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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at good day, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc headquarters in new york. within the last hour hillary clinton wrapped up her national intelligence briefing at the fbi office in white plains, new york, near her home, of course. she'll receive briefings throughout the campaign as the democratic nominee. more on that in a live report from casey hunt in a moment. meanwhile fresh controversy for donald trump already today.
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he faces backlash for his latest attempt to court african-americans to vote for him. this morning he tweeted, "dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump." reaction to the tweet in a moment. chicago bulls basketball player took to twitter to pay respects to his cousin. last night trump ramped up his pitch for why he's the best candidate for african-americans. >> take a look at what's happening with respect to crime. it is a terrible job she's done. terrible job the democrats have done. they have run the inner cities for years. look what you have. they are like war zones. we can stop it immediately. over a longer period of time we can fix the education. we can fix the jobs by bringing our jobs back into this country. hillary clinton can never do it. she doesn't have the ability to do it. she wouldn't know where to begin and she doesn't want to do it. all she wants is their vote.
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that's what's been happening for many years. >> democrat tim kaine is following up on his running mate's attacks against trump that link the gop candidate to white supremacists. here's tim kaine yesterday. >> donald trump was a main guy behind the scurrilous and bigoted notion that president obama wasn't born here. ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values aren't our values. rnc chair reince priebus said tim kaine sunk to new lows with dirty attacks with no place in this cpa desperate he is distract from hillary clinton's corruption scandals there is no excuse for these smears. tim kaine holds two events in florida today. trump will be at the iowa state fair while mike pence is in virginia for a rally. let's bring in casey hunt. she's just outside of new york
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city in west chester county where hillary clinton received an intelligence briefing a short time ago. casey another good day for you. what can you tell us? >> we are so close and yet so far. we can tell you that hillary clinton received her intelligence briefing this morning. her first intelligence briefing, likely the only one she'll receive before election day. she came here with no aids and was inside for two hours and 17 minutes. approximately. it's interesting that there were no aides that went in with her. some have been ensnared in the e-mail brouhahbrouhaha. huma abidin. there were questions about security clearance because of the issues raised and whether or not there was mishandling of classified information. in this case now the question wasn't raised whether they should be inside the classified briefing or not. they weren't here. hillary clinton is headed to the hamptons later this afternoon.
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she'll be fund-raising there for the week and taking a little bit of r & r. >> okay. let's talk about the briefing in terms of what you know about it. did it differ from the one donald trump got last week? >> we are still trying to dig into the details of what happened. these briefings are fundamentally largely the same. it is not something for hillary clinton. she obviously has been behind the scenes. she had security clearance. she was in the situation room for four years as secretary of state. this would be a format and a data set she's familiar with. these briefings aren't necessarily in depth. we learned from donald trump's experience. this is a broad overview of the threats facing the country. this is a long tradition that comes out of previous presidents who came into office without having had any sort of preview along these lines and said, wow, the scale and scope of the threats i have to deal with is so intense.
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i don't want it to happen to by successors. the tradition of offering briefings to presidential nominees started that way. the depth of this won't match what clinton was used to. it didn't for donald trump either. >> what about the nbc exclusive interview with the doctor who said donald trump will be the healthiest president ever. what did we learn from that? >> very short one-page letter that almost sounded like donald trump could have had a hand in it. it was authored by dr. harold borenstein, his physician for 30 years. in an nbc exclusive interview he told us it took him about five minutes to write that letter. of course that's the entirety of what we know about donald trump's health at this point. if donald trump were elected he would be the oldest person ever to take the oath of office. hillary clinton has a three-page
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report that's a year and a half old. neither released the information we typically receive from presidential nominees. health has been an issue previously. john mccain had to answer a lot of questions about his health. of course in this campaign there have been a lot of rumors, conspiracy theories about her health. she was joking about that on the campaign trail earlier this week. it is barely midday but donald trump is already quoting controversy after tweeting about the shooting death of basketball star dwyane wade's cousin; quote, just what i have been saying, african-americans will vote trump. nbc's jacob ras con is in des moines for us. what reaction is trump getting with this tweet. >> reporter: let's start with introducing you to where we are. this is the beginning of the
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roast and ride here in des moines, iowa. they go from here to the iowa state fairgrounds where trump will be speaking later today. this is the second annual hosted by joanie ernst. we don't have reaction besides on twitter, a lot of people mocking what he said simply because after a number of tragedies he's basically said, i called it. that's his response. it seemed to be his response here. joanie ernst talked to me about donald trump today. i asked what does he have to do to win in iowa? clinton and trump are tied now. she said trump and clinton need to tone it down, back down off the rhetoric going back and forth and focus on the issues. she said she hopes trump will be able to do it today in des moines, focus on the issues and i asked specifically about him calling hillary clinton a bigot. she hopes he doesn't do anything like that. because that's not what will get
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the iowa vote here. >> what about the incident in terms of impacting trump's outreach to black voters and to all voters for that matter with regard to the tweet and the things that followed? >> there is no doubt it will be paid quite a bit of attention to the tweet. in light of his -- in the last week and a half his direct appeal to minority voters. he's made this appeal largely in mostly white suburban areas. he'll be doing that same thing again today in des moines. 75% white or so. a lot of criticism already on his direct appeal. this probably won't help it. it is worth noting on that the campaign says in the future they do plan stops in more urban areas and they say simply give him credit for bringing the issue up. talking about the inner cities. he seems to be serious about it, at least in the sense that he's been consistently on this same direct appeal. wherever he goes the past week
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and a half. >> okay. i hope you have ear plugs, my friend. when the motorcycles get going it will get really loud. all right, jacob. >> reporter: we're out of here. >> thank you very much. let's bring in john harwood, little b political writer for the "new york times." good to see you. >> hey, alex. >> john. i want to start with the tweet from donald trump about dwyane wade's cousin. it certainly blew up online. many suggesting it was tone deaf, lacked empathy. wasn't this not supposed to happen anymore with the new leadership for the trump campaign in place? what do you think it does to his african-american outreach strategy. >> the strategy isn't likely to go anywhere. he has minimal support among african-americans and minimal prospect for getting support. i think donald trump is donald
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trump. whoever his campaign manager is, he's still the same human being. there is only so much anyone, paul manafort, kelly anne conway, steve bannon can change who he is. this tweet is of a piece with what jacob was describing as an appeal to african-americans this week. the problem is, you know, his appeal sounded less like an appeal and more like condemnation when he was describing the african-american communities and how awful they were. there was an edge to his voice. when you take the death of a specific individual and say, this shows i was right, i would be shocked if dwyane wade sees that as a statement of outreach or if african-americans do. i don't know about other voters, how they will see it. >> okay. so kaitlyn, let's talk about what trump said on what some call his flip-flop on
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immigration. listen to this. >> we are going to deport many people. many, many people. >> the vast majority of those 11 million aren't criminals. if you haven't committed a crime and you have been here for 15 years and you have a family here, a job here, will you be deported? >> we're going to see what happens when we strengthen the border. there is a chance the answer will be yes, we are going to see what happens. >> your latest article asks's trump's immigration pivot, can he have it both ways? is he alienating more voters than he might bring in by changing positions? >> that's a great question. right now we are seeing donald trump and donald trump's campaign trying to reconcile his positions during the primary with a more general election type of message. right now on immigration we really don't know what donald trump's position really is at this point. when it comes to the issue of deportation. you have to look at his policy in two ways.
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one element is the border security element. that's represented by the build the wall. he has not backed away from that at all. in fact, he uses it more and more as a way to show to his supporters strength on this issue. at the same time on the issue of deportation, something which he had gone further than any republican in this primary and anyent republican nominee in calling for mass deportation and the deportation force. while that was appealing to his supporters during the primary it wasn't in line with what other republican primary voters thought during that primary season. he is in a very difficult position. right now as john alluded to he's trying to make outreach to african-americans as a way to really do outreach among republican voters. those who are really hesitant to support him because of his rhetoric and tone on things like
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this. this is really a difficult needle to thread, i think. we'll see how he chooses to handle this. i wouldn't be surprised if there is still ambiguity as it pertains to the deportation component. >> bottom line, are you clear on what his position is on deportation. let me remind viewers katy tur put out a tweet saying i'm not sure what hit immigration stance is. that was two days ago. >> it's pretty clear donald trump doesn't know what donald trump's stance is. rudy giuliani said yesterday in a thoughtful way donald trump is trying to figure out what the right position is. donald trump is somebody who appeals in the moment to who is in front of him. so when he's in a rally, he says things that he hopes will draw an emotional response from those
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there. he's been successful in doing that from those in the room. now his problem is he needs many more votes than the kind of people who respond emotionally in his rallies but those other people aren't in his rallies. how do you calibrate him getting the feedback he enjoys and thrives on from the crowd versus what everyone knows, including his own pollsters know he needs to do to get more votes. as a result he's sort of flip-flopping back and forth, saying, well, maybe they can pay back taxes and we'll work with them one day. the next day he says, no, there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country and coming ba. that's tantamount to deportation. he doesn't know his own position. >> okay. to both of you, i want to play part of a focus group conducted in wisconsin which included undecided voters. let's take a listen to that. >> i'm just hoping for actual
9:15 am
discussions about political topics and not so much of the mud slinger, dirty politics going on between the two over the past couple of months. >> how are you going to decide? what's going to help you? >> honestly, it will probably come down to crunch time and do as much research as i can to figure it out. >> does this seem to be a campaign not focused on the issues or is that the perception? what's driving that? and, john, is it a common complaint to presidential campaigns or is this one more so? >> i think because both candidates are viewed as unpopular by voters, we have seen it in polls throughout the cycle, both are facing questions about honesty and trustworthiness and those things. both sides are seeing this race as a referendum on the other. to drive out turnout on their
9:16 am
side, each is trying to paint the other as, you know, trying to get their side to turn out against the other. my question going forward is what does it do to turnout in this election cycle? we are going to see the hillary clinton campaign will have president obama and joe biden coming out to campaign for them throughout this month in places like ohio and pennsylvania. that will be really important in terms of driving out turnout. i would keep an eye on that going forward. >> john, the complaint from presidential campaigns in general, is it true it could be not so much issues but rather perception? >> that's always the case. i have covered these for a long time. you always have voters say, well, they are mud slinging. they need to get back to the issues. in this campaign that's an even greater complaint. both of the nominees are very unpopular in terms of how people
9:17 am
view them. donald trump has got a bigger problem. his own image problems are bigger than hillary clinton's but hers are considerable. some of the things donald trump is saying to try to balance that out about hillary clinton like calling her a bigot are just ridiculous. you know, when you look at the fact that for decades, republicans have been going after people like bill and hillary clinton and other democrats on the charge that they are trying to redistribute resources from people who have money to poor african-americans and hispanics who don't have it. now to say that same person is bigoted against them doesn't really make sense. >> okay. but you always do, john harwood, as do you caitlyn huey-burns. and who is he trying to reach? i will ask the president of the naacp and much more. real is touching a ray.
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every policy hillary clinton supports is a policy that has failed and betrayed communities of color in this country. but she doesn't care. >> donald trump's message to african-americans, democrats and their policies have done nothing for you, going as far as calling hillary clinton a bigot. joining me now, president and ceo of the naacp, cornell brooks. thanks for joining me. >> good to talk to you. >> have the democrats failed african-americans in this country? >> the focus of the campaign should be on policies of the next president. and so critiquing democrats and
9:22 am
critiquing past performance without speaking to the present and the future does not a successful presidential campaign make. so the issue is what is donald trump saying? what is secretary clinton saying with respect to the african-american community in particular on america in general. to that end, we have not heard much in terms of specifics. much in terms of particular policies that will affect the african-american community in particular or america more broadly. that's the issue. we have not heard it in terms of the campaign speeches. his no-shows in terms of the naacp, urban league, national association of black journalists. we need substance. we haven't heard it from that campaign yet. >> donald trump has specifically called out cities like chicago. yesterday, as you know, a cousin of dwyane wade was killed, caught in the cross fire of gun violence. this morning here is what trump tweeted. dwyane wade's cousin was just
9:23 am
shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying, african-americans will vote trump. despite the fact some are saying he had a tin ear in terms of sensitivity with the tweet but does he have a valid argument that inner cities aren't being served well by democratic leadership? >> here's the challenge. first of all our condolences to dwyane wade, the family, and the children who lost their mother. >> four kids. beyond that you cannot use a mother who lost her life pushing a baby stroller as a prop for a political campaign. what does he have to say with respect to gun violence, assault weapons, policing in american cities, economic development in american cities? that's the issue. those are the issues. when you say democratic policies have failed inner cities with
9:24 am
african-americans, what policies? let's talk specifics. policing, economic development, policies with respect to gun violence? what i note here is a campaign and a candidate who speaks in terms of critique and criticism without speaking about specific policies, proactive policies. that's what we need to hear. when you offer the african-american community and offer the country more broadly the depth in terms of policy prescriptions of a single sheet of paper filled with a few talking points, that's insufficient. we need to hear very specifically what he would propose to do in chicago. in terms of the challenges in los angeles or cleveland or any other american city. the concerns of african-americans are not particularly unique in this regard. americans are concerned about gun violence. what we have heard from mr. trump had been a series of tweets as opposed to a series of policy prescriptions.
9:25 am
we are 70 days out from the election. we are waiting to hear from him. serious proposals with respect to serious problems. >> as you know, hillary clinton says trump's campaign is appealing to a fringe of the republican party that's racist. i want to listen to part of the speech with you and get your reaction. here it is. >> sure. >> i am the extra crispy colonel -- >> absolutely not what we were going to play. the word from hillary clinton is a fringe element has taken over the party. the paranoid fringe calls itself alt-right. there has been a paranoid fringe steeped in racial resentment. it's never had a nominee of a major policy encouraging it and giving it a national megaphone until now. those bites were edited together. that said, the content. what's your take and perspective
9:26 am
on that? >> secretary clinton is lifting up a serious issue. within the last few days the naacp's houston office was visited by white supremacists carrying assault weapons and confederate flags. our national headquarters was subject to a credible bomb threat and had to be evacuated. our twitter feeds are inundated by white supremacists with hate speech. secretary clinton is lifting up the fact that we have a candidate who retweeted white supremacist tweets, who lifted up anti-submit tick, racist, my sojnistic and xenophobic rhetoric consistently. there are specific instances where mr. trump allied himself with people who stand against american values. that's a serious moment. where we have a survey of teachers in this country that report 75% of those teachers, 2000 teachers report their muslim and immigrant students are concerned about what will
9:27 am
happen to them after this election. this is a serious moment. so mr. trump has to be responsible when it comes to his rhetoric. we have little children who are not only watching the campaign but who are afraid of the campaign. we have americans that sacrificed their lives on the field of battle for american values and for americans and for an america that's free of racism. we need candidates who understand, speak about specifics. speak about policy. speak about substance. do not stereotype. do not generalize. do not treat american voters as though we are racial props in a political drama. so the secretary spoke truth and power. it is something that needed to be called out. the fact of the matter is we have an array of civil rights organizations saying the same thing for months on end. the naacp was founded 100 years ago to stand against this very kind of racism and antisemitism.
9:28 am
she was right to call it out. we have called it out. we'll continue to call it out. >> i've got to tell you, period exclamation point to what you are saying there. to the people who haven't seen the sound bite, we have the correct one to play. take a listen, everyone. >> a fringe element that has effectively taken over the republican party. the paranoid fringe calls itself alt-right. there's always been a paranoid fringe in our politics. a lot of it arising from racial resentment. it's never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, en ur encouraging it and giving it a national megaphone until now. >> i did my best to paraphrase that working off notes here. what about the meetings mr. trump had with his advisory council twice in the last week. you look at the support from the african-american community in general it's so low it barely registers on national polls. is there anything he can do to
9:29 am
change it in time for the election, do you think? >> certainly, consider this. many americans, not merely african-americans consider it politically presumptuous and personally arrogant to talk at african-americans without speaking to them. so mr. trump had the opportunity to speak to the national urban league, national association of black journalists and the largest and oldest civil rights organization, the naacp. if he wants to appeal to african-americans, don't predict how well he's going to do. enter into a conversation with us without serious substantive policy matters. treat african-americans the way you would treat any americans, which is to speak to us as though we think and are concerned about the issues. that's the way to appeal to african-americans or any americans. >> mm-hmm. >> the fact of the matter is, the previous president george bush talked about the soft bigotry of low expectations with
9:30 am
respect to the children. what about the african-american voters? treat us as though you are speaking to any voter. talk about substance, policy, direction, philosophy. most importantly, stand close enough to us to get our vote. don't talk to us in rooms where we are not present, where we are not welcome in communities that we don't live. this is a campaign of kond seco desengs. and speaking to americans about issues they are concerned about. >> cornell william brooks, always a pleasure. thank you. >> good to talk with you. >> happening now, bracing for trouble in florida. the tropical system and how it could impact the fight against the zika virus.
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welcome back. i'm alex witt. bottom of the hour now. following events in italy where the death toll from wednesday's devastating earthquake is rising. now 290. many people remain unaccounted for. italy is observing a day of mourning for the victims including a state funeral for some of the victims whi was attended by italy's prime minister and president. also in politics right now iowa senator joni ernst is speaking at a donald trump rally in des moines. he's expected to take the stage around 3:00 p.m. eastern. we are keeping a close eye on a drople ka disturbance in the caribbean. that system is on the move so the bahamas and south florida could get heavy rains and flash flooding throughout the weekend. joining me now nbc meteorologist raphael miranda.
9:35 am
what's going on and who is in the path of potential destruction? >> it is a very busy time. we have been talking about the one storm for several days. it hasn't done much. this is invest 99-l. doesn't have much of a chance of forming anything well organized in the next 48 hours. only a 20% chance. only after the next five days or so there is a 40% chance of this becoming a larger more powerful storm, maybe a tropical storm or a hurricane. that's not our only event. we have four separate disturbances. tropical storm gaston about to become a hurricane. one area to watch may affect the care lolinas and in the western gulf coast bringing heavy rain to folks who don't need it at all. to our florida storm headed into the florida straits here. it's had a difficult time getting organized here because of shear and dry air. once the storm enters the warm
9:36 am
waters of the gulf of mexico it may blow up in strength. that's what we are looking for after tomorrow. today and tomorrow entering the straits by early next week it's over the record warm temperatures in the gulf of mexico. that's when we could see future development. anywhere along the gulf coast texas to florida has to be on the lookout for the storm which could strengthen. we have been tracking rain throughout the morning. tropical enhanced downpours around south beach toward the keys and this, exactly what we don't need in louisiana. areas still recovering from flooding dealing with very heavy rain. the rainfall forecast over the next five days, up to six inches plus in some spots across southern florida. we'll keep a close eye on texas and louisiana as well. we have one other system toward the carolinas potentially by the middle of next week. >> keeping you busy. we thank you so much. donald trump's return to iowa. what he's doing there and why the race in the state is tighter than ever. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation.
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donald trump is making new overtures after a poll shows they favor hillary clinton by more than 50 points. trump met with leaders in nevada but didn't seem discouraged by the polling. >> we have been doing very well. we have been doing very, very well with the latinos. we have been doing amazing. far greater than anyone understands. we want to see jobs. we want to see things happen. >> let's bring in steve cortes, a member of the national hispanic advisory council for donald trump. steve, welcome to you. i'm curious how trump defines "very well" here when the poll numbers are so bad. do you interpret -- he was asking an adviser for the interpretation there. do you see the positive for him? >> i do. i will be the first to concede
9:41 am
we have a lot of work to do. this is an uphill batter in convincing and persuading people of color we deserve their vote and we have better policies ever since the great society. it is an uphill task. that doesn't mean we shouldn't take it on or we can't accomplish our goal. george w. bush got 40% of the hispanic vote almost to a majority. we have done poorly since then. not just donald trump but other republican nominees. we have to convince them we are on their side and we have policies and prescriptions to make their lives better. i'm glad donald trump has taken on the task. >> when i think about george bush and his ability to do it he had family members as you know he was a wonderful surrogate for jeb's son. his mother is colombian. he had a family member that was out there. that may have helped really allow many in the latino community to relate to george bush. >> sure. that's a good point.
9:42 am
and from a border state. >> exactly. >> he doesn't have it naturally. i will be the first to concede it. he's a billionaire from new york city. he doesn't have the immediate mexican american street cred that perhaps george w. bush does. this is important. he has a message to reach out to minorities whether they are black or brown and say the democratic party cares about your votes but they don't care much about your welfare. things aren't going well. even in the present recovery we are in. slow though it is. white incomes since the end of the recession are roughly unchanged. black male income is down 9%. hispanic income is down 5%. they are not participating in this. one-third of all children of color live in poverty. that's a tragedy. we have answers. school of choice, border control, lower regulations, lower taxation. we can spur growth. when i talk to hispanics and what matters to me and most
9:43 am
hispanics is economic growth. we simply don't have it and we need it. >> what about trump's back and forth on immigration this week? talk to me about how you interpret where his heart lies? where is the truth for him? >> you know, alex, first of all, i don't know. we are going to find out soon though. the press in my mind made much ado about nothing. he hasn't changed his position. he's indicated an openness to shifting his position and has shown real leadership in saying i want to hear from hispanic leaders. i'm honored that i'm one of the folks will listen to about with where should we be. the border must be secured. no citizenship. we cannot reward people for breaking the law by giving full citizenship. that also doesn't mean we have to go to full scale mass deportation which is something he talked about previously. i'm thankful as an hispanic and a supporter of his that he's willing to reconsider. we can have a reasonable discussion which we are doing internally. within the next two weeks he'll deliver a major comprehensive
9:44 am
speech on this topic. how we deal with the problem. to me it's real leadership. >> okay. steve cortes, i'm enjoying the conversation. let's have you back in a bit to see how it evolves. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> understanding donald trump. what the republican nominee is like off stage and what you don't know about the real estate developer. i will ask a journalist who wrote a biography. and the one part of your budget eating up so much more than it was ten years ago. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater thaone,
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ensure. always be you. a major shift in tone for the republican candidate for president who stood by his most continue verlander statements. joining me now mark fischer of the washington post and co-author of the new book "trump revealed, an american journey of
9:48 am
ambition, ego, money and power." this promises to be an interesting book. let's get into it. welcome, mark. trump banned your paper from his events way back in june. he still sat down with you for 20 hours of interviews. how did you pull it off? >> we just asked. you know, there is a big gap between the public donald trump who goes before rallies and uses the easy applause line of attacking reporters and the media, and the private donald trump who was nothing but gracious and generous. he did give us well more than 20 hours of interviews for this book. i called trump's press secretary, hope hicks, said we are doing the book and we'd love to sit down with mr. trump for interviews to tell the story of the man who is the first major party candidate who hasn't held political office of any kind before. people need to know about his life. she thought -- she accused us of
9:49 am
profiteering and said they would not cooperate at all. two days later she called back, had spoken to trump and said they would love to speak with us and we should see him at trump tower as often as we'd like. he had all the time in the world to talk to us. >> interesting. quote, even after all the hours of interviews trump seemed not quitrealcharacter he had built to enhance his business empire, a construct designed to be at once an every man and an impossibly high-flying king of manhattan, an avatar of american riches. so who then is the real donald trump? do you have any better cespedse him now than when you started? >> i think i do. there is always a mystery around him. for years people asked, is the public donald trump is same as the one off camera? he is quieter off camera. there is even a touch of humility.
9:50 am
there is this looming sense of a guy who makes things up as he goes along, wants things about himself, has a great knack for connecting with a crowd and thinks of himself as a performer, a provocateur. the sense that he's always on stage, always figuring out how to expand his brand, get his name out there and so what we do in the book is trace it from his very beginnings where his father taught him the real estate business and his mother gave him a love of performance and traced it through his life to show how "the apprentice," for example, was the key point at which he managed to extend his brand to the middle class of america, to reach out and say, you know, this is someone who is decisive, someone who actually is a great leader. >> is there anything you found out while writing the book that you didn't know before that you think we should know? >> i think what i learned is that he's a much more complex
9:51 am
figure than he's given credit for. he's not just the caricature of the simple guy who speaks in short declarative sentences. he does think a lot about his image. he's massively invested in himself and his own image. that's obvious to anyone. but i think beyond that, he's quite knowledgeable about the things he's deeply involved in like his real estate business and his brand. he's really strikingly incurious about the world. he reads very little. he has very little curiosity about policy, for example. and when we asked him about, well, how will you be president? how will you make decisions? he said he's not going to be a president who reads reports, briefings and has people come in and give him briefings. rather, he likes to rule by the gut. he believes deeply in his own instincts. >> extraordinary. mark fischer, thank you very
9:52 am
much. the book is "trump revealed, an american journey of ambition, ego, money and power." >> thank you. >> could hillary clinton win georgia and south carolina? the effort democrats are making to win states they have been losing for decades. you push and pull and struggle and fight and love to run your business. and when you need legal help with that business, we're here for you. we're legalzoom. and over the last 10 years we've heed one million business owners navigate every day challenges. so visit us today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns
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the battle for the most coveted house on the planet. we are 73 days before americans flock to the polls but early voting begins in less than a month on september 23 with five states accepting ballots. today the alternative candidates in a race against time to get their names on the ballot. the los angeles times reports libertarian candidate gary johnson is on the ballot in at least 41 states and in the nation's capital. the green party's dr. jill stein, 35 states and the district of columbia. security briefing, hillary clinton gets her first intelligence briefing as the party nominee. coming up at the top of the hour, how it is done and details she receives.
9:56 am
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it is msnbc live, 10:00 a.m. out west, 1:00 p.m. in the east. here's what's happening. a short time ago hillary clinton wrapped up her first national intelligence briefing. it happened at the fbi office in white plains, new york near her home. she'll receive briefings throughout the campaign as the democratic nominee. more on that in a moment from kacie hunt. tim kaine is in florida slamming trump over his foreign policy. trump himself received his first intelligence briefing last week. >> tear up nato and say we don't need alliances anymore. who do you share intelligence with? there is a sharp distinction between a hillary clinton who understands the value of alliances and making stronger into donald trump who believes tearing up alliances and building walls is a pass to
10:00 am
strength. that's a path to isolation and weakness. >> tim kaine has one more event in florida today. meanwhile donald trump is fighting back against claims his immigration policy keeps changing. here's what he said in an interview last night after a week filled with him and his campaign clarifying the position on deportation. >> my stance is very strong. it's going to remain very strong. there will be no amnesty. there is no legalization. we're going to build ale with a. it will be a tremendous powerful wall. we'll get all of the gang members and the gang leaders and the drug dealers and all. we'll get them out very, very fast. we are going to stop certain people, criminal elements from coming in and then we shall see what we shall see.


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