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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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dictator, bashar al assad. that is going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. chris jansing just back from rio picks up our coverage right now. >> craig, thank you. we will talk more about that devastating video and the photograph that is really taking the world and broken its hearts, really, a little bit later on in this program. right here on msnbc, the question is what really happened. new questions about whether olympic swimmer, ryan lochte and teammates were held at gun point and robbed. the changing details in lochte's story. plus, donald trump back on the trail today for the first time since shaking up his campaign again. with his team returning to an oldmott let trump be trump. will that gamble pay off. and the threat of rising water forcing more evacuations in louisiana in what officials call the worst natural disaster since super storm sandy.
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i'm chris jansing in new york. developing right now a lot of moving parts in a story that has become an international incident in team usa. this morning authorities barring three swimmers from leaving brazil, clearly police in rio have some doubts about whether those swimmers, as well as superstar ryan lochte, were actually held up at gunpoint. police there are right about one thing. some details of the story don't match up. jim jim jimmy feigen, gunner bents. they were about to leave rio last night, and then this drama. authorities hauling them off their plane, taking them to the police station. there for three hours before being released. sources at rio's airport tell nbc news, feigen checked in, but never showed up.
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they are cooperating in the process of scheduling a time today to make further statements. this morning, ryan lochte is defending himself and his teammates from his home in north carolina. he left rio yesterday, just hours before a judge ordered him to stay. nbc's keir simmons, joins me now from rio. so much going on this morning. talk to us first about discrepancies and what ryan lochte is saying now to nbc. >> reporter: well, you know, chris, let me just go first to news that we are hearing emerging in the past, you know, half hour, 20 minutes. multiple media organizations, including reuters, are telling -- being told by brazilian officials and also our own gadi schwartz, being told by a brazilian official source, that this is what the brazilian police think happened. they think at a gas station, a men's room, a bathroom was damaged in some way, that there was then some kind of an altercation with a security guard. police were called. the police did not arrive.
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apparently, according to this reporting, there was a row, if you like, and is at some stage, it was agreed they would pay for the damage, and the swimmers left. that, of course, very different from the account the swimmers initially gave and even from the account that ryan lochte gave overnight. although he did tell matt lauer that they had stopped at a gas station rather than being pulled over. so, chris, we have to just emphasize, the swimmers have been sticking to their story. but now we're hearing, if you like, the story from the other side. the story from the portuguese officials and what they think may have happened. >> yeah. and it seems like -- all of this came out, because ryan lochte's mom spoke to a reporter, otherwise maybe this would have all stayed quiet. and, again, we don't have independent confirmation that something happened in the bathroom. but that was part of the original story. then it became they got pulled over. what are some of the other things that police have questions about? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, let's just take you
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through some of the inconsistency there have been in the stories. initially the swimmers told police they were robbed after leaving a club at 4:00 p.m. but video shows them leaving at a different time, chris. this surveillance video obtained by the daily mail online shows the swimmers returning to the olympic village. a judge says they looked unfazed and were joking around. lochte telling police there was one robber, jimmy seguin saying there was more one. lochte told billy bush from the "today" show, their taxi was pulled over and robbed but told matt lauer last night they were, indeed, robbed at that gas station. and lochte also told billy bush a man put a gun to his forehead but told matt lauer the gun was pointed in his direction. >> keir simmons, who is staying on top of this developing story, thank you so much. and a little later this hour, we're going to talk to brad brooks, the brazil bureau chief for reuters, and we'll have him to dig in deeper to their reporting and what happened at that gas station.
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but let me bring in msnbc chief legal correspondent, ari melbour melbourne. my question all along, what are they being charged with? filing a false report? i don't even think they went to police, all of this happened after the story became public. >> that's right. and they're not being charged with anything yet. but they're in a legal process that is concerning. this story is a doozy and keeps changing. and the notion there was anything less than a formal robbery initiated by robbers would completely eviscerate what they have claimed publicly and what now we are told they are saying, at least -- or presume to be saying to some investigators. so yes, legally, there's an investigation, which is why they're pulled off the plane. then if they're found to make false statements under brazilian law, you could get charges up to six months. the larger question i think the authorities are concerned about, was there a robby in which case they have an obligation to look for the robbers or false
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allegations, including potential officers. either way, the authorities do care. >> but without charging them with anything, can they keep the three swimmers there and could they try to get ryan lochte to come back? >> they can't get lochte back in any way, unless, again, there were new charges and no one is saying there are charges yet at this juncture. but yes, they can certainly pull someone off a plane under what they call a court order, what we would think in the u.s. as a subpoena. you're here in this country, which means you're in this jurisdiction and we want to talk to you. legally under the 1986 constitution, these swimmers have a right to remain silent under the rules of brazil. so you can pull them off and talk to them and they can say we don't want to talk. the problem with that, of course, chris, if you are avictim of a crime and spoke to the media about and you then said you were willing to speak to authorities about, why wouldn't you want to talk? >> obviously, brazilian authorities have a lot of stake here too, because there is their reputation, 85,000 security
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officers there. i have to believe, a., they have laywered up. and b., is there anything that u.s. government officials there say at the consulate can do for them? the consulate is always available. if you're in a problem in a foreign country, the first thing you want to do is talk to the consulate. admiral kirby has said they stand ready to assist. this feels like the international incident in in a movie. >> it does. >> they said they're not going to intervene in any extra way. brazilian authorities here are acting like they have something. what i mean by that is, you don't pull these athletes off a plane on a hunch. do they have testimonial evidence, because they have a witness, do they have physical or corroborating evidence of something -- our colleague here just referring to some of that reporting. we don't know yet. but it looks to me like they have something that gave them the confidence to go this far to create what looks like an international incident. >> ari melbourne, thank you so much. >> let's talk politics. donald trump hitting the trail today for the first time since his campaign shake upagain. he's heading to a rally tonight
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in north carolina, where our latest nbc news wall street journal marist poll shows hillary clinton with a nine-point lead. meantime this morning, trump's new campaign manager talked about the reset. >> i think we're going to sharpen the message and we're going to make sure donald trump is comfortable about being in his own skin, that he doesn't lose that authenticity that you simply can't buy and a pollster can't give you. voters know if you're comfortable in your own skin. and let him be him in this sense. he wants to deliver a speech -- if he wants to go to a rally, if he wants to connect with a crowd in a way that's very spontaneous, that's wonderful. and that's how he got here. >> nbc's katy tur joins us live now from trump tower here in new york. katie, it's interesting to hear kelly ann use that phrase, sh p sharpen the message, somewhat nonexistent in his campaign. what's the plan, or is there one? you know, it is interesting to
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hear her use that language. what i can tell you, chris, what we have seen in the past couple days. on monday, he gave a teleprompter speech. on tuesday, gave a teleprompter speech at a rally, the a first for him. and i'm told by a senior adviser, he's giving another teleprompter speech again tonight in north carolina. this adviser even told me that donald trump really likes reading from a teleprompter, believe it or not, even though we heard him say over and over again, on the campaign trail that politicians use them too much and they should be banned. he has criticized politicians for being too practiced and staged by using teleprompterers. so it would be quite interesting to see if donald trump now uses that going forward. what it does enable him to do, though, is stay on message more. stay on the attack against hillary clinton and not veer off into the side bars, really, that have gotten him into issues, gotten him into hot water when it comes to headlines, that have helped contribute to his following poll numbers. so if he stays on a teleprompter tonight and there will be a
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strong indication they're going to try and do it more. remember, chris, this is donald trump. you can't predict anything with him. he has often taken advice only to change it around within a few hours or days. >> so we will be watching. katy tur at trump tower in new york. thank you. i want to bring in nbc news political analyst, rick tyler, former national spokesman for the ted cruz campaign and global editorial director for the "huffington post," howard fineman, also a political analyst. howard, your piece is titled "the unhappy campaign of paul manafort." at least for now, he's still on the campaign. does he have any power in what happened? >> well, what happened is that donald trump was not very happy with the way the campaign was going over the last month. and he wanted to bring other people in. and donald trump has never had a firm, clear organization structure beneath or around him. he has a kind of floating, continuous game of people in his office trying to vie for influence.
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and as the numbers dropped and stories about paul manafort's operations in ukraine kept emerging, i think the other people who wanted to seize power used it as an opportunity to do so. chief among them, steve bannon and kelly ann conway. i think manafort will stay on as the kind of ambassador to the republican establishment, to the extent there are any people in the republican establishment willing to talk to donald trump. he says that he will focus on long-range vision, whatever that is. but i think in terms of the day-to-day operations and the messaging and the strategy of state-by-state efforts, that's going to be in the hands of kelly ann conway, who is campaign manager. and the message with steve bannon of breitbart. this is essentially to me, and rick, i'm sure, knows better than i. this is kind of a takeover of the trump campaign by the ted cruz campaign. >> is that what's going on here, rick? >> very kind of -- very interesting. >> what do you see behind this
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strategy? and can it work? >> well, look. i think howard is right. the candidate was unhappy, and steve bannon maneuvered himself into a position, actually with the help of rebecca mercer, daughter of robert mercer. a big contributor to the super pac that funded a ted cruz campaign. but is also a big funder of breitbart. so kelly ann conway and steve bannon know each other, and they get along well. and donald trump was obviously not happy with the way the campaign was going. he can't possibly be happy. you have a big huge polling debts or deficits in swing states, and now you have ever closing poll numbers in states like texas and georgia, which he should be winning by double digits. and so he has made a change. he's very confusing to me what donald trump will emerge out of here. because kelly ann conway is a seasoned professional. she knows how to get the right words and the words that work, especially for women. and it's curious she's a campaign manager and is going to be traveling with the -- with
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donald trump, because that tells you a lot. because campaign managers can't travel with the candidate, because it's just not possible to be a campaign manager and travel with the candidate. she's more like a press adviser, which i'm sure is absolutely needed. campaign managers handle everything from targeting the coalition to data to payroll to all of it. and you just can't do it from the road. so we'll see if she has an influence. steve bannon, i'm not sure what he brings to the campaign. he's been the head of breitbart, breitbart engaged in a lot of conspiracy theory, news, right wing news. >> let me talk about that a little bit. because the detractors say he's a heart. and as the head of breitbart -- the "new york times" puts it this way. they recently accused president obama of importing more hating muslims compared -- planned parentho parenthood, a renegade jew. i could go on. but supporters think he may be just what trump needs, helping him focus on message that got him the nomination in the first
8:14 am
place. is it possible, by bringing on kelly ann, who knows what polling is, who understands, frankly, how to look at the electorate and what you have to do. and somebody who has really been successful, frankly, with breitbart and putting a message out to that part of the republican party. could this be bad news for hillary clinton? >> i'm not sure. i doubt it. kelly ann conway, who i have known for a long time, is indeed a very shrewd operative who knows data, who knows the states, who knows all about the gender gap that republicans have suffered with women. and i would disagree just a little bit with rick. because the only way to be a campaign manager with donald trump, and i've covered him now for quite a while, is to be right next to him at all times. how she juggles all the other stuff that rick mentioned, i don't know. there has got to be somebody backt headquarters doing that. but with trump, you've got to be there by his side every minute.
8:15 am
he claims not to like data, deep data and so on. but he loves polls. and kelly will be there to interpret the polls for him, because that's what she does for a living. she'll be the pleasant face of the accusatory style of politics that trump so loves. steve bannon will be the frowning nasty face of that. and that's what donald trump is most comfortable with. he's not comfortable -- when he came to washington to try to talk to the republican members of congress and the so-called republican establishment, trump hated every minute of that. and that was the meeting that -- those are the kinds of meetings that paul manafort thought were necessary for trump to do. because paul manafort ultimately is an establishment guy who cut his eye teeth working for jim bakker and the gerald ford campaign a generation ago. donald trump does not care about any of that stuff. he seems deliberately out to destroy that very group. >> howard, rick, we will
8:16 am
continue to watch. this is fascinating. thank you, guys, appreciate it. coming up, we've got more on those new details from the investigation surrounding ryan lochte and his u.s. swimming teammates. what really happened at that gas station the night they claim they were robbed at gun point? plus -- >> i stayed through hurricanes, i stayed through other things. this has got to be the worst. >> it is horrible what's happening there in louisiana. at least 13 people have been killed in what's now being called the worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy. and forecasters warn, more heavy rain and flash flooding is expected today. plus, more than 1,500 emergency responders battling this massive wildfire, burning east of los angeles. it's already scorched about 40 square miles, forced nearly 82,000 people from their homes. we'll get a live report from the scene, next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks
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breaking news in california, where hot and dry conditions are not helping fire crews battle an out of control wildfire. it's called the blue cut fire in san bernardino county, east of los angeles. it's exploded in size to more than 40 square miles and right now it's only 4% contained. that fire has forced nearly 83,000 people to evacuate and is destroyed an untold number of homes. veteran firefighters say it is the worst they have ever seen. >> in a word, it was devastating. a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. >> nbc's steve patterson is in oak hills, california, which is in san bernardino county, joining us live. what's the very latest? >> well, you've heard it just now. i mean, that's what crews have been telling us. this thing caught everybody
8:21 am
offguard. viewers can see behind me, the battle is raging just over my shoulder. that canyon completely engulfed in smoke. obviously, we can't show the widespread devastation of everything this fire has caused, because it's been so widespread. what we can do is give you a pretty good example. i can take you to what should be the inside of the summit indiner, a famous establishment for six decades, serving elvis presley and clint eastwood. this is ruined. we are standing in what should be a washroom, washer, dryer, bathtub. you see patio furniture, park bench. all of this gutted by flames. an establishment run in 1932, now just wiped off the map. you saw how far back the battle is raging. firefighters dealing with the fire that's been around for 48 hours, only 4% contained. yesterday we watched an aerial bomba bombardment, from the air.
8:22 am
fire teams working for 40 hours straight. and yet despite all of the effort, they can only really make small debints in a fire th caught so many people off guard. the effort now to bring in some c-130s to continue dousing the flames, to bring in assessment teams to the homes destroyed. fire crews haven't been able to calculate the damage at this point. part of that work will be to bring in cadaver dogs. we haven't heard of any confirmed deaths yet. no injuries on the front lines of this fire. but again, fire teams working to pare down this fire at least a little bit. but to say it's an uphill battle at this point is an understatement. crews will bring in more work today as they try to pare down the fire. >> thank you so much. meantime deadly flooding in louisiana could get worse with more heavy rain expected in parts of the state. coming up, one of the state's largest newspaper calling on president obama to cut his vacation short and visit the state as it deals with its terrible natural disaster.
8:23 am
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wench! ahhh! ahhh hahaha... oooh! party time! party boy! ok, ok. mm hm, party time. hmm, mmm, mmm... breaking news from rio de janeiro. local police are going to hold a news conference on the investigation surrounding ryan lochte and u.s. olympic swimming teammates who claim they were robbed at gunpoint. that's going to happen at 2:00. the question is, did they lie? or are brazilian authorities trying to cover up what is not a good story for their olympic games? we'll be right back. nutrition is a word getting thrown around a lot these days. but do you really know what it means? no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. mmm peanuts, pecans, cashews.
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8:30 am
department doctor there tells nbc news the swimmers stopped at a gas station, damaged a bathroom, there was a physical altercation, and a security guard pulled a gun. but the swimmerses were allowed to leave after police failed to respond and the swimmers paid for the damage. lochte is back home in the u.s. right now, but his teammates, jimmy feigen, gunnar bentz and jack conger all still in rio de janeiro with authorities yanging two on the plane. in answ brad brooks brazil chief correspondent. you guys broke this. tell us what you're reporting. what happened at that gas station, as far as you know it? >> what police tell us is exactly what you said in your introduction. and that is that they apparently caused some serious damage at the gas station, apparently busted up a bathroom door. a guard at the gas station, which there are always guards at
8:31 am
brazilian gas stations, confronted them, and there was an altercation. and that the -- they eventually paid for the damages in this cash. >> you just did a piece, nancy, on crime and the legal system there, all trying to sort of work our way through what's happened there. first of all, what does this mean for ryan lochte here in the united states, potentially, and what about the three guys who were still there? >> well, i don't think it means anything for ryan lochte, because as you mentioned, he is already back in the states. and so it's -- you know, he has talked to police already before he left rio. so i don't think that there is anything they can do to him. the three other swimmers are planning on meeting with authorities today, and giving further statements. and the u.s. has said they are supported by counsel when they will be meeting with the authorities. i think, you know, they want to know what they remember and if they can make any additional statements or shed any additional light on what happened.
8:32 am
>> is the question why did ryan lochte get out or was he already scheduled to or is it given the circumstanc circumstances surrounding all of this, and you never want to be in a situation in a foreign country, why didn't the other three get out just as quickly? >> well, i think he said that he was on his regularly scheduled flight. he was finished with competition, he stuck around for a couple extra days to watch michael phelps swim, and then, you know, he told our nicole he was planning on leaving. these guys actually didn't go to the police themselves. the police came to them after details were released in the media. so, you know, the question about a false police report, the authorities are the ones who came to them and the fact that it's risen to this level, there are questions about whether this is a little extreme for what happened. >> well, yes, so let's get into that, brad. you have been down there a while. you understand how the system works there. my first question before we knew about a potentialter occasion at
8:33 am
the gas station or it had been broken into, my question is how can you get someone for doing something that they didn't really do anything. initially, it seems to me that if ryan lochte's mom hadn't given an interview, this might never have come out. it might have gone away. is that right? is that how you see it? >> yes. i mean, i've been here for almost a decade. and it's quite possible that if his mom had had not spoken out that it just would have been, you know, pushed under the rug, simply because authorities did not know. without question, if authorities found out, as they did, they're going to pursue it. because they have come under extremely harsh criticism during these games, because there had been a series of incidents, you know, two foreign government ministers have been mugged, a series of athletes that have been also mugged. so the police are feeling the heat. and they really see this, this episode, if it turns out that
8:34 am
the athletes are lying, they see this as a real slap in the face of their work. and it's a -- it's -- >> i was going to say, brad, i was down there for almost two weeks. i just got back this morning. and everywhere you go, you see police. you see military. they're heavily armed, they're in groups. i mean, you cannot go anywhere in any of these olympic areas and not see a lot of security. does it raise questions for you that if indeed a phone call was made, there was some sort of incident that happened at this gas station, and the owner or the employee at the gas station made a call and said, hey, somebody has damaged our property, get the cops here and they don't show up? i don't know. does that make sense to you? >> you know, i honestly don't know. i have no idea if the owner of the gas station made a phone call to police. i can assure you the actual owner of the gas station was not there at 4:00 a.m. so the people who were working there probably -- i just don't
8:35 am
know. in that sort of instance, they would probably count on their own security to handle the situation. it sounds like their own security handled it in the way they best saw fit at that time. >> well, nancy, let's step back for people who not been following this closely. it started at -- what is essentially the equivalent, right, of usa house, which is where, you know, american athletes go, their families go, sometimes journalists go. it's sort of a hospitality house. except they were at the france house, is that right? >> yes. there was a birthday party for another athlete, a brazilian swimmer was there with his wife. some of the american swimmers were there. the brazilian swimmer and his wife left earlier. now, there are some discrepancies about what time actually the americans left. we have had people at france house tell us that the party didn't end until after 5:00 and the americans didn't leave until 5:30. there is a question about what kind of window there was. anyway, they were at this party and taking a cab back to the plj
8:36 am
village and then somewhere along the way the incident happened. >> so brad, give us a little preview. what would you expect, based on your decade or more in brazil, what would you expect at this press conference? what kinds of things are we likely to hear, how forthcoming, how detailed are police likely to be? >> i think that three swimmers still in brazil are scared out of their wits. i'm sure they're now telling police everything in excruciating detail. and i suspect that by the end of today, we're going to know exactly what happened. >> let's hope so. brad brooks, nancy armor, thanks to both of you. really appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. >> thanks. and we'll be right back. my, made it big in textiles. my great-grandfather bernard wrote existential poetry. and uncle john was an explorer. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin. now, i'm going to do something about it. kybella® is the first of its kind injectable treatment that destroys fat under the chin,
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8:40 am
intelligence community into question. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. look what's happened over the last ten years. look what's happened over the years. i mean, it's been catastrophic. >> so how did he feel about the intelligence after the briefing? here's his new campaign manager, just this morning. >> did he believe it? >> i can't disclose that. i can tell you he took it very seriously and he appreciated being there. about the details. >> did he believe the intelligence report that the cia prepared for him? >> -- yes, he did. >> tara miller is a senior policy adviser and spokesperson for the counter extremism project, which describes itself as a policy organization, focused on countering extremist ideology. tara, good to see you. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> storied members of the intelligence community have questioned donald trump's ability to become commander in
8:41 am
chief. but should he be given somelyway in terms of his skepticism. >> these abbreviation have been going on to prepare candidates and make them familiar with intelligence. i found the comments interesting and a little bit strange, because intelligence is a collection of open source information, newspaper articles, signals intelligence, human intelligence. the united states is one of the best national security intelligence communities and our analysts at the cia, at the nsa and also military rely on this every single day. yes, there have been failures, and yes poor policy decisions made by leaders on both sides of the aisle. but, you know, to criticize the entire trustworthiness of the intelligence community, it's the information that our policymakers rely on every single day. the president gets a briefing every single morning. this is the type of information that's been very useful encountering isis on the ground and syria and iraq and in terms of domestic at home. >> give us a sense of what was
8:42 am
likely in the briefing. we have heard from people, it's different at this level than it would be, say, once we have a new president, and the briefing they get before taking office. probably what, focused on isis, cyber security, russia, those kinds of things. what likely would donald trump have learned? >> sure, absolutely. there are some differences in terms of the intelligence that would be conveyed in this type of briefing for a candidate and when the candidate would become president. there is a presidential daily brief every morning. that doesn't just have analytical assessments but goes behind the scenes, gives them information very highly classified information on operations and methods and sources and all of that. this would not be given to the candidates. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, has said this does not give away classified information. they would get abbreviation on a variety of topics and director clapper has also said, including topics like isis, russia, cyber security, iron on the list.
8:43 am
briefs congress, for example. high level assessments on the fight against isis, potential vulnerabilities at home and also in how we're doing militarily in places like syria, you know, where there have been offensives in areas like raqqah and iraq. >> you obviously have a different situation with donald trump, who has never run for public office before, never been anywhere near the intelligence community and hillary clinton, who, as a u.s. senator and secretary of state, knows what it is to get intelligence abbreviation, knows what it is to be in the situation room, knows what it is to sit in the oval office with the the president of the united states. nevertheless, would their abbreviation briefings have been identical? >> i think what i've read, they can tailor these to the candidates, because they do have different levels of background knowledge and may have different levels of exposure to issues, may have different questions for the breefrs, so their they're nonpolitical, career intelligence officials, so they're going to be fair and
8:44 am
objective and conveying the information in a useful format and the information that they feel is most beneficial to the candidates. and this has been going on for every single election since president truman authorized the cia to give these briefings when eisenhower and stevenson received them in 1952. we have a long history in preparing the candidates. it's nothing new. you're correct, though. it's interesting that he's criticizing intelligence, but, you know, donald trump hasn't actually seen presidential daily briefs or classified intelligence reports because he hasn't actually served in an administration or position with the security clearance. i was an an at cia, helping analysts and military officials and help cabinet level officials in operations on the ground. >> tara miller, good to have you on the program. >> thanks, chris. coming up, this is a live shot of police station in rio where a news conference will be held in a couple hours involving information on those u.s. swimmers whose story about a
8:45 am
robbery is now being questioned. also, hillary clinton set to meet with top law enforcement officials around the country today, including new york commissioner bill branton. this happening just days after trump said clinton was, quote, against the police. up next, i'll speak with the co founder of the group and talk about trump's comments and whether hillary clinton has a lot of ground to make up with law enforcement community. let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. this dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible...
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happening now, homeland security secretary, jeh johnson, will be touring the devastating and deadly flood damage in southern louisiana, just a few hours from now. he's going there to get a firsthand look at what the red cross calls this country's worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy. at least 13 people have died, 30,000 more rescued and forecasters say even more rain is expected today. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in denim springs, louisiana, east of baton rouge. he joins us now live.
8:49 am
what's the situation and what are they looking for in terms of the forecast today? >> reporter: hi, chris. right now here in denim springs, there is a major cleanup effort happening. more scattered storms are expected over the next few days in louisiana, and the water that record rainfall that fell is now trickling south and as that trickles out, this cleanup effort will continue. this house at about 4 feet of water in it, right now gutting it. and this is something that's playing out over and over again throughout livingston parish, one of the hardest hit areas. there have been 80,000 applications for federal assistance, 370 inspectors here on the ground. and so farah approved $7.7 million dollars assistance. i'm joined by neil mccleary. neil, what are you doing right now? >> making progress, changing blades on sheetrock knives so we can cut out the sheetrock and
8:50 am
insulation in the house. >> reporter: it's got to be hard work. how long have you lived here? >> 18 years. >> reporter: 18 years. and what is it that you're going to miss most? >> the possessions. that. >> the possession. everything that you have but just -- we love our house and now we're just having to tear it all out and redo it. i don't know, we'll get new stuff in it but still it's work work involved with it. >> neal, in the local baton rouge newspaper "the advocate," they put out a blistering editorial asking president obama essentially to pay more attention to this region. he's on vacation and in this editorial they criticize the president for appearing not to do enough or not addressing this tragedy enough. do you agree with this? what's your message. >> i haven't read the paper. i usually do and watch the news but in light of everything going on i haven't seen much. from what i'm hearing, if the disaster is as big as it is, he
8:51 am
should come and see. it's about the people and leadership. that's what everybody needs right now. somebody to focus on them and look at them and tell them they're here for us. >> neal, good luck to you. chris, i should mention the fema administrator mr. fugate was here yesterday, homeland security secretary jeh johnson will arrive here today. he's meeting with local emergency management officials as well as with with the governor. we expect to hear from him later today. but the news from fema, some 80,000 people have applied for federal assistance, 20 parishes so far have been part of that federal disaster declaration. >> with the idea that there's more raino come. they're dealing with two things, what has happened and what could happen so a lot. so from the people you've been able to talk to and understanding it takes time to move in people to help, for example, when they want to apply for disaster assistance, is there a sense that things are
8:52 am
going better than people might have hoped? worse than they might have hoped? they certainly have gotten a lot of experience in the past, of course, dating back to hurricane katrina. >> well, it depends on who you talk to. there are many different areas here. this is a parish that got so much water. it took such a long time for this water to clear out. the family told us the water started rising on saturday. they were only able to get here. yesterday we were in southern louisiana, that was as this water trickled down. they are still dealing with issues down there. the waters are -- the rivers are expected to crest down there later today so it really is a tale of a widespread disaster, chris, and different people are having different experiences. they hope that they can get some help. thousands are still packing emergency shelters and they don't know where they're going to go.
8:53 am
chris? >> unbelievable. gabe gutierrez, thank you so much for that update. we continue to follow breaking news out of rio. police set to hold a press conference 2:00 eastern time involving the details of those u.s. swimmer whose story about a robbery is facing some serious questions. a source telling nbc news just within the hour the athletes were involved in an altercation at a gas station." we'll get the latest live from rio ahead. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. on june 27, dstld became the first fashion company to raise capital through the newly approved equity crowd funding. customers who love the company were given the chance to own part of it. find out if the owners raised the money they need. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. pen cards can help you take on a new job,
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8:56 am
ein street-legal form.g lexus performance get great offers at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. ends september 5th. see your lexus dealer. heartbreaking images of a little syrian boy this morning have captured the world's attention after he was rescued from rubble in the civil war torn city of aleppo. you can see him there, he looks stunned, weary, maybe he's in shock, sitting inside an ambulance covered in dust and blood. let's go to msnbc's cal perry. cal, what can you tell us? >> chris, i want to play that video and we'll give it the full sound. it swept the internet, supreme
8:57 am
likely seen it. but this is what it's like everyday in aleppo. take a look. [ screaming and shouting ] >> this is five-year-old omran daknesh. this boy is younger than the war itself. we're looking at something that is literally hell on earth. 100,000 children have been cut off from the world, two million civilians still inside that city. the united nations saying today that not a single aid convoy has reached aleppo all month since the beginning of the month of august and we can't even get casualty numbers from the u.n. anymore. they stopped counting the dead and wounded in 2014 so we have to go to the syrian center for policy research to find out that more than 470,000 people have now died in this war.
8:58 am
1.8 million people have been wounded. the number of people living in syria is fewer than those that have been killed and have fled. that is 11%, chris, of the population and as we see these videos, we certainly hope that they're going to make a difference but the united nations reminding us this situation is going to get worse. as hard as that is to imagine, again, every single major international player in this conflict is saying this is going to get worse. cease-fires are not going to help. humanitarian corridors will not help. you have five-year-old kids like this young boy. all they have known is war to the point where you see him toh his face, he has blood on his face, he wipes it on the black of this ambulance. it's another day in aleppo.t unrelenting violence on a massive scale. >> it's often children who show us the horrors. remember the young refugee boy who washed upton shore.
8:59 am
for a while people were focussed on refugees and maybe this will focus attention on the ongoing war. i wonder how much international attention it's getting. i haven't had a chance to go through international newspapers. i wonder what you're seeing around the world. it's hard to imagine anybody with a heart who doesn't see this video or even just the photograph and their heart doesn't break a little bit. >> it's receiving incredible attention. it has really swept social media but at the same time, there's a futility to reporting this story that is now being shared by journalists around the world. a good friend of mine, clarissa ward, last week at the united nations saying it's held on earth, it's going to get worse. i was in syria in kaec2011 and been playing these videos for five years hoping something will change. until this war ends it won't change and these kids will be stuck in that city. >> cal perry, thank you so much for that. and thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'm chris jansing in for tamron hall.
9:00 am
right now on msnbc, "andrea mitchell reports." >> and right now on "andrea mitchell reports," watergate, new questions about ryan lochte's alleged holdup. >> and the guy pulled out his gun, he caulked it, put it to my forehead and said get down. i put my hands up, i was like whatever. >> but overnight his teammates grounded in brazil by the police and new details breaking this hour on what really happened. we'll have the latest from rio. under new management, behind in the polls, donald trump shaking up his campaign. trump's new ceo a former wall street deal maker turned into conservative firebrand with a mandate to let trump be trump. >> i am who i am. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign


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