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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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they're imported thanks to donald trump. that's it. that is tonight's "last word." and tonight instead of doing a we're going to do more live tv, another whole hour of live tv starting right now. >> in the past several days, donald trump has talked about african-american voters. >> i think it's really catching on because i'm going up sharply for african-american voters. >> he's never done anything. >> what do you have to lose? >> we have a lot to lose. >> i don't like to use the expression how can you do worse? >> i think he's becoming a lot more presidential. >> what exactly is donald trump's plans for president? >> you will build that wall within two years?
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>> we haven't seen very much of hillary clinton in the past couple of days. >> the democratic nominee is facing increasing scrutiny about the foundation dope nors. >> it will be bigger than watergate. >> this isn't just about donald trump, about living up to the high ethical standards period. >> she is actually fortunate donald trump has so many other issues but they should want to clean this up. >> the second consecutive night of the hannity-trump lovefest just wrapped up. in it, donald trump continued the softening, softening his immigration policy, instead of deporting the 11 million
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undocumented people in the united states, donald trump says he will now work with them. >> here's the big question. >> go ahead. >> no citizenship. >> no citizenship. >> everyone agree with that? all right. >> let me go a step further. they'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. >> right. >> so deport them all has become joosks we'll get some back taxes out of them. donald trump also had this to say about undocumented people living here. >> now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. but when i go through and meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject and i've had really strong people come up to me, really great people come up to me, they said, mr. trump, i love you, but to take a person that's been here 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it's so tough, mr. trump.
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i have it all the time. it's a very very hard thing. >> joining us now, columnist for "the daily beast" and msnbc contributor and president and ceo of vote latino, msnbc contributor. the softening continues and so no mass deportations but he does believe there's a tax bill he wants some people to pay. >> clearly he has not googled -- it's very simple, he hasn't googled undocumented immigrant pay $11 billion in taxes a year and he doesn't care. the fact he hasn't had this nuance coming from both sides of the immigration debate. he doesn't care about policy or detail. watching that town hall is frightening almost like watching a jerry springer throwback and not only that he brought the idea of mayor guiliani welfare
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to work and short of a contract with america and jeff sessions saying this is the last shot we had with him. for someone who does not watch fox news, it was a window how angry the folks are. he was trying to soften up the stance and saying if they haven't been here 15 years we shouldn't throw them out. they took a live poll and said, yes, they should throw them out. i felt like he was upon shus pilate and they said crucify him. they went nuts. >> we will take a moment where he asked the audience about throwing people out. let's see this. >> this is like a poll. there's thousands of people in this room. who wants those people thrown out? >> i do! >> who wants to -- by the way, no amnesty, no citizenship, et cetera. who doesn't want them thrown out? who does not want them thrown
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out? >> stand up. [ applause ] >> there you go. >> then that raises -- mr. trump, that raises a really important question. you heard it from your audience -- >> we are going to come out with a decision very soon. >> he already made a decision. he said he's going to deport 11 million people and then he made a decision that he's not going to -- what decision is he talking about now? >> a new immigration policy, lawrence. he will refashion the whole thing after listening to the people who told him they're kind of divided. some think he's a sellout of the all right crowd he appeals to and the others, as he said, you know, he could shoot somebody in time square and they would still be for him. his people now are wondering a little bit but they're not going
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to desert him. politic politically, it's a pretty smart play. he's going for the white women in the suburbs who voted for mitt romney and don't like him right now because they think he's a lunatic and he's trying to tell them appealing to african-americ african-americans, he's not trying to get their votes, trying to tell the white women he's not a racist, he doesn't want to deport 11 million children and rip parents from them in the middle of the night and a reasonable guy. that's what this is all about. >> the trouble is, josh, we have the video of him saying, yes, you deport them, you deport every one of the 11 million. and so this complete reversal of that, doesn't it risk the interpretation that every single thing he has said is subject to a 100% reversal? >> i think this is going to upset a few people who
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professionally care about immigration policy, ann coulter whose job is pushing a restrictive immigration policy. his voter base is always about a sentiment not policy. you thought a substantial number of trump voters favored some path to immigration and a lot find incoherent information about it and let the good ones stay and send the bad ones back. the fact he's being incoherent i don't think matters a lot for the vast majority of people. it was the feelings, all these mexicans coming in and causing all this trouble, he's still giving the feeling, the sentiment negative to immigration. a lot of voters, not that they're opposed to deals on immigration, they think every time a deal is made on immigration, it's a deal unfavorable to them. they trust donald trump to have
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a deal that doesn't necessarily involve -- >> one of the things you're starting to see is he's trying to divide the african community from the latino. if i deport the undocumented community, you will have a job. >> not anymore, not deporti ini any. >> the reason you don't have job because someone is taking it away and the reason you have low jobs is because someone is working for free. >> i don't think he's committed to no deportations or mass deportati deportations. that audience poll he did, he did it twice. wait, i didn't get a sense -- let's do it again. >> he was trying to say, let's be a little bit reasonable. for donald trump to say, let's be a little reasonable, if you have been here 15 to 20 years we should deport them and the crowd said, yes. and don't worry, hannity, there won't be birthright citizenship. he slipped in the fact he wanted
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to reverse the constitution. >> i want to get this other more general thing, what does this mean about the tpp? i don't know he's opposed to the tpp. the only reason i know that because he said he is. he is capable of reversing himself on anything. if he's capable of reversing about deportation, he's capable of reversing on anything. >> i don't think he's capable of that other than his own gre greatness. even hillary clinton is afraid of being too associated with tpp. in any election year, trade deals are unpopular. on a wide variety of other issues, he can easily flip-flop. the challenge for clinton in the deba debates, will she be able to nail him for flip-flopping. mitt romney said in early 2012 he was for quote
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self-deportation. obama in the second and third debates when he got his mojo back a little bit, was able to nail romney for that. can clinton do the same thing? pin the tail on him what he said earlier in the campaign before he flip-flopped. >> i think she needs to ruffle his feathers. if she's trying to pin him on anything, we already know he flip-flops constantly. just watching the town hall he did that. she has to make sure it shows he's deeply what he is, racist and misogynist stick. he's not controlled. >> a household world in this country. >> there's sentiment on both si sides, i don't think it's so much pinning him down on the flip-fl flip-flops. his bigoted language attracted a lot of people to him and repelled a lot of people from him and that will play out. >> quick break. donald trump's ploy to reach out
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to african-americans and bill and hillary clinton have responded tonight to questions about the clinton foundation.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country. she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. she sold it. she sold favors, she sold
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access. it's impossible tell where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. >> here's what hillary clinton said tonight on cnn. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right, to keep americans safe and to protect u.s. interests abroad. no wild political attack by donald trump is going to change that. in fact, the state department has said itself that there is no evidence of any kind of impropriety at all. >> we're joined by careen, senior adviser and national spokesperson from the 2016 elections
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the clinton campaign has been dealing with these questions all day. hillary clinton's response is a response to wildly out of control accusations by donald trump. there are things to say about this. the idea that there were crimes committed and donald trump knows what they are is insane. >> if the clinton foundation is guilty of anything, they're guilty of putting together effective public-private partnerships and saving over millions of lives, right? 800,000 of those lives are kids donald trump could care less about. this is a distraction. they went after her for her e-mails and got nothing. took two years to go after her on benghazi and spent $7 million of voter's money and got nothing and now they're going after the clinton foundation. there's no linkage to any wrongdoing, anything illegal happening, what the clinton
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foundation is doing is very good work. >> this is what bill clinton said about this today. >> we try to do good things. if there is something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, i don't know what it is. the people who gave the money knew exactly what they were doing. i have nothing to say about it competent i'm proud of what they've done. i've made it clear if she becomes president we will have to do more than when she was secretary of state. if you make a mistake, there's always -- if you're secretary of state. if you're president, you can't. we will transition the responsibility of foreigner donations we won't accept and i won't raise money for the foundation if she wins. i'm happy to do the transition as quickly as we can. we just can't do this stuff overnight. >> "boston globe," a friend of
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the clinton campaign endorsed hillary clinton in the primaries and will certainly endorse her in the general elections said the clinton foundation should be shut down. other clinton columnists said the same thing. why leave this out there for republicans to use against her. >> they shouldn't. they should hold a press conference where people suspect they will shut it down, leak out a little bit then big announcement and the press gathers and have big boards to explain the millions of lives they've saved and incredible things they've done the american people don't know about. most people think this money is going into their pockets. that was true of the speeches but not the foundation and clinton global initiative. when the reporters get there, they say this foundation will go on non-active status for the duration of a clinton administration. if he's not going to raise money, why keep it own. they should do what the "boston
8:19 pm
globe" suggests. >> that's a temporarily shut down. >> i think something like the way they're going forward should work fine that they will only take donations from domestics, same thing as a super pac you said there are conflicts. i think the stuff in the past they were taking money from foreign governments. the idea the foundation is an influence thing for the clintons and they do work all over the world, they work really well together. people would not have a good pretext for giving money to the foundation to get in the clinton's good favor if the foundation were not an excellent charity doing really good work. the foundation really does do a lot of good stuff. it would be a real shame to shut that down. they should find a way to restructure to take money in that doesn't create new
8:20 pm
conflicts of interest. they were not careful with that going back. people reasonably can say they were looking for money from these foreign middle eastern governments at a time they were thinking what they would be doing policy-wise. >> i want to add, polling has shown over and over again the american people don't care about the e-mails. everything has been baked into her poll numbers. it's time to move on. her polling numbers are not going to change because of this. >> josh is right, they did promise the obama people in 2008 that they were fog to be super careful about this and super scrupulous. you have a situation as many as half of the non-government people who had access to her had meetings with hillary clinton had some connection with the foundation and donated, that's not that arms length relationship barack obama wanted at the outset. they are not sensitive to
8:21 pm
appearan appearances. anybody in congress cannot criticize this about them at all. think about the campaign donors members of congress give access to on a routine basis. the donors are the first ones that get in the office of the congressman. in that case, they're giving money to them and their campa n campaigns, not to charity. that's much worse than what hillary clinton has done, what happens everyday on capitol hill. they're not in any position to criticize this at all. >> careen, what's the answer of bill clinton's point of saying, look, we have to make these changes if she's elected president, i won't be able to raise money and they can't take contributions from foreign entities. if you have to make those changes when she's president, why not make those changes when she was secretary of state? >> that's a good question. as a political strategist hat on, i would say, this is not a good idea, guys because totally an optic s view.
8:22 pm
as i said earlier, 11.5 million lives have been saved by what the clinton foundation has done. they have not put money in their pockets. it's an optics issue but they have done really good work. if this was to stop in 24 hours you would be talking about 800,000 kids lives at stake, 11 million people's lives at stake, there's something to think about that as well. >> we will take a break. when we come back, donald trump calls hillary clinton a bigot today and every psychiatrist out there right now is saying projection projection projection. we'll be right back. marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico.
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hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as vo votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> joining us now, mark thompson, the host on sirius xm and former national spokesperson for the cruz campaign. your reaction to what donald trump just said? >> it's an incredible amount of projection. it kind of reminds me what the bush campaign did to john kerry, somebody goes awol and they
8:27 pm
project to john kerry his service was less than exemplary. for someone like trump who has made every bigoted comment himself about every group from the chinese to jews, spoke to a group of jewish people and said something about them, you are are negotiatonegotiators, i am the best negotiator in the room. last week, we're poor, broke, don't have any jobs and no good schools and all we do is get shot. for him to say something like that about hillary clinton is completely absurd. it's crazy. >> let's listen to what hillary clinton said about this tonight. >> it reminds me of that great saying mio angelo had when someone shows you who they are,
8:28 pm
believe them the first time. donald trump has shown us who he is and we ought to believe him. >> who's going to buy donald trump accusing hillary clinton of being a bigot? who are the swing voters waiting to hear that. >> not, i can say that. interesting, one of the things -- he tried to swiftboat her health and now trying to swiftboat her position on race because he has made this election so volatile and so race-based, there are a lot of white folks that don't want to feel comfortable to vote with him. i had a conversation with a white progressive woman, very liberal and said, i'm tired of having to apologize for being white. he's on to something. that's who he's talking to, not african-americans and latinos, say i don't feel comfortable you're trying to blame me for all the ills. chat is not the conversation we
8:29 pm
should be having. what is structural racism preventing them from performing equally in the society. he's going to the bottom of the barrel and low hanging fruit for him. >> where do you think this outcome is on the campaign zplchbt steve bannon? kellyanne conway? >> donald trump is lashing back, you call me a bigot, i'll call you a racist. i think that simple appeal, it's executed so poorly. he is correct african-americans disproportionately have children and go to bad schools and disproportionately live in neighborhood that have crime and disproportionately live in neighborhoods that have pofrsy. that's well-known and republicans and conservatives have said they've not been well represented by the democratic party. the problem donald trump has is he doesn't go to these neighborhoods and has no relationship with them. all relationships start with
8:30 pm
trust and trust starts with a relationship and it means you spend time. he's not in any of these xhuns and not talking to these groups. he turned down an invitation to the naacp. i have to agree this is designed to make white voters more comfortable they're not voting for a racist. >> let's listen to what he said earlier today in tampa. >> the dreamers, we never talk about are the young americans. why aren't young americans dreamers also? i want my dreamers to be young americans. to the african-american parent, you have a right to walk down the street of your city without having your child or yourself shot. that's what's happening right now. >> mark, that last comment is what you were talking about, that's his outreach comment. >> that's no outreach at all. you talk about who he's talking
8:31 pm
to, obviously he's talking to bannon and others who are saying to him, project that onto her and deflect some of that off of you. i can't milliimagine any white that needs to feel better. this is not how you talk to white people and address african-americans telling them they're no good and poor and nothing good will come out of their community, not appealing at all. >> what's your reaction to his definition of dreamers? >> he doesn't understand this complexity. you talk about dreamers, folks who came without a choice of their own, their parents brought them here undocumented and are valedictorians and are stuck. and he said, you can't get in that college because you're not a dreamer. he's not productive, not adding to the conversation.
8:32 pm
my concern is after this is done he will be in this big tower and communities have to figure out how to heal themselves after what he has unleashed. >> how long do you think the trump softening is going to continue? >> you're asking me to predict something donald trump is s saying? i have no idea. the softening is disturbing to me. i worked for ted cruz and we fought really hard during the campaign, one and of the things no one wanted to get attacked with is amnesty and now donald trump has adopted a position you cannot tell the difference between his position, jeb bush's position, johnny kasich's position and marco rubio's position, remarkable and unbelievable. hard for me to believe all the people who cared about the immigration issue he positioned himself on that. >> none of this is amnesty. terminology in word really matter. >> i'm glad -- >> it is fixing something that is broken.
8:33 pm
>> i'm glad you brought that up. here's what i mean by that. we can argue what ac internetsty is or isn't. -- what amnesty is or isn't. i'm using his definition of amnesty, if you hold donald trump to account what he meant he is now pro-amnesty. >> he meant anything mass deportation is amnesty. >> thank you for clarifying that. >> got take a break. next, "new york times" predicts a better chance for democrats to retake control of the senate. you both have a
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8:37 pm
this measured path he's on. if he does that, i think he will be tied or ahead just after labor day. >> good luck with the measured path. today, releasing the latest prediction on the balance of power in the senate. they now give democrats a 60% chance of winning back the senate in november. new hampshire kelly ayotte is the latest republican to find herself as a target of a tv ad linking her to donald trump. >> let's put this political promise to the test. >> i've been an independent voice for new hampshire. >> then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump. independent americans put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. not kelly ayotte. >> an independent strong voice. >> if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump. independence usa pac is
8:38 pm
responsible for the content of this. a former senior advisor to rand paul and joan walsh, national affairs correspondent for the nation and also an msnbc political analyst. >> president clinton having a democratic senate is an increasing possibility. >> we don't know, lawrence. we have to see if the will happen. the times might regret getting out in front of this prediction, they might have egg on their faces, judging from the trend lines in the polls there is a good chance she will have a democratic senate. the basics are always there, republicans defending more seats than democrats, 24-10. even without somebody like trump, i think democrats were excited about it. with trump, it's obvious he's bringing people way down. pat toomey is in trouble.
8:39 pm
it's interesting who is and isn't, rob portman in ohio seems to be hanging on and building a bigger lead. clinton has a small lead in ohio. ohio will be interesting. a variation. we see a lot of people like kelly ayotte being dragged down. we have to see if people wind up having to distance thepsz. >> what are you hearing from republican senators like rand paul you're close to. come on. >> i have nothing to say on that. he looks very great in his race. he's ahead by about 20%, i think. hopefully that will be a slam-dunk as it should be because he did a great job for the people of kentucky. you're looking at new hampshire, you have about 10,000 likely gop voters that aren't going to show up. that's a lot of voters kelly ayotte needs if she's going to win in new hampshire. it's a problem particularly pronounced there early. you see it all over the country
8:40 pm
after the gop convention in 8 of these tight senate races the polling went down after donald trump. at this convention, he offended so many people and he's hurting the party, has done tremendous daniel. >> josh, we had glen beck in his first appearance on my program in the earlier hour tonight. one of the in this we didn't get to something he's talking about a lot, he's pushing for republican support on the down ballot races. he doesn't want donald trump to be president and doesn't want hillary clinton to be president. i think he can do the math if donald trump isn't president he knows who will be and therefore he thinks it is really important to push for republicans in the other races in order to control hillary clinton. that's an awful lot of strategic thinking to ask of voters, isn't it? >> yeah. the last couple of decades there has been a decline in split ticket vote, people generally vote for the same party for president and congress. that might be different this
8:41 pm
year a weird election. you might have a lot of people who don't vote for trump but vote for clpt or third party, but trump is losing so badly you can run well ahead and still lose. in illinois, mark kirk is ahead of trump but congratulations, you were ahead of trump but you still lost. republicans who hate donald trump, who are demoralized by this election, are they going to show up and vote republican down ballot? how many won't show up at all is the point. that is the most challenging thing for voters, if a lot are so upset they don't come that will cost them in congress and the state legislature. >> in 1994, when democrats lost control of the senate no one saw coming and lost control of the house nobody dreamed off in their wildest dreams, the most
8:42 pm
effective ad the republicans were using in house campaigns, they showed you a picture of your local democratic congressman and in 30 seconds later that face morphed into bill clinton's face. shouldn't that be the commercial against republicans, take that republican candidate's face and at the end of 30 seconds, morphs into donald trump's face, what could be scarier. >> that's very scary. they should dig up that old ad. it's very scary. when you have somebody like lance priebus that cast his entire lot for donald trump, it makes it hard for the rest of the party to get out the message to in counseling split ticket voting and invest in the ground game to get zowrnld anti-trump republicans out. priebus made his decision and it will hurt, i believe, a lot of republican senators. >> doesn't priebus have no choice? he has to do this sad attempt to prop up trump because of these
8:43 pm
numbers bjorn was talking about. what if he only loses by 10 instead of 20, do we hold onto the senate seat? >> it's three-dimensional at this point what he's having to deal with. you look at '96, probably a better parallel to how the party will have to look at what the odds are and gradually separate the way they did with bob dole when his chances were down to nothing. >> back to that election, clinton huge win over bob dole, 18 points ahead of him all summer but republicans held onto the house and senate. it never even seemed threatened. >> it's interesting because bob dole was by comparison such an honorable person, the idea they were able to separate themselves from bob dole and did that with qui quickness, are going all in for trump because that's the only way to keep the bottom from dropping out.
8:44 pm
>> who knows what this new immigration shift will do for turnout. it could have the opposite effect with trump's most hard core supporters which immigration and the wall are the big reason to be behind trump and now listening to that than supporters like ann coulter, will that cause to it split. >> some people you're not sure if you want to turn them out or not. if you have a woman in the suburbs of philadelphia, and will vote for clinton, do you want her to vote for chnt and then for republicans all the way down? >> you made it too complex. donald trump and the obscure group of republican supporters known as the alt-right. a je t engine. well, ge is digital and industrial. like peanut butter and jelly. yeah. ham and cheese.
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great veterans that have been left behind. we're going to take care of our great veterans. >> that was donald trump earlier today in tampa, florida, making his pitch to military families, an nbc poll find in military families, donald trump has a 10 point lead over hillary clinton. in jacksonville, florida, home to the nation's third largest naval base speaking to workers and customers at a seafood restaurant across the street to find out which candidate those voters prefer. >> wow! at the a king fish? >> king mackerel. >> what way is he voting? >> he would want the regulations to stay in place, probably go democrat. >> we've coexisted with the military. coast guard station is our neighbor and navy base jobs back gate literally backs up to our business. >> reporter: do you feel this
8:49 pm
area is as important to the election in november as everybody is saying it's going to be? >> yes. >> reporter: this is pretty up for grabs? >> i would bet it would go towards trump. >> reporter: you do? >> i would bet. stronger military, that's the perception. >> reporter: the perception amongst -- these are your customers you see all the time. all day long. i think there's a silent trump anything going on right now, people that might not want to admit it. >> reporter: what are we looking at? >> ex navy. >> reporter: you're a former navy? >> yes. >> reporter: what are your making? it looks delicious. i have mahay and grouper. >> reporter: have you decided which way you will vote yet? >> i'm indecisive right now. >> reporter: which way are you leaning right now? >> reporter: former military. >> air force. >> reporter: i have to ask you, big election, former air force, which way are you going?
8:50 pm
>> i'm going to vote. >> reporter: for? trump? >> i don't like trump per se but i despise hillary more than i despise him. >> reporter: i keep hearing that. why do people despise hillary so much. >> when you don't tell the truth, i don't know when to believe you. >> that's my manager, ivan. >> reporter: you're a big military family, you decide which way you're going? >> i believe in strong military. >> reporter: a lot of people here are going donald trump. would you put himself in the same category. for you, is it because you believe he will have a strong military? >> strong military make america great again. >> reporter: you think so? anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation.
8:51 pm
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donald trump is this empty vessel that the angry and disenfranchised are saying, you ha, he's like me. i know what he's saying. he is using dog whistles and speaking to people, but they're
8:53 pm
hearing things and whether he's meaning it or not, i don't know. people are hearing him say things, each of them different. he is in massive massive trouble, and more importantly we are if he is elected. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. see what the power of points can do for your business. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. so, with manafort out, trump was forced to bring in a new
8:55 pm
trump wrangler, breitbart news chief and that means if you don't know breitbart that means you don't have a racist uncle. >> bringing on steve bannon doesn't help that donald trump is openly courting the right movement to the right of the republican right wing. tomorrow, hillary clinton plans to give a speech that will attempt to directly link donald trump to the all right movement. earlier tonight, hillary clinton previewed what she will say tomorrow on cnn. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream, he's brought it into his campaign. he's bringing it to our communities and our country. someone who's questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president, who has courted white sum si
8:56 pm
supremaci supremacists, sued for housing discrimination for communities of color and attacked a judge for his mexican heritage and promised a mass deportation is someone who is very much pedaling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. i will have more to say about this tomorrow, when i give a speech in reno. >> we're back. working in the traditional world circles you've worked in. what is the view of the alt right there? i feel this phrase alt right has slipped into shows like this without much explanation. >> it's a new phenomena accepted within mainstream and gotten more mainstream i find incredibly disturbing, i don't think it should be called alt white and should be called white nationalism, and i think the
8:57 pm
party should be creepi increep g back into this creeping back. >> and bannon isn't the guy to push back? >> no. he's breitbart news that picked up the mantle from the person who got their name and are pushing. they had some of the most -- i was showing maria outside, some of the most racist headlines you have ever seen. it's not news at all and completely insightful to these groups of people. i agree, this is nothing but pure unadulterated white supremacy. >> i spoke to glen beck earlier on the last word and he talked about bannon whom he's known about a long time. bannon is new to me. glen beck told me about steve bannon tonight. listen to this. >> he is a destroyer of everything. he believes that lennon was
8:58 pm
right the way he went in, destroyed the system, destroyed the duma, brought down the pa y parties, and then punished his enemies. he's a dangerous man, dangerous. >> the dangerous man has found his candidate. >> this coming from glen beck who basically helped grow this audience in so many ways because he was so hateful when he was on fox news, that should be ala alarming to everyone. when you look at who particip e participates in the alt right movement, they are incredibly technically savvy and know how to use the internet and how to create a war on individuals with an opposite opinion and have done it to women and reporters and the sense they were not mainstream was not political, when folks started hearing about the gamer gate, going after women gamers and incredibly misogynistic and sexist and more
8:59 pm
akin to those than we've seen in history. >> do they have electoral ambitions or do they realize what a small group they are? >> steve bannon refers to trump as the blunt instrument who may not necessarily know what his purpose is but they are using him as an instrument to take over and destroy the republican party in its current incarnation and replace all the establishment leadership and divide and conquer. it is a movement, a petrifying one and something republicans and democrats need to all be united combatting. the way this racism and misogyny start creeping back into the conversation is scary. >> we have to leave it there in our extended version of "the last word." thanks to everyone here and everyone else who joined us at this table tonight. people have been coming and
9:00 pm
going. that's it. rachel maddow is up next. >> it is i have had the opportunity on this show this year to interview democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton a handful of times. i've not yet had the pleasure of interviewing republican presidential candidate donald trump. i live in hope that that interview will happen here and sometime soon, but in the meantime, i'm very excited to say that i've got what i think of as the next best thing. we are joined tonight for the interview by donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. thanks so much for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> i have to ask you, if it's a hard decision to do a show like this with liberal comy pinko like me. or do you guys -- >> i've never described you that way. no, it's a pleasure.


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