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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hallie jackson is picking things up. >> good afternoon, one of these days i'll get an invite to the chelsea handler dinner party. >> any time, girl. >> it's all happening live on the air. lots to talk about. donald trump once again trying to set the record straight on his immigration policy. he's battling back against the new attacks from hillary clinton. meanwhile on race. what she's telling msnbc in a few moments. we're going to get right to it with all ore teams covering clinton and the rest of the 2016 race. katy, you had a tweet where i said i still don't know where donald trump stands on immigration. we are 3:00 in the afternoon on friday. anymore clarity?
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>> deportations on wednesday, i believe, he came out and said there would be a process towards legalization. a process to get them on the books and make undocumented immigrants pay back taxes. that was jeb bush's plan during the primary. e he took heat for that. now last night he's saying that he is for deportations. so as of now, donald trump's stance on deportations and immigration policyn general is very much up in the air withew really understanding what concretely he would do if he got into office. that includes his campaign. they have said he will have an immigration policy speech in the next week or so. hopefully there will be clarification after that. >> trump off the trail. he has a fundraiser in nevada. he's continuing to talk about this back and forth on race. let's play a quick bite and talk about it on the other side.
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>> she's selling them down the tubes. because she's not doing anything for those communities. >> so he is continuing to call her a bigot. she's said he is e pedaling policies that are bigoted. lock at that bigger picture strategy. is it the i know you are, what am i insult game? >> it's the i'm rubber and you're glue strategy. donald trump has been doing this with the hillary clinton campaign for a little while now. people have said that donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. he said that she doesn't have the temperate. ben carson doesn't like that name calling. donald trump's old campaign running mate governor pence said he doesn't like name calling in any sort of politics.
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saying that hillary clinton is a bigot. i was at that rally when he first said that. and the crowd seemed a little stunned. this was a crowd that moments earlier was screaming and cha chanting "lock her up." a woman behind him on screen dropped her jaw and widened her eyes. she couldn't believe he said that. donald trump is trying to turn the tables. he's trying to find a way to turn this idea that he's a racist back on hillary clinton in order to bolster himself in the polls. right now trying to go out there and get the votes of african-americans, get the votes of latinos. at the very least find a way to make moderate republicans more comfortable with him, more comfortable saying they are voting for donald trump. he's not a racist. look what he's trying to do. he does still have time to turn the polls around, but i will note this. when donald trump has gone to cities with a high percentage of african-americans or high
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percentage of latinos, still the crowds at his rallies are mostly white. >> turning now to kelly o'donnell, you're confirming interesting news to the trump campaign. we have talked about strategy, but let's talk staffing. who is this brand new member of team trump? >> a well-known republican operative who has been in the wilderness. his name is billsteppon and he was making national news as an aid fired by chris christie a couple years ago after bridgegate. at the time, chris christie said it was a lack of candor, lack of truthfulness from his long-time aid that ran his successful races and not specifically involved in the bridgegate issue. why would he be involved now? picking up on what katy was saying in trying to find those voters who can be persuaded to turn out on election day. bill will work as a national field director being able to drill down and find voters who might sit at home, who might be
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persuadable. look for ways to try to build a trump force. we know that there has been kind of a trouble spot for ground game. it's not a traditional campaign. trump hasn't been spending the money for that. so someone with the skill set of him can come in, look at the map, look district by district to find voters and to try to target voters who could be open to the trump message. and he'll bring heft in this area. someone is needed and that's what they hope he can do. >> turning to the democratic side, i'm joined by kasie hunt, covering the clinton campaign. she's got this new ad today following up on the one from
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yesterday. >> so there was some questions. she step out into this alt-right messaging that she's had had for the past couple days. there was some questions. how much of this is she going to focus on as we continue to go through the rest of the fall. i think bef a little bit of our answer. it looks like they are putting real money behind it. and in a pretty serious way. take a look. >> what do you have to lose? your schools are no good. you have no jobs. >> look at my african-american over here. and breaking federal law. >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i have always had a great relationship with the blacks. >> what the hell do you have to lose? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> so pretty tough 30 seconds there for donald trump. keep in mind, this is about african-american voters for hillary clinton's campaign. it's particularly about trying to turn as many of them out to vote as possible if they can come anywhere close to the
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numbers that president obama turned out. that will be one thing. on the flip side, it's about independents and moderate republicans and people who the clinton campaign believes to be turn turned off by this kind of rhetoric. . >> is it a validating strategy? the idea that for republicans who voted gop all their lives, this is a way to flip moderate republicans to say, hey, i'm comfortable supporting a democrat? >> you definitely saw that in her speech yesterday. she made it very clear distinction between republicanism and conservatism and the things she talked about yesterday. the alt-right and also donald trump and his campaign. she's essentially trying to tell moderate republicans, you can vote for me, against donald trump and still be a republican. that's not an argument that a lot of down-ballot democrats want to make or are making. they are trying to tie them. good to see you in person.
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>> i'm joined by congressman steve king now from iowa, who is coming in by telephone. congressman king giving us reaction. thank you for being here. you're enjoying the last couple days of your recess there at home. >> i am. i'm really happy to be on with you today. i invite you back to iowa. >> i want to start off with a topic that's been in the headlines a lot lately. immigration. you have said you would push back if donald trump began to soften his stance on immigration. he says he's not softening where he is on deportations, but the message has been muddled. we have a sound byte talking about softening or hardening. listen. >> softening, even last night you talked about -- >> i don't think it's a softening. >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be deported. >> i think it's a hardening. >> bottom line, congressman, there's some lack of clarity about where donald trump is. he flipped, e he flopped, he
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flipped back. can you still support his positions when it comes to immigration? >> i intend to support him as a candidate. we have two choices. it's pretty clear from a conservative and republican perspective and a constitutional perspective. i would like to hear clarification. he said there was a softening and now a hardening. i think the way to find out is that to ask is he going to put an end to executive amnesty. if he says yes, he's in the same camp he's been in all along. i would also e remind people you cannot restore the rule of law by rewarding lawbreakers. and so we can't let our hearts get ahead of our heads. and donald trump has been in the right place with immigration all along. and i think he needs a 3 360-degree pivot. come back home again and nail
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this down so the public knows where he stands. >> have you had this conversation? they are busy dealing with not only this message but in the campaign. donald trump will be in iowa tomorrow. intend to be in the same location. we'll see if we can have that conversation them. >> when you talk about hillary clinton's speech hitting the alt-right movement. there are some in that movement that have embraced some of your positions on immigration and other topics. do you consider yourself a member of the alt-right movement? >> i wasn't aware the alt-right movement exist ed. i think hillary clinton brought that to the attention of a lot of us. when i listen to that, it e reminds me of the vast right wing conspiracy speeches. the labels, those are tired
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labels. just occurs to me her position that no one can determine the gender of someone else, that's exclusively in their head. where does she get the authority to declare someone to be a bigot or a racist? >> you called a bigot a tired label. your nominee, the gop nominee called hillary clinton a bigot. do you think healthcaillary cli a bigot? >> i don't use names like that. but it cheapens it all whenever it comes out. and especially the dog eared racist card. but no one can know that. if they have no basis to know, that follows along with the dog whistle language that i constantly hear out of the left. what kind of actions does donald trump done. he's hired a lot of people that aren't minorities and he's advanced women higher paid than
12:12 pm
men. so i don't know real racist in this world. i don't know real bigots in this world. i sure know a lot of people that had that label attached to them without justification. >> quickly, one more if i can on the state of play. really a key state. donald trump's campaign is pushing that hard. it's not a state that voted republican. what's the headline in the des moines register the day after the election? >> i wish i knew that. i said it's going to be landslide, but i don't know who's going to win. >> it could be either way. . because each candidate is capable of um ploeding and the public is capable of racing to a consensus that leaves a big margin. i think donald trump has defied most of those things that would have caused him to implode. . it's just settling lower and lower into water. i don't know. but almost every day there's more water that gets taken on in the boat.
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i don't know which way this is going to go. but if it's about the rule of law, i'm confident hillary clinton will not restore the rule of law or respect for it and donald trump has made that a center of his campaign. it's the appointments to the supreme court that are the most important and pivotal component of this. we cannot save our constitution if we don't elect donald trump. >> thanks so much for joining us. see you next time in person. closer look at this, i'm joined by contribute and reporter jeremy peters. i got to ask you about that conversation with congressman king. he seemed to defend donald trump on charges of racism. that's not something we have heard from republican leaders. what do you make of that? should there be more of a republican wall of defense put up now to protect donald trump from these attacks, in your view?
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>> i think what the republican establishment is trying to do is wall themselves off from donald trump. . because donald trump's association with the alt-right movement, exaggerated or not, is incredibly toxic for the republican party brand. it could be even worse than the perceived damage that trump was doing to the party. if people see the republican party as being tainted by racists, that this alt-right movement is, in fact, really just a bunch of white supremacists who have access to the highest levels of the republican party, that's far more damaging than anything donald trump himself can do alone to the party. so u think that republican leaders are going to want to step back and just let this play itself out. >> i look at what happened with john mccain. his competitor in arizona
12:15 pm
reiterating her attacks on mccain's age. listen. >> his birthday will be on monday and will turn 80 years old. i want to give him the gift of retirement. he deserves it. he's unable to win. he's too weak to win in november. he's proven again and again and again that he's weak and he's fallen down on the job. >> the mccain campaign respond ed saying at the end of campaigns, desperate candidates end up embarrassing themselves by launching personal attacks. it's unfortunate that she's chosen to end her campaign with desperate fictions that people of arizona deserve better. number one, these attacks on his age. are they effective? more broadly, how vum neshl is mccain and how vulnerable for the senate majority. >> i think the age issue is just icing on the cake for john
12:16 pm
mccain's opponents. if they paint him as somebody who has been in washington too long, the fact that he's 80 is going to naturally follow from that. they know the guy is old. to say that, to ridicule him over that in an unseemly way is going to backfire with voters. i just came back from arizona myself. i was in phoenix for a couple days reporting on a story. i don't get any sense that john mccain is in trouble in his primary next week. i do think that if republicans have a really bad year, he could be vulnerable in the general election. arizona is one of these democratic fantasies for a long time now they have talked about flipping it blue. there's close as they have ever have been. i don't know if it's quite enough yet because it's still an awfully red state. and then turn out to vote is a tall order. i think that's stmic of the
12:17 pm
larger problems that republicans are having across the country right now. you have these incumbents. john mccain in arizona, richard burr in north carolina, who should not be vulnerable, but they are. that's because of who is at the top of the ticket. >> jeremy peters, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. with donald trump not backing down after calling hillary clinton a bigot, clinton is throwing it right back calling out trump's, quote, history of racial discrimination. >> all i can do is point to the evidence of what he had said and what he had done and from the start, he had built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. >> more of clinton's exclusive interview on "morning joe," next. plus a new look at battleground polls out this week showing not only is donald trump still trailing in key swing states, others are looking less and. less reliablely red. but what about one of the battleground's president obama
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hillary clinton is a bigot. who sees people of color. noz a not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> you have heard that sound byte. donald trump at a campaign rally in mississippi calling hillary clinton a bigot. now after she fired back thursday slamming trump for pushing what she called racist lies in conspiracy theories with racist undertones, she's wasting no time going after trump. listen to this when she called into "morning joe." >> now you're talking about him
12:22 pm
stoking the flames of racism. do you think donald trump is personally a bigot or a racist? e he said you are. >> well, joe, all i can do is point to the evidence of what he has said and what e he has done and from the start, he has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia and it's deeply disturbing that he is taking hate groups that lived in the dark regions of the internet making them mainstream, helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. he's questioned the citizenship of president obama. he has a disturbing pattern of white supremacists. he has been sued against communities of color. he's attacked a judge for his mexican heritage. he's promised a mass deportation force. what i want to make clear is this. a man with a long history of racial discrimination who
12:23 pm
traffics in dark conspiracy theories, drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and these kind of white su prum cysts, white nationalists gro s groups. >> is that a message that you're sending out to republicans as well as independent voters? because many people believe that you are now trying to reach over and tell republicans, you know what, you've got a choice. i'm going to be a uniter. i'm going to work with republicans as well as democrats. you don't have to vote for this guy. >> i am reaching out to everyone. by the campaign.
12:24 pm
and i said repeatedly this is not a normal choice between a republican and a democrat. . we're not just discussing our views on tax policy or anything else of importance. we are facing a divisive candidate whose loose cannon temperament and lack of preparation make him unqualified to be president and temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief. and as you noted in the speech yesterday, i did mention by name three republicans. bob dole, george bush, john mccain, i have had my differences with them, but i respect each one of them. i called out to bob dole for what he said in his acceptance speech that all racists should take the exit and pointed to the doors. i am still incredibly grateful
12:25 pm
that george w. bush went to that mosque after 9/11 and talked about how american muslims are citizens as well as everybody else and john mccain when confronted with the attacks on president obama's birth and his religion. basically said, wait a minute, he's an american citizen. he's a decent person. we can have the lots of disagreements. there's no reason not to. we're trying to solve difficult problems and make sure that the economy works for everybody, not just those at the top. we defeat terrorism and lead the world with strength and steadiness and unify our country. there's all kinds of ground for people to be saying, hey, i think i have a better idea of how to do that. but that's not the campaign that donald trump has been running. and i am reaching out and asking
12:26 pm
fair minded americans to repudiate this demagogue ri. >> coming up, more reaction to hillary clinton's exclusive interview here on msnbc. how long can she keep donald trump on defense? and a week after the image of a young syrian boy covered in blood after a bombing attack shocked the world, another devastating reminder of the children affected by the nation's civil war. >> video that's tough to watch. these boys in the attack. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean.
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fringe take over the republican party. >> that's some of hillary clinton's speech on thursday in reno, nevada. for more on her interview and blistering attack on donald trump yesterday, i want to bring in former governor howard dean and former dnc chairman. thank you for joining us. >> let's talk about this speech. donald trump has been pushing back hard. i want to pull up a tweet he just sent out. how quickly people forget they call youth super predators. has she apologized. she said she shouldn't have used those words. none of that is stopping trump. how do you see this playing out? >> i don't quite get this. it seems to me that trump is trying to go on the attack. at first i was i thought he was trying to win votes. he has zero chance of winning votes not just in the black community but of the asian
12:31 pm
americans or any other minority. they have been so scalded by his campaign he has zero chance of doing this. i think this kind of talk that he uses is turning off the white women in the suburbs. this fatal for him. i'm just watching this scratching my head. after labor day we get a restart in these campaigns. i'm scratching my head. he digs himself in deeper every day. >> he could come back after labor day? is that what you're saying? >> i don't believe in doing a victory dance until later after labor day. i just think he's digging himself such a deep hole it's going to take a miracle to get out of it. >> one of the other lines of
12:32 pm
attack he and republicans have pushed on is that continued controversy over the clinton foundation. should the foundation, the foundation itself be turned over to somebody or some other organization to avoid any conflict of interest if hillary clinton is elected? >> i think she pretty much announced she was going to do something like that should she become president. obviously, it's a little presumptivous of her or the clintons to do this before she becomes president because if she doesn't win, she's built this incredible thing that's helped a lot of people. now they don't have anything to do with it anymore. it seems to me that she's on the right track. she understands what the issue is. if she wins, she's going to disassociate. chelsea will stay on the board. >> but chelsea on the board is not a concern for you? >> why is that a concern? i'm on the advisory board of the thousand points of light
12:33 pm
foundation. neil bush was on that foundation board. they are doing great work. they are doing a lot of wonderful things. so i think it's reasonable to ask these questions. there's a reasonable answer. that's the children of presidents should not be neutered in terms of being able to do good things because of who they are. >> so if she stepped away from the foundation, you think she would be neutered? >> well, yaes, why would you take away somebody that capable from an effort that's doing that much good? >> governor, thank you so much for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thanks very much. hillary clinton is still gaining ground on donald trump in a number of key swing states, he's closing in on her in a state won by president obama in 2008. we're going to talk about why nevada could become the most crucial battleground state, next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go.
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battleground map shows hillary clinton gaining ground on donald trump. and a number of states are still up for grabs including ohio, georgia, florida, iowa and nevada where both candidates are spending some time this week. donald trump today, hillary clinton in reno yesterday. let's get right to senior political editor mark murray, standing by to break down some polling in these states. some interesting numbers here. >> let's start with the map you were talking about. hillary clinton has a sizable lead over donald trump according to our electoral map. you need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. hillary clinton is at 288. but let's look inside some of the battle ground maps we have as our toss up column. we have five of them, as you were just mentioning. those are the ones where the polling shows to be tight.
12:38 pm
hillary clinton has a 4-point advantage in that important the baa l ground state. and then we end up looking at another battleground georgia. this hasn't gone democratic since 1992. but right now donald trump's lead 4 points over hillary clinton is the exact same margin of hillary clinton's lead in ohio. e showing you how close this red state is right now. another battleground map we end up going to florida. this is usually a toss up race. right now according to mason dixon poll, hillary clinton has a 2-point lead here. this brings us to the final battleground state to look at today. nevada. barack obama easily won nevada in 2008. it was a little bit closer in 2012, but mitt romney didn't have that much competition. right now we see a 2-point race. these are some of the closest battleground states on our map that right now favor hillary clinton. >> mark murray, thank you. nevada turning out to be a
12:39 pm
critical battleground state this year. hillary clinton gave her big alt-right, anti-trump speech yesterday. trump is there doing fundraising today. and my next guest knows a thing or two about this. political analyst for ktnv. thank you for being here. >> thank you, it's good to see you. >> so this poll out looking at hillary clinton about 2 points ahead of donald trump. you're on the fwrouground there. is there a hidden trump vote that the campaign sometimes talks about than what we see reflected in these tenumbers? >> i don't think there's a hidden trump vote, but the race is close here. the reason i believe that is i talked to people in the clinton campaign. while they feel confident because of the results that mark talked about in 2008 and 2012, they are not taking anything for granted. hillary clinton was up in reno
12:40 pm
yesterday. it's a swing county in the state. it's very close in registration. trump had a lead in that poll that you mentioned. so i think it's real. i think the state still leans blue because of what happened in 2008 and 2012 because the hispanic vote is going to be very, very large. i just don't e see how trump can survive that in the long run. all other things being equal. >> trump is focusing on places like north carolina, florida, ohio. should they be putting more resources into nevada in your view? >> it's an interesting question. they have no real campaign here at all on the ground. that's true in a lot of these states. but it's clear to me and it's clear to everyone that i trust out here that he has a chance to win nevada. a good chance, i wouldn't necessarily say that. but if yao going to put resources in a state and in a battleground and think you might lose some states that you traditionally might win, this is a state u would put resources
12:41 pm
into. especially since we're still a relatively small state. you can get a lot of bang for your buck here. he's doing a fundraiser in lake tahoe later. he's here right now. he got here last thiegt. he's doing a private no press allowed hispanic roundtable. he knows that nevada is important. what could be really important is if the billionaire here gets on board and really starts giving him some money. >> here's a guy you know well. harry reid hasn't been shy going after trump. e he said, since donald trump wants to impose new tests on imgrants he should take the one test every immigrant has to pass to become a citizen. predictable he would fail. he called him a spoiled, unpatriotic drain on society. not surprising to hear that from senator reid there. how much will he move the needle in that state? will it matter he's going after trump and how active will he be?
12:42 pm
>> i think harry reid is generally unplugged. he's going to be especially unplugged now that he's a lame duck and doesn't care anymore what people right about him. so i think he will keep going after trump and will probably say even more incendiary stuff as we go along. harry reid is not going to help hillary clinton that much in nevada. the numbers are still not great here. the one way the machine will help hillary clinton is still one of the best in the country. they are registering voters at a crazy pace. and so if they can keep doing that, that's going to help hillary clinton. it will be difficult for donald trump to overcome that kind of registration edge. >> very quickly before i let you go, you spoke with hoyer recently and said it could be useful if hillary clinton held a
12:43 pm
press conference. did that surprise you to hear that? >> i don't know how many people have actually steen the interview. my experience is he's unusually candid and maybe in a way that hillary clinton might not like. i was surprised that he said that. i thought e he would give a political answer. but that was the first time i asked the question that's what he said. >> john, thank you so much for being with us. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> up next, tens of millions of people in southern florida and along the gulf coast could be under a severe weather threat. it's still not clear where this system developing in it the tropics will land. we have an update on the forecast, coming up. e, seconds can mean t difference between life and death. for partrs in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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12:47 pm
states could e still see a ton of rain. some spots could pick up 3 inches really fast possibly triggering flash floods. right now we still don't have a good sense of just where the system could land, but we'll be watching. today more trouble for the pharmaceutical company blamed for hiking the price of ep pi pens. one actor is cutting ties after the drug maker said it wouldn't lower the list price, which soared to $600. you know who else isn't happy with the rising cost? sara jessica parker said she will no longer be the spokesperson. joe mansion displeased. his daughter is the ceo of the company. he has come out with a statement about this saying he's working with his colleagues to keep the prices of prescription drugs down. up next, another heartbreaking video out of syria is again drawing the world's attention to the children aff t affected by the civil war. we have the story of these brothers, coming up next.
12:48 pm
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we have some breaking news this hour. a negotiator saying secretary john kerry and sergei lavrov have reached a deal on syria. this is a framework to slow down and eventually end the war. this is just coming into the newsroom. let's walk through what this framework is. the two leaders expected to announce this deal soon but not the conditions of the deal. i want to bring in msnbc's cal perry. here's what we know so far. we know that the conditions would be number one a nationwide cease-fire across syria. number two, a commitment to transition to a new syrian regime after assad. russian guarantees that moscow can and will influence the syrian regime to abide by the deal and this is maybe most important, unfettered nationwide humanitarian assistance, particularly to aleppo. this deal wouldn't go into effect immediately but only
12:52 pm
after it became clear the humanitarian access would go through, after it became clear the cease-fire would hold. there's a lot of u.s. negotiators, according to our colleague richard engel who are skeptical this is going to happen. when you talk about the humanitarian aid, i can't help but think about that video that's been all over the internet. those two syrian brothers we've been talking about a bit during the show. devastated. learning that their brother had just been killed. walk us through what's happening here. it's heartbreaking to watch. >> this is aleppo. what you're seeing are two brothers who just found out -- the barrel bomb attack. and they are screaming out there. where is our brother? as you said, this deal that's just been struck between lavrov and kerry, a lot of people are going to be skeptical for good reason. part of that is there's a post framework agreement about what
12:53 pm
happens after assad. none of which is going to work for bashar al assad. and that's really the key to this is getting the syrians on board. one thing to have the russians and americans on board. certainly russia is playing that key puppet master role in syria. but how the syrians react, how bashar al assad reacts to this is key. when you look at the conditions of this deal, this is about humanitarian access. that's what we're seeing in aleppo. the situation in aleppo is truly devastating. only seven hospitals left. the hospital where those boys were crying in has been bombed into the basement and is operating out of the basement. we're not just talking about aleppo. there's video that's just come up from a suburb of damascus. take a look at this. this suburb was under siege for four straight years. people have accused the assad regime of using food as a weapon of war. they finally struck a deal for this neighborhood to get civilians out. and what you're seeing here are a group of young kids who have just walked outside. they are being evacuated from
12:54 pm
this neighborhood. they look up in the sky and see these birds and ask the cameramen, what are those? these are kids living in basements for four years without food, without access to clean water. without access to school. so we can only hope this deal between the americans and russians has some hope to it. but again, these two major conditions here, the first that russia will guarantee a post-assad syrian government. and, two, a nationwide cease-fire across the entire country. keep in mind there are so many different rebel groups now that getting them all on board will be the real challenge. that's what we're hearing from richard engel that there's some great skepticism about this deal. >> there's still a question of whether the united nations has been consulted on this deal and what their involvement has been. is it fair to characterize this as a breakthrough in talks, and at least in the process? even with the skepticism we know is out there? >> this is a moonshot. this is shooting the moon if you are john kerry. certainly this opens the door.
12:55 pm
where there is hope. you have to start somewhere. i believe that's true. you have to start somewhere when it comes to syria. this is certainly a good start. bashar al assad has made it clear he's not going anywhere. he only exerted more and more control in the last five years. 500,000 people dead. 5 million people left as refugees. what happens to those people? are people repatriated? is the government handed over? it's a good start. probably a breakthrough but this is chapter one of a 30-chapter book. >> 30 or more. cal, thank you. we'll continue to follow this story and breaking news and share more as it develops. for now, we'll be right back. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. when all of your clients are suspected criminals, how do you know who you can trust? this seattle-based husband and wife bail bond team rarely get it wrong. with over 30 years in the business, they share their secrets for screening clients. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on
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12:59 pm
humanitarian access to places in syria where it's needed, including aleppo. and a nationwide cease-fire. we have to know when we talk about this there's a lot of skepticism according to richard engel that this deal will hold. but it is at least step one in the process. that does it for me at this hour. i'm hallie jackson in for kate snow who will be back next week. up next, chris jansing picks up our coverage. thanks for being here. >> hallie, thank you. we'll have much more on that breaking news. of course, all of us have watched the children in syria, particularly in aleppo in recent days. we'll be talking more about that. i'm chris jansing live in new york. 74 days to go until the election. topping the agenda right now, donald trump coming out with yet another statement on his immigration policy. >> no, there's not a pass. there is no path to legalization. >> his opponents say it's another flip-flop. his campaign disagrees. also, trump accusing hillary clinton of bigotry and clinton
1:00 pm
hitting back today on "morning joe." >> i am reaching out to everyone, republicans, democrats, independents, everyone who is as troubled as i am by the bigotry and divisiveness of donald trump's campaign. >> and we'll have much more from that exclusive interview straight ahead. the republican party fearing donald trump's slump in the polls will be contagious. how they plan to save their seats in congress ahead. begin with another statement on immigration from donald trump suggesting all undocumented immigrants will have to leave the united states if he's elected president. >> if they haven't committed a crime, is there going to be a path to legalization? i'm talking about citizenship. >> no there is not a path -- there is no path to citizenship. unless people leave the country -- well, when they come back in, if they come back in, they can start paying taxes. >> so they still have -- >> there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country and ce


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