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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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party time! party boy! ok, ok. mm hm, party time. hmm, mmm, mmm...
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problem is, the point is, one of the points, is as you mentioned, steve, this is knocking trump for yet another day off his message of how to defeat terrorism, his fight against
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isis and the plan he's going to lay out later today in battleground ohio. what you saw in man fort's statement, was significant in another reason. this is a strategy extra that trump has campaigned in the past to success. trump used it to success in the primaries. but it comes as the "wall street journal" is out with the blistering op-ed telling republicans either trump shapes up or they should give up and focus on keeping the senate majority. writing, as for mr. trump, he needs to stop blaming everyone else, and decide if he wants to behave like someone who wants to be president or turn the nomination over to mike pence. trump's running mate, often called the cleaner-upper-in-chief or clarifier-in-chief. . tax against the media over the weekend. you played some video in the intro of some supporters echoing
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trump's growing anger with the media, engaging with reporters, and what seems anecdotally to be a somewhat more frequent level on the campaign trail as we and myself and other colleagues have noted over the last week or so. trump bashing the press in a series of tweets over the weekend. he said, if the disgusting and tore rupture media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%. presumably meaning 20 points there. so trump believes, according to his words, he would be doing better if it weren't for what he considers unfair coverage. he also tweeted in that series of tweets, i am who i am. essentially confirming exactly the point that some of the stories he doesn't like are saying. that trump is not going to change, that this is trump's campaign and he is going to stick with the strategy that got him this far in the primaries to make the turn to the general election. steve? >> alley jackson in washington.
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thank you for that. for more, let's bring in phillip bump, political reporter for "the washington post" and associate editor at the hill. >> it's interesting that he said if it weren't for the media, i would be up 20 points, blaming media bias. the wall street journal tends to be a pretty pro republican outlet. they said in this piece hallie is talking about, saying, yeah, the media is out to get donald trump. they're out to get every republican. the problem is, donald trump makes it easy for his enemies in a way republican candidate haven't necessarily in the past. >> right. and i think that's true. but i mean, i think it's also important to remember that donald trump got where he is now, he got the republican nomination using the exact strategy that he's using now. going to the media, he's using it the same rhetoric, reaching out to the same folks. it's the same thing he did in the primary. the difference is, the polls are polling different people. if you look just at republican voters, yes, that was enough to get him a plurality of support
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in the republican primary. the problem is, he's doing the same thing but the electorate is different. that's why he's not beating hillary clinton by 20%. people part of the general election electorate aren't responding in the same way the republicans did. so he continues to be -- to be angry about the media. at the same time, he's not running a campaign of his own. he could very much go on tv ads but he's not running tv ads. he's not doing the parts of the campaign that are anything besides media outreach and he's baffled why that's not working. >> yeah, nile, i think that's a key window into trump's thinking. he remembers he went by his instincts in the primaries, won, got the nomination. everybody told him he couldn't. so he might feel a little bit of a -- a little bit of self ass e assuredness because of that. i'm reminded a couple months ago of what paul manafort was telling republicans are, telling republicans, when trump was locking down the republican nomination, hey, he did and said certain things he felt he needed
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to do and say to win this nomination, but he'll be a different candidate in the fall, when you get this tweet from trump today saying i am who i am. we're not seeing any different candidate here, are we? >> no, absolutely not. i mean, donald trump has clearly decided that he should still be himself. "i am who i am" could be the slogan of the trump campaign and he would point to the primary and say, well, if it worked then, i think phillip makes a great point. it's different audiences this time around. and i think a lot of republicans are just frustrated by what they see as a basic lack of competence on the part of the trump campaign, not doing the kind of blocking and tackling of normal presidential campaigns. and really failing to capitalize on some of the weaknesses that hillary clinton does indeed have, a more orthodox candidate wouldn't have created the kind of distractions from her troubles, and could therefore have made a better case. >> and phillip, we say at the top of every one of these shows,
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the number of days left. 85. look, it's a cliche, but a lot of time for donald trump to get back in the race. who knows, maybe he will. it's also a lot of time for a lot more to go wrong when you look at that piece in the "wall street journal" today. what's your sense of what the breaking point is here for republicans on a mass scale to be turning against him? >> well, i think that we've already seen how poll numbers are striving driving the response for donald trump. after the democratic convention as poll numbers started to drop, we saw the big surge of republicans coming out saying they weren't going to support him i think the republican national committee is looking at how this will affect down ballot races, senate races, house races, which, of course, no one thought the house would be in play this year. nonetheless, if they see there is a risk to the senate, if you see there is a risk to the house or gubernatorial races, i think that's going to be the tipping point. and i think what we'll watch for over the course of the next couple weeks, if trump can eat into that national lead that hillary clinton as, has, it seems as though she has passed
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the bounce, and has a lead of at least seven points. if that grows over the next couple weeks, it's hard. >> what do you think of the clinton standpoint of democrats, what do you think their strategy is? they've got the lead and so many things going in their favor right now, not necessarily because of what they're doing, just because of what their opponent is doing. what do they do for the next 85 days? >> i actually wrote about this last week hill, and what democratic strategists are saying, keep the focus on him. i know the idea of a referendum on trump is problematic in some ways. people have argued it would mean hillary clinton would not have that much approval or that much of a mandate if she were elected. but most democrats will settle for that if she wins the election, they worry about the mandate later. they think keep your boot on trump's neck, essentially. >> nile, filphillip, thanks fore
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time. i appreciate it. turning to other "news now," a disaster playing out in louisiana. this after days of rain has forced thousands to flee their homes down there. the live pictures you're looking at here of baton rouge, where at least five people are now confirmed dead. a flood warning in effect for parts of that city. it could see waters rise even higher, despite a break in the weather today. louisiana's governor reporting that some 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes. more than half are waiting in shelters to find out what happens next. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in baton rouge. so gabe, the weather is a little more favorable today. but these conditions no less dire. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, steve. good morning. yes, as you mentioned, the sun is out today. we've got a break in the rain today. many residents here are thankful for that. but as you can see mind me, there is still plenty of water. good news, this water here at this location in east baton rouge is starting to recede. many rivers in louisiana have crested another couple rivers
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expected to do so over the coming days. as we take a look at live drone pictures over this neighborhood -- we were here yesterday morning. when we got here, this street was virtually dry. the water was quickly rising yesterday, as we saw, because the rivers were rising. thankfully now it's starting to come down. as i look around here, still an active scene. residents trying to get back into their home. and i ran into this gentleman, joe. you live in this area, right? >> yes, sir, i live right down boulevard province here. >> reporter: and you were out here yesterday and today you were rescuing folks. >> yes, sir. we've been rescuing people since friday night when the rain began. >> reporter: how devastating has it been to see this much water in your neighborhood. have you ever seen something like this? >> no, i reasonable moved here from florida back in april. and i haven't seen anything like this at all. >> reporter: the governor has said there have been more than 20,000 people rescued over the past couple of days. some 12,000 or so have been in emergency shelters. what have you seen when you went out there to try and rescue some of these folks? what's some of the worst you've seen? >> i saw some elderly people stuck, can't move.
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a lot of that have medical issues. we're trying to get them out, anything they need out, as well. and we have just been dropping them off on sherwood forest, right behind the burger king? so as we move out of the way here, we've got another pickup coming through this water. the water , again, receded a little bit. the advice is, of course, don't drive through high water. if if i can just ask you, your home was flooded out. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: why are you out here? why are you being a good samaritan? >> we've got to help out. regardless of the material things i might have lost, we've got to help out. my wife is a nurse at the hospital, has been there since friday night helping out. and is my daughter is actually stuck oin walker. so i've got to help whoever i can. >> reporter: joe, what's your last name? >> gomez. >> reporter: so nice to meet you. i'll let you get back. the water receded a little bit. we had reports from watson, more than 31 inches fell in watson.
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31 inches in 48 hours. the waters have receded there. residents now assessing the damage, preparing for more rain in the forecast over the next couple days. they say they have seen the worst of it, but they will be assessing the damage from this disaster for quite a while. steve, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, thanks for that. we'll squeeze in a quick break here. still to come, it seems like an eternity ago now, just three weeks ago donald trump left his convention with the lead in some polls. those three weeks have been a total disaster for his campaign, though. of how much of a disaster, we'll head over to the big board and show you what the battleground map looks like now. and the most decorated olympian in history, telling the "today" show he has had his last lap in the pool. and this time michael phelps says he means it. >> i wanted to come back and finish my career how i wanted. and this was a cherry on top of the cake.
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what i would say to you is, this campaign is not over. the american people want change. they know we're on the right track. wrong track. the -- i believe the american people are right in that regard. and i think donald trump, when he's talking about trade, national security, protecting us from immigration and violence and terrorism, those kind of things he's correct on. >> jeff sessions there, the alabama senator and key donald trump supporters say hey, this race is not over. and he's right. there's 85 days to go.
8:19 am
but it has been a rough -- a brutally rough few weeks for drufr. how bad? we're going to head over to the big board to show you. here's what we want to keep in mind. we went into these political conventions a couple weeks ago. trump jumped into the lead in a number of polls after the convention. then the democrats held theirs and since then, donald trump has stepped in a number of controversies. what we're going to look at first, a number of battleground states, we were saying a month ago, competitive, states donald trump was targeting. how many battleground states now? three weeks after the republican convention, are blowouts? look at this. these are battleground states, these are states that trump has said he thought he could flip over. where we have polling in the last week now, that has hillary clinton leading by double digits. not even in striking distance for trump right now in michigan. that always looked like a bit of a reach. he said he could flip it. he's down double digits. ditto for wisconsin, down 15.
8:20 am
how about pennsylvania? donald trump has talked more about flipping pennsylvania than probably any other blue state. he was just this on friday. he's down double digits there. how about colorado? colorado, a state that voted for the republicans. george w. bush as recently as 2004. 14 points in a new nbc news mar rift poll. virginia. virginia was republican for generations until barack obama barely won it in 2008. 2012. now hillary clinton ahead by double digits. again, that's how bad these few weeks have been for trump and new hampshire. new hampshire, you go back a generation, once was a republican state. it has trended democratic. but again, double digits now for hillary clinton. what does this mean for the overall question of the road to 270. the gray states, this is the battleground, the states thought to be in play in this election. if you only color in the states where health care is ahead by double digits, where trump isn't
8:21 am
even competitive. of new hampshire, we just showed you, pennsylvania, we just showed you. michigan, wisconsin, virginia, look at this. colorado. what does that get you? just on the battleground states where hillary clinton is routing donald trump right now, she gets over 270. over the magic number. that is the hole that donald trump is in right now. of he has got to find a path not just to get to 270, but to get competitive in enough states where he could even potentially get to 270. that's where he finds himself a couple weeks after the convention. that's how bad those few weeks have been for donald trump. so with that in mind, let's head over to the desk here and talk to lee miringoff. they do the polls in the key battleground states. states i was just talking about. he did the polls in the last few days. so lee, let's start on virginia. >> yeah. >> colorado. we saw pennsylvania. you guys had that last week, as well. double digit leads here for the
8:22 am
democratic candidate in states that donald trump was targeting and a couple cases that were republican, very recently. specifically what is donald trump losing? where does this drop-off? >> he's losing in several ways. several in the urban areas, suburban areas and cities and states, such that the clinton campaign is actually taking their ads off temporarily, perhaps in virginia and in colorado. but if you look at pennsylvania, same thing. outside philly, outside pittsburgh. the cities and the suburban ring around the cities, very strong for hillary clinton. the strength for donald trump is in the rural parts and among those white voters who do not have a college education. now, the problem in the trump strategy overall in all of this is that hillary clinton does well in the suburbs, well in the cities with minorities, and that's a growing demographic in the population. trump does well with whites who don't have a college education,
8:23 am
and that's been shrinking in the last 20 years or so. so his strategy is framed around a group that's becoming less part of the electorate. hillary clinton is going toward the voters, and that's really helping her out in these critical states. >> and you mentioned the suburbs, too. and it seems like -- i guess the term zero sum game, but that doesn't describe it. donald trump going after the voters you're talking about. the blue collar, rural voters. he's done okay with them, but it's come at the expense of a group of voters, republicans usually do well at. >> that's right. so we have the inversion going on. so hillary clinton is doing better with higher ed indicated, higher income votes. that used to be the bedroom of republicanism in america. that's how they ran up the score. they do it in the term off year elections, but for president, it's a really different shape of the electorate. but i should point out in the numbers, what's been going on from the conventions and since? hillary clinton's numbers have gone up a little bit. largely constant. trump has been on the decline.
8:24 am
so what does that suggest? if trump can by some chance in the remaining 85 days or so get a little traction, he can make some of these states closer. it would not be surprising if it does get a little closer, just because trump's numbers are so down right now. >> you mentioned there were a couple other polls. hillary clinton leading across the board. >> absolutely. >> but closer races in florida -- you had it at 5. iowa was 4 or 5. 4, you had. >> 4. >> and ohio 5. >> single digits. >> when you look at virginia or colorado, it's just exploded in hillary clinton's favor. these states much more competitive. haven't taken off like this. what's the difference? >> fewer folks with high college education, high income. i mean, it's the demography. plug in the demography and you sort of get a picture of the race. look, these states are not as strong for a democrat. florida has been close. we remember what it was -- very close, not too many decades ago. ohio, you've got to sort of win
8:25 am
that to win. that may not be the case. you know, i'm thinking about ohio for a sec. trump's strategy in picking pence, for example, was to do well in the rust belt states. starting with pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, indiana, of course. and what we're seeing in these numbers is that strategy really is not paying dividends at this point. so he's left with kind of a campaign without really a sense of where they're going right now. it's getting a little late in the game to still be trying to figure out what your strategy is, where you're going to start to make in roads. clearly, these are the states, battleground states and right now most don't look like battle grounds at all. >> that's why republicans, we saw in the "wall street journal" piece, are getting to nervous. >> not sure where to turn to pick this up. >> we look forward to the next round of polls. i hope it's soon. i love those numbers. appreciate it. and coming up, u.s. olympic swimmer, ryan lochte and three teammates robbed at gunpoint in
8:26 am
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ham and cheese. cops and robbers. yeah. nachos and karate. ahh. not that one so much. the rest were really good. socks and shoes. ok, ricky... all right. welcome back. here are your head lines at the half hour right now. hillary clinton and donald trump both hitting the campaign trail today. ahead of a national security speech planned for this afternoon. donald trump in ohio, taking on the media over a report of his campaign chairman's alleged ties to russia. he's expected to outline a plan to fight isis in his speech, blaming the group's rise on president obama and former secretary of state, hillary clinton. clinton, meanwhile, set to appear with the vice president, joe biden, about an hour from now. she's trying to shore up support in biden's backyard, scranton,
8:30 am
pennsylvania, where he was -- where he grew up. highlighting plans for the middle class and the economy. . in louisiana, waters still rising where flatting has killed at least five people. flood watch extended in the capital of baton rouge, until this afternoon. milwaukee police are analyzing body camera video footage from a fatal police shooting that set off violence in the city over the weekend. cops killed a man saturday who had fled from a traffic stop armed with a semi automatic handgun. there were peaceful protests over the weekend, disrupted by scuffles, some of which left one person shot and a police officer injured. islamic prayer service being held today for an i am man and aide gunned down in no. a suspect is being questioned. but there is still no official word on the motive. and 12-time olympic medalist, ryan lochte, robbed at gunpoint in rio over the weekend. sharing his story exclusively with nbc's billy bush. >> we got pulled over in our
8:31 am
taxi. and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing. just a police badge. they pulled us over, they pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. i refused. i was like, "we didn't do anything wrong, so i'm not getting down on the ground." and the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said get down. and i put up my hands and was like, whatever. he took our money, my wallet. >> now, lochte and three other swimmers were leaving a party hosted by france in an upscale neighborhood of rio. the robbery is just one of several instances of street crime against athletes and staff that are now coming to light. and a shooting scare at new york's jfk airport. two terminals are locked down
8:32 am
last night after a woman reported hearing gunfire. one theory, it was actually cheering from travelers who were watching the olympics. we are also right now following some breaking news, just learning about from over in yemen, an air strike hit a hospital in the northern part of that country at a facility run by doctors without borders. msnbc's kyle perry, is putting the details together for us. he joins us now. cal, what to we know? >> reporter: this follows a string of bloody air strikes that have killed civilians in yemen. we understand, according to the associated press, they're sourcing a senior yemeni official who says at least 20 people killed or wounded at this hospital, which was hit directly. they're saying by the saudi-led coalition. saudi arabia has a coalition of nine arab countries, fighting off houthi rebels. this follows an air strike on saturday, that the u.n. condemned, which killed 10 children. this is the ongoing problem in
8:33 am
yemen, 13 million people are in need of, quote, immediate assistance. steve? >> cal perry, keeping tabs. thanks for that. turn back to politics when we come back. you remember the drama at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. debbie wasserman schultz, dnc chair, forced out that week and now fighting for her political life back in her home district in florida. her challenger with the primary coming up quickly. her challenger is going to join us, next. you don't know this yet but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them.
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♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. debbie wasserman schultz is back in florida, fighting for her political life. it was just a few weeks ago as you might remember that she was expecting to bask in the spotlight at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. but in an unprecented move, she was forced to step down as the head of the dnc, just as that
8:37 am
convention was to start. bernie sanders had been calling for her removal, accusing her of rigging the primary for hillary clinton. but when leaked e-mails revealed there had indeed been favoritism by the dnc for clinton over sanders, wasserman-schultz was out. she then returned to florida, facing a challenge in the democratic primary from political newcomer, tim conova. bernie sanders is helping him raise money. he has been pushing debbie wasserman schultz to a debate. finally got his wish yesterday. >> she has become a co sponsor in july 2016. that is the truth. >> it's very, very clear. >> her record is clear that she -- >> silly argument. >> it's not silly. joining me now, tim conover, challenger of debbie wasserman schultz in florida. we should say, this district, it's broward, miami-dade. you're down there in south florida. look, the national story
8:38 am
everybody remembers was the drama at the dnc in philadelphia, debbie wasserman schultz had been planning to preside over the convention, deliver a speech. she stepped down when the e-mails came to light that showed, yeah, the dnc staffers had been basically on team clinton, didn't like bernie sanders that much. that's what happened a month ago. how has that affected your race in that district? has it affected it at all? >> it has. we were already doing very well putting together a great campaign. but her disgraceful down fall from the dnc has really undermined her credibility here in the district. her popularity has taken a nosedive. it's created a great opening for the campaign, and we had already been building a great campaign. it seems like she hasn't learned anything from the shame of how she happened the democratic national committee. she had talked about having one debate with me. she said she was negotiating with my camp. we never heard from her. next we hear she's got a friendly tv station that has a
8:39 am
sunday morning debate at 8:00 in the morning when everyone will be in church. the same kind of thing. she doesn't want a debate in prime time. she has already rejected any followup debates. we had invitations from american tv, the leading hispanic television station in south florida. the southern christian leadership council, and two other outlets have invited us to debate. she doesn't want to go anywhere near these issues that deal with the hispanic and african-american communities, however. >> i have to say, though, i took a look at your district in the primary and the presidential primary. it voted -- we can put this up on the screen. clinton beat sanders by 38 points down in your congressional district there in florida. i have to say, i look at that and i say, if the accusation is that debbie wasserman schultz and the dnc had their thumb on the scale on behalf of hillary clinton, from her standpoint, this is a good district to be accused of that in, isn't it? >> no, not at all, actually. bernie sanders did not do well here in south florida, but he never really showed up.
8:40 am
for whatever reasons, his campaign didn't feel they had resources, no field office in my district and one in south florida. and at the time, i do think the sanders' campaign had limited resources. but take a look at what's happened since wasserman schultz's disgraceful exit. the polls now showing that bernie sanders' popularity in this district is over 80%. over 30 points higher than debbie wasserman schultz's popularity, still in a nosedive. and why is bernie sanders popular here now in south florida? because people realize he could have blown up the party, walked away from the convention. instead he did the statesman-like thing and trying to unite the party. debbie wasserman schultz, however, is a divider. she is going to just drag down the democratic ticket around here. people are leaving the party because of her, all over the country. what's interesting aut my district is in the last several months, we have gotten thousands of republicans and independents to change their registration to
8:41 am
democrat to vote for me. of we're expanding the party. if i win on august 30th -- when i win on august 30th, i'll be in a position to help this party grow and to help the democratic ticket in november. this is one of the bluest districts and bluest counties in the entire state of florida, and we have had among the lowest voter turnouts because of wasserman-schultz for years. >> the message you're saying there, is give me some flashbacks. that sounds a lot like bernie sanders' themes. of have you talked to bernie sanders? would you want him to come down and campaign for you? >> we are in discussions and it's a real possibility. if i sound like bernie sanders, it's because we do share the same kind of progressive agenda. and this what wasserman-schultz does not want to debate. we talked about social security and expanding it. i'm also against bad trade deals. i also think the federal reserve should be helping pension funds, multiemployer pension funds and public sector pension funds, the same way it helped wall street.
8:42 am
we should have reform of bankruptcy laws so judges can help revive under water mortgages. we never dealt with that. and we should have fundamental labor law reforms and repeal the taft tartly act and help unionize. this is a robust agenda that my campaign has, and she can't hold a candle to it. >> all right, tim canova in south florida. we should mention, we invited debbie wasserman schultz to appear on the show, as well. she declined. still ahead, donald trump facing a tremendous problem in utah. we're going to speak with the state's former three-term republican governor after this. use frozen beef from far away. that's 9,429 miles away. wendy's only uses fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. then add six strips of bacon, cooked fresh in an oven never a microwave. topped with plenty of... (all together) cheese!
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it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. we've got to get people out to vote. and especially in the states where we're represented -- having a tremendous problem in utah. utah is a different place. and i don't know if -- is anybody here from utah? i mean, it's -- i didn't think
8:46 am
so. we're having a problem. >> donald trump speaking on fray about his troubles in the deep red state of utah. there may be no bigger surprise on that electoral map right now than what's going on in utah. this is a state that voted for mitt romney by more than 50 points. by nearly 50 points in 2012. could this be the first time in more than a half century that utah votes for a democrat for president? joining me now, former three-term republican governor, mike levy vitt, made himself available to advise the trump campaign on a possible presidential transition. he also served as the secretary of health and human services in george w. bush's administration. governor leavitt, secretary levity, i don't know. i should have researched what the official title is for somebody in your position. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. let me just start on the question of utah. you're out there right now, know the state well. this is a place where donald
8:47 am
trump only got 13% in the caucuses a few months ago, ted cruz. no worse state than utah. we have seen polls right now that have him running well under 40% in utah. i saw in one of the polls, 14% of utah voters right now said they plan to write in mitt romney's name. where does donald trump have such a problem in utah? >> first, i think people often misunderstand utah why logically. they think of it as being a far right state. the truth is, utah is very much center right. utah is also a place that was founded by people who came to utah looking to escape religious persecution. and that walked 1,400 miles to get here to find that freedom. and therefore, i think a bit sensitive about some of the
8:48 am
positions that might have been taken by mr. trump on matters such as immigration. i also think they're a place -- this is a state that people are sensitive about temperament. and that they'll be wary of a candidate that may not show the dignity that they believe that the presidency requires. >> i mentioned that poll too, that shows there is a lot of goodwill toward mitt romney in utah. that a number of people saying unprompted they plan to write him in. that's staggering. i can't think of seeing that before. you know mitt romney a little bit. clearly, he's not a fan of donald trump, he's not about to support donald trump. do you think he's going to weigh in and make an endorsement, though? a lot of people wondering if he would back the libertarian candidate. >> i don't know whether he will or won't. i think it's important to point out that donald trump, while he's not doing as well as you would expect, he is ahead. and i think it's also safe to say that he has to be careful here. because it is possible that a
8:49 am
democrat could win this, or particularly if there are people who are not showing up for the republican party. so i think it's also clear to say that if trump is having problems in a state like utah, he'll have trouble in other places. we're still 85 days away from the election. a lot can happen. there's a lot of moving parts right now. i think utah is a curiosity, but at this point, there is a lot of history still to be written. >> and how about you? where do you stabbnd on this. you know something about transitions. you said you could give advice, counsel to either campaign on how that perspective transition would work. but in terms of supporting a candidate, donald trump, where do you stand on him right now? >> well, i have made myself available, because of my experience in transitions to several campaigns. i've advised the -- given advice to the clinton campaign and trump campaign. i'm like a lot of people. i wish there was a crisp answer for that question.
8:50 am
i -- i would like to vote for a republican candidate. i'm still looking for the reason to do it. >> all right. michael levitt, former governor of utah. thanks for
8:51 am
8:52 am
one day, history was made. number 21 in the books. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday.
8:53 am
welcome, to it all. comcast. history made yet again at the rio olympics, and michael phelps is insisting this is it. he is done with competition after this. nbc's chris jansing is live in rio right now, so chris, they all say that all the great athletes say that half of them come back at some point. michael jordan probably
8:54 am
unretired two or three times. does he really mean it, though? >> reporter: done, done, done for now. at least that's what michael phelps is saying. the rio games will be his last. he stopped by the "today" show to talk about his historic there can career that he says did end saturday night in the 400-meter medley relay. today he told matt lauer, this time when he says he's retiring he really means it. phelps won five gold medals here in rio, bringing his grand total to 28 medals over the sponsor of five olympic games. now to the track and jamaica's usain bolt living up to his name, electrifying the crowd with his gold medal win yesterday in the 100-meter race. american, justin gatlin, did give bolt a run for his money in the first half of the race, but in the end, bolt sprang ahead, celebrating with his trademark lightning bolt pose. he defends his title as world's fastest man and becomes the first to win three gold medals in the 100 meters. american sprinter allyson
8:55 am
felix, won the 400-meter semi finals last night, all while recovering from an ankle injury, if you can believe it. if felix wins tonight, she will have more gold medals than any other woman in track and field history. simone biles proving she is unstoppable. the american gymnast going for her fourth gold this afternoon when she takes to the balance beam. yesterday easily took gold on the vault, becoming the first american woman to win gold in that event. unfortunately, things did not go as well for 41-year-old uzbekistan vaulter, who had already been celebrating for making to the olympics, oldest athlete to ever compete by far. she tried a trick with such a high chance of injury that simone biles won't even try it. her coach once said not because simone doesn't have the power, but because she doesn't want to die. hence the name, the vault of death.
8:56 am
a front hand spring, two front somersaults. she landed on her shins. good news, she was uninjured. and finally, check out sara ro robalist, first weight lifting medal in 16 years, took the bronze yesterday in the over 75 kilogram category. i spoke with her last hour about what it's like to do what she does. >> you do these things, it's like people can't even possibly conceive doing. my -- i talked to my grandma on the phone last night. there is no way anybody can pick that up off the ground, how, how, how? and i'm able to throw it over my head. so doing seemingly impossible is a lot of fun to me. and defying the laws of gravity is a fun activity me. >> reporter: alex standing next to her won bronze, the first american to win a medal in the vault. steve? >> all right, chris jansing in rio. that is an amazing picture. i can't imagine lifting all of that weight either. i couldn't lift probably one
8:57 am
tenth. chris in rio, that's going to do if for us this hour. straight ahead, the olympics from rio. pick it up right here on msnbc, and i'll be back in a few hours, "mtp daily" at 5:00. see you then. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders.
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