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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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afternoon. up next, my colleague chris jansing picks up our coverage. welcome back. >> thank you so much. good afternoon. i'm chris jansing live in new york. a new target in the ongoing hillary clinton e-mail controversy. nearly 15,000 undisclosed e-mails and documents from her tenure as secretary of state have been found by the fbi. their existence emerging in court today as the state department combs through the e-mails to determine whether they are personal, if they are duplicates of e-mails already released or potentially new previously undisclosed work e-mails. the clinton campaign responding. we are not sure what additional materials the justice department may have located, but if the state department determines any of them to be work-related, then obviously we support those documents being released publicly as well. now also today, the conservative watchdog group judicial watch released some documents they have uncovered claiming 20 new hillary clinton work exchanges along with e-mails from
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clinton's top aide huma abedin. kasie hunt is in los angeles where clinton is fund-raising this evening. good evening. this e-mail issue just keeps refusing to go away for hillary clinton. let's start with anything new in these new e-mails from judicial watch? >> well, chris, you broke it down pretty well there. this really is two separate sets of issues. first you have these e-mails that potentially were work related e-mails that apparently may have been discovered in this justice department fbi investigation into her use of that server. and the allegation today that there may be new e-mails. we're still combing through those to figure out exactly whether or not there might be any headlines out of it. but you heard the clinton campaign saying, if they are work-related e-mails, we want them put out there. this issue of how they went through her e-mails to figure out what was work related and what wasn't has been an issue on capitol hill. of course, the fbi understanding
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her lawyers essentially used search terms to comb through them and figure out what was work related and to separate that out from the personal. hillary clinton herself at other times said they went and read through every single e-mail. the fbi did when they first talked about this, discussed the fact they turned up some material they thought may not have initially been turned over. so that's one section. and that goes back to everything we've uncovered through this ongoing benghazi saga, of course, that started everything on capitol hill. on the other hand, you have this batch of e-mails from judicial watch. and judicial watch is suing the state department over this issue n what's new in this case, e-mails between huma abedin, a top aide to hillary clinton, and some associates of bill clinton at the clinton foundation. doug band, who is a very close personal aide and official at the clinton foundation. and that's what you've been seeing unwind here the last couple of days. the clinton foundation coming out and saying they're going to make major changes to how
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they're organized if, in fact, hillary clinton is elected president of the united states. and they've gotten in hot water on the donation front because they have said, look, after -- if she's elected we'll not take foreign donations. there are some questions about if it's not going to be right after that, why was it right when she was secretary of state for example? so previously there had been one exchange in particular where essentially doug band, the bill clinton official, e-mails huma abedin to ask and see if there's time to meet with somebody that's been a donor, or an associate to the clinton foundation. the insinuation being there's a quid pro quo. the clinton campaign pushing back against that. and what we have new today are more of that type of e-mail traffic. the quick back and forths between these aides who were on the one side in the case of huma acdean wo abedin, working in the state department and doug band at the clinton foundation. >> thank you. joining uambassador jim
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glassman. he was undersecretary of state in the george w. bush administration. and is now a visiting fellow at american enterprise institute. and also volunteers for the group republicans for clinton 2016. good to see you. thanks for coming on the program. >> thank you, chris. obviously you're in this unique position. republican supporting headquartehillary clinton. but this e-mail question does dog her. one of the big weaknesses she's had. is it potentially more trouble brewing for her? do you think much of this is overblown or at the very least, more of the same? >> first of all, i'm not in a unique position. there are millions of republicans supporting mrs. clinton. as far as the whole episode of the e-mails is concerned, i think it's bad. i think it's wrong. i served in the state department and know how important transparency and --
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compared to donald trump, shye s by far the superior candidate. the experience, the character. she is -- she has the values. she is the kind of candidate that i support and, as i say, millions of republicans are supporting. >> well, her campaign manager robby mook made the sunday talk show rounds yesterday. and e-mails were one of the central issues. let me play a little of what he had to say. >> the right wing and republicans in congress are not satisfied with the answer that the career professionals at the fbi and the justice department gave. they said there was no case here. this is just another gmp exampl a right wing group trying to keep the questions coming and keep this issue alive. the american people have all the information. the e-mails have been released. they have enough to make a judgment at this point. >> so, robby is saying the right wing, republicans in congress, and there certainly are many members that, i guess, could come under that heading that
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have really gone after these e-mails. but there's a recent poll, a national poll that says 64% of americans don't believe clinton is honest and trustworthy. so, you know, and you said you have some concerns about the e-mails as well. as somebody who supports her and believes hillary clinton should be the next president, i guess the question i'll go back to, which is the original one, which is, is this something with this drip, drip, drip that might have an impact in that people just don't trust her and, ultimately, may not vote for her for that reason? >> in my judgment, no. i don't think it's that important. i think it's something to be concerned about. i'm not going to paper it over. i haven't been taught with the talking points are supposed to be by the clinton campaign. i'm not part of the clinton campaign. i'm in a position that's i think lots of republicans are in. i voted for a republican for president nine times. but i'm not voting for the
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current nominee because i think, number one, he would make a very poor president. the most reckless president in history is what people who signed 50 national security republican experts like mike hayden and tom ridge had to say about him. and i agree with that. and so i think that republicans who are in my position are better off voting for mrs. clinton and against him to save the party, among other things. we're not going to have a republican party if donald trump wins. >> you understand as a former under secretary of state the concerns about whether or not there was any kind of quid pro quo and some of the questions that are being raised about the e-mails. i want to ask you about the clinton foundation announcing they'll stop taking foreign donations if hillary clinton becomes president. and give me your perspective on that from somebody who has worked inside and is now outside of this. the perception of it and the reality. the concerns about this kind of
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significant money and what do we do about it? what do you do if you are headquarter hillary clinton and her campaign? >> she should watch out for those conflicts of interest. i worked for president bush not only in the administration but also with his foundation for four years. and let me tell you, that is a man and his wife who are extremely meticulous about any potential conflicts of interest. so it's very important. but let me just come back to what i think is more important, which is that i don't think donald trump is fit to be president of the united states. and i think that republicans who are right now in a quandary trying to decide where to go next should vote for hillary clinton for president. despite her flaws, which don't come close to the flaws of donald trump. and also, i think it's really important, the republican party, which has stood since abraham lincoln for freedom and for
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personal -- for respect of individuals is on the verge of destruction. we're about to lose many senate races. i think the party should focus on winning senate and house races. stop devoting any money -- campaign money to the trump campaign. and understand what's important. and that is to make sure that the republican -- a republican congress continues. especially if hillary clinton is president. >> ambassador jim glassman, good to have you on the program. there's a new poll out of ohio this afternoon. it shows the race between clinton n trump tighter than we've seen in most other battleground states. 43% of ohio voters saying they'd vote for clinton. 39% for trump. libertarian gary johnson pulling in 10% of the vote. green party candidate jill stein less than 1%. it is hard to see a trump presidency if he doesn't win ohio. in fact, donald trump is holding
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a rally in that state in just a couple of hours. katy tur is there. there was that campaign shake-up last week. is -- let's start with just sort of the logistics of it. are we seeing his new campaign manager kellyanne conway with him this afternoon? what signs of this strategic or messaging shift? >> do you want to call it a pivot? >> i'm afraid to use the "p" word. >> i don't blame you. you should be afraid to use the" p" word because we haven't seen what amounts to a longstanding pivot in this campaign. but i can tell you having covered it for 14 months, last week was the most unusual five days i have seen on the donald trump campaign. unusual because he didn't offend a ton of people last week, frankly. he was on prompter for the entire week. he went from rally to rally using a teleprompter. his message was more focused.
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but right now, what we're trying to figure out from the campaign is where he stands on what has been his keystone issue. and that is immigration. since day one of this campaign, he's talked about building a wall. he's talked about deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. that's been the rallying cry for his base of support. it's what helped propel him to a win in the primaries. over the weekend, we got some signals from an hispanic roundtable that he expressed openness to the idea of amnesty. a path to legalization for some folks who are already in this country illegally. on sunday, his campaign manager said that was to be determined. donald trump pushed back on that idea this morning but didn't necessarily say that he was completely against a path for amnesty. just that they'd do it in a firm but fair way. we don't know what that means. they are scheduled or believed to be giving an immigration speech on thursday.
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that's what was said this morning. now the denver post is saying there is no immigration speech there. where we stand with donald trump on his key issue right now is up in the air, chris. much in the way he's a little up in the air when it comes to the muslim ban, the federal minimum wage, in the air on whether he'd raise or lower taxes on the wealthy. up in the air on a lot of issues and now immigration is one of them. >> really quickly, would you be surprised then given the -- what seemed to be contradictory statements by the candidate, by kel kellyanne conway that he'd cancel his speech on immigration and the reason may be they have to figure out what their messaging is? >> i'm not entirely sure what is going on behind the scenes of the campaign. the optics are that it's going more smoothly and they seem to be more cohesive and more traditional having him on teleprompter. but i'm not so sure why they'd cancel the immigration speech, whether it was canceled or where
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they stand on this issue. i'm not entirely sure about where they'll go on this issue. it's very much in the air. we've call the campaign but heard no response. >> katy tur in akron, ohio. thank you. the trump campaign denying allegations from this weekend that he was shifting his plans for mass deportations of undocumented immigrants. buzzfield and univision reporting trump met with a newly created hispanic advisory committee suggesting he was more open to legalization for undocumented than previously believed. then kellyanne conway said the official policy is still tbd. >> what he supports is to make sure that we enforce the law, that we are respectful of those americans who are looking for well-paying jobs, and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. and as the weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he'd implement as
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president of the united states. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind that he just -- you just heard in that sound bite and he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> jack is a senior adviser to the trump campaign. good to see you. is it clear to you what donald trump's immigration policy is? because it doesn't seem to be clear to his campaign manager who said it's to be determined. >> well, chris, i think the number one thing that is clear is that he wants to resolve the immigration crisis in america. i remember back in december -- >> you don't think every candidate who ran in this race wanted to do that? the question is how. >> i don't think there has been a commitment to it the way donald trump has made. he's driven this issue. he drove it in the republican primary. he's driving it now in the general election. i'd say, no. not all the -- every candidate may have a throw-away line on immigration. donald trump has made it a top tier issue. number two, he said we want to
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enforce existing laws. something which has not been done under the obama/clinton administration. number two, he said that one of the problems is the displacement of americans. americans who have been short changed by the obama economy in general. americans who have seen their household income fall from $57,000 to $53,000 and have in many cases had their jobs displaced by a foreign worker. maybe somebody on a different kind of visa, but still, they lost those jobs. and so -- >> so would it be important to you as someone who supports donald trump and is an adviser to donald trump that he have a deportation force? >> we'll see if he needs to address the issue and what kellyanne conway said this weekend is that he'll be talking about it. i did hear, as you did, eric trump say he'll speak about it thursday. i don't know of anything that's official on that, but i do think that you'll see more discussion to come.
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i also want to say having come from milwaukee where he reached out to the african-american voters, same message he took to north carolina, and to virginia this weekend, i think his meeting with the hispanic advisory board was very important. it shows i want to listen and i want to address these issues, and i want to do it in a humane way and together. i wantou to be at the table. i think those are all very good steps. >> but can we just address what he's said? i'm going to go back to august of 2015. he said we're going to keep families together, but they have to go. that's what's he about people who are undocumented. november of that same year he said, you're going to have a deportation force, but you're going to do it humanely. and then in april of this year, he said we're either going to have a country or not have a country, but it has to be done legally. will you and other people who have supported donald trump because he had been so clear about this idea of a deportation force, have serious questions
1:17 pm
about his legitimacy, about his honesty, about your ability to believe what he says if he comes out and says the deportation force is tbd? >> i don't think most trump supporters are one dimensional. >> this is a critical issue for many of them. >> i'm going to answer that, but i think also his economic message is very clear, very important, clear contrast with obama where we've had less than a 2% growth rate. and also national security. what he has said that i believe most base supporters like is that i'm going to resolve this issue. i'm going to own it and work with it. so as you know and you've pointed out and we both agree it's a complicated issue. it's an issue we've been struggling for, or struggling with for a long time in this country. and so he still is the candidate who is going to address it and as kellyanne said to be
1:18 pm
determined on some of the details. that doesn't mean he's backing off. it might mean that he's going to announce a little more within the next coming days, or even week or two. but i don't see any trump supporters peeling off him when hillary clinton is talking about bringing in 620,000 unvetted refugees. and you don't know who those people are, where they came from, and they're coming from countries that's many times who export terrorism. and i think the idea that he's talking about, let's secure our borders. let's have vetting as to who is coming into america. those are things that americans want. let's get rid of sanctuary cities. >> i want to ask you, is it your understanding or your belief that some time in the next couple of days or next few weeks we'll hear some details from donald trump, whether it's a speech on thursday or some time shortly thereafter? >> yes it is. i think you'll hear a lot more on other policy issues which are very important. >> former congressman jack kingston, thanks so much.
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still to come, president obama is preparing to tour the widespread flood damage tomorrow as louisiana cleans up. but team trump says they are the reason the president decided to go. >> if my father didn't go down there and put the pressure on him, obama wouldn't be down there. >> and sponsors now dropping olympian ryan lochte after his scandal in rio. just a few nights before that fiasco at the gas station, lochte looked me in the eyes and admitted there are things in his life he needed to change, including in his personal life. >> there's a lot of places where i messed up in that race, and just in my overall life and things that i do outside of the pool that i can change and make myself better for the next four years. >> now lochte is facing a disciplinary investigation by the ioc. more on what's next for the gold medalist coming up.en t's play up the digital part. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate,
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president obama heading to devastated louisiana. at least 60,000 homes damaged with some estimates as high as 110,000 homes. the president had been criticized for not going sooner. he's been vacationing in martha's vineyard for the past two weeks. at least 13 people have been killed in what the red cross is calling the worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy. joining us now, jarvis deberry from the times picayune joining us from noerngs new orleans. we've heard that statement from the red cross. worst natural disaster since sandy. what's the situation out there right now? >> it's really as you described.
1:24 pm
just widespread destruction on a scale that most people have a difficulty comprehending. of course, we had something similar here 11 years ago. the primary difference is that people in new orleans will tell you that there is nothing really -- there was little that was natural about hurricane katrina. the flood walls and levee system that was supposed to be a system but was not collapsed and most of the city was submerged. here in baton rouge, purely natural. the rain just fell and fell and fell. it's what the weather experts are calling a thousand year storm. a storm that has a 1 in 100% chance of happening in a given year. so it's just really devastating that that many people got that much rain over such a short period of time. >> there was some back and forth
1:25 pm
about whether the president should come, when he should come. it's very disruptive when a president of the united states has to come and initially the suggestion was maybe wait a while. but what do you think the overall feeling is about that? and why is it important to a lot of folks that he does show up? >> i think americans in general have an expectation that when they are suffering and in crisis, that they can count on the president of the united states to show up. and i think that is just a fundamental core belief of americans that exists in louisiana and any other state in the union. so i would say that i think the president's administration has been much more responsive than, say, president bush's administration was in august and early september of 2005. but there is always a significance and importance to a president actually stopping and pausing, whatever he is doing to show up for the american people.
1:26 pm
lyndon johnson showed up in new orleans the day after hurricane betsy and said that he stopped what was on his desk to come to new orleans and to show the people that he was concerned about them. and so i think that that is just who we are as a people that we expect the president to show up for us, especially in our moments of great crisis. >> so many individual heartbreaking stories. we've seen many of them reported in newspapers. we've watched them on television. one of the major problems emerging is a lot of these folks don't have flood insurance. is this sort of playing a little russian roulette in saying it's expensive and i don't think i'll necessarily need it or was this just so unexpected that it's not surprising that so many people now are in a terrible financial situation as well as emotional one? >> yeah, i wouldn't call it russian roulette at all because it's a financial calculation.
1:27 pm
and it's a -- you're balancing rinks here. and if you do not live in a flood zone, that means that somebody, usually the national flood insurance program, is telling you that your home, or your property is at very low risk of flooding. and, therefore, the chances aren't likely that you're going to see water. now i'm of the personal opinion that because flood insurance is generally cheap for people who are deemed not to need it, then it's always a good idea to have that. but i can't make those financial decisions for people in that situation. many of them, if not most of them, would have been told you live in an area where the risk of flooding is quite low, and, therefore, you don't need to worry about this particular expense. >> it will be interesting to see the president's visit there, but also, gosh, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the folks there. it's just heartbreaking to see what's going on. jarvis, thanks for coming on the
1:28 pm
program. >> thank you for having me. straight ahead, notebooks, pencils, bug spray. kids wrapping up the first day of school inside miami's zika zone. the mayor of miami beach will join us with precautions his city is taking. >> we need to come together as one and make sure we get the proper funding so we can eradicate this and get it taken care of immediately. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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welcome back. donald trump starts his first full week with a new campaign leadership heading to the battleground state of ohio tonight for a rally in akron. a brand-new monmouth county poll shows him behind hillary clinton that state by just four points now. we could soon be reading almost 15,000 more clinton e-mails found during the fbi's investigation of her private e-mail server. the state department is reviewing these previously undisclosed e-mails. they could be released as early as october. speedo and ralph lauren say
1:32 pm
they no longer have endorsement deals with u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte. that move comes after the gold medalist lied about late night escapades with teammates claiming they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. lochte apologized for, overexaggerating his story. children across miami-dade county heading back to school as four more cases of the zika virus have been diagnosed in miami beach. all this as local and state officials urge congress to approve $1.9 billion to fight the mosquitoes carrying the virus. joining me live from florida is the mayor of miami beach, philip levine. now as i understand it, 36 locally transmitted zika cases in miami-dade county. congress and the white house seem to be as a standstill on coming to an agreement on funding. are those the latest numbers you have, and what's the need in terms of getting this money to help fight the spread of the
1:33 pm
virus? >> i started my morning at the schools. i went to three different schools. met with parents and students. we're taking all kinds of precautions to make sure this does not spread. then we had a great press conference. myself and debbie wasserman schultz. we made that appeal we need the federal funding. it's very important. local municipalities only have so many resources. we need the federal government to step in. i look at this and say to myself, these mosquitoes, zzika it's not republican or democrat. we hope, congress, senate will reconvene. don't make this a political issue. vacations are a lot of fun but this is a national situation. they have to get in there and do their job. we're making all these appeals to have them come and get this done. that's what we're hoping they'll do. >> tell me about your visit to those schools because, you know, it seems it's been a long time since we've had a situation where a kid goes back to school and might be afraid.
1:34 pm
i wonder how they're reacting to this new reality. >> there's not a lot of fear going on. there's a lot of precautions being taken. we made sure there's off, parents spraying repellent on kids who want them. a lot of kids are going to be wearing long sleeves in certain areas where there are advisories. this is only one small area of miami beach. it's 1.5 square miles and a very significant island. but we take it very seriously. we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable. the health of our residents, tourists, that's the number one priority. today was a great first day of school. kids having a lot of fun. i think on their minds it wasn't about zika but ending that wonderful summer. >> there's reality and perception. how worried are you about the continuing publicity, what it might mean for tourism, and are people staying away? >> number one priority, the health of our residents and tourists. number two is making sure people
1:35 pm
continue going to miami beach. i was out all weekend on miami beach, ocean drive. people are doing everything. you have to remind yourself about it sometimes. we're educating the residents and tourists to make sure they know and take these precautions. the miami beach brand is one of the hottest brands in the world. people want to travel domestically a lot. and miami beach is the place to go. our hotels are doing great but we obviously are being as vigilant as possible to make sure people understand that miami beach is a wonderful place to visit. >> spoken like a mayor who loves his city. thank you so much. >> thank you. after the break, we'll head to the swing state of florida and the i-4 corridor. my colleague jacob soboroff talk with bikers who say why they're supporting donald trump. before taking his team to state for the first time...
1:36 pm
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1:39 pm
the white house. while the numbers favor clinton, in politics, 78 days is an eternity. anything can happen. our jacob soboroff is traveling through those swing states with his up for grabs series talking to voters today in hillsborough county, florida. what are you seeing there? according to the latest poll, clinton is ahead, but not by huge, tremendous, unchangeable margins, i guess. >> no, you're right, chris. this is one of the swingiest parts of one of the swingiest states in the union. i'm outside the state fairgrounds here in tampa where donald trump is going to be and going to be rallying on wednesday. hillary clinton has also been to the tampa/st. petersburg area since the democratic convention. very important area in 2000 and 2004. it went for george w. bush. in 2008 and 2012 it went for president obama.
1:40 pm
i met a group of bikers, firefighters, former firefighters, u.s. army veterans who want this county to go back to red for donald trump. here's why. >> cool taking me for a ride? >> yeah, man. normally i wouldn't take a guy for a ride. >> how many people here are voting for donald trump? anybody voting for hillary clinton? would you guys allow somebody to join you on a thursday morning if they were voting for hillary clinton? >> sure. >> i probably could tell you 1,000 people right now that all feel the same thing. hillary is corrupt. i have three kids. i'm a single dad. a lot of these guys have kids. the supreme court justices for the in election are going to be our children's lives. >> you just said i'm well armed. donald trump is playing up the second amendment even the last couple of days. does that speak to you? >> oh, yes. >> absolutely. that's one of the things i do for a living is teach conceal
1:41 pm
carry. florida is one of the most saturated states in the country for concealed weapons permits? >> who has a concealed carry permit? >> you are the safest you've ever been in your life. >> this is your safe space. >> this is my safe space. i know a lot of you are anti-hillary. what are the issues donald trump is speaking to that you like other than the success amendmenamendmen second amendment. >> jobs. >> border patrol. >> do you trust him that he's going to get it done? >> not only get it done but surround himself with the right people that can. >> would you do this with hillary clinton? >> yeah, i'd give her a ride. >> all right. donald trump country, huh? >> apparently so. that's what they say, i guess. what's the best part about this being a swing state? >> getting to decide who our next president is going to be.
1:42 pm
>> fair enough. >> fair enough. >> chris, i've been saying it all day long. i promise next time i do that, if i ever do that, i'll wear a helmet. my next stop is right here on to florida's i-4 corridor. i'm going to be heading east tomorrow. i'll be in daytona beach. another important, critical swing area in this very swingy state. >> wear a helmet and drive your own hog. yeah? >> i know. i was nervous. what can i say? >> you look -- the way you were holding on to him. i love you, jacob soboroff. >> we're very good friends now on instagram. >> okay. you didn't ask him the critical question. given a choice would he give you a ride or hillary clinton? >> oh, that's a good question. definitely hillary clinton. let's be honest. >> jacob soboroff, thank you. jacob will be on the road in upfor grabs states between now and election day.
1:43 pm
he wants to visit you. if you live in a swing state, let jacob know using #up for grabs msnbc and he just might pay you a visit. coming up, we know he's finally bringing in the money. but just where is donald trump spending it? we're learning he's got a 12-year-old help run a field office in one of the most important counties in california. and volunteers are taking it upon themselves to organize for him. why isn't he taking that campaign cash and focusing on the ground game. ryan lochte takes full responsibility for the rio scandal calling his behavior out of the pool intoxicated, immature and childish. >> i'm embarrassed. for myself, my family, especially those guys. usa swimming. the whole olympic games. mmunica. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play.
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1:47 pm
donald trump finally upping his game when it comes to campaign cash. donald trump raised nearly $37 million in july. that's less than $16 million behind his opponent. he has $38 million in the bank 4ing into august. but with a thinly staffed ground game and $4 million spent on tv ads, his spending may paint a clearer picture of the state of the race than any fund-raising gains his campaign has made. i want to welcome the senior white house correspondent at the hill and co-author of hrc. and katlyn hughie burns, national political reporter at
1:48 pm
real clear politics. good to see you both. here's the -- what i find fascinating about this. for all the technology and reports we've all seen about how they can microtarget voters and they've put them in these sophisticated programs, in the end, when you talk to political types, the ground game matters. does he have one? >> not really is the bottom line. you look at the clinton campaign and they have people in every state and they've invested in advertising and -- >> for months and months. >> which is key. that was part of robby mook's strategy. he really wanted to have people out there. they do. you don't see anything like that on the trump side. and that's, i think, where you're going to see the gains and losses. the clinton people are well, well ahead of him and that out of the league. there's nothing really to compare it to. >> there were two stories that really, i think, epitomize some of the frustration people who
1:49 pm
love donald trump feel. there is a 12-year-old essentially running the field office in colorado. there's another woman in a battleground state who is self-organizing, people going door to door and was asked, how do you learn to train people? i was a girl scout. i sold cookies. what is with this, with the trump campaign because i find it hard to believe the new people on his staff who, you know, longtime political operative like kellyanne conway doesn't understand that this stuff doesn't just happen. people don't just show up to the polls. >> you have to really work to get people out to vote. and the rnc, the problem with the trump campaign is relying on the rnc and its infrastructure. >> they have made gains over the last four years. >> colorado is a great example. you talk to political strategists there who say republicans have made gains in a state like colorado, but they need the support and
1:50 pm
infrastructure of a presidential campaign to really be in full force there. he's down double digits in a place like colorado. when you are looking especially on air, that's $4 million, of course, pales in comparison to the hillary clinton campaign. and all of the ground game efforts. it's just not there. we're only 2 1/2 months away. even when you gettior campaign message together, you need that infrastructure to bring out voters. >> you see many republicans are worried what's going to happen with control of congress. really interesting new poll with all these mon mouths university polls that show john kasich earned the respect of republican voters by withholding his endorsement of trump. 38% think more highly of him. only 17% think less of him. you have to think that that's giving some of those republicans pause. >> oh, yeah. it's an uphill battle in a state like ohio. as katlyn mentioned, clinton has
1:51 pm
pulled out advertising there. in virginia as well. they are so far ahead in these states, including ohio, that, i think, it's definitely a problem for him going forward. >> and not having the endorsement from the john kasich is significant in ohio where kasich has an expansive network there. he's been campaigning really hard. extremely popular. so is rob portman. they have been campaigning together over the past week. and so not having that and also, remember, during the convention, kind of dissing kasich there and efforts made by the republican party, that comes back to bite you in this critical stage. >> on the, side of the aisle, still a little bit of nervousness among democrats with the constant drip, drip, drip, as you know, amy, and the latest stuff today about the e-mails. and i think even people who aren't really worried who think they've done very well are worried about the campaign getting complacent.
1:52 pm
what's going on with that? >> basically that's donors, supporters. they think that's the campaign feels like they are so far ahead that donors won't donate money. they'll throw money to the down ballot races but not so much to the clinton campaign. so we're seeing some of that play out. they think supporters. there's no need for people to turn out because she's so far ahead. they're trying to get out the vote and try to hammer home that they really need people to come out and throw money at her and go out and vote for her. that's a problem for them going forward. >> it's interesting because you could end up with this race, either candidate not having a majority of support from the electorate which raises questions about how that eventual president governs in a split electorate like that. >> katlyn, amy, thank you so much. >> thank you. appreciate you coming in. here's julia boorstin with the cnbc market wrap. >> markets holding steady after
1:53 pm
record highs last week. a three perage point decline in crude oil prices. the s&p 500 dropped. the s&p 500 dropped over 1 point and the nasdaq gained about 6 points. the big headline of the day, pfizer agreeing to buy u.s. drug company medivation for about $14 billion. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. to escape tg nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪ welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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there's a lot of places where i messed up in that race and just in my overall life and things i do outside the pool i can change and make myself better for the next four years. >> that's what ryan lochte told
1:57 pm
me, committed to cleaning up his act in and out of the pool three days before he found himself at the center of what became an international incident. now acknowledging he exaggerated claims being robbed at gunpoint. speedo has announced it's dropped its sponsorship. rowdy, not something we want to see after team usa and swimming won 33 medals. it was just extraordinary to see. how bad is it for ryan lochte right now, do you think? >> well, it's a pretty tough time for him, chris. this is not a time that's great for ryan lochte, primarily because of the sponsorship, but i think that's overblown a little bit because he was toward the end of his career anyway. didn't have a great olympic games, even though he did win a gold medal in the relay. at 32, the sponsors were probably looking to move on
1:58 pm
anyway. but it's a tough time. he should definitely go on this apology tour and see if things can be cleaned up. >> part of it is going to be what the usoc decides. when there were a couple of duis for another famous swimmer, he got a six-month suspension and couldn't compete at the worlds, but i'm wondering what you think may be appropriate in this case. what do you think the usoc might do? >> i have no idea. i am assuming it's going to be a suspension. i'm assuming it's going to be a suspension for a substantial amount of time. sort of like with michael and the fact he was not allowed to compete at the world championships. we have a world championships next summer. my guess is it's going to be at least a year to surpass that. but again, this is a point where ryan needs to reflect a lot and reflect on what he did. he's really a good person. that's what's crazy about this. he made a huge mistake, a terrible, stupid mistake but he's a really good person. i've seen him sign autographs
1:59 pm
for 800 kids. took four hours to do that one time. >> so what is it? in 2005, he, you know, he got in trouble for public urination. in 2010, he pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct. obviously, there's this kind of frat boy thing going on that he's acknowledged in his interview. but he's not 20 anymore. he's 32 years old. >> no, he's not. >> he's talking about 2020, and so, you know, you just wonder what's next for him? can he come back in the way michael phelps did? and i'm talking in both senses. i'm talking physically, could he challenge for a medal, but also could he win back the trust of the public and if you win back the trust of the public, the sponsors some back because he's a charming, good looking, charismatic guy with 12 medals. >> we're a very forgiving public. we really are. we love to forgive. but we also want to have that apology. and i -- the two things i have on ryan were the fact he didn't
2:00 pm
go immediately -- he went immediately after this happened and talked to billy bush which was a mistake. and the other thing, he didn't apologize for like six or seven days. >> we're out of time. >> yep. >> but thank you so much. >> i think he can come back. >> olympic gold medalist rowdy gaines, thank you. that's going to do it for this hour. "mtp daily" starts now. if it's monday, donald trump is up against a wall. tonight, will trump compromise on his uncompromising immigration position? >> will that plan include a deportation force? >> to be determined. >> plus, hillary clinton off the trail but still under fire over her e-mails and the clinton foundation. >> she's a liar. she lies. she lied abouty to e-mails and colin powell. everything is a scam. >> new warnings about the spread of the zika virus. >> we would not be surprised i


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