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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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weiner telling the post he and the woman have been friends for some time. want to go to kristen welker, who broke the announcement about this separation and also covers the clinton campaign for us. abedin has a larger than life footprint within clinton world. her work about the state department e-mails, the troubles of a personal life, this is photoer for trump. bring us up to speed about the timeline. >> it's alled toer for trump for sure. first to the personal announcement. i spoke with a friend of huma abedin who tells me she happened to be on long island when this broke. she went with clinton on saturday. she's there with her son jordan, with family members. this is a trip that she takes pretty much every year. in part, this is when hillary clinton goes on fundraising tours and a time for vacation. so the timing, coincidental, but obviously this comes in the wake of those new sexting allegations that were broken in "the new
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york post." let me read you some of her statement that she released a short time ago. quote, after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son during this tieflt time. i ask for respect and for our privacy. now, of course, huma abedin not only one of hillary clinton's closest advisers, but she's been working with hillary clinton since hillary clinton was first lady. . she was an intern during the first clinton administration. she also worked on her senate campaign, worked with her at the state department during her first run for president in 2008. at one point clinton commenting that she's so close to huma she's like a second daughter. that gives you a sense of just how close these two really are. now we have reached out to former congressman anthony weiner for reaction. we haven't gotten a response, but according to "the new york post," he told them this about
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this latest alleged scandal. quote, she has asked me, meaning the woman in question who he was sexting, not to comment except to say our conversations were private and included pictures of nieces and nephews and were always appropriate. now this is something that has dogged anthony weiner for years. it goes back to 211 2011 when he first stepped down from congress. and then in 2013 he launched a bid for mayor of new york. he was leading in the polls for a period of time. all that came crashing down amid-a second sexting scandal. so this is something his family has been wrestle iing with and this painful news from huma abedin that she has decided to separate. >> painful and public. any reaction from inside the clinton campaign? >> well, not from the clinton campaign, but top surrogates coming forward. saying, look, nothing to see
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here. this is a personal matter. it should be left at that. but donald trump is responding. e he says, quote, huma is making a wise decision. i know anthony weiner well and she will be far better off without him. hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. it's a preview of what we can expect to hear. that is ridiculous and has no basis in reality. but we are approaching the first debates. . i anticipate this is a line of attack that donald trump could potentially use against hillary clinton. but it underscores the fact, thomas, this is all unraveling amidst a presidential campaign and so this is not only personal, but it's also veering into the political realm as well. >> kristen welker, thank you so much. joining our conversation is jonathan capehart and nick
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kpensorry. not the subject most of us want to be talking about today. nick, your paper got reaction from trump talking about the fact that e he feels huma is making the right choice. but it went on to say mixing personal with political saying i only worry for the country that hillary clinton allowed weiner to have close proximity to classified information. it's another example of clinton's bad judgment. is it possible our security have been greatly compromised? >> is that fair game to make this into a political attack? >> i think the first half of that statement would be the first statement from trump to clinton might agree with. the second half she will dispute. the average person in a bar or kitchen table will be, a, yuck, and, b, about time on behalf of the separation. i don't think there's a wide audience for the idea this kind
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of made up idea that somehow the national security was endangered because of the proximity of this man. >> when we think about weiner, as we make the argument about this being a national security issue, is that really a stretch or is this just more politics for trump who wants to play this up? >> listen, that statement, to me, is outrageous. there's no personal tragedy too painful for him to exploit. and that a person running for president of the united states would inject himself into the marital woes of a staffer on the opposing presidential campaign team, to me, is mind boggling. and this notion that somehow national security could possibly
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huma abedin was married to anthony weiner is also just flat out laughable. the fact that we're -- i just cannot believe donald trump put out a statement like this. he should be above this, but as we have seen for the last 14 months, he's above nothing. >> you're not shocked that we're covering this. >> no, i'm not shocked that we're covering it. my shock is over the fact that a person running for president of the united states would personally inject himself into the marital woes of a staffer on another campaign. i don't think we would ever see this happen with any other republican running for president. certainly, you wouldn't see that from the clinton campaign. >> we're still wait iing for yo to spill the beans on heidi cruz. but the distraction that this
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provides for the campaign, do they have conversations about whether or not huma e remains a part of the campaign or that would just be a bridge too far. >> there's no question she's going to keep being part of the campaign. i do think if there's any damage for hillary clinton, it's the fact that the weirdness of this campaign, which had is normally in donald trump's corner. any given day he can say something bizarre, is now on her side of the aisle. we'll be talking about this for a couple days. meanwhile, if if he he goes off again, it's going to be waiting in the balance. so i think if it distracts people from what he's saying or he's having a bad week, it probably helps him. >> there are surrogates trying to down play what this means. we had clinton transition co-chair jan fer granhome saying what this really is all about. take a listen. >> well, i'm certain he has his
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own fallout. i can't imagine this brushes on to the clinton campaign. it should remain a private matter. donald trump should focus on his debate prep. >> can they keep up that argument about the fact that this is a private matter? can it remain as such? >> well, they can try, but as we have seen, "the new york post" has been all over this story. if there are more pictures and e details to come frds, they are going to come forward and "the post" is going to report it. it's something that the clinton campaign is going to have to deal with that as we have seen throughout this summer, even with all the distractions and things that have knocked the clinton campaign around, they are full steam ahead on campaigning and getting her message out and dealing with the distractions as they come. >> that's their marriage. that's their personal business. e we don't e know what they have been through other than what we have seen publicly.
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there's the documentary anthony wooeiner took down his account after the allegations came out. he was cat fished by a republican operative. >> i can't believe he still has a twitter account at all. i'm surprised it wasn't the first item of requirement after the first time. i think he's out of of hair. >> we're still wait iing for hi reaction about this and the separation. they do have this young child together. thank you so much. gentlem gentlemen, thank you. 48 hours after donald trump sparked backlash over his tweet of dwayne wade's cousin, he's planning a speech for a church in detroit. his attempt to reset his minority outreach campaign, next. let's be very clear. nothing has changed about donald trump's position. >> he has to deal with those
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agencies and those individuals already responsible for this who aren't doing their job. >> trump's campaign still struggling to outline exactly what his position is on immigration. the candidate planning to deliver a major speech on immigration this week too. are any of the plans put forward realistic? we're going to hear more of the actual e details in this big speech? we'll break that down, his schedule, coming up. ♪ stayg in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i ed t rightutrition boost cometenutritional drink so dri boost 26 esstial vamins and minerals, incllcium and vitamin d to sport strong bo and 10 grams oprotein to help main musc. three dicio flavors. i'm t about to swim in the sw ne. stay strong.tay active with boost®.
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and here's a live look inside the events that mike pence is holding in georgia. vice presidential normal e knee mike pence holding this town hall herere.
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trump is going to visit a black church in detroit and be interviewed by the bishop. according to insiders, the gop's presidential nominee is going to outline policies geared toward minority americans. this after donald trump tweeted up a storm of controversy posting and deleting this message about nbc star dwayne wade's cousin who was gunned down this weekend. it said he was shot and killed. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. so hallie jackson is joining me in front of trump tower covering the trump campaign for us. donald trump declined political invitations to speak from minority organizations like the naacp, national urban league. so why the extra effort for minority outreach now and why detroit? >> so a couple reasons. the campaign will point to scheduling conflicts as the reason why donald trump hasn't
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addressed groups like the one you're talking about. so the naacp event conflicted with the vice presidential announcement and with the upcoming republican national convention in cleveland. donald trump has byes. ed opportunities to speak directly to african-american communities. you asked the question why now. look at what has changed. he's brought on new leadership and potentially some of these advisers who have started to say, listen, this outreach to african-american voters cod help you make up some ground, if it actually works. and additionally, potentially help him bring in others who want to see him be more inclusi inclusive. the campaign say he's been inclusive, but the last two weeks have been the first times we have seen trump make an explicit and direct appeal to minority communities. this is an area he will be visiting with dr. ben carson, talking with not just black churches, but also christian
11:16 am
television network owned by the only african-american owned christian tv network. we'll be talking about issues important to the african-american community. critics have condemned trump in part for what they have seen as perhaps a tone deaf outreach. you read the dwayne wade tweet that came out over the weekend for criticized for being insensitive. there's a question how authentic it will be. >> is it supposed to hit a bunch of different themes combining what trump would say a policy wise when it comes to urban crime or gun violence under a trump presidency? >> you're going to see all those topics. what you'll see according to what i have been told is trump talk about economic empowerment tieing in this theme. he wants to talk about jobs and the economy.
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at least that's what trump's campaign wants him to talk about. you'll see him push that message to the african-american community. law and order, which has been a theme for donald trump's for months, will be something e he will discuss and with that and perhaps unavoidably comes gun violence. trump will have questions to answer, i believe, from members of this community on that topic. even some of his tweets as we talked about in the last 48 hours. >> hallie jackson on trump campaign, thank you. voters in arizona are head ing to the polls to decide if long-time senator john mccain will claim victory over his primary challenger. it could provide the first clue about the impact of donald trump's name at the top of the gop ticket this fall. and today is also john mccain's 80th birthday. we'll take you to phoenix to look at the implications of that race there. plus trump is set to give a major speech on immigration. we're going to break down his evolving positions and how they could even be implemented. first we have been asking in
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it could be the first test. john mccain is in the fight of his political life battling opponents on both sides of the aisle amid-a rocky relationship with the gop presidential nominee. mccain who celebrates his 80th birthday today is expected to win tomorrow. the latest poll has him leading kelly ward 55% to 29%. he's going to have to face democratic challenger who seized on support for trump suggesting that it proves the five-term senator is putting party before
11:22 am
country. kelly o'donnell just talked with john mccain and join mess now in phoenix. john mccain just got the important endorsement of the fire department. there you are on site. but let's talk about that. the fact that folks around john mccain running against him are trying to position him with donald trump, although he supports the normminee. >> he's tried to create some separation, thomas. we're stealing some shade because it's 110 degrees in arizona. john mccain received the endorsement here and had a tour of this fire house and the guys were nice enough to let us do our live shot from here. what you find is that john mccain is trying to really find a lane that is hard to thread the needle. he needs those voters on the far right to support him, conservative republicans, while there is a trump-backed challenger, a woman who has been a trump supporter. and then he's got to look toward november where a moderate democrat is on the ballot.
11:23 am
i talked to him ant the state of the race, what he needs to do and it's classic john mccain saying folks here know him. >> this is one of those races that is a squeeze from the right and then potentially from a more moderate middle ground come november. when you look at all your races, how tough is this one? >> i think they are all tough. everyone has been tough. anybody who takes an election for granted shouldn't. i have had other tough races. >> when your primary opponent talks about your age, happy birthday by the way, how do you respond to that? is that a below the belt hit? >> i let the people of arizona who know me very well make that judgment. >> when you have to position yourself as a republican in a tough environment running with donald trump at the top of the ticket, how can you separate yourself where you need to. >> it's not separating myself or
11:24 am
anything like that. it's the people of arizona who know me. i have 100% name i.d. they know me well. i have been her for many years. i don't think their judgment is affected by anything by what they view of me. >> what is your message to latino voters and hispanics in this environment when there is immigration, a hot issue as it was six years ago when you were running and in your presidential as well. what do you say to them? >> they know me. they know the efforts i have made. they know my relationship with them. they know that i have been very supportive of their community and the small businesses and pro life and pro military and all that. they know me very well. they will make their own judgment. >> so he was teasing me a little for trying to get one more question in there which is a classic thing i do with john mccain. he's going to run his own race as a former nominee of the presidential nominee, he feels that obligation to the republican establishment to
11:25 am
support the normminee and then criticize trump where he needs to. but he doesn't want to be too critical of trump on the eve of his primary when conservative voters will be very important. he said given the heat and this time of year in arizona, there's a lot of early voting that has already taken place even before the primary opponent got a lot of attention. >> that was great. he was saying they know me and he knows you well. of course, you're going to get that other question in. just one more. kelly o'donnell reporting in phoenix, great work. dan is joining us, the national political reporter. it's good to have you with me. let's talk about mccain and walking the tight rope here this entire primary. e he doesn't want to denounce trump. although he wants to keep a safe distance from the nominee and the baggage he brings. how much damage has that done to him being the maverick from arizona? >> certainly the democrats are
11:26 am
using it against him just about every day. they put out news releases and hold events that highlight mccain's support of donald trump. mccain, as kelly said, doesn't want to kick the hornet's nest while he still has a primary tomorrow. he's been pretty disciplined saying he supports the nominee, but also try iing to show the differences between him and trump on issues like immigration and national security especially and foreign policy, which are strength of mccain. >> john mccain's opponent not so much kicking the hornet's nest but willing to embrace the pro trump republicans, even appearing a at a rally in arizona. she appeared at a cup tll. she seems to think the key to winning the election is aligning herself with trump. so is trump allowing her to seed that ground? >> well, kelly ward certainly is going after the trump vote hard
11:27 am
and has campaigned at an appearance here in phoenix and also at a trump appearance in mesa late last year. but trump isn't really helping her that much. in fact, trump complicated her effort by endorsing mccain. a lot of people know that mccain and trump don't get along, but when trump actually did endorse him a few weeks ago, he started seeing it in radio ads, mailers that trump and pence are backing mccain. so i think if you're a casual viewer of politics, i think it kind of looks like mccain and trump are on the same page. >> pence came out more with a full-throated endorsement for the senator followed by donald trump. but we have the latest general election polling and it shows that clinton trails trump by 5 points in arizona. is tomorrow real bell weather of the indicators for john mccain of the forecast for november about a clinton and trump? >> it could be. i think everyone anticipates a
11:28 am
pretty close race in the general election between mccain and kir patrick and a close race between hillary clinton and donald trump here in arizona. obviously, arizona is usually a e red state, but it is close. even mccain's folks have acknowledged to me their internal polling show clinton and trump are very close. it could be a swing state this year. >> we'll wait and see how that goes. we're also getting initial reporting about the speech from trump that's going to happen at the phoenix convention center coming up on wednesday on his immigration and unity rally for the arizona republican party. . more e details on that. this is one of the first spots he held a rally last year. thanyou so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, more reaction to the announcement from hillary clinton's long-time aid who announced today she decided to separate from her husband anthony weiner all because of a new alleged sexting scandal.
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or n in vests. sign up at etrade.coand get up to six hundred llars. the big news today is a personal development. the split between long-time clinton aid huma abedin and her husband anthony weiner coming after a third sexting scandal. "the new york post" is reporting that anthony weiner sent is racy photos to a trump supporter while lying next to a young child who the post says is the couple's son. i want to bring in tammy leitner. this is all based on "the new york post" reporting. let's break down the timeline. >> so we know that anthony weiner has what he is characterizing as a friendship with this woman involved in this sexting scandal. e we know they have had had this friendship since january of 2015 until the earlier this month. they have exchanged numerous texts, numerous electronic
11:33 am
messages, twitter and photos. in one photo he sent a a picture of himself with what appears to be, according to the post, his 4-year-old son. he said he's been friends with this woman for some time. he also said to them, quote, she's asked me not to comment except to say our conversations were private, often included. pictures of nieces and nephews and my son and were always appropriate. this morning he deactivated his twitter account. >> some of these according to the post are either direct messages via twitter o text. according to them not just the pictures, but according to the post reporting, the conversations going back and forth spell it out a little more in e detail about the sbeintent the conversations or the tone of the conversations. >> there's very little left to the imagination as far as the tone based on these messages that have gone back and forth. we obviously have been camped outside of his apartment all morning trying to get to thim to
11:34 am
talk to us about this. >> huma abedin put out a statement about their separation, which is a big development for their personal lives. they have one child together. we'll wait to see if e he hear from the former congressman. great to see you. nice to have you here. we want to talk about the implications for the race for that and we have political editor mark murray joining us now. i have to say a lot of folks on twitter are blasting me the fact that we're covering this. so let's just break down why we would cover this because of huma abedin's position and the importance that she carries within hillary clinton's campaign and to the former secretary of state. >> that's right, thomas. there are few people who are more important than huma abedin is in hillary clinton's orbit. describing her role, she's kind of part gate keeper, part personal aid, her role has been deputy chief of staff.
11:35 am
someone who is almost seen as family with the clintons. you turn those all together and this isn't your ordinary campaign staffer. to some of the criticism that i think we have all received on why are you covering this story, it's important to note that anthony weiner was the ones who did this, not huma abedin. the campaign didn't do this. but this does kind of rise to a news story when you have such a prominent person from a campaign involved in such a sad family story, particularly when this has been a repeat offense by now her estranged husband. >> the other party involved in the alleged since a former congressman and someone who has had a past of doing the same action that he's newly accused of now. we have abedin announcement of their separation. we understand the personal considerations that go into how we're trying to cover this and also the implications of this because, obviously, everything
11:36 am
right now seems to be through the political lens of the cycle mark. several polls put clinton ahead of trump. we have a new poll giving her a 7-point lead. this, though, is a difference than before. she had a bigger lead before. so this type of distraction is not something the campaign wants right now. especially when donald trump has done a pretty good job of keeping negative headlines about his campaign and fumbles. >> this is a distraction. i do think it's probably doubtful that you and i are going to be talking about this 48 hours from now or certainly a month from now. >> you just jinxed us. >> i will say the poll you just cited really does show a very static and consistent race from all the totality of the polling that we have seen. to put that 7-point lead in perspective, 7 points of the margin that barack obama beat john mccain by in the 2008 race, which really wasn't a close
11:37 am
contest at that point. so you needed to keep that in mind. that lead was 13 points right after the democratic convention and the republican convention really where you started to see the bump for hillary clinton. we're now a month remove d from hillary clinton's convention. what we have seen so far in the majority of the polling is a very static race where hillary clinton has a lead. not an enormous one, but a lead and bigger than barack obama had against mitt romney in 2012. >> mark murray, great to see you. thank you. donald trump set to give what he's been billing as a major speech on immigration. it comes up this week on wednesday. however, it's unclear exactly what his policy is going to be. you remember last week it was back and forth flip-flopping all around. the media quote that he's given that we have been missing the point. next we're going to break down the evolving positions and how they could be implemented. plus you probably saw from
11:38 am
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imagine loving your numbers. the's only o invokana®. ask yourtor about it by name. coming up this week, donald trump will dlifr what he's been billing as a major speech on immigration. the setting will be arizona. it was over the weekend his vice presidential running mate mike pence said, quote, nothing has changed about donald trump's position on dealing with illegal immigration. trump has called for mass e deportation. he's also said that he will work with undocumented imgrants and said he will follow existing laws. chief correspondent ari melber is here to break this down. let's begin with what trump is saying about president obama. he said, quote, what people don't know is obama got tremendous numbers with people out of the country. bush, the same thing. how accurate is is he on that? >> that is accurate. donald trump's emphasis on e deportation and border patrol is
11:42 am
sort of the stronger part of his point. we'll put the numbers up. 2.8 million people in total over the obama tenure departed. more than previous presidents. then when you talk about this piece where donald trump is, we'll get rid of the bad people and focus on that. here's some context. 690,000 undocumented workers have been convicted of serious felonies or misdemeanors. meaning they e deported more people than the entire population. >> we want to move on to trump's newest claims saying we're going to build a great wall on the border and we're going to institute nationwide e-verify. this is literally he wants to do something brick and mortar in terms of a variable. >> we heard about this before. what i would mention is 20 states are already using it. that is design ed to decrease te e reliance of undocumented or illegal labor. and democrats have also had this. for the wall, it would cost $25
11:43 am
billion. trump has not outlined a way to pay for that domestically other than this idea that mexico would pick up the tab. so there is a hole there in how you do it. that's a spending challenge he could undertake. >> also want to play something he had to say on fox news that's also getting a lot of attention. take a look at this. >> no citizenship? let e me go a step further. they will pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. but we work with them. >> so no amnesty as such. today on "morning joe" they were calling him amnesty don. it became the number one hh tag there for awhile. caught steam because of the fact that basically this is amnesty for folks if you're going to pay taxes. >> if you look at this as a legal or policy fact check, this is where the plan such as it is completely falls apart.
11:44 am
because we touched on the border. we touched on deportations. what donald trump seems to be run ining into now is the idea that it's difficult to figure out what to do with these 11 million people after you remove what he calls the bad ones or the criminal element. and it's not clear. i will put it on the screen. doj prioritizes criminals as the first people to go. so that's not a change. that's literally u.s. policy. and the once controversial in republican gang of eight proposal has a pathway to citizenship with certain requirements. it is that simple. it's that simple. pathway to citizenship, certain requirements. you can call it amnesty, call it a path, you can call it a road, less citizenship, those things matter. they certainly matter to these families and matter to policy experts. what we are seeing is that donald trump is now ten weeks out discovering what so many other politicians in both
11:45 am
parties have dealt with before. after you get through the tough talk and after the wall and the deportations, you still have 10 million people. what do you do with them? deporting them all is nearly impossible and very expensive. loefing them in the shadows is difficult. or a path is the other thing. maybe wednesday we'll get more clarity. that's the hole in this plan to the extent it has enough e details to call it a plan. >> he calls it an act of love. so we shall see how it all cracks out out of arizona. great to have you on. thank you. let's take a look at your responses. our pulse question today about do you believe that trump will provide a clear plan for immigration during his speech on wednesday. here's what you have been saying so far. 3% of you say yes. overwhelming percentage say no. take a vote. we'll check up on that later this afternoon. straight ahead, the latest
11:46 am
in our up for grabs series. jacob soboroff heads to iowa. his own personal waterloo where clinton and trump are tied in the most recent poll. a look at what has emerged as the key issue for voters from the hawkeye state. that's after this. mastery is a journey of continuous improvement. me triumph, or trial, tennis legend serena williams moves forward, and with the chase mobile® app we're on the same path, offering innovative,nd convenient ways to bank. easy-t u chase technolog for whatever you are trying to master. what makes wendy's baconator different? while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator n't just differe, it's ciously different.
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donald trump spent part of the weekend in the battleground state of iowa. and trump told voters that he would create, quote, jobs, jobs, jobs. that state has lost thousands of manufacturing jobs in recent years. trump and clinton are tied in iowa at 40% in the recent cbs news poll. joining me from waterloo is jacob soboroff, who is out around the country and up for grabs here. host traveling to the swing states to see firsthand how different issues are affecting folks. this specifically for iowa is the job issue there for the presidential campaign. what are voters saying?
11:50 am
>> reporter: it's absolutely critical. john deere, the tractor company, are made here in waterloo. there are a lot of layoffs because of an agricultural economy. that's why i came here r to talk to the workers about who they think can best help them. take a look. >> how old is this tractor? >> early '80s. >> john deere? >> yeah. >> i heard they have been laying people off. >> yeah, corn prices are low. farmers can't afford to buy new tractors. so then when you can't afford new tractors, the plants slow down and the plants slow down then they have to lay people off. >> these two buildings are part of the original part of john deere manufacturing. way back in the day. >> and today? >> we're down to maybe 3,000 employees. >> and you're one of the folks that got laid off. >> i did get laid off in april of last year.
11:51 am
>> and 100 people lost their job just days ago. does hillary clinton or donald trump better positioned to help folk who is lost their job at a place like this? >> i lean more towards hillary clinton. >> do you go out and see the tractors you would make in action? >> no, not really. >> when it comes to the candidates, between clinton and trump, you have a feeling one way or the other as to who can bring jobs back? >> i would say that trump has the better chance. he's a businessman. so he's going to look out for business people. >> this is a family farm. you guys ever talk politics? >> not really. not really. >> you can see what their names are and their birthday. >> how many people here think that the president could have a role in bring those manufacturing jobs back to iowa? anybody? >> he has a huge role, he or she has a huge role. >> you said he or she. . maybe i'll just go around and
11:52 am
say he or she on the next round of presidents. >> i'm going to say he. >> will donald trump. >> got to be he. >> jordan? >> she. >> i don't want either one of them. i'd have to go green. >> i still say she. >> hillary clinton? >> yes. >> i know what blair thinks. >> ross perot. >> this is a waterloo resident. she invited me to come here using #upforgrabs. i want your take. who can best help here and why? >> well, i was a bernie delegate, but he's pushed her farther to the left. i'm going to go with her. >> thank you very much. thank you for inviting us. give me a hug. i love carol. she invited me to go kayaking. the river looks a little rough. >> you did motorcycles in florida. tractors now in iowa. what's wrong with doing a little kayaking with kaifrl? you should go.
11:53 am
>> it's not a a bad idea. >> thank you, guys. jacob soboroff, he will be in iowa again tomorrow. and if you want to take a visit just like carol, use # #upforgrabsmsnbc. let's see if he goes kayaking tomorrow. we'll check that out. florida governor rick scott has huddle d with local and stae officials to discuss the fight against the spread of zika virus in that state. a tropical system looming in the caribbean could complicate their efforts. we're going to explain what that system means and how the potential spread. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection
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here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? sohen it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. a new storm system threatening florida could make the fight against zika virus more challenging. we have a tropical depression expected to make landfall in the next few days.
11:57 am
the governor asked people to have an emergency plan in place ready for any flood iing. all this rain is going to make it harder to eradicate the mosquitos that can carry zika. i want to check in with keri sanders. let's talk about the miami area specifically. is it ready for the potential of flooding? >> reporter: well, some people are ready because they understand it. the other people are not. let me give you the scene here. as we look up, you can see there's some blue skies and clouds, but you see the dark clouds? that's the rain that we have seen rolling in throughout the day. when the rain comes in, you say flooding. but this is what we have. we have puddles here. now these puddles are the problem because this is where mosquitos breed. so what the city has been doing here on miami beach and other communities around florida is encouraging people to please go out and actively look for areas where there's water. take a broom and sweep it out. if it it's in your plants, turn your pots over. get the water out of there. this is what the governor had to
11:58 am
say earlier today. >> i'm going to be going to washington next tuesday. it's our first day back in session. i think the white house and congress have to come together. i have to work with my legislature to get what i want done. the congress and president have to do the same thing. >> that's the governor talking about the lack of zika funding. the president back in february asked $1.9 billion. there were a lot of problems and there was never the funding that went forward. right now they are robbing peter to pay paul taking money from the ebola fund to work on a zika solution, which includes cleaning up messes. interestingly here because they know some people are not abtively getting out there and doing their part, code enforcement and where appropriate they have written citations. they have written 40 citations. here's the gut punch. it's $1,000 fine for folks ignoring their responsibility
11:59 am
and cleaning up the standing water. >> that will get your attention really fast. appreciate that. that's going to wrap up our coverage this hour. kate snow is here now to pick things up for our next hour. >> we're going to be talking with the u.s. surgeon general about zika. good to see you. i'm kate snow. for a day that features exactly zero public campaign events by donald trump or hillary clinton, wow, there's a lot happening this afternoon. starting with the big news that broke just a few hours ago. long-time clinton aid huma abedin announcing her separation from former congressman anthony weiner, her husband. that just a short time after a "new york post" report on yet another sexting scandal involving the congressman. there appears to be an inappropriate photo of weiner in it his underwear lying next to a young child who "the post" says is is his son. now donald trump is saying this whole situation testifies to hillary clinton being careless
12:00 pm
and negligent and shows her bad judgment. a brand new poll out this afternoon shows clinton up 7 on trump. that margin used to be 13 points right after the convention. so trump catching up a bit in that poll. let's start with that breaking story. huma abedin announcing she's separating from her husband. tammy leitner is following all the developments this afternoon. what do we know this hour? >> good afternoon, earlier this morning new reports that former congressman anthony weiner is is involved in yet another sexting scandal. his wife huma abedin coming out announcing they are separating. she released this statement after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. during this difficult time, i ask for respect and privacy. now anthony weiner confirmed e he has, what he is characterizing, as a


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