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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  August 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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like what he's doing portraying us in a bad light. >> after the new york city department of parks and recreation removed the unauthorized statute from union square, the department -- which clearly has the best writers in american government -- issued this statement. "nyc parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in in city parks no matter how small." and that -- new york city parks for the first time ever -- gets the last word. joy reid is up next. hey, joy. >> how are you doing, lawrence? it's important when you have a small problem sometimes you need a big solution and i think they did. >> you know what we just discovered from what just happened? it turns out you can say "micro penis" on tv because it was in the video. >> yes. >> but unless you're on a sports show, apparently, you cannot say balls. you can never -- >> that is correct.
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>> you can never -- >> that is correct. but when you have tiny problem, you have to come up with a solution and i think it was appropriate. >> you've lost me. go to work, joy. >> thank you very much, lawrence, have a great one. good evening, everyone, it's very late, it's joy reid and we've witnessed the first full day not only of that but of the breitba breitbart-led donald trump campaign and tonight trump actually apologized -- vaguely -- for some of his harsh rhetoric though he didn't specify which rhetoric. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not i regret it and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to
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be consumed with these issues. >> okay, that was trump tonight in charlotte, north carolina. now, the campaign now is doing it's -- oh, it is very bright, the light is in my eyes the team is trying to do two things to keep him on message. he's using a teleprompter, doing it better than i, clearly, and something tells campaign says will continue, his campaign manager kellyanne conway is traveling everywhere with trump. let's bring in charlie sykes joining us live from milwaukee. my poor prompter reading aside, charlie, i'm glad to have you here. on this question of apologizing for things and words which have caused pain donald trump gave that very vague general apology and you had a conversation with donald trump that opened with your requesting that he make a very specific apology for words that caused pain. i want to play that back for you and get your reaction. >> you know, wouldn't it be a good way to start off your
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wisconsin campaign by saying that wives should be off limits and that you apologize for mocking her looks. >> by the way, i think it's true, charlie, but if you remember melania, my wife, was a very, very big successful model and she did a cover shoot for "gq" magazine and it was a little provocative, it was "gq" and she was a model but what they did is -- and ted cruz knew totally about it. he says he didn't, he totally did and they sent that out to the people of salt lake city or the people of utah and it was, you know, with a nasty statement on it. so he knew totally about that. if he didn't know about that it would be a whole different thing but he knew about it. >> charlie as you heard in that 45 seconds of audio which donald trump was given the opportunity by you to apologize specifically for words he used that caused pain to ted cruz and his family. so when he apologizes in this vague way, do you buy it?
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>> hold on i have to check something here. no, he hasn't called me to apologize yet so i don't know. i tried several times saying look, just apologize, just move on and she was doing that well he started it, he started it thing and of course the reason we're talking about this is this marks the first time that donald trump has expressed any remorse, any regrets whatsoever so given the fact that he's made this breitbart switch i would be willing to bet everything in my wallet right now that the half-life of this pivot will be less than 48 hours. i mean, i -- think about what he's done. he basically has announced i want no -- let trump be trump. well, the guy that never apologized that just lashed out at everybody, that was donald trump so who is this tonight? i mean, good start but as you point out, kind of vague. >> and this is a person who not only attacked the appearance of ted cruz's wife, attacked ted cruz's father, essentially implying he was involved in the assassination of jfk to say
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nothing of the broad-brush attacks on mexican migrant, muslims, on and on and on. do you think adding kellyanne conway who has been in the campaign before, she was an advisor, does that mitigate bringing in the guy who runs which what they do is traffic in attacks. are those two things in so much tension they cant be resolved? >> that's an excellent question. i have met kellyanne conway and she's a lovely person, charming, the kind of person who wants to outreach and what i think appealed to his better angels, to the extent he has any. then you have steve bannon who really comes from the dark fever swamps of smashed mouth politics, the machiavellian attacks, the name calling, all of that. so it's going to be interesting you want to talk about an odd couple, there will be real tension but ultimately donald trump will be the one who decides which way to go and i can guess where that will be.
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>> i cannot ignore the fact that you have having really embraced what's called the alt right and people getting to know that term now. you as a long-time member of the conservative movement probably know these people well, they here in the fringes of conservatism. can they hide the alt right by putting kellyanne conway on tv? is there a way to hide them? >> kellyanne conway is not part of that but steve bannon has opened up the gates of hell, quite frankly. breitbart has enabled and brought in a lot of the at right people into the mainstream of american politics now, especially now that he's in this position a and for people who understand. i'm starting to get queasy about the term "alt right" because it's almost like a euphemism. when we're talking about alt right, we're talking about nationalism, anti-semite, white supremacists, we're talking about racists and you and i were
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talking about this the other day. this is kind of the dark underbelly of american politics that we have not seen. we have not seen emboldened in the way -- emboldened and empowered the way we have this year and breitbart has played a significant role so i think whatever donald trump says, there needs to be some scrutiny and he needs to be challenged on this again and when he's asked about the ku klux klan, when he's asked about david duke, don't let him get away with saying his ear piece wasn't working because there is a pattern here of not pushing back on these darker elements, by the way this is something that means a lot to me as a conservative because you and i have talked about this, joy, i spent 20 years trying to say that conservatives are not racists, not misogynists, this is not what we stand for and now suddenly we have the republican nominee who has become
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associated with these darkest elements of american politics. >> well said, charlie psychs, very much appreciate you being here, thank you. >> thank you. let's bring in our panel. match welch of "reason" magazine, tara dow dell, hunter walker and katy tur. katy, you have been covering the trump campaign from the beginning. when stephen bannon was hired by the trump campaign it shocked people in the political world because he has no experience but the one group of people who hered were members of the at right, this dressed-up neo-nazi world. is it possible for the trump campaign to hide them from you, from the reporters who are covering, knowing stephen bannon is there? >> i don't think it's possible for them to hide anything from reporters any longer. i think reporters are very skeptical of this campaign right now. i think they're covering it with very much open eyes. we've been through a lot, donald trump calling out the media on a regular basis and now trying to use our tweets as endorsements
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of his speech. that doesn't quite jive. but what i can say is that the addition of kellyanne conway might have been the best move they have ever made. she's somebody who has a lot of political favor, she's very good at spinning a message so if they put her in the forefront, i can see them blunting stephen bannon in the back but the reality is he's got a big reputation, not a good reputation among a number of groups including the republican establishment and the rnc. >> he's been attacking paul ryan, attacking the republican party in washington relentlessly as the head of but as a tactical move to katie's point, if you were going to make a tactical move to change the conversation from donald trump to incendiary bomb thrower, putting kellyanne conway throughout to give this softer message saying she'll be traveling with the campaign, that's what the campaign ought to do, right?
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does it help him at all? >> a little bit. i think the goal here is not to attract -- i don't see how they attract african-american voters, i don't see how they attract asian american or hispanic american voters. i think the goal is to make white voters who are conservative but against trump more comfortable because they need to maximize the white vote so kellyanne conway helps with that when you look at the suburban areas where you have white women voters in these suburbs, she's someone i think they want her to speak to those voters, that's the goal because in florida you have even a republican strategist has been -- black republican strategist has been kicked out of multiple -- buzzfeed reported this, it's been kicked out of multiple campaign events and the chief republican strategist in florida told him "we don't need people of your classification to help us get elected." >> it's stunning because you have this cross current in the
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trump world. he wants to let donald be donald so he hires this guy who is the epitome of what liberals caricature conservatives at, but you have kellyanne conway and donald trump trying to make the pitches to african-american voters while doing a law and order message, does this make sense? >> it's riddled with incoherence. this was a good donald trump speech today and interesting and people will be talking about it tomorrow. he's given three or four of his best speeches over the last two weeks so democrats should be concerned if they think they'll run the table here. >> who would they be concerned they'd lose? who do you think it would attract? >> exactly what tara said, the wavering white suburban women, donald trump is losing by 10 or 15 percentage points among just rallying his own party to his side so he'll get that people and that will narrow the gap. the gap is five points right now. that's not insurmountable. however the problem with these nice good speeches, they're
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riddled with internal contradiction that he is running, and he reiterated this tonight, even while going after the african-american community that he's running a silent majority campaign and there's not enough people in the majority. and i'm not talking about hues here, i'm talking about people waking up in the morning and terrified about crime and immigration. immigration is not a big issue in this country. i know that sounds crazy but people asked ask this question all the time, what is your big issue, immigration is 7%, crime is also down there. so there's not enough people upset about this and donald trump is pitching to those people, i will be your voice, i will be the person who will speak to you about these concerns you have but not enough people have those concerns so there is a contradiction at its heart and you'll see that yin/yang between the good breitbart and the bad breitbart. >> but all they really want is to get people like yourself, people like katy, people like me to go and talk about the message
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of, you know, sort of tough on crime or talk about the narrative he's trying to put out that he wants to help the black family, as long as that gets across, as long as that's in the stories, he's doing exactly what these guys are talking about. he's getting the white suburban woman voter to take a second look because all she's hearing on the 6:00 news is donald trump wants to work with african-american families. that's an appeal to white suburban voters. >> i was struck by his speech last night because he's talking about law and order but he's repeatedly saying i will be good for the african-americans and he's learned to stop saying "the blacks" thank god. but he's making ostensibly this appeal to african-americans while not really speaking to any of the concerns of the community. so -- >> or speaking to black people. >> i was going to say. going anywhere where black people live. >> so i don't see it as -- even though he's using the word african-american a ton as being addressed to them but i think one key question is what does donald trump really want?
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what i mean is that polls do look really bad if we're looking at the electoral college and there's been reporting that he and jared kushner, who runs the new york observer where i used to work are looking at starting a media company. we see roger ailes come into the campaign, a great conservative media guru, another one in steve bannon. i'm wondering if he's plotting an end game where he has his own media empire. >> the interesting thing about that, katie, if you were trying to launch a countermedia entity that was a rival to fox news, this is what you would do, right? you would create a base of really excited really loyal fans, you would get them hopped up and excited about issues that exercise them like crime, like immiation that aren't broad national issues but which they care passionately about then you would team up with somebody like bannon, team up with somebody like ailes. aren't they do more of the things you would do if you're starting a media entity than the things you've seen people do when they're running a campaign? >> it's really kwens dental, i
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think you're right. and to the point of immigration being an issue that affects, what, 7% of this country? when you go to a donald trump rally and ask them what do they think about where the country is going and what their top issues are, immigration is the top issue for everyone you speak to. >> even if they're not in a border state. even if they're far from the border. >> especially in some cases. >> new hampshire, they're not talking about the canadian border, they're talking very much about the mexican border. they believe mexicans are coming into this country and taking their jobs and committing crimes. that message resonates with them so if you're going to get into the conspiracy theory on the other side, donald trump is doing this to build a brand and tv station of his own, it points to it. i don't know how much i believe it at this point so far at least. >> it's either that or they believe there are a lot more white voters who have these ethnonationalist feelings or fears of other ethnic groups rushing into the country. we'll see which it is, hunter, katie, matt and tara will be back later in the show.
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more to come in this genius hour of late-night television but first a programming note. hillary clinton and donald trump will appear back-to-back at the first ever commander in chief forum in prime time on msnbc and nbc on september 7 hosted by the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. the forum will have the candidates answer questions from nbc news and an audience of veterans and active service members. that's september 7 on msnbc and nbc and we'll have the latest campaign news when we come back. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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it has been a big night for breaking news. the associated press is reporting that donald trump's campaign manager paul manafort's firm lobbied on behalf of ukraine's ruling party, encouraging positive coverage in the american press for the pro-russian ukrainian government. manafort did nod disclose his role as a foreign agent as required by federal law. also today, the state department said the $400 million it paid to iran in january was, in fact, tied to the american detainees released on the same day. the u.s. withheld the payment to ensure the prisoners were released that day. according to the "new york times," hillary clinton told the fbi that her predecessor, colin powell, is the one who advised her to use a private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. joining me now, a republican strategist, sirius xm host pete
8:21 pm
dominick, hunter and katy are still here and from miami, radio host and pollster fernand amm amandi. now, paul manafort's connection to the pro-russian putinite kind of ring to the ukrainian government, does that wind up becoming a campaign issue or is it a weird intrigue that is the reason he's sidelined? >> absolutely a campaign issue, joy. i think this explains why donald trump when he had the opportunity on many occasions, joy, to distance himself from what they're calling him being the kremlin candidate. he didn't do it because paul manafort seemingly had a relationship there and this connection with putin becomes a smoking gun that is going to continue to dog the campaign going forward. i think this is a bombshell and
8:22 pm
we've said all along this is one of those issues, particularly when it comes to donald trump's foreign policy positions that's going to be one that is looked at over and over again going forward. >> and he's got -- there are a few people associated with the campaign, general flynn also has some interesting connections, he's frequently onrussia today." that story line it see may be switching this campaign leadership was designed to blunt that storyline. did it surprise you that kellyanne conway and the guy who ran has never run a campaign? >> indeed. and it tells me the true professionals working within the trump campaign and i'm thinking of specifically shower paul manafort. but most importantly tony remember fr febrizio. he elected rick scott, and i'm not sure rick scott is from
8:23 pm
planet earth. he looks at the polls clearly and he was the one that said listen unless we correct course this thing will go off the rails in august. and that message isn't a message donald trump wanted to hear so they're either planning their exit stage left by throwing out the rigged election process to gin up their trump supporters and start trump tv afterwards and that's what you're seeing happen now. >> i've talked to a few republicans who have agreed with this, that it's becoming more difficult to attract professional, people like you to work in the trump campaign and having this alt right guy, this guy from breitbart as the -- over the campaign makes it harder to get people who want to have a career in this business in politics associate with the campaign. do you think that's true? >> i do think it's true. matt welch had a great point where he said over the last two weeks donald trump has managed to string together a series of good speeches. if you go back to the sheech he
8:24 pm
gave tuesday night, he ended it with his tirade against his favorite topic, the insider, he's an outsider and he goes after wall street and big media then the world wakes up to learn a former goldman sachs banker who is a media mogul is running his campaign. there's no coherence from a perceptions but standpoint or from a practical standpoint. people like me are running for the hills. >> tomorrow morning when you're planning your radio show, pete, if your audience was primarily conservative these stories like the $400 million which let's been honest, this was not a ransom payment, we owed iran the money from the time we installed the shah, they timed it because they wanted to get better leverage with the hostages but on the right that would be played a certain way. the fbi story that will never, ever, ever go away about the e-mails, donald trump has designed a campaign that can't use any of that. >> no doubt. he's designed a campaign that's the most pro-prussian presidential campaign we've ever seen.
8:25 pm
but at sirius xm i shared a studio with steve bannon. he went 6:00 to 9:00, i came in at 9:00. i shared the call-screening software. i know a lot about steve bannon and his callers and a lot of these supporters, these breitbart readers, they couldn't find russia on a map. these are not issues -- the iran issue, these are not issues they necessarily care about. the issues they care about are the issues breitbart talks about. you know how much coverage they've given to hillary clinton's health? it's bizarre stuff that they're concerned about that breitbart gets, it's about clicks. steve bannon is a smart ferocious guy and i think his appointment signals that donald trump no longer is trying to win a campaign but just get as famous as he can until we grind him into a dark chapter of american history. >> i'll be devil's advocate. i think you guys are putting him to rest and putting him to bed too early. this is a person we've seen up end the political system and come back and surprise everybody. i know he wanted to call himself
8:26 pm
mr. brexit today which is a little ludicrous but at the same time this is august. i don't know if it's completely baked in in the polls. i think if he as we go out and gives prompter speeches he's been giving this past week he does have a chance to turn it around and get the suburban white women. >> you've covered this guy for a long time. will he be able to hold -- he's held himself to speeches for 12 hours. >> i don't know. >> well -- >> no, hold on, hold on. you can't underestimate donald trump even with his past actions. i think yes it's going to be very difficult for him to stay on prompter, absolutely. but if the crowds roar for him on prompter -- and so far they're reacting relatively well -- he'll have an easier time doing it. i'm not saying he will. >> well, i'll defer to katy, she's been on the trail more than i have but one thing i find interesting about these prompter speeches, i was at the soho grand, one of the first times trump used a scripted speech and it was like a hostage video.
8:27 pm
it didn't seem natural or right now he's clearly not the free-wheeling donald trump we saw through the primaries. he's not having these hour-long church revival meetings he did. but he seems more at ease while being scripted and that could go well for him. >> he's going to baton rouge tomorrow, that's a smart move. >> i don't disagree with anything katy said except for the fact that in a campaign the candidate is the most important piece but there's another hugely important piece which is the apparatus and mechanics and there is still no evidence that the apparatus and mechanics -- >> that's a very good point. >> -- are there to help. >> i'm sorry, we're not watching the same speeches. i'm a standup comedian. the guy inflects on the wrong words, he's -- >> and he looks uncomfortable. >> he gave to -- i can't believe i'm about to say this. he gave two very good republican speeches. >> two things and i want to get fernand back in on this. how long can he go without getting to hear people chant "build the wall"? part of the reason -- >> i don't think that chant is
8:28 pm
going to go away. is i don't think that's done. i think he can build that into the tell promeprompter speeches. i think donald trump is going to have a hard time being caged in. >> i have to ask you this question fernand because there's an important point here. even if donald trump could read off of a prompter for 80 straight days, at the end of the day in order to win a campaign you have to have more than one campaign office in florida, you have to spend money in somewhere other than orlando, you have to be able to win a state with 67 counties and ten media markets, that's the state you're in right now. have you seen evidence that donald trump has anything like the minimal apparatus that you need to win a presidential campaign? >> none whatsoever. in fact he hasn't even began -- start eed ads here, joy. let me put it to you from a pollster's perspective. why is this campaign different? these two have 100% name i.d. for the electorate and the most important question that pollsters are asking now, joy, besides the horse race question,
8:29 pm
which is the obvious one, is the following "how convinced are you that you are going to vote the way you're telling us now?" we're seeing now as pollsters those numbers up in the mid-80s and 90s with a small undecided. that's why folks feel the election is starting to bake and i'll tell you why the trump campaign may say "says who" when it comes to the polls, let me tell you who's looking at the polls right now. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. joy, we're getting to the point where they'll pull the plug and says in over, we have to salvage the house and senate and they'll cut off the money spigot and that's when this thing is over. >> we have to break. we have to remind everybody. they don't have 80 days. early voting, people start voting a lot early. you'll be back and we'll keep it going. thank you hunter walker and katy tur. get some sleep. coming up, senator jefferson beauregard sessions iii talks
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coming up, the most revealing look yet at donald trump -- maybe. honestly, too revealing. and his campaign is finally going to run some tv ads. is it enough to change the tide for trump in key battlegrounds or is it too a little too late? stay with us, we'll be right back.
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8:36 pm
>> trump has always been this way. he bought an ad -- people say, you know, he wasn't a
8:37 pm
conservative but he bought an ad 20 years ago in the "new york times" calling for the death penalty. i mean, how many people in new york, a that liberal bastian, were willing to do something like that. he believes in law and order and he has the strength and will to make this country safer. >> okay, here is the ad senator jeff sessions is referencing as evidence of donald trump's history of courageous conser conservati conservatism. a full-page spread in the "new york times" calling for the exbugs e execution of the wrongfully convicted teenagers known as the central park five. trump was one of the loudest voices proclaiming the guilty of the black teens accused of assault in the 1989 central park jogger case and he continued even after they were exonerated by knee n by dna evidence. trump called the $40 million settlement between the central
8:38 pm
park five and the city of new york a disgrace. matt, tara and mark are back with me and joining my mark thompson of make it plain from sirius xm. so embracing the idea that donald trump's conservatism is tied to having called if for death of five black and brown teenagers in the central park five, add that to paling around with rudy giuliani whose tenure as mayor of new york was not pleasant for black people and is helping write his law and order speeches, what do you make of that, mark? >> well, first of all, having someone like jefferson beauregard sessions as you say so well in the confederate tone, to have him to flag for him says a lot in and of itself because sessions himself is not on the u.s. district court because of a lot of things he did. he called a former assistant u.s. attorney a boy. >> who was african-american. >> who was african-american. he prosecuted civil rights
8:39 pm
activists as a form of voter suppression and voter intimidation. he said he thought the kkk was an okay organization and he supported the nomination of arch segregationist judges. so to have him come forward and say that along with bannon, along with roouudy giulia, alon with everything else we've seen in the last 48 hours further confirms trump is running a racist campaign. >> and you are in a lot of ways who you surround yourself with and who your campaign is run by, i want to play his convention speech, this was the first time he was restricted to prompter. listen to donald trump speaking at the convention, republican convention. >> in our nation's capital, killings have risen by 50%. [ boos ] they're up nearly 60% in nearby baltimore. in the president's hometown of chicago more than 2,000 people have been the victim of shootings this year alone.
8:40 pm
nearly 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records ordered deported from our country are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens. >> that speech which, you know, which focuses on scary brown people if you want to put in the one phrase, was written by staffers to jeff sessions. >> the reason it sounded so stilted that we've heard in the reporting is it was written in the voice of jeff sessions so that association goes back quite a ways. that cannot be helpful to the republican party claiming donald trump. >> it's not helpful at all and as a matter of campaign tactic, again, going back to the speech trump gave tuesday night in wisconsin, he made a reasoned conservative argument for why the african-american community should look to republicans and look to him to lead them and he made the economic argument, he made the academic argument, he made the social welfare argument
8:41 pm
in conservative terms. why is his campaign not focusing on that and instead choosing to roll out people like jeff sessions to say crazy things that are going to stir up the racial divide and unrest? >> because that's how he won the primary. >> i would understand it if this campaign were completely clueless but they shows some promise in this speech the other night and why no one is demanding or encouraging mr. trump to stay focused on things that can help him, bebuildering. >> but the people who cheered the loudest when mr. bannon was hired were the alt right, were basically the new neo-nazi movement. they have been openly supportive of donald trump, they're calling him the dear leader. they have been beattracted like nothing else. can you do the thing that gian-carlo is saying republicans should do and be associated with that? >> absolutely not. i tweeted this, i said trump assumed in his speech that black people have severe short-term memory loss of some sort.
8:42 pm
because to come out and say you're making an appeal to the black community, the african-american community after playing footsy with white supremacist, in particular david duke who said donald trump inspired him to run for office, to devalue the -- the contribution that african-americans have made, to devalue the first black president of the united states -- >> as a birther. >> demanding his college transcripts? that was a huge dog whistle. the birtherism, also a dog whistle but what i find so offensive is that donald trump when he comes out and he says these -- this speech saying he's appealing to black people me says i want to help black people in the inner cities. first of all not all black people live in the inner city, we live throughout the diaspora of this country and also when he comes out and portrays with these numbers that are wrong, while black people -- there are some black people who are suffering, there are a lot of black people in this country that do well and what's implicit in that speech he made is that we are not contributing to this
8:43 pm
country. that is what's implicit in that speech so he may say that's an appeal to black people but he appealed to us without any knowledge of our community and that's what that speech is. >> to say nothing of tweeting out statistics that black people were killing white people. but the question i have as a member of the media, they're also counting on in terms of short-term memory the media essentially saying "well, here's the pivot." the media has been building in this desire to see donald trump pivot. if he doesn't do we expect to see the media go off on this new track and forget the past and the things he said for the last 18 months? >> this is no pivot and with all do respect gian-carlo, that speech wasn't anything. if anything what it was is once again that well-worn cliche right wing argument that african-americans have somehow slaves and subjects of the democratic party without our own agency to make decisions and be self-determining in who we vote for. there's been no vift. a men or of mine called me as i
8:44 pm
was coming upstairs and said if we're going to say he's pivoting and accept what he's saying we may as well go to prison today and for everybody in prison who says i'm sorry for what i did, i didn't mean it, let them out. act like it never happened. >> all right, we appreciate you, met welch and tara dowdell will be back. coming up later in the show, donald trump is about to get into the tv ad game. i'll ask my guests if it's too little too late. stay with us. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪
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we all know donald trump is a presidential candidate the likes of which we have never seen and as such he provokes, schaal we s shall we say, a unique response from his detractors. naked donald trump statues appeared in several cities. it was placed by an art collective that says it wants to prevent trump from being "installed in the most powerful in the world." the statue in new york was removed prompting boos from a selfie taking crowd. a city spokesperson explained this way. "new york city parts stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small." no matter how small. don't go anywhere, so much more politics ter the break. for lower back pain sufferers,
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8:53 pm
strong statement? good response? don't be so enthusiastic. >> they tried. we were trying to read it off camera. >> i don't understand that statement. that should have been more straightforward. >> they're trying to make the point, the point is there has been a pivot. there's been one pivot in the trump campaign which was at the convention speech you showed. that's when he became the law and order against black lives matter candidate. it was a remarkable switch from where he's been up until now. he thought this is how i'm going to get -- >> he became richard nixon essentially. >> so that pivot is the one he can't get out from underneath no matter whahe'll say in baton rouge tomorrow, no matter what he reads in the teleprompter. we'll know he's in fourth place, not second among black voters. he's behind gary johnson and jill stein. he's at 2%. you can't undo that. >> and the question is -- by the way, we have his black voter on my show tomorrow. i just want to throw that in. >> he's african-american?
8:54 pm
>> his african-american. >> the next person who interviews trump on the phone or whether he shows up, to say to him okay you've said you're sorry, what are you sorry for? isn't that the only question? >> specifically. yeah but they should also -- whatever gets that access to donald trump and asks that question,er a, that's a great point but specifically they should throw out a few examples. are you sorry about what you said about john mccain? are you sorry about what you said about president obama not being american. i always want to go back to birther. always want to go back to birther. every reporter should hit him on that one as well as are you sorry you don't believe in climate change and hit him on every conspiracy theory. name specific ones so whe h s s say no, i'm not sorry for those. his mentor, whose name is escaping me, told him he never, ever apologize sod this is surprising. but he won't specifically apologize for anything. >> even on the specifics. if to people's point people were
8:55 pm
to nail him down and say are you sorry you went after khizr khan, are you sorry you said all mexican migrants are reapists, if he gets into specifics, he risks his bases. if he apologizes to muslims or mexicans we go down a road to hisser to base which is animated by nostalgia for the '50s says wait a minute, why are you apologizing to them? >> he does risk his base but i don't think he risks as base as much as we think. they are so committed to him right now they believe that what he's doing right now -- which is ironic because what he's doing is being a politician saying something and flip-flopping, that's what people -- they accuse politicians of doing but his base is so committed to him they're saying we're going to let him appeal to black people because we want him to win and once he wins we'll get what we really want. and that's why i think a lot of white supremacists, they've said
8:56 pm
that, you know, we're going to stay in the background because we don't want to jeopardize his victory. >> do we have fernand? it's getting late in the hour. >> he should apologize for running. >> fernand is here, there he is, magical. fernand, i want to ask you this question, we're talking about donald trump. you are our numbers guy. how big is this base? there is a question about how many white voters there are in the population that are available to donald trump. quantify that for us. >> i think that base represents about 43% of the republican party and you figure another quarter of independents, we know no democrats, virtually no democrats, maybe 10%, 15%. we're talking about a very small piece of the pie but joy back to the earlier question. is now the time to start the egg timer on when donald trump drops the next crooked hillary reference? again, this is the problem with a campaign that is in its death
8:57 pm
throes. you have too many cooks in the kitchen. these wild schizophrenic strategic decisions. i think it was a horrible mistake by the trump campaign to issue this may ya kulpa. why? for the next week we're going to be playing clip after clip, pete dominick just referenced it, of all of the insults that donald trump has uttered and every time he's off script or not reading on the teleprompter we know that temptation will be there. that's why the debate is coming up can you imagine what will happen with the no-insult clause? big tstrategic mistake. >> that is now the only question is to simply read donald trump his quotes and say do you apologize it? >> i'm producing my radio show tomorrow morning. we'll go through all the things and speculate which things he might be sorry for, does he want forgiveness? he didn't say "i'm sorry." >> if they caused pain. >> i regret them if they caused pain. his entire candidacy is causing
8:58 pm
pain. >> he also said i'm sorry for being too honest. >> i'm going to be honest with you. but at the end of the day what you're saying is it doesn't matter what he says, he has an unshakable core. >> i don't know about that. >> i think the core supporters are very much so unshakable. you had a bunch of people sitting there who have expressed -- yell racist vile thin things listening him to make a speech saying he's appealing to black people, it was a crowd full of white people so i think his core is solid you can't fully offend your core in any circumstance. now the issue is the growth. that's where it is. it's the suburban white women voters moving towards hillary clinton, college educated ones, we're seeing movement among white women voters who are non-college educated. that's where he has the issues so where he's made the mistake is when people keep playing the things he said about megyn
8:59 pm
kelly -- remember, for a lot of those voters the stuff he says about minorities is less important. >> and i have to go back to you, fernand. you're producing your radio show tomorrow. what are those ads going to be tomorrow? can you give us any sense? is ts gng to be apology trump? is it going to be law and order trump? what are you looking to see in those ads? >> listen, short of hillary clinton sitting in a tank with willie horton railing against the 47% of government freeloaders, what are they going to say at this point? they have nothing and the message right now is base building, you're seeing them try to double down on the strategy that seemingly works so well, and it did in the republican primary, try and pull off that hail mary. the most important republican in the united states right now is colin powell and if colin powell doesn't come out and give a full throated endorsement of support for what hillary clinton is saying that was the reason she started her e-mail server, that could be a problem so right now all eyes are on what colin
9:00 pm
powell has to say and that could be a devastating ad if they get that. >> every booking producer in america is cold calling colin powell, including ours tonight thank you for joining us this hour. conventions for the two major parties this year, there were headline speeches, of course, from the candidates themselves, in both conventions this year, we had a headline speeches from the candidate's families. we had big speeches from other big name politicos, of course, from celebrities, on both sides. slightly different celebrity rosters on the two sides this year. but what has turned out to be the most politically resonant


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