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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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mtp daily is coming up next. today chrkristin welker sitting for chuck todd and she will takes things over now. >> if it's thursday, old conspiracy theorys gain new team. >> tonight, what's really behind donald trump's sleeper strat yi. >> she goes home and goes to sleep. i think she sleeps. >> and billionaire matchmaker. meet the guy who brought together trump and his campaign chief. as water rises in louisiana, to does the political backlash. this is mtp daily. and it starts right now. i'm kristin welker in washington in for chuck todd. welcome to mtp daily. deranged conspiracy theories,
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blood baths, unguided missiles. republican bracing for a vicious new stretch in this race after trump taps a right wing media fire brand as his campaign ceo with the trump unleashed some conservatives see danger ahead. bill crystal calling trump the campaign's problem not its solution. glenn beck warning conservatives now is the time to jump ship. karl rove seeing potential for epic loss in november and jennifer ruben declaring the campaign a lost cause. clinton campaign bracing for nasty turn running for 1-2 punch of trump right wing conspiracy theories and here we go. today the trump campaign blasting out a press release accusing of clinton of quote planning a criminal enterprise when she ran the state department which comes as trump launches a series of attacks questioning clinton's health tp take a listen. >> speeches are so short. 10 minute, let's get out of here. go back home and go to sleep.
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three days later, she gets up, does another one, goes back home and goes to sleep. she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. and she doesn't really do that much, give a speech on teleprompter and disappear. i don't know if she goes home to go to sleep. i think she sleeps. >> those comments coming amid a full blown assault from som con sefbtive and right wing media outlets. >> everyday now she doesn't know where she's at. she has seizures. looking extremely ill and out of it and is so mean and rude it people now, to me that's what i've heard about alzheimer's or dementia and shows she is degenerating quickly. >> speculation swirls about hillary clinton's health. what do you make of this twitching thing she keeps doing.
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a siviolent, violent uncontrollable movement of the head. watch her pull back and she keeps doing it. what is that? >> clinton campaign firing back aggressively dismissing questions about clinton health as deranged conspiracy theories as they repair for volatile new chapter in this contest. >> i do think that campaigns will be more unpredictable and we will see more conspiracy theories out there. i don't think we will see trump become more serious or presidential. every attempt to pivot the campaign and get him in a more serious mode has totally failed. >> to discuss all of this i'm joined by trump campaign spokesperson katrina peerson. thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> great to be here. thank you. >> let's start with what we just heard from robby mook. now doubling downing on the conspiracy theories?
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>> if this is something that mr. trump has said even during the primary last year. so this really isn't anything new. this isn't a campaign overall. this is simply the next phase and in fact the in-phase, mr. trump prepared for pry mare res and we had corey lewandowski and cover the convention which is why he brought in paul manafort and now time go into the general election and win. >> not your traditional campaign. when you say this is something that donald trump brought up during primaryets, do you mean the questions about secretary clinton health, is that what you are referring to? >> yes he said she doesn't have the strength or stamina for a very long time. that part is nothing new. what's new are the other reports of the observations of hillary clinton's mannerisms, what you just showed in the previous clips, the fact she has fallen, concussion -- >> hold on --
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>> there is -- >> there is no indication she has fallen. let's step back for one second. we did get this reaction from her doctor. i want to read that to you. as secretary clinton's long time physician i released a medical statement during the campaign that she is in good health. i have heard of leaked documents regarding hillary clinton with my signature. these are not based on any medical facts. to reiterate what i said, secretary clinton is in excellent health and fit to serve as president of the united states. so these health concerns have been debunked yet donald trump continues to stir them up. is that responsible for someone running for president? >> he is not talking about her health record. he is talking about specific observations just like some of the clips that you've shown. and it is extremely important to note that hillary clinton has taken a lot of time off the campaign trail.
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>> -- trying to spin up some of that speculation. >> it is something that needs to be addressed. she has taken a lot of time off the campaign trail. she hasn't had a press conference this year. why doesn'tiss clinton have a press conference and she can and the questions including the 33,000 deleted e-mails, perjury chargers, including dual activity that her staff was doing at the state department as well as clinton foundation, pay to play allegations. there are a number of things that hillary clinton needs to be discussing that she isn't. >> i feel like there are two point you just brought up. prets press conference issue which we have been tracking in the news media. but i've been on the campaign trail with her, one of the reporters covering her, she hasn't taken a lot of time off the campaign trail, katrina. but i want to bring you off the new order within the campaign. steven bannon, he comes from breitbart. i want it get your reaction from
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headlines and get to you respond to them. some of them suggest clinton has parkinson's disease. that clinton's top aide might be a terror spy, ties to the muslim brotherhood. what do you think that mr. bannon was the person at the helm that time and now running the trump campaign? >> i could think of a lot of egregious headlines in publications with mr. trump. i don't have a response to the breitbart articles because i haven't read them, i don't represent breitbart and i can't give you an accurate representation because i haven't read them. >> fair enough. some say they are concerned and that mr. bannon is now the one liegd t
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leading the trump campaign. let me read you a couple of headlines. daniel acreson wroting i have already voted republican physical until now. trump lacks what is needed to be president of the united states. i may yet have to vote for clinton because of the epic deficiency of my own nominee. montel williamss. donald trump is worse than a clown or bigot. he cannot be trusted to be commander-in-chief. your reaction. >> at least one of those individuals you mentioned was never a support ef of mr. trump. in some of your intro those individuals were never a supporter of mr. trump either. everyone has to pick their own position in this election. that's what elections are for. for their own reasons. but what i can tell you is that 70% of the public feel like there country is going in the wrong direction. they don't want obama care. they don't want more foreign wars. they don't want obama economics. they want change and they want something different.
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mr. trump offers that and that's why you see the excitement and energy out there behind the trump campaign. >> i guess the broader question here, and to your point, conservatives are saying we aren't prepared to vote for the republican nominee, does that not give you pause, katrina, does it make you concerned about the broader strategy in terms of trump's ability to broaden his base and appeal which is what he needs to do to win the white house. >> no, not at this point. and i'll tell you why. because a lot of these republicans are very comfortable with the way that things have been done in the past and are very comfortable with the establishment like politically correct politicians. now that mr. trump is running ads and telling people what his actual policies are and not that which has been put out by the media and we will see that contrast. hillary clinton is no friend to republicans and especially conservatives. and by the time we get to november, everyone will come together. >> and let me just finally ask
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you about one more story in the news this week. a number of african-american republicans urging donald trump to broaden his outreach to african-americans. right now secretary clinton according to our latest poll beats him with that group 91 to 1%. and yet katrina, he turned down offers to speak it a number of african-american groups including nabj, naacp. how he can make the argument he is a candidate who will serve their interests when he turned down opportunities to go and speak to these communities? >> you're under the impression that he turned them down because he doesn't want to speak to them. the nacp was during the convention -- >> well that is the only one. what about the other offers he's gotten? >> again, they are absolutely schedulingisice. mr. trump had several meetings
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with groups of black castors and we have a diversity coalition with thousands of members of minorities that support mr. trump. we will continue to work with other groups and organizations as we move along. he has committed to being someone that want to represent everyone. which is what you heard in his speech the other night. there are several policies that have to be fundamentally changed with the economy and with education and immigration that will actually help the african-american community which is something the democrats have been unable to do for decades. >> lit me get one final question, katrina, before i let you go. yesterday there was a striking exchange on cnn. i want to play it for you and get your reaction on the erj side. >> you say it is not shake-up but you guys are down. and it makes sense that there would -- >> says who? >> polls. most of them. all of them? for. >> says who? >> polls.
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i just told you, i answered your question. >> okay. which polls? >> all of them. >> okay. and your question is? >> so katrina, that was a representative for your campaign. do you guys realize, have you accepted the fact that donald trump right now is down in the polls? reality of this race. >> i haven't seen that segment but it sounds like he couldn't hear the anchor. which wouldn't surprise me mp. >> no, no, he could hear the anchor. that was not the issue. he never indicated that was the issue. >> we have he issed those polles. to answer your question we have understood those polls simply because we are in a campaign. at this level ronald reagan was extremely down and come november he won by a landslide. this is how elections work. mr. trump hasn't been out there putting out his strategy, which he will.
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and we still have the debates. >> why is that? why has he waited so late? i know you're about to launch ads in four different states. four big battle ground states? why wait so late? why not get the jump right when et clenched the nomination? >> because, look, there is a method that the democrats and media like to do to republicans post convention and that is to throw egregious allegations out to republican candidate and try to knock them out of the race. and essentially right after the convention. and mr. trump won't do that. also, mr. trump is a different kind of republican which means he is actually going to fight back. that's what you're going to see. traditionally you are absolutely right. he should be spending hundreds of millions of dollars in ads that really turned nothing in the last cycle there was $500 million of ads run and they lost. mr. trump is being smart about this strategy. we are going it move forward. and he will win in november. >> all right. katrina, thank you very much. really appreciate your time. >> great to be here. thank you.
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>> and here to respond now, former michigan governor and co-chair of clinton's transition team jennifer grand home. thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> let me get your reaction. hopefully you could hear my interview with katrina peerson. what is your reaction of donald trump about to go up on the air waves? >> not so much him going up. what is he going up on the air waves with? she said he would fight back. what is he going to fight back with? utter lies. lies proven to be lies. the health care issue is -- it is such a statement about donald trump's character. that there is a fabricated document that he says is the truth when it has been disproven again and again. in fact today in the washington post fact checker he got another four pinocchios. utter garbage.
2:15 pm
let me tell you about the man running for president. if he want president that pedals in lies, not just conspiracy theorys, these are lies. and of course i put in charge of his campaign now, the guy who is the pedaler, of these, saying that barack obama and hillary clinton were literally the founder of isis. this is where he gets his statements from. saying that muslims were celebrating the hit on the twin towers on 9/11 in new jersey. when that was proven to be totally false. >> governor -- >> not only that but fabricating this racist stuff. this is what he's got runningis his campaign. i ask you's and people watching, is this who we are as nation. we will have a presidential campaign that pedals lies? so desperate to win would he fabricate stories to do so? that's not who we are. >> governor, let me follow up.
2:16 pm
you raised the heal willing issue. my colleague andrea mitchell asked about this earlier today. he obviously knocked it down. she asked if there is any reason to put out any updated information on her medical health. he said absolutely not. the campaign released that statement from her physician. but do you think that just to put that story to rest is worth putting out an updated evaluation? >> well the doctor did put out a statement saying this is absolutely false. the problem and i know you guys have to cover both sides of stuff. but when you know, when you as journalists know, that it is utterly false, why are we spending time on that? why are we even giving breath to something we know is totally false. the only reason to talk about it is to point out the character of the man putting that out. somebody who it is -- not just that he is an embarrassment and
2:17 pm
not just that other republicans are running from him because there are descent republicans and independent who see what he is about and we want nothing of it because they know that america is better than that. >> and governor you raise a very interesting point and one of the reasons we are discussing it, it has been widely debunked as you say, is because the campaign decided to respond. moving forward, how should the campaign respond to conspiracy theorys that seem to potentially be coming their way? >> i think they have to say this is evidence a, b, c and d of this man's character. it is clear that what he is putting out is garbage. you can prove that it is garbage. but ultimately what does it get down to? gets down to the character of the person who is uttering this. that he is either so desperate or so devoid of any moral background that he is putting out what he -- he is smart.
2:18 pm
he went it wharton. he knows what he put out is garbage. they know the ends justify the means. no matter how they get across the finish line, no matter who they take down, no matter what lies they pedal they want it win at all costs that is the worst thing for this country. >> governor, let me ask you about the news regarding you. you have been named co-chair of secretary clinton's transition team. some people saw this as a sign of overconfidence of the campaign. you are already thinking about a transition team. does the campaign, do you run of the risk of being overly confident because she does have a pretty sizeable lead in the polls? >> well you know, chris christie was appointed as donald trump's transition chair months ago. so this is part of the process. this is a very small team. but this is a huge enterprise to turn over an administration from one point to the other. you have to get started at some
2:19 pm
point. congress passed the law in 2010, preelection transition act, which paves the way for this to happen. so having a very bare bones team that is starting to think about that is important. and it also allows for an independent, this independent e entity which the republicans have to, to take care of that business while the campaign goes forward and can focus on issues that are important to getting her elected. >> all right. we are out of time. but governor grander holm, thank you for joining us. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here. what knee pain??
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welcome back. we are going to dive deeper in the relationship between donald trump and his new campaign ceo. trump met bannon in 2011, around the time he began mulling a run for a president. they were introduced by david bossy who was in the whitewater investigation and has made a number of conservative
2:24 pm
documentaries with bannon. trump has turned to the two frequently for political advice. mr. bossy joins me. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> who is steve bannon and what is his relationship like with mr. trump? >> well first of all, steve bannon is an incredibly smart and very passionate individual and somebody i've worked with for many years. probably 8 or 10 years that he and i have known each either and have worked on projects large and small and he brings an incredible breath of knowledge. he is a harvard mba. served in the navy as a naval service officer. and warfare officer. and has a tremendous breadth of knowledge and is an incredibly well-read person. i have worked with steve on seven or eight documentary films. we have one coming out next
2:25 pm
month actually. >> he has his critics immediately after he was announced. critics called him a quote conspiracy they'rist with extreme nationalistic views. is that fair? >> well anyone can have an opinion on an individual. when you goat a prominent position like steve has, with becoming ceo of the campaign, you will have critics come out of the wood work. that's fine. hillary clinton has all of the critics she can handle. so i think steve will let that roll off his back. >> but he has and his news outlet, breitbart, has pushed conspiracy theories, would you agree? is that something that will help trump or hurt him? >> i'm here and happy to talk about steve. i'm an spokesman for breitbart so i don't know about all of their content. can i tell you that breitbart since its creation by andrew breitbart, my late very good friend andrew breitbart, he
2:26 pm
started that website. steve took it over when andrew passed slid and turneded it into a juggernaut. that's an incredibly successful businessman and business mod. and steve's knowledge of using data and data point to deliver messages through new media is a tremendous asset to donald trump. >> and part of his challenge we're told is to come up with some big ideas. this is someone who has never run a campaign before. can you give us a preview of what you anticipate? what do you expect to come out of this campaign at this moment? >> yeah. that's a great question. let me say this. donald trump is the nominee because he is not a career poll sigs. when you're an career poll sigs it makes you not a career candidate. donald trump has had to learn his way through the myriad of obstacles that come with campaigning. he picked someone like steve
2:27 pm
bannon, also an outsider. also someone who is truly an anti-establishment figure. not just of the republican establishment but of the broken status quo of washington. and that's really steve forte. steve is an incredibly big thinker. i would pause it to you that you will see tremendous ideas coming from the combination of kellyanne conway, a wicked smart campaign manager and polster and steve bannon who is incredibly creative and donald trump who is really mastered, you know, this year's politics. >> and i hear what you're saying that he is an outsider. but could it be a liability that he has never run a kban before and this is a general election. this is the nfl. >> really. it is. and it is very serious and steve is incredibly passionate and incredibly bright and i can tell you that he hats seen a lot of the mistakes of the mitt romneys
2:28 pm
and john mccain's in the past. he is prepared it try new things. come up with big and bold ideas and talk to the american people and speak truth, the power, if you will. that's what they are trying to do. they are trying to break through the mainstream media that they will get outspent and out jorg niezed because hillary clinton has been running for president for ten years. >> very quickly. before i let you go. because we are running out of time. skeptics, i'm not saying i am one but i will raise the issue, hey wait if donald trump doesn't win, if, is there a possibility that there is also some thought about turning this into the next big media empire? is that a possibility, do you think? >> you know, i've seen that conspiracy theory on the internet. i don't have any evidence to back it up. but i can tell you, steve bannon, donald trump, are going to win this campaign, i think because they are both on the same page. both dedicated to making sure
2:29 pm
the american people understand that hillary clinton has a lot of problems. she has problems in the foundation. problems with her illegal activity with her e-mail system. failures in benghazi. it goes on and on. her dishonesty and the numbers will dominate in september and october. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> the washington post, and msnbc analyst kris alizza alena johnson, thank you for being here. governor johnson i want to start with you. namely this pick of bannon, is this something that can help trump turn this race around? >> i don't see it.
2:30 pm
one of the key words or add jek tiefed you used to describe him is creative. that means to me more of the conspiracy theory. the kind of unfounded charges that will solidify further donald trump abase but not reach out to the audience. i think that's what they are missing at this point. i sail from their internal polls apparently every time the establishment quote unquote taked him or you have letters from a hundred senators and congressman saying don't spend any more money on him you have to spend a down ballot or we lose everything, that hardens his support. donald trump's numbers go up when that happens. that is interesting to see. i don't see how this will broaden his base of pale. this is feeding donald trump his ego. his ability to say whatever he want to say, what true aor not, and no fact-checking.
2:31 pm
>> donald trump is double willingiing down. what do you think the strategy is? >> i have watched a lot of katrina peerson interviews obviously. that one was among the five most remarkable kristin. talking about hillary clinton keeps falling down does not seem to me to suggest there is a pivot that republican establishment which i will put governor whitman in. she can feel free to reject that. but that part of the party is going to be happy with if this is what the steve bannon kellyanne conway led campaign looks like. we're going further into sort of let trump be trump consolidation of the base but we know the base. when i say the base, i mean the donald trump base. not necessarily the republican party base. those are two different things. there's enough people for him to
2:32 pm
wane 17-way primary. polling in swing states, virginia and colorado, two large swing states that hillary clinton is no longer advertising because they think they won them. it would suggest there aren't enough people who view the world this way for donald trump to be elected president. >> eliena, when you heard that, what types of jitters are in the democratic party and those down ballot races? >> kristin, there are so many pings that donald trump can be taking hillary clinton on, she is an incredibly vulnerable candidate. dislike, distrusted. why would you take her on her health? when trump says she is low energy and you don't see her on the campaign trail, hillary clinton could be drinking mai tais and happening on the beach in tahiti right now. republicans get the jitters because donald trump is doing hillary clinton's work for her. he is unraveling before our eyes because of everything he says and does. she doesn't need to do much.
2:33 pm
he is hurting republicans down ballot. before the convention and still now republicans senate candidates are running about 8 to 10 points ahead of him. if he is losing like he is now in virginia, colorado, pennsylvania, for example, he is down 10 point in pennsylvania, pat toomey is running a great campaign there. even running 9 point, 10 points against his opponent, it is stale tight rais still really a tight race. this is accord the board country wide nationwide wipeout. >> chris, quickly. we are at the end of our time, what do you think bannon angle is? >> well when someone says, do you want to run a presidential cane, you don't say no. if someone said to me today, do you want to manage the
2:34 pm
washington nationals? i would say, well i have never really managed a baseball team before, but i would do it. there is no question this is the biggest story of the election. one of the biggest stories in the world. and to be sort of riding that wave i think appeals to it. which i get. no matter what you think of him, i get that. >> i think it is great point. great conversation, guyes. stay with us. governor whitman, chris, eliana, thank you. kelley ann conway joints chris matthews tonight on "hardball." inge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada.
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and welcome back. the flood watts are receding in louisiana but forecasts show more rain is on the way. least 13 people have died and thousands are still displaced. president obama has not yet visited the region and baton rouge paper says he is overdue. the advocate drew comparisons writing quote a flyover of george w. bush became a symbol of neglect for victims of hurricane katrina. the current president was among those making political hay out of bush's aloofness. >> the federal government is here. we have been here. we will be here as long as it takes to help this community recover. when you're the chief executive of the entire u.s. government you can't be everywhere. including places you would like
2:43 pm
to be. but through me and through craig fugate, i know he is very much on top of this situation. >> governor john bell edward weighed in saying federal support is welcome but the security adjustment needed for a presidential visit wouldn't be helpful for recovery. >> quite frankly, that is not something that i want to go through right now. and so while the president is welcome to visit, i would just asoon he give us another week or two. get back to a greater sense of normalcy here. then he can visit. well i'll say that differently. he can visit whenever he wants to. >> joining me by phone is louisiana lieutenant governor. thank you lieutenant governor, appreciate it. >> glad to be with you. >> i want to get to some of the political discussion in a moment. but first what is the latest in terms of how residents there are coping? >> well they are starting to clean out in many of the 20 parishes here. gut their homes. but reality will set in. you know, the laws have changed
2:44 pm
since katrina. and if they didn't have flood insurance, the maximum they can get is $33,000 and average is about $7500. so people are going to be shocked that have never flooded to realize that they didn't think they needed flood insurance. this is a historical event. i think volunteers and donations to make these people whole will play a big part in recovery. >> and so based on what you are saying, does the federal government need to do more? give more money for example for some of that insurance? >> well it is very difficult. you know, why should you have flood insurance if the federal government going to come in and give you a new home? that the argument after katrina. so i understand the law change and people should carry flood influence. but when you're helderly and you haven't flooded in 50 years and you have bills to pay, i understand why you don't carry it. it is a double-edge sword that hopefully the goodwill of the people donating and helping
2:45 pm
volunteer, we can make these people whole and get them back in their homes. >> we are all hoping for that outcome for sure. we understand there are more potential floodwaters coming. how is the state bracing? >> we add major flood in 1983 and this exceeded all thousands records back then. the ground continued to soak. we continue to get rain and then as that water flows south, the parishes south that have not yet scent worst of it, bracing for it at that time. >> let's get to some of that discussion that we just heard about. president obama. he is vacationing. he hasn't visited yet. white house pushing back against the criticism. let me read you what they say and then get your reaction on the other size. press secretary saying the president issued a disaster declaration and indicated to governor edwards that his administration will continue to
2:46 pm
stay in close touch with local officials and mobilize federal resources and ask asked him team to make sure all available federal resources are being utilized to assist in the response and recovery effort. >> i agree with the governor. at this time we need every person we can focussing on continuing to rescue people. we are searching every home. i got to tell you, i was on tv many times during katrina, five hurricane answers oil spill. fema, the team on the ground, is doing an excellent job. they've been with us everyday. craig fugate was down here and the team he has on the ground in louisiana is doing a great job and those are the p people that are making it happen as far as getting people registered and getting the help needed hp so while it is nice to have the president visit, as long as the team here on the ground is working closely with local elected official answers
2:47 pm
governor and getting the job done, that's what we are worried about is making people are getting food and homes rebuilt. so i think that's what the governor is concentrating on and everyone here in louisiana. so we're fine. i visited with the president many times during the oil spill. came down through my parish and visited the coast. so while we always women welcome the president to visit, the team on the ground which is so important us to, and they are doing a good job. >> all light right. our thoughts are with all of you down there and hoping these next floods are not as damaging as they are poe ten,ly anticipated to be. thank you lieutenant governor, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we will have more mtp daily right after a quick break. and . for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected
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it's time now for the lid and the panel is here. governor
2:52 pm
>> there are broader calls for the foundation to close if she is elected. does this do anything to silence her critics? >> no. the issue is not sort of money
2:53 pm
they take going forward. it's money they have already taken and what does that mean, is there the appearance or the reality of quid pro quo. i just keep coming back to the point eleana made earlier which is there are so many things, e-mails, clinton foundation, some of her decisions at the state department, some of her decisions in the u.s. senate, some of her decisions as first lady. this is someone with a long history in public office and a number of controversial and some would say on the republican side, bad decisions. you want to unite the republican party which donald trump continues to be unable to do, start talking about hillary clinton and don't stop. this is a race that is or maybe was, but certainly was and is on the verge of being is winnable if you are a republican presidential candidate because hillary clinton is deeply flawed as a candidate. donald trump just seems incapable of doing what is relatively rudimentary blocking
2:54 pm
and tackling to execute a sustained message against her. >> well, chris raises all of secretary clinton's vulnerabilities. one of them continues to be this trust issue. the clinton foundation feeds into that. this move clearly aimed at trying to restore some of that voter trust. is it too late? we are almost at labor day. can she turn those numbers around? >> i'll be brief. yes. it is too late for her. i think none of the democrats i talked to expect the drip, drip, drip of damaging news either from the clinton foundation and the impropriety surrounding it or from her use of a private e-mail server to stop any time between now and the election. it's damaging to her and each story regardless of how damaging the particular story is prompts renewed questions to her and she seems unable to talk about either of these matters without lying brazenly, and that -- that in turn is more damaging than whatever the initial story was and further damages her trust
2:55 pm
numbers. so no. but what it looks like is she may be an incredibly distrusted, incredibly disliked, bad nominee, but whatever her numbers are, donald trump's are worse. so she's gotten incredibly lucky this campaign cycle. >> let me just go around the horn one more time. governor whitman, donald trump is going to be in north carolina against the backdrop of that debate over voting rights laws. what are you expecting tonight? do you think he will stay on message? >> i think it will be very hard for him to stay on message. now there seem to be two people running his campaign who want the donald to be the donald. he's solidifying his base, locking that in harder and the assumption is many people won't vote because of the two people with upside down numbers as far as favorability goes. if that's the case, the whole thing is get out your base. he doesn't seem to be appealing to the broader electorate. it's just to be sure that
2:56 pm
business feels so passionate they get to the polls no matter what and hope hillary's voters are not that passionate. >> when you think about a state like north carolina, secretary clinton has a lead. can donald trump, what does he need to do to turn that around and does it start with a visit like tonight reading from a teleprompter? >> well, unless his numbers change among hispanics and african-americans which i think are unlikely he has to win more of the white vote in a state like north carolina. i would remind white people barack obama won the state in 2008. the last democrat to do that was jimmy carter in 1976. this is not a state that's all that friendly to the republican -- the democratic party. but he continues to struggle to unite that republican party. >> all right. thanks, all. we'll be right back. ...clear for take off.
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because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." have a great night. there's a new contender in the presidential race. >> they will soon be calling me mr. brexit. >> i will soon be called mr. brexit. >> now calling himself a new name, mr. brexit. we are going positively nuts on this special episode with


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