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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  August 17, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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as for what's happening on the campaign trail today, clinton stumps in battleground states of ohio. that's where she's expected to talk about her tax plan. and her running mate tim kaine campaigns in battleground states. as for the republican vice presidential nominee, mike pence, he stumps in nevada, expected to hold a town hall in the city of henderson. another busy day on the campaign trail. we'll cover it all throughout the day on msnbc. that does it for us "morning joe" starts right now. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about you're going to pivot. i don't want to mpivot. you have to be you. if you're not pivoting, you have to be honest with people. i heard this over the years with general politics also having to do with me. no, i am who i am. i have gotten here a landslide and we'll see what happens. don't forget, when i lost to
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wisconsin, it was over for trump, except for one problem. i then went on a very big run. no, i am who i am. all right, popeye. good morning, it is wednesday, august 17th. mika has the morning off. where is she now? i think she's in croatia. >> it's the fashionable place to be this summer. >> i actually think she's in po portugal. >> put a low jack on her before she left. >> track device. >> that's not surprising. >> with us managing editor of bloomberg politics and co-host of "all due respect" mark halperin. best supporting actor in that role. donny deutsch. guest hosting. week two. >> how is he doing? >> twists and turns and surprises. yesterday he told us his first television appearance ever was on mclaughlin group.
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>> eugene robinson and washington anchor for bbc world news america and former ted cruz communication director and msnbc political contributor, rick tyler. let's talk about john mclaughlin. boy, he filled a space in washington for some time. >> he was the sort of political talk show. he kind of set the format that many, many others, you know, have taken and have modified or whatever. mclaughlin group was the original. >> still hosting until a few days ago. that would be you, joe, at the age of 89. >> actually, i think mclaughlin missed one show in 34 years. i think it was the one right before he died. >> are you suggesting i may not have the -- >> i'm not suggesting anything. just throwing out facts. >> i guess so.
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i mean, this, he was just a dominant figure in washington politics for decades and decades. and most importantly to us always have dear brother buchanan on with him. >> fred barnes. i don't think you can overstate the degree to which he has invented what all of us do. that influence of that show back in the day without cable tv. that show on a weekly basis did what disshow does 15 hours a week, but that 30 minutes stood alone. nothing like it. there were other shows, but nothing else with the sensibility of showing the country what pple in washington and in politics were talking about in a very sophisticated and combative way. >> yeah. so, let's talk about, got a lot of news this morning. let's talk really quickly before we dig into it too deeply about what's happened. the trump campaign, has turned
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everything upside down. actually, they brought on couple of more hands to try to fill out the campaign. and, mark, what i'm hearing is that, stop me if you heard this before, but the donald trump understands now, it has take on the last two weeks. it has take on the terrible polls for donald trump to finally understand he has to shift to a general election strategy. he's got to stick to script. he's got to stop attacking republicans and people like the kahns and he's got to focus himself on the fall. and he and people very close to him believe that if he does that, you know, they could win the fall and win the campaign. they all believe and he still believes they've got the issues on their side and they've got change on their side. and they also have, for the first time, money in their bank
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account and say they're going to spend $30 million to $50 million in states like ohio, pennsylvania and florida over the next month or so. >> the olympics and the ads go up on friday. they're going to stay up all the way through with paid media. on the message side, i think that is the most important thing that is happening. he did to sound bite yesterday saying basically the old political media establishment order needs to go. we need change for the people. that sound bite, i believe, is something he'll repeat a version of regularly, maybe every day. you now have traveling with ehim every day one of the most disciplined, message deliverers in the republican party who is very close to mike pence and donald trump. and you've got in steve bannon someone that can help manage. it's laughable how small the operation is. paul mannafort rarely dealed and now dealing with management.
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>> now he moves to messaging. messaging and big strategy, which is what he is supposed to do. >> now, you'll have a traveling campaign manager someone who can be with trump and keep him on message and keep him from being distracted from chasing rabbits down holes. >> i just have to say this so people don't go, oh, they're kicking the football, again. he's going to say that, actually, hillary clinton is secretly married to a martian. >> exactly. >> the question is, we have to just say that. will this stick? how long will this stick? how long can donald stay disciplined? >> i think it was yesterday, i don't want to pivot. everybody tells me to pivot. his argument is that number one, that's not how he got to where he is. he beat everybody in the primaries and why should he
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pivot and, number two, it wouldn't be honest. he is who he is. and that's all that he is, i guess. he's like popeye. that's got the attention of kelly ann who, as you said, really respected and really disciplined and really smart. she's a pollster and she will have imperical data to back up his ideas of what he should be saying and where and when. and you envision her, is she going to have some sort of remote control into his vocal cords? i don't know. >> it's going to be important that she stays there with him because who better than somebody who has been a pollster for 25, 30 years. yes, donald, we're now going to orlando. and, yes, there are 30,000 people out there. that's remarkable crowd. here's the latest poll. you're down nine in florida. you already have most people and that's what, that's what the
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trump campaign is telling me this morning is that they understand and he understands, finally, they have to reach independents. they have to stop preaching to the choir. >> the question is, can they do it, right? >> because we had this conversation. how many times have we had this conversation with a personnel change in the campaign and it's lasted -- >> the donald, right? nobody can save donald from donald. i think we always said this in the fall, didn't we? the only person that can beat donald is donald. >> yeah. >> let's do the news on this. "wall street journal" as we mentioned just now, they are steve bannon the conservative and former goldman sachs banker and kellyanne conway. she joined the trump campaign. bannon will serve as campaign
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chief executive and conway will serve as reporter. while paul manifort will remain campaign chairman, trump wanted to bring on someone like bannon who shares his populism and relishes combat. >> focused combat is good. >> right. >> no politics. what is it? politics is war. >> then we have rick perry yesterday reviving god knows why the dispute with the kahn family, again. let it go. >> staggered. >> some people in the campaign saying we need order and we need structure and we need messaging. there are trump himself, as gene was saying, i am not going to pivot. i am who i am. saying it was shocking the kahn family took on donald trump. >> has bannon ever been involved in a political campaign that we know of?
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>> not like anything like this. >> what i'm wondering is how the dynamic between him and kellyanne is supposed to work. >> rick tyler, you have never known him to be involved in political campaigns? what do you think about the shakeup and the personnel? >> bannon is a little controversial. probably hear from a lot of people who work for bannon, he's not the easier person to get along with. he's never worked on a campaign. so, we'll see if he's actually there to manage a campaign when he's never done one before. kellyanne conway is a good addition because the trump is obsessed with polls, he always has been. she could easily say to him, look he's behind in this state and this is the language you should be using and show progress. and the other important thing i mentioned, he's already got those people in the room. he needs more people and need to speak through the camera and to the people who are watching. if you can understand that, maybe he can get on message.
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i'm skeptical, but we'll see. >> does this mean he basically has to be kept to a teleprompter? >> he did last night. he had a good speech last night. >> good speech last night, right? >> conservative speech and law and order and how crime is affecting the black community. i don't know if he's going to win over the black community, but i thought it was a very good speech and disciplined speech and it was the right message. >> what i thought was interesting, mark halperin, by speaking to the black community, you know, the bush people always said, if we can get more than 7% or 8% of black voters, that will be fantastic but the message that we're trying to send are also to the moms and philly suburbs. that we're not harsh and that we're not crazy. that actually we're not going to be shrill and not going to be that type of campaigner. >> in talking to trump sources
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this morning or ones that are up aural early. >> many are up early. changes in the trump campaign, you're missing at least half the news of what's going on with the trump campaign today. between the new ads finally going up between his speech last night. there is a message there now that is the one that paul manifort, many republicans in congress wanted to see him run on. e chances that he'll run on it, if people are right to be skeptical. putting kellyanne on the plane with him is different than anything they ever had. he was interested in letting trump do what trump wanted to do. someone that trump trusts and believes in her instincts on how to drive a message and she's there there is a chance he'll stay on the message from last night. >> what cory understood is that trump being trump helped trump win the republican primary. >> right, right, right. >> and cory called that exactly
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right. we're at a stage now where trump being trump is not the way. >> no, it's not quite well, to say the least. and i mean you look at those state polls and it's not looking good for him. and, you know, i saw the speech last night directed at african-americans. there were hardly any, if any african americans in the room and speaking through the camera last night which is a good thing to do. but i saw it more as damage control from that devastating phrase in that "new york times" piece that the words that came up far too often in describing trump were unqualified and racist. and those are deadly words for those people in the philadelphia suburbs and the cleveland suburbs and all those places where he needs, he needs vos. >> and, katty,again, he's only going to get if he's lucky 5%,
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6%, 7%, 8% of the vote. when those words attach to you, it goes to -- look at the d.c. suburbs. as mark said yesterday, that "washington post"/virginia pom was the most devastating post. >> he lost them that much. interesting last night when he shifted from twitter to facebook last night to put out longer posts. >> a good move. a very good move. stay off of twitter. >> and talked about not being -- that was a good move. >> can i say one more thing about the message here? this is a message not giving trump some new thing to say. not giving him something that paul manifort does not believe in. their chances go up of winning if they're talking about changing the status quo in washington. that, to me, was the core message. >> again, what is trump going to talk about at noon today? what is he going to talk about
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tonight when something ticks him off? that's the question, katty. that is the question until he goes more than three days without setting himself on fire. milwaukee became the latest american city and police met protesters head on with multiple arrests and injuries to law enforcement that stemmed from the police-involved shooting of smith and all that was the backdrop for trump's visit there yesterday. before his speech, he took to facebook with a post that read in part, this is my pledge to the american people. as your president, i will be your greatest champion. i will fight to ensure that every american is treated equally and protected equally. and seek a new future built on our common culture and values as one american people. >> by the way, gene, pretty remarkable coming from a guy who has been seen as stirring racial
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unrest. >> the kind of facebook page -- >> accuses muslims. yeah, this is a turn around. >> and this would be a pivot whether he wants to admit that or not. boy, it's good that he's on facebook instead of twitter. >> geez. >> maybe anything is better. >> be on medium next. >> as gene mentioned, this follows "new york times" report. too many voters described him in those two words, unqualified and racist. as we've been discussing last night in suburban wisconsin trump gave another teleprompter speech. >> just like hillary clinton is against the minors, she is against the police. believe me. the war on our police must end and it must end now. our job is not to make life more
3:17 am
comfortable for the rioter or the robber or the looter or the violent disrupter of which there are many. our job is to make life more comfortable for the african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets and walk to school. my opponent, hillary, would rather protect the offender than the victim. big problem in our society. we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton, which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes. that's all they care about. not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. they have taken advantage. >> and one other note after trump's address in wisconsin last night, his campaign gathered headlines and praise for media outlets and reporters
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touting it as a speech that is evidence of success. of course, those reporters have been the biggest target of his attacks over the last few weeks, joe. >> so, rick tyler, yeah, quite a turn in style, as well, for trump last night in the speech. >> definitely was. one thing he missed and did not relate to law and order. hillary clinton was never going to forget flint and everybody forgot flint. flint is as bad as it was before and she has not been there for flint. but, no, i think it was a very good speech. i liked the speech. provocative speech. if he could keep on tone and on message. the problem he has is he hasn't solved the organizational problem and he doesn't have a turnout mechanism and no big data behind him. the ads are a positive thing. we have a long way to go. >> gene, do we just have a huge. any time we say trump should discipline last night. trump had a positive -- do i just hold an asterisk here?
3:19 am
just so people know we understand, we understand the joke's on us. >> play the asterisk. we've been here before. we've seen the pivot before and we've seen the discipline and he's done it, i think, a couple of times. he's done it even two days in a row. but that third day. just comes off the rails. so -- >> fake it until you make it, man. >> we ought to believe in the i'll believe it when we see it head space as opposed to saying, this is the pivot. >> can he do it ask still feel that he is authentically trump? if pivot takes him away from being who he is and being who he is won him the primaries. >> he's got, mark halperin, my brother's vote. and he's got nicole wallaces parents' vote.
3:20 am
the question is, how does he get nicole's vote, or people like nicole. or my vote or people like me. until he does that and even when he does that, he's still five, six points behind hillary. then he has to go to the independents. this is not, i don't think this is about nicole or me. i am making it about republicans like us. voted for a republican every single presidential election. >> take trump out of the picture. here's the republican nominee. what is the winning message? a center right reform message. that's one that could win nicole's vote and your vote. that is the message that kellyanne conway has talked about with her clients. does trump believe in that messnj me messa message? he believes in a lot of it. through advertising starting friday. daily better chance than there has ever been and they do set these speeches like they did
3:21 am
last night. i'm not predicting he is going to win like he did today. change washington fundamentals. >> also, he has to prove also, though, to a lot of people, though, that he won't start a nuclear war. >> more realistic. >> or more realistically that the president of france will say something that he is insulted by and u.s./french relations will suffer for four years because of something that he said. >> pull us out of nato. >> if the daily message is more about a center right reform message. reform washington, reform education, reform health care. you're talking issues right now that are about donald trump. donald trump made it about his discipline. he's got to show discipline. >> we will reject bigotry and seek a new future built on our common culture. the people who described him as racist and unqualified, that's what they want to hear. >> how does that square with
3:22 am
your extreme betting or enhance interrogation of muslims, right? i mean, how does that square? >> by the way, this is, though, where let's say perhaps you and i would differ. if somebody is coming from syria, i want, "extreme vetting." right? and a lot of republicans want. if you're coming from a war-torn area where there's no way to really vet these people, i won't. i want, "extreme vetting." but when you talk about muslim, you lost my vote. i said that six, seven months ago. so, i think that's the thing. i love that statement. but, yeah, he's got to put meat on the bones. he's got to tell us then. yes, of course, we're not going to ban all muslims from coming here. deport 11 million people. >> can the new reasonable words be squared with the old unreasonable words, right? and are people now going to buy
3:23 am
the new reasonable -- >> the new nixon. >> i love it. we got the new nixon in august. >> john mclaughlin would appreciate that. >> he would. yeah, i think that's the question. all right, so, a lot to talk about here. and i do need somebody to get like the giant asterisk so -- donald trump pivoted last night. can we have a countdown clock? >> 12 hours. >> we shall see. >> let me check twitter. >> he surprised everybody before. he could surprise everybody, again. still ahead on "morning joe." wait a second. we've got this new florida poll, right? yeah. this is -- >> coming up. we have it. >> a florida poll. a brand-new florida poll coming out. it's shocking. that's supposed to hold you, as well as make you say why does he yell that loud when i'm eating my oatmeal. a couple really, really red
3:24 am
states where hillary clinton is getting close to winning. we'll show you that when we come back. plus, a joint interview with libertarian candidates for the white house. we have governor gary johnson and his running mate, former governor bill weld will be with us. plus the top democrat adam shift and republican strategy mike murphy and nobel winning economist joseph but stiglitz. >> joe, we're going to break. >> i was reading "sports illustrated" in my econ 101 class. forced the evacuation of 82,000 people overnight. bill, my gosh. from louisiana to california. fire and rain. what's going on? >> the fire in southern california, this one is about 60 miles to the east of l.a. just
3:25 am
to the northwest of san bernardino and it was formed yesterday about 10:30 in the morning and quickly started spreading and these were new pictures we just got in. this is what we were afraid of. structures being burned in the area. 2,000 people evacuated out of this. the main interstate between las vegas and no chance of opening that this morning. you can imagine what that will do during rush hour. that is someone's home burning to the ground. heree are on the map. 27 active fires right now in areas of the west and we're watching red flag warnings where that blue cut fire is. 700 personnel and growing. using nighttime helicopters on and the forecast on that fire about 96. flood watches in texas from san antonio to houston and areas of louisiana look better today and water levels are going down. forecast for everyone. northeast clears out and southeast we're going to be dodging a few thunderstorms out there but areas of the west and the heat and still no showers and thunderstorms in the southeast as we're still
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>> i'm fighting all of us across the country are fighting for peaceful regime change in our own country. the media donor political complex that has bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by and for the people. >> that's a good line and a good line for a lot of reasons. but a really good line because it does encapsulate what his entire campaign is about. why, it's almost as if we're going to try this. let's see how this is going to work. he is making a pivot. so every time we say pivot, we'll be putting that up. >> i thought the asterisk was when he was on message.
3:30 am
isn't that the asterisk? >> almost as if this campaign is beginning, mark, why don't you try it out, mark? >> almost like he's making a pivot. >> you didn't get the asterisk. >> there we go. we're going to work on this. we have to work this out. >> needs a little work. >> we used to do that for when i was in congress. it is a good color scheme. all right, katty, new polling out. >> it needs work with the trump campaign. a new monmouth university poll in florida showed him down nine points with clinton at 48% and trump at 39%. in texas trump's lead just six points 44 to 38. in a statement romney won by 16. a "washington post" poll shows trump down eight points in a two-way race and another daunting margin for him in a state that george w. bush won
3:31 am
comfortably twice. analysis from the post finds clinton is closer to winning red states than she is to losing swing states. disappearing battleground state. unbelievable. >> and, again, the cook political report yesterday, mark halperin. you look at the states that are solidly hillary clinton. you're already 272. i think you're exactly right. there is going to have to be a wave nationally to get those races closer. >> well, he has to hope that between now and pretty much the first week of september the tv advertising message discipline a pivot. >> and bringing republicans home. i mean, he can cut the gap in these states by a lot if he brings republicans home in some numbers. i'm not saying he will be able to do that, but that alone would allow him to go into labor day being able to tell republicans. >> how fast does he have to do it, mark? >> i think by the first week of
3:32 am
september he needs to be able to get people to stop saying, hillary is already over 270. i think he has to do that by the first or second week of september. otherwise very difficult to keep the party focused on the top of the ticket. >> talking about bringing republicans home. there is just no way virginia ought to be gone already for the republican candidate. i mean, virginia is a state that has been becoming bluer. but, you know, i know virginia pretty well and i would not say it's a solid blue state. i just wouldn't say that. >> no, it's not. but you look at trump's numbers there. he is just no where in northern virginia. northern virginia suburb. >> what did bob mcdonald win by in 2010? like 16, 17 points. >> legislature. totally republican apparently. >> he's getting like 18%, i believe, his number fewer
3:33 am
republicans than romney got. >> this is, again, rick, i always say i could teach somebody how to win a republican primary in five minutes. it's gut. and, of course, you guys -- if you have the right candidate. you guys laser focus targeting better than anybody else. that's extraordinarily important. but you get into the general election and it goes from gut to really the head and it's math and it's targeting. and, you know, i don't have to even look in the numbers to know he's getting killed in the d.c. suburbs because college educated people are running away from him as fast as they can. that's going to take a sustained effort by donald trump day in and day out and day in and day out for a month or two to get those college educated republican voters back. >> he's losing every part of virginia, except the southeast which is coal country. that's understandable because of hillary clinton's remarks about coal. what is actually shocking to me is that hillary clinton is
3:34 am
within six points of texas. i mean, texsis a republican state through and through. and that one he's got to lock up. he can't afford to lose texas. the nine points in florida is very concerning. if he loses florida, his path is really, really, really -- >> there is no path. the path is back to trump towers and the golf courses if he loses florida. >> it seems like something collat clismic would have to happen. people understand what donald trump's message is. he could be more message disciplined as mark halperin said. he doesn't need to change his message. just stick to his message and make a case against hillary. seems like something really dramatic is going to have to happen to turn things around. >> brookings the big shift after the convention was college educated white women. shifted away from the republicans from trump to clinton. >> the thing is, this race is
3:35 am
separated, i think, more by those distinctions. >> right. >> those distinctions are more important for donald trump's recovery. >> it is going to be hard to get them back. the must-read opinion pages calling on the clinton foundation to stop accepting funds. "morning joe" back in a moment. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h.
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>> today i believe that i
3:39 am
believe i'm being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field. i encourage other presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current frontrunner. this is fundamentally important to the future of the party. and, more importantly too, the future of the country. >> there is only one person who's got a track record in the private sector and a track record on this campaign to truly take on washington and put power back in the hands of the american people to make america great, again. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the next president of the united states, donald trump. wow. >> wow. now, another great moment in that wonderful, political movie 2016 whiplash. governor scott walker
3:40 am
enthusiastically introducing trump in his home state after what we said about him last year when he dropped out of the presidential race. >> wow. what is the calculation there, mark? everyone else seems to be running away from trump and, scott just ran in slow motion running to him with his arms outstretched through a field of daisies? >> he's not on the ballot this year. the chairman of the party, and scott walker, you know, he's from that school, school between clinton and trump. you have to be for trump for judges. >> there you go. >> that's why he did it. coming up, will there be a third podium on the presidential debate stage next month? g we'll talk to the libertarian candidate along with his running meat bill we
3:41 am
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. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson along with his running mate, libertarian vice presidential candidate, former massachusetts governor bill weld. guys, thank you so much for being with us. governor johnson, we're just looking at the front page of "washington post" today and we're just talking in the break about pulling out of aca. what would your plan be to provide affordable health care to americans? >> i think when it comes to affordable health care you have to have a free market approach to health care. let me point out that health care is as far removed from free market as it possibly could be. we would not have insurance to cover ourselves for ongoing mecal need in a free market. we would pay as you go and i'm going to guess if we paid as we went the cost would be about
3:45 am
one-fifth of what they are now. we would have insurance to cover ourself for catastrophic illness. we would have advertised outcomes. bill and i are running for president and vice president and not running for king or dictator. so, you know, it's incumbent on what comes out of congress. count on us to sign on the legislation that makes for better health care and lower costs. >> governor weld, if single working mom in let's say south boston through no fault of her own got fired from her job, how does she afford health care for her children if there's no insurance for checkups for her 5-year-old son? >> i'm with gary. more competition in the marketplace. health savings accounts, that sort of thing. the reality is at the end of the day, people don't go without treatment in the united states. they go to the e.r. and the cost
3:46 am
is socialized. what you want to do is get as many people into the insurance system as possible to drive down the costs. but that woman would receive the necessary care. >> mark halprein. >> could you name three federal departments or agencies that you would eliminate? >> education, the department of commerce and housing -- >> would any of their functions still be performed by the federal government? >> gosh. if -- you'd have to assume that they were doing something that was of value and, yeah, if they are doing something of value, yes, we would be looking to continue those operations. >> it's easy to say you just eliminate those departments and also easy tasay, well, the good things would be kept. but those departments all do a lot of stuff. you can't identify any specific things that they do? >> you're asking three departments and i'm giving them
3:47 am
to you. let's just take the assumption that they should be eliminated. >> with all due respect, if they do good things, we'll keep them. >> i think what we both did in office is we zero based the budget. meaning you assume virtually every account starts the year at zero unless it justifies itself through performance the prior year. in washington, as you well know, unless the program grows by 5% every year, they call that a cut. that's not how we file our budgets. we would file a balanced budget in year one. >> katty kay. >> governors, we heard from donald trump this week on his plan for combatting isis. he's laid out a fairly isolat n isolationist plan for the united states in terms of foreign policy. what would your plan be for tackling extremist islamic terrorism? >> we don't want to be isolationists, as all.
3:48 am
we don't want to involve ourselves in regime change and let's just recognize that what we're dealing with right now is as a result of the regime change that we got ourselves involved with. get congress involved in a declaration of war. how do we move forward? isis is regionally contained. i would like to think of isis right now as sands through the hour glass. >> i think that domestically for the lone wolves that are copy cat murderers you want to have a specialized task force such as the justice department and internationally you have to be prepared to send in a special force if isis should become isolated, for example, in south yemen and you could deliver. i think we have to be prepared to do that. >> governor, this is gene robinson. to get into the debate. you have to be polling at 15%.
3:49 am
and then, then your task is to, of course, get more. and win the election. what is your strategy for getting to that 15%. is it regional strategy or demographic strategy? how are you going to do it? >> gene, it's happening. i will give us a better than 50% chance of achieving that. that is all what's happening from a social media standpoint. all the analytics are off the charts. right now we're doubling every three weeks and just the last couple of days we raised $2 million online, which for us is unprecedented. i mean, it really gives us a shot at winning this. neither of us would be doing this if we didn't think we had the opportunity to actually win the whole thing. >> the strategy is to come in between 15 and 0 at the beginning of september and then climb to 25 by the end of september and then i think we would have a shot. some of the discussion earl gr
3:50 am
about mr. trump being behind in the swing states. you know, it may get to the point where it looks like donald trump may not be able to win and you will hear from us that it is a wasted vote. you better go with johnson weld. >> thank you,guys, so much for being with us. >> thanks for having us on. thank you. still ahead, we'll talk to "weekly standard" bill kristol who has long pushed for an independent presidential challenger, one problem, that candidate just missed a deadline to appear on the california ballot but he is on some other states. we'll talk to bill about that when "morning joe" comes back. hey look, it's those guys.
3:51 am
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>> i've actually said that i'm going to be voting for him, but i do have significant disagreements with him, which i've been very clear on. so, i won't be endorsing him. so, that's my position. >> what is the distinction between voting and endorsinendo? >> everyone gets a vote, i do, too. an endorsement is one where i'm out campaigning with someone and, so, while he has my vote, he doesn't have my endorsement and i'm going to continue to focus on really my race. >> that was senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. she finds her seat in jeopardy. in latest polling.
3:55 am
also colorado's freshman senator is now, too, onboard but he didn't go as far as backing the nominee. in statement he said in part, he would support the entire republican ticket in november. i mean, contortions, joe. can't they just be bold about this? >> there's no eye in that needle. you cannot thread that needle. you are endorsing that person. there's no -- >> you can't be a senator and say you're voting for someone without endorsing them. >> no. >> you are not endorsing them. >> rick tyler, you are, i mean, my attitude has always been, you know, i've always said, nobody stops you going 90 miles an hour, you're either all in or not all in. what would you advise your candidates to do? >> on the one hand, marco rubio who has stuck by his claim that donald trump is a con man, yet
3:56 am
says he's still voting for him. but kelly ayotte has not done that. she's not lending her credibility and her stature to his campaign and she has a choice like everybody else. she has a vote and has to make a choice and she's being transparpt about her choice. she is going to vote for donald trump and not lend any of her political assets to help him win. >> what about cory gardner's response? >> i'm sorry, which was? >> i'll vote for the republican ticket. i'll support the entire republican ticket in november. >> and he who will not be named. >> these are not strong backings. this is one of the problems that trump has. he doesn't seem to be able to get along with members of his own party and thats never good. so, you still got a divided party and still has work to do with unifying the party which is why he is having so much trouble closing the gap with clinton. >> that's where we'll see what
3:57 am
happens in the coming weeks if donald trump stays discipline and sticks to message that he started last night. and makes the pivot and we shall see. they are slow on that asterisk, aren't they? >> they are hand made. >> alex -- >> cut out like snowflakes. rick tyler, thank you so much. greatly appreciate you being here. coming up at the top of the hour, we'll bring in someone who got very little sleep last night. "washington post" robert costa with his up to the moment reporting with trump campaign shakeup and hallie jackson joins us from donald trump's event in new hampshire. so yeah, ge is digital and industrial. so it's indigital. digidustrial. indigenous. shhhh... let's go with digital industrial. for now.
3:58 am
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