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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ur eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. good morning. i'm sheinelle jones at msnbc world headquarters in new york. it's 9:00 in the east. here's what's happening. donald trump still on the attack this weekend. but some members of his own party are tired of the back and forth on the campaign trail. >> i wish that both of our candidates would tone it down and start focusing on policy. meanwhile, hillary clinton off the campaign trail but running mate tim kaine sharpens his focus on some battleground states. in florida new zika fears and a coming storm may leave some residents having to pay fines. we'll explain. we begin with politics. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine is clarifying
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what he meant when he compared donald trump's rhetoric to kkk values. here's what he told reporters while campaigning in florida yet. -- yesterday. >> he's got guys connected with the ku klux klan who are out there claiming him. and his record of -- i'm saying sometimes he doesn't disabuse that. sometimes he wants to take advantage of that. i find that troubling. >> meanwhile, donald trump believes his message to african-american voters is starting to resonate despite the criticism he's receiving. here's what trump told supporters at the iowa state fair yesterday. >> -- has seen what's been happening over the last two weeks or three weeks with me. and i'll tell you, i think we have a lot of support out there. they're very, very tired of what's been going on and the hispanic. community likewise. by the way, how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton called black youth
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superpredators. remember that? superpredators. and they were very, very insulted. but now people have forgot. >> as trump ramps up his pitch to african-american voters, a front page "new york times" report today is revisiting a 1973 lawsuit filed by the justice department. officials accused him and his father of turning away potential black tenants in new york city. there is no evidence trump set rental policies at his father's properties but he did work there at the time. it ended without an admission of guilt. at the time trump called the government's allegations absolutely ridiculous. the candidates are off the campaign trail today. later on they will be in ohio. jacob rascon is following the campaign in des moines, iowa. what was the mood there among voters? >> reporter: it's safe to say
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there was a variety in the mood there. those supporters, of course, who were happy with whatever trump said, they were the hard score supporters just thrilled to see trump again in iowa. there were those as well, though, who are republicans life long, have always expected to vote republican. but who have been turned off by the tone that donald trump has taken. and even though trump has changed a lot of his tone over the past couple of weeks, at least in being much more scripted to use prompters at every rally, some of them still said they are not convinced and they're really bothered about this because they want, they say, to vote republican. take a listen to what one of them said yesterday. >> i just want someone who's not quite so rude, so morally that's a dilemma for me to say i'm going to vote for somebody who i'm not so crazy how that deliver that. i'm not sure i want to vote this year. it would be the first time since i was 18 years old. we were the first 18-year-olds
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to get to vote. i was excited about that. it was a huge privilege when that happened. and for me to think i'm not going to vote this year is just -- >> disappointing. >> disheartening. >> reporter: so even many months after trump tried that first reset and ten days ago tried another reset on tone, that is the issue that a lot of voters still have trouble with. we're talking about life long republican voters here. they say they want to vote for trump because they don't want to vote for clinton. but many are still hesitant. and even though trump has changed a bit, they want to see more. >> jacojacob, with less than a h before the first debate, what are you hearing about how trump is preparing? >> reporter: they couldn't be more different. we have a little while to go before the first debate. clinton has as you might expect a formal debate team. she does very rehearsed classic debate prep. trump though, at least according
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to his campaign manager, has a very informal -- on sundays they meet with advisers. but he hasn't that we know of done any run throughs, for example, had anybody stand in for clinton. there are policy books that have been prepared for him, but we're told that he hasn't read any of them. and the campaign manager says this is what trump brings is this appeal that he is not rehearsed, not scripted. the clinton campaign is setting expectations high saying because of his reality tv history, he was able to do good in the primary debates. but they expect him to do well again even without a formal debate team and formal prep. >> i'll be watching, that's for sure. thank you for talking with us this morning. now to the clinton campaign. kelly o'donnell joins us from the washington bureau. good morning to you. >> reporter: nice to see you. >> let's talk about the latest in the campaign's push
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determining red states purple. >> this is one of the things that shows the strength of the clinton/kaine campaign. they believe they've been able to expand the map. there's always a fight over about a dozen states that traditionally are swing states, battleground states where the race is ultimately almost always fought. well, tim kaine, he's from virginia. formerly the governor, currently the senator. in many ways people believe he has helped hillary clinton put that state firmly in her column. not the kind of battleground you would have expected. tim kaine who also had another job, he was formerly the dnc chairman. that means he knows a lot about the map. he was talking about what he believes their team could do to change the race this year. >> couple of the states that were really close have actually moved into pretty safe -- safer territory. virginia's one, colorado's one. what that means is the states that are really close, we can spend a lot of the time here. and florida is one of those states. not only massive on the
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electoral vote side. but also because it is so close it's a place where we're going to spend a lot of time. >> and one of the ways you look for signs of that is how do they spend resources. that's ad dollars from the campaign itself also outside allied groups. and it's about the time of the candidates and the biggest surrogates they have. so we will see over the next couple of weeks. president obama back on the campaign trail in pennsylvania. look for that next week. and then actually the 13th of september. and then on the 1st which is this coming thursday, joe biden hits the trail on the road in ohio. so you could not get two more prominent surrogates to help on the trail. and that we'll be seeing more of. and you'll see also a lot of spending, a lot of the candidates' time in those battleground states. with the clinton team they're also putting a lot of emphasis on a place we don't normally see democrats spending their time. and that is in one particular congressional district in
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nebraska. the way they count their electoral votes, that's typically a red state. there is a place where one congressional district can provide an added electoral vote if hillary clinton could swing that her way. and they're making quite a show of trying to put resources there including volunteers on the ground. >> serious strategy there. nice to talk with you this morning. for more, joining me now national reporting for "the new york times" and political reporting for politico. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i want to start with your colleague's reporting on the housing discrimination lawsuit from 1973. this is getting a lot of buzz this morning. we've reached out to the trump camp for reaction. we're awaiting response. did they comment to "the times" on the story? and what's the context these years later? >> they did not comment to "the new york times" for the story. the context, though, should be this is really about whether people -- voters are really going to look at this and look at the housing policies of donald trump's father and make a decision about whether or not
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they think that he also had some of those ideas. now, there's no evidence that donald trump was setting any of these policies, that he was aware of these policies. however, donald trump's father really discriminated against african-americans. he didn't want them living in his building. he had people put the large letter "c" on caply kagss for colored people. we tell the story this morning of two women who really i think were very remarkable people because they talked to you and they talked to us and they really talked about the fact that they felt discriminated against and were going to let it go, but really wanted to push the idea that they should live where they want to live. and they were educating people that wanted to be in these buildings. when we think about what this means for voters and what the context is now, donald trump in a lot of ways has had a hard time getting african-americans and hispanics to vote for him. that's not new news. the big issue is -- read about the policies of his father and wonder whether or not donald trump is running a campaign
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somehow echoes those same ideas. >> on that note, we saw the backlash following trump tweeting around dwyane wade's cousin being shot. then tweeting condolences. does this fit into campaign strategy? >> it's all a big mix into questions how donald trump views race and how donald trump appeals to african-american voters. he says that he's going to win african-american voters as he did in that tweet. but then there's stories like this in "the times" about his father who he adored. and there isn't -- there's not a lot of polling data that suggests that he's actually making traction with hispanics or african-americans. quite the opposite, actually. so it's him saying one thing but actual reporting and numbers on this saying quite the opposite. >> we'll continue this theme. you were just talking about trump and his relationship with african-american voters. well, once again at the iowa state fair yesterday, he reached out. he does is speech there. do yhink i helps his
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outreach? what can he do? >> i think what donald trump can do is get into the communities he's talking about. i talked at length with advisers in the trump campaign. people telling him he needs to come into these neighborhoods. it's one thing that voters or democrats are talking about he needs to go into these neighborhoods. but the people working for trump himself say he needs to get into the african-american communities, hispanic communities. right now he's doing these speeches in front of almost majority white crowds, 95% white crowds. and that's not going to help his case even though we can say he's reaching out to african-american voters through his words, it's through his actions where he's going to get people to vote for him. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders so badly when it came to minority voters and people of color because she really went into those communities. she went into african-american churches. she had been doing that for decades. bernie sanders did some of that. he tried to go into some black churches. i chronicled the struggles he had going into those places, but he still did it because that's
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how you get people to trust you. they see you, they understand you're willing to go into those spaces. donald trump on the other hand has made it a habit of inviting african-americans and hispanics into trump towers saying come to my space and we can talk there. i think what he needs to do is go into other people's spaces. >> "the washington post" is reporting on debate prep. citing gatherings at his new jersey golf course. clinton's press secretary said for all his lack of substance, trump's show manship as as ex-tv star makes him a formidable debate foe. is this gamesmanship here? how do you read it? >> this happens every year every time we get near to debates. everyone's sort of handicapping their side. they want to seem like the underdog going in. you're going to hear a lot of that. you're going to hear he's a seasoned debate veteran. and all of his vanquished foes in the primary would admit that. but hillary clinton's done this before too. i wouldn't take too much stock
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into clinton campaign officials saying that trump definitely has the upper hand going into the debates. >> since we're talking about the debates, the report today suggests different approaches from each camp in debate prep. what's your sense on that? >> my sense is each candidate is going to try to be authentic to who they are. rudy giuliani said the way donald trump would lose these debates would be trying to be somebody he's not. people expect hillary clinton i think and the voters expect hillary clinton -- they know she's the person who has been in the government, who understands policies, who understands foreign policy. but donald trump has really was able to beat out those 16 people because people thought he was genuine. even if he was making gaffes or getting things wrong, that he still at the end of the day had a good heart and wanted him to be the person that would represent the republican party. so i think donald trump needs to go ahead and continue to do that. and e needs to -- he's not going to be someone who is secretary of state.
6:14 am
really he has to come off saying, look, i'm going to surround myself with smart people. by the way i'm more authentic than her. you have to trust me. he has to go to that idea. >> you know yourself. thank you for talking with me this morning. >> thank you. the survey says, what new polling reveals about donald trump and hillary clinton and how the third and fourth party candidate could change the race. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast.
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a couple of the states that were really close have moved into pretty safe -- safer territory. virginia's one, colorado's one. >> that's democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine. the polls show hillary clinton maintaining her lead over donald
6:18 am
trump. a new survey found in a four-way race, secretary clinton with 45% of the vote. trump at 38%. gary johnson 10%. and the green party's jill stein with 4%. let's bring in fred yang, democratic pollster with yang research group. good morning to you. >> good morning, sheinelle. >> any surprises in the quinnipiac numbers? >> no. i think, you know, mrs. clinton had a bounce in the national polls right after the two conventions. i think we're seeing some settling, but the settling is she's stronger now than she was before the two conventions. so if you're the clinton campaign, i think you're feeling pretty good about where things are right now. >> with that said, you heard tim kaine. is it too early to express confidence in his home state? >> for the clinton campaign and for democrats, i would sort of say the word should be cautious optimism. i think what we're seeing right now is -- i think the polls will close part of the -- clinton's surge is because trump is still
6:19 am
having problems getting republicans. but i think ultimately what this election will be about is what most elections are about which is turnout. so i think the overall dynamic is helping mrs. clinton. and then as we get closer to the fall, i think both campaigns will focus on turnout. >> let's talk about some of the other candidates for a moment. quinnipiac also asked voters if gary johnson should be included in the debates. 62% of likely voters said yes. 29% said no. is it likely that johnson will reach the threshold to be included? and what about jill stein? >> well, i think the debate commission has set 15% as the threshold in national polls to be included in a national debate. you know, he's almost there, but part of the issue for johnson and for stein is just how much attention they get. it's sort of, you know, which came first the chicken or the egg? it's hard to get your vote share if you don't get your attention.
6:20 am
but if you don't get the vote share, you're not getting attention. >> do you consider it is two way or a three way or four way? >> i think right now the two way is the most important on measurement. >> let's talk more about the debate and the impact. how do they generally influence polls? what kind of bump or dip would you say is the norm? >> well, i think it depends on the performance of the candidates. four years ago the first debate in denver in which most pundits agree, that helped mitt romney. but then president obama did well in the second and third debates. i think sheinelle, everything about 2016 is breaking the rules. i think the first debate between clinton and trump will be probably the most decisive moment of the campaign because it will for the first time be donald trump on a national stage. i know the convention was a big stage, but you will have a big national audience for this first
6:21 am
debate. i think in that way it could be a very big moment in the campaign. if you take a step back, look beneath the numbers, look at the battleground states. look at the fact that mrs. clinton is winning with white college voters. with african-americans, hispanics, and asians. if you look at the boring numbers, it's hard for donald trump to overcome that no matter how well or how much attention he gets from that first debate. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. because we have time for one more. i wanted to ask you about hillary clinton. she has a wide lead as you mentioned over donald trump with hispanics. look at this. in a poll this week, hillary clinton has a 51-point edge with 73% of the vote while trump has 23%. in nevada it's closer. hillary clinton at 44%. trump at 42%. well within the margin of error. given clinton's popularity nationwide with latinos, why do you think the numbers are so
6:22 am
close in nevada? >> it is assuming a slightly lower hispanic turnout than has been the norm. look, nevada it -- look. there are states on both sides, sheinelle, that are surprising in terms of how close they are. nevada is closer in that poll than i think democrats expect. but in states like south carolina, georgia, arizona, three states republicans have carried in presidential elections, the democrats are within -- mrs. clinton is within the margin or error. i think that's what i said earlier. this is an unusual election. what is -- what was up last time is down this time and vice versa. nevada is probably a little closer than democrats would want. but i think again going back to the turnout question, the democratic party there i know is very focused on turnout of women, minorities, hispanics. i think ultimately at the e of the day again it's boring to talk about, but the ground game does make a difference. and democrats will have a very strong ground game. >> they're keeping you on your
6:23 am
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so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at now to the weather. a tropical system is expected to drop heavy rain across south florida today. joining me now bonnie schneider. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's not a named storm, but how organized did this get overnight? >> it did get more organized overnight because we had some indications, had an area of low pressure. if it is going to be here. and that flies into it, perhaps it will become a tropical depression or tropical storm. the odds have gone up. e spshlly when we saw the flare-up of thunderstorms last night and this morning.
6:27 am
now we're at 60% within five days of development for this system. remember as it passes south of florida, north of cuba, working its way into warm water with the water temperature is 90 degrees or warmer. potentially we could see development. but we're going to see enhanced rain, heavy downpours. both the east and the west coast of florida. even if the storm is in the gulf, the east coast will get a fetch of moisture. but as we go into the first part of next week, as of this morning, models are in much better agreement what's going to happen with the system at least in the short-term, not in the long-term. potentially we could see a track as a tropical storm or maybe a category 1 hurricane. we'll have to see how intense it gets towards florida. we'll watch that carefully. we could see this to be a big rainmaker for texas and into florida. as we go through much of the next few days. finally we have invest 91. this also bumped up for
6:28 am
increased odds of development. 40% just within 48 hours and 5 days. >> watching those maps and just hoping people there can get a break. all right, bonnie. thank you. donald trump and race. why he's talking about it now. and is hillary clinton really a bigot? i'll ask a donald trump supporter about those tactics and more. discover how a lexus master craftsman turns an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. get great offers at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment.
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6:32 am
fines on standing water. also new this morning, reaction just a short time ago from governor mike pence on the latest level of discourse surrounding race. >> the fact that you see democrats and hillary clinton and her running mate rolling out the same old play book of racial divisiveness, sounds a little bit to me like an act of desperation. i mean, look. the american people are sick and tired of politicians who seek to divide the people of this country to unite their supporters. >> donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot. >> donald trump has been reaching out -- >> you just accused her of dividing people. he accused her of being a bigot. >> well, look. and that was on the day that hillary clinton literally condemned not just donald trump by the same terms, but also millions of americans who long for a better future. >> pence also articulated this position on immigration.
6:33 am
no path to legalization. no path to citizenship unless they leave the country. now to chicago. nba star dwyane wade's family is planning a vigil this afternoon for his cousin who was shot and killed by a crossfire. 32-year-old nikia aldridge was killed one day after wade took part in a town hall about the city's violence epidemic. morgan radford has the details. >> we might have a person shot over here. >> it's like there's no end to it. it just keeps going on and on and on. >> bullets, they fly around and have no name, decided to find her way. >> aldridge pushing her baby in a stroller on the south side -- >> we're having difficultties with that piece. 149 people have been shot in
6:34 am
chicago since the beginning of this year. almost half of them kids struck while doing everyday kid stuff as you say. like riding on a bike with their father. you know, drawing on the sidewalk, holding their mother's hand. it's a big issue there. in fact, just since yesterday reports of more fatal shootings in chicago that left three people dead and more than 20 people injured. we'll certainly keep an eye on that story and continue to bring you the latest out of chicago. back to politics now, at an event in iowa saturday donald trump offered his condolences to the family of dwyane wade and weighed in on the violence in chicago and beyond. >> in so many communities under democratic control, we have bad schools, no jobs, high crime, and no hope. it can't get any worse. to those suffering, i say vote for donald trump, i will fix it. african-americans, hispanics vote for donald trump.
6:35 am
i will fix it. it will get fixed. >> let's bring in pastor mark burns. cofounder and ceo of the now television network and trump supporter. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> pastor burns, of course you support donald trump. no one denies there are issues to fix in the community, but why do you think donald trump is the one who can do it? >> because again, you know, i've been saying ts across the country and it is so factual. even though so many from the democratic party want to try to deny it. but we as african-americans have been voting democratic en masse and yet we have very little to show for it. right now we don't need more rhetoric of what the democratic party has been offering the african-american communities for over 50, 60 years. what we need is a completely different shift so that we can have an economic revival in our
6:36 am
communities. we need to put the power back into the hands of the parents so that children -- parents will be allowed to choose the schools that they attend to. we need to take that $2.1 trillion that has been made overseas not here in the u.s. and bring that money back here into the united states of america and to distribute that income into our communities. especially in some of our poorest communities in our country. >> listen, i don't think anyone would disagree with the fact that all those things need to be fixed. i think the challenge is and we keep hearing this even from some of our guests this morning on the show, he's making these comments. in fact, he made the comments yesterday in front of a mostly white crowd. something he's done repeatedly while addressing race. why not get out there? you mentioned the schools. why not go into a school? go to north philly. talk to some kids there. why not -- why don't we see him in the community addressing some of these issues? >> well, donald trump, i tell you. the doors have been opening up within the african-american community. and we've been having a hard
6:37 am
time deciding which one we want to take. but i'm excited. we are going to detroit. and an all black audience. it's going to be an all african-american audience that donald trump is going to lay out his plan for the community for the disenfranchised. and also answer questions, to put things to bet. to literally be asked questions by african-americans where he can be able to address some of these controversial comments that have been made that might have offended some. and so this is historic and monumental. >> so what would you say to someone that says he didn't talk to minority members. i'm a member of the national association of black journalists. hillary clinton talked to the group. trump didn't come. so many people have reached out. the naacp. people have asked trump to show up and then he doesn't. what do you say to the critics who say now you need our vote, look at the poll numbers, 1%. now you want to come talk to us.
6:38 am
what's your response to that? >> well, first of all, we're polling about 8% and not 1% like some polls are suggesting. >> for african-american voters? >> donald trump is -- donald trump has been -- donald trump has been doing -- dealing with issues that are not just impacting one community or a certain group. see, for me, i'm a little perplexed as to why we're talking about the african-american community. like we're all the same. like when we speak to one group. what impacts one african-american or black person in america impacts all of us. that's not the case at all. we are a completely diverse group of individuals just like every american. when you talk about jobs, you don't say, hey, that's just to white america. let me go talk to white people. no. when you say jobs and security, you're talking to all americans. and so i do understand there's some demographic areas in our
6:39 am
country that -- versus an ere ban jungle in a real jungle. so i do know that demographics, certain needs are special to certain people. but i don't understand why we keep talking about the african-american community. like all of us are the same. like when you talk to one black person, you talk to them all. >> it's interesting. i'm actually happy that you -- >> -- dealing with issues -- donald trump has been dealing with issues that are impacting everyone here in the united states of america. number one is jobs. he's been talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. bringing an economic revival. he knows how to create jobs. >> i'm glad you're mentioning this -- really quickly, i'm glad you're mentioning this because people criticize him for saying my african-american or, you know, your streets are bad, your this and that. what the hell do you have to lose. so i think a lot of people have felt like trump is speaking to african-americans like, you know, we're all the same. you know? there are a lot of african-americans who say, look, my schools are fine. >> that's not donald trump's
6:40 am
fault. that's probably not donald trump's fault when everybody -- and i say everybody -- is saying when are you going to talk to the african-american group like we are some herd. like we're in some cattle ranch and when you talk to one, you talk to all. donald trump has been talking to americans. donald trump is the same number one. poverty knows no color. i need to make sure we put jobs back into our communities. and that is every community. there are white families in areas and hispanic families in our country that don't have running water, that don't have electricity. >> absolutely. i wish we had more time. pastor mark burns, i'm almost out of time. i could talk to you for the next two years. two questions really quickly. first of all, seriously, it's sunday morning. i want you to tell the truth, pastor. is hillary clinton a bigot? in your opinion? be honest. >> i don't think she's a bigot.
6:41 am
>> but that's what he said. >> i think for me -- here understand. i don't agree with everything -- who does agree with everything that the candidate you support? if you support hillary clinton, do you agree with everything she says? since i'm supporting donald trump, i don't agree with everything he says. but i agree with a large portion of what he does. donald trump is donald trump. sometimes he peek speaks from the heart and he has so much passion. that's one of the reason millions of voters are supporting him. because he's speaking from his heart. i do believe that hillary clinton and the democratic party has been using the black vote like she has and like the democratic -- >> so are you doing this partly -- how much of a percentage of your vote for trump is that you like trump or that you feel like the democrats have taken your vote for granted? >> well, it's a combination of both. i like trump, but i also know that we as african-americans can't keep doing the same thing but expecting different results.
6:42 am
and again -- >> so you think we should -- >> i'm of the opinion when you talk to one black person, you're not talking to all black people. >> that's true. because the two of us are talking. >> you're not talking to all african-american -- yeah. so the point is that's what media does. that's the political correct thing to do is to talk to the african-american community. like i'm talking to all of us. like we all have the same needs. but what we do need is number one, we need jobs. everybody. every race needs jobs. >> okay. >> number two, we need security. isis don't care whether you're black or white or young or old. >> pas tar mark burns, i could talk to you all day. but i enjoyed talking with you. now you go preach somewhere. thank you. >> god bless you. >> all right. you too. still ahead, fighting zika. florida authorities tell residents to join the battle or pay up. and coming up at the top of the hour on "a.m. joy" the
6:43 am
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mounting zika concerns in florida. with more than 40 people affected by locally transmitted cases there, officials worry more rain could make things even worse. sara, what more request you tell us? >> reporter: it doesn't look like florida is going to get hit by a frorm or hurricane this weekend, but the wind is moving in and weather is on its way. we're expecting some soaking rains and once those rains clear out, there will be new places for those mosquitoes to breed. the officials in miami beach opened all storm drains to get that water out of here as fast as possible. and they're saying that if you don't help them fight the bite, you will be fined if you don't clear standing water around your yard, inspectors say they will fine you a thousand dollars for the first offense, $2,000 for
6:47 am
the second. basically all of this weather is making their jobs so much harder. >> the heavy rains will wash away the larva and will re-establish any landing water, as soon as it's over we restart removing standing water. >> and there are nearly 600 cases of zika in florida. 42 of those believed to have been locally transmitted. and sheinelle, 75 of those cases involve pregnant women. back to you. >> so scary. thank you for talking with us this morning. we keep hearing from the candidates, but what dou voters really want to hear? americans...
6:48 am
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pg&i help customerss, how with their there's different rates to fit different needs, so listening is a huge part of my job. because customers want to know that you hear them. they have kids, they have families, they have priorities. i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california. donald trump is firing back at criticsho say he has flip flopped on immigration. he took the stage in des moines,
6:51 am
iowa, on saturday and said his detractors are simply missing the point. >> in recent days, the media, as it does, has missed the whole point on immigration. they have missed the point. all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million people or more or less, they have no idea what the number is because we have no control over our country, they have no idea what it is, that are here illegally. >> let's bring in jonathan alter and contributor and author of the center and amy holmes and former speech writer, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's dig in. he said the media is missing the point. what is the point. >> donald trump has been all over the place when it comes to the issue of immigration. it is the issue that catapulted him to front-runner status in
6:52 am
the republican primary but even just in the past week he himself used the word "softening" on immigration. i'm not sure the criticism on the media is correct here. but what i would say, like so many candidates, they are trying to make the pivot to the center to appeal to centralisms and those moderate republicans who are skeptical of his candidacy and we'll see if it works. >> i've heard the word "pivot" more times in the last few weeks. do i say flip flop, how about back and forth on immigration. >> what is wrong with "flip flop." he came to providence of june of last year calling mexicans rapists and coming over the border and he said two other things when he announced his candidacy and throughout last year and he's going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay
6:53 am
for it and deport 11 million -- what he considers to be undocumented workers. in other words ripping them from the patients. they are gripping the leg of mom and daddy and being deported. it would take more than 100,000 buses to get those folks back over the boarder. so it is such a patently ridiculous idea he understands he can't be elected president unless he retreats from it and in that speech yesterday, he mentioned it. >> and peter hart who oversees the polling just conducted a focus group in wisconsin and here is what he told some of the voters. >> some of the things that donald trump has done and said just makes it impossible for me to vote for him. >> i'm tired of the circus. i just want to see the meat and potatoes of it all. i think i'll make more of a solid decision once i watch the debates. >> i'm hoping for actual
6:54 am
discussions about political topics and not so much of the mud-slinger and dirty politics that has been going on between these two over the past couple of months. >> and we talk about that. we heard this laundry list of what voters don't want, but what do they want from the candidates. >> i think you heard some of the voters and i share their sentiments that you do want to hear the meat and potatoes and not the bottom of the barrel mud sli sli slinging, from both candidates, accusing hillary clinton of being a bigot and hillary clinton calling trump and supporters and that is unfair and bringing up racial issues and 73% said they do it for their own personal advantage not to advance the issue or solve the problems. >> i disagree. if you look at the hillary clinton speech, she doesn't
6:55 am
attach all of supporters, she gives charter and verse of breitbart, whose boss is now running the campaign, has misogynist things all over his website and these folks are backing donald trump and she was right to call them out and read the full text of the speech. >> but then this is guilt -- >> she summarizes the most disgusting campaign -- that is a word that trump uses, in -- i've been covering this since the late 1970s. >> go ahead. >> this is so much worse. so much worse. it is new. it is totally out of bounds. so far out of bounds. >> this is new new for the media or for democrats to accuse the gop nominee of racism or having suppose potters who are racist and -- >> and i want to jump in. this is why the debate is
6:56 am
must-see tv. we are less than a month away from the first debate. yesterday brian fallon tweeted, for all of his lack of substance, trump's showmanship as an ex-tv star, makes him a formid able debate foe and he thrashed his rivals in gop debates. >> that is classic luring of a spectator. >> we agree on that totally. and i watched the republican debates and i would not agree with that assessment of trump. he was effective in communicating to his core supporters but even trump bragged that he didn't even study. >> here is the problem. william f. buckley said never debate a non-debater and if she is playing baseball and he is playing football, he is playing a different sport. >> rugby. >> or whatever, but he is working on a different plain than she is. that could be very tricky for her. she can't go at him too hard
6:57 am
without losing that stature that she wans. and she has to have rebuttal. >> challenge for donald trump, the debate is six topics with 16 minutes each, he is going to have to come with material. >> that will do it for me this hour. look at that. and they did a little handshake. so nice. i'm sheinelle jones, thanks for watching. coming up on "am joy," the russian hack and more that could affect the election. don't go away. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service
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there is another civil rights issue we need to talk about. and that is the issue of immigration enforcement. every time an african-american citizen or a hispanic citizen, or any citizenes


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