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tv   Dateline Extra  MSNBC  August 28, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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that's all for this edition of date line extra, i am tamron hall, thank you for watching. never good news when the phone rings at 5:00 in the morning. i knew something was not right. he just began sobbing and saying no, no, something horrible must have happened. it was just before midnight when the shooting started. he had been shot multiple times. he was on the ground faced down. a man was dead, but not just any man. >> how do you kill super man? how is super man dead?
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he was an olympian and a father killed, his wife says by an intruder in his own backyard. describe him to me. [ inaudible ] >> but, if her husband was dead outside, why was the gun found hidden inside and what other secrets were hidden away. sometimes she would say things like i would be better off if davis not around. was her husband defending her family or was she? the mystery is not who did it but why. the truth will come out and justice will have to be served. i have to believe that. welcome to date line extra, i am tamron hall. dave loud was an elite athletes taking home the bronze medal at the 1984 olympic game.
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he grew up and met his beautiful bride, jane and also where he lost his life. jane did there was a prowler and gunfire. police raced to the scene to find dave loud dead. what happened at the home that night, here is keith morris with the hometown hero and the homecoming queen. [ sirens ] >> it was late when it happened. very late, two late. the skies have already fallen and no one saw it coming and no one heard the warning. now, in the night, it was done. they work hard in their homemade garage gym because it is not just a gym. it is a kind of shrine.
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i look at the wall and there is a bunch of pictures. these were the moments before they were born, dave lout became his family's super man. he won the bronze medal in the 1984 olympics. i just cried. how do you not cry when you see your brother up there getting a medal. it was cool. he's my big brother but he was like my super man. he was my super man. >> don miles, his younger brother by nine and a half years, they inherit a passion for athletics and fitness. i remember my first milk when i was a kid was a protein powder. >> that was all built in your dna, apart of your life. >> yes, it really is. >> here is where that dna was planted. oxna
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oxnard, california, a farm town on the beach, north of la and coaching sprawl. they grow mostly strawberries now. lima beans back then >> when we grew up, you can ride your bike everywhere and everybody knew everyone. >> this is helen, of course, she knew him growing up. >> their dads were both farmers and old farming families. they were big here in oxnard. there were just a lot around. it was just -- they were good. >> and helen's friend, jane, grew up to be especially beautiful featured in her high school yearbook as homecoming queen. she was not ever concerned with that. she's also very, very shy.
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>> why are you homecoming queen and you are shy. >> she's also a very kind person, very gentle person. and as that yearbook shows a star player, too. >> she could spike. she's not that tall but he should jump. jane met that other gifted athlete, dave lout, as one of the best in california. they began dating after high school and sometimes let don, the little one tagging along. they got along so well, they love each other. when they got married in 1980, jane's friend was the bridesmaid, all the girls getting dressed up. it was really fun, it was sweet and jane was quite excited. she looked gorgeous, beautiful,
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beautiful on her wedding day. >> he had her on a pedestal. he always said wonderful things about her >> this is don's wife, we became really close, we talked maybe once or twice a week on the phone and probably for hours her and i, we hitted off, we were family. >> james was there as he became a national and then world competitor. dave won the bronze medal of the 1984 games. after, his career faded quickly. he kept on trying but knee injuries, he did not make the olympic team in 1988. he was disappointed but he knew -- it is like a point of your career when you know something is done. it is okay. you know you have done as far as you go and that door closes. >> and another door opened. dave became a high school
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biology teacher, coach and athletic director. he was better being a teacher than a coach. if dave missed his former glory, his family said, he never showed it and remained a legend to his niece and nephew. >> one phrase i can best describe him is a gentle giant. he had so much patience and so much kindness. dave and jane struggled to have children. >> she wanted to have a family really bad. i felt bad when i would get pregnant. in 1999, they adopted a baby boy from south korea and named him michael. they were happy and i had tons and tons of pictures with them, the throw of them together, they were happy. moments in time, inspiration which is all that's left. it does not make sense. no. >> it is not right. it does not make sense.
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ever since that august 9th, 2009. when a super man fell to earth. >> coming up, what happened in that backyard? did a run in with a prowler turned deadly? how many pops did you hear? >> two. when dateline extra continues. f ! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance,
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together, we're building a better california. welcome back, returning to our story, dan and jane laut were the golden couple. what the adoption of their baby boy, michael, the family seemed happy until gunfire ripped through the night and turned
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their home into a crime scene. dave laut had been shot in his own backyard but what or who had lured him outside. here again is keith morrison with the hometown hero and the homecoming queen. midnight august 28, 2009, oxnard, california. >> the woman in full panic. >> all right. what does the person looked like. >> i just heard the big shot. the woman on the phone was jane lawsuit. the wife of a hometown hero. oh my god. >> dave was still outside where she heard shots fired. >> where is your husband? he told me to get back in.
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>> how is your son. >> he's asleep. >> don't wake him up just yet, okay. >> yeah. stay with me. the officers had to lockdown and call in a homicide to investigate further. it was a brutal scene. >> investigators, by the time first responders arrived, there was no sign of a prowler. they did find dave lawsuut. he's been shot multiple times and on the ground faced down with gunshot wounds to his back and to the back of his head. jane was a mess. she told investigators she had no idea who would do this. >> son, michael, 10-year-old at
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the time slept through it all. >> jane's brother took charge and went down to the station and offered a statement. they were in bed by 10:00. she was in michael's room where she also slept because dave had a bad back. about 11:00 -- dave came down the hall, she said worried about the dog. he said, "what's wrong with her" and i said, "i don't know." he went back to bed. 11:15, she said, she and dave crept over to the sliding door to the yard.
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>> i know i heard a knock. [ inaudible ] >> did you see anybody else? >> and then what's next? >> the gunshots.
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>> where? in the room above. >> how many pops did you hear? >> three. describe them to me, how fast they were? pom, pom, pom. >> it was not a pop and hesitation and pop? it was one, two, three. as jane talked to investigator in the early morning hours, the awful news was getting around. >> we got a call about 5:00 in the morning. >> we go to bed at night and g everything is fine and at some reason at 7:00 in the morning your life is a different thing. it is like an earthquake and shakes your whole foundation and things were never the same. he just fell to his knees and on the phone and just began sobbing
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and saying no, no. it is horrible >> you don't believe it but it is like, how do you kill super man? how is super man dead? a few days later, dave's friends and family held al candlelight vigil. he was so loved and every step he takes we take. we are here to support my mother-in-law and my husband and their family and we truly appreciate that. thank you. >> lets lit the candle for dave. >> they did not know what the police had discovered. a key piece evidence almost over looked at first. >> a lead investigator walks in. he's just looking around and i mean you got a dining room table and a hutch and you got as grandfather clock. he opened up that clock and it
7:18 pm
was an old wow moment >> why would a prowler leaves something so important in there? coming up, if the intruder was outside, how did a key piece of evidence get inside, something else seen odd, jane's behavior. she tried to keep one of the police officers out of the laundry room, she tried to close the door with her in the laundry room and him out. >> when "dateline extra" continues.
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welcome back, dave laut, olympian is dead. his wife went out to investigate a noise and she heard gunshots. detectives poured over the crime scene searching for traces of his killer. they quickly discovered a crucial piece of evidence and with it, their case would take a dramatic turn. back now, keith morrison with the hometown hero and the
7:22 pm
homecoming queen. jane laut told police of a backyard prowler and gunshots right outside her door and her husband, dave laut, was dead. but, some things seemed a little off. for example, said investigators, when police were questioning jane at the house, she stepped in the laundry room. she tried to keep one of the officers out of the laundry room. she tried to close the door with her in the laundry room and him out. why? well, in that laundry room, they found her jeans rolled up in a towel and tucked between the washer, looked like they had been removed quickly and stashed away. when an officer tried to administer a gunshot residue,
7:23 pm
when the officer doing the test began getting the test ready. she did go in the bathroom and either washed her hands or wife other hands on a towel one or the two before coming back to the table or before the test is done. >> odd things. >> anyway, police scour ed the place and did not see any murder weapon lying around and they're about to take dave's body off to the morgue when some instincts told the police detective to look here. he cracked open the door of the grandfather clock and looked down its side and there it was. >> this was more than likely the murder weapon. a six shot revolver. no prowler would drop a weapon right here in the dining room clock. >> the prowler theory did not make any sense what so ever with the hidden gun inside the house.
7:24 pm
it was not long until investigators shifted their focus from unknown prowler to the woman who reported one, jane laut. remember those clothes they found in the laundry room. when they tested it, they found gunshot residue. so, did jane shoot dave and changed into her pajamas before she called 911. police found gunshot residue, as if she was holding the flashlight and shooting her husband. if jane was a killer, this was about as cold-blooded as it gets dave was shot six times. >> shot one appeared to be fired from a distance of several feet. grazed his head and pieces on the garbage can.
7:25 pm
the killer fired shots two and three in his face at close range. we found the one that is goes through his cheekbone and down the side yard and bounces off the concrete. that bullet we matched out on the sidewalk. >> shots four, five, and six in the upper hand and back at dave's head. the final shot was to the back of the head. from the very beginning. jane denied she had anything to do with it. >> i don't know. i don't have anything to do with it. but, they did not believe her especially when they found out that the bullets that killed dave matched the gun in the grandfather clock. now, don and rebecca lawsuit began to look at a lot of things differently, things jane had told them over the years which
7:26 pm
maybe did not add up either. i felt like she was family so i am going to dismiss these strange feelings i get sometimes. like at the time jane told her two men put a knife to her throat and demanded money and i said did you call the police or did you yell? and she said, "oh, no, i just wanted to come home and i just wanted to get home"? it was the middle of the day and no one saw? she said no. >> we asked her what kind of notes and she would not tell you. implications that somebody is after her and she's in some danger. >> now when they looked back at things they noticed over the years, it was like something fell into place. it was jane was the parent and michael was a child and dave is in the way.
7:27 pm
you had a sense that she was pushing dave. >> the stress was pretty clear. >> for a while, every time she would call me, it seems like it was to vent something she did not like about what dave was doing. >> so evidence was carefully insisted for months. february 2010, jane laut, was arrested and charged with first degree murder and the story set investigators chillingly clear. >> this wshe lured him out and him a fourth time and came up super close and shot him two more times and one in the back of the head. there seems to be plenty of evidence. jane's odd behavior and her lies
7:28 pm
abo , about a prowler and an top of it all, the gun in the grandfather clock. jane hired a lawyer and pled not guilty. >> mr. lawsuit was a monster. coming up, what had been happening behind closed doors? when "dateline extra" continues. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. the perfect kid-friendly hotel. simple to book which is great for families.
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you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. donald trump announcing tonight he will deliver a major speech on immigration on wednesday in arizona. >> trump had been called for deportation to removed. last week he suggested that he may allow many to stay if they pay back taxes. >> the scottish airport accused on monday accused of being drunk, 141 passengers on board.
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now, back to "dateline extra." welcome back to "dateline extra" i am tamron hall. dave laut was murdered outside his home and police found the gun inside the home. secrets emerged and what she told them next would send the investigation hurling a whole new direction. a stunning allegation pointed to another explanation for dave's death. here again is keith morrison with the hometown hero and the homecoming queen. how quickly it can turn. sweet jane laut now accused murder at dave and now that davis dead, store riies emerged.
7:33 pm
it seems like she was controlling. across the street, neighbor, he's there standing there while she's, you know, pulling weeds and cleaning out the gutter and he's not lifting a finger to help her? >> it was like a scared little rabbit. >> i was always a little leery about what was going on in the home. >> his close friends said jane's fear reminded them another vulnerable creature. >> looking to see if someone is behind her. >> this is from jane's co-worker, he was very aggressive. he was very demanding and when he said jump, she would go high how. >> how strange it was that jane
7:34 pm
always wear long sleeves even when it is hot outside. there were times where she would come in and i noticed on her face, it looks swollen and she never comment on how it happened. >> there were several bruising . one time on her face and her arms and legs and several places. >> he's a monster. >> jane's defensive attorney. according to him, dave laut, is far from the hometown hero of so many believed to be. >> the real truth about him. for nearly three decades he abused his wife to horrific abuse. >> we have frontal abuse. emotional abuse and the way he
7:35 pm
treats her and physical abuse, we have everything from the kicking and throwing her down and spitting on her. jane was not the only victim. dave was angry that his adopted son, michael was not -- >> he would call michael names and racial names. we had him yelling at him in the streets and how he cannot ride a bike. >> all those years, jane was afraid to report and afraid what he might to do her loved one. >> we obtained this summer of a police report in the 1980s, jane reported of an intruder attacked her while she was alone at work. at the time police found the injuries consisted with the jury. in fact, dave inflicted those injury and ordered jane to lie and blamed a non existed
7:36 pm
intruder. >> from june of '09 it was escalating. jane continue to take it until that august 9th when something changed. that night, dave threatened michael's life. >> she really believe that dave was going to kill michael. >> jane was taking michael to the beach that day. they were late getting home. >> dave was upset and started screaming and yelling, nobody respects me or cares about me. >> jane put michael to bed and got in her pajamas herself and waited for dave's anger to southbound side >> about 10: 30 or 11:00, he comes out the room. that's when she saw the gun.
7:37 pm
>> he's holding it and he starts talking about michael and how they don't respect him and he's going to blow his head off. he growls her and he throws her against the wall and she crawled backwards with her hands and feet, crab walk towards the back door. somehow she got in the patio, calm down. out in the darkness, dave stumbled in the patio. he loses his balance. that was her opportunity, she goes out and grabs the gun and struggled from the gun and the gun goes off. she eventually gets the gun. she said, she ran back in the house, put the gun inside the grandfather clock and called 911. she had no idea he's dead. he's down but she didn't think -- they give their abusers. yes, she lied about the prowler but did it almost automatically.
7:38 pm
her condition response to his abuse. but once the police discovered jane's lie, their minds are made up that she was a cold, calculating killer. so when police found those clothes shoved in the laundry room. they believed it must have been jane's attempt to hide evidence. those clothes were tested only had a tiny fragment of gunshot residue and police never bothered to test the pajamas she was wearing. >> the test revealed that the pajamas were covered in gunshot residue. jane was wearing those pajamas when she fired the gun and the claims of her jumping up to wash her hands that never happened. >> that was just the police covering up a major mistake.
7:39 pm
they search for it and they could not find it. once they concluded she was a murder, they actually disstotor their evidence. >> deposit a two piece of scout matter. >> you are saying it is physically impossible. it is ludicrous. >> it violates the law of physics. >> the dna on the gun is dave's. he had the gun and then they struggled for it. his dna is on the trigger. i mean there is no getting around that fact. one more thing, one more bit of evidence that the police missed even though it was right under their noises. bruising on jane's upper left arm photographed the morning dave was killed.
7:40 pm
you will see a hand fingerprint. the hand shaped bruise, this was not murder. it was self defense. >> you are fighting for your life reasonably. you have to conclude that fighting for the gun, you have to use different force. >> now, looking back jane's childhood friend, helen, we saw her less and less. more than two decades past, helen had al long career as a social worker and gradually lost touch with jane. i would always send her christmas cards and say call me or whatever. and i would never hear from her. >> then helen heard about dave's death. everybody was pointing to jane. like a lightbulb went off and i am like oh my god, she was a battered wife. and you did not get it, you did not see it.
7:41 pm
>> but, the very idea that jane was an abuse spouse and that she killed dave? self defense, absolutely ludicrous and outrageous allegation about dave. i know my brother. he's just a good man. he would give you the shirt off his bat. >> can you see him losing his temper at the woman he's married to and abusing her? >> never. >> no, said the lauts and no said the police. >> maybe jane had quite another motive for killing dave laut, a financial one. >> coming up, borrowed money. >> thousands and thousands of dollars. >> and more money if dave was dead. sometimes she would say things like i will be better off if davis not around.
7:42 pm
when "dateline extra" continues.
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welcome back here with more of our story with keith morrison of the hometown hero and the homecoming queen. olympic glory does not always translate in materials wealth. in fact, says detectives as they sipping through dave and jane's finance. the laut's finances were living beyond their means. it was poor bookkeeping and poor management. it did not just happen befoed b the shootings. it is been going on for years and years. after dave was killed, they
7:46 pm
found out that jane had been borrowing money from her mother-in-law. >> she had been giving a lot of excuses. >> to pay mortgages and stuff like that? >> mortgage and school supplies. how much money? >> it was thousands and thousands of dollars. it was a lot. >> when they found out dave had three life insurance policies. i believe that we totaled it all up and i think it came to $350,000, some where in that neighborhood, if she's likely to see if a prowler had done this. >> was there any indication that she was capable of violence act or a sort of person that could be violent. >> she said some things to me and i dismissed them because maybe i did not want to believe because she was capable. sometimes she would say things
7:47 pm
like i would bequett better off dave is not around. >> meanwhile, justice crawled. a year past and two or three and four, jane remained free on bond. dave's niece megan laut. >> she caused my family so much pain and it is horrible. it was just hated. >> nephew, aaron and cody, took it out in the garage room. >> you get your emotions going and adrenaline going. >> in september 2013, don laut pleaded with the judge to get the case before the jury. >> i just want to court to know that there is family and friends behind my brother and it is been four years, and it is been very
7:48 pm
difficult. and then in january 2015, more than five years after dave's death, in a movement shocked the defense attorney, the prosecution indicated it would be opened to make a deal. >> and i was blown away. >> a plea deal? yes, and what a deal it was. if jane pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, she will be tense stesentenced to six ye served only three. >> the opportunity of a lifetime fore a woman facing first degree murder and 50 to life, and so i gave her my strong recommendation that she should take it but she said no and i was like -- i was stunned. i said jane, do you understand that? i understand it fully. it is my decision and she was crying and she says i have to
7:49 pm
fight for this. >> by then, jane had some powerful moral support from her old friend helen galorious. >> she rose that night and became a very, very strong powerful woman and defended the life of her son. >> then at last, in january 2016, jane laut, went on trial for murder. her friend, helen, sat right behind her. >> did you think she went to jail? i don't. do you believe that the jury will believe her story and see it as a case of self defense. >> i do, i believe that. i sincerely believe it. i don't say that about many people, i sincerely about her. >> do you get this personally invested in the case.
7:50 pm
>> i am always enveinvested in case? do i care much about her? i would be lying if i said i did. could he persuade the jury to believe in jane, too? coming up, jane takes the stand. it is what we are shooting for. she has to testify. >> a gun takes the center stage. >> fired each and every time and the verdict. we the jury found the defendant -- >> when "dateline extra" continues. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs.
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welcome back, jane laut, is facing 50 years to life for the murder of her husband. when prosecutors offered a deal, if she pleads guilty to
7:54 pm
voluntary manslaughter, she said no. >> here is keith morrison of the final chapter of a hometown hero and the homecoming queen. dave laut was a son and a father. he was a colleague and he was a friend. more than six years after the death of olympic bronze medallist, dave laut, the murder trial of his wife began in this ventura, california courtroom. prosecutors told the jury, jane was as calculated kill er. you look at the each of the six shot, they were administered by this defendant as she was executing her plan to murder her husband. there is only one reasonable conclusion is to find the defendant guilty of murder. >> i am about to talk to you for quite sometime. defense attorney claimed that
7:55 pm
the real victim was jane laut. he's not the hero of the olympics. he's a monster that abused her for 27 years. the defense calls family and friends testified that jane was an abused spouse. >> the judge would not allow cameras to roll for the first time publicly through tears. jane told her story. she said she took dave abuse for three decades until the night he threatened their son. >> she could not live the fact that he would kill michael. >> on the stand, jane admitted that she lied in her 911 call. >> and later to the police about a prowler. but she denied she had any
7:56 pm
financial motive for killing her husband. after all, she did not ask for or receive a penny of dave's insurance. >> jane would never be about finances. >> why do you say that? >> because that's not her value. jane is about relationships, she's about family and she's about children. it is never been about money for her. >> of course, the prosecutors got his turn to cross-examined jane. there were a lot of i don't remembers about the night of murder. she could not recall after what happened after she fired the first two shots. she did admit she was quite familiar with the gun and used it several times before. >> in the hands of this will defendant required her pull back that hammer and fired. and pull back the fire and
7:57 pm
fired. each and every time for the six times that she aimed that weapon at her husband and shot him. >> like this, said the prosecutor as he played a video of a woman firing that very gun. that's not the omnivonly way to the gun. >> you can pull the hammer back, this is called fanning the gun. >> prosecution expert encounter that had a movie is the only place that you would only see that. >> every expert that came up said that's abosurd, the accuray of fire tg gun and hitting it six times in the dark is astro no, ma' nomical. >> after seven weeks of testimony. >> why would jane laut do this?
7:58 pm
why? when you think about it, it was only one reason, what anybody would do to protect your child? you do not have the right to kill your husband. >> well, the prosecutor to look past the emotions and focus on the evidence. >> it is a story contradict to a batter battered woman battered defense planning her case. >> jurors deliberated for three and a half days. march 30th, 2016 announced they were ready. jane supported by helen and another friend who stood by her and walked to the courthouse and waited there. it appears to be in order. i will read the verdict.
7:59 pm
we the jury find the defendant, jane laut, guilty of the crime of first degree murder. guilty of first degree murder. a shock ran through the room. ron who believed in her innocent looked distraught and jane comforted him. the woman who flat turned down a deal to do six years for voluntary manslaughter now faces the possibility of life in prison. it was a victory for dave's family. yes. but not one to celebrate. our faith call s us to forgive. forg forget? no, not their super man >> it is very difficult. i miss him everyday. i miss him. i think i will always grieve. he's always apart of me.
8:00 pm
that's all for this edition of "dateline extra," i am tamron hall, thanks for watching. i told myself the worst part about dying is being afraid of dying. if i am not afraid, it won't be so bad? i just could not believe this was the way it is going to happen. >> she was a college student found on a lonely road in texas. >> we figured she had been sexually assaulted and dumped here. >> tough questions for her boyfriend. where was i the night


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