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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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. i'm alex witt in new york at msnbc headquarters. it's high noon at the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. new reaction on whether donald trump will follow through with a deportation force if elected. he signaled a possible shift in his immigration policy during a meeting with his hispanic advisory board yesterday. here's what his campaign manager kellyanne conway said earlier today. >> as weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind that he just -- you just heard in that soundbite and that he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> on the democrat side, the clinton campaign is fighting back against a new batch of criticism over the clinton foundation. now that former president bill clinton says the foundation won't accept donations from
9:01 am
foreign donors if his wife wins the election, critics want the democratic nominee to admit it was wrong for the foundation to accept foreign donations while she was secretary of state. here's what clinton's campaign spokesman said earlier. >> the steps that are being taken if she should become president are unprecedented. we're happy that that planning is taking place. donald trump is refusing to disclose deep financial ties that potentially reach into the kremlin which could influence his foreign policy decisions but also where countries like china have leverage over him and could distort his decision making there. none of this is being disclosed. you and i are having this conversation because the foundation has chosen to take unprecedented steps to disclose their donors. >> meanwhile, new fund-raising totals show donald trump is catching up to hillary clinton but still falling short. according to fec reports for july, clinton raised about $90 million for a campaign in the democratic party.
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meanwhile, trump raked in more than $80 million for his campaign and the republican part y party tim kaine will travel to las vegas to two events. mike pence will hold an event in iowa while trump has a rally in ohio. let's bring in jacob rascon from our d.c. bureau and with a good day to you, jacob. you heard kellyanne conway's answer on whether a deportation force will remain part of trump's immigration policy. what happened that signalled he might be leaning toward a shift. >> the reason she was even asked that question is because yesterday after the round table with hispanic leaders and trump some of the leaders signalled trump sounded more open to doing something different ly there ar reports that he talked about
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legalization. those hispanic leaders that we talked to said he never mentioned that word, he asked for ideas about what to do with the 11 million undocumented in this country. the estimated 11 million important what she said there that trump during that meeting said nothing new there is a signal he is going to speak about immigration coming up and if he's asked which the deportation force he talked about will still be in place and she says to be determined that's maybe the most interesting answer on that topic we've heard yet. so we'll see. >> he has reiterated that time and time again. see you later this week. what about his use of the teleprompter? what do you think the likelihood is there will be no more
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off-the-cuff speeches. >> in the last couple weeks when donald trump was behind in the polls and still is, a lot of his supporters, even the true believers at his rallies, would tell me and others that they hoped that he would something different to close the gap in the polls and after this week when he did five teleprompter speeches in a row, they were happy. they wanted to see that. they loved the off-the-cuff donald trump but they started to doubt whether that off-the-you have to trump during the rallies would close the gap and beat her. as far as whether we'll see any more unscripted speeches at alle alleys, every speech last week, all five done with prompters trump last night is retreating fweem w people who said if you keep retweeting, we won't win. >> let's bring in olivia nuzzi.
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what we heard from trump's campaign manager. >> trump has always said he would be flexible on his policies, whether he was talking about the muslim ban or anything else. he says he'll be flexible. he'll be open to working with people. i don't think it's shocking but his campaign has been defined as his hostility towards mexican and ill greal egal immigrants s supporters who love it when he talks about the border wall, if they hear more and more about this this week they may not be too happy. the detractors have gone after that. do you think that's appealing to his detractors to say come on board e. obviously hillary clinton has a solids five-point
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lead nationally. on a state-by-state basis it doesn't look better. she has an 11-point lead in virginia. she's up in places like georgia. he's probably hearing that from the a advisors. >> he was trying to make a pitch to minority voters, this was in a town that was 73% white. what was the strategy? >> it's anyone's guess. i have no idea what his strategy was. she has an 11-point lead in virginia, fredericksburg solidly democratic, hasn't voted for a republican since george h.w. bush, voted for obama both times. it made very little sense for him to be spending time there. i'm not sure what the strategy was. maybe it will work. maybe it will surprise everyone. >> what do you think it would take for him to turn virginia arou around? >> he needs virginia but it's not clear how he will turn it
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around. even tstaying on teleprompter i doesn't seem obvious that's going to work with his supporters even though i talked to congressman david brat yesterday who represents fredericksburg and he said he was praying donald trump would stay on message and if he did he thought he would win but it's not clear. this country -- everyone knows who donald trump is. everyone knows what he believes, what he doesn't believe. early voting starts in just a couple of weeks in some states. >> isn't hillary clinton as high as 90% with the african-american vote? >> he's polling 5 ining 0%. he says hillary clinton is bigoted because he she views the african-american community as only being there for votes. i don't think that type of rhetoric will help. i think if any other candidate said that there would be mass
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outrage about it. it's just that because donald trump's stan zard so low that we view that as being on message somehow. >> so with the new campaign, new leadership in place going forward, how do you think that will change things? >> we've seen the teleprompter, that was rolled out a few months ago. they'll try hard to keep him on message but trump doesn't have a message. i've said this before, his message is chaos. the reason why people love him is because he speaks off the cuff and tells it like it is. and when you're talking from a teleprompter, it's harder to have people have that type of enthusiasm for you. >> you have to wonder. there may be substance sfwr from his perspective but people aren't used to hearing him that way. that's not how he communicates. as always, olivia nuzzi, the daily beast. let's go to the last day for the rio olympics. tears for some who have really
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enjoyed these last couple weeks. ron mott is there and joining us for rio. big night for team yesterday. more to come today. what can you tell us? >> alex, all good things must come to an end. the last day of these games and still gold up for grabs the u.s. has brought home more medals but let's talk about last night, usa track and field put the world back on notice that the 4 x 400 relay belongs to the red white and blue. men and women capturing gold in those events, the incomparable allyson felix winning her sixth gold medal. here's allyson felix after the race last night. >> we don't have allyson felix from last night. she was very happy. only the third american woman to win at least six gold medals. let's look at what happened here today. we have the marathon off this morning. surprisingly we had an american finish on the medal stand. that's galen rupp who won the bronze medal. folks who were marathon fans
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know about meg. he finished the race and looked healthy but he finished 33rd. galen rupp, a surprise medalist. men winning bronze on the volleyball court, usa beating russia today in a comeback victory so that's good news and then in an hour we expeclaressa shields, the pride of flint, michigan, is expected to win another gold. she's heavily favorited to win this gold medal match today in boxing. that's at 1:00 eastern. then the men hit the hard woods, usa basketball against serbia in the finals. head coach mike kryzewski is not taking this game for granted. he said serbia played them very tough so the u.s. is looking to extend their streak with the gold medal later today. and tonight is the big finale, the big party.
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simone biles yets another honor. she will be the flag bearer for team usa at tonight's closing ceremony. we understand the theme is carnivale and there are people ready to party. >> she'll be dancing her way through that lineup. thank you so much ron mott, appreciate that. and the u.s. is leading the medal count, topping the list with 117 medals overall. be sure to catch the olympics' closing ceremony on nbc or stream it online at at 8:00 p.m. eastern. what's behind donald trump's outreach to minorities? why the change in tone and why now? that discussion next. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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>> i want a totally incloousive country and i want an inclusive party. we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> donald trump debuted a striking new tone in virginia asking african-americans to "honor him" with their votes and vowing to make the gop accessible to them once more. what's behind the kinder gentler trump and will it last? let's bring in robert traynham, jason johnson and raul reyes, attorney and contributor. good to see you all. is anyone going to accept this new inclusive trump. jason, let's start with you. >> no. but that's not why he's doing it.
9:16 am
let's be honest. donald trump has been the same guy for ten years. there are literally people who work with him on "the apprentice" who are saying he should not be elected president but what i do think is important is this, he is at least trying. if you're trying to be president of the united states for everybody you need to campaign for everybody's vote but with 79 days left before the election the likelihood he will be able to peel away african-americans he's offended, latino republicans he's offended to come back to the fold it seems likely. >> picking up on number 79 with you robert, why now for this pivot? trump has never done well with the minority vote in the polls. what makes him think he can change that. 79 days before the election. that's a relatively short period of time. >> it's a very, very steep hill to climb, alex and i have two thoughts. one, look, 0% or 1% depending on which poll you look at have a favorable rating of donald trump and the african-american community but i don't think this
9:17 am
is about getting african-american votes, this is about getting moderate republican votes and moderate white individuals pour white democratic votes that say, hmm, perhaps i should be more sympathetic to donald trump, at least he's trying. so it's not about the black vote per se, it's about the republican moderates and democratic moderates that may want to go with trump because he's the anti-establishment candidate but are mortified by the comments he's made over the last couple months about people with -- that are disabled, about women and so forth. this is not, again, about african-american strategy. i think this is more about ginning up republican votes very similar to the nixon strategy in 1972. >> so that's a specific strategy there. do you agree with what robert is offering up? on the surface this seems bizarre making a plea to with white voters. >> my take is that this newfound interest in african-american voters and latino voters is to reassure some of his base that
9:18 am
he is indeed still running a viable national campaign to reassure certain members of the republican establishment that his numbers won't tank so much leading them to abandon him so it's to shore up observers that he still has a shot with these grou gro groups. he debuted a tone for latinos and you saw the same old anti-immigrant rhetoric in a new commercial, people sneaking over the border and claims about undocumented people stealing votes and accessing health care. and it's almost a strategic waste of his time to be doing this. fox news latino gives hillary clinton 66 points, donald trump 20. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll has the margin higher with 76% of latinos going for clinton, only 14% going for
9:19 am
trump meanwhile we have the head of breitbart that defended trump's criticism of judge curiel, they made fun of bush's wife because she spoke with an accent and they've called illegal aliens all sorts of unpleasant rhetoric. >> reality wise here it's certain that trump won't overtake black voters between now and november. we had robert offering the appeal to more moderate gops. what do you think his goal is and how many of the minority votes does he need to pull off a win? >> well, those are two important things alex. number one i don't think r i don't think donald trump is trying to get moderate white voters or ensure donors. his campaign is delusional enough that they think that if they do this they can actually get, like i said, primarily african-american republicans and latinos to come back. remember you have guys like chris christie and john kasich who got upwards of 10%, 12% of black voters in their state so
9:20 am
there are black republicans out there, he somehow thinks he can get them back. he's got to get those numbers. here's where it's key not just for trump but the gop in general. this is an election year. people don't split ticket vote. so if trump is getting negative percent of latino voters in pennsylvania, that's going to hurt pat toomey. if trump is getting 0% of black voters, that will hurt rob portman in ohio so these are down ballot rescue missions. >> something the rnc is certainly focusing on. so trump also met yesterday with his newly created hispanic advisory council reportedly asking them for suggestions on how to handle undocumented immigrants, beyond just deporting them as he has advocated before. raul, do you think we'll see a substantive policy change from him and is that enough to win latino votes after all? >> i'm going to address the first question and go out on a limb and say no. we did hear -- >> what limb? >> -- that there was some talk of a new approach and that he was open to legalization yet
9:21 am
within the day the trump campaign pushed back and said no he is not changing his immigration policies, he'll still build a wall and end daca and deport the undocumented people in the country so even the campaign has sququashed somf that. >> has donald trump made it harder for the gop as a whole to appeal to minority voters? do you think he'll have a lasting impact in that vice president? >> donald trump, regardless of whether or not he wins in november has damaged the republican brand to levels i have that not seen in generations. the fact is that when you say these thing things that he said building a wall, it's not just african-americans and latinos, we know what he said about the people that are disabled, you can't say these things and think
9:22 am
you can't get away with it. and the republican party has had a deficit as we know for many years since jack kemp of trying to reach out and trying to be considerate and compassionate a and empathetic and what donald trump has said has been deplorable in my opinion as an african-american, as a conservative and a member of the lgbtq community. don't take my word for it, listen to jeb bush. listen to marco rubio, listen to john kasich, listen to paul ryan and how he struggled with whether or not he should endorse this person or not. so these are not my words, these are the republicans' words all across the country. >> all right, gentlemen. robert, jason, raul, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton's foundation conundrum. why the questions keep coming about it.
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a live look at times square in new york city. we saw rain and more rain is in the forecast but there is severe weather in different pockets of the country. the weather channel's alex wallace has more on that. what can we expect? >> more flash flooding across parts of south texas from lor o loredo, san antonio and austin. we're talking eight plus inches of rain over a 12-hour period. that led to water rescues, flooding on roads, just a mess and we'll continue to deal with that risk for the day across south texas and spreading along the gulf coast. louisiana an area that doesn't want to see rain, the risk today and into our monday as we kick off the week, more of the same here getting into the panhandle of florida, then we'll move into tuesday and we'll watch more showers and storms across north sections of the sunshine state and can't rule out more storms getting going across louisiana. doesn't look like it will be widespread and everyone won't be seeing it but nonetheless the
9:27 am
risk exists. how much rainfall to come? this goes through tuesday into the evening hours. most areas we're looking at up to an inch but pockets of heavier amounts. when you get a storm to hang around the same area for a long period of time, that can add up. back to you. >> thank you, alex. donald trump's latest campaign reboot. how long will it last and how is it resonating with pporters? >> it is encouraging to see him be a little more humble, a bit more on script. >> i think he probably needed this, yes. and i think it's working out for him real well. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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9:31 am
welcome him here, we want him to be helpful and we hope it doesn't turn into a mere photo-op. i think for the reasons i stated earlier because it helped to shine a spotlight on louisiana and the dire situation we have here that it was helpful and i will tell you that i also appreciated the good phone call, the conversation that i had with governor pence who was sincere and genuine when he called and we spoke for a long time on friday morning about their desire to be helpful. >> so hours after that visit, the white house announced president obama will be heading to louisiana on tuesday. let's go to nbc hans nichols in martha's vineyard where the president remains on vacation. hans, with a good day. what do we know about the trip to louisiana? >> well, we know on tuesday he's headed to baton rouge. the itinerary, the on-the-ground visits will be determined on what sort of available assets are there both at the federal, state, and local level. the white house has always been
9:32 am
very clear they want to coordinate with local officials and they don't want the president's footprint, the helicopters, motorcades, everything that involves to impede any sort of cleanup or any recovery effort. a lot of white house official feel this criticism is unfair and they point to the governor who is a democrat saying they didn't want the president to come down as well as the lieutenant governor who is a republican saying there wasn't necessarily a need for president obama to visit. we heard from the governor. it's clear he wants to bring attention to the hardship they're facing. as for president obama, he's getting his 11th round of golf on his vacation and it's a beautiful day on martha's vineya vineyard. >> he deserves the rest if he can get it despite the frequent daily interruptions and the family heads back today? >> yeah, he's scheduled to leave the island sunday night. that was always scheduled, that
9:33 am
was always the plan to leave martha's vineyard, conclude the vacation after over two weeks and he'll be back in washington and scheduled at the white house on monday. alex? >> hans nichols on martha's vineyard. thank you very much. hillary clinton faces new questions after announcing her foundation will no longer except corporate and foreign donations if she's elected president. clinton's campaign manager robbie mook defended the candidate in an interview this morning. >> you talk about transparency donald trump hasn't released his taxes. he hasn't released a serious health letter yet. he refuses to disclose the full architecture of his financial debts and obligations. my point is there's all this scrutiny because hillary clinton has been transparent. yorng you heard questions when members of the bush family continued to serve on boards for the first president obama's foundation. >> let's bring in casey whunt a good day to you.
9:34 am
let's talk about how secretary clinton is handling the criticism. what's coming from the campaign there? >> well, you saw robbie mook coming under pressure from the clinton foundation and their decision to stop accepting foreign donations but not until after the election. when he was pressed, he talked about donald trump's tax return s didn't have a clear answer for why this decision should be made after november instead of now is there is a conflict of interest. of course the clinton foundation adjusted its policies when hillary clinton was secretary of state in going further. we know chelsea clinton is going to remain on the board of the clinton foundation no matter what happens with her mother's campaign and you heard robbie mook defending that saying there was no criticism of bush family members when george h.b. wush's foundation was in existence and
9:35 am
there were family members on the board so they're trying to turn this issue away from her like the report in the "new york times" showing trump's companies have more debt than he's had to acknowledge publicly so far. >> today a down day for the clinton campaign. what can we expect from her? >> what she's doing is raising money. we're expecting to see her arrive in provincetown later today to do a fund raise we are cher, one of the many famous celebrities who are doing fund-raising events with her over the course of the next couple of weeks. as she buckles down to build up as much cash as she can is before the november sprint. the campaign announcing they raised more than $20 million more than donald trump's campaign in july so the clinton campaign in a good position but this is her last chance to rack
9:36 am
that up before we talk about debates and everything else that packs the fall calendar. >> you are right. kasie hunt, thank you so much for that. let's turn the zika outbreak in miami where five additional cases have been reported in the tourist destination of south beach tammy leitner is right in that section of miami beach for us. tammy, you are literally on the beach. what are tourists telling you as they hear about zika? >> stand by. tammy, it's alex, can you hear me? good, i'll take that nod that you can. curious if you've talked to people on the beach when they hear about zika. >> alex, for the last two days we've been talking to residents and business owners and tourists, the business owners -- i can hear you, alex, can you hear me? >> yup, we have a delayed big
9:37 am
tim time. >> we have, we've been talking to people out here both tourists and i've been speaking with this gentleman over here -- >> we'll cam back in a minute. we have a satellite day we did not expect. she's just in miami. tammy, we'll be back to you shortly. meantime, trump in the white house. what does russian president putin have to speak to about this? and a look at the latest electoral college maps. how do the numbers add up for the presidential nominees now just three months from the election? that and tammy leitner from miami beach as well after a break. here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. it has real beef, grains, vegetables, and he loves it. well, we were coming for an interview...
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9:41 am
citing manafort's political activity for pro-russian things in ukraine. what do you make of that. >> i followed mr. manafort's campaign for a long time. i think the campaign decided this was a big distraction. they want to get on to policy. but i want to get on to policy, too. because irrespective of what paul manafort said in the past, it's donald trump's policies towards russia that should be the focus. >> does that mean it would be near impossible for the trump campaign to also -- to rather not be aware of mr. manafort's
9:42 am
associations? when they hired him, did they know of his connections? >> well, they should have. because he's been doing this work for many, many years. well before i even worked in the government i knew about this work. in fact, i met mr. manafort one time in kiev when he was working for then candidate yanukovych so they should have done their due diligence. >> we'll get to your policy right now, what you would like to see. you wrote in a column in the "washington post" that putin and his government have taken unprecedented steps to influence our electoral process to help the republican party's nominee. why do you think putin wants to see trump in the white house? >> putin likes mr. trump and supports him because mr. trump supports policies that president putin supports. it's that simple. mr. trump, for instance, has said he would look into recognizing crimea as part of russia. no other politician that i know
9:43 am
of in the country has done that. only six countries in the world, countries like syria and north korea have recognized crimea as part of russia. that's where mr. trump. is second, mr. trump supports looking into our relationships with nato, renegotiating whether we're committed to them. that's exactly what mr. putin supports and therefore he supports them. >> you mentioned syria and north korea. plus afghanistan, cuba, nicaragua and venezuela. it's a group mr. putin would like to see the united states join, right? >> exactly. i mean that's why they're thrilled with the things that donald trump says with respect to russia. they never had a candidate like this, frankly, that i can remember that has been so pro-russian in their policies, including, by the way, praising putin as a great leader. that's something new and unprecedented? >> but this cannot be the first
9:44 am
time a foreign power has tried to exert influence on a u.s. election. do you think there's a line being crossed this time around? >> well, i do. but let me beprecise. we know russians hacked into the dnc accounts and other accounts. i don't think there's any debate about that. that's their jobs. that's called intelligence, that's called spying, that's what they do. we know wikileaks dumped that data on the eve of the democratic national convention to influence those proceedings and they did influence those proceedings. what we don't know exactly is whether the russians gave them that data but i would say a few things. wikileaks won't tell us, the russians are smart enough to make that transfer without anybody knowing it was the russians and nobody else has that information to the best of our knowledge. so that's unprecedented, using intelligence gathered, using spying information to influence
9:45 am
an electoral process in the united states, that is unprecedented. >> the trump campaign pushing back now. in a statement this week it was said the clinton's close ties to putin deserve scrutiny. does the clinton camp have to examine its relationship with putin? >> well, i think transparency is good. i think knowing what the fun decontamination -- who gave them what as the clinton fun decontamination does is good for the american people just as mr. trump should let us know about his taxes so we know about his business deals. but i want to be clear. so say that one had business deals or some relationship therefore should create a positive policy, that's just not the case with secretary clinton the other reason why putin prefers trump over clinton is because clinton has you have to policies over russia. she'll never recognize crimea as part of russia, she stands for strengthening the nato alliance
9:46 am
so the difference is clear-cut. >> former u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul, appreciate it. >> thank you. at the top of the hour, the final day of the rio olympics. what to expect when the world says good-bye tonight. and we'll take you back to beautiful miami beach to see if the fear of zika is having an effect on tourism. nice picture for a sunday. ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you.
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let's go back and get the report on the zika outbreak in miami. five additional cases have been reported in the tourist destination of south beach and nbc's tammy leitner is still on that beach and, quite frankly, i would love to be on that beach were it not for the zika concerns, that's for sure. i know you're talking to folks, tammy. are they concerned about zika? >> alex, it depends on who you talk to. business owners out here, they're worried. some locals are worried, some tourists are worried but it depends on who you talk to and what their background is. we were talking with this gentleman here. hans, can we speak to you?
9:50 am
>> of course. >> hans lives in miami beach and you were telling me that your girlfriend is concerned but you're not as concerned. talk to me about zika. >> i've lived in miami for ten years i just got back last night from two months away, we've been following this story from a distance and we're concerned, my girlfriend more than i am and she put on bug spray inside the apartment for the first time ever. >> but you didn't. >> i didn't and i'm not putting bug spray on right now but i'm not as much at risk as younger people, especially women would be. i travel quite a bit and i go to a lot of places like brazil and turkey and i feel you can't really change your plans and your behavior based on these things. >> thank you so much for talking to us, hans, i'll let you enjoy the beautiful day on the beach. >> i will, thank you. >> he mentioned some people are concerned because they here in that group. some pregnant women are not even going outside right now until they get the all-clear. it depends on who you are and
9:51 am
your background. alex? >> and we're looking at a split screen picture with you, tammy, of spraying which looks just massive, this is going to be going on for some time it would seem, yes? >> absolutely. and you know we have school starting tomorrow so they're definitely spraying around the schools today. we're in miami beach but if you remember just about two weeks ago those first cases popped up in the winwood neighborhood about six miles away over the bay so there's a lot of concern, a lot of businesses over there have been affected and people are taking it -- i don't want to say more seriously but people are more a nurse that neighborhood. >> well they're very aware. tammy leitner on the beach in miami, thank you for that. she's only been on the job for a few days but new trump campaign manager kellyanne conway is already hitting the circuit defending the republican nominee. >> the hillary people want this to be about tone and
9:52 am
temperament, we want it to be about facts and figures because that's the only we you rebuild the american economy, unleash energy independence and get ahold of the disaster had been obamacare. we want to take that case directly to the people but facts don't lie and the fact he's going places where other republican candidates have been unwilling or unable to do is remarkable. >> let's bring in susan del percio, republican strategist and founder of del percio strategies and howard dean, former vermont governor and dnc chair and msnbc contributor. good to see you. missed you the last couple weeks. howard, how did we get to a place where the trump camp is arguing for facts and also about clinton's tone. >> well, i'm not sure we've really gotten that far, differently than where we were. trump has always believed the best defense is a good offense so i don't make much out of the clinton foundation stuff. i don't think it's a big deal, i think they were right to say no
9:53 am
foreign contributions if she wins. if she doesn't win, why should they stop taking foreign contributions? they've done a tremendous amount of good for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world and i think bill clinton would like to continue to do that trump has problems that are not going to go away, the minority outreach stuff will go nowhere you would have of his speech, nice words but minority communities are not stupid. the paul manafort thing is going to hang over. i thought mike mccaul, a republican appointee, did an incredible job on the earlier part of the show. so i don't think a lot has changed. >> what about the new ohio poll that finds that 10% of black voters would reconsider voting for frump he reaches out to minority groups? susan, are those numbers enough to make the difference in a battleground state like ohio? >> if he can get them go out and vote for him if he makes those inroads and his speeches have been -- he's been trying to reach out to african-americans
9:54 am
and at this point with 80 days in all you do is kind of check a box on that but what he's also doing speaking to moderate republicans saying look i do care about minorities, don't be so afraid of me and that's where most of this is going. >> but it's almost certain, howard, trump cannot catch up with clinton among black voters so why is he making this appeal to them? what do you think he's hoping to get? is it little tiny baby steps that could make the difference in a close race? >> no. susan is 100% right about this. this is aimed at moderate republican voters who are horrified by trump. this is not aimed at the african-american community. nobody in their right mind is going to believe after all the dog whistling and overt racism of donald trump and his true that suddenly african-americans, even 10%, will be willing to change their minds. the reason that poll -- assuming it's valid, which is not reasonable -- said that is because 10% of african-americans are willing to say i'm willing
9:55 am
to listen to a decent case. if he got more than 3% of the african-american vote i would be shocked. nobody will simply believe this guy. but moderate republicans right and susan is right. >> you're echoing the sentiments of robert traynham, susan, gop strategist on the broadcast earlier. another new poll susan shows trump is leading with white voters by now just 5%. how do you explain that after all we've heard about his supposed strong base of white voters? do you think that's a read flag for trump? >> it is and that's why we saw the changeup in the campaign structure at trump plaza, trump tower, i should say. we're definitely going to see a different type of campaign being run now. i think they're looking towards two things. pre-labor day, trying to get moderate republicans back on track supporting donald trump where they once were, hopefully moving the number into the high 80s or low 90s because that's
9:56 am
the only way he can be combative. as a result of that we'll see polls tighten up, which they naturally do after plabd because even though we've been talking about this morning noon and night most people don't tune in until at least after labor day then you'll see polls tighten and that's where they think they can be more competitive. in late this week, the author argues the drop of paul manafort makes donald trump a viable candidate. he says "paul manafort was able to stage manager gerald ford, lebanese arm dealers and guerrilla fighters but he wasn't able to manage donald trump." is there truth to that, howard? >> to say he is a dangerous candidate? absolutely. he would be mayhem and cause a huge problem around the world. trump would unleash putin to do what he damn well pleased. that's why i think his percent among the white vote has gone
9:57 am
down. these con certaservative workins white voters are anti-communist and they have a lot of respect for the milita. the military has spent many, many generations and their kids have staying off russia's various adventures in awe thornism so that talk -- i think most people don't care about foreign relation in presidential races. i think that talk is unnerving for people who think then to support donald trump. >> susan, do you expect to see more control -- controlled trump under this leadership? >> i don't know if it's controlled, it's a managed trump. kellyanne conway is great on working with candidates so that's what we'll see. how the messaging gets through to donald trump via their campaign manager. >> susan and howard, great to see you both, thank you. >> thank you. >> radio silence. the one thing donald trump has been doing very little of on the campaign trail in recent weeks.
9:58 am
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