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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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more than 20,000 people rescued of being trapped inside their cars. entire homes have been destroyed. >> i have about 4 feet of water inside my house. everything is ruined. >> we are live in the flood zone. also protests turn violent overnight in milwaukee. >> if you do not disburse immediately you will be arrested. >> police officer injured after a black man was shot and killed by police. officials are standing by the officer after a weekend of unrest. we have got to latest. >> plus chaos at the airport, reports of shots fired. >> everybody started running in this direction. >> passengers running onto the tarmac. here is the question, what on
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earth caused this scare? we want to begin this morning with the historic flooding in the state of louisiana. the latest word is 10,000 have had to move into shelters and 20,000 have been rescued. this is one of the most dramatic rescuers. he is trying to help a woman. he is trapped as the car is actually sinking. eventually they managed to pull her out through the roof. she comes out and then a minute later she still under water. he managed to save her dog. all three are going to be ak. it speaks to how serious to how things are. what is the situation now? >> hi. good morning. as you mentioned, it was a weekend filled with dramatic water rescues. we were seeing many of them in baton rouge and also just to our
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east, places that were very hard hit. we can show you some live pictures to show you the activity here in this area. many of the rivers in louisiana have crested. not all of them have, however but they are expected to do so over the next couple of days. this was completely dry yesterday morning. we saw it rise yesterday. thankfully now this river has crested so water levels are starts to recede. good samaritans are bringing in boats so see if there is anyone still trapped inside their homes that didn't get out. places like watson got more than 31 inches of rain over the period. it is inaccessible by car. you to get there by boat. the governor has said now that
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there are five confirmed fatalities. more than 20,000 people have been rescued so far and some 10,000 people spent part of the weekend in emergency shelters. an unfielding saser here in louisiana. they are expecting another 1 to 3isms. a piece of this will be bringing in new flooding states like missouri and illinois. here in louisiana it is a state of emergency. president obama declaring several parishes disaster areas. >> thank you for that. we'll have more updates on the state of emergency throughout the hour. now i have to take you to the other big headlines in
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milwaukee. they are wake up after a straight night of shootings. businesses and police cars were set on fire again overyou nigh. the sun has been up for two hours. chas the guy? >> it is quiet last night was a little bit calmer. police say thousanding gapd and others. one hit the offer's windshield. police had to use an armored vehicle. this all stems from saturday's fatal police shooting. the police chief says he was
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armed with a handgun and fleeing and body camera video shows he was turning towards the officer with the gun. both smith and the officer are african american t. policeman's name has not been released yet because of threats and concerns for his safety. that officer has been moved out of town. >> as you said, the police have sho told us about what the body cam shows. >> they say they would like to see the footage a leased without interfering with the investigation. he tried to describe it. he says he believes there was a credible threat against the officer. the mayor has only seen a still from that video but they would like to get that out as soon as possible. >> the state is investigating
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this police shooting. okay. we have to move on because a terrifying scene in one of the busiest airports in new york. they reported two terminals after gunfire. panicked crowds were all over the place. they are seen running out of the airport. that i are on the tarmac. what happened last night? >> reporter: one passenger described it as the most insane thing. people hit the ground. people were laying on the ground. some people started running out of the airport. you could see people running on the tarmac from a plane. police started evacuated
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everybody. you could see people leaving with their hands up in the air. the faa diverted all inbound planes. about 45 minutes after the initial call shots had been fire department there was a second call that shots were fired in a different terminal. there was no shots fire department. they say it may have been something as simple as passengers watching the olympics and screaming and clapping for it. >> it speaks to how tense things are right now. we have to move onto politics. donald trump in the battleground state of ohio today laying out his plan to fight terror but his campaign is also firing back at a new york times report. according to the ties trump's campaign manager received
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millions of dollars in crash from you crepe's pro russian party. what is mr. trump saying today? >> i can tell you that this morning the campaign tells nbc the following. let's pull it up right now from paul manafort insisting that any of this was not true, saying the new york times is chosen to ignore facts and professional journalism rather than present an honest report going after the immediate you but continuing to say i never received an off the books cash payment for have i ever done calling the exception that he unfounded, silly and nonsensical. this was raising a lot between the ties between the trump campaign and russian entities
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and the clinton campaign is pouncing overnight releasing a statement that donald trump has the responsibility to disclose any ties between advisers and russia essentially. you know what's interesting, this is not just a political flash point. this is a question of importance in the campaign but it also is another reflection of how the trump campaign is going after the press. paul manafort going after the times yet again for a report that the trump campaign does not like. this is another round of donald trump versus the media after his statements over the weekend, discussing turmoil within his campaign. this is about the struggle that he has been under since making the turn from the primaries to the general election. here is another example of that,
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the conservative pages giving trump an ultimatum. the g.o.p. should focus on you writing as for mr. trump, he needs to decide if he wants to behave like sol omeone that wan to be president. >> donald trump tweeted this weekend he is not going to change. donald trump said i am who i am. at this point republicans have got to start believing him essentially. this is jifrply not going to happen in the words. >> i am who i am. we'll see if it works for mr. trump. >> all right. thank you. all right. coming up, the historic flooding, we go back to the flood zones and one of the rescuers who happens to be a u.s. congressman. are they getting the resources
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welcome back. y through and only getting half more excited. you have got to think about what we have seen over the last few days. team u.s. a. racking up the medal count with biles winning her third gold medal of the games and lighting up the track, the one and only jamaican sprinter, once again the fastest man alive taking gold in the 100
6:16 am
meter class. we are in rio following all of the olympic headlines for us. talk to us about this weekend. i love balt, i love s iimone. >> it was an astonishing total, 24 more than second place china overall. among those medallist, justin gatlin. now, gatlin got off the starting blocks fast and bolt showed his legendary kick and won easily. bolt celebrating with a chest beating. he took selfies. he is trying for three golds, three straight olympics. simone biles is the first
6:17 am
american woman to become vault champion. she wants to be the fist to win five golds in a single game. the floor exercise tomorrow. you know, like phelps, biles is leaving her competitors in awe. i was asking one of the swimmers about her race and she immediately answered about katie ledecky. she is so incredible. >> all right. i have to ask you about ryan. we were talking about all of the swimming wins. he had a scary weekend, didn't he? >> he talked to him. he described what had happened. he and three other swimmers, they are his teammates from some of the -- from some of the relays, they were at a party at a hospitality.
6:18 am
the cab gets pulled aside. here is what he said happened. >> who were you with? who pulled you over? >> you know, i was with a couple -- i was with a couple of swimmers. we were coming book and we got pulled over in our taxi and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge. no lights, no nothing. they pulled us over, pulled out their guns and told the others to get down on the ground. i refused. i didn't do anything wrong. i'm not getting down on the ground and the guy pulled out his gun and he packed it and put it to my forehead and said get down. i put my hands up and i was like whatever. he took my money, my wallet.
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>> it sounds absolutely terrifying. security has been an issue here from the very beginning. they are investigating and expect to talk to all four swimmers! good times in rio but stay safe. stay with us for much more from rio. in the next hour you'll have an exclusive interview with billy bush. . plus, coming up this hour i'll be speaking the with katie dedeck sps ysh. i can't. >> it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. mmm peanuts, pecans, cashews.
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. lost everything. they done lost everything. >> thomany of them to the north baton rouge. garrett graves represents a large part of that area. congressman, this is clearly a terrible situation. is the worst over yet? >> in some areas the water is beginning to go down. we are seeing the water still rising as the water runs into the different bayous in this area. >> i think we have a picture of you on a boat helping some of your constituents. have you ever seen it this bad? >> no. i have been here my entire life. i was around for hurricane
6:24 am
katrina. this is certainly a sr. different situation. certainly some of these communities have been arnds for over 100 years and never seen anything like it. >> how would you say the response system is working? >> any time there's a disaster it is impossible to predict what is going to happen. you to overprepare. one of the things that has been awesome about it is the way it has stepped in. my wife woke me up and told me i have to cook bis cutes. we were out until 1:00 a.m. picking folks up. the community. >> and you have seen with meezed
6:25 am
need to be taken. here we are again. how upset or frustrated that more has nt ben't been done alr? >> it doesn't matter who the administration is, we spend more dollars coming in and cleaning up after a disaster than if we immediate it resell yent on the front end. were have been trying to turn things around and and the argument there is you'll spend it expo then s-- exponentially.
6:26 am
you have tens of thousands of homes and businesses flooded. >> a narrative repeating over and over. stay safe. we appreciate all that you do. chaos and protest after a police officer kills a black man. we'll have that next. you've watching msnbc, the place for politics. i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you.
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6:30 am
suspect in kusty. suspec du custody. sources say a suspect being questioned in the murders at a mosque but the investigation is ongoing. donald trump is expected to itline his strategy to defeat isis. they argue the terror group spread dramatically under the li of president obama and hillary clinton. mandatory evacweighs in place as san francisco continues to spread. the city of milwaukee is on edge after yet another night of violent protests. demonstrators and police sent to the hospital. it all started saturday night after a 23-year-old man was shot
6:31 am
and killed by a milwaukee police officer. investigators say this man, mr. smith, turned towards him with a gun in his hand before they opened fire. they have the body cam footage to prove it. i want to bring in professor of law and foreman nypd officer. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> i know we only have limited information and we haven't seen the video yet but about everything that we know does it seem justifiable to you? >> it is hard to say because we have only one side of the story. it is the sort of lack of transparency that we see. i think to settle the unrest, to stop the violent protest simply release the body camera footage and put it to rest exactly what
6:32 am
happened. as you're going to kond to have the public who in the african american community distrusts. >> was it justifiable? >> it is one of the most violent cities in the united states. you have two actively -- it appears to be someone with a weapon, a stolen weapon, and had he have getten ayman who mes where it is. at matly the facts will be out tlchlt they risk information can
6:33 am
go let get real. >>. >> ond are you saying it was justifiable or not. >> the over l ming likelihood, police are not required to get shot first. this is an armed assail lent. >> >> i want to talk more about the city of milwaukee. he said on sunday, quote, stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto. if you're living on one of thee these poorest parts of milwaukee what are you supposed to take away. >> troy to this is when there's
6:34 am
a we no that they are targeted. the fact that there are many things, poverty in the neighborhoods is not then the reason why the police go in and act brutally towards the people who live there. it's two separate issues. it's not let's take the focus ability the police and worry about the condition of african american and we neat as evidenced by living in america and many justice reports are about what's fwoing in theed if
6:35 am
following this in the ghetto. the violence happened because of something that happened. it didn't happen because people wanted to start protesting. >> absolutely right. >> hold on. >> okay. eugene, weigh? . >> there were eight kill wgs in milwauk milwaukee. gun violence is never far away. we have to get real about this and try to find solutions and start doing point scoring. in terms of doj it lacks a ball and knew answer. >> i would expect your reading to be that way. anything that is kating of a
6:36 am
risist will always be on balance. >> excuse me. if we are looking to have progres, is it fair to say you would expect eugene to say this always happens? if we are kpping that how are -- let's not -- he is saying i am talking partisan politics. no. i have five stepsons. i'm living in the reality that you're watching. you're not living in the -- >> take a look at the homicide trackers. >> i looked at all of that. >> take a look at those murdered many mill woke key and just the
6:37 am
way these two african american comes did. it has to become realistic. >> the cops are saving lives out there. >> hold on. >> in the most -- >> okay. >> hold on. >> that have great credit. >> okay. >> hold on. >> to both of you, there are realities that you're both living in, whether it's the perspective of the police which is a reality to per specific uf. sfwh i can just say this? blk men make up 19% of pill wuk key but 90% -- >> 95% of the shooting victims. >> take that fact. >> 95% of the shooting victims. >> take that. >> milwaukee does not have a
6:38 am
wonderful police record. that is a fact. >> milwaukee -- >> that's real. >> it has to be confronted. >> guys we are out of time. >> we have to get real about this. >> milwaukee is a city that the police need us. the residents of milwaukee. right now we have to take a break. hope to have you back soon. >> thank you. whang you. a live report next right after the break
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mmers and programmers i teach them to, so yeah, ge is digital and industrial. so it's indigital. digidustrial. indigenous. shhhh... let's go with digital industrial. for now. digidustrial. yeah. or, digital industrial. notes from her interview could come out soon. nbc is in pennsylvania where hillary clinton and joe biden will be holding a rally later today. i want to start with these notes. do we have any idea what's in
6:42 am
there? >> reporter: so stuff any, these are the notes from secretary clinton's interview with the fbi. important to point out they are notes. it's not the transcripts. i have been talking to sources. they have been ramping up effort to release the notes. we have a witness eswitnesses. because they will be released to lawmakers they could cherry pick what they want to release to the press. if you're going to release the notes release them to the public. important to point out, it is pretty require for these that it has gotten that is one reason
6:43 am
jiems comy is this continues today she will try to turn the page focusing on the campaign with joe biden. >> this is joe biden's hometown. what do we think the vice president's message will be besides support clinton? >> clinton has deep ties here as well. she spent a lot of time here as a child. part of his message will be no major party nominee. obviously prebutting with donald trump is doing to say. right now never that it is here
6:44 am
in ohio too. >> all right. thanks so much. >> all right. we got to move on and take you back to rio. coming up, after four gold medals breaking go world records and dominating the 800 meter free file, what's next? sh e joins me next after the break. miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear has allowed me to fully engage in my life and i'm meeting people. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you.
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i'm not just smiling because we just worked d.j.collad into the show. i'm smiling because ledecky won four gold medals, shattering two world records and completely crushing the competition. i spoke with her a few moments ago about her history-making smash down in rio. good morning, katie.
6:48 am
congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> we are all talking about your massive olympic success but also your 11 seconds. it was is 11 seconds in an 800 meter free. i want you to experience it. we'll play 11 seconds and see how it feels. ♪ >> that's a long time, longer than it took bolt to win his entire race. this 11 seconds is so much bigger than 15 minutes of fame you have got an all access to anything, anyone because of your olympic gold. what do you want? >> i just want to be myself.
6:49 am
i am so happy with how my week went in rio. i am exsielted to get home and celebrate. >> when you go home you'll be at sanford. mieng l phelps said i don't want to get back in the spool and train all day. i will get back in. >> what will those goals be? you have really taken over the world here. >> i will sit down with my coach and set some big goals. i know i can make these next four years special as well. >> watching you and your teammates at the podium, all of those goad medals. i want to talk about what it takes to get there. many people are looking at the
6:50 am
michael phelps, what's it like? >> it is challenging. i have beenpeople. my coach over the past four years has been extraordinary. and i have just had so much fun doing it. i got into the sport of swimming because it was fun and i wanted to meet people and it's taken me all over the world. and i couldn't ask for a better experience here in rio and over the past four years. so i'm just so proud and happy with how this journey has gone and where it's taken me. >> i want to talk about your high school swimming career. you broke every single record in every possible event, except one. 100-meter breaststroke. who won it, and do you want to challenge them? >> no, i don't know. i mean, i'm -- records are made to be broken and i know somebody is going to come along and make my records. there is a good swimmer coming
6:51 am
into high school this year. i know those will fall quickly. >> i want to ask you, the state of maryland, you and michael phelps, both maryland natives. what's in the water in that state? >> yeah, i don't know. i mean, i'm really proud to be from maryland, is and i'm proud of what michael has accomplished in the sport. and just lucky to have a front-row seat. >> 19 years old. when this woman goes home for the olympics, what is she going to do, head to bed, bath and beyond to buy some extra long sheets for the freshman year of college? i love the olympics. you can watch starting at noon eastern here on msnbc. coming up, we go back to the devastating floods in louisiana. of speaking to a key figure who took charge of hurricane katrina. you are watching msnbc. miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every
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6:55 am
what it takes takes to recover. joining me on the phone is lieutenant generous russell honore. thank you for joining me this morning. help us put this into perspective. how does this stack up to katrina in terms of rescues and the destruction. earlier we spoke to republican congressman, garrett graves, who said in that specific region, it's worse than it was in katrina. >> well, not worse. it's equal too. we'll come close to match in terms of the scope of the flooding. and as you know, flooding is our biggest threat in the world. to homes. in this particular case, the way this flood occurred from the constant flow of the rain coming. louisiana is a state of rivers and bayous that generally stay inside their banks. but in this particular case,
6:56 am
we've got -- what's happened over time is that through good intentions, we've gone and occupied some of that space that used to be a flood zone. and unfortunately, a lot of our communities are under water. they include our industry. i mean, our east-west industry, interstate 12 and 10, which is key to the economic prosperity of the nation, and the connectivity and what they all -- key ports between houston and new orleans, all the way into jacksonville, that entire trench system is disrupted. so on top of all of our citizens losing their home and inside those citizens are our first responders. we have lost numerous fire. our salvation army, the biggest -- one of the biggest ones in the south is under
6:57 am
water. so it's having an effect on the community, because the flooding is so widespread, all the way from right outside of new orleans to the texas border, we've got people under water along interstate 10. >> since flooding is to be expected in the state, does the government need to be doing more preventive measures? >> well, i think we're going to have to go back and take a look at that. because it's a little too early. we are a state of bayous and rivers. and along the way, we disrupted that by our own occupancy. things like the interstate system itself disrupted the flood plain. so when it floods down here, unless the interstate is raised, that water has to have a place to go. so we're going to need to reengineer it from an engineer who are in charge of waterways inside the united states to see how we minimize this. this isn't going to be a major burden for the people and for
6:58 am
our government to try to get people back into their homes. these are the very people that operate the chemical plant. and between baton rouge and new orleans. one of the most important industrial areas in america. we make the things that make other things possible. everything from gasoline to oil. so it's a significant part of our economy, and those are the very people that run those plants and keep that flow of supplies going to manufacturing and throughout the united states. so this will have an impact on not just louisiana, but the united states. the president authorized the declaration, but we will be coming back to him again, because we'll need more help as more of the assessments are done on the impact of our people. >> then right now what is the one thing louisiana needs most?
6:59 am
>> well, we need dry weather. we need to continue. unfortunately, our predictions for the next four days is showers. even a shower can disrupt another community and put them back under water. we'll need what we've gotten in the past throughout america, volunteers that -- volunteers help make this search and rescue work. neighbors helping neighbors and people that can help in terms of time or donations that we get those flowing. because there will be a lot of people here that will be caught in a position to try and get back in their homes, because the current federal regulations under fema missed a lot of people in the lower middle class who make over $45,000 a year. they're going to have a hard time getting back in their homes. >> lieutenant, thank you so much for all of the work you have already done. and let's hope mother nature is watching right now. all right. thanks again. that is going to wrap us up for
7:00 am
this hour. i'm stephanie rhule. i'll see you tomorrow. coming up now, more news in rio with chris jansing. thank you, stephanie. good morning, i'm chris jansing in rio de janeiro. we begin in milwaukee, where at least one person was shot and a police officer injured during a second straight night of violent protests over a fatal police shooting. police say protesters threw rocks, bricks and glass bottles at them overnight after they tried to break up an unlawful assembly in the city, sherman park neighborhood. police tweeted out several reports of shots fired, as well as these pictures of one of the police cars damaged by project isles. at one point a car set on fire. the violence erupted saturday night in the wake of a police shooting of an african-american of a police traffic stop. police say 23-year-old smith posed a, quote, credible threat to a pursuing officer but the body cam video has not been


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