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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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strength. that's a path to isolation and weakness. >> tim kaine has one more event in florida today. meanwhile donald trump is fighting back against claims his immigration policy keeps changing. here's what he said in an interview last night after a week filled with him and his campaign clarifying the position on deportation. >> my stance is very strong. it's going to remain very strong. there will be no amnesty. there is no legalization. we're going to build ale with a. it will be a tremendous powerful wall. we'll get all of the gang members and the gang leaders and the drug dealers and all. we'll get them out very, very fast. we are going to stop certain people, criminal elements from coming in and then we shall see what we shall see. kacie is just outside white
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plains where hillary clinton received the intelligence briefing. what more can you tell us about this? >> reporter: good afternoon. she was indeed here for about two hours and 17 minutes getting this courtesy intelligence briefing that's afforded to major party nominees by tradition here after, of course, some incoming presidents were taken by surprise with the scope of the threats facing them. this briefing while classified doesn't get into details that are too deep necessarily. obviously donald trump receiving a very similar briefing.
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because they were involved in hillary clinton's use of private e-mail. so there is that kind of over shadowing this briefing today, alex. >> just what you said. it is not dissimilar from that which donald trump had last week. maybe the time changes because something has happened in terms of the news since then. other than that it's the same. >> right. this is an overview from the office of the director of national intelligence that while it does contain information that the intelligence director is not going to tell people who aren't in this position, it doesn't contain that deep top secret information that, of course, you would find out about if you were to receive that kind of security clearance. >> the interview with donald trump's doctor who said donald trump would be the healthiest president ever. tell me about what we learned from this letter.
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just a page or so. >> yes. he's been donald trump's private physician for 30 years, sees him every may. he's the author that represents the extent of what americans know about donald trump's health. used such phrases as he would be the healthiest president ever to take office. it took five minutes to write that letter while there was a car waiting outside for him. he wanted to make sure the campaign was happy with what he wrote. he did tell us that he believes donald trump is fit, does examine him regularly, doesn't have any questions about his health.
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we are waiting donald trump's arrival at the joni ernst roast and ride hosted by the state's senator. trump could face tough questions after sparking outrage this morning with this tweet you are reading right here about the death of dwyane wade's cousin. let's go to jacob rascon. let's talk about the reaction that trump is getting to this tweet. can you explain what it's been like? >> so we asked the campaign if he's supposed to address these tweets he sent this morning including the one you just read. me's not supposed to do it today in the speech. in fact, the campaign said he'll be talking. the same speech he's been giving over the last week and a half to
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talk about the. the tweet is interesting. because in the last week and a half, several times he's said specifically african-americans and hispanics have the right to walk down their street and not get shot. then you have what happened there with the nba star's cousin. he tweeted a self-congratulatory kind of tweet saying "i told you so." he's done it before. he's done it with terrorist attacks saying i told you something like this would happen. each time he does it, of course he's criticized by many on both sides. we haven't heard anybody where we are criticize him for that. but on twitter, on social media, online it takes off. it has a mind of its own where people generally are not happy about the tone. i will say this about the people we talked to hear. simply are you going to vote for donald trump.
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these are life long republicans generally we are talking to here. the one thing several of them said is that we just wish he would tone it down a bit. that he would stick on message focused on hillary clinton. this kind of tone, tweet won't sit well with voters like that. >> all right. i'm not going to risk another question because you will have to shout even more loudly to be heard over the music behind you. thank you very much. we'll see you in the next hour. for more on today's political headlines let's bring in molly hooper, congressional reporter at the hill and sima mada from the "new york times." it's quiet for you. so be loud. trump is trailing nationally. could this drive down his support even for the african-american community? >> it could drive his support down. not necessarily just in the african-american community but in general. instead of highlights what he's been doing over the past week
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hillary clinton's problems with e-mail servers and trustworthiness and so forth. he returns the attention to himself. putting out a tweet in which he expresses no remorse for this woman who died. in addition to which he said, look at me. i'm right again about a tragedy. that's what he did after orlando. i'm sorry i'm right, but i'm right about terrorism. that's not what people want to hear. even though he has been making the points about he has tweeted out african-americans and hispanic individuals deserve to walk down the street without getting shot this is an incident where it happened. trump has seemed more careful, more modulated. do you think that's a sign he's going back to his old
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provocative self or has he not lost it, particularly with twitter. everybody has said, get off of that, including his wife. >> the campaign in the last week or so has been focused on staying on message. he's reading speeches from teleprompters and sticking to the prepared text. we have seen the story several times before in this campaign. typically not longer than 48 hours. with this tweet in particular i was reading the social media reaction. people found it exploit tif. it is less than 24 hours after she's shot walking down the street in broad daylight and he misspelled dwyane wade's first name which offended some people. >> while trump came out and called clinton a bigot she's been far less direct in her criticism. does she need to be just as blunt as he is, matching one barb with another if she wants
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to put it to rest? >> the interesting thing about the candidates is donald trump, part of his strength is his blusteriness, boldness and part of her strength is she holds back. sometimes those are also the weaknesses. your strengths are your weaknesses, your weaknesses are your strengths. as we have seen donald trump becoming more restained and that taking hold of people in the american public, hillary clinton needs to do the same. she needs to do the opposite and become more bold. you know, she's tried it. people have a tendency to go back to their natural habits. look at donald trump today and hillary clinton pulling back. >> dukes up. we'll see what can happen.
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let's talk about steve bannon. he seems to be going the way of those before him, facing huge controversy. why do you think donald trump hires problematic people to run his campaign. do you think there is a strategy in here? >> i think with steve bannon, you're right. he likes people that he connects with at a gut level. he's not necessarily looking for people who check all the boxes who worked on presidential campaigns, who have the experience. he's looking for somebody he connects with who will allow him to be himself. once again we have seen the arrest or the charges of domestic violence are two decades old. the charges were ultimately dropped. this isn't something you want the campaign talking about a couple of months before election day. >> molly, if trump can't run a campaign without incident what does it say about how he'll run the white house? should it be a warping sign for
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supporters? donald trump says i will hire the best people and he repeats it. are these the best people? >> i don't know. here's what's interesting. your previous guest mark from the washington post and the book, it was interesting to hear him discuss donald trump's take on policy positions. >> wasn't that fascinating? >> it was fascinating which is what's happening here. oh, i go with my gut. >> i want to just try to tell people who may not have caught that interview, mark fischer says donald trump isn't particularly interested in policy, from his van after the 20 hou of interviews he did for the book. he says he goes with his gut. fascinating from somebody seeking the oval office. >> exactly. that means seema and i could have an interesting few years ahead if donald trump is president. covering somebody who works so
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instinctively, leaves a lot of potential avenues to go down in terms of covering it as a reporter. >> final thought from you, seema. >> absolutely. trump throughout the campaign has been unlike any candidate we have covered before. it will be a presidency unlike anything we have seen before. >> we'll have a lot to talk about. >> good to see you. >> president obama's role in hillary clinton's campaign. why he's taking an active part in it and what it says about the threat from donald trump. ♪ ♪
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bush went to a mosque and declared for everyone to hear that muslims love america just as much as i do. we need that kind of leadership again. >> hillary clinton pointing to prominent republicans whose message was inclusion all in an effort to drive home the point that donald trump doesn't represent much of the gop. it turns out it might be working. a new poll shows in a four-way match-up including both third party candidates hillary clinton and donald trump are in a dead heat, each at 39%. joining me now is rick wade, a former senior adviser to president obama. rick, welcome to you. i want to point out the poll we cited was commissioned by the south carolina democratic party. that said, the last time south carolina went dem was in 1976 along with many of the deep south states who voted for jimmy
10:17 am
carter. what do you make of it as we look at the map with a state-by-state breakdown here. >> good to be with you, alex. it says a lot. the poll is telling. a dead heat, statistical dead heat in south carolina. what's interesting about the poll is when you look at the issues that got high marks, issues like enhanced background checks, criminal background checks for those looking to purchase firearms. refinancing student debt as well as some of the other issues hillary clinton has been talking about like raising the minimum wage. these issues are resonating with people of not just south carolina but even states like missouri. the electorate is being expanded and people are listening, they are interested in hillary clinton because she's speaking to the issues, not just giving rhetoric but speaking to the issues that matter the most to them. >> i know you have advised president obama, rick. he has advised democrats to campaign aggressively for clinton. he's expected to do so as well
10:18 am
personally in the fall. what do you think it says that he's so intent on helping clinton? how much is it about keeping a democrat in the oval office and how much is it about protecting his legacy? >> quite frankly this is about protecting america. this is about redefining our country. as he said before, we have a lot at stake. alex, when i worked for obama in 2007-2008 we would say this is the most important election in our history. this may be the most important election in our history, the race between donald trump and hillary clinton. this is bigger than just protecting the democratic party. this is about what kind of america we would be for all people and how we position ourselves and the strength of our country even across the world. we have a lot at stake. >> you make a good point. hillary clinton started off this week with a lot of controversy over the clinton foundation and the donors who later then met with the secretary of state. republicans are saying her comments on trump's campaign as one of hate, is just a way to
10:19 am
deflect questions about the foundation and the bipartisan calls to dismantle it. how is she handling the controversy? do you think she's doing it the right way? >> well, listen, she's done what she should be doing. she's disclosed the donors, made the process as transparent as it can be. i worked for a cabinet secretary and i understand the number of meetings and kind of meetings they take. you can't go in and cherry pick a handful of meetings and draw conclusions. there's been no evidence of quid pro quo, evidence of pay to play. there is not a there there. as far as i'm concerned as you see secretary clinton, she's doing what she needs to be doing. that's talking about issues that affect americans, how we make this country all it can be and move the country into the prosperity it once was. michelle obama said it best. as long as she stays high and
10:20 am
lets donald trump stay low, we are moving in the right direction. that's what she's doing. >> what about donald trump's meetings with african-american advisers, all the outreach efforts he seems to be doing via his campaign this week. will they work? >> listen, this is nothing but window dressing. there is nothing in the stock room. absolutely nothing. i'm not confident they will work. here's where i give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. the good news is he's finally talking about african-american. he's talking about it the wrong way. all african-americans simply are not jobless. not uneducated. they are not poor and -- >> can that backfire, rick? >> of course. listen, alex. some of this is just decency and respect. what he did to dwyane wade during the loss of his cousin, a woman with four children, the thing you do first is say i'm sorry about your loss. you are in my prayers.
10:21 am
to use that tragic situation as a political football and race baiting is absolutely inappropriate. no, i don't think it will stick. if he wants to listen to me, talk about the issues that matter to african-americans. african-americans are smarter voters, more analytical. we understand this. talk about the issues of jobs, of minority businesses, creating jobs, education. those issues that matter to us. this is nothing but window dressing. again, there is nothing in the stock room. >> i have to tell you. you are echoing the sentiments of almost everyone today i have spoken with from cornell william brooks, the president of the naacp, they are saying we just want to talk about the issues which makes sense. i want to ask about the claims of donald trump who says the democrats, especially hillary clinton, have not served african-americans well. is there any validity to it when you look at the cities besieged with violence like chicago,
10:22 am
baltimore, detroit and this tragedy of dwyane wade's cousin being shot and killed in a suburb of chicago. >> well, listen, first of all, i am a member of the democratic national committee. i have run as a democrat. i have advised candidates all over the country. you cannot lay at the feet of democrats and certain not the feet of hillary clinton what has been a complicated culture in america we live in today with regards to african-americans. you're talking about years of d disenfranchisement and discrimination that led to the circumstances we are in today. it is not fair to say that democrats have taken the african-americans for granted. frankly if you look at the democratic convention it is a portrait of america that includes african-americans, hispanics and the gay and lesbian community. that's what the democratic party is about. it is one thing to take people for granted and another to flat out ignore people as has done
10:23 am
donald trump and has done the republican party. i will again give donald trump the benefit of the doubt on one more issue. a businessman who bragged about his success as a business person. here is a question that's not about what african-americans have to lose but what we have to gain. tell me what we have to gain and tell me with what his history has been with regard to business in america. i'd like to know. what has been his investment in african-american communities. i have not seen trump towers in african-american and minority communities. what's the diversity with his companies with regard to african-american executives. let's start there. the best indication of what a person will do is what he's done in the past. >> back up your rhetoric with the facts. great to talk to you. >> you as well. reaching out to latino voters. will donald trump's message help
10:24 am
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veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in theiddle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt. here wes what we are monitoring now. people are gathering at the iowa state fairgrounds where donald trump will speak in about 90 minutes. we'll bring you his remarks later on. another story, the latest satellite radar to track the tropical disturbance in the caribbean. forecasters thought this week it may eventually become a hurricane and threaten the states. we'll check in with raphael miranda for that. let's go to more details on a murder in chicago that's drawing
10:31 am
attention nationwide. the victim, a 32-year-old cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. nikia aldridge was an innocent bystander shot dead while pushing her baby in a stroller near an elementary school. police say the mother of was walking with a man when two other men approached and shots rang out. >> she was just leaving dulles school, walking down the street. as she was walking, an altercation occurred that didn't involve her. shots were fired during this altercation. >> aldridge was shot in the head and the arm. the baby wasn't hurt. police say they were questioning one of the males who fired a shot. dwyane wade released a statement on twitter last night and said, my cousin was killed today in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. # enough is enough. chicago has become the nation's
10:32 am
deadliest city with 490 homicides in 2015. almost 455 murders so far thyea donald trump faces backlash over his response to the shooting death of dwyane wade's cousin. this morning he tweeted dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. joining me is paris denard, a political consultant and trump supporter. good to see you. i have to get your take on that tweet. your reaction. not as a consultant necessarily but as a person. shouldn't trump have expressed sympathy, condolences to the family? wouldn't that approach reach more african-americans? more everybody? >> you know, i want to start by saying my sincere condolences to the family and all the families suffering from chicago. when mr. trump talks about the
10:33 am
issues affecting our community, especially in chicago with the gun violence there, look, chicago is around 30 some odd shootings away from hitting the mark they had last year. they have four months to go. it is a dangerous city for black americans. when he talks about needing law and order and issues affecting the community, this is a prime example of such a tragedy. i agree. i wish mr. trump would have said something differently. at the end of the day what he said was factual and true about the conditions of the community and so many inner cities under democratic control. it is a sad day for the wade family but every day. last week, last weekend seven homicides in the city. over 50 shootings in chicago. it is a saturday day every day when families have to deal with this and so many inner cities. >> it sure is. >> i want to play for you what naacp president cornell brooks told me this hour. here it is. >> mr. trump had the opportunity
10:34 am
to speak to the national urban league, national association of black journalists and the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization, the naacp. if he wants to appeal to african-americans don't predict how well he'll do. enter into conversation with us about serious substantive policy matters. treat african-americans the way you would treat any americans which is to speak to us as though we think and are concerned about the issues. that's the way to appeal to african-americans or any americans. >> paris, how would you advise trump on an actual game plan to garner support from african-american voters? >> i have actually given my advice to several people at the rnc and with the trump campaign about how to engage with the black community. also congratulate them, tell them they are doing a good job as it relates to this past week. really focusing the national conversation on the plight of the community and some of the urban centers. i would advise the campaign, number one, have a distinct
10:35 am
message to the black community. go through the policies and show african-americans why your plans and policies would affect them better than what we had under the obama administration and what we could have under a clinton administration. then i would say, have a plan for hbcus that's specific to our community as it relates to unemployment and jobs. and to crime. if you have a plan, if it's folded into your existing plans, just explain it and go out and tell the american people how this is going to affect the black community specifically. i believe he does have plans, but i think we have to do a better job and what i'm trying to do is articulate the plans to my community. >> do you think donald trump ought to plan on visiting with the naacp, the urban league or other like-minded groups? would that help? >> first of all, that community is not a monolith. when you look at the naacp, you don't have to go there to talk
10:36 am
to the black community. you can go to the thurgood marshall fund which represents the public hbcus. he can go to other black organizations that aresmaller, local. or he can just talk to the american people. talk to my community when he goes to rallies, gets on the camera and talks on the television. in today's society when you talked in the media to specific communities, you don't have to be in a room. it is about the message. as long as he articulates the message on camera through tweets and videos and surrogates and people supporting him, i think he'll be effective. >> we'll get it. paris, nice to see you again. >> thanks. >> we are keeping a close eye on the tropical disturbance in the caribbean. the bahamas and south florida could get heavy rain and flash flooding throughout the entire weekend. joining me now, nbc meteorologist raphael miranda. how are things brewing? >> still messy storm. we have been tracking the storm not very well organized over the past few days.
10:37 am
not much changed today. we are seeing heavy rain across florida today. that will continue. you can see it's a slim chance of getting more organized over the next 48 hours. only a 20% chance in the next five days. 40% chance because we have the warm waters of the gulf of mexico and less wind shear. it is a very busy scene tracking four areas of interest. one bringing heavy rain to the gulf of mexico. the western sections. we have tropical storm gaston probably could become a hurricane sometime today. this is our other storm we are watching that could approach the carolinas by the middle of the week. let's talk about invest 99. it's been dealing with dry air and shear, tearing off the tops of thunderstorms. it will cross the florida straits, entering the record warm water. we may see better organization and development. in the meantime, lots of heavy rain across florida. we'll be watching this closely early in the week for development in the gulf of mexico. i want to talk about invest 91.
10:38 am
that's the one we just started watching today. to the west of bermuda. this one has a better chance of developing over the next couple of days. it could be a tropical depression or tropical storm. look at the computer models. all suggest a westward track toward the carolinas. this could approach the coast as a tropical storm potentially as early as the middle of this week. tracking multiple threats in the tropics right now though. our main concern is the heavy rain across florida and louisiana. areas still dealing with flooding that we saw over the past few weeks. another two to three inches of rain possible, even up to six inches plus in south florida. it will be a busy few days. >> we'll see if either storm gets officially named. thank you very much. >> it is a day of mourning in earthquake-ravaged italy amid even more aftershocks. in a moment the search for more victims. and next hour as the world reacts to the heart breaking video of these children caught
10:39 am
in the syrian war, there is new hope of a potential truce in the five-year-long contract. my colleague ayman mohyeldin will look at the peril facing the children of syria.
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. happening now, a day of mourning in italy as the nation buries some of the victims in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. that death toll now stands at 291 and the search continues to uncover more bodies. arquata del tronto is one of the affected areas. is there hope more people will be recovered safely? >> alex, it is now day four. i apologize for my voice. it is dusty here. day four of the search and rescue effort. hope is fading fast. search and rescue operations do continue in amatrice, the area hardest hit by the earthquake. where i am right now the focus
10:43 am
is much more on the survivors, those who have returned who don't have homes. you see rows of tents behind me. this is just beginning to come to grips with the full scale of the destruction. people's lives and livelihoods have been interrupted. they are now in mourning. we have seen bodies from the state funeral held this morning in a sweltering gym. those were brought back here, taken to the local cemeteries. the local graveyards to be buried. we spoke to a man who said he lost two cousins, two uncles. one was a 14-year-old boy. he said he loved to dance and is now in the sky. this is now just finally beginning to deal with the grief that will last for years and years. again, those search and rescue operations are continuing. this many hours into the effort it's very difficult to imagine somebody could survive without food or water in terrible conditions. the dust, stone, rubble. one of the other difficulties crews are having is the after
10:44 am
shakes are continuing to plague this region. we have seen more than 1,300 of them since the quake initially erupted. a really dark day here. alex? >> it is. lucy, thank you so much. thanks for your efforts. i know it is physically challenging for you. appreciate it. with just two months left before election day a new report is creating fresh problems for hillary clinton. the associated press reported some of the nongovernment people clinton met with at the state department also donated money to the clinton foundation. the clinton camp said the report distorted the reality of the situation. let's bring in bill richardson, former ambassador to the united nations, former governor of new mexico and msnbc contributor. other things as well. thank you so much. former secretary of energy. let's talk about all the things all together here. explain first, bill, what is the issue here. what exactly happened with regard to a quid pro quo thing? >> well, i don't think it is a
10:45 am
quid pro quo, alex. i think former presidents like bill clinton, what do they do when they leave office? set up libraries, foundations. what does the clinton foundation do? they help people. they help endemic diseases in africa, health care around the world. some of those individuals that donated want referrals. simple referrals to the state department. they call. i mean, the state department handles international issues. one example in that distorted report was mohamed unis, here is a man who has started the entrepreneur ship for women program in bangladesh. thousands of jobs. he was being harassed by his own government. he went to the state government to get some help. he went to secretary clinton.
10:46 am
i know mohamed, nobel prize winner. this is not pay for play. this is normal government activity of referrals. getting things done. there is nothing nefarious. you have to look at any case-by-ca case-by-case. i don't think any favors were given to anybody. >> so your work as an ambassador. your work in the dip lo pat tick sphere. you are saying it's normal for someone who donated to get face time. is that what you are saying? >> well, no. look. you receive people you know. there is no pay for play. like i never got a big donor to me. i never gave him specials. what i would do is as a governor i would meet with whoever wanted to meet with me. i would have sessions for five minutes, anybody that wants to meet with me. and i think the normal course of government is there are certain
10:47 am
people that want access to the principal and they are supportive. they are engaged in the issue and the candidate or the secretary or the politician knows him. so they have an access. just because you have access doesn't mean you are doing something nefarious. >> of course. would secretary clinton have necessarily known the people with whom she was meeting were donors? when you were governor and you had five minutes with anybody who wanted to meet you, would you be prepped on that? would you know they had donated money to the campaign, for example? >> no, i wouldn't know. they would just sign up. you know, there are hundreds of people that would sign up. >> that's different though. getting into the state department to meet with hillary clinton will be different. more than signing up. would she have known? >> yeah, but look at the other cases. there was a referral of a head
10:48 am
of state. i mean, a head of state. i think it was bahrain. he can get into the state department anyway. he was a donor of the clinton foundation. you know, this is a major player in the middle east. so you have to look at it case-by-case. i don't think it's that big of an issue. what's not been examined is the clinton foundation did a lot of good things. a lot of good things around the world. i saw one of the projects in moracco in population control. in health care for women. entrepreneurship and pandemic diseases, cholera. haiti. they do a lot of good work. >> so my question to you politically speaking, how does hillary clinton handle this? i mean, you have come out. you're defending her. but how does she handle this going forward? what should she do? >> well, i think, look, this is probably going to continue. there is going to be more
10:49 am
e-mails released. i think you explain, one, the foundation does very good things. number two, no pay for play. no special access was given to anybody. and number three, nothing nefarious, nothing contrary to american foreign policy interest was exercised because of this effort. i think it is very simple. but, you know, it's going to continue as an issue because more e-mails are going to come out. and then bad reports. i mean the associated press is a very good institution. to come out saying for instance, mohamed yunis from bangladesh, that he's special access. the guy is like a saint. nobel prize winner, helps women. he was being harassed by his own government. they wanted to put him in jail. so he went for some help from the state department. that's a normal transaction. >> all right. bill richardson, always good to
10:50 am
get your perspective. thanks for weighing in from vancouver. appreciate that. a new poll shows americans really think of donald trump's proposed wall. that's next on msnbc live. ♪ ♪ but do you really know what it means?nd a lot thesdays. no. the answer is no. because it's complicated and science-y. but with my nutrition mixes, you don't have to worry about the science. you can just put it in your pie hole. mmm peanuts, pecans, cashews. i'll have another helping of science, please!
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most americans still don't want donald trump's promise to build that wall on the mexican border. it is a similar result to a poll earlier this year. >> hillary clinton ease lead is holding stropt. a new national poll out this week shows clinton with a 51 point advantage over donald trump. clinton 73 pakistan, trump at 22. let's bring in victoria. it is always nice to see you. . donald trump next week attempted to clarify on immigration and deportation of immigrants.
10:54 am
here is a brief quote from your column. so the new strategy is for trump to hold steady on his wall pledge, yet recant on his call for mass deportation. do you know where he stands? >> that is a big question mark this whole week. we have seen him over the course of four days say that he would like to soften his position on deportation, but he hammered down on wanting to build a wall. and then he said he won't deport everyone, but they have to go to mexico before they come back. the word on the street is that next week he will officially clarify all of this. i went back and read his immigration plan that he put on his website about eight months ago. i have to give it to donald
10:55 am
trump, he never said anything explicitly about a mass deportation. he talked about it on the campaign trail, but never put it in the official plan. i think he will want to appeal to more republicans. >> three quarters believe that undocumented immigrants are as hard working and honest as u.s. citizens. do you think trump is basing a key part on his campaign on a problem that may not exist? >> hung trump supporters, those that support immigration are up wards of 80%. most americans don't think that
10:56 am
imdwrants are likely to commit a crime. maybe not a full citizenship, but a path to citizenship. >> the latest poll in texas has trump ahead with 44%, hillary clinton at 38%. what can we make of those networks? >> i expect him to have a bigger lead. this is an odd election. i think in the big picture, democrats have been laying the ground work to make some roads. texas will not turn in the next two to four years, but do i think in the next decade, democrats have a chance to get elected in statewide office.
10:57 am
and putting texas on the map. republicans will want to beat it down and keep texans for themselves. >> thank you, that wraps up this hour, plenty more ahead for you including a fact checking on hillary clinton and donald trump. i'll see you pack here tomorrow at msnbc live at noon eastern.
10:58 am
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