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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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settling the trump campaign sets its eyes on courting african american voters and more. the gop nominee stays on message and once again makes his case. >> in recent days across this country, i've asked the african american community to honor me with their vote. >> as for hillary clinton, for campaign cash that's no joke. on a coast to coast fundraising blitz triggering a blistering web ad. and lochte one on one. the olympic star opening up to matt lauer about that night in rio and how he feels about being called a vandal instead of a victim. >> first donald trump turning his focus to a new voting bloc. at the first strait rally in a row donald trump made a pitch to african american voters.
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in fredericksburg last night he told the crowd he wanted to bring black voters back to the republican party. >> the gop is the party of abraham lincoln. and i want our party to be the home of the african american voter once again. >> nbc's jacob rascon was at the rally last night in virginia and joins us now. we were watching what donald trump was saying last night. he hit most of his points before the first 30 minutes and then that nuance that you have been reporting on. as he goes after african american voters. what did you hear? >> he's talked about this before in the primaries but just off the cuff talking about african american unemployment here and there. now he has this polished message and four rallies in a row now he spent significant time talking
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about this. he only has up to go of course. he's at 1% as far as support among african americans. i think he's trying to send a message here. those who are on the fence or those who have gone over to hillary clinton because they believe he's a racist or something similar. this is -- we think, this is something that i've been thinking about often. now i have a pelished message. even if he believes he isn't going to get significant support from african american, he wants that message out that this is a softer tone. asked about criticism about this message, here is what his son erick trump had to say. >> it's interesting as a non politician stepping in and seeing how ingrained politics are in certain people they can never take off the blinders and look outside of their party. a party they have always voted for before but again if you look at what democrats have done for
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inner cities, inner city youth. unemployment. they have never done nick. always promise great things and thefr. part of my father's message. why not try something new. let me fix an education system that is a total disaster: >> so one thing to show there in donald trump's words that the policies of democrats in inner cities have not worked. he hopes that that message will resonate if nothing else. >> jacob, thank you so much. and now to fresh off a good july fundraising month that left hillary clinton with almost double trump. a new ad criticizes her massive fundraising efforts today. >> welcome aboard hillary clinton's elite summer tour. with frequent stops in beverly hills, hollywood and cape cod. please use caution when opening the over head bins as hillary's
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baggage may have shifted during flight. >> clinton held a fund raise ner nantucket. next week with singer justin timberlake that will cost guests over 300,000 dollars a ticket. and her republican critics saying the coast to coast campaigning makes her out of touch with average americans. let's bring in casey hunt. you have been watching the numbers. she's fundraising heavily. >> this is kind of a traditional way to spend your late august if you are a political candidate. donald trump not up to that. he's been up to a different set of things. hillary clinton going to be
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continuing to push the fundraising. and then california, l.a., silicon valley. a lot of money out there as well to tap into. she of course needs that to make the pushes that you allude to in ohio and other swing states. but at this point it is really not atypical for a candidate like clinton to be doing this at this stage in the race. i think after labor day you will see a different shift. >> save, gather all your nuts, if you will. and casey, another thing you are watching for us, new questions here about the clinton foundation and report of on e-mails before bill clinton's office and the state department. what do you know about that? >> richard, i will say the fact she's been out of spotlight and will be for the next couple of weeks is in some ways keeping her away from questions about the clinton foundation and these e-mails, which continues to be a drip, drip, drip of controversy. on the one hand you have the
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clinton foundation announcing if she is elected president will stop taking donations from foreign entities. her campaign manager being pressed on that why not do that now? why wait until the election? he simple said they are going to worry about making sure she's elected president before they focus their energy on that. there is a new batch of e-mails out related to this case. and we've explored a lot of this. the judicial watch. the right wing group, suing the state department over hillary clinton's e-mails. and they have released a new batch is one is from douglas band to president clinton. take a look at how her campaign manager was pressed on this today. >> what he sport support -- >> i apologize. i think that is the wrong sound bite there.
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that was kellyanne conway, the trump campaign manager. what we did hear on this e-mail from from rubio mook, the campaign manager. ie geef wot go that now. >> the request came through president clinton's personal office and this is someone who had been a friend of the clinton's for a long time before the foundation was ever set up. so again we have republicans in congress and right wing groups doing everything they can to make something out of nothing here. the fact is at every juncture, the foundation has gone above and beyond what is usual in place in terms offettics and rules for a. >> that was mook defending this e-mail that went from doug band to a couple of hillary's advisors at the state department while she was secretary state,
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richard. >> thavrngs thanks for breaking that down for us kasie. appreciate it. and now let's go back to our anlszs and we're going to talk about this morning that top operatives in and outside the trump campaignem well they had some glowing reviews of this latest pivot from donald trump. take listen. >> i think he's had a great week. i think he's been on message. he's shown maturity as a candidate. i think he's getting into a groove. >> this is the best week so far mostly because he's able to be himself, the authentic donald trump. >> our panel this sunday, time magazine correspondent and more. good sunday to all three. jay, you heard the words. great week, best week r. the authentic donald trump. as we all know here, he started with two bad weeks in a row. you short or long on this latest pivot? >> well just to have a few positive media cycles for donald
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trump at this point is a win. it's been a brutal month. he got savaged coming out of his convention, coming out of the democratic convention. went after the gold star family, mr. and mr. khan skpiesmts within one thing after another where he seems unable to put aside insults and pricks when people are pricking at his ego. and he seems incapable of no i'm going to move on and. so the fact he did a whole week on message is amazing for donald trump. >> -- is that what you are saying jay? >> that's always been the challenge is can he be a disciplined candidate? it's been a concern establishment republicans have had. >> as we look at this latest pivot it is a whole week long, at least four our five days and part of that is he admitting so tom regr
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to some regrets. >> we wants to regret anything that caused somebody personal pain. and i think those who received it privately should take that expression of regret. >> so is donald trump sorry about what he said to the khan family? the he sorry about what he said about john mccain? >> he says he regrets causing personal pain to those. >> kellyanne conway talking about these regrets. believab believable? >> i think they are looking forward. and what matters now 79 days out at this point is really what's going to happen on election day and can donald trump stay on message and also exploit the flaws in hillary clinton's plan right now. hillary clinton has a bigger problem too. she thinks she's going win this thing. as of right now she's going to do the same thick her husband did. less than 50 percent. which means anything you wanted to do -- >> believe b or not?
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>> sure. it is believable in the sense he wants to move forward. he never meant any personal offense to anybody and he spoke what he felt he should have said at the time. whether he's right or wrong and he's --. >> -- from the clinton campaign as we move forward into the labor day and post labor day time period if trump doesn't specifically and directly apologize to, for instance, the khan family as an example that was raised there with george stefanopolis? >> yeah this is very interesting to me because i think this is just really is telling of how low standards have become because of donald trump. he's made some sort of non specific expression of regret. as appeal -- so called appeal to african american voters but speaking in front of 95% white audiences while still putting out ads that are blasting immigrants. despite what he's trying to do here and how the sort of
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traction he's gotten for the week. the fundamentals of his campaign are still very divisive. and that is going to be something exploited by the clinton campaign -- >> one of those points is the issue of immigration. very clear in his recent speech. said he's not going to take a step back from that. here is again what trump campaign manager conway had to say about that. >> what he supports is to make sure that we enforce the law, that we are respectful of those americans who are looking for well-paying jobs. and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> as you look at the commentary here made by conway. how do they improve on this language? it is seen be many in the latino
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american community as offensive. >> first it is not meant to be offensive. and right now we have a problem with illegal immigrants coming into the country. if you are here legally that's great. if you are here illegally we have to -- >> how would you fix that? >> how it seems one thing. it's like what he says and how he says it. building a wall -- >> -- a wall though. >> it hits people in a different fashion but because of having to discuss the issue how do you not offend people if they want to take it that for that. >> it is not one or two people that you know brian. >> -- i give hillary credit for admitting the foundation won't take money anymore but -- >> jay, what is your thought on this? how do they shift the language that's seen as negative here? >> this is a big challenge for him and this is the huge piftvo
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in a primary stance to the general election base which to try to appeal to some minorities. whether african american or latino. and he certainly tried this week to appeal to latino voters. hedging as kellyanne conway said hedging on the idea that he's going to deport all of these illegal immigrants. trying to come up with a softer tone to appeal people. saying he's goings to win 95% of african american voters. we're looking at at five weeks away from early voting and this is a hard turn to make for somebody who spent the last year plus with this harsh language. one week of tonal change is not going to do it. >> jay thank you so much for brian as well. thank you all three. talk to you later in the hour. zika could stick around the united states for a year or two. what that means for miami beach trying to rebound from five new
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local officials are confident zika virus will not have an impact on the tourism industry. miami dade has also started a fumigation program. at least five new cases confirmed in miami beach bringing the total in florida now 36. and while much of the focus on zika has been its effects on pregnant women and potentially devastating effects on unborn
11:20 am
babies less attention has been paid to the effects of the virus itself. fever, rash, muscle aches and headaches. and raising concerns zika could have an alzheimer's like effect on adults. for more we're joined by doctor founder. thanks for being was. let's talk about these effects. there are flu-like symptoms but something like ten times the severity. give us some detail around that. the majority of people, 80% of the people infected don't have any symptoms at all. so many people who are infected will never even -- >> zero. >> exactly. so it is about 27 percent who will have some symptoms. these are more mild for the average person. fever rash, pink eye, joint pain but in o small percentage you could have much more severe and
11:21 am
that includes brain and spinal cord. >> talk about alzheimer's, we were mentioning in the lead up it can have some effects related to alzheimer's. what is that relationship? >> one thing about zika virus is it likes the nervous system. likes to infect and spread in the brain and spinal cord. and why when the fetus is infected you get microcephaly which is abnormally small brain. and for -- stem cells are important for creating new memories and why in the study just released you are seeing an impact on the parts of the brain that could help you form memory and like you said could have also liemz like effects. >> and what is the frequency of that happening? the probability? >> a lot o still under study but
11:22 am
it does seem to be exceedingly rare, the. >> react about the two head lines in the last 24 hours. one is the nih saying this could last a year or two in the united states. then the cdc also saying we're next worried about the gulf states. >> into the gulf states, if you look at where the ied mosquito lives, that includes florida but also all along the gulf coast. certainly cities in texas for example. houston need to be on the lookout for cases as well. and i think you also have to look back at other similar viruses transmitted by mosquito. west nile. chikungunya. you are going to see cases probably for the next couple of years and then you will have an
11:23 am
occasional case here and there. >> so this isn't necessarily standing out compared to previous situations with viruss and stuff like this. >> correct. >> thank you. on the west coast, firefighters are gaining ground against some of the many wild fires that continue to rage this hour. homes destroyed, residents forced to flee. the latest on all of it. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon. progress has been made with 68% of the blaze now contained. but this is just one of the the six blazes that currently burn across the golden state. communities in san luis abis poe in the south have been ordered to evacuate. officials now keeping a close eye on the flames just two miles away from the herst castle in
11:27 am
northern california. in pa pas robles california. >> we're at the staging area for that chimney fire that you were talking about. that is the name of the fire that is as you said about 24,000 acres. only about 35% contained. it did create some tense moments yesterday around the herst castle along the coast here in california. then the wind shifts. but the bad news is it sent the fire towards some of the more populated areas. so they are watching that very very closely. a couple of thousand personnel fighting this fire alone.
11:28 am
about a hundred miles south the ray fire, there is tully smoke seen in santa barbara proper. only 10% contained. the blue cut fire in san bernardino county, they have gotten on top of that but it blew up to 37,000 acres before they got most of it contained. the monster in the state is the sabratis fire in big sir. it's been burning a month now and only about 60% contained. they say it is going to be the end of september before that one is out. the cedar fire near bakersfield. the clayton. all of these fires and as i said, early in the season yet. >> some of the folks said a couple thousand people out there fighting the fires, how are they holding up? the individuals behind you that are now working a long weekend again. >> they are. and, you know, they used to say that there is a fire season in
11:29 am
california. there isn't anymore. this is a year round thing. so these guys don't get any rest. and as i said, it is early in the season. there is not much of a breeze here today. when the winds really pick up. when we get into the fall the worry is that with five years worth of drought-ridden, just dry timber and vegetation, that those fires are really going to kick up. so this is just the start for these guys who are as you said are already a little bit weary. >> a lot of folks so glad they are there. coming from within the state and around the country. thank you. next we go to louisiana. there is more rain in the forecast there, adding insult to injuries. as officials work to clean up damage from the first flooding since hurricane katrina and the president gearing up to take a look. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience.
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. welcome back. i'm richard lui. here a look at some of the
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stories for the day. donald trump continues to court african american voters this weekend. last night the gop nominee raled in virginia and for the fourth straight time called on the party do better in the demographics. he wants the party of lincoln to be the home of african american voters. and hillary clinton heads to california next. running mate tim kaine already on the ground in the golden state. more rain today could be addeding toth the mizry in louisiana. thunderstorms this afternoon are likely to hinder clean up efforts going on there. it's been a week since the record-setting devastation and critics have called for the vacationing president obama to act. >> it is one of the funny things because when president bush did not come to new orleans after katrina he said that he didn't come because of the distraction and the effort that would be
11:34 am
caused to organize a presidential visit and the democrats trashed him for that. and said he was insincere. and one of the democrats who trashed him for that by the way was barack obama. >> now to obama world health organization will get a first time hand at the damage when the president arrives in baton rouge on tuesday. lieutenant governor from louisiana now on the phone. talk about the request to get the president there. the governor saying with we don't really want the president to come to the state because of the footprint, air go resources for his visit. what is your thoughts? >> i understand pulling fis forces to escort the president. but in an area effected by so much of louisiana and so many people not having flood insurance because this is a thousand year event, we need all
11:35 am
the national attention we can get. because to make these people whole with the changes in the fema law they may be eligible for as little as $30,000 as a max. the only way we're going make the communities whole in louisiana is through donations and the great volunteers across the country to help rebuild and we can only do that with national attention. so i welcome any national leaders that want to come and shed light on this horrible disaster. >> lieutenant governor, as you know unfortunately that when -- disasters like this happen, community comes together. and from what we understand fema has had more than a thousand people on the ground, for instance, to assist with you and what you need to do there. is that enough. >> fema is going a great job. the coordinated effort between the volunteers and fema is going to have to be enough. but we're going to have to get financial help from private
11:36 am
organizations around this country. because so many of the people -- you know, some of these elderly people lived in their fouse fifty, sixty years. never flooded. and on a fixed income they choose between flood insurance or paying their bills. so we have a large amount of people. and baton rouge only 12% of the population had flood insurance. unlikely the coast for a hurricane, the disaster is yet to come. where these people don't is v the funds to rebuild their homes. >> one thing when disasters like this happen, flooding, are the sounds that you here. and the sounds that you hear are early on quiet. then of boats moving through streets that are normally full of vehicles. and then you hear bulldozers and you hear excavation equipment as they start to clean up and cars and trucks move through to remove the debris. what are some of the sights and sounds that you are seeing today? >> well i think you have seen the disbelief on a lot of
11:37 am
people's face after katrina whether you had flood insurance or not, a lot of people got a lot of aid from the federal government. that law has changed. the maximum is $33,000 that you can get if you wasn't in a flood zone. and i think you are going to start seeing shock from a lot of people that realize the only way they are going to be made whole is on the non profits and the people coming in to help. because the law since hurricane katrina has been changed to where if you didn't have flood insurance and you were supposed to have it, there is not going to be a whole lot of help for you from the federal government. >> god speed in your state's recovery. thank you for taking time. >> thank you for covering. i really appreciate the coverage. we turn now to presidential politics and my conversations with two candidate whose want you vote. green party nominee dr. jill stein up first. she has 4% support in the latest
11:38 am
nbc poll. she's need 15% in five national polls to actually get to the national debates. she and i took the stage earlier this month at caesar's palace in las vegas. began by having dr. stein explain what the green party is and what it stands for. >> i'm the one candidate that does not take money from corporations, from lobbyists or from super pacs. the green party is the one party that can stand up for people, planet, and peace over profit and the future we deserve. we need jobs. we need living wages. we have a whole generation of young people who are locked in student debt. we need the bail out the students. we bailed out the guys on wall street. how about we bail out a
11:39 am
generation of young people what. i'm calling for now is a wartime scale mobilization. but this is one that brings us together all around the world. we're not fighting each other. in fact we've got to stop fighting each other so we can start fighting our true greatest common enemy and common threat which is actually climate change. >> how are you going to do this? this could taken decades. >> i think the key thing here is to have a national leader who's actually telling the truth about number one, the true emergency of the climate and the threat that it impose, especially on low-lying nations and coastal population centers. in addition we need to tell the truth that we can actually do this by greating jobs. >> what is your favorite green technology? >> gosh. you know, you could -- all of them. but especially solar.
11:40 am
>> what kind of solar? >> solar cells on your roof. or over your garage that enable you to charge up your card. >> what about wind? >> it's hard to put a wind tower in your own backyard. but you could soerlz your home and go off the grid. and i'm calling for the financing that will make it possible for every community and every home and ever rental apartment to go solar. you shouldn't have to have thousands of dollars in your bank account to afford that up front cost. >> i'm curious to hear the green party's stance on immigration reform. >> thank you for asking. so we've really been ahead of the curve on immigration reform. we support a welcoming path to citizenship and celebrating the immigrant members of our society. we are a nation of immigrants.
11:41 am
one of the most powerful things we can do to stop the crisis of immigration is to stop causing it in the first place through misguided economic policies, misguided trade policies and the war on drugs as well that do so much to destabilize otherchy economies and other societies and force people to become refuges to have the stability, and the opportunities they deserve. we're all part of a human family in my view. we are connected to each other through our community ourks cultures. through our nations and as one people on one small boat, which is planet earth. and i think the immigrant community knows better than anyone else what it means to
11:42 am
truly be a global citizen. and within that framework we are all part of the same human family striving for human rights, for democracy and for justice. we can solve these problems but they won't be solved, unfortunately, but political parties that are funded by the big bank, by the fossil fuel giants, but the war profiteers. by the insurance companies. we need a politics of integrity. >> green party nominee dr. jill stein there. and in the 4:00 p.m. hour we'll show my interview with the other candidate gary johnson. stick around for that. next to rio from where final preps are under way to close the 2016 games. but not without some controversy. ryan welcomety now admitted he over exaggerated his excuse of being robbed in rio. my colleague sheinelle jones
11:43 am
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we are setting our sights to rio where the 2016 olympic games are winding down and the athletes are preparing for those closing ceremonies. but the focus is still on ryan lochte right now as more developments from the late night incident unravel. a new interview with matt lauer, lochte admitted he overexaggerated. >> what i'm trying to get at is the first version of the story you told, ryan, was much more about the mean streets of rio. >> yeah. >> and the version we're hearing now is much more about a negotiated settlement to cover up some dumb behavior. >> and that is why i'm taking full responsibility for it. is because i over-exaggerated that story. and if i had never done that we wouldn't be in this mess. those guys would never be in rio. or were in rio.
11:47 am
nothing of the -- none of this would have happened. and it was my immature behavior. >> nbc's ron moutt is with us i rio de janeiro. tell us more what's happening on this final day of the olympics. >> reporter: i can't believe the end is here. and it is a little overcast. we have a system coming through. this is going make it interesting for tonight's closing ceremony. we'll tell you about that in a little bit but let's get you caught up on some of the medals won today. men's volleyball, a come back victory against russia in the bronze medal match. that is a big victory for the usa. and then in the marathon we were expect i expecting member keflezighi to
11:48 am
place better. meb keflezighi. and women's boxing. everyone else was fighting for silver. and she's proven to be correct with that. coming up in about an hour, a big basketball game here in arena number one. the united states going up against serbia in the gold medal men's basketball game. the coach mike krzyzewski said they are not going to be taking this for granted. they believe they have a quality opponent in serbia. so the u.s. needs to come out pretty strong early in this game to set the tone there. and then of course tonight we've got the closing ceremony, simone biles who had a great olympics down here has been chosen as the
11:49 am
flag bearer. in the opening ceremony we had michael phelps and now simone biles as a great book end to these olympics, the united states will win the medal race here in rio. >> nbc's ron mott, thank you so much. both 2016 candidates have big money number, new today. but hillary clinton is far ahead of donald trump in dollars, in ads and in employees. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support.
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as we all know money talks in politics. and hillary clinton is being heard loud and clear right now. she raised 52 million in july. beating trump handily. trump is doing better at small donations. though more difficult, more expensive to get. last night he doubled the number of small donations.
11:53 am
but at just 82 people the smaller staff continues to depend on consultant spending. and clinton has hundreds spread out across the country. donald trump just made his first ad buy friday for $4 million. >> in hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refuges flood in. illegal immigrants convicts of committing crimes get to stay, collecting social security benefit, skipping the line. our border open, more of the same but worse. >> clinton also has a huge advantage of cash on hand. it is almost double that of trumps at the moment. how can she spend to keep her lead here? does she now raise down ballot to swing some senate races? >> i think she's going to be
11:54 am
smart and strategic how she spends, where the electoral map needs go and where she can have governing majority in the congress. i think the really interesting thing here in these reports today is where donald trump has spent his money. he has spent 7.7 million dollars on trump organization and trump family businesses. that is 7.5 -- 7.7 million dollars on himself compared to 4 million dollars on tv. if i'm a republican donor and i see that, there is no reason for me to give to donald trump. >> if you are looking at those numbers also, most of the spending has been on consultant, not an head count. still looking at those hired guns out there. what is the idea behind that. >> anybody working on the campaign is getting paid. the rnc has their staff. i think hillary has the oej on this one though in field staff. and early voting starts occupy, the state parties are going to be up right now.
11:55 am
kel kellyanne talked about this it morning. and more. but hillary talk about what she can do for races going forward. i touched on this earlier. her issue is going to be frank lay 50% number. you have a green party candidate and the interview with governor johnson there. those numbers are going to hurt her. where she spends is going to be important. >> and both candidates are watching because it may be very close in the swing states in terse of the polls. as part of the republican versus democrat fundraising stereotype switched here. clinton has small donations are small. and trump's small donations are big. certainly a unique cycle. yet another reason. i agree though with o'brien in that the biggest risk here for trump is really the ground game. and hillary has more offices in
11:56 am
ohio alone than donald trump in national staff. >> and ad spending at 61 million for the clinton campaign so far. >> really huge and that is why you see a big disparity in the poll numbers is that she's just been pounding him with negative ads in the last two montes. and that worked in the primary, he didn't spend hardly any advertising. just add earned media cable tv and that worked in the primaries but in general election it hasn't been working which is why he's finally buying some tv. >> if he says on message that going to equate to a lot of dollars as well. hillary is not doing the same thing as far as public speaking. will it make it up? no. but it will cut the marge. >> should the complaint campaign be concerned about now this push on ad spending from the trump campaign in swing states? >> no. i don't think so. again they have spent more on themselves than they have on tv.
11:57 am
and frankly, to o'brien and jay's point on field spending they have spent 400,000 dollars in july on field staff. they spent 1.5 million on hats. so i don't think the clinton campaign is very worried about that right now. >> thank you all three for being with us on a sunday. >> thanks. >> sure. >> that does it for this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you back right here at 4:00 a.m. eastern. my isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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good afternoon. i'm sheinelle jones coming to you live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. 3:00 p.m. on the east, high noon out west and at this hour on good terms. questions about donald trump's relationship with the rnc. his campaign say their ties are closer than ever. strategists now wng


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