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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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congressman anthony weiner. anthony weiner ha been a target of donald trump as recently as just last month. >> i mean, her number one person, huma abedin, is married to anthony weiner who is a sleazeball and a pervert. and i'm not saying that -- i mean, that's recorded history, right? i don't like huma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets, okay? >> that was donald trump last month. now with the news today, trump weighing in again. we'll tell you what he has to say. that's ahead. also, trump's adviser setting out to make sense of his immigration policy. >> everything needs to be examined and looked upon but give donald trump credit for at least trying to address a complex issue and not pretending like hillary clinton does that we don't have these problems.
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>> this is supposed to be donald trump's signature issue, but in 48 hours, he's now set to give a major speech laying out exactly where he stands on immigration. why is he still explaining this close to the election? we'll take you through that very tricky and complicated story. and also, colin kaepernick taking a stand against police brutality by staying seated during the national anthem. we have 49ers fans' response to that. our top story, huma abedin separang from her husband, former congressman, former new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner. this after "the new york post" reported that wiener has been sexing wuths yet another female friend. donald trump seizing on the incident today to try to criticize hillary clinton's campaign. hallie jackson is at trump tower. this news breaking a few hours ago that huma abedin, she's obviously been through a lot publicly with anthony weiner the last few years with stories like
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this. this new one breaks in "the new york post." now huma abedin says she's going to be separated from anthony weiner. donald trump trying to make this a campaign issue. >> essentially trying to use this, steve, to link hillary clinton to what he calls and what his campaign calls bad judgment, attempting to hit her on judicial security. i want to read part of the statement trump came out. as he says, huma abedin is making, in his words, a very wise decision. trump says i know anthony weiner well and she will be far better off without him. he adds, i only worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent allowing weiner to have such close proximity to such information. who knows what he learned and who he told. and, steve, this is, in a way, kind of similar to what we heard trump talk about last summer in norwood, massachusetts. that sound bite from that event,
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i believe in which he again attempted to link this issue of classified information to abedin, to clinton. abedin, one of clinton's top aides. the potential for political fallout after some very personal issues is high. at least that's what we're seeing from donald trump right now. >> hallie jackson, and we should mention this "new york post" story that precipitated this turn of events today. anthony weiner is not saying anything publicly. he's quoted in this story. he says he and the woman in question here have been friends for some time. this is what anthony weiner told "the new york post." she has asked me not to comment except that our conversations were private and often included pictures of her nieces and neve ewe nephews and my son and were always appropriate. obviously the fallout from that. hallie, while we have you in front of trump tower, we are building toward this speech donald trump is set to give in two days on immigration. oblg, immigration has been his
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signature issue. we're going to go through why this has become so confusing and so cloudy all of a sudden. what are you hearing in advance of this speech donald trump will be giving in arizona? >> let me lay this out. this is based on some new reporting from three different source s with familiarity about donald trump's speech on wednesday. this is going to be part immigration speech and part unity rally, we are told, even though arizona senator john mccain has not yet committed to attending. mccain a vulnerable senator. he's got his primary tomorrow, which he's expected to win. but the general is where he looks like he could maybe be in danger. as for the speech itself, i'm told by an adviser to the campaign it's going to be a comparr and contrast speech. expect to see donald trump hit hillary clinton for what he and his campaign have called amnesty and expect him to reveal new details about his immigration policy, specifically when it comes to sanctuary cities and that would be something fairly new from what we've heard from trump who has been talking about
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immigration in a general sense on the stump and at campaign rallies but not diving into some of these questions. what does he do with this estimated 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living in this country. trump has talked about a deportation force, although the last two weeks you've seen his team try to walk that back. i'm told by deportation force, trump is essentially referring to i.c.e., immigration and customs enforcement. he wasn't proposing a fourth branch of immigration along with borders and customs. and this is interesting in that trump himself has never explicitly made that connection to i.c.e. with this deportation force. we'll be watching to see if he makes that connection wednesday. i'm told by somebody else close to the campaign that the speech itself is, at this hour, still a work in progress. steve? >> hallie jackson outside trump tower. let's stay on trump and
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immigration. building toward this speech he's going to be giving in arizona on wednesday. let's look deeper at that right now. obviously, immigration has been the signature issue for donald trump ever since he got in this race. remember those controversial comments about mexican immigrants in his announcement speech. so why is there suddenly suspense around an issue trump has been talking about from the very beginning? it has to do with a comment donald trump made just last week that kicked all of this off. let's take a listen. >> is there any part of the law that you might be able to change that would accommodate those people that contribute to society, have been law abiding, have kids here? would there be any room in your mind because i know you had a meeting this week with hispanic leaders. >> i had a meeting with great leaders and there certainly can be a softening. we're not looking to hurt people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country.
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but we're going to follow the laws of this country. >> so that has had a lot of people talking for the last week. donald trump saying there could be some softening in his immigration stance. what would softening actually mean for somebody who has run on some of the platform planks that he's run on? let's take a look at exactly what donald trump has outlined so far and what softening could mean. you know his signature promise in this campaign has been to build the wall. he'll build a wall along the southern border and he always adds he'll get mexico to somehow pay for it. also mass deportation. the 11, 12 million undocumented in this country right now. donald trump has been explicit on multiple occasions in this campaign. he says they have to go. those have been his words in this campaign. get all of them out of this country. also he said no legal status. he said there would be no accommodation for any undocumented who have been in this country otherwise living
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lawfully. he has said, though, as well, there could be a scenario where after leaving the country they could potentially return. he's talked about the idea of his wall also having a door in it. those have been some of the principles donald trump has tried to run on in this campaign but now again, indicating there might be a softening in his position, giving lots of questions. so what does that mean, softening on the issue of immigration. to try to find out more, let's bring in former congressman jack kingston from georgia, he's a trump supporter, trump adviser. joins us to talk about this speech coming occupy wednesday. let's start on that question. donald trump says there could be a softening here. he talks about -- we just heard it in the interview. talks about some of the undocumented immigrants being good people who have otherwise followed the law. he says no amnesty. what is that going to mean? >> i think what he's saying.
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he's not abandoning the issue. he is the candidate in the democrat or republican primary, who has driven the reform of immigration as a solid platform. he's not backing away from the wall. number three, he's saying, as you pointed out, no amnesty, no legalization. but he's also saying, when it comes to the deportation portion and barack obama has deported illegals. this is something i.c.e. does. this is the function of i.c.e., which is part of enforcing existing laws and doing it on a consistent basis. but what he had said in terms of softening is let's start with the bad actors first and then goes to on talk on everify for employers, no sanctuary cities. when you have illegals coming in
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and employers not being punished for hiring them, there's a wage erosion. and we want to -- i think everybody wants to protect american jobs. but if you do these things, what happens is that pool of 11 million illegals, it narrows down. and it becomes a lot more manageable and i think if you just do that it makes sense. when he uses the word common sense, talks about humanely, that's what he's referring to. but again -- >> could you see a scenario when he delivered the speech and hallie jackson says this speech is still being written. we don't know what he's going to say. could you see a scenario where he leaves open the possibility that some of those 11 million, 12 million in this country illegally right now, that some of them are allowed to stay in the country? >> i think he has said no amnesty and no legalization. keep in mind, hillary clinton's
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approach is open borders. 100-day amnesty program. no protection for american wages. and the difference between the two of them is incredible. night and day when it comes to immigration. we're leading on immigration as we are on the economy because donald trump wants to protect american jobs. and i want to point out when it comes to flip flopping or whatever, some of these issues, as you know, are very difficult to talk about. the wrong word and somebody can pounce on you from your own party or the other party. but hillary clinton gave nafta a big bear hug and the trans-pacific partnership agreement. 100% for it. now she's against it. her running mate tim kaine supported offshore oil drilling. now he's against it. he was a right -- >> we're getting a little bit away from this question of immigration. i want to just try to be clear. we have all these terms flying
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around. it can be confusing. even the term amnesty itself. there's difference definitions offered for it. when i asked you that question, you said donald trump has been clear. no amnesty. i want to be clear. does that mean all 11 million, all 12 million will still have to leave the country? every single one of them? >> i think in an orderly fashion and that's why it's so important that he has this addressed on wednesday night but also he hasn't rn run from talking about the issue. i want to point out as somebody who was in elected office for 30 years, sometimes in politics, it's very difficult in an election year to talk about a complex issue. we have a guy who is from the private sector. first run for political office and sometimes you say things and your words can get in front of you. he's been clear on enforcing existing laws, building a fence.
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no amnesty. no legalization. protect american jobs, no sanctuary cities. compared to hillary clinton, there's a stark world of difference. hillary is pro-amnesty and pro-open borders n wants to bring in 620,000 refugees and attack donald trump for wanting to vet those refugees to find out where they came from? if you are bringing in people to your country, you need to know, what is the background of the country from which they originated? >> jack kingston, donald trump supporter, donald trump adviser. we'll see what he has to say on this on wednesday. thanks for the time. still to come, more on the political fallout of the anthony weiner story. any potential impact for the clinton campaign? >> i can't imagine this brushes on to the clinton campaign. it's a private matter. it should remain a private matter, and donald trump should focus on his debate prep. plus, we are inside of a month now and counting until the first presidential debate.
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we have some sad news to let you know about this hour. nbc news has now confirmed that legendary actor and comedian gene wilder has passed away at the age of 83.
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gene wilder best known for playing willy wonka in the charlie and the chocolate factor. he teamed up with mel brooks for "blazing saddles," "young frankenstein" and teamed up with richard pryor. "hear no evil, see now evil," one of my favorites. mel brooks tweeting, gene wilder, one of the truly great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did. gene wilder was 82 years old. meanwhile, turning back to that big political story. top clinton aide huma abedin now separating from her scandal-ridden husband, anthony weiner. a story in "the new york post" about his activities. this appears to be a photo of him lying next to a young child who is his son. according to a close friend of
1:19 pm
abedin, the couple has been living separate lives for some time and this did not happen overnight. this separation did not happen overnight. this friend says abedin has not been seen wearing a wedding ring. another friend says she's been in the hamptons area for several days. she'll likely lay low and focus on spending time with her friends and family. ozzie joins me now. there's two elements here. obviously the connection to hillary clinton's closest aide. donald trump is trying to make political hay out of that. also this is the final chapter, i guess if you will, for anthony weiner. a political career that just a couple of years ago looked like it was going to push him to one of the most powerful offices in the country. he looked like he was on track to be mayor of new york. >> he was running in 2009, it was -- he faced a primary competition, and it looked like if he can get out of that he'd take on michael bloomberg. he got scared out of the race by
1:20 pm
bloomberg's money. he loomed over that race as the front-runner in waiting and then had to wait four more years. and then even that had enabled him to sort of saturate the air waves. he was the larger than life character coming into that race. it wasn't until the second sex scandal he really got taken down a peg and it opened up the opportunity for bill de blasio. >> summer of 2011. looking to run for mayor in 2013. clear favorite to win in 2013. that's when the pictures come out for the first time. talk about, at that time, before the scandal ever enters anybody's mind -- before the first scandal, huma abedin and anthony weiner. this was like the premier power couple in this country. >> he was on his way to city hall. and the way he was doing that was by making these made for youtube moments on the floor of congress. congress is a very state affair. very detached. people don't really know what's going on.
1:21 pm
here he is being this energetic fire brand. he was giving democrats a voice when it was hard for them to get their message. and he was ranting on the floor. powerfully arguing against republicans. and that was saturating the air waves. when new yorkers back home were still trying to imagine who could be possibly entering a mayor's race, here was this guy all over television. >> we have our reporting from nbc we just shared a moment ago. huma abedin. friends saying this is a marriage that has had some public problems but over for a long time now. >> well, it -- putting out a statement after the story makes it look very reactionary. and -- but people that have watched anthony weiner, most roontlyt the gay pride parade, i believe back in june, you saw hillary clinton, huma abedin down there. reporters seem to get closer to them then anthony wein are. and it's unclear how much of a
1:22 pm
role he played and how close they were, but people that saw him speak publicly, he appears on television regularly. he would always say, my wife is on the campaign. i am not. and then he'd give his usual -- >> there was a documentary as well that just came out around the same time you're talking about. the last few months. the documentary about the mayoral campaign he undertook even after the scandal. >> there was a moment the documentary captured when the second scandal comes out and people are saying, why are you still in this race? why don't you drop out? he was in the bronx at a civics association meeting. i'm not going to stop just because you learned something embarrassing about me. he gave an articulate forceful answer about why he can get knocked down but not knocked out. it seems his darker side, his road to recovery has many slips and this is the latest one. >> ozzy from politico new york, appreciate that. coming up, the wet weather creating a new threat in
1:23 pm
florida's fight against zika. too much standing water. now some residents are facing a $1,000 fine for not eliminating trouble spots. and battleground iowa. donald trump is up there with a major new ad buy. one of the few states where he might be doing better right now than mitt romney did four years ago. what is it about iowa and trump? >> i'm thrilled to be in iowa. so many good friends i've become friends with so many people in iowa. love the people. love the state. 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it sd, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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welcome back. longtime hillary clinton aide huma abedin is separating from her husband, former new york congressman anthony weiner. she made the announcement today after "the new york post" reported yet another sexting scandal they say involves weiner. in one exchange there appears to be an inappropriate spot of weiner lying beside a child who
1:27 pm
the post says is his son. donald trump has no public events today. he's preparing for a major speech on the topic of immigration. it's set to be delivered in arizona on wednesday. trump is linking theneys of the weiner/abedin split to clinton. another example of her bad j. also national security could have been threatened by her link to weiner. hillary clinton continues her star-studded fund-raising push in the hamptons. sunday alone she raised at least $11.5 million for her party and tonight a dinner and dancing event with a performance by jimmy buffett and jon bon jovi. florida is bracing for heavy rains. more rain could help breed more mosquitoes, though. that has officials worried about more zika cases. there have been at least 42 locally transmitted infections in south florida so far. los angeles airport is getting back to normal. this after a panic last night. false reports of a shooter at
1:28 pm
l.a.x. stopped operations as police evacuated the facility. the false alarm delayed 281 arrivals and departures. turning back now to the race for president. the up for grabs series we're calling it with jacob soboroff. he's in iowa. and why is jacob soboroff in iowa? let's take a closer look at what's happening. your nbc battleground map here. we'll focus in on iowa. six electoral votes up for grabs. here's the key. this is a state pretty strongly for the democrats the last two elections. barack obama in 2008 won by ten points. four years ago by six over mitt romney. these were comfortable margins. you might think that this would be a comfortable state for hillary clinton right now. obviously she's doing better nationally than barack obama did. check this out. right now hillary clinton's lead in iowa actually has narrowed from what barack obama enjoyed four years ago.
1:29 pm
why is donald trump, even though he's struggling nationally, why is he doing better in iowa? has to do with demographics. in 2012, 36% of the electorate nationally in the 2012 presidential election was blue collar, white voters. noncollege educated white voters. donald trump has been doing well with them. in iowa in 2012, more than half the electorate was blue collar whites. so those are donald trump's voters. that's what the polls have been telling us. a lot more of them in iowa than most other states. and so, iowa maybe more than any other state right now, looks like the ultimate toss-up. because of that, donald trump was campaigning in iowa over the weekend. in des moines along with jony ernst. also the state's republican governor terry branstat. trump telling voters he'll create jobs, jobs, jobs. now we bring in the man we just mentioned, his "up for grabs" series, jacob soboroff, has him
1:30 pm
in iowa. donald trump trying to win that state from hillary clinton. jacob is in waterloo. what are you finding? >> welcome back. here in blackhawk county, iowa, bernie sanders and ted cruz won the iowa caucus. the voters in this area truly are up for grabs. waterloo is also the home of john deere, the tractor company. if you've ever seen one of those iconic green and yellow tractors, they were made right here in iowa. john deere has been laying off workers of late. 1,000 workers over the last couple of years. just 100 when i was here last week. the company says that's part of a cyclical ag cultural economy. folks are looking forwards november to see who may be able to bring those jobs back. that's what i talked to them about. how old is this tractor? >> early '80s. >> john deere? >> yeah. >> i heard they've been laying people off. >> yeah, corn prices are low. farmers can't afford to buy new
1:31 pm
tractors, and so when you can't afford new tractors, the plants slow down, and the plants slow down and they have to lay people off. >> these two buildings are part of the original part of john deere manufacturing. way back in the day. >> and today -- >> we're down to maybe 3,000 employees. >> 3,000? >> yes. >> you are one of the folks that got laid off? >> i got laid off in april last year. >> 100 people found out they're losing their job just days ago. >> right. >> does hillary clinton or donald trump better positioned to help folks who lost their job in a place like this? >> i lean more towards hillary. >> when you were working there, did you see the actions you'd make in action? >> no, not really. >> when it comes to the candidates, between clinton and trump, you have a feeling one way or another as to who can be bring jobs like the ones lost back? >> i would say trump has the better chance. he's a businessman. he's going to look out for
1:32 pm
businesspeople. >> this is a family farm. you guys ever talk politics? >> not really. not really. >> whoa. you can see what their names are and their birthday. >> how many people here think that the president can have a role in bringing those manufacturing jobs back to iowa? anybody? >> he has a huge role. he or she has a huge role. >> you said he or she when it comes to the president. maybe i'll just go around. he or she on the next round of presidents? >> i'm going to say he. >> he, donald trump. >> got to be he. >> jordan? >> um, she. >> she? >> i don't want either one of them. >> i'd have to go green. >> he or she? >> i still say she. >> hillary clinton? >> yes. >> i know what it takes. >> ross perot. >> the polls are very tight. here in iowa and donald trump was here over the weekend stressing his message of what he
1:33 pm
said was jobs, jobs, jobs, hillary clinton and tim kaine are not ceding this state. there are two months left for the folks in waterloo and across the state to debate who their choice for president is going to be. >> talk about a gender gap. jacob just found one in his informal straw poll. and jacob will be in iowa tomorrow. he much t he wants to pay you a visit. or if you are in a swing state anywhere, invite him over. use #up for grabs msnbc and make him your best offer. the trump campaign asking, where is the outrage as it reminds voters it's been some time since hillary clinton actually held a press conference. but just how long has it been? trump hadn't yet announced his muslim ban. that was the last time hillary clinton met all of the press together at once. and voters hadn't even cast their ballots in the first primaries. our most important number of the day is straight ahead.
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you want to say a few words and then we'll take a few questions? >> i think we're ready to take a few questions. >> that was hillary clinton in ft. dodge, iowa, at her most recent press conference. i use the word recent relatively speaking there. why? well it has to do with our most important number of the day. and that is 268, as in that was 268 days ago that clip we showed you. hillary clinton's last press conference was on december 4th of last year. december 4th of 2015. she has not held a single press conference since then. there's no law that says a presidential candidate has to hold a press conference if they don't want to. they don't have to if they can get away with it. but there is a tradition there are candidates coming forward, taking questions from anyone in the press who wants to ask them, being hit with whatever question happens to come to them and having to deal with it on the
1:38 pm
spot. that's the tradition of the press conference. it's one that hillary clinton has not had much enthusiasm for. check this out if we can get this working again. 17 news conferences for donald trump in this campaign in the 2016 year of this campaign. 0 for hillary clinton. we should note, however, donald trump certainly has his own issues with the press. these are highly imperfect press conferences these days because he's been known to ban outlets an conferences. he's had more but they're not always fully press conferences, either. still zero for hillary clinton this year. her campaign does point out she does do interviews relatively frequently. over 350 for 2016. a couple of catches. 65 of the interviews she's done, they're not interviews like you'd normally think of. these are events where there's another politician with her and the other politician is doing the interviewing. it's not exactly sitting down for a rigorous screening.
1:39 pm
that's 65 of the interviews she gave. she had a number of interviews, though, where she sat down that are shorter. about three to eight minutes in length when she sits down with members of the press. hillary clinton has had a bunch of short interviews. she's not done a single press conference in 2016. it is our most important number of the day. 268 days since her last press conference and counting. 28 days from the first presidential debate. there are more unknowns than knowns at this point, though. who is going to moderate? what's the format? what are the strategies going to be in both teams starting to get ready. they are using two very different playbooks. we'll look at that. also, trump wants clinton to -- to provide medical records. detailed medical records. but the doctor who released trump's medical history now admits he wrote the report in about five minutes. >> i get rushed, and i get anxious when i get rushed.
1:40 pm
plus, colin kaepernick of the san francisco 49ers making preseason headlines for something he did on the sidelines. the mounting controversy over his decision not to stand during the national anthem. >> i know the consequences that come along with my decision, and if they feel strongly about it and want to stand with me, then i hope they do. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm. the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. what makes wendy's baconator different? while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by.
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exactly four weeks from today, donald trump and hillary clinton will square off in the first of three presidential debates. joining me to talk about the strategies and expectations game, katlyn huey burns for real clear and amy parns for the hill. speaking of expectations, this is part of the debate season. the candidates try to lower the bar as much as they can. this caught my attention. brian fallon from the hillary clinton campaign. he tweeted this out over the weekend. for all his lack of substance, trump's showmanship as an ex-tv star makes him a formidable debate foe. he thrashed his rivals in gop debates. they want you to think hillary clinton is scared of donald trump in this debate. is she? >> setting expectations for someone who has debated a lot. unlike trump, hillary clinton has had recent debate experience with bernie sanders. in the primary context, trump
1:45 pm
had several candidates on stage. he never had a one on one debate with any of his opponents. by the time the field narrowed, they didn't have debates anymore. he doesn't have that kind of experience and he's preparing in difference ways than clinton. she is studious. she's been spending time with briefing books. trump just didn't operate that way. this will be critical for trump because he needs a turning point. he could look to a debate to shift the narrative, if he can. >> i get it. i get why the clinton people would put a measure out there like that. he won the republican primaries and nomination. i'm not sure he won those debates. i'm not sure the skills he showed on that stage are going to wramatch up well with hillar clinton. >> some did think he won those debates. i think they're ready for anything. they think they can throw anything at them. they want to be prepared for anything.
1:46 pm
they are a little scared, i would say, because of that unknown. he is a nontraditional candidate. and he did do pretty well in the debates versuversus, he slashed burned some people. people liked it for the most part. it won him the nomination. for that's reason, they're taking him seriously. >> those free-for-alls, ten on the stage versus that's focussed one on one combat. >> she can do the same. she knows how to slash and burn when she wants to. >> i remember back in 2008, she debated obama probably 25 times during those primaries. i think she won about 24 1/2 of those debates. she had that one thing over driver's licenses that really cost her. she lost the primary but won the debates. >> and in her senate campaign. the way she was treated during that debate really didn't settle well with a lot of people watching. maybe a similar dynamic if trump
1:47 pm
goes after her, how that sits with the public. >> the other thing we're keeping an eye on, all eyes on what donald trump is going to do wednesday in arizona. he's going to give a major speech on immigration. you look at it and say donald trump's signature issue is immigration. how is it that here we are two months before the election and he feels he needs to give a speech clarifying his position. he's walked himself into a lot of confusion here. >> people don't know what to make of it. i've heard sources tell me, what's do you make of it? i think people are confused. you have the hard-liners who want him to say where he was several months ago and then people who are open to it and you know, are looking to see what he says. i think he's trying to court those people. trying to court independents and moderate republicans who are still on the fence. >> if it's any clue in the last few minutes, his son, donald trump jr. giving an interview on a philadelphia radio station about what donald trump might say about immigration. let's say what donald trump jr. just had to say. >> we're not against
1:48 pm
immigration. i'm the son of an immigrant. he's the son of an immigrant. but there's a process by which we had to go through. we have, you know, disastrous job numbers for african-americans and african-american youth in this country because there's people coming in here that are working off the books, undercutting those wages, taking jobs that could go to americans. that doesn't work. it's not sustainable. by the way, those same people are affecting a lot of people in the latin community as well. and, you ,know there is a process by which peopl have to come into the country. they have to do it legally. we have to know who is here and be able to -- not just an economic thing, which it certainly is as well, but it's also a national security issue. >> we can parse that any way you want. the ultimate question is, is donald trump going to be calling, going into the election, is he going to be calling for all 11 million people who are here right now unlawfully, is he going to be calling for all of them to leave, or is he going to leave some space that says some can
1:49 pm
stay? >> right. i think there's some competing pressures here. you have, of course, his primary supporters in the primary who supported mass deportation. actually republican primary voters who doesn't support donald trump in the primary, who supported other republicans were not -- a majority of them were not in favor of mass deportation. the question of what to do with the 11 million has been the issue that's dogged lawmakers on capitol hill. >> does he lose his base if he suddenly gives them some wiggle room? >> that's why he's been pushing the wall so hard over the -- he's been doing that all cycle but you've heard him mention the wall over and over in the past several campaign events. that's the way to show toughness on the border security issue. but that's not -- that's separate from the deportation where he's softening or says he's softening or we actually don't really know where he is on that. >> he says there may be some softening and then he says i think of it as a hardening. >> i'm not convinced right now that donald trump knows how he
1:50 pm
wants to handle this. he's been taking input from a lot of different sources and watching the media and interpreting it from there. >> and the one thing we know, too, whatever he says on wednesday night as definitive as we think it is, he may say something completely different on thursday morning. thank you for joining us. we appreciate that. we're going to get into all of this tomorrow when trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway joins us for an interview tomorrow at 4:00 eastern on msnbc. make sure you check that out. now over to hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> we saw markets closing in the green today. the dow realallying up 107. the s&p up 11 and nasdaq rising by 13. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. this one's got detachable keys it comes with a pen so you can ite as you please this mac doesn't have any of that it's less useful like a hat for your cat surface has touch an a beautiful screen you can see things like they've never been seen
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it's almost like disrespectful to -- you see all these pictures of these veterans that have no legs and they're standing on their wheelchair. i had a brother that served and he lost friends. i know how much it means to him. i'm a very emotional person. so if i had known that and my emotions would have been rolling, we probably would have had a problem on the sideline. >> that's one of colin kaepernick's former teammates taking a stand against the former quarterback's decision to sit during the national anthem. kaepernick says he'll continue to sit as a protest against what he calls the oppressive treatment of people of color in this country. joining me is talk radio host and nbc contributor jason page and nfl network analyst and former player michael robinson. jason, on the basic question here of what this means in this
1:55 pm
nfl season, the san francisco 49ers, publicly they're saying, he's got a right to do this but they've got to make decisions about whether he's their quarterback. is this going to jeopardize kaepernick's position on this team or in the league in general? >> i think it's going to jeopardize his job. what's going to jeopardize his job a lot more is the fact that he's not playing very well. the fact he lost weight in the offseason, had some surgeries n he's not the same quarterback he was a couple of years ago when he led the 49ers into a super bowl loss. that's the bigger be for kaepernick from a staying on the 49ers standpoint. does the distraction of this help him at all? does the distraction that surrounds this team help them at all? probably not. and maybe the right to do this because they'll probably cut him in a couple of weeks. that's a possibility. >> if this were your teammate doing this right now, what would you be saying? >> this was my teammate, i'd be standing with him. i'd be standing for what he
1:56 pm
believes in. that's what freedom is, the right to be able to do that. and, yeah, he has a quarterback competition, and he has to be able to make this team, and he does have an uphill battle when you look at on the field. he has to be on the field and has to produce. talking to guys around the national football league, quietly behind closed doors, they praised him. i wouldn't be surprise fd you see more athletes start to take colin kaepernick's lead and do some of the same things because, at the end of the day, he's talking about people getting killed, people getting murdered by police. and he's justice saying that's not right. i don't see this as a disrespect to, you know, to -- >> is there a -- let me ask you this. is there a difference between making a statement -- we've seen a numberletes come out and make statements about these issues. is there a different between making a statement and
1:57 pm
specifically using the national anthem? >> i think it is a little bit of a statement. and i had an opportunity to talk to kaepernick a few weeks ago when i did an interview for nfl network. this was on his mind then. he just didn't -- he said i haven't been standing for the national anthem. i just hadn't been dressed so people hadn't seen it. and he just didn't know if he wanted to go public with his thoughts yet. >> steve -- >> go ahead. >> yeah, i just want to jump in here real quick. the fact of the matter is, it's not just freedom of expression or freedom of speech that you agree with. it's freedom of speech, freedom of expression, period. and in the case of colin kaepernick, people were getting upset because they don't agree with the manner in which he went about it. that's not the way manner of expression works. it's easy for guys to come out and publicly criticize kaepernick. at the end of the day, a lot of the players are going to stay quiet because they're afraid of the backlash that's going to
1:58 pm
come from appearing to be supportive of somebody who is supposedly trampling all over the american flag and the national anthem and guys just want to stay away from that. >> do we know, do we have a sense where the nfl itself stands on this? what they're communicating to the 49ers how they'd like this handled? >> right now they're staying away from it. they'll let him do what he wants to do. they almost let the teams sort this out themselves. whether or not they want to deal with the distraction or perceived distraction of having kaepernick on their team. as far as i'm concerned he should be able to protest in the way he wants. i don't agree. i think it's short sided. i think it's ignoring all the othe things of the american flag and the national anthem stands for, but i understand it's his perspective. it's his reality. he should be allowed to do it. >> michael robinson, gives a perspective as a former player. you expect maybe more players to come out and take stands like this, make statements like this. we also played alex boone,
1:59 pm
kaepernick's former teammate, now with the minnesota vikings. he said if he was still my teammate, ides have a problem with this. what are those political divisions like this like in a locker room on a team? >> that's the great thing about a locker room. guys have differences but the thing about a locker room, you still have to go out to the feel and be together and go win a game. you have the discussions. you agree to disagree. that's not always the case in america. sometimes you just have to be on one side or the other. you can't just have a discussion. i think in a sense of kaepernick, i don't see that, and a lot of people don't see that as him disrespecting anybody. how else is he supposed to kind of get this out there, like a boom. this was his way of doing it. you can say that he could have called a press conference. he could have waited until after practice one day. but it would have not created the national story or national conversation that is needed, and
2:00 pm
that's what's happening right now. >> the hippies protest -- >> i've got to cut you off because we're up against the end of the hour. jason paige and michael robinson, thank you for joinings us. i'm steve kornacki. i'll be back here at 7:00 for "hardball." first "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's monday, donald trump has some more explaining to do on his border plan. tonight, mixed messages. why donald trump's upcoming immigration speech can't come soon enough for his campaign. plus, how a clinton aide's marital split is turning into a costic political plot line. >> i don't like huma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets, okay? >> and the debate club. >> he's an unconventional candidate. >> a look at the trials and traps of prepping for the first big clinton/trump face-off. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now.


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