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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that does it. follow us on facebook and twitter. craig is up next. >> andrea mitchell in the flesh. great to see you. >> thanks for being here. donald trump speaking in new hampshire. today trump continues trying to move the needle on minority voters or at least convince his mostly white supporters he is not racist. we'll have more on that in a minute. team clinton coming at trump today. >> a lot of what he believes we believe in. donald trump would be best for the job.
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>> for president? >> yeah. >> i am overjoyed to see donald trump and most americans embrace most of the issues that have championed for years. >> those come less than a day after trump used his strongest language and label to date for hillary clint hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> reports this afternoon covering how both major party presidential campaigns are tackling immigration and race. today we start with hallie jackson also here in the flesh. >> hi, pal. >> yeah, let's start with these ads. >> okay.
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hillary clinton is saying donald trump's are bigoted. this new ad from the super pac very sort of dramatic. the trump campaign pushing back on that. >> what does it tell you? >> it tells me they are paying attention. they want to nip this in the bud. the other interesting part is from barnes. >> right. i call him his height man. >> he knows how to use his voice and he is behind this statement that is out from the trump team. he also spoke from the trump tower 10 to 15 minutes ago. i want you to play this sound bite. i think we have it cut, listen. >> she can get media to focus on
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the facts that these groups of the kkk are supporting donald trump. how in the world can you support who controls you? can hillary clinton support black lives matter who supported her but now to my understanding aren't supporting her? >> it is over the last seven or eight days making this outreach specifically trying to have these discussions with the african american community. he is telling us he will be out there walking with ben car saso. >> interacting with members of the african american community. >> i want to ask you about change of heart or whatever you want to call it. take a listen.
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>> they will pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty. there's no amnesty. >> right. >> essentially talking about a path to citizenship, a change, a departure from six or nine months ago where he was talking about deportation forces. is this also a response to something or is this like a legitimate change of heart? >> that's a fair question. let's start with defining what is donald trump doing? is this a flip-flop? modification? it sound like a foot legalization. he said families have got go. they have got to go. now he is saying, well, it's difficult for them.
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talking about back taxes but it is very different. here is why i think they would say it's not a flip flop because i guess it hasn't changed technically. he is sort of weighing in. it is raising a lot of eyebrows. yell, clap if you want to change this policy. i will tell you, republicans say we are glad he is doing this but it's a welcomed change. >> all right. good the see you in the flesh. thanks. >> thank you. and again, we are expecting donald trump to speak any moment now. it looks like the masses have assembled there, good sir. what can we expect to hear from mr. trump today? >> reporter: we can expect more of the same, a targeted message to snominority voters. a lot that we have seen, again, we see prompters on the stage.
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i want to bring in a couple of voters. this is carlos. we want to ask you about trump's direct appeal to minority voters as an undecided voter. how does it play to you? >> recently there has been a little bit of criticism that trump's message is a little bit harsh. the thing i like is he doesn't do things the way they have been done. he doesn't follow the establishment. i came out to hear the tone of his message and see if it feels genuine or not. >> if it feels genuine? >> yes. the way he stated it, it is a little inflammatory. he certainly spoke to percentages. >> you're skeptical about it? >> i'm open minded.
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>> open minded. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: you hear this direct appeal bharks do you think? >> i wish the minorities would really listen to trump and understand that he son their side. i think too often because of his very strong tone they take him off of his word. he looks at us all as one. he really wants to help the african americans. they have lost jobs so severely under this obama administration. it would be wonderful to see a person like trump who wants to bring back jobs to those inner cities where they are losing zwr jobs, he wants to create jobs for the inner city people. >> reporter: thank you. carlos is open minded though a bit skeptical. he wants to hear it personally. >> remember when we we talked to voters at these rallies.
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thanks for giving us incite here is a portion of donald trump's charge that she is a quote bigot. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream. he brought it into his campaign. he is bringing it to our community and our country. >> we have a reporter for the new york times. thank you both for being with me. victoria, let me start with you there in the lone star state. what's the logic behind calling hillary clinton a bigot? well, here we see he is looking at the poll numbers and realizing he needs a play for poll voters. he needs to increase with black voters. she at about 8%.
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he is trying to go on the offensive and defensive so he can attack hillary clinton but that to me is just red meat for his base. he is going to need to go out into the overview spaces where we are. the meeting he had this morning is a good first step. he has a lot of ground to make up. let's look at the clintons in general. they don't just go back to bill clinton's presidency but hillary clinton was block walking in texas in the 1970s with the latino community. there's a lot of ground to make up for thhim. >> that's one theory. the other theory is that perhaps donald trump -- now, granted he has said he could easily get 95%
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of the black vote but perhaps part of the mote vaivation is t convince white voters. i'm not a bigot. is the motivation reaching these voter or does he think he can get hispanic voters to come around? >> i think his campaign managers, they think they can probably -- it is to really kind of embrace his message. donald trump is not going into african american communities. he has not held one single event in an african american community. he is up against hillary clinton who has gone to black churches and tours of black american communities and really embedded herself in the african american
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community. to be realistic about getting the voters to go to him he will need to go to those spaces. bernie sanders was not ready in a lot of ways. he still showed up to those churches. he was kind of rejected but he still did it because that's the way you really go after those voters. i can't imagine they are sitting in crowds. he is talking about african american voters. he is telling them hey, i want to talk about these people but this is me kind of saying i can talk about them. >> what did the campaign say about why he has not gone into some of these urban areas, black churches, black stores. did they say anything? >> i have asked that question several times. they told me there is two things. one is in the primaries he was really going after the idea there is one human race. he wasn't going to go and pandor
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to specific groups. they have been told that he doesn't have the time of the events. >> thank you. big well to you in texas. steve cortez is a surrogate. thanks, as always for your time as well, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to play a piece of sound here. i spent some time here talking to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce take a listen. >> i think he is a manipulator. racism is nothing more than
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ignorance. he is try to go manipulate the community. he cannot unring the bell. he started his campaign it is too late and this is way too little. it is not going to change anything. >> what sent you to that, steve? >> i clearly disagree i think what trump is doing is great the way he is reaching out to people of color. he is saying you have been taken for granted and it has gone on for decades. blacks and hispanics have seen their incomes decline. they are not participating in recovery. hispanic household wealth is only one tenth of white household health. it is primarily in cities has been dominated by democrats my entire life. they are simply not working for these communities.
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when it comes to politics donald trump has a vision for economic growth including brown and black people. >>. >> when he gave that speech i bee it was the speech why not go to inner cities like detroit? why not go to black churches? why not take the message to the people? >> it is a fair question. i think the answer is two-fold. the folks that show up at his rallies right now are white. we have work to do here, clearly. >> there are 75 days left. >> but the second part is he is going to. i know that we are absolutely getting those kinds of things on the calendar. i would love to take him to 18th
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street, the main mexican main street of chicago and see the hopes and needs and elsewhere it does not get many votes. we are going to try to change that. >> gone now is the talk of depofration forces. that talk has been replaced. >> this is an important distincti distinction. donald trump has been consistent that the border must be secured. it's not fair to our legal citizens and legal immigrants and it's certainly not secure. we must secure the border. he has been steadfast on this, citizenship is not negotiable.
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there will be no amnesty. there is a lot with mass deportation on the polar opposite hand. >> far long time -- >> and what's behind -- what was this change, whether it is change in policy or change in rhetoric? >> he announced he is considering all of this. that's not a flip-flop. that's saying i am willing to change and consider and massage my position on this. i think that's what a strong leader does. i think, look, mass deportation is morally and lodgisticly impossible. what i think he will come up with is a situation where those who have been here legally it is
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not citizenship but it is a process with background cheks and pay a penalty. i think that's where he is going to end up. >> thanks. previewing what will be a trump speech. thank you so much. i appreciate your time, sir. the gloves are off. hillary clinton unleashing a harsh assault, today firing back at his accusations and bigotry, why tieing him to the so called alt-right. embracing trump and embracing some of his rhetoric as well. today a look at the my vo microsoft polls question. there is the question. give us your thoughts. pulse point
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75 day to go until the election. a look at the podium in manchester, new hampshire. donald trump's latest line of attacks calling her a bigot all the while aggressively courting minority voters. clinton fiering back accused of letting right wing nagtallists and bringing a hate movement main street. we are live covering the clinton campaign. this is out with a blistering video linking donald trump. take a look, take a listen. >> running against donald trump at this point is really treason to your heritage.
10:22 am
>> will you condemn david duke and say you don't want that support of david duke or white supremists. >> i don't know anything about white supremacists, so i don't know. >> is this what we can expect? >> reporter: yes. we can expect her to focus on this. it came up in large part because of steve bannon and a web site that he has controlled that has some members in this alt-right movement involved with it. this of course is a pretty difficult place. it is a victim of some of these web sites. he is jewish, came out against donald trump and found himself suggested to imagery that showed his face and a gas chamber. it is really difficult things that gives you a sense of what you might find. the clinton campaign wants to
10:23 am
make more people aware of this. that's what she is going to try to do here at this event in reno when she makes this speech. she will label much of his rhetoric as such. one of her spokes people tweeting this is simply fair game because it is things he or his supporters have said on the record. >> kasie hunt is there. is that 3:00 eastern or 3:00 local, kasie? >> reporter: 3:00 eastern time. i'm terrible at time zones. >> that's because you spend your time at six or seven time zones.
10:24 am
>> reporter: where am i at tonight? mark murray joins us today. which is the word of the day, alt-right. far lot of folks this may be the first time they have heard it. what does the term mean? >> yeah, it is shorthand for alternative right. it was first coined by a man several years ago named richard spencer. when they posed the question to journalists who covered the movement for simple definitions one is these are people who are white nationalists. another had to do with these are mainly running against the anti-establishment. these are people against mass may grags and multi-culturism.
10:25 am
while it would be incorrect. >> is what she is doing now, is this in direct response to trump's overtures aimed at minority communities? >>. >> reporter: it is two-fold. it comes a week after donald trump has started to make appeal to african americans and latinos. it was exactly what kasie hunt ended up talking about. the ceo, one of the head of bright bart became the coe of the trump dam pain.
10:26 am
we heard hillary clinton tie bannon and his position in the trump campaign. >> before i let you get out of here i want to talk about this flip-flop on immigration or change of heart, whatever we are calling, but there has clearly been a change. who is he trying to appeal to here? >> yeah, i am having a hard time understanding. could it be a total change in strate strategy? it could be a result of latinos who were concerned about the rhetoric and wanted to have kind of a change and whether this is the product of this. i think while we don't have a concrete new policy he has
10:27 am
embraced rhetoric from the jeb bushes and rubio to a lesser extent on what it means to have a legal status. donald trump adepartmented this is a really striking change. >> mark murray for us. thank you. >> thanks. we have breaking news to pass along. more troubles for ryan lochte. he will be summoned to attend a criminal hearing in brazil now over the altercation at a rio gas station back on august 14th. a formal summons is expected to be sent to the united states asking for help in bringing lochte to brazil. if he does not show up the process will continue where he could be charged by the public
10:28 am
prosecutor and likely convicted in brazil. the breaking news this afternoon, ryan lochte will be summoned in brazil over what went down at that gas station. overseas, a race against time. rescuers desperately searching for sur voof vvivors after that earthquake that left more than 250 people dead. we'll go live to the epicenter of the quake. >> donald trump taking the stage in manchester, new champ shiham. when that happens we'll go there live as well. a car,
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cln versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. my mi'm never going backan to a manual brush. the death toll has gone up once again in central itlaly.
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some 365 have been hurt and 250 killed as a result of the earthquake. we still do not know precisely how many people are missing. more aftershocks are being felt in this particular part of central italy making rescue efforts even more difficult. one was a 5.2 magnitude shock. despite the dangerous conditions, stories of survival continue to emerge. you can see a ten-year-old girl rescued and rushed to the hobt and still alive after some 17 hours. my understanding is that you have seen one of these aftershocks. have there been others since that one?
10:33 am
>> it was a terrifying experience. you literally people were holding onto one another. there was a massive plume of dust and smoke over one of the main search and rescue operations where a hotel had collapsed. no one was injured there but it serves to underline how difficult and dangerous this operation is. we do know that officials are expected to continue those search and rescue efforts through the night but craig, at this point, nearly 40 hours since the initial quake hit survival is getting harder and harder. we did speak to local residents here. most have been evacuated from the town and put in temporary tents and temporary shelters. those have been reserved for older people and those with
10:34 am
families. the weather here they have the food, water and supplies but what will happen when winter comes to this region. the big question is what is going to happen after the rescue teams leave? what will happen a year later? that remains to be the question. back here donald trump set to take the stage this hour in new hampshire, getting hammered by some of his own party for what can be described i guess as an evolution on immigration to a certain expetent. here is our question of the day.
10:35 am
will gop voters continue to support donald trump now that he has flip-flopped on his immigration policy? here are the results. 72% say no. the pulse remains live. pul pulse. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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thiswell we thought geench programmed machines to talk. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally. hello? they don talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. he looks a little ticked off now. more trouble for ryan lochte. he is summoned to attend a criminal hearing over the altercation at a gas station in rio on august 14th. they are expected to ask the united states for help getting lochte back to brazil. this is a bit of a bizarre turn of events one would think.
10:39 am
the guy apologizes. there were a couple of apologies. i think a lot of folks thought it was over and brazil saying not so fast. >> that's right. they are confirming they are move forward with this process. they summoning him, going through normal international procedures saying if he doesn't do so he will be found guilty and then there would be an attempt to get him in there. let's get to the bottom line. i can't tell you what ryan and his lawyers are doing. i can tell you there isn't a good lawyer in the country that would tell him to go back to brazil right now. >> so this is spectacle? >> it is on ton brazilian side at least with the police involved in this matter a desire to keep it going. why? i don't want to speculate on that. that have originally said they felt very concerned about what
10:40 am
they viewed as improper statements, misleading statements. it can be criminal when you make false accounts. here we are a ways away from the olympics. look, there is what the law sed and what happens. lochte has had a lot of accountability but you have local authorities saying they want more and they want to get more. the question would be whether he ever steps foot back in brazil. >> any chance at extradition? any chance that brazilians ask the united states government to send him back? >> i don't want to make light as a story that is as important as every other story but i feel like you might be asking a question where you know the answer. i'm not minimizing anything. there were important pieces here. this type of situation and the
10:41 am
alleged crimes that are implicated hereinwou would not normally rise to an extradition-level event. >> it could be that the government is embarrassed and rang rhode isla angry. >> yes. and others can weigh in on and evaluate. we are past the point of getting to the bottom of it and playing out in a way that would seem no say they want more out of ryan lochte or some how show he is m.i.a. and unwilling to participate fully. they would say there was many attempts later at least to try to cooperate and they would argue that cooperation has occurred. >> it is good having you around. >> it's why i'm here. thank you for having me. >> i'm glad we have you in our pocket. when we return here on msnbc
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live, governor mike pence there returning to tour neighborhoods in the central part of his state. many of those neighborhoods ravaged by a series of tornados that touched down and surprised a lot of folks this time yesterday, some amazing stories of survival from people who were stuck in the bulls eye including people huddled in a starbucks bathroom as the rest of the coffee shop literally crumb led around them. >> when we pulled occupy up we had to walk back in here. found a blessing and the house is still standing with minor damage and you look down the street and wonder how that happened. that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. the republican nominee running a bit late on this
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thursday. m donald trump expected toho hold rally any moment now. it was expected to start at 1:00 eastern. when it starts we'll send it to you as trump ramps up his attacks. she is tieing him to white supremacists. that is later today on that matter in nevada she is expected to take the stage around 3:00 eastern time. ely, given the type of rhetoric we are hearing on race now what do you surmise we'll hear from hillary clinton this afternoon in nevada? >> i think she will try to remind the country of all of the things donald trump has been saying for the last 14 months since launching his campaign to
10:47 am
basically make sure he is held to account for all of the statements that offended minorities. the reason his negatives are so high, he has been talking for 14 months. he is trying in the past week to wiggle out of the straight jacket he put himself in with minorities. hillary clinton is trying to make sure that straight jacket is tight and to reenforce the negatives that he already has. the race is pretty set in at this point and i think she is trying to keep it there. >> you have been talking to some of your sources about this immigration change of heart so to speak. if not a change of heart certain lay change in rhetoric being used to describe the position. what are they telling you abiliabout what's behind trump? is it something he thinks will help him one over guys that look like you? >> when you talk to republicans
10:48 am
they will say maybe he can make a difference but it really comes down to white voters. there is a saying you campaign in harlem to get votes in we westchester. it is so moderate white voters will not be so ashamed to vote for you. this is something that trump is very concerned about, this racist label that has been applied to him. he wants to shake this off and he thinks this is one way to do it. >> ely, this label has managed to engender him with a lot of voters. this is the guy that rose to the top of the republican primary heat. when you soften your image a bit do you do it at the risk of losing your base? >> possibly. i think that donald trump's base is probably going to stick with
10:49 am
him. you know, it's difficult. there are very few policy positions he articulated. immigration is at the top of that very short list. for him to suddenly be trying to muddle that, it makes him look incredibly political as this race is coming down to the wire. >> how is this going to play out? are we going to continue to see donald trump -- we had a guest saying we'll see donald trump in black churches, walking the streets of south side chichlago. can you imagine that? if anything else it will make for nice pictures and comments. >> it is great political theater, right? i don't know if it will move that many votes. >> you do have to wonder, your rubio supporters, jeb bush supporters, you have to wonder, what are they thinking?
10:50 am
>> i can't tell you how many others who are tearing their hair out over the fact that trump is now basically mimicked their immigration plans that he killed them for in the primaries. >> primaries. >> mocked them to their faces in these debates and a few months pass and he thinks it's not such a bad idea after all. what's more shocking is the campaign will not say that it's a flip-flop or change of heart. the campaign maintains this has been and works all along. >> i mean we're past that point where words really have the meaning that it the dictionary says they do. trump is making a muddle of his immigration position is and to hope that people just see whatever they want to see. when he's saying my policy is strong, no amnesty ands a pouzing the position suddenly that he was criticizing coming out of the mouths of ted cruz,
10:51 am
it's stupid if iing us those keep iing score. they are not a believable shift. >> two solid scorekeepers with us this afternoon. thank you, gentlemen. i appreciate you. when we return here, an hour's long terrifying attack on an american university in afghanistan. the death toll there also climbing today. our richard engel is here with the latest on what's happening in afghanistan. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere.evera no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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now to wednesday's deadly attack on the american university of afghanistan in kabul. 48 people were killed, excuse me 14 were killed and 48 were hurt. a group of gunmen detonated a car with explosive. the state department says no american citizens at that university were among the fatalities. the president called the assault a terrorist attack. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is here. you say this could have been
10:55 am
worse. >> you hate to say it because it was a terrible incident, but every time there's one of these mass shootings in the u.s. or other kocountries the next day sometimes even the same day you learn about the details and how it went down. in this case, as we have been speaking to survivors, you hear it could have been a lot worse because there were three attackers. the first one died in a suicide car bombing that allowed the breach of the facility. the other two gunmen stormed in and started firing. then they tried to get into the classrooms and it was one room in particular with 40 students inside and they had piled their chairs, their decks up in front of the door and people inside could hear the gunmen shaking at the door and they couldn't get in. within the first hour of the assault, one of the gunmen was killed. they didn't manage to get into any of the classrooms where about 150 students, staff and
10:56 am
faculty were holed up. then the second gunmen after he was left on his own barricaded himself up at the top of the staircase and set up an ambush position and because he was at the top of the staircase, he was a pretty good position to shoot the security officers and managed to kill three security officers who were trying to come up the staircase to capture and kill him. then eventually after ten hours the assault was over. so a terrible incident, but you can imagine had they been able to get into some of these classrooms, it would have been very different. >> richard engel with some more details on what went down yesterday in afghanistan, thank you. we will be right back. you push and pull and struggle and fight and love to run your business. and when you need legal help with that business, we're here for you. we're legalzoom. and over the last 10 years
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11:00 am
roberts. >> great to see you. we inherit donald trump are from you because he has not taken to the microphones yet. we are going to take you to that live image. this is a live look at the podium all set up. donald trump is expected to keep on a scripted message. one that will include the pitch to the african-american and hispanic communities that we have heard before trying to get him elected with that minority outreach. that has been met with skepticism and hillary clinton is betting she can drive that wedge a bit deeper. >>. a lot of klan member members like donald trump. donald trump would be best for the job. >> for president? >> yeah. >> a portion of the clinton campaign video that's out now. in less than an hour, hillary clinton is expected to tao


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