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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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campaign. >> clinton's interview follows that point by point denunciation of trump's ties to white nationalism thursday trump once again calling clinton a bigot, a charge that the party's top communications official would not back during an interview right here on msnbc. >> do you think hillary clinton's a bigot? >> no, i mean, i think some of the policies that she supported have not helped the african american, but i think anybody who knows me, i just don't tend to use certain words. but again, i'm not -- so that's not something that i might personally say, no. >> kasie hunt, hallie jackson joining me here. here's the thing, kasie, it would seem that hillary clinton could have easily painted the entire party with trump's comments. but she didn't. she chose to just focus on donald trump. why? >> well, it's a switch for the
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clintons first of all who have been very focussed on republicans for decades, and it's different from what other democrats are doing. democratwho are running for the house, the senate, trying to tie them to donald trump. for hillary clinton, the goal here to win the white house, she wants to appeal to the republicans, moderate republicans, swing voters, independents, suburban women. people who when i talk to my sources, they say we to want normalize people who voted republicans their whole lives voting far democrat. somebody in ohio who, you know, maybe they feel like my god, i voted republican my whole life, i can't vote for a democrat, what will my neighbors think? they want to say, it's okay, voting against donald trump not the same thing. and you can still be a republican and vote for hillary clinton. >> so it's the validation factor, i've heard that from people on the republican side, these never-trumpers, listen, because you go, somebody's names, nobody knows who they are. they'll support hillary clinton, but it's what you're talking about. this idea that it could validate for some of these long-time republicans the idea of not voting for somebody on their
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ticket they have for years and years. >> you know how it can be in your neighborhood, all my neighbors, always voted republican, i can't imagine i would do anything else, the hillary clinton team is trying to get to those people. >> one of the things that's been striking over the last 48 hours, the silence has been deafing. and whether it's e-mail -- republicans have been going after hillary clinton for the better part of the last year, some of this stuff, but with regard to the bigotry, crickets, why is that? why hasn't been been at least one prominent republican who's said, donald trump's he's got something here. no one's saying that? >> it's not crickets when you look at the statements from mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, they didn't watch the speech. they didn't see it. >> i'm sure no one has forwarded a copy of them or sent them a link to it. >> providing you the information which is provided to us. your question speaks to the why factor. i think that is a question -- listen, you know when congress comes back into session, these
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republicans are going to be facing questions on capitol hill about this. they're going to face about these comments that donald trump has knead while they have been in recess. some of them we catch up with on the road or at home, but they will billion pressed about this. and that question, you saw stephanie rule ask sean spicer, you've seen a lot of people press republicans on is hillary clinton is bigot? republicans will get this question for weeks to come. >> let's talk immigration here, kasie hunt, the confusion continues here. i want to play some of the varying answers that the trump team has given about deportation. we'll start with his last comment. here is our sound montage, if you will. >> well l that plan include a deportation force? >> to be a determined. >> there's no amnesty. >> right. >> but we work with them. >> if you haven't committed a crime and been here for 15 years and you have a family here, job here, will you be deported? >> we're going to see what happens once we strengthen up our border, but there is a very
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good chance the answer could be yes, we're going to see what happens. >> we talked a few hours ago, has anything changed? do we know more about where the trump campaign stands on immigration reform? >> it's the triple flip. i think you've got to go with whatever trump last said. >> correct me if i'm wrong, last -- but we should note here sean spicer during that same interview, sean said that they would deport 11 million people and then some of them would come back after this extreme vetting process. is that the latest it ration of -- >> sure, but there are questions about what policy looks like. what does extreme vetting mean? what does that constitute? what does that policy mean? donald trump is doing what he's done often which is promising more details to come. he is saying that in the next week to two weeks, this is what he's saying, he will give and his campaign, he will be giving a speech flushing out the details of these policies. let's see. >> look, i think clearly somebody inside trump's circle has convinced him of what the republican party has been arguing for the last four years. which is that, you have to bring
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in more voters if you have any hope of winning the white house. so, that's finally gotten throw him. the question i think is whether he has -- far politician like donald trump, not a politician, he's a personality, he's instinctively understand, right, does the perception that he is trying to make a political calculation here ultimately hurt him? i think for people that are paying attention this back and forth is something that goes against his brand. >> i've got to cut you off. >> you have an hour at 8:00. >> can we keep talking? >> hillary clinton continuing her offensive on donald trump during that exclusive interview with "morning joe," she doubled down on connecting trump to far right extremists, take a look, take a listen. >> madame secretary, thanks for being with us. i think everybody around the set this morning as concluded, it was remarkable speech yesterday, but equally remarkable to us is the fact that donald trump, who contributed to your campaign and said wonderful thijs about you
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not so long ago is now calling ewe bigot, you went to his wedding. you said he's a fun guy. but now, you're talking about him stoking the flames of racism. do you think donald trump is personally a bigot or a racist? because he said you are. >> well, joe, all i can do is point to the evidence at what he has said and what he has done, and from the start, he has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia, and it's deeply disturbing that he is taking hate groups that lived in the dark regions of the internet, making them mainstream, helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. he's questioned the citizenship of president obama, he has a disturbing pattern of courting white supremacists, he's been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, he's attacked a judge for his
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mexican heritage. he's promised a mass deportation force, and what i want to make clear is this, a man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories, drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and these kind of white supremacist, white nationalist, anti-semitic groups should never run our government or command our military. if he doesn't respect all americans, how can he serve all americans? >> is that a message that you're giving, that you're sending out to republicans as well as independent voters? because many people believe that you were not trying to reach over and tell republicans, hey, you know what, you've got a choice. i'm going to be a uniter, i'm going to work with republicans with as well as democrats, you don't have to vote for this guy. >> absolutely, joe. i am reaching out to everyone,
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republicans, democrats, independents, everyone who is as troubled as i am by the bigotry and divisiveness of donald trump's campaign. and i've said repeatedly, this is not a normal choice between a republican and a democrat. we're not just discussing our differing views on tax policy or anything else of importance, we are facing a divisive candidate whose loose cannon temper meant and his complete lack of preparation make him unqualified to be president and temper mentally fit to be commander in chief. i'm sure as you noticed in the speech yesterday, i did mention, by name, three republicans, bob dole, george w. bush, john mccain, i have had my differences with them, but i respect each one of them. i called out to bob dole for
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what he said in his acceptance speech that all racist should take the exit that he pointed to the doors. i am still incredibly grateful that george w. bush went to that mosque after 9/11 and talked about how american muslims are citizens as well as everybody else. and john mccain, when confronted with the attacks on president obama's birth and his religion, you know, basically said, wait a minute, he's an american citizen, he's a decent person, we can have lots of disagreements, there's no, no reason not to, we're trying to solve some difficult problems. and make sure that the economy works for everybody, not just those at the top and we defeat terrorism and we, you know, leave the world with strength and steadiness and unify our country. there's all kind of ground for people to be saying hey, i think i've got a better idea about how to do that, but that's not the
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campaign that donald trump has been running. and i am reaching out and asking fair-minded americans to repudiate this kind of divisive demagoguery. >> madame secretary, you know, in every campaign there's a defining moment, i remember in '92 it was your husband up in new hampshire, of course, barack obama's speech on race in 2008 was seen as a significant moment. do you think yesterday's speech that you gave in your opinion, to a lot of americans, may be a defining moment, a turning point in this campaign when talking about what is at stake for the american people in our future? >> well, joe, i hope that a lot of americans we listening because it is an important moment to tell the truth about what's going on. i gave a serious speech yesterday, quoting the exact
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words donald trump says and the exact positions he's taken over time. i think raises questions and should be troubling to everyone and it's dangerous that during the republican primary, the candidates running against him were never able to engage and explain effectively to the republican primary voters what they were getting. what they were voting for. but the stakes are so high and i think what we've seen from, from trump is so disturbing, it's dangerous, because we saw, for example, david duke yesterday say that his white nationalist movement is in a growing phase and donald trump is essential to it. imagine that. he's retweeted a white supremacist with a few dozen followers to spread his message to 11 million people -- >> it's incredible.
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>> i quoted one of my favorite american poets and personalities, personas, mya angelo when she said when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. donald trump has shown us who he is and i think we should believe him. >> could the clinton foundation hurt her chances of becoming president? mica asks her that coming up. also how are republicans reacting to hillary clinton's assertion that donald trump has a quote, long history of racial discrimination. we'll ask ted cruz's former campaign spokesman on the other side of this break. that also brings us to today's microsoft pulse question, here it is, hillary clinton stop short of calling donald trump a racist on "morning joe." do you think his comments throughout the campaign make him a racist? that's the question. the pulse is live. here i am... building a jet engine. we've been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, so you can see our confusion.
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war of words heating up with just 74 days to go now until the election. hillary clinton striking back against donald trump in that exclusive and slamming trump on spreading what she calls is a racist ideology. i'm joined now by msnbc political analyst rick tyler, that has to seem like such a long time ago, i would imagine. >> it was only six months ago. >> i know. let's talk about, we just heard there before the commercial break, she's clearly not backing down from these attacks linking trump to white nationalists, what do you make what you just heard from the former secretary of state? >> well look, i think steve bannon opened this door because he was the former publisher of
10:17 am
breitbart and breitbart, dabbles a little bit on the alt-right. it's more like european nationalists. they have some elements of white supremacist racist, anti-semitics. i wouldn't say that breitbart fits into that category exactly. what hillary needs to be careful of here though is if she's trying to attract republicans and it does seem like she's trying to. she and her party have not used, not used too broad of a brush and hillary clinton thinks that all republicans and conservatives in particular are racist. >> but i feel like it would seem as if, so far, they've gone out of their way not to do that. they've gone out of their way to paint donald trump and his proposed policies as bigoted or racist. >> well, and you saw that where she was asked directly several times, whether she thought donald trump was a racist, where donald trump directly called her
10:18 am
a bigot. and she demured. so what's interesting, craig, there seems to be this, we talk about this enthusiasm gap that is donald trump has enthusiasm and hillary clinton doesn't, but, you know, the poll that came out last night shows the opposite. hillary supporters actually have more people who like her than donald trump does by about seven points. and about 64% of hillary supporters actually are supporting her because they oppose donald trump and only about 47% of trump supporters actually oppose hillary clinton. so, it's kind of -- it's kientd of a reverse people keep saying, maybe there's this big group of people that are going to come out and vote for donald trump, the pollster rs can't find, but they don't appear to be there. >> rick, why not continue to hammer her on the e-mails or continue to hammer her on the relationship with the clinton foundation? why would donald trump decide that it's a good idea to go after hillary clinton on matters
10:19 am
of race? >> i have no idea because you can't win this one. i mean, if the question is, and look, everybody wants the central question going into the polling place, you know, ronald reagan better off four years ago than you were today, hillary clinton's is, can you trust donald trump with the nuclear codes? and donald trump's is, she's too corrupt and dishonest to be president. so, that's the two sides of the coin and whoever wins their side of the argument is likely to be president. so instead of going down this, you know, sort of rabbit hole of a topic that he is not going to win, there's no scenario in which donald trump picks up enough african american voters to defeat hillary clinton or likewise hispanics, but people do believe that hillary clinton has been less than forthcoming about her e-mails. her e-mail servers, her lawyers are very -- her answers are very lawyerly, and they distrust her. and donald trump should keep hammering away on that. instead we're off into another
10:20 am
rabbit hole that's taken him away. >> we didn't get to the talk about immigration. enjoy your weekend though. >> thank you, craig. accusations of bigotry and racism between the the two campaigns, making for a presidential race that is in so many ways has been unlike any other in modern political history. how will voters respond to these charges? we'll talk about that next. i wodon't know where i'd be witho itcare so when i heard about con-artists
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the perfect kid-friendly hotel. simple to book which is great for families. finally! whatever captain obvious. save up to 50% during the labor day sale. and get an extra 10% off with promo code lastchance. we are facing a divisive candidate whose loose cannon temperment and complete lack of preparation make him unqualified to be president and temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. >> hillary clinton on "morning joe" saying that trump is unfit to command. that exclusive happening this morning. sean jackson is chairman of the black republican caucus, maria is ceo of vote latino, also an
10:24 am
msnbc contributor. big thanks to both of you for joini ining me on a friday afternoon. sean, let me start with you in the sunshine state. donald trump posting a new video on instagram attacking hillary clinton's super predator comments, he posted a few hours ago he posted this video. take a look, take a listen. >> they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators. no conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel. >> you called out president clinton for defending secretary clinton's use of the term, super predator back in the '90s when she is supported the crime bill. why did you call them out? >> because it was a racist term and everybody knew it was a racist term. >> no conscience. it's a very well thought out crime bill that is smart and tough. no empathy. >> you called black youth super predators in '94. please plain for the record. >> because it was a racist term and everybody knew it was a
10:25 am
racist term. >> again, trump posting this ad on the heels of calling her a bigot in nevada. doubling down on it last night in that interview with anderson cooper. sean, the longer we talk about matters of race and bigotry and things -- who benefits from that? which candidate? >> you know, i'll be honest with you, sadly i don't think that any person in america benefits from having such a divisive conversation about race and bigotry. however, it's also hard to negate the fact that secretary clinton over the past 27 years of her career has, in fact, said derogatory things and done derogatory things that could be portrayed as bigotry. secretary clinton, you heard just for yourself a moment ago, use those precise words out of her own mouth, calling african american men super predators. >> to be clear, to be clear, not all african american men. are you saying, are you also saying that hillary clinton's the bigot?
10:26 am
>> you know what, i won't say that i -- i won't say that i would use the precise word bigotry -- >> why would donald trump call her a bigot? >> so look, the fact of the matter is i can't speak for as to why mr. trump would use specific words and terms. however what i can say is that the actions that secretary clinton has performed over the course of her 27 years and politics has in fact portrayed that of bigotry. so again, i wouldn't use the word myself per se, however, her actions do line up with that of bigotry. >> besides using the term super predator, for which she regrets using that term. what else has she said or done during that time that could be construed as bigotry? >> when secretary clinton was first lady and her husband president bill clinton was serving in the white house, they co-drafted a piece of legislation that has single handedly incarcerated and a lot of instances falsely incarcerated more young black men than any other law in the
10:27 am
history of our nation. and she, again and again and again, apologizes saying she wish she would have done it differently supported it differently or found ways to change a particular areas of that legislation, but you know, a lot of people forget the fact that secretary clinton was in fact a junior senator for new york, for eight years, and then senator clinton had the opportunity to counteract that law with legislation, and she had the opportunity to draft legislation that could have reversed that law, but she did not. so that itself, as well as another perfect example of -- pardon me. >> i thought you were wrapping up, i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i was simply saying that was another example that she has aligned with gotry. >> i want to pivot here and talk immigration here for a second. and i want to play for our listeners and viewers donald trump talking about his immigration proposal over the past few days. here it is. >> you use the word softening, last night on hannity you talked
10:28 am
about -- >> i don't think it's a softening -- >> but 11 million people are not being deported. >> it's a hard png. >> softening, hardening, we are expecting to hear from him next week in arizona where we're thinking we're going to get more details about this plan. what do you think comes out of the speech next week in arizona? do we get a clear cut proposal from the trump campaign on immigration? >> you're assuming we've gotten a proposal on anything. and i think that's a simple no. if he had the chance to catch any of the fox and hannity town hall they did with trump, he was doing his polling live with the audience of how they felt on immigration. should they stay, should they go, it almost felt like we were bringing jerry springer back, and that is what the politics have been. let's go backhi idea that hill have i really creating -- is a racist and a bigot. let's put that aside and see what's happening as a cause of what donald trump is actually saying. the southern poverty law center came out and said that schools are at a high tension because
10:29 am
young latinos and young muslim-americans are fearful when they go to school because the amount of bullying that's happening because, directly connected to the donald trump language is out of control. we had two men in boston recently that basically were convicted for beating up a homeless latino man who said they were inspired by trump. and trump all he said was, my folks are a bit passionate. this is not an election as usual. the idea that you can actually starkly put one candidate against the next and say they are on the same playing sfeeld not the case. the tension that is happening right now local communities is very real and most is driven by anti-immigrant rhetoric and my concern is that whoever wins this election, that those communities at the end of the day are going to still have to live together and they're going to have to figure out thousand heal with each other. >> always good have you on. wish we had more time. thank you. sean, i hope you come back, sir, thank you for your time as well. sean jackson in florida. >> thank you for having me, appreciate it. when we return, too old to
10:30 am
serve? the woman challenging john mccain for senate seat in arizona suggesting that the soon to be 80-year-old senator might not serve, might not survive, i should say, another term if he's elected. >> john mccain has fallen down on the job, he's gotten weak, old, i adopt to wish him a happy birthday. he's going to be 80 on monday. and i want to give him the best birthday present ever, the gift of retirement. i'm a physician, i see the siz logical changes that happen in normal ageing in patients again and again and again over the last 20, 25 years. i do know what happens to the body and the mind. >> so you're diagnosing. you feel comfortable diagnosing him on air like this? >> diagnosing him as an 80-year-old man, yes, i do. >> we'll ask kelli ward about those controversial comments straight ahead. first, let's see how you've been reacting to the microsoft pulse question right there. hillary clinton stopping short of calling trump a racist on "morning joe."
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on monday, senator john mccain turns 80 years old. his republican primary opponent this election cycle has turned the arizona senator's age into an attack line. kelli ward is her name, she joins me now from arizona. kelli, thanks so much for being with me. why go there? you're not his doctor. i don't think you probably know a great deal about his health, so why bother going there? >> well, you know, i just wished him a happy birthday. his birthday will be on monday. he will turn 80 years old. and i want to give him the best gift ever, the gift of retirement. he definitely deserves it. >> that's actually not precisely what you said. you suggested that he was not going to serve the remainder of his term in the senate because of his age. that's an accurate
10:35 am
characterization of what you said. >> when i talked to politico, i said that the life expectancy is not 86 years old. it's 76. >> you are at last check down by about 26 points there in the polls in arizona. is this the hail mary? is this -- is this an act by a desperate candidate? >> oh, the desperation comes from the mccain campaign. you know, he's putting out bogus polls hoping that my voters are disappointed and not show up at the polls. they will show up. there's many, many signs of desperation from the mccain campaign. they've gone so far as to equate me to a prostitute, calling me street corner kelli. that's not going to play well with women voters. that's for sure. not in the primary or in the general. you know, i know that earlier in the show, you were talking about racism, he's got several issues about race himself, voted against mlk day, hired
10:36 am
thurman's, one of his advisers who praised the death of lincoln. there are a lot of things that in november are not going to play well with voters. we as republicans have to look to who we want down ballot from donald trump. sop that we're able to keep that seat. he's unable to win. he's too weak to win in november. against an obama, you know, a rubber stamp obama democrat in queen of obamacare and kickpatrick. >> the average age is around 74, 75. that's -- >> yes. >> using your logic, we would be losing like half of them over the next six years. >> well, i definitely am a fan of term limits. that i think people have staled in washington for way too long. decade after decade after decade, putting us on the wrong path. senator mccain's invited the world foreign policy that he shares with hillary clinton has set the world on fire. we need new eyes. new vision. new ideas in washington, d.c., and that means in the united states senate.
10:37 am
and arizona has a chance to send a message like has never been sent to the beltway that we're ready and we're not going to take it anymore. >> kelly o'donnell asked the senator from arizona about the age question last year. this is what he said to kelly o. >> for any voter who says he's turning 80, it's a six-year term, that's worrisome. what do you say? >> i say watch me. i say watch me. take a look. take a look at my 18-hour days. take a look at the hearings we have. take a look at my legislative accomplishments. listen, i'm just getting started. >> the senator from arizona, as you likely know is generally well-regarded by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. would you like to take an opportunity to at least clarify what you were saying about the senator's age? >> well, i would like to point out that msnbc themselves pointed out his age when he was running for president, and that was eight years ago.
10:38 am
now, senator mccain said he wants to point out his legislative record. is he talking about the tax hikes? is he talking about the bailouts? massive new spending? the amnesty, liberal judges? those are things that the republican electorate in arizona are very unhappy with. which led to senator mccain's own senture by the azgop nor 2014. so i have watched him. i have examined his record, and i know that nearly four decades in d.c. has been way too long. way too long. >> but calling a guy too old for the job, it would seem to be a bit of a risky move, especially in arizona where according to to the u.s. kren us is at least 16, 17% of the population is over the age of 65. is this a wise argument to alienate your older voters? >> oh, we don't alienate the older voters. on the campaign trail, to a person, every single voter over the age of 70 that's talked to me have said that they believe john mccain needs to retire. >> all of them. everyone you've talked to over
10:39 am
the age 70 has said -- >> every voter over the age of 70 has told me that because they know what he's going through. they know his limitations and they don't want that the in the united states senate. as a physician, i have taken care -- let me just finish -- >> no, but wait a minute, what limitations specifically. >> elderly patients for many, many years. my job has been to ashire they have high quality of life. the best way for john mccain and the people of arizona to have high quality of life is to put john mccain into retirement on tuesday. >> you dwluz line off the top of the interview. i'm glad you brought it back for the end, which specifically would renlder him unable to perform the duties i suppose he's performed for the last five or six terms? >> he's proving it over and over again that he cannot deliver the things that the people of arizona and the people of the united states want. border security. fixing the veteran's administration, revving up the kpli, getting our military to be strong again. putting into place good trade
10:40 am
deals that prioritize america. he's proven again and again and again that he's weak and that he's fallen down on the job. he's able to deliver republican votes to the democrats, but he's not able to deliver republican votes the other -- i mean democrat votes the other way. and we to want see some conservative policies put into place so this this country gets back on track. >> kelli ward. thank you so much for your time. good luck, okay. >> thank you. >> oh yeah, we're going to win on tuesday. >> you're down by 26 points, are you predicting. >> reporter: that's a -- as i said -- >> you're not down? >> no, we are not down. >> you have ahead? >> we are there. if we weren't, john mccain wouldn't haven't spent $7.6 million. >> are you predicting victory? are you predicting victory on our air, friday afternoon? >> of course. i'm in this to win it. i'm in it to win it. yes. >> have a fantastic weekend. defending her name, hillary clinton responding to donald trump's claims she traded government access while secretary of state.
10:41 am
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such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. hillary clinton hammering donald trump in an exclusive int interview with "morning joe." pushing back of allegations of pay-for-play at the clinton foundation. >> i want to ask you a couple of quick questions on the clinton foundation. the first is, a question that even some liberals are asking, people around the set were asking yesterday, if you believe that the clinton foundation has done great works, most of us believe it has done great works. why not transfer the responsibilities to say the gates foundation or some other foundation to completely eliminate any possibility of conflicts of interest if you become our next president and commander in chief? >> well, joe, it's a fair
10:45 am
question. and i appreciate, you know, the concerns that people have expressed and that's why i've made it clear that if i'm successful in november, we are going to be taking additional steps, but the fact is, winding down some of these programs takes time. you don't just turn on and off and on switch, even trying to negotiate with partner groups takes a lot of serious effort. and we to want make sure -- >> is that something you would consider though? is this something you would consider over me? >> here's what we're going to make sure of, that, you know, the good work that these programs are doing continues. i know the foundation is looking for partners, but that's going to take some time to carry out. and as i recall, i think both you and mica interviewed bill at cgi probably three times, and you're aware of the, you know, the work, the complexity of the relationships that have been
10:46 am
built, which i actually think have made it more successful because, you know, one of the great outcomes is that people had been brought together to contribute their own interests and needs so that if proctor and gamble discovers how to take a packet of materials, minerals, and chemistries and dump it into water to make it pure, they don't have a distribution system for that, we hook them up with world charities that go into the poorest places around the globe and all of that takes time to carry out. >> but, you are not suggesting, and nobody related to you, with the foundation, is suggesting that that continued progress will stop if you transfer those assets, over time, understood it would take a while, over to the gates foundation or some other foundation that could continue your good work. that fight is not dependent solely on the clinton foundation
10:47 am
remaining in place, is it? >> well, we're going to be testing that. and that's why, you know, the foundation is looking for partners and there are, you know, there are potential partners for some of the work, but not necessarily the same partner for all of the work. so i think it's been made clear that winding down these programs takes time and we're going to make sure that we don't undermine the excellence and the results by finding partners, but that is exactly what is being undertaken right now. >> so i think it's really fair to take a look at the work that the clinton foundation has done and take the time to hear about it. which is what we've been doing. there's so much more you can do as president, obviously, and so i guess the question would be -- are you certain that there are no e-mails or foundation ties to foreign entities that will be
10:48 am
revealed that could perhaps permanently impact your presidential prospects? >> mica, i am sure. and i am sure because i have a very strong foundation of understanding about the foundation, not to have a play on words, that the kind of work that the foundation has done, which attracted donors from around the world is work that went right into providing services to people as we have said before, you know, neither my husband, my daughter, nor i have ever taken a penny of salary from the foundation, my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect our interests abroad, i believe my aids also acted appropriately, and we have gone above and beyond most of the charities
10:49 am
that i understand, beyond the legal requirements, beyond standards, to voluntarily disclose donors -- and we thought that they were necessarily legitimate, but to avoid those questions, and so we're going to go at this, i believe, in the right way. of trying to make sure -- >> but it does, it raises questions -- >> as we wind it down. >> madame secretary, if republican candidate who is actually credible was running against you and served as secretary of state and ran a foundation that took donations from foreign entitieentities, w you be criticizing him or her for a conflict of interest, and in retrospect was that a good ideaed if you're not doing it in some cases as president? >> mica, i would not be criticizing, i would be looking at the work.
10:50 am
and if there were no evidence and, you know, i mean people can say whatever they want, i understand that, but if there were no evidence that there was any conflict, i would say, look, i appreciate the work that they did to help 11.5 million people around the world get more affordable medicines. i appreciate the work that was done to help more people make a living and get a job and help american kids battle obesity and get better foods. i would appreciate that, because if you look at everything the foundation did, it's very much in line with what our government has done. that's why i gave the example of president bush and bill because both a former president and a current president at the time wanted to do more to help more people who were living with hiv aids. so there is a lot of very
10:51 am
positive lessons to be learned and what's different is when you're secretary of state compared to president, it does require greater efforts and that's why we are moving from where i think they appropriately were when i was secretary to what the new responsibilities would be as president. >> there's so much noise and so much at stake. i wonder what the questions raised from speech money to foundation highs, how you build that trust up with voters at this time when people are feeling negative, to say the least, about this election overall. >> well, i think what i will do, what i have been doing and that is pointing out everything that i have done over my entire lifetime. not just my public service, to make a difference in people's lives. and the fact that the people of new york elected me twice, that the man that i ran against in
10:52 am
'08 trusted me enough to be secretary of state. i will put out the entirety of my record. i will try to cut through where necessary the kinds of questions that are raised and i will do my best to answer but i hope that the american people as i think they are is looking at the entirety of what i'm presenting to them in this campaign. >> hillary clinton this morning exclusive interview with "morning joe." let's take another look at your responses to our pulse question. here it is. hillary clinton stopped short of calling donald trump a racist on "morning joe." do you think his comments throughout the campaign make him a racist? it's pretty overwhelming. still time for you to weigh in. let your voice be heard on this friday. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages.
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a top french court has overturned one town's temporary
10:56 am
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"today" on nbc. right now, more news with thomas roberts. >> happy friday to you. we'll see you tomorrow morning. good afternoon, good to have you with us. we have donald trump and hillary clinton continuing to trade racially charged attacks to close out a roller coaster week in this presidential race. hillary clinton doubled down on claims that donald trump is tied to the although right movement. >> it's terrible he's taking dark regions of the interstate and making them mainstream helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> trump has hurled claims of bigotry. republicans appear to be at a loss over how to respond. >> do you think hillary clinton is a bigot? >> no, i think some of the policies she's supported have not helped


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