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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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evening. good to be back. rachel is next. >> missed you terribly. >> too kind. >> did you have a wonderful time? >> i did. >> did you talk to your family in ways that didn't involve the mediation of the television screen? >> we did. we talked human to human, they're a fun bunch. >> you will miss them when you come back to this job. we did miss you. >> as well this hour, thanks for being with us, happy monday. today is a weird day in the news. back to school time. i feel like to a certain extent, we're all wired for a back to school calendar, all of us who went to a normal school year growing up as kids. it always feels like this is the time of year things ought to be a little unsettling and chan changing. this part of the calendar year is always a little strange. i was expecting today to be a little strange and weird. i didn't expect it to be weird in the exact way it has turned out to be. the donald trump for president
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campaign continues to run against hillary clinton by insinuating there's something terribly wrong and secretly wrong about her health. donald trump has been saying it repeatedly himself, criticizing hillary clinton for reportedly having no stamina, not having any strength, she needs to sleep, he likes to hit her for needing to sleep. mr. trump's campaign spokesperson recently casually described hillary clinton as brain damaged, as if that is a commonly understood diagnosis for what's obviously so terribly wrong with hillary clinton's health. rudy guiliani is the latest trump surrogate to go on national tv and advance this conspiracy theory the trump campaign has invented there is something secretly wrong with hillary clinton. in the middle of them sticking with this very strange attack about hillary clinton's health, her literal physical call f fitness for office, in the midst of that, it's the trump campaign
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tonight that cancelled without explanation, a whole bunch of donald trump campaign events. starting this weekend it had been widely reported donald trump would give a major immigration speech in colorado on thursday. they announced today they are no longer planning on donald trump giving that campaign speech on immigration thursday. friday, donald trump had been scheduled to hold a rally in las vegas. the trump campaign tonight, also without explanation, canceled the donald trump las vegas rally scheduled for friday. next week, the donald trump campaign scheduled a major campaign rally for portland, oregon, a weird place for a presidential candidate to be wasting time. trump has said repeatedly oregon is a blue state he's quite sure he will win. if he will win oregon he has to do it without that rally he scheduled wednesday in portland and it has been cancelled, too,
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without explanation. this whole rash of campaigns called off, nobody knows why. the other major news story the trump campaign is selling about itself, not about hillary clinton's supposed terrible health, the story they're trying to tell about themselves and trump himself, is that he is changing his hard line stance against immigration and against immigrants. this past weekend, he had a meeting with hispanic leaders, reporting out of that meeting gave rise to a bunch of stories and his campaign manager supp t supporting those stories, donald trump's immigration policy was influx. where he was on immigration in the past may not be where he is on immigration in the future. that's part of why the expectations for this thursday's speech in denver were so high. maybe donald trump is going to change fundamental campaign planks he's running on concerning immigration. they've been stoking that story for 2 1/2 days.
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then they canceled the denver speech and donald trump did walk into a speech in a campaign rally tonight in akron, ohio. at that event he said this. >> we're going to build a wall, folks, we're going to build a wall. we're going to build a wall. don't worry,we're going to build a wall. that wall will go up so fast your head will spin. and you'll say, you know, he meant it. and you know what else i mean? mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> we're going to build the wall, don't worry, don't worry, whatever you might have heard these last couple of days with this campaign story my campaign has been selling, we don't mean that, i will totally build the wall and nothing has changed on immigration. donald trump in akron, ohio, assuring this almost all white crowd in akron, ohio he's not changing his anti-immigrant position.
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him not changing his position on immigration wouldn't be news. that's the definition of not news, something hasn't changed. nobody would be talking about it competent for the fact the trump campaign itself started this weekend to raise expectations he would be changing his stance on immigration and now he's unchanging his stance on immigration. will he come at it with a new policy? not come at it with a new policy? i don't know. i cannot tell you what's going on in the head of any candidate. i can only tell you what the candidate and candidate's campaign say and do. in this case on this issue of immigration, what they are s saying and doing makes no sense. i don't know and you don't know and whatever they're trying to sell us, i don't know how to redeem it for anything of value. then there's the issue on top of all that, of money. we just got the fund-raising and spending filings for last month. at one level the numbers for july are what you would expect. the clinton campaign raised more money than the trump campaign.
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the clinton campaign has more cash on hand than the trump campaign and the democratic party raised more money last month than the republican party raised last month. strange stuff, it's not about how much money these campaigns are raising right now. those numbers are pretty much in keeping with expectations. the strange thing going on with trump campaign, canceling these events and absolutely confusion in terms of their biggest policy issue, anti-immigration. then we have this new data how they are spending their money. it's really weird. the trump campaign radically increased overall spending last month compared to all previously months spending way more money than they ever had before and what they're spending it on is not what you're expecting. if you blindly looked an at it you would never know it was for a presidential campaign. nearly 10% is for merchandise, hats and stickers and stuff,
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like they're a promo tour for a new product or something. after locking up the republican nomination at the convention last month, you'd expect july would be the month they would start investing in staffers, right, building up their campaign, staffing out, getting ready to compete nationwide for the presidency. no, they spent 10% of their money on merchandise. you look at other major line it items, when the "new york times" came out, trump spent more money renting arenas for his speeches than payroll last month. when you are spending all your money on renting venues and printing t-shirts and hats you end up with something that looks more like a concert tour than presidential campaign. donald trump has scaled up in one sense! he is raising and spending money now. he is not running anything that looks very much like a campaign. maybe that's fine. the trump campaign and trump supporters continue to argue maybe they don't need to run
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their own big national presidential operation or maybe they don't need to run a big presidential operation in all the swing states. and their line for explaining why that's no big deal, they think the republican party can do it. the trump campaign will let the rnc do it, let the republican party come in and run the campaign and meanwhile donald trump will tour the country g e giving away hats. that's apparently the plan and the operation. it's possible it could work. a novel way to do it, you never know. on the ground, stuff does seem a little crazy. we don't know why tonight the trump campaign just canceled donald trump's next three major campaign appearances. we don't know why he said he was moderating his anti-immigrantsy stance and then took it back. we don't know which side to believe. doesn't make any sense. look how things are working on the ground in important states. consider the state of colorado
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where donald trump was going to give a major immigration speech moderating his immigration position this thursday before he decided not do that at all. colorado nominally is a swing state. it does look pretty blue this year, michael bennet was supposed to be a vulnerable senator in colorado but the maris poll has them leading by 15 points and won't be at risk. and showing hillary clinton l d leading by double digits in colorado. they're not so sure they will win colorado but the main super pac supporting clinton and clinton campaign have decided not to run colorado anymore because they think they have it in the bag. that being said, the trump campaign can't write it off and can't afford give up on a place like colorado. they have to reverse the
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situation in that state. they really have to win states like that. both donald trump and his running mate, mike pence, have made colorado appearances. the campaign has prioritized that state along with handful of others. despite their bad numbers in colorado, the fact that the trump campaign prioritized the state and attention from the campaign itself has led to good local press coverage in colorado. >> before republican vice-presidential candidate, governor mike pence, took the podium yesterday, a 12-year-old trump supporter brought the house down. denver 7's mike boyle brought a kid rallying supporters who can't vote yet. >> i believe we must make america great again. that is why i founded colorado kids for trump. >> he's a young kid with big ideas. >> kids and parents should have free school choice across the nation. >> reporter: 12-year-old weston
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is urging others to support the trump campaign. >> we're a group of kids that support mr. trump and mike pence's ideas. >> very cute, right? sweet. like nice little grace note. however chaotic and disorganized and occasionally nonsensical the trump campaign can sometimes be, you can get good press and there are still cute heart-warming stories out there like a kids for trump group forming in colorado. that was 2 1/2 weeks ago in the local news in colorado. if you want to get a sense of just how well the trump campaign is operating in a crush shall state in colorado, consider that today that 12-year-old boy, who was the subject of that heart-warming local news story about his enthusiasm for donald trump 2 1/2 weeks ago, that 12-year-old boy today is no longer just running kids for trump admittedly adorable, he is now running jefferson county colorado for the donald trump
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campaign, one of the most populous counties in the state includes part of the metro area, the ko chacochair for the donalp campaign in the swing state of colorado is a 12-year-old boy. >> hey, jefferson, i'm good, you? >> reporter: in one of the most important elections of our lifetime. >> i understand you signed up for the trump campaign. >> reporter: in one of the most important counties in the state, the donald trump campaign is relying on 12-year-old. >> i am the cochair for the jefferson trump campaign. >> it may be the kids for trump campaigner is a total savont and it makes total sense for having imrun the campaign in one of the most populous counties in a swing state. it may also be that the trump campaign is a little weird and that's a weird decision. having been through three complete changes in campaign
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leadership in five months, with campaign filings showing financially and organizationally they're running something that looks more like a nationally touring cover band than a presidential campaign with a 12-year-old in charge of one of the most populous counties and swing states in the country, even if the reason no one is supposed to worry about all that stuff is because the republican party is going to am coin and run this campaign ultimately and the campaign itself isn't running anything at all even if it counts and the republican party is supposed to swoop in and take care of all of this, how do you factor into all of that the prospect that the trump campaign might not be welcome to do that even if they try and take over. with the latest changes that just happened that is a distinct possibility. that story is straight ahead tonight. stay with us. it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis.
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two years ago, june, 2014, republican house majority leader, eric cantor lost his seat. he was next in line to be speaker of the house, number 2
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republican in all of washington, he was one of the "young guns" supposedly the future of the whole republican party. it shocked everyone when eric cantor lost his seat by get dpegt in a republican primary in his home district by somebody nobody had ever heard of. the guy who's now running donald trump's campaign was one of the top conservative media figures in the country who made that happen introduced to the country the guy running against cantor and fanned the flames of the anti-eric cantor movement, did everything he could to promote criticism of eric cantor and alternative story of the guy who ultimately beat eric cantor. this was from before eric cantor's primary election that year,, conservative group blast eric cantor for amnesty deception. eric cantor primary challenger david brat reinforce national attention. as in nationalal attention from that article, that publication.
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they feature eric cantor's otherwise unknown challenger dave brat, illegal immigrants pouring into usa they've announce kids are welcome. when he lost, dave brat beat him and celebrated that like nobody's business and celebrating it two years later, the guy now running donald trump's presidential campaign up until five minutes ago was running, earlier this summer when he was hosting a breitbart radio show, he was still bringing dave brat onto his show to crow over the fact he beat air rake cantor, to call him the giant slayer. >> we're going to come back. congressman dave brat from richmond, virginia, the giant slayer, the guy that put the ballgame cantored in the political -- >> that was after he got beat
6:18 pm
the next giant was house speaker john boehner, forced to resign by a right wing revolt within his own party orchestrated in part and cheered on enthusiastically by the guy now running donald trump's campaign. crowd stands and cheers at news john boehner resigns. john boehner's huge unpopularity force his resignation. 2014, eric cantor, 2015, john boehner. 2016 this year, they tried to do it again. the guy now running donald trump's campaign decided this year he would adopt someone else to run against the top leadership of the republican party. in this case, he'd recruit somebody to run against paul ryan in his home district, i say recruit in the sense he claimed credit for personally inspiring the guy who ran against paul ryan, personally inspiring him to get into the race and run against ryan.
6:19 pm
>> paul nehlen, i got to tell you, you've already put a big dent in paul ryan. you smoked him out of his rabbit hole. >> you had it first, it was a rabbit hole or skunk hole. he is definitely not a badger or wolverine. he's not a wisconsin badger. he's a snake. he's a soulless globalist snake and we smoked him out of the snake hole. >> paul nehlen running for congress. today is decision day in the badger state. >> god bless you guys. >> great news about nehlen. he started as a listener that got motivated and got into it. he started as a listener to the weekend show and daily show. guess what? he's now one of the most prominent political figures in the world because he took it to the speaker of the house. i tell you, it's a donny book out there, regardless of the
6:20 pm
outcome, he has won and forced paul ryan to face all the lies and misrepresentations. >> he has in one regard won, paul nehlen did not win against paul ryan. paul ryan beat him by more than 60 points. but the loudest cheerleader for paul nehlen, who made it a national story there was a challenger at home was the breitbart guy now running donald trump's campaign. i'm sure that is very exciting if you are a republican insurgent or somebody who doesn't like the republican party leadership. if you hate those guys who the republican party has been run by you must be excited this is the person running the presidential campaign for your party this year. if you're the republican party, if you're facing the prospect of the republican party with the guy who destroyed all your
6:21 pm
leaders the past couple of years and succeeded in a couple them being thrown out of public life. now what? if that guy is running a disastrous presidential campaign and everybody is saying, don't worry, the trump campaign is running terribly but the rnc will run it in the end. is the republican party really going to feel comfortable st stepping up to help this guy out in particular? the guy running the trump campaign is the guy who tried to kill paul ryan and did help kill air rake cantor and john boehner and crying about it ever since. how comfortable are you going to be to step up to help that guy in his hour of need? joining us now is an excellent reporter who covered steve bannon more than anybody else in the national press. joshua, from bloomberg. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> i feel like from looking at his output both on the radio and website he ran at breitbart, media empire he ran, i know a
6:22 pm
lot about what steve bannon thinks about the republican party. i don't know very much what the republican party thinks of him and whether there's any prospect they could work together? >> probably not. they loathe him as they should. what gets him out of bed in the morning i don't think is as much going after democrats as the republican establishment. ryan, in particular, if you read it over the past six months, has been the object of their loat loathing and scorn ever since they dispatched with john boehner. it really was breitbart and the crowd in congress that they speak to that drove out boehner and made life just asin' pleasables -- as unpleasant for ryan. >> in terms of what you understand from bannon's background, the way he operated at, his previous relationship with the trump campaign, is it important that he's never been involved in overt electoral politics before, never been a campaign manager,
6:23 pm
never run somebody for president or operated at this level, is that important to understand what he will do in that position? >> i think it is. i think for someone like trump, that's a mark of purity and probably works in bannon's favor. we're so far into bizarre-0 world here, the idea if he only had a little electoral seasoning maybe he'd be doing things differe differently. we passed that point a long time ago. bannon is an ideological warrior. what's interesting and drew me to him originally, he has a critique how you fight these political battles. he actually studies people on the left and not right. he thinks people on the right are about opinion and hot air and deacon structures the liber liberals -- de-constructs the liberals he thinks are effective. i went back to my notes and said
6:24 pm
he deacon stru-constructs your because maddow leaves marks on people and with a rigorous fact-based indictment again and again, he sees as the key to knocking them down and winning. in a sense, if you look at the people he mowed down on the republican side of the aisle from eric cantor to john boehner to jeb bush, he kind of had some success in that regard. >> that is unsettling at a lot of different levels for me to hear. joshua, let me ask you one last question, a lot of people are starting to talk about that this breitbart connection and that steve bannon in particular, may be a sort of vehicle for really bringing a lot of super fringy racial politics in particular into mainstream republican politics and the trump campaign. do you think that's true? do you think there's a little playing with fire aspect of what's going on with race issues in bannon's past and breitbart? >> i don't think bannon and breitbart are bringing those
6:25 pm
people in. i think trump attracted them from the get-go and makes a certain kind of sense they would rally behind trump's banner. i don't think there's anything particularly new or different about the coalition that will support trump just because the former head of breitbart is now in charge of his campaign. >> joshua green, national correspondent for business week, your profile of bannon is the only must read thing that exists about him. i thank you for knowing he was coming in order to do that great work so we had you to turn to when he was here. thanks for doing it. >> thank you. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one.
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vacation. tomorrow, president obama will head off to louisiana to review the damage from the floods there and talk about recovery plans in that state, but in case the president was thinking he might have any sort of gentle reentry back into the working world after his vacation, well, one of the vulnerable republican senators running for re-election this year just described president obama as quote the drug dealer in chief. welcome home, mr. president. no, politics didn't get any more decent while you were gone. the senator calling president obama a drug dealer and more, straight ahead. stay with us.
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in 2008, hillary clinton and barack obama competed for the democratic nomination for president. barack obama won and became president and in 2012 he ran for re-election. that is essentially running for president again competent you don't have to run for primary again because incumbent presidents tend to run unopposed in the primary. that's basically what happened in 2012. there were a couple wrinkles in that story line that year. one of the stranger ones was in west virginia. there really wasn't a democratic presidential primary contest in 2012. when west virginia held its diabet democratic primary that year,
6:32 pm
president obama only won 41% of the vote. the other amount went to this guy, keith judd, a convicted felon at the time sitting in a texas prison serving a 17 1/2 year sentence for extortion. despite being in prison, despite being in a prison not in west virginia but in texas, keith judd won 73,000 votes in west virginia while president obama won just over 100,000. "washington post" wrote up that shock result with a succinct bottom line. simply put, west virginia does not like obama. west virginia is a reliably red state in terms of presidential vo voting. but west virginia also regularly votes in democratic officials as governors and senators as long as they're not too democratic for too much like democrats in other states. in the 2012 election, west virginia democratic senator, joe
6:33 pm
manchin famous for shooting a climate change bill literally shooting it with a gun in a campaign ad, in 2012, he didn't endorse president obama for election and ray tumbler also didn't endorse president obama in 2012 and a large amount voted for the convict. west virginia is a little bit of a weird duck when it comes to democratic politics. this year, in terms of int intraparty dissatisfaction with the candidate, this year, the shoe is mostly on the other foot, a fair to midland republican officials who don't like trump, won't support him for president. the list include roughly six of the republican party's 54 senat senators, a dozen or so house republicans and those defections within the republican party have been well documented against the republican nominee, donald
6:34 pm
trump. what about democratic defections against hillary clinton? today, we got our first high profile democrat saying he cannot support hillary clinton for president this fall. surprise, it's west virginia again, the democratic candidate for governor in west virginia. his name is jim justice. he sayin ings he will not suppo hillary clinton. in fairness, this is west virginia, b, jim justice was a republican until last year. he flipped his registration from republican to democrat three months before announcing he would run for governor as a democrat in west virginia. the other extenuating circumstance to note here is jim justice is the richest man in the entire state of west virginia. west virginia has precisely one billionaire and he's it. he's a coal mining billionaire. surprised he's not endorsing hillary clinton? for what it's worth, just to
6:35 pm
underscore the west virginia of it all, jim justice's closest opponent in the democratic primary for this governor's race, that democrat also said he couldn't bring himself to support hillary clinton for president either. at this point, we can all say, west virginia, you're getting predictable, even in your wei weirdness. for those keeping score at home we do now have one major democrat saying he cannot support the democratic nominee. if we get any more, we will let you know. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore.
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or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. after the 2012 election after president obama beat mitt romney and democrats picked up seats in the house an senate the first thing that would happen after that election was immigration reform. remember the democratic party did the famous autopsy on the election and decided they would not only reach out to minorities but endorse one particular policy as a national party, they should endorse immigration reform. for a hot second, people
6:39 pm
believed republicans wanted that and it would happen. ha. then enter the heritage foundation and heritage action, former republican senator jim demint left the senate in order to turn heritage into the main conservative institution fig fighting against immigration reform making sure no elected republicans would support it. to start that process after the 2012 election, jim demint turned in part to this guy. his name is jason richwine, the author of "i-and immigration policy." the average iq of immigrants in the united states is substant l substantially lower than that of the white native population and likely to exist over several generati generations. it was an argument non-white people are genetically inferior to white people so immigration policy should be managed to keep america as white and therefore as great as possible.
6:40 pm
"hispanics are in fact substantially more likely than whites to commit serious cri crimes." after that, jim demint hired jason richwine at the heritage foundation to write the heritage's report on why immigration reform was a terribly expensive idea for the united states. in the heat of the battle over immigration reform it did come out pretty quickly heritage hired a guy who said immigration should be restricted because non-white people had lower iqs. eventually heritage had to distance themselves from jason and their report. in the end, heritage won and immigration went nowhere. and old jason richwine did not go away and did not disappear in a puff of lily-white racially pure high iq smoke and resurfaced at the center for
6:41 pm
immigration studies but it is a major scandal when it was denounced on-screen friday. >> jason richwine says brown people have low iqs from the heritage scandal and immigration reform and also been a repeat guest in recent months on the breitbart news radio show hosted by the man now running donald trump's presidential campaign and "washington post" reporter also found jason richwine this weekend so jason richwine could offer on the record praise for what's going on. i'm honestly delight that trump is putting a team together that has such reasonable views on immigration. it's clear trump has opened up space to talk about immigration in a way we haven't been able to before. the way we haven't been able to before without nationwide scandal about the involvement of white supremacists in the discussion.
6:42 pm
he's delighted by donald trump on immigration like so many white nationalists have been throughout this election campaign. in a normal campaign about a normal candidate that would be bad news. that the brown people have low iqs, guy. that jason richwine and the most famous racist and white supremacists in the country are super psyched about it and willing to tell on the record how super psych they'd are. in a normal campaign it would be bad news. for donald trump, it's not seen as bad news. something going on about immigration is confusing, a lot of people like myself are confused what the campaign is saying let alone what they are doing. this weekend, donald trump met with hispanic leaders out of trump tower and he got headlines like these, trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants. in reversal, trump indicates to spanish leaders openness to
6:43 pm
legalization for immigrants. in that meeting, trump told reporters he was not only going to support legalization for people here illegally in this country a big reversal wanting to deport 11 million people and put up a wall, those people in that meeting with him also told reporters trump was doing a big speech in colorado this thursday to lay out his new radically different immigration plan. sunday, his campaign manager said donald trump's policy on immigration should be thought of as-to be determined. to be determined, whether her candidate still wants millions of undocumented immigrants to be deported. today, "the denver post" was trying to report out this big immigration speech apparently coming to their city this week and learned there will not be a speech on immigration from donald trump in colorado. they got e-mails from supporters saying the speech trump was p n
6:44 pm
planniplan ing on giving is still be modified. >> modified like a fiduciaries thi like a physical thing. needs something welded. we asked the trump campaign whether there really was an immigration speech planned for colorado. and then trump also in addition to what happened to denver, he canceled a las vegas rally for friday and oregon rally planned for early next week. what it's going on? why is this such a mess? that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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6:47 pm
i will do what president obama has done. i'm legitimately confused as to what's going on on this issue right now. joining us now is hallie jackson, nbc correspondent covering the trump campaign. thanks for being here. >> sure. thanks for having me. >> did donald trump plan to give an immigration speech on thursday in denver? was that canceled or were we all wrong to think that would happen and never scheduled in the first place. >> what happened with it. by all accounts, he was intended to give a speech in denver thursday about immigration. a couple campaign sources close to the campaign and inside the campaign are telling me tonight, after he met with his hispanic advisory council over the weekend a meeting that happened on saturday, discussion about issues important to that community and demographic and one thing was small business lending, trump was trying to work this into the speech and it became a lot to craft, i am told, in a short period of time,
6:48 pm
in the relatively short period of time before that speech on thursday. take that with a little bit of spin grain of salt. >> five days, they can't write a speech? >> i would say this, the question was put directly to some of these folks, was this because of the remarks that you played earlier in your show from new campaign manager, kelly ann where she said there would be a deportation force that trump has been talking about month, i'm told it didn't come into play for this, more discussion how to modify this speech, that it wasn't rushed and there would be time for it. i do think coming into play a little bit is this idea had been set before these new team members came into place and question marks about the scheduling in the first place and perhaps this was a turf issue. it raised eyebrows given her comments sunday morning less than 36 hours ago and the cancellation of this speech or
6:49 pm
postponement, by indications we are given he will give some sort of immigration policy remarks. you're a little confused, as you said, about what his policies are on immigration. his advisors are talking about softening some of his positions, potentially or maybe opening the door to that, but trump himself hasn't said it. i think we'd be careful to not give too much credit to donald trump or detriment to donald trump for changing or modifying some positions when he himself hasn't come out and talked about it yet. >> a few different things going on, one is campaign scheduling. at this point, scheduling is a very interesting important part of the campaign. if he was going to be in deserve for that speech thursday -- in denver for that speech on thursday he won't be there and canceled a rally in portland, oregon and the issue whether he's changing his policy, the reports from that meeting with people with him this weekend suggest he was for a path to
6:50 pm
legalization. in 2013, benjy was writing he met with a bunch of activists then and they walked away from the meeting thinking he was and. part of what's going on and then he's not willing to stick to it in public. >> one of the things that we'll see from donald trump, is that this idea, listen, we'll look into that. that is something we've heard him say in interview after interview even when prompted by the news median questions of policy. it's possible that that is the response that donald trump gave and people hear what they want to hear about that. you're right to point out, people were kind of confused about what his policy actually was, which kind of richksngs a . >> you have not clarified anything, but you have illuminated what is confusing about. >> all right, we'll be right back. stay with us tonight.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
one republican senator who is up for re-election is urging voters in his home state to not vote for donald trump. instead, he's urging voters to vote in a way that makes no practical sense at all, and that you have to go some distance to think it up let alone tell anybody to do it. that candidate and that weird choice and what he wants, next.
6:53 pm
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back in march the trump campaign abruptly called off a rally that it had planned to hold in chicago. when i say abruptly, the venue was packed. thousands of people were inside, hundreds more people were gathered outside and the trump team pulled the plug. it was clear why they did. fistfights were breaking out in the stands and on the arena floor between trump supporters and antitrump protesters. police did clear the venue, but the chaos spilled into the streets that night. it wasn't just people yelling at each other and being rude, it was real flesh and blood fighting and injury. it was bad in chicago that night. when these were the images that were coming off the campaign trail for trump land. if you had to pick a single day when you wouldn't want your own name associated with the campaign, march 11th. that was the day that illinois
6:57 pm
republican senator mark kirk decided he would endorse donald trump on camera. >> would you support donald trump if he was the nominee. >> if he's the nominee, i certainly would. >> that was march 11th. tough start. mark kirk, difficult re-election battle. that day for the on camera endorsement, really. three months later in june, senator kirk became the first and only u.s. senator to withdraw his endorsement. he has not demonstrated the temperament to assume the greatest office in the world. so he endorsed and then he unendorsed, but wait there's more instead of just leaving tlit. senator kirk then told the local press he would write in retired u.s. army general david patra s patraeus. so trump, not trump, david patraeus. he said no, he was going to
6:58 pm
write in somebody else entirely. >> unendorsing trump, but not endorsing clinton, correct? >> no, not at all. because hillary clinton was for the iran agreement and i can't support someone who was for the iran agreement. >> who will you be voting for and writing in? >> in my case, i will be writing in colonel powell. >> colin powell is enthusiastic supporter of the iran agreement. so now he's back to supporting david patraeus. he's telling all of his supporters in illinois that they should also cast write-in votes in the presidential election. there's problem with that, in illinois write-in ballots are not counted for people who are not officially registered in
6:59 pm
candidates. he's encouraging millions of people that will not be counted. leadership. and also happens in senator mark kirk is locked in a very tough race of his own. he's at real risk of losing his senate seat. that's why he said that the president's policy in iran had him acting like the drug dealer in chief. that's what senator kirk said today about president obama. maybe that will help senator kirk, calling president obama a "drug dealer." in this business trying to pick someone to endorse for president has turned out to be very very difficult for mark kirk to master. endorsing donald trump, unendorsing, saying he would vote for david patraeus, and telling everybody in illinois within the sound of his vote they too should cast a vote that will not be counted in november.
7:00 pm
right now, at least, mark kirk is not making the case that he definitely needs to go back to the u.s. senate this year, not that they're counting on his leadership. i said watch this space. you're nearly guaranteed that this story will change again some time very soon. we'll see youn again tomorrow. now it's time for the "last word" with lawrence o'donnel. >> you were working when i tweeted about cher joining us tonight. >> no way. >> on the last word. turns out no way, as a matter of fact, because -- no, she was campaigning all weekend with hillary clinton and had the long trip back to california today from massachusetts, actually from providence town, which is like massachusetts -- it's way out there in the atlantic ocean. >> i had friends who were there for the event this weekend. they said the only thing that half of providence town


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