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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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donald trump heading to wisconsin to court voters there, plagued the campaign all along. this time there appears to be signs of party unity. governor walker said he'll attend three of the four events today. a week ago they skipped the trump appearance in green bay over not endorsing paul ryan in the primary. wisconsin was also home to one of trump's worst losses to ted cruz in the republican primaries. walker says trump needs to stay away from petty politics and keep focus squarely on hillary clinton. >> if donald trump can keep the focus on her and give speeches like he gave yesterday where he clearly lays out a presidential approach as to how to address important issues like the security and safety of our nation, he can win. if he gets off on other issues, it's much more difficult. >> trump earned positive remarks for the speech on goveterrorism mostly because trump stayed on
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message. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment as said by bernie sanders, stability and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. those who are guests in our country, that are preaching hate, will be asked to return home immediately and if they don't do it, we will return them home. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. >> all right. so let's get to work. we have two reports on how each campaign views the current battleground map and we say good morning first to halle jackson chris crossing the country covering the trump campaign and the new nbc survey monkey out
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showing trump down. what can you tell us about the state of trump, party relations and show of unity. >> reporter: not expected to be there by reince priebus but we have seen him pop up on the campaign trail, even just last week, rather unexpectedly and not something that's ruled out but when you talk about the state of the party, i want to talk about the survey monkey polling that's out today. but first, when you look broadly at where the republican party is, you have to look at vulnerable senators, people in the races on the republican ticket who have, frankly, the most to lose if donald trump loses in a landslide and people like pat toomey, even, for example, senator marco rubio and asked about his support. even after the republican national convention. rubio was asked again about the support for the nominee. listen to what he had to say.
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>> you don't think -- >> look. i told you guys i stood by everything i said in my campaign. we are in a different place now. now we have a binary choice. there are two people in the world that are going to be the next president, either donald or hillary. >> reporter: it's interesting, thomas, because that is something you hear a lot from conservatives, from republicans, particularly, in washington. this idea it's as rubio put it binary choice and the option of selecting hillary clinton is less palatable than choosing donald trump. you have seen a number of high-profile republicans saying the opposite, frankly. i think, for example, susan collins saying she couldn't support trump and couldn't vote for clinton either and may write somebody in. you take a look at why that is. our polling is revealing more about the concerns that folks have about trump as a candidate. he talked about temperament and fitness for office. on temperament, on the
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personality to serve, 17% of people, only 17% of people believe that that is a phrase that describes donald trump. cares about people like you. 19%. shares your values, 23%. honest and trustworthy, 16%. people who said none of the above describe donald trump actually make up the majority, thomas. this is what he needs to if he's going to have a shot at winning over the voters in key battleground states, this is the perception that he needs to change. i say this standing in wisconsin. not a key battleground state at this point. hillary clinton holds a wide lead here. but it's a state that trump is again back in. he was here just about a week and a half ago and trying to make a play, but an uphill batting for him. >> there's still the green party, the libertarian party and over the weekend the news that evan mcmillen on the track. options for other people besides hillary or donald. nbc's halle jackson.
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go for it. >> reporter: thomas, i always want to say more things but i would note that what people like rubio talk about acknowledging the presence of other candidates in the race realistically, the person elected president comes from one of the two major parties if history holds. >> thank you. i look forward to hearing what you have to say next time. president obama addressed supporters at a fund-raiser saying, quote, if we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake. he also took a dig at trump saying i don't have to make the case against her opponent because every time he talks he makes the case against his own candidacy. christen walker is following the race and we're learning more about the transition team. if hillary clinton is to secure the white house come november. >> reporter: that's right. we're learning that ken salazar, the former interior secretary to head up that transition team. but they have really recruited
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some big names including the former national security adviser to president obama, also jennifer granholm, former governor to michigan. so certainly an all-star cast of democrats up heading up the transition team. the timing makes sense. if you look back to 2012, that's when mitt romney announced his transition team in june. so this is about the time you would expect this coming from secretary clinton. and it comes as she's rallying african-american voters here at a get out the vote rally in philadelphia. they're going to be critical to her securing the state right now. she has a double-digit lead here. yesterday, thomas, she was campaigning for the first time with vice president biden at scranton and targeting works class, blue collar voters and vice president resonates so well with and secretary clinton herself taking an aim at donald trump on his foreign policy. take a listen to what she had to say. >> sometimes he says he won't
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tell anyone what he'll do because he wants to keep his plan, quote, secret. and then it turns out the secret is he has no plan. and that was very clear when he said, i know more about isis than the generals. no. no, donald. you don't. >> reporter: now, again, secretary clinton really targeting working class, blue collar voters, really donald trump's remaining area of strength so she is trying to sort of cut him off there not only in pennsylvania but she is hoping in a place like neighboring ohio, as well. again, today's event, all about getting out the vote on election day and she has a big lead here, the campaign saying they can't take that for granted. >> they're pulling back the ad spending. how does that all add up? >> reporter: well, look. they're redirecting some of their resources from some of these state where is they're feeling more confident. the clinton campaign and the
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superpac supporting hillary clinton, the clinton campaign suspending the ad spending in virginia and pennsylvania temporarily but when you look at her superpac, also suspended the ad spending temporarily in virginia, pennsylvania and colorado, at least through much of september. and again, redirecting it to other battleground states where they feel as though the polls are a lot closer. you heard halle talk about the survey monkey poll, take a look because we're actually -- it has some warning signs for secretary clinton, as well. including permit and temperament. 42% say that that best describes her. cares about people like you, 23%. here's the real concerns if you're within the clinton campaign. sharing your values, annual 20% say she shares their values and lower mark on honesty and trustworthy at 11%. 52% of vote earls saying none of the above. we talk about that issue of
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trustworthiness, particularly relates to the e-mail controversy. it is something that she's still struggling very much to put behind her heading into the fall, thomas. >> all right. kristen walker in philadelphia, where hillary clinton will be later today. thank you. joining us is hugh hewitt and supporter of donald trump. good to have you with me this morning. wisconsin, a part of trump 15-state strategy. troubled the campaign. ted cruz able to win the primary there and looking back at 2012, romney won the stronghold that surround milwaukee by 15 points. trump there has less than 2 points ahead. is it too late to win back disgruntled republicans there or can he show something in wisconsin that the rest of the country might be inspired by? >> big news of the morning is scott walker out on the stump with donald trump. donald trump and scott walker had an uneasy relationship early
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on. scott walker dropped out to make sure that donald trump wasn't the nominee and now they have come together. you have ron johnson in a tough battle with russ feingold, as well. you have mike gallagher, a terrific would be congressman in the area. they have a great slate of candidates. they have problems in milwaukee, as we saw over the weekend. there's also the fact that wisconsin's been home for four or five statewide elections and a half dozen years. every single voter is known as identified, a question of who will show up. some of the survey monkey data that came out that halle was talking about also shows that hillary clinton has the terrible numbers on likability, honesty, understands people like me. so she's by no means a strong candidate. the blue wall is very big but it's very thin. and it's very thin in a lot of different places. and even though the clinton campaign fed the story today about the superpac suspending
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advertising in pennsylvania, where is she? in philadelphia. where was donald trump yesterday? youngstown and covers part of the pennsylvania media market in sharon which is a city of 15,000 not far from erie which is the fourth largest or fifth largest city in pennsylvania. they're both playing for p.a. both playing for ohio and all playing for wisconsin. if i'm a trump person, i'm most disheartened by the virginia numbers. "the washington post" with a poll out today showing even among military voters in the commonwealth, donald trump is down by 8 points. so i was arguing on my radio show this morning, i'll continue to argue, donald trump needs to name the cabinet, present himself as a governing choice, as someone to bring 3,000 people with him to washington as every president gets to bring 3,000 appointees, name a supreme court that will keep the court in balance and not hard left as hillary would do. he has a lot of time. 85 days is an eternity in politics. she has fragile numbers and staying -- i don't expect to see
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him anywhere but michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania and maybe north carolina and florida occasionally. it's a six-state race. >> joe biden on the trail yesterday with hillary clinton, he is going to focus on three states and battleground states of ohio, florida and pennsylvania. he took apart ripping at donald trump's foreign policy speech. i just want you to take a listen to how the vice president characterized it. >> i was proud. my son bo served for an a year in iraq. came back a highly decorated soldier. i must tell you -- no. i must tell you that donald trump as president i would have thrown my body in front of him. no, i really mean it. to keep him from going if the judgment is based on trump's decision. >> talking a second ago about the issue of military supporters for donald trump. and he has some issues there. some weaknesses among that voting bloc. what do you make of donald trump's speech on foreign policy and national security that we
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witnessed? >> well, let me first comment about the vice president. bo biden who was the attorney general of delaware so beloved by republican attorneys general when i attended an event last year, he received a moment of silence and then a standing ovation. bo biden was much loved by everyone across the spectrum. i think he would have served under whichever commander in chief and i question the characterization and proud to send his son wherever the army needed him. i would say that vice president biden referred to by former secretary of defense gates not having been right about a single major foreign policy issue in america for four decades and joe biden critiquing the foreign policy is not exactly a thor's hammer throw against your credibility. i like the youngstown speech, the speech at the penguins of youngstown state university very measured. it lacked the cavalier energy that donald trump gets when he goes off roading but at the same
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time it delivered a coherent message to vet very securely and made a devastating -- >> it's extreme vetting, hugh. >> yeah. >> which he didn't break down in terms of how to do it and the cost that would go along with it. >> well, the cost is insignificant compared to a terror attack. if you extremely vet the people of san bernardino who murder -- >> do you think the cost of turning america into a surveillance state, not just vetting but the cost of surveillance beyond, right? >> well, we already -- >> keeping a tail on people -- basically immigrants, keeping a tail on them if they -- >> no, no, no. that's not what he is suggesting. president obama has a vast surveillance state. the snowden revelations snow that president barack obama kept and built on what george w. bush put in place. what trump is talking about is extreme vetting before you get to the country, of the sort that would have stopped the san bernardino killer from getting
7:15 am
into the united states. and that is expensive. but i think americans will support it. i certainly -- i believe if donald trump can get the conversation to be about vetting versus not vetting, he'll win. >> talking about one of the san bernardino killers. the woman who married the american-born killer. >> yes. >> who married someone from overseas, brought her in on a visa. these are all kind of different snare traps to potentially especially if the hostile language is used wouldn't you consider some of the language donald trump used hostile over the campaign and might snare himself since he is the child of an immigrant mom who was from scotland that married his dad that was american born? >> no. >> why? >> it's a winning issue f. you say extreme vetting of people coming from the war zone in syria, americans will agree with you because there is no way to figure out who is and who is not a risk. looking at the attacks that have been occurring, i think he said 84 days in europe, i can think of nice, france.
7:16 am
i can think of brussels. i can think of bangladesh. istanbul. i can think of where all sorts of isis driven or inspired attacks occurred. the people don't care about cost. what they kacare about is temperament. he loses on temperament issues. i would like to see hillary clinton come out and say is she against vetting syrian refugees. she wants to bring refugees in as do a number of republicans if they're appropriately voted. but the secretary of state hasn't given a press conference in what? a couple of years. like eight years. i'm exaggerating, thomas. she stays away from the media because the media is doing the work for her of going after donald trump on every statement and giving her a free pass. she ought to be asked what her opinion is on vetting. she ought to be asked what her opinion is on the san bernardino fiancee and nice. these are the debates that we'll have in the fall and i continue to as i said last night a different forum, i'm beginning
7:17 am
to think she skips the debates because if the pollings like the ones out of virginia continue to grow, she doesn't have any upside in doing the debates. >> she agreed to the debates first and set out by the council. donald trump tried to not confirm the dates. i want to be clear. she confirmed she'll be there for all throw. >> she said she would accept -- >> and the dates. >> trump is arguing with them. >> right. she accepted the dates. >> i tnk she'll try to back away. we'll see. >> great to have you on. thank you. north carolina officials asking the u.s. supreme court to put a hold on a ruling that truck down the controversial voter i.d. law. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins me now with more on this. good morning. >> what the lawyers for north carolina basically say to the supreme court is let's not change horses in the middle of the stream, let's not have new rules to confuse the voters. specifically, they want a hold on three elements of the decision by the 4th circuit of
7:18 am
appeals last month that struck down what many consider the toughest voter i.d. law in the country. a hold on the voter i.d. part of that ruling, that said the state was too restrictive on which voter i.d.s to honor. they want a stay on the rule that said you have to allow 17 days of early voting instead of 10. and on the part of the ruling that said north carolina has to allow preregistration of 16-year-olds. they said that this is just going to cause confusion to change the rules already after they have been changed once. notably, thomas, missing from the supreme court petition here to take this case and issue this emergency ruling is the state attorney general of north carolina. the governor's on this and three private law firms that the state hired and the state attorney general already indicating he has trouble with the north carolina law so he's not going to defend it, thomas. >> pete williams reporting from d.c. on this breaking news for us out of north carolina, thank you, pete. ahead for everybody, the
7:19 am
catastrophic devastation in louisiana. at least seven people dead after massive flooding there that forced tens of thousands to flee their homes and towns. >> what are we looking at right here? >> one of the shopping centers. and clearly, you know, a major retail area here is compromised. >> we're going to take you live to baton rouge and who will be in the bull's eye next. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does.
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we're updating you on the raging wild fooirls of northern california. police have arrested a 40-year-old man on suspicion of arson. there he is. 175 homes have been destroyed by the wildfire as firefighters continue to battle the blaze that is still only about 10% contained but i want to check on that with jo ling kent, she is
7:23 am
following the story for nbc and joins me now with the very latest. jo ling, is that right? 10% contained or less? >> reporter: well, better news, actually. 20% now contained so this wildfire moving away from residential areas. it scorched about 4,000 acres, 175 homes. so it's good news for the community as they start to assess the damage. it is charred. you can see behind me, there's property here. we're in downtown lower lake. that was just ravaged on sunday and sunday afternoon so what we're looking at here, too, a developing news on an alleged arsonist. 17 counts of arson. the name's name is damin pashilk. he's a resident of this community and community members are talking about why would someone do this to a community until very recently it avoided wildfires and community reaction. we're -- there's going to be a board of supervisors meeting today to go over what will
7:24 am
happen and pashilk will be in court tomorrow to be arraigned. meanwhile, the winds have really calmed down over 24 hours so we're feeling a lot less ash in the air. and so, hopefully this means that the recovery efforts begin in earnest. there are so many fire trucks, more than 1,400 across california trying to battle the blaze and get things done. >> hopefully they continue to extinguish it. jo ling kent there for us in california. we shift to a different story from fires to flooding, it's been five days for folks in louisiana with rescues across the state. how much longer will residents be threatened by the high floodwaters? we'll take you live for the latest next. 's bachelor party. i don't need a sword, i'm a firemaid. ding dong! i'm going to give this place a killer review. i don't know, i just always thought maybe my bachelor party would be a little less g-rated. wench! ahhh! ahhh hahaha...
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7:28 am
inundated with water. gabe gonzalez is in baton rouge for us. explain and update what's taking place with rescue missions for folks that have been stranded. >> reporter: hi there, thomas. good morning. well, what's happening right now is that all this water that fell over the past few days, over the weekend here in louisiana, is moving south and neighborhoods and areas south of baton rouge as well as several parishes having to deal with the new flooding threat as the water moves downstream. now, we can take a live look from a drone we have here and you get a perspective for the scope of this devastation. this neighborhood in south baton rouge, and this is an area that flooded over the weekend, this water is still lingering and today we have seen several residents trying to get back into their homes by boat trying to salvage what they can. but, thomas, as you mentioned, thousands of people were evacuated over the weekend. more than 10,000, really more than 11,000 or so spent part of
7:29 am
the weekend in emergency shelters. still thousands of them there. this is a desperate situation in louisiana. at least seven people confirmed dead and more than 20,000 people have been rescued so far, thomas. >> gabe gonzalez reporting there in baton rouge for us. i want to go to rich weber, the director of homeland security for ascension parish, louisiana. joins us now on the phone. richard, as just heard from gabe gonzalez there, ascension is preparing for all this water that's coming south, basically where he was standing. how are people in terms of the coast guard and other people on the ground ready to help those that might get unindated by what we see here? >> obviously, we are coordinating with the state and federal partners to bring an incident and operational control. reportedly at in the parish just north of us and what we're looking at is the border between those two par initials i. we coordinated with the national weather service this morning. we have an area protected by
7:30 am
levies. the height is 14.5 pete feet and the river crested yesterday at 17.5. until it's down we won't see relief from the flooding within our area. >> the levees there for ascension, how many were overtopped by water? all of them overtopped by the water or did some hold? >> most of them hold. it's no breaches and what we're looking at is an overtopping and going into the levee protection areas of the parish so when it gets in there, you know, now the levees begin to hold the water in and makes it more difficult to get it in. we have put out press releases over a couple of days and it is comi to fruition what we told our residents, where the risk areas would be. all of our low lying inland waterw waterways. waning away from the rescue operations. using the high water vehicles to bring residents back into areas that are surrounded by water that need to get in and out of their residence and right now we are looking at beginning to
7:31 am
process into the next phase of the operation which is the human services pieces. and that's -- which is also -- >> very important phase. >> as we speak. we have a shelter open at the expo center. we have about 800 people in it. working closely with the american red cross, doing a great job out there getting shower trailers and laundry trailers in. lamar dixon expo center and quite a few companion animals and coordinating with the state partners s ts to take care of animals and livestock. >> i know you talked about, real fast, the areas but what's the critical time period for folks? next 24 to 48 hours or potentially longer oral less? >> it's -- at least another 48 hours. you know, with the predictions from the national weather service, this is unprecedented. never seen a crest recede slower an this one is doing and we can expect this level of water to stay for the next couple of
7:32 am
days. we want our residents to remain vigilant. do not be complacent. the risk areas identified, what we want them to keep the roads clear and let them do what they're trained to did. >> for folks you've been in flont of and lived through this, i think of a decade ago for katrina, a lot of these folks are living through the same thing, kind of cycle after cycle. we refer to it as the worst since superstorm sandy but this is probably the worst it's be there flooding-wise in 1,000 years. 1,000-year storm flood. >> the residents here, you know, their entire life, the floods of '83, it's exponentially exceeds anything we have seen. >> richard weber, director of homeland security for ascension parish, sir, we are going to let you get back to work but thank you for your time. >> it's critical to get the information out. thank you for what you do. >> thank you. back on the campaign trail
7:33 am
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and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back. hydro boost... from neutrogena®. see what's possible. the rise of isis is the direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. >> so donald trump has backed off his much maligned comments that barack obama and hillary clinton were the founder and co-founder of isis. but as you just heard there, he blamed them for the rise of the terror group in the major foreign policy speech from youngstown, ohio. here to help us fact check that speech is editor angie holland. let's start with that statement right there. donald trump says the rise of isis is direct result of policy
7:37 am
decisions made by president obama and hillary clinton. true or false? >> this is distorted. the terrorist group we call isis was forming right after the iraq war during the bush administration. in 2004, the group was coming together. in 2006, it was quite active. it's had a number of name changes over the years. now, some people blame president obama for not leaving more troops in iraq. but that was a negotiation started during the bush administration and included the iraq government which didn't really want to have a lot of american troops staying in the country anyway. so, way more complicated and not a direct result. >> president bush signed into action what was going to take place with the troop drawdown, correct? >> it was bush's agreement and then obama inherited it. >> okay. he criticized the hillary clinton iraq war vote. take a listen. >> i was an opponent of the iraq war from the beginning.
7:38 am
a major difference between me and my opponent. >> all right. so i know the answer to this already but you tell us what you found. >> that is not supported by the factual record. he keeps saying this. it's a standard part of the stump speech. we haven't found any remarks from 2002 time period where he opposed the iraq war. and there's even an interview with howard stern in that time where stern asked him, do you support this war that's about to happen? he says, yeah, i guess so. that doesn't sound like opposition to the iraq war. we rated this false a number of times. it seems to stay in his speeches. >> all right. so finally, donald trump did talk about what he would call extreme vetting about immigration and he criticized clinton's immigration policy. take a look at this. >> by contrast, my opponent wants to increase, which is unbelievable, no matter who you are, no matter where you come
7:39 am
from, wants to increase the flow of syrian refugees by 550% over what they are now. >> so this is another line we have heard from trump on the stump a lot s. that true? >> on the number he's correct. she does say the united states should accept more refugees. we're talking about a baseline right of about 10,000 being admitted. she says we should increase it to 65,000. so he's right on that aspect. now, he talks about a vetting process. there is a vetting process in place right now that clinton supports. and it takes several years, it involves the united nations, it involves the united states federal government security agents, agencies. so to say -- so there is a vetting process that would be followed along with this increase in refugees. >> a multi-layered vet process i think takes years to complete. angie holan, thank you so much.
7:40 am
appreciate you breaking it down for us. we have donald trump's camp pushing back on new questions about his campaign chair's work in ukraine. disputing a "the new york times" report that manafort received millions from a pro-russia political party. i'm going to speak with a former u.s. ambassador to russia calling him his murky past. first, a piece of history in las vegas tumbling down in the middle of the night. that is controlled implosion for the rivera hotel and casino. the first high-rise on the vegas strip and makes way for a convention center expansion. ach. so yeah, ge is digital and industrial. so it's indigital. digidustrial. indigenous. shhhh... let's go with digital industrial. for now. digidustrial. yeah.
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7:44 am
ledger documenting an off the books payment of more than $12 million to manafort of ukraine's former pro-russian president. according to "the times" they have yet to determine if he received that money. manafort is blasting "the times" story telling nbc, quote, i have never received a single off the books cash payment or done work for ukraine or russia. the suggestion that i accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly and nonsensical. donald trump's attitud of russia is a big political issue. yesterday trump said russia could be a partner in the fight against isis. so joining me right now, msnbc contributor, former ambassador to russia, michael mcfall. good to have you with us. the clinton campaign, they jumped out on this story calling out what it calls troubling
7:45 am
connections. what is your characterization? how do you read it? >> paul manafort worked for mr. yanukovych. that's a fact. not an alleged statement. that's a fact. what we don't know is how he was paid and how much he was paid. or by whom he was paid. and there's an easy way to clear that up. he should just tell us. he should just spell it all out and mystery solved. >> so, mike, we know as you point out that he did have ties to yanukovych and working for him and in the statement saying i've never done work for the governments of ukraine or russia. does that mean that he didn't spell out that he did work for yanukovych, it was something tied with him directly as opposed to i didn't go for the ukrainian government? >> well, correct. that's what he needs to make clear. i mean, he obviously worked for mr. yanukovych when he was a presidential candidate. he obviously worked for his
7:46 am
party. he's even -- his organization, his company even registered under the foreign agent registration act several years ago so we know that. what we don't know is what he did after yanukovych became president. he is alluding to the fact he didn't work for him. we should know that. we should be clear about that. of course, we need to be clear about what he and his associates are doing with mr. yanukovych today. i personally doubt he has any connections with him but there's a lot of ambiguity here. we need to have some clarity. >> but meanwhile, all of this on the heels of the dnc hacking and also the statement of donald trump saying, russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails. that are missing. i think you will be rewarded mightily by the press. the kremlin, a reputation of this hacking work. it was to my face three years ago in moscow that donald trump said he had a relationship with vladimir putin although just a
7:47 am
couple of weeks telling george stephanopoulos he did not. he lied to my face or george's face. and yet, we are still trying -- >> i think he lied to your face. >> i think he's trying to figure out the aspiration or adoration for vladimir putin and the connectivity of a trump campaign wants to have with those -- with vladimir putin and those areas. does that concern you as the former ambassador to russia and knowing directly how our countries work together? >> of course. i mean, we should have more transparency about what mr. manafort does there and mr. trump has done there. you know? publicizing the taxes for one would help us know the relationships of businesses. i don't think it's government officials. but even if we don't know all of that, there's one thing we do know is that mr. trump supports
7:48 am
policies that mr. putin supports. that's irrespective of their business ties. mr. trump wants to revisit is crimea should be recognized as part of russia. he wants to renegotiate the relationship with allies. mr. trump wants to lift sanctions on russia. all of those things are things that the kremlin wants, as well. that's true no matter what happens in terms of financial ties. >> only plank that was ranged in the rnc platform to deal with ukraine and assistance provided discussed appropriately as before it was providingletal force and lethal props to be able to help them fend off anything from vladimir putin. manafort, trump campaign, deny anything to do with that. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. up next, a dive at the finish line and not in the pool. it's on the track. it gets the gold and some fans are really questioning the outcome and the fairness of this photo finish. that and much more when we go
7:49 am
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it was a photo fin fritsche the women's 400-meter race sparking a heated debate from the olympics in rio. nbc's chris jansing joins me. this was amazing to watch and really teaching us all something about racing and the fairness involved. >> reporter: yeah, who knew? what a wild finish in the 400. american sprinter allyson felix, the favorite, now holds the most olympic medals of any u.s. women in track & field history, the seventh career olympic medal last night and felix took the 400-meter silver finishing .077 seconds behind a diving shaunae miller of the bahamas. twitter went wild questioning the move. it is legal and among those on twitter affirming it, lolo
7:53 am
jones. who will argue with her? in the men time, simone biles earned bronze after a bobble forced her to grab the balance beam with the hands. she was classy, though. whispering in the ear of teammate laurie hernandez, you got this. she did. claiming silver. biles can pick up gold number four tonight in floor exercise. and ken ka defended the olympic title last night, ohio native murphy surprised with bronze. i talked with him a short time ago of finishing out of the medals three years ago in the high school state meet to standing on the podium in rio. >> it's been crazy. since the london 2012, when they ran the world record in the 800-meet final, i dropped almost 14 seconds in the 800-meter time, a whirlwind of a four and three years and it's been a whirlwind of 12 months just to
7:54 am
say the least. >> this is the first medal by the u.s. in that race since 1992. you ran the third fastest time in u.s. history. how do you go from seventh in high school state track finals to the third fastest time in u.s. history? >> i mean, i really think it's a testament to my coach and family and friends being there for me. it's a lot of hard, hard workouts, a lot of long nights, a lot of keeping up with school and that's the group of mind. my family, my parents, my girlfriend. everyone stuck around me and the coach of akron developed me and progressed me in the last two years and prepared me for the big moments an i mean, hats off to him. he did what he needed to do to prepare me for the big moments. >> well, speaking of home, that is new paris, ohio, population 1,629. we buckeyes are very proud of
7:55 am
you. but what's next for you? it wasn't, again, that long ago you live on and grew up on a farm, you were selling pigs, showing pigs. when's going to happen next for you? >> i go to the final year of akron and turned professional and signed with nike. i begin a professional career of nike enenjoying the olympics and being a spectator and taking it all in. after that, finish up a couple of classes at akron, get my degree and who knows as far as racing when's going on? i'm just right now enjoying the moment, enjoying being a part of the olympics and just taking it all in. >> well, clayton murphy, it is a lot of fun to watch and congratulations and good luck to you. maybe we'll see you in tokyo in 2020. >> thank you. thank you. appreciate it. >> also, back on the track, bolt in the qualifiers for the 200 meters happens in a couple of
7:56 am
hours. and cue the decibel meter at beach volleyball tonight when u.s. stars go up against hometown brazil. it doesn't matter what venue you're in. the brazilian fans are absolutely going crazy for their me believes. and so, tonight, with so much at stake, thomas, it's going to be a lot of fun. >> as they should. especially with the new pairing, they've been magical to watch. certainly against the host country is amazing and clayton murphy, i love your conversation with him. just signed with nike. you know? just going to sign with nike. live in the moment. >> yeah, you know. yeah. gone from, you know, working on the pig farm to being an international track superstar. that's all. >> will you come back from rio or have you officially filed for a transfer to the rio bureau? >> no. >> i would. >> i just like you when you were in rio you came back. you love it here. i'll be back on the air on thursday from new york. but in the meantime, i got to go, thomas. i'm going to see usain bolt.
7:57 am
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until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. thanks for the time. i'm thomas roberts. steve kornacki picks up the coverage. we have more than 80 days to go with that. >> a lot can happen. that's true for donald trump. true for hillary clinton. a lot of spence still. i'm steve kornacki here in new york. we are exactly 84 days until the election. topping the agenda right now, extreme vetting. donald trump proposes an ideological test for immigrants trying to enter the united states. >> in the cold war, we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test. >> comes with brand new polling number this isor


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