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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 16, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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eat things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. thanks for the time. i'm thomas roberts. steve kornacki picks up the coverage. we have more than 80 days to go with that. >> a lot can happen. that's true for donald trump. true for hillary clinton. a lot of spence still. i'm steve kornacki here in new york. we are exactly 84 days until the election. topping the agenda right now, extreme vetting. donald trump proposes an ideological test for immigrants trying to enter the united states. >> in the cold war, we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test. >> comes with brand new polling number this is morning out of a pivotal battleground state
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that's certainly doesn't look like much of a battleground. we will have that for you in just a minute. also on our agenda, the biden effect. the vice president joining hillary clinton in his native scranton, pennsylvania, yesterday. looking to target the exact same voters that donald trump's been basing his campaign on. >> he's trying to tell us he carols about the middle class. give me a break. and to repeat myself, it's such a bunch of ma lar i can. >> joe biden there in pennsylvania with hillary clinton yesterday. big news, also, in tms othe clinton campaign strategy. a pro-clinton superpac now dropping its tv ads in pennsylvania. that's how confident they are in that state. and rounding out the agenda this morning, a possible serial arsonist caught. 40-year-old california man arrested on suspicion of arson. he's potentially responsible for the 4,000 acres that have been burning in california through
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the weekend. >> i was here when i see the flames coming. a minute and a half, they were right here. they just come so fast. >> so far in that blaze, 175 homes and structures have been lost to the fire. a live report from california just ahead. but we are going do begin this morning with our top story, fresh from that fiery speech in youngstown, hah hah, yesterday where donald trump outlined his approach to isis and terrorism, he is heading now today into what's been unfriendly political tore fir hr im. trump will be in wisconsin, that is where he suffered one of the worst primary losses earlier this year. that is where polls now show him trailing hillary clinton by double digits. also it is a state that donald trump has said he thinks he can flip from blue to red. now, with that speech he delivered yesterday on national security in ohio, trump trying to regain some momentum for the campaign, a campaign that's fallen badly off track over the last few weeks.
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among the highlights of trump's speech yesterday, as you just heard, he said he would impose an ideological test for would be immigrants into the united states. he also went after what he sees as a weakness of hillary clinton, her stamina and energy. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. in addition to screening out all me believes of the sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen out any of hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles or who believe that sharia law should supplant
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american law. those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home immediately and if they don't do it we will return them home. >> donald trump in youngstown, ohio, yesterday. meanwhile, check this out. brand new national poll numbers. nbc/survey monkey weekly tracking poll. hillary clinton maintaining a 9-point lead over donald trump. that's consistent with what we have been seeing in all sorts of national polls. now a clear healthy lead for hillary clinton in this presidential race. nbc's hallie jackson is standing by joining us now live in milwaukee. trump is going to be campaigning there tonight. so, hallie, look. it's been three brutdal weeks for donald trump since these conventions. >> reporter: yeah. >> we have the new poll numbers, battleground states. he talks about the ideological test to enter the united states. what does his campaign feel they're accomplishing this week?
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>> reporter: getting the message on one of the -- what they call twin pillars of donald trump's campaign. you saw him give that economic speech last week, a national security focused speech this week. those are the two key issues that the campaign believes will drive donald trump to the white house. and that will bring more supporters around him. that will convince voters in the battleground states that trump is the guy who can best lead this nation. now, that is not without its risks just given hillary clinton's positions on national security and foreign policy and how she has treating that issue. the other risk is donald trump being able to give a prompter speech like he did yesterday and then turning around and coming out to a rally and potentially saying something like last week where a day after he gave that economic speech he was making those remarks about, quote, second amendment people that raised a lot of eyebrows taking action against hillary clinton if she were to be elected so that's what donald trump has got to for his campaign try and
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avoid tonight if he is to be able to keep the message on his speech, on some of the policies. that extreme vetting, the test you're talking about and on national security. thing is, steve, we talk about the battleground states and convince voters in the key areas. wisconsin, frankly, is not within of those key areas. looking at the polling, a new marquette poll shows hillary clinton with a 15-point lead over donald trump and that's consistent with where we have seen polling in this state. it is a state that donald trump did not win in the primaries. not only did he not win it, but it was a state that propelled ted cruz and the never trump movement on to the next round of primaries for the last gasp of potential hope in the spring and not friendly territory for trump and getting friendly back-up tonight from governor scott walker. last time he was in green bay, wisconsin, steve, the governor at a spaghetti dinner instead. he will be, we believe, joining trump today. here's what he had to say this morning. listen. >> if donald trump can keep the
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focus on her and give speeches like he gave yesterday where he clearly lays out a very presidential approach to address issues like the security and safety of our nation, he can win. getting off on other issues, much more difficult. >> reporter: and listen, steve, that from the governor boils it down to republicans. focus on hillary, national security and the economy, he could be in good shape. if he doesn't, that's when they hit the panic button. >> all right. hallie jackson out there in milwaukee awaiting donald trump's arrival later today. thank you for that. let's turn to washington bureau chief of "usa today" susan paige covering the ninth presidential campaign. thank you for taking a few minutes. scott walker, the governor of wisconsin says, look, if donald trump can stay on message, can stay disciplined, i know, they're big ifs with donald trump but he can do that and keep the focus on hillary clinton and an issue like national security, like he talked about yesterday, if he could do that, do you think he'd
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get some traction there? is there room for him to grow with that issue? >> yeah. actually, steve, my tenth presidential campaign but who's counting? you know, absolutely this is a -- you know, this is a landscape that could be a winnable election for republicans if they ran the right kind of campaign. americans say they want change. hillary clinton has some vulnerabilities of her own. but the question is whether donald trump is going to be able to put that together in a sustained and disciplined way. so far we have seen he gives a speech that gets a good reception. lays out some themes that could gain some traction and so far failed to follow that up. and the clock is ticking. 84 days left. not only are perceptions more and more firmly set about the two dand candidates, the ground game and operations are being laid and the clinton campaign has a much more operation set up in places like florida and ohio than donald trump does. >> some of the reporting i have seen from inside trump world
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there suggests that he's got people around him who are pointing to some of the challenges that you're laying out there. encouraging him to run a more disciplined campaign, encouraging him to think about the things you are talking about. and one of the things he apparently falls back on is, hey, look in the primaries, i didn't listen to people like you. i didn't listen to my advisers, i didn't listen to the political professionals. i did it based on my instincts and i won and obviously the general election is an entirely different challenge than winning a republican primary. but it does feel to me sometimes like he had some destructive instincts in terms of winning a general election that were actually reinforced by how he won the primary. >> he is running -- at this int, running a republican primary election in a general election world. and that's tough. now, it's true. think at the end of the day a candidate needs to be himself or herself and sometimes candidates come through in ways people don't expect. this is an unconventional year. but if donald trump is going to continue being donald trump and
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i think there's every sign that there's no pivot, donald trump is comfortable with who he is and who he was in the primaries and then the test will be, is he able to defy the conventions that we have seen in modern political history about what you need to do to win the white house? >> we also talk so much about these -- which specific groups have been right now moving away from donald trump to account for this polling. you have written about another one, new data about millennials, i think you have them for hill hi by 36 points if you look roughly at that same group in 2012. under 30s in 2012. the margin was about 23 points for barack obama. so looks like the youngest voters out there, there's been some movement from trump toward clinton. >> hillary clinton is not as strong among millennial voters of barack obama was was donald trump is historically weak at 20% in the poll of rock the vote vote voters.
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since 1992 looking at voting by age, no presidential candidate has ever scored that low among the younger generation. the concern for republicans not just this year but are you beginning to set partisan preferences? this is the third presidential election in a row where the democrat won younger voters by 20 points, by double digits. that's never happened before in american history. >> that number, 20%. it's not just that he's down 36 points. sitting at only 20% with people under 35 years old. that's a staggering number. susan paige, "usa today" thank you for the time as always. >> thank you. now to the historic floods in louisiana. parts of th state under threat even with a break from the rainfall. the governor is meeting with the head of fema and other disaster management officials as we speak. at least seven people have died. there are more than 12,000 residents currently in shelters. local officials telling nbc news more rain could put thousands of
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more people in danger. gabe gonzalez in louisiana today in baton rouge, the capital city. very hard hit in baton rouge. gabe, what is the latest you can tell us? look at the scene behind you there. >> reporter: yeah, hi there, steve. this is a dire situation of new communities, further downstream from where all that rain fell over the weekend. now, we are here in the southern portion of baton rouge. and in some portions of baton rouge as well as other places like livingston parish, the waters receded a bit as that water moves downstream and don't let it fool you. this is an incredible threat. look at the drone that we have. these are live pictures right now. we noticed this just a couple of minutes before this live shot. that is a home that is completely under water still to its roof tops. it is an incredible image and something i saw again and again yesterday on an aerial tour with the army national guard and we had seen it further north in places like denim springs, in livingston parish. there and in other areas in
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livingston parish, the water had begun to recede but here even though portions of baton rouge doing better than they were, that water has no place to go and will be quite sometime before the residents in this area will be able to go back. still, in this neighborhood, we have seen a few of them on boats today. they have gone in to try to get some belongings. as you mentioned, steve, there are thousands of people still in emergency shelters. this after more than 20,000 were rescued over the weekend. the governor's calling this an unprecedented situation. we expect to hear from him shortly with some of the latest totals and the latest numbers. also, the red cross is calling this the worst flooding disaster in the u.s. since superstorm sandy. steve? >> wow. gabe gonzalez in baton rouge, gabe, thanks for . still to come, a brand-new poll out of the swing state of virginia or at least the former swing state of virginia. some staggering numbers to tell you about. tell you a bit about not just
8:14 am
where that state is going but maybe where the country is going at this point. libertarian candidate gary johnson wants to become the third person on stage in that debate next month. is he getting close? most important number of the day, we'll answer that question. of course, heading down to rio and simone biles with a chance to do what a few have ever done, to win four gold medals as a single games. this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t.
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all right a. brand new poll out to tell you about this morning. it is from a pivotal swing state or a state that it used to be a pivotal swing state. check this out. this is from virginia. hot off the presses.
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hillary clinton opening up, look at this, a 14-point lead over donald trump in virginia. a 14-point lead for the democrat. let's just take a step back here and appreciate what's going on in virginia because this is a big change in this state's political history. look at this. you could go back to 1968. that's when nixon was first elected president. this was as solid a republican state as you could get through the '70s, '80s, '90s and 2004 george w. bush re-elected. easily won virginia that year. barack obama able to flip it in 2008. was able to hold on barely in 2012. but now, now hillary clinton leading by 14 points in this poll. what is happening in virginia? how could that lead be so big for her? well, check this out. if you look at the state, there's a small area of the state that has a massive chunk of the population. if you look just around here, right outside of washington, d.c., the d.c. suburbs, arlington, fairfax county, right
8:19 am
in here, it's small geographically and a big share of the vote out of here and what kinds of voters live in here? they tend to be college educated, they're suburbanites, upscale economically. you talk about how donald trump is hemorrhaging white, college educated voters. this a es the type of voter that lives here outside of washington, d.c. and so check this out. in 2012, in that area of the state, i just circled, it was a solid win for barack obama. won by 26 points over mitt romney. we say barack obama won virginia narrowly in 2012. the entire margin basically came from the d.c. suburbs, northern virginia. a solid win there. look what's happening now. that 26-point win for barack oba obama, hillary clinton leading donald trump by 45 points. 45 points in the suburbs of washington, d.c. in northern virginia right there. that's what takes a state competitive, maybe trending a
8:20 am
bit towards democrats. if you can be the democrat and run up a 45-point margin in the d.c. suburbs, you win the state comfortably and that right now is what hillary clinton is doing. donald trump obviously will try to chip away at that. that is the challenge. we talk so much about those college educated suburbanites. virginia it's very dramatic. what's it mean nationally? other news today it dovetails with. priorities usa, this is the superpac supporting hillary clinton. they do lots of advertising on her behalf. they've made some big news. virginia, they're not going to be advertising there for at least a month now. they said the same thing in colorado. pulling ads for a month at least in colorado. signs sthey're confident in the state and another state they're doing this in is pennsylvania. pennsylvania, pro-clinton superpac basically saying we're
8:21 am
confident of where hillary clinton stands and only coming back to pennsylvania if the polls tighten. that's a big development in the ad wars in this race and msnbc's andrea mitchell is standing by in philadelphia. the heart of pennsylvania there. hillary clinton and joe biden were campaigning there yesterday in scranton. a target for the clinton campaign and big news with priorities making this decision. >> reporter: it is big news and it's partly because their advertising is unanswered. they basically have had a 9 to 1 advantage over donald trump in tv advertising. groups supportive of him spent about $12 million and she's spent $104 million between her and the superpac supporting her so they don't see a need to be on the air in these battleground states that are so lob lopsided. double digit leads. as you point out, i'm here in west philadelphia, predominantly african-americans. a minority area. trying to get out the vote.
8:22 am
she will be doing a rally around 1:15 at west philadelphia high school, an anchor of the high school community. it's fairly diverse crowd to get in and she has an advantage out of philadelphia. 50 points plus for hillary clinton over donald trump. in this urban area and then a 27 to 30-point advantage in the bedroom communities which are normally republican. the four or five community areas, the counties surrounding philadelphia, the ring around philadelphia. now a 30-point plus advantage for hillary clinton over donald trump. normally, it is much, much closer in these bedroom communities. sometimes it's a tipping point but now at least according to the polling if they get this vote out, it is overwhelmingly to her advantage. and he basically could not win pennsylvania no matter how well he does in scranton, in altoona, in state college, the white areas across the state if she does so well in the diverse areas here in philadelphia and
8:23 am
in the republican normally republican suburbs of philadelphia. so she has to get out the vote. that's why she is here today and remember what he said only last week in altoona, only one way that he would lose pennsylvania even though in our latest polling she has a 11-point advantage statewide, the only way he would lose is if there's cheating in, quote, certain areas or regions of the state. clearly, meaning cheating in philadelphia. and that suggests the possibility of voter intimidation, voter suppression here. so that has raised concerns among people, democrats and the clinton campaign. might be some effort to intimidate the african-american vote. >> i do want to ask you, obviously, the polling numbers we have run through is the clinton campaign and encouraging and if there's an achilles heel, there's a question of honesty. >> reporter: exactly. >> we have the new poll asking people how they describe the candidates, 11% saying they
8:24 am
describe hillary clinton at honest and trustworthy. there was an interesting scene up in new hampshire. key battleground state there on the senate front, as well. the state's democratic governor, democratic candidate for the senate, was asked a simple question. do you think hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. this is what happened. >> do you think that she's honest and trustworthy? >> i trust her because her experience and her record demonstrate that she's qualified to hold the job. >> do you think she's hohn semest. >> she has a critical, critical plan among others for making college more affordable. >> but do you think that she's trustworthy? >> i think sha he has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself. >> it was governor maggie hassan. >> wow. i hadn't seen this. >> the staff clarified. i guess it's sort of poll numbers up all the time but
8:25 am
that's the affect on the ground. this is the issue that won't go away for hillary clinton. >> reporter: well, don't forget how large the vote was for donald trump in new hampshire. hillary clinton lost hmp hmp, big time, to bernie sanders. that's, of course, his neighboring state from vermont. but governor has an eye on that. but still, kelly ayotte behind in the senate race and dragged down by donald trump and questions of his ability to be commander in chief. look. the survey monkey poll shows that despite the unfavorability ratings, both there are majorities saying that both hillary clinton and donald trump, they have unfavor opinions of both of them. but she is slightly less unpopular than donald trump. so despite her problem with trustworthiness and hohn tesnese is beating donald trump overall
8:26 am
in the battleground states because she has either damaged him enough in her advertising on trustworthiness and the speeches or his own comments have hurt him in the weeks coming out of the convention. >> yeah. he's been -- donald trump, last few weeks, looking at the polls, best weapon the clinton campaign has had. andrea mitchell in philadelphia, thank you as always. >> reporter: you bet. obama administration with the largest ever transfer of gi tan mo detainees. more on that. plus, accused serial arsonist arrested in connection with the massive california wildfire that has destroyed 4,000 acres and countless homes. now fire crews are struggling to contain the aftermath. pass pass
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. welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour. battleground swings for the candidates. hillary clinton on the way to philadelphia. pushing the way through pennsylvania. campaign also announcing that former interior secretary ken salazar, also a senator of colorado at one point, he's going to chair the transition team. going to be joined by his other high-profile democrats including fo former michigan governor jennifer granholm. this time donald trump is joined by governor walker. he missed the rally in green bay a week ago when donald trump saying he might not endorse house speaker paul ryan from wisconsin. depyett the charges against clinton's temperament, a new poll out today shows that trump is trailing in that department by nearly 30 points. louisiana's governor is meeting with fema's administrator as water begins to recede from the areas hardest hit in the flooding. at least seven people confirmed
8:31 am
dead. some 12,000 now living in shelters. the pentagon confirms that 15 men have been transferred from the guantanamo bay facility to the united arab emirates. there are now 61 detainees remaining at guantanamo. new york city police arrested and charged a man for shooting a local imam and associate. 35-year-old oscar morel charged with two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. the police say he was first taken into custody after allegedly hitting a bicyclist shortly after the shooting. suspect is arrested for allegedly starting the lake county fire in northern california. it has burned through 4,000 acres and destroyed more than 100 homes. nbc's jo ling kent is in lower lake right now. this is north of san francisco. i can see the devastation behind
8:32 am
you. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, the devastation is right here downtown in the main dra of lower lake. the entire area shut down still as this fire continues to be contained so the good news is that 20% fire containment right now. the winds have completely dropped so we expect it to necessarily pick up which is good news. the other piece of news right now is damin pashilk, a 40-year-old resident of clear lake, here in lake county, arrested on 17 counts of arson and this is all spanning over the last year. this is an individual whose name has come up in crime records before. but right now, he is held on $5 million bail in the county jail. and this may be a moment for the community to reflect on why there have been so many wildfires in this area. it is reeling ever since those major fires last year. steve? >> all right. jo ling kent in northern california, thank you for that report. after the break, you have probably been talking about this
8:33 am
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♪ ♪ don't just eat. mangia! bertolli. under those eight years, before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> that's former new york city mayor giuliani on the stump for donald trump in youngstown, ohio, yesterday. joining us is mike lupaka. i want to put this out.
8:37 am
"daily news" cover. looking at that statement we just played from rudy giuliani saying this is his worst politicizing of 9/11. he's emerged as really one of the most outspoken republican allies of donald trump, out there traveling the country with him, he spoke at the republican convention. what do you make of, you remember him as the mayor of this city. what do you make of this phase of his political career right now? >> you said something earlier that i thought was terrific about giuliani and it's hard to believe but trump looks at giuliani and says if i could let my hair down sort to speak, this's what i would like to be. >> giuliani says that about trump? >> yeah. it's a ridiculous statement and he made two ridiculous statements. he sounded like somebody that couldn't pass the concussion protocols in the national football league right now. he introduced this pence as governor of ohio and then this statement about obama and radical terrorists not coming to
8:38 am
our shores, what he's done starting with that, you know, exploding head speech at the republican convention, is he's made new yorkers remember the guy who was the mayor on september 9th that year. and september 10th. because everybody couldn't wait for him to leave office. and, steve, sometimes you look at trump and you think, wait a minute. he is getting advice from this guy? does he not remember what kind of presidential candidate giuliani was eight years ago when he thought he was elected president of the state of florida and spent $50 million for one delegate? and i remember at the time thinking, wait until the country gets to know this guy. because there's more to governing than getting rid of guys and doing the job after september 11th which is what he did. >> it does seem telling, too, the state of the trump campaign, the problems that donald trump has uniting the republican party, rudy giuliani out of office for 15 years in new york
8:39 am
city, ran 8 years ago, having trouble getting other major republicans to do what giuliani is willing to do. >> this is one of those times and julgiuliani is one of the g who still makes you think that trump thinks he can become president of the united states winning the league of angry white guys and angry old white guys. you know, i went back the other day just out of curiosity and looked at the breakdown of the vote in 2012. and obama gets like 93% of the african-american vote. 71% asian. 73% women, hispanics, everything. what is trump doing to change that mathematic? what is he doing to expand the base that got him the nomination? the numbers you show he is losing people from his own base. >> and on a strategy of just driving up the white vote, driving up specifically the blue collar white vote under the theory that he could get so many
8:40 am
votes out of that to wipe it out but that's not what we're seeing right now in the polls. >> you keep hearing, well, maybe there's enough white male voters to get him elected. i'm thinking we'll have to go to other countries to bring in more white people to make it -- to make that big of a difference. what did we hear after the last couple of elections for the republicans? we've got to become more diverse. we've got to reach out to minority voters. you have to show me where that's happening right now. >> this is interesting, too. after the 2012 election, on -- along the lines you're talking about, marco rubio emerged after that election, republicans thought as the future of the party and initially took steps for immigration reform through the senate and opened up potentially new vote earls to the party and backtracking, running and losing to donald trump and now after calling donald trump a con man in the primary, i want to play this, this is an interview with the miami herald. motorcycle running for election
8:41 am
of the nath in florida. he was asked, you called him a con man. can you support him for president? this is what happened. >> still think he's a con man? >> look. i told you guys i stood by everything i said in my campaign and that said that we're in a different place now. now we have a binary choice. not of 15 people or 12 people. there are two people in the world that will be the next president, donald or hillary. >> what do you think when you see that? >> how can you walk back yourself back from the comments and possibly with a straight face defend those -- not just to the country but in your own state. it's like if somebody said, if you go to this restaurant, it will make you sick but my mom and dad own it so i'm going to encourage you to go there anyway. >> marco rubio not the only one with words like that to say about donald trump in the primary who's now out there saying some version of, well, i support him because i have to choose between him and hillary clinton. >> they think this stuff won't
8:42 am
stick. ryan rubio -- mitch mccon they will, this is going to stick to them long after november 8th in this country. >> i have to ask you, we showed it before the break. it is the photograph that everybody's talking about. the women's 400, down there in rio. the american in a neck and neck race down the wire. can we put it up? shaunae miller. did she trip or dive? the rule says the torso and see the torso is what counts and by diving she get it is torso across the finish line ahead of time and gets the gold. felix with the silver. some people say it's outrageous. what do you think of that? >> i think only americans are saying it's outrageous. okay? this, this isn't -- steve, this is not boxing. you're not penalized for knock downs if it comes at the finish line. i loved it because the beauty of the olympics is for so many of these athletes, thls their shot. this is their moment, their
8:43 am
chance not just as a gold medal but at glory and something in that young woman last night, something in shaunae said the only way to win is if i throw myself across the finish line. and so -- >> she did. >> i'm down with shaunae. >> high school track coaches across america teach their athletes to dive -- >> no, no, no. >> as they get to the finish line. the scrapes and the bloody bodies to ensue. mike, thank you for the time. we appreciate that. right after the break, the presidential debate commission, it's come out with its criteria, the five polls it's going to use to determine who gets to go on that stage for those debates and who doesn't and does that mean they have to bring out a third podium for a third candidate? welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites
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what i'm saying is that smaller zboft good. smaller government is less taxes. taxes, you know, that's munl out of your and my pocket. we could be spending on our lives, not government knows best. 60% of americans don't even know that we exist right now. >> that is gary johnson, he is the libertarian candidate for president. he's the former governor of new mexico. he is trying to get in to the debates this fall. we talked so much about how high the negative numbers are for trump and clinton, how open the field is now, at least potentially for a third candidate. gary johnson, libertarian, said this is the year. put me in the debates. can he get in the debates? that brings us to the most important number of the day and today that number is 15. what is 15? 15 is the threshold. you need to be at. you need to be averaging 15% in 5 polls in early september and if you are, the commission will put you in the debate.
8:48 am
the debate commission will do that. here's the news. they have released the five polls that it will use. you see one of them is our own msnbc news. we'll go out into the field and take the temperature of the electorate. if they come back and you average together numbers of all those polls and gary johnson is hitting 15%, then gary johnson gets an invitation. the last time a third candidate, a third party candidate got on to the big stage for a presidential debate, tough go back do 1992. you remember this guy? ross perot. the billionaire from texas. he was the third guy on the stage in '92. gary johnson wants to be this time. check this out. if you take the five polls we just showed you right now, their current numbers and findings and average them together, johnson sitting there at 10%. really good for a libertarian. that would be by far the best a libertarian every done in a presidential race. it is not 15%, though.
8:49 am
he's got to grow that support and about a month now, a little bit less than a month to grow the support. jill stein, the green party candidate, a tougher road to hoe to get to 15%. she could, though, as well. that is the battle for any candidate not named clinton and trump. to get to 15% by the middle of september. you can get on the stage. of course, the theory of the libertarians to get that exposure, you heard gary johnson say in that clip there, he says if we could get that exposure, people that never heard of the libertarian party, they'll look at us as serious contenders and the numbers will explode. the last time a third party candidate won a stat actually won electoral votes in the presidential contest, go back to 1968. it was george wallace. the segregationist. won a handful of states in the south under the banner of the american independent party. so it is tough for third parties in america. if there's a year, though, when
8:50 am
they can maybe get to the 15%, this would be it. that's what we're keeping an eye on in mid -september. where do the five polls stand? it's the most important number of the day today. 15. straight ahead, we are going to head straight down to rio. going to get a preview of today's biggest races. you can't miss. you don't know this yet but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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little bit of drama for team usa at the games in rio. simone biles makes a rare mistake that cost her the gold. allyson felix denied a gold medal by fractions of a second in a very controversial dive. chris jansing joins me now from rio with all that's cohappening and coming next. chris? >> reporter: it was a day of upsets and surprises. start with the big picture. for the first time in these
8:54 am
games team usa did not win a single gold medal yesterday. the athletes instead taking two silver, four bronze. that hasn't happened since day 12 of the beijing olympics. now, believe it or not, turns out gymnastics superstar simone biles is human. she was on the balance beam and slipped, almost fell. had to grab on with her hands and still so good, though, she took bronze and the teammate 16-year-old laurie hernandez, not expected to make the team, got silver. this is her first individual medal. later today, biles and aly raisman will compete. go to the track. allyson felix expected to take gold in the 400 meters but she fin initialled second after what could only be described as a wild last-minute play by shaunae miller of the bahamas. almost neck and neck after the last turn and during those final seconds, miller dove across the
8:55 am
finish line and beat felix by .07 of a second so close felix said she wasn't sure who won the race. the dive isn't against the rules butsked about it this morning felix said it was uncommon. despite taking the silver, fe lax said she is proud of her run and the most decorated woman of track & field history. >> it is something that i'm definitely very, very proud of. you know? been so many years and so much hard work and something, you know, that to be in the same sentence as jackie joyner kersee is a mentor and idol, it takes some time to sink in. >> u.s. women's volleyball partners face off against brazil's second seeded team in the semis tonight. jennings two wins from the fourth straight olympic gold medal and i'll tell you with that pre-eminent team against brazil, you better have your ear plugs in. the decibels will be off the charts.
8:56 am
steve? >> all right. chris in rio. thank you for that. a bit of breaking news in the world of politics right now. "the new york times" reporting that roger ailes recently ousted as the chief in fox news, faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment, "the new york times" reporting that roger ailes advising donald trump and the trump campaign ahead of the presidential debates. also, ailes' role could potentially extend beyond preparation for the debates. donald trump has spoken about his friendship with, his admiration of roger ailes. a veteran of politics before the fox news channel in 1996. he started out as a television image maker of nixon in the '60s and '70s and played a key role with george h.w. bush and his campaign in 1988. so roger ailes no strange tore the world of electoral politics and the world of debate strategy. according to "the new york times" he is now advising donald trump as trump prepares to
8:57 am
debate hillary clinton. just in in the last few minutes. that does it for this hour. coverage of the olympic games in rio will pick up here on msnbc in just a minute. i'll be back at 5:00 with mtp daily. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next.
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he looks a little ticked off now. kerr kerr boirp boirp . u stain bolt, first man in history to win three olympic crowns in a row. the power of gold. for centuries it has vent explorers across land and sea. in 2016, it has brought athletes tojaneiro. from our msnbc olympic studio. hi again, everyone. thank you for joining us. our day 11


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