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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> to send the netherlands to the gold medal match. she scores! if it's wednesday, donald trump shakes up his campaign staff again. the goal let trump be trump. tonight, all shook up. if you like donald trump's brash style, you're about to get a lot more of it. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change it. >> his new team says that's the way to win. >> it's one of the best weeks in the trump campaign. >> and the legacy. >> how a former priest and nixon aide forever changed the way we talk about politics on tv. >> the american original. >> this is mtp daily and it starts right now.
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good evening to you. here in new york in for chuck todd tonight. welcome to mtp daily. we are going to take you inside that dramatic shakeup at trump headquarters. how it went down, why it went down, what the fallout is and whether the campaign just tried to douse a fire with rocket fuel. also, we're trying to keep an eye on trump's big rally since the big shakeup. mike pence right now being introduced. we're keeping a close eye on his remarks. we'll let you know if anything's happening out there. but let's dive right in. this has been a dizzying stretch for donald trump. self-inflicted wounds, worsening controversies. dire warnings from his own party leaders to tone it down as republicans beg trump to pivot to a more tra dig l general
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election strategy. trump's response to all of it, forget about it. trump announcing a major overhaul at the top of his campaign. he is installing as his campaign ceo steve bannon. he's a top executive from the right wing media outlet breitbart news. he has a reputation as a political street fighter. he is a big fan of trump's brash style. also in addition to that, trump tapping pollster and conservative fire brand kellyanne conway to serve as his campaign manager. both moves sidelining paul manafort who was intent on turning trump into a more establishment friendly general election candidate. this is a campaign intent on returning to the strategy that it thinks worked in the
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republican primary season. let trump be trump. that is something that has many conservatives anxious right now. because trump being trump is arguably what got the trump campaign into this mess. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism. >> no. we're building a wall. he's a mexican. >> do you think it's appropriate to call the sitting president of the united states the founder of a terrorist organization that wants to kill americans? >> he was the founder of isis. absolutely. >> the elections are ig arigged. all of a sudden, i was viciously attacked on the stage of the democratic national convention by mr. khan and i responded to that vicious attack. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the
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30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> does that not give you pause? >> no, gives me no pause. if they have them, they have them. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change it. >> that's from the last couple of months since donald trump emerged from the primary season as the republican nominee. with all of that in mind, let's dive into the full extent of the crisis that this new trump campaign team is walking into. again, with less than 90 days to go now. brand-new polls out today. in three battleground states. the big news here, double digit leads for hillary clinton in virginia and colorado. these are two states that stayed republican all the way through 2004. not just moving in the democratic direction, but breaking wide open for hillary clinton. this is consistent with our nbc news polls in the same states last week. hillary clinton has a sizable advantage in both of these
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states. we talk about that divide all the time. college educated white voters. her lead has exploded with college educated white voters. it is a little closer in iowa. again, that's something we also picked up on in our poll. one of the reasons there, that's a state where there are a lot more blue collar whites and president obama might have overperformed a bit with them in 2012. iowa, he's still losing, but it's by a narrow margin. big picture, not good news for donald trump when you're a republican getting blown out in those two states. check this out, you start with the question of party unity. you shouldn't be seeing a number like this right now if you're a republican nominee. 52% of republicans in our most recent poll, 52% saying they're satisfied with trump as their nominee. this poll was taken as the republicans emerged from their
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convention. you're supposed to emerge from your convention with unity, not with half the party saying no, i'm not satisfied with the candidate my party just nominated. bigger problem for trump, though, look, we talk all the time, he's lucky that he's running against hillary clinton. because hillary clinton has negative numbers of her own. she has that very high negative number on honesty, trustworthiness, on personal likabili likability. but here is what maybe the ultimate challenge that donald trump faces. it is on the question of tren temprament. this maybe a very basic threshold question. less than one-third of voters right now look at donald trump and say, yeah, i could see him in the oval office from a
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temperamental standpoint. here's one where she is clearly, clearly doing better than donald trump. more than double that 27%. a clear majority right now say hillary clinton has the temperamental to serve as president. that may be the single most important question right now in terms of separating hillary clinton from donald trump, why she's been able to open up these leads. >> we are looking alternate a brand-new trump campaign leadership team. we are covering the trump campaign from the very beginning. cnbc's in washington. been working. this is the new brain trust. they're calling the shots. what are they going to do. what's going to be different?
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>> reporter: this is not the campaign realizing they need to return to a let donald trump be donald trump era. this is the candidate deciding he wants to return to allowing himself to be himself. sources tell us he's been deeply unhappy the past few has been i he has wanted change. he feels he knows best and this is him embracing what he says is best for the campaign. which is him being himself on the campaign trail. kellyanne conway is somebody with with a good reputation and respected. there is good new when is it comes to her, and it's a feeling of relief from republican strategists when they lk at her coming on board. she will be traveling with him and described as a calming reference and tell trump no if need be, and bannan is making folks nervous. i spoke to a source that bannan called a spoource and called th and told them he will not be
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telling him to go in another direction. he has taken up donald trump's mantles, and if he is following paul ryan, you will see breitbart news, that paul ryan is ending his career. he is taking up trump's causes, which is a conservative fire brand and made his name in the tea party. he is an outsider and doesn't agree with establishment principles. somebody who pushes back. this shakeup in some ways is easing people's minds because conway is somebody people like, but this makes people think donald trump will be pushing back against the rnc and republicans, democrats and the media. donald trump versus the world. >> katy tur outside trump tower. thanks for that. let's turn to john harwood in d.c. let's stay on the point katy was talking about in terms of reaction from republicans. we put the poll numbers up
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there, and trump has a problem. in terms of his leadership, he has a problem of having the party's confidence to execute the campaign in a professional way. what are you hearing from republicans today? katy ended h report by talking about trump against the world, and if you are talking about strategists, they don't have confidence in him. they are accelerating a move in the wrong direction, and trump is down in our monkey poll nine points nationally and large margins in swing states and republicans are beginning to worry that the undertoe from donald trump will take republicans who might be able to otherwise drag them down. like pat too mamey, and racicha burr in north carolina, and in missouri even. the senate is very much in
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danger, and in the house, it's a more comfortable majority for republicans, but they are concerned about the collapse by trump, and i talked to one strategist who said their campaign is so far off the rails that i don't know anyone who would want to invest in the campaign. they are looking for donors to hold the house and senate concluding it's very unlikely that donald trump can win the white house. >> john harwood in washington. thanks for that. as john was speaking, you saw live pictures on the screen. that's mike pence speaking in nevada. just outside of las vegas. we're keeping an eye on that event. i'm joined by two people who know the conservative landscape better than any. hugh hewitt, and charlie sykes. out the in wisconsin, wisconsin, where donald trump was last night. wisconsin where donald trump had a lot of trouble with
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republicans in the primary. like you, charlie sykes, you have been critical of donald trump. looking at this report today, how do you feel about this? does this give you more confidence in the direction of the donald trump campaign? >> no. exactly the opposite. this is going to end badly. remember that colorful phrase from the book, "the right stuff," when somebody would make a mistake, it was called screwing the pooch. and this is doing that royally. it's taking the campaign in the wrong direction. he was in wisconsin last night, making a pitch for african-american voters, and then you wake up this morning and he is promoting the head of a website that has enabled and embraced the old right, white nationalist white supremacist wing of the party. breitbart is really the dark fever swamp of the conservative media, and unfortunately, this move is going to reinforce almost all the worst traits of
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this campaign, and i don't mean this debate. hugh, i hope you understand what i'm about to say here. if donald trump was going to reach out the somebody in the media, if he had reached out to hugh hewlett instead of steve bann bannan, that would have helped a lot of conservatives. saying, i want to be a grown up and be presidential and serious. going with steve bannan tells me he wants to be around people who are his enablers and will ten him he is great and wonderful and he needs to do what he has been doing that have torpedoed his campaign so far. >> he is saying what katy tur is saying. breitbart has been pro-trump and anti-establishme anti-establishment. does it unnerve you? >> no. there are a lot of things to say there. one, it's great to be on with charlie, and if wisconsin goes to donald trump, it will be because charlie makes peace with had im.
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kellyanne conway has been my friend far long time. she is an extraordinarily gifted strategist, pollster and traveling with donald trump, that telegraphs that the message in milwaukee, which is a good message will be repeated and refined and focused. i don't know steve bannan. i'm not a fan of breitbart. andrew was my close friend, and i interviewed on the day he died, sadly. and i don't know mr. bannan. i don't know if he is good. he is a navy officer, and a lot of people like him, and a lot of people don't. i know kellyanne conway. that's good. there are three stories today. the nsa was hacked in a way that's critically damaging to the u.s. security. it's a pearl harbor of cyberattacks. etna dropped out in 15 states. perilling a broken and dangerous experiment impairing the health of americans, and hillary
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clinton's russian reset button worked to put russia resetting into iran for bombers. this is a disastrous day in obama's presidency. this is inconsistency, and insatiable desire for power. that does not seem like the media doing itsjob. we ought to be talking about how russia is in iran and syria, and the nsa is in the hands of our enemy. it's a bad day for obama and clinton. that's the story to me. >> go ahead, charlie. >> that's what's so frustrating about this campaign. hillary clinton is unelectable except that she is running against donald trump, and what donald trump manages to do is rather than focus on all of those stories that hugh listed, and every one of those is a legitimate and major story, donald trump has consistently basically, you know, stepped in
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it himself. maybe because, you know, he is so absorbed with his own grudges and agenda. but i'm willing to blame the media for a lot of things sh but donald trump has been the a architect of almost all of his slipups. he is responsible for the fact that -- he has the ability to turn the focus on anything he wants to turn the focus on, and the fact we're not talking about those things that hugh mentioned and really an indictment of the way that he has run the campaign since the convention. >> that's something, whiff talked to republicans that has been said more than once. donald trump is returning to this let trump be trump strategy. he feels it worked for him, and there was an authenticity that came through, and if you were just watching this as a spect e spectator over the last few months, haven't wie seen donald trump be donald trump for the last few months? >> when you opened the show with
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the oi number. we're not going to win virginia. and we're not going to win colorado, but iowa is competitive, and there may be a lot of shy torys in pennsylvania, and i had rob portman on my morning show. he is coasting and killing ted strickland who is falling apart. he has taken money from negative ads and he is coasting. he has done good stuff for lake e e er erie. i think the republicans are in good shape, and you say the hawk eye state hasn't been red in a long time, and it may be that kel kelly anne is the message. i'm sure you spoke with her. she is ms. message discipline, and that's a good 83 days ahead for messaging. >> you said, look, wisconsin,
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could go to donald trump if you made peace with donald trump. is that possible? >> first of all, i'm not going to come around. especially after what happened today. no matter what i say, he is not going to win in wisconsin. we got a look at him in the primary, and they are not buying it. he wins wisconsin when pigs fly, and they don't here in wisconsin. >> we're going to work on you, charlie! >> that's a promise from hue hewitt. we appreciate it. coming up, why the new lead voice of the trump campaign this is one of the best weeks yet for the candidate. stay tuned. miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision.
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vice presidential nominee,ike pence is holding court in henderson, nevada, the silver state, still a tossup on our battleground map. we have seen hillary clinton surge ahead, and ohio, iowa,
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donald trump has shown us who he is. he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter. but he is still the same man who insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> that was hillary clinton in cleveland, ohio. she is on the let trump be trump band wagon. since all of his recent missteps have helped her move ahead in the polls so now donald trump seems to be doubling down on what was his primary campaign strategy, what is his strategy from here. we told you yesterday they had not yet spent a dime on general election television ads. it appears they are ready to
2:23 pm
start spending some money. nbc news confirmed he will be running ads in florida, ohio, north carolina and pennsylvania. in pennsylvania, trump is leading by double digits, and more indicative of a future trump campaign strategy may be where they are not airing ads. look at these states, colorado, iowa, nevada, new hampshire and virginia. a state president bush won in 2000 and 2004. republicans won that through the '60s. let's bring in the panel. we have susan page, e.j. deon, senior fellow at the brookings institution. all joining us from d.c., and here in new york, susan dellers. owe. we have a full panel. let me start with you, susan. putting up ads that he has got
2:24 pm
money now, and there were problems for a while. they have got some money, and we were wondering when the ads would go on the air. is it too late? >> it's a big finally. we forge that early voting starts in ohio. eight weeks from today, so we have to -- everyone looks that the election day is 12 weeks today, and it starts in eight weeks in a lot of early voting states. that's important. the clinton campaign has been able to consistently burn their message, reinforcing what people think of donald trump. it is extremely difficult to change people's opinions of someone versus reinforcing them. these have to go on and be significant and stay consistent. they can't go up for a couple of weeks and go down. this has to be consistent for election day. >> and outside of television advertising, from the trump campaign shakeup, what do you think? is there going to be a different trump we see next week that we
2:25 pm
weren't seeing last week because of this or the same thing? >> i think trump is trump in the same way that hillary clinton is hillary clinton. hillary clinton is a very similar candidate to one we saw at the beginning of this campaign, and so is donald trump. these are human beings who are who they are. donald trump has got fthis far, and to think of the ads, it's very late, and on the other hand, he is competitive in states like ohio, florida and iowa without having spent a dime on ads. one last thing about the ads, i'm curious about whether these will try to make the case for donald trump, or will they be ads to make the case against hillary clinton? because that's the kind of campaign i think we're going to see for the next 83 days. >> and e.j., it's interesting to look at donald trump apparently feels that paul manafort, he had sent these signals and took
2:26 pm
charge of the campaign, and he thought he would be able to lean him, and we look at the past few months, and it didn't seem like manafort had success. i'm trying to figure out what the difference would be here. >> it's donald trump against his own campaign, but he had already consistently been in rebellion, and as i think you said earlier, steve, if let trump be trump is their slogan, that's what got them into the hole they are in now, and steve bannon in particular is a real signal that that -- he wants to move this campaign to the far right, and bannon is close to nigel forage, the former head, not of the conservative party in england, but the far right party. in interest with the rest of the european far right, and sara palin admires his
2:27 pm
anti-establishment, and i read a paper with a wonderful headline on it. it said, if you thought the old trump campaign was wild and k crazy, just wait because bannon will ramp it up. >> i'm wondering, last night because before the news of the a shakeup, donald trump delivered another speech from a teleprompt teleprompter, and this is a new thing. not the way he has been campaigning, and there was a focused message in that speech. it sounded like there was some thought put into targeting an audience and what wife message they are trying to deliver. do you see him moving into a more disciplined case? do you think we might be starting to see it? >> no. i don't. you know, a couple of weeks ago, he gave his big econ speech, and that was supposed to be the pivot, so i have no faith that he will continue to be quote/unquote disciplined moving
2:28 pm
forward, and about last night, that was aimed towards an african-american audience, there were none in that audience. he was not in milwaukee. he was in a suburb outside of milwaukee. and just delivering one speech about, you know, issues that african-americans care about does not constitute outrage. it shows who you hire around you and the statements you have been giving over your life, and there's nothing about donald trump that appeals to the african-american community. >> and susan, can kellyanne, we were talking about in the last segment. can she keep him off twitter? >> i don't know if anyone can keep him off twitter, but what she can do is really -- she said in a recent interview, give him options and giving him a way of getting there on his own. she is a calm, reassuring voice. she is respected on the conservative circle and among big money folks. as well as the rnc. so she plays into all time zones
2:29 pm
if you will. i think her influence will be great, plus when he talk about steve bannon, one thing to keep in mind is he has been brought in to be a chief executive. the media chain is concerning to donald trump. i think he will have an influence on the messaging, but i think he is really there to kind of focus on smart media strategy, and also because donald trump doesn't like to waste money, and he doesn't want to give too much away. >> it's a fascinating psychological question. whether it was corey lewandowski, paul manafort, and kellyanne conway, how do you get through to him? >> search me. i don't think he has ever paid attention to anything i wrote. but i think that what you are seeing here is something that should lead everybody to question his managements file.
2:30 pm
this is the third real shakeup. you went from lewandowski to manafort, and now from manafort to this new team, and one of the fascinating things is going to be to watch kellyanne conway who is different in her approach to politics than steve bannon is. he is a real idiolog. one thing he is good at is encouraging mainstream stories that he wants written. he bragged -- this was in the "bloomberg business week" piece. 15 investigative reporters from the best newspapers chasing hillary around. i think you're going to see him trying to work those dark arts, and i think trump if anything is going to get harsher on hillary so far, although that's difficult. >> stay with us. still ahead. remembering a pioneer of political commentary. chris matthews are join us to
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on a doomsday scale of 0 to 10. 0 meaning zero doom. and ten meaning annihilation, how much doom was hall illary f? john mclaughlin, remembrances are flooding in for he who pass away at the age of 89 yesterday. calling him a tv institution, and watching boast "snl "spoofs,
2:39 pm
and also what made his special was he didn't want us to work as observers, and he kicked guests into the action. here's a segment on predictions. ♪ >> i think there's going to be a big overhaul in the clinton administration. i predict as early as late spring in the white house particularly. >> what does that mean? >> there's knick going to be ne people. >> who is going to be canned? >> i don't know. >> name one. >> there will be more grown-ups in there. >> you may remember that man there. here he is now, ris mat uthews, he was the guest. i read this quote from him. he was trying to explain the appeal of his show, and he said, journalists on television can be pompous, and my show demyth
2:40 pm
liezs the media. >> they're all good shows, but they had the quality of stuffiness. it was like going into a room that hadn't been opened for a couple of months. you know that smell of a room. cliche ridden, and everybody would say, i'm between a rock and hard place. these tired old phrases, and people spoke in them. it was like a new yorker cartoon. talking fuddy tduddy, and he opened it up, and it was faster and reverend, and there was a time in the early '80s when everybody in washington, left, right and center, and there was a center back then, loved mclaughlin on a saturday night. when you went out to dinner, everybody was talking about him. >> he came before the explosion of cable news. there was no msnbc, fox, csn.
2:41 pm
this was not something you were seeing all the time, and he had a career in politics coming to television. he was a catholic priest who ran for the senate in rhode island, and he was in the nixon white house. this is quite a life story he had. >>, in fact, i read in the to obit that he had a doctorate. he did it all, and metaphysics, and every kind of philosophy. if that's the reason like pat and i, and tim russer, grew up with jesuit educations. they teach and argue about principles and theories and philosophy, and the nature of things. things that are relevant and not to the argument. that's where he came from. he is an old line, old school jes w jesuit. >> you mentioned when "snl" was
2:42 pm
spoofing him. a trip down memory lane. dana mccarccarvy. >> trick or treat. pat buchanan. >> it is justifiable. >> wrong! >> i don't think it withdrawn. >> wrong! john? john? [ laughs ] [ applause ] >> sorry, the teasing was starteding to get to me, and i had to take action. issue, eyunified europe. good for them. how about us? >> that was the hay day of the mclaughlin group. i heard he loved that impersonation. the joke was he was always interrupting and telling you you were wrong. what was the experience like of being on the show with him? >> reporter: well, i love the
2:43 pm
guy. he was a character. i never knew whether he knew. i think he knew he was playing this part. there was a bit of steve c colbert. it wasn't like he was -- it was vaudeville. i said, when i got to know him. this didn't conservativism. this is fireworks. issue one, and issue two. schtick, that you can reduce everything to certitude, and it was opening up politics, breathing fresh air into it, and having an exciting argument over the dinner table. it was great stuff, and what made it, was he had great journalists on the show. i never got on wit ah it, but h had novak, and fred barnes, and you always -- i say this to our producers. you want to teach, and he did teach. and not later in the show, he lost some of, that but in the
2:44 pm
early days of mclaughlin, you learned something, and the puff is fun. unless there's substance there, and walk away and say to something that night, and you say to somebody, where did you learn it? i heard it from mclaughlin, matthews, or kornacki. you have to teach. he said, we're all teachers at our best, and he did lose it in the last ten years or so, but in the beginning, he had great reporters in that show, and you learned stuff, and that was what it's all about. >> it was sunday mornings, when i was growing up in the early '90s, channel 4 in boston, every week. loved the show. great part of modern political history. >> you're learning from this. you are the future of this business i think. you got it. because you teach every time you go on the air. i always learn something from you, and that is the key to this
2:45 pm
p profess. that's the key. you have to lighten it up. and then deliver the goods. >> that's very generous, very helpful, and i appreciate. >> reporter: i'm a big fan of yours. >> great job. chris matthews, we'll see you back here 7:00 p.m. eastern for "hardball," and we'll be back with the lid after this. >> reporter: bye-bye. >> beavis and butt-head fashion. >> it's very smophisticated satire. it's cynical, but putting down the people who like it. it's dumbing down and holding the mirror. >> what are you saying? >> some people say that about you. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment,
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time now for the lid. the panel is here. all with us, thanks for sticking around. let's start right now, actually, i wanted to play this. this is kellyanne conway, now in charge of the trump campaign after the shakeup. this was last night "meet the press." >> we act like we're going to walk into a ballot box and there will be a sign that says trump, and there are a few people on the ballot, and another major candidate, that's hillary clinton. i know she is boring and lies for a living, but it's time for the media to step up and give her the same corage. >> and susan page, i guess that might be a preview of the strategy here. donald trump has been harsh and blunt in his criticisms of
2:51 pm
hillary clinton, but that sounds to me like a campaign chief who sees donald trump's chance to the white house, by bring down the opponent. >> i interviewed her at the republican convention, and if she if this election is a a referendum on hillary clinton, he is going to win. it's certain that she has have you veshneshl vulnerabilities, see if she can change that. >> where do you see vulnerabilitie vulnerabilities. >> i think one is getting too comfortable wl polling right now.
2:52 pm
all the nbc this marist polls. in yeoh, in ohio, florida, too. we have the new monmouth poll at 9 in florida. then you see the other states. pennsylvania, north carolina, virginia, colorado, the race right now just absolutely getting away from donald trump right there. if you put those states together, you see that hillary clinton is in better position to flip red states into expand on that win that barack obama had on 2012 than donald trump is to flip blue states and make it a close race. if you're the trump campaign, if you're new brain trus where do
2:53 pm
you start? >> you have to move the number of republicans from supporting donald trump from the mid 70s to the high 70s into the 90s. that will by nature close the gap a bit with hillary clinton. then they also have to start looking at a ground game. as i mentioned in the previous segment, eight weeks until people in ohio vote. to daniella's point, hillary clinton won't forget that. they are aware they can't be complacent. they are going to do a huge ground operation so the trump people need to do a lot. everyone talks about the shake-up. i don't consider it a shake-up. i consider that finally they have enough work to get done what they need to get done. they need to hire more. they have to find a way to consolidate that base or really fuel up the populace. >> that's an interesting point
2:54 pm
in terms of consolidating the republican base. one of the challenges is it seems there is a divide even within the republican party. the blue collar college educated divide where everything that trump has done has endeared him to the blue collar part of the party. if you're donald trump, how can you balance those two things? >> well, in fact, he has lost ground at both ends over the last two weeks. first of all, if he can't get more republicans, he won't win. the post abc poll in virginia, maybe just a post poll, showed that only 19% of republicans thought he had the temperament to be president. the other thing that's striking, to take that poll, even in the base, what is supposed to be his base, white working class
2:55 pm
voters, whites without college education. he is running behind mitt romney now. so he has to do a lot of consolidation of before he can actually start advancing. so this new trump team has a lot of work to do. >> susan paige, has he at least bought himself some time here with party leaders? all these stories in reason weeks about party leaders losing confidence. certainly they're still worried about it. has he shown with this new team in place, he can get numbers closer before he takes more dire actions? >> i think a couple weeks stretches it too far. it has bought him a couple days, a week. this sheks getting close. some republicans are holding the house. i think he is probably a sense, okay, we'll give this new team a little time.
2:56 pm
i don't think that there is that much time left before the decisions are made about where you'll devote your resources in this election that's coming on. >> okay. we'll have to keep it there for now. thanks to all of you for being with us. more after this. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. just enough time left to tell you about a very unusual poll result. check this out. indiana. this is traditionally a republican state. barack obama did win it in 2008
3:00 pm
but you see trump leading by 11 points. but the senate race, the democrat, evan bayh, leading now. he is bucking the trump trend. that's a very encouraging sign for democrats in indiana. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." have a great night. donald trump has shaken up and expanded his senior staff with just three months left until election day. overnight the republican nominee added two names at the top of the campaign chart. one name is familiar to viewers and to pretty much every tv news watcher across the fruited plain. that is long time republican pollster and strategist and trump/pence adviser, k


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