly what's on his minds and the american people will hear him and hear him loud and clear. >> joining me is a correspondent for the hill and john harwood and political writer for the "new york times". thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> so, john let me start with you. how are we supposed to determine whether trump is sarcastic especially when he delivers serious speeches like he's scheduled to do tomorrow on foreign policy >> well, betty, this is why you have to feel sorry for mike pence when he gives this explanation, donald trump speaks plainly what's on his mind. he made thinks comments about obama and hillary clinton being co-founders of isis and was pressed by friendly interviewers to clarify and say he didn't really mean it. he said no, i do really mean it. then when the reaction, the blow back started getting severe as it has so many times since the republican convention with the needless controversies he's started, then he said well i was
9:20 am
being sarcastic. then he gave a speech and said obviously i was being sarcastic, but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. he's not speaking plainly. and he's making it difficult for republicans to defend him. >> amy, i got to get to you. pence is there. he's a career politician with a different campaign style. what do you make of him characterizing trump's strategy as such? >> like john said i have to agree. he was walking a fine line. he wasn't talking about -- he was speaking about speaking plainly but not talking about a volatile inconsistent person that even republicans have a problem with right now. i'm hearing from a lot of them. they are not comfortable with the fact he'll say one thing and then he has multiple chances to fix it and he doesn't fix it and then a couple of days later it's just sarcasm. i think that's a problem for him mostly because it's inconsistent and no one wants that kind of
9:21 am
president in the oval office. >> john, what do you know about the "new york times" piece on pence trying to reel in trump if that's even possible. how did this story unfold? >> well, everybody is trying to reel in trump who has a rational approach to winning a presidential campaign. donald trump is doing things that make no sense if you're trying to win the election and so mike pence coming back and saying this is just straight talk or other people saying -- >> is it straight talk >> no it isn't. >> you don't know where the straight talk is. >> that's the point. he's not behaving in ways consistent with someone trying to win the election. donald trump is behaving as a person who campaigned in a certain way and found that it made him feel good in the primary. he loved the interaction with his crowds. part of it comes from being outrageous. he seems to enjoy that more than
9:22 am
he enjoys the hard work that it would take to project a different style that would add votes rather than subtract votes. when you get to a general election you have to add to what you had in the primary he's doing the opposite. >> no surprise, trump is tweeting all morning long how unfair the media is to him. is attacking the media a worthwhile strategy for winning for independents and anti-clinton faction? >> it appeals some people who feel there's a bias in the media. what i'm hearing from republicans they would rather him focus on the controversies and clinton and not so much the media. but you had a controversy this week pop up with, you know, what he calls a pay for play kind of thing and he -- republicans want to sort of hear him admit that and talk about it more and, you know, expose it more and talk about emails and talk about other things that they think clinton, you know -- why don't
9:23 am
they focus on her negative instead of the media's negative. that's where they would see him right now. >> betty, as amy said -- >> that's where he could have an advantage if he goes after these weakness within the clinton campaign. >> right. as amy said, donald trump is saying things that appeal to some voters. the problem is those voters are with him. he's not doing anything to expand his constituency. he's hemorrhaging votes among college educated white voters men and women who he needs to build a electoral majority and by focusing on things that revolve around him and other people's perceptions of him, how the media describes him, rather than going at his opponent and making a consistent policy argument, a consistent character argument against her, he is missing an opportunity. >> what do you make of that? how is a candidate like this who can do very well in the polls which we sautin primary miss
9:24 am
this opportunity? >> i think that it's primetime right now. it's a different kind of election. we're moving into the general. from here on out the next 85 days a lot different than the primary. he's courting different people, people that to hear serious issues, policy issues. and i think the donald trump of the primaries sort of needs to pivot more, i think, to the general and get a little bit more realistic if he wants to court these people. >> really quickly i want your opinion. we've seen mike pence saying he'll release his tax returns while his running mate isn't. what kind of optics is that creating? >> i don't know how it helps them to have the vice presidential running mate release his turns while the guy at the top of the ticket doesn't release his turns. i want seems to me that might be
9:25 am
something that's good for mike pence going forward in the future if he wants to run for president. i'm not sure it helps donald trump right now because donald trump seems to not be interested at all in releasing his own returns and the more attention on that issue the worse it is for trump. >> john and amy thank you so much for your time today. so republicans new line of attack against hillary clinton and it all has to do with one word, emails. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. welcome back, everybody. i'm betty nguyen at msnbc world headquarters here in new york. we're following a big developing story that hour, devastating flooding in louisiana. the governor held a news conference moments ago saying at
9:32 am
least 7,000 people have been rescued so far. he also stressed the situation is far from over. so let's check in now with gabe gutierrez in baton rouge where earlier this hour we saw people out with boats trying to reach loved ones. gabe, what's happening right now? >> reporter: hi, betty. as you mentioned the governor claims 7,000 people were rescued. these are some of the folks, the national guard is right here and have been pliut all throughout the morning. let's walk over here and talk with some of them. they just got pulled from their homes. we'll talk over to some of these folks and ask them how quickly this water rose. excuse me. excuse me, sir, you guys just got fruld your home. how quickly this water rise up? >> it's rising up pretty fast. >> reporter: we were here a few hours ago and this entire road was dry. >> two feet down there. deeper the further you go down. >> reporter: how far in the neighborhood were you over
9:33 am
there? >> i wasn't in that neighborhood. i was in that neighborhood over there. >> reporter: a lot of people being pulled out right now. water stretching out all around here. we were in this neighborhood several hours ago. another boat pulls in. when we pulled up this road was entirely dry. now impassable. only way you can get there by boat. part that's hard hit is livingston parish to our east, places like watson and denim springs. people there have been taking to social media begging for authorities to come and rescue them. we hear choppers in the air taking supplies and trying to rescue folks. ma'am, have you lived in this area for a while >> is a yea >> 15 years. >> is your home flooded yes? >> yes. my neighbor original owners of the home, we live by the original owners they lived there over 40 years and never seen any
9:34 am
flooding. we live off of buckingham. nothing in 40 years have we seen water this bad. >> what happened yesterday an what we saw in the overnight hours is the rain just kept coming down and these rivers kept rising. now some are cresting over the afternoon and so that's why we see this rising water. thankfully the rain has let up. there could be more rain on the way? >> i hope not. we can't use any more rain. we're just trying to get these people out of here. it's devastating. you have no idea. >> ma'am, thank you so much. >> reporter: betty, the governor said more than 7,000 people have been rescued. three confirmed dead. it's an ongoing situation. the national guard is on the move as they try to take control of this unfolding disaster here in louisiana. betty. >> thank you. we do have some breaking news from rio and the olympics. chris jansing is there. what do you know?
9:35 am
>> reporter: ryan lochte one of the most medaled olympian 12 overall has been robbed at gunpoint. he's confirming after a mixture of reports throughout the day, confirming to nbc's billy bush, he and three other swimmers were robbed late last night at gunpoint here in rio de janeiro. there had been reports earlier that his mother had said that they had stopped, they were in a cab, they were getting gas, and when they were approached that nothing was taken but their wallets and that they are fine. but, again, that has been confirmed that superstar swimmer ryan lochte and three other swimmer, we don't know if they were americans were robbed last night at gunpoint. this is the kind of thing that's been the topic of concern before and after these olympic games. it's why there are double the number of security forces that we saw, for example at the london games and there have been some other instance, two members of the paralympics sailing team were held up at gunpoint in june
9:36 am
while they were training before these games began. two australian rowing coaches were robbed at knife point while walking to their hotel in rio. and olympic security officer was actually fatally shot when he got off course and wandered along with two other officials into what was described as a slum area. we've seen a lot of instances here where suspicious packages have been blown up. this is the first time we've seen, obviously, someone this high-profile of this caliber who has been the target of violence here. again, we do not have any reports at all that he was injured. everything apparently fine physically. the wallets were taken according to reports but billy bush from nbc has spoken to ryan lochte confirming that he and three other swimmers last night were robbed at gunpoint. >> in light of this and the
9:37 am
other stories of violence there, are officials telling the olympians, the athletes to stay within the olympic village and not venture off? >> reporter: there's not even been any confirmation from them that it happened. inhe ioc was denying that anything had taken place. the usioc was waiting and we'll put out a statement in a little while. let's check. we got a report a short time ago that it was possible that the usioc was, indeed, going to put out a statement. i don't see it yet. the only thing that we have is confirmation from billy bush who spoke directly to ryan lochte and he confirmed that this happened last night. so we'll see if any adjustments are made eritrea in any of the venues which are already operate heavily secure, there's both military and security officials at all the venues or whether or
9:38 am
not there are any particular warnings that go out in the olympic village. i will say this that before this happened there were a number of individual olympic teams who were told by the folks who were manage them about the concerns in rio. this is a place known to have high crime, a number of high crime areas. there's often problems on the beach. so, i think certainly most americans were pre-warned before getting here, they were aware of some of the concerns but ryan lochte and three other swimmers again, last night, robbed here at gunpoint. >> just to be clear, robbed at gunpoint, his wallet was taken but this was at a gas station. do you know how far off site -- >> reporter: i just want to be clear on that. this just came into us and i haven't had a chance to listen to the interview that billy bush did with ryan lochte. there had been reports throughout the day here that there had been something that had taken place. his mother, ryan lochte's mother
9:39 am
reportedly did an interview in which she said he had texted her last night to say he was okay, he had been in a cab and had stopped to get gas and that their wallets were taken but he was fine. i want to make it clear, nbc news has not at least as far as i know independently kwir lly c that. what we have confirmed through billy bush who talked to ryan himself the robbery took place and happened at gunpoint. >> this information is still coming in. what kind of security your seeing at the olympic venue? >> reporter: unlike anything i've seen and this is my eighth olympics. about 85 to 88,000 different security officials here. they include members of the military who are armed. there are plenty of security at all of the venues. you have to go through mags when you go into the virus venues. we have pretty heavy credentialing. they do check our credentials as
9:40 am
we go in and out of any of the venues particular where we are, which is essentially the media equivalent of where the athletes are, that's where we all work, and there's plenty of security around ere. so, you know, there's almost nowhere that you don't go that's an olympic venue. however, i will also say this is a huge city and we're a good 45 minute drive with no traffic where i am now on copacabana beach from the main area which is where many of the events take place which is known as, you know, actually the olympic city which is the olympic park and that's where you're seeing track and field, that's where you saw the gymnastic, that's where the swimming is, the diving, nats about 45 minutes from here. while those two areas certainly have plenty of security, can you go almost anywhere in this city and while you'll see a police presence on the streets and certainly in a place that's heavily touristed there's a lot
9:41 am
of places you don't see any security at all and obviously impossible. the reports were that they had been invited bay brazilian swimmer to come over for some sort of party or gathering. where that was exactly i don't know but it wouldn't be surprising to me that they could stop somewhere there wasn't any security in spite of the fact that there are 85, 88,000 different security officials here in rio during these olympic games. >> chris, we'll let you go and do some more reporting on this as the information is still breaking and coming in to the msnbc newsroom. i do want to remind our viewers we have live olympic coverage at 1:00 p.m. so you don't want to miss that. in the meantime if we get any more developing stories from chris we'll bring thut live. donald trump is losing the latino vote by almost 50 points right now but can the endorsement from a high-profile texas politician help close that gap? dad went to the new safelite-dot-com...
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welcome back. nearly a week after he accused president barack obama of founding the islamic state, donald trump is standing by his inflammatory statement and so is his running mate mike pence. >> i think he's being very serious and he was making a point that needs to be made. that there is no question that the failed policies of president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in the wider middle east created a vacuum withi iraq in which isis was able to arise. there's no question. >> why is he saying he was sarcastic. >> he was making a very serious point and, look. he was making a very serious point. donald trump has a way of talking that gets people's attention. >> let's bring in our advice to rand paul and howard dean. i got to get your reaction to
9:46 am
what you heard. >> it seems mike pence and donald trump are operating on two different campaigns completely. you know mike pence will try to speak in a very dignified manner, downplay trump's remarks. trump goes right back out. >> one is the good guy, thor to bad guy. >> yes but they are off kill terri ter when it comes to policy and what their campaign is about. mike pence says the media black list will be reconsidered. >> this isis story doesn't seem like it will be fading at all. is sarcasm enough to explain away trump's bold claim he made repeatedly mind you? >> no. look, this is -- again, i'm very careful when i say about this because i was wrong for an entire year once a week about donald trump's ability to win the renomination. but i'm not really going to get
9:47 am
enthusiastic that we can't beat him until after labor day. but if the polls are where they are today a month from now he can't save his campaign. he's gotten so far off. when you see every reason valuable republican foreign policy expert in the country turning his back on donald trump that should tell you something. >> i want to get to those polls you're talking about. hillary clinton is holding a comfortable lead. is it too early though to trust those numbers? >> yes, it most certainly is. i do not trust any polls. actually the polls really -- first of alter bill year for pollsters, go back to michigan, not one or two pollsters, the entire polling establishment on both sides of the aisle got it wrong. that's a long story but complicated and polling has gotten to be unreliable. secondly, most people finally -- the key people make up their mine in the last three weeks and a lot make up their mind in the last three days.
9:48 am
i'll feel a lot better a month from now if the polls are the way they are. it's hard to turn around polls that are after labor day. i can't remember off the top of my head polls that changed after labor day. usually the polls if they have any decent margin after labor day are the polls that exist on election day. >> if that theory holds true polls are unreliable does it make sense for donald trump doing what works for him in the primary? >> it makes no sense because the numbers there are. he's seen a very bad trajectory. that's why trump is so upset over the internal discussions in his campaign that leaked to the "new york times" and in that discussion his internal pollster said if you keep going down this path it's not -- you're not going win essentially. so i think trump knows that this is true on some level but he can't stop himself the. >> politico is reporting republican leaders are distancing themselves from trump
9:49 am
saying the rnc has done more to help trump than it did to support it's 2012 nominee mitt romney and therefore trump only has himself and his campaign to blame for his slide in the polls. how unprecedented is this? >> the background conversation, off the record conversation with reporters laying out everything that the rnc has been doings unpreaccident and also i feel like starting early just for everyone to cover their tracks because when this goes down and it's going to go down very badly everyone will be out for each other's throats. trump will go hard after the rnc and media and blame the republican establishment. everybody is starting now to prepare for that. >> howard if the rnc does pull funding from trump which it's considering, what happens then? >> well, here's what's going to happen. shortly after labor day close
9:50 am
senate races the democrats will show ads with donald trump and whoever their republican incumbent opponent is. that's when the panic starts. because this is the big problem for the republicans. if they distance themselves from trump and appear to be disloyal first of all trump will go after them and his core constituency which was enough to win the primary will turn on what they see as disloyal republicans. if the democrats succeed without any rebuttal, then those republican incumbents will lose. so this is the thing that scares the daylights out of the rnc. they have four weeks to fix this. >> after all the attacks donald trump levied against jeb bush you might find it hard to believe what jeb bush's son has done. that's next.
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9:54 am
just 86 days to election day. a new poll finds hillary clinton outpacing donald trump among latino voters. secretary clinton has opened up a 46-point lead over donald trump. so let's bring in our msnbc contributor and professor at university of texas. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, betty. >> is the latino vote a lost cause for trump at this point in the campaign? >> i think it pretty much is, betty. maybe about two months ago i thought maybe he can turn it around. if he changes course from what he did in the primary and the moderates in the general election he had a shot maybe getting in the high 20s, maybe even low 30s. but after being in cleveland and seeing that during the whole convention and then capping off his speech and really hammering home his harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric i don't see any path for him with the latino vote.
9:55 am
so i wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with high single digits or mid-teens. >> wow. you wrote earlier this week about a noteworthy trump endorsement in texas why george p. bush swallowed a bitter pill. why would he endorse trump after so much blood with his father? >> so much "bad blood". keep in mind george p. bush is of mexican heritage and tlarp lot of insults levied against mexicans and immigrants. there was a lot of "bad blood" there. all politics is local. we have to remember the context here in texas. texans were very supportive of trump during the primary, even though ted cruz won they still support trump and at the rnc we also saw texans shun ted cruz when he tried to go against trump. so the climate here in texas is we're going to get behind the republican presidential nominee. you have to back the one who is
9:56 am
your party head. >> we'll see. victoria, thank you. we want to go back to breaking news from rio where gold medal swimmer ryan lochte was robbed at gunpoint. chris jansing has more. >> reporter: he did an interview with billy bush and here's what he told him. they were in a cab he and three other swimmers got pulled over. no flashing lights. there were people with badges identifying themselves as police. told them to get out want cab. told the swim towers get downtown ground. lochte said the other three did. he kept saying i didn't do anything wrong. he put his hands up. they did not hurt them. they took their money and wallet. left behind their cell phones and credentials. the usioc stopped that interview as billy bush was conducting it. >> the latest with breaking news. ryan lochte robbed at gunpoint. that will wrap up this hour of nbc live. we invite you to stay with msnbc
9:57 am
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do it again as they reach for gold. >> he did it! ♪ ♪ rio welcomes a new day as last night a living legend with tears in his eyes waived good-bye. from our msnbc olympic studio, welcome. i'm rob simmelcare. yesterday michael phelps won his 23rd


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