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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> what he's done over the internet is disgusting and he's a pervert. >> huma abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that one, nobody will ever know. but to think that it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. and it's primary palooza day. i didn't name the day, but voting is under way in some key contests directly impacted by the presidential race. we have reporters fanned out in florida, arizona and also here in new york, as well. let us start with hallie jackson, live for us outside trump tower here in new york city this morning. let's put the tweet on the screen that sparked the controversy and once again we should alert our viewers that some find it offensive. black americans, thank you for your votes, and letting me use you again. see you again in four years. what's been the response so far from the trump campaign, hallie?
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>> reporter: you know what, i think there's a sense within the campaign that pastor burns moved quickly to put this firestorm out. i'm told he is not going to be benched. you're still going to see him at rallies, obvious times one of the loudest voices introducing donald trump, familiar to all of us who covered the candidate and comes out especially now with trump's outreach currently to african-american voters. trump, as you know, headed to detroit this weekend to do a walk-around with dr. ben carson to speak at a predominantly black church. so let me read this full screen. this tweet, which came out this morning, his apology reiterated bypass tore burns. i'm so star for the offensive blackface image of hillary clinton but stabbed by the message that we blacks are being used by dems for votes. so burns reiterating what we have heard from trump's surrogates, from trump himself, really, this message that democrats are trying it to pander to the african-american community.
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this dismissed out of hand by the clinton campaign. interestingly, trump only polls right now when you look at support from the african-american community about 1%. so he's got a lot of ground to make up. i want to play you a little bit of the interview between pastor burns and our own kristen welker that happened here on msnbc, very fiery, very heated. let's listen to it and we'll talk on the other side. >> didn't you just do the opposite of what donald trump says he's trying to do? >> but this -- the picture is designed to draw attention to the very fact that hillary clinton do pander black people. do pander. and policies are not good for african-americans. . >> reporter: so there's burns again reiterating that message, craig. and frankly, i do expect that is part of the message we will continue to hear from donald trump as he does that trip to michigan later on this weekend. by the way, we're told that michigan is also a place where trump will be putting up some ad buys. that is new. a campaign adviser telling me
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that this morning. craig? >> let's look ahead to tomorrow here. immigration. donald trump's big speech expected to happen tomorrow. have you heard any new details about what we might hear? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i spoke with the senior adviser to the campaign familiar with this speech, who says that trump will go after hillary clinton quite hard. it's going to be, i'm told, a compare and contrast kind of a remarks when trump goes to phoenix tomorrow night. it's a late speech, craig, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 local. expect to hear him go after clinton on what the campaign adviser described as unprecedented policies that are in their view lax on enforcement for them to go after clinton on quote, unquote, amnesty. you've got to bring up the point, druch donald trump and his incumbent, details that have been promised now by his running mate. but the rnc chair reince priebus. trump will talk about his plan to end sanctuary cities, install federal immigration judges,
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entry issues. he is focused very heavily on immigration. the big question is what he will do, of course, with the estimated undocumented -- 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living here. trump talking about the deportation force for months. and a new line when trump talks deportation force, he's referring to i.c.e. that is something trump has not made explicitly clear. >> and a lot of folks wondering if that was the case all along, why are we learning that the deportation force is i.c.e., just 70 days before the election. hallie jackson outside trump tower this morning. thanks as always, hallie. more now on the backlash over that blackface tweet sent by donald trump supporter, pastor mark burns. and i'm joined by roland martin, host and managing editor of "news one now," and tv 1 cable network. always good to see you. >> likewise. >> you talked with pastor burns a short time ago on your radio show this morning. this is just part of what he said.
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>> i truly apologize for the offensive blackface image of that cartoon and the depiction of the blackface is offensive by itself and as an african-american man in america, i don't stand by anyone portraying themselves in a blackface. but the message that i intended i still stand behind. but my apology is because i think my message got lost in the translation. >> so pastor burns, still apologizing for that image, apologized last night and apologized again this morning. said he still believes that clinton is taking the black community for granted. what else did he say to you, sir? >> well, again, he texted me about 9:00 last night and said, hey, i want to go on your show first to apologize. we have communicated a lot during this campaign. he realizeses he screwed up. because he was just vilified on social media. and so a reverse -- imagine if a
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democrat had donald trump in blackface, what would be the reaction from pastor burns or pastor scott or others by doing that to donald trump. and so this is sort of just the craziest campaign, individuals who are not actually involved in politics. he screwed up. and i think what's important here, he keeps talking about, again, this whole idea of african-americans voting for democrats, and i asked him this morning. i said, look, pastor burns, republicans have been horrible at communicating with black folks, and talking issues. and he agreed with that. i said, so black folks are some of the most sophisticated voters out here, and if you ignore african-american voters, they are not going to vote for you, so you just can't -- waiving the flag. >> roland martin, tv 1's roland mart martin, thanks. i want to bring in steven cortez, national hispanic advisory council. let's start with this. let's start with pastor burns and then move on. he's apologized. he apologized this morning,
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apologized last night. but this idea that hillary clinton, his huge -- we heard this from donald trump, as well. that hillary clinton has used people of color for her own advantage for years. do you agree with that sentiment, steve? >> you know, i do. and i'm glad that the pastor apologized. i think as a christian pastor, it was the right thing to do. blackface is a caricature and divisive and we don't need that. i would also say, by the way, hillary clinton should be apologizing for her despicable commercial where she equates donald trump voters to the ku klux clan. and i will tell you personally as a hispanic and catholic, i find it deeply offensive she would try in any way to connect those of us who support mr. trump to a bunch of hateful bit bigots. steven, it's important to note there is an opportunity early on for mr. trump to distance himself from david duke, and he pretended like he didn't know who david duke was. >> well, in one interview, i think he was confused about
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questioning, but he has repeatedly disavowed david duke and any racist. and look, it's always possible to go out and find some hateful, ignorant idiot who supports a candidate and that's what she did. but it's totally unfair to then try to connect those remote individuals with the masses who are supporting donald trump. and we can do the same thing to hillary clinton, but it would be totally irresponsible, and that blackface was irresponsible. we need to rise above this. we have real problems in america, we have slow growth. we have a rise in violence, particularly in the inner cities, we have people of color who are simply not participating in the economic expansion. so let's get out of the mud pat and let's start talking policies that can hull help move america forward. >> let's talk immigration now, the big speech coming tomorrow. we are hearing some conflicting things from trump surrogates when it comes to this wall along the border. take a listen. >> build a wall, which has been the signature of his campaign since practically day one. >> he's going to build a wall. it's going to be a technological as well as a physical wall. >> part of that is a wall, part
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electronics. >> so is it a digit california wa wall, a physical wall, a combination of the two? >> right. craig, my guess is it's choice d., all of the above. i'm not an architect, not a security official. so i don't know what is going to be the best end result. i can promise you this. there will be a physical wall. now, does that go from sea to shining sea? i'm not the architect of it. the point is, there will be a physical wall and we are going to secure the border. and that's what's most important. our southern border has been incredibly porous and that's a threat to us economically. we have too many illegals crossing over and competing with illegal citizens, and it's a national security threat. we don't know who could be coming over the wall, isis, whomever. donald trump is the first candidate in a long time to get serious about saying we're going to control our border. >> this idea, first of all that it's going to be built, mexico is going to pay for the wall. and you're also probably acutely aware of the fact there are large swaths of land in texas
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and arizona where this isn't physically possible. it's not possible to build a wall in some of these areas. you acknowledge that. >> again, the logistics of how it happens, you know, i'm just not an expert. i can't speak to that. what i will say is, we're going to make sure it's secure. >> steven cortez with the trump campaign. steven, thanks, as always, sir. >> thanks, craig. let's get to that exclusive new reporting on hillary clinton's time at the state department, the lengthy report details everything of from who she met with on a regular basis, who got off the record access, and what her days were like. cnbc washington reporter, eamon javers, combed through every single one of the 4,000 pages, we're told. you scoured 3,721 pages, sir. what did you learn? >> well, craig, hillary clinton's schedule is exhausting, exhausting reading it. you see the secretary of state job necessarily involves traveling around the world, meeting with foreign dignitaries in just about every country on
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the planet at one point or another during the course of her tenure, and you also see she was commuting back and forth in these years, the documents i looked at from early 2009 until the middle of 2011, commuting back and forth between her home in washington, d.c., and her home in chappaqua, new york. she gets on the shuttle and goes from d.c. to new york, and every sunday night comes back from new york to d.c. this is a person who spent quite a lot of time on airplanes. >> who are some of the names she regularly met with, and did you find any of the meetings to be eyebrow-raising? >> well, interestingly, she meets with a number of billionaires during the course of her tenure, including bill and melinda gates, warren and susan buffett, mark zuckerman, sandy weill of citigroup. all of the folks had access and access to a number of celebrities. not that many celebrities compared to what's going on over
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at the white house, but ben affleck did pop by for a meeting, and then you see endless calls or feels like endless calls when you read the transcripts of calls with foreign ministers for other countries around the world. so this is a person who took calls on saturday mornings at her home. more or less constantly working, very few vacation days when you look through this. >> what did you find about one of her big moments as secretary of state, of course, a week when osama bin laden was killed back in april of 2011. what did you find about that? >> yeah, some real interesting historical detail here about how hillary clinton spent that weekend. what we know from the record is that barack obama gave the order to proceed with the bin laden raid on friday so hillary clinton was aware that this was going to happen. then friday night on the schedules, you see she has a private dinner with jane harmon, a former u.s. congressman, big on intelligence issues and ellen tauscher, state department official. on saturday, that day, while they're gearing up for the bin laden raid, a lot of the principles were under instructions to keep up with their daily schedules so as not
7:13 am
to give any hint that this bin laden raid might be coming or something was up. so she actually goes to a wedding here in washington, d.c., on saturday, while they're gearing up for the bin laden raid. and then on sunday, the day the raid actually happens, you see on the schedule she leaves her house at about 12:30, goes straight to the white house, eventually to the situation room at the white house, and she is there all the way through the president's announcement of the bin laden raid results that evening, late-night. that's when that picture you see there on your screen was taken. that's about 4:46 p.m. on that sunday of the bin laden raid weekend. >> cnbc's aimen javers, going through hillary clinton's schedule as secretary of state. of the thank you for that, sir. >> you bet, craig. is hillary clinton using a psychologist to help her prepare for her debates with donald trump? we'll talk to a campaign adviser who has been in the room. first, though, trouble in the tropics. florida, hawaii and the carolinas, all bracing for
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he looks a little ticked off now.
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tropical depression approaching the outer banks of north carolina right now. the weather channel's mike seidel is in kill devil hills, north carolina. mike, what are we expecting from the storm? looks like right now it's tough to tell if it's calm or rough. >> reporter: it's not going to be much of anything. there's no real concern here, craig, on the outer banks. with trop depression number eight. even if it gets a name today, it's not going to matter. the winds right now on the beaches, running about 10 miles per hour. the highest wind speedy could find at a buoy off shore, 18 miles per hour.
7:18 am
they'll send another plane this afternoon. the surf is running about 4 feet, some coming from hurricane gaston yesterday and propagating here to the east coast. that's what we call swell. we've had a little bit of beach erosion, a berm at high tide. but the high tide this morning was lower than last night. so that is a good sign. the offshoot of this, probably have some squally weather, at least. what's what we expect. the storm comes by -- or the depression comes by and goes out to sea early wednesday morning and that will cut back on the surf. the real issue now is tropical depression number nine, tracking far off the coast, craig, the first part of labor day weekend, rip currents and higher than average surf. right now rip currents issues from new york to florida and yesterday a gentleman drowned at long beach, or long island because of these rip currents. that's going to be the issue going into the weekend. as we say, swim at a guarded
7:19 am
beach. they have red flags and will keep people into their knees. bill karins will have more coming up on tropical depression number nine. >> mike seidel in kill devil hills, north carolina. let's get to bill karins right now. this isn't the only storm we're watching. >> we're never concerned with the one in eastern north carolina. you want to watch just in case. but the one down here in the warm waters in the gulf has been the one for the last ten days we have been watching. flared up this morning. the new update from the national hurricane center. 30 to 45 minutes away. a good chance it will be tropical storm hermean, and tropical storm watches for areas of florida and maybe a hurricane watch. a close call when this makes land fall on thursday. here is the forecast path. the 5:00 a.m. advisory, the new one in 30 minutes to 45 minutes from right now. 11:00 a.m. advisory. the good about that, this is a relatively unpopulated area. not a lot of big cities directly
7:20 am
impacted by where the landfall is. the problem, because of the geography here, this is the location very susceptible to storm surge flooding. the winds while up the water especially in tampa north wards. we're expecting even from a tropical storm water levels 3 feet higher than typical, and could go 5 feet higher than normal. the other issue, with the land falling system, you can have problems with flooding, flash flooding and river flooding too. and we're expecting the possibility from the tampa area northward about 7 inches of rain. a hefty amount of rain in a short period of time, even by florida standards. but that could be an issue. and then with landfalling systems, especially during the daytime hours, you can get tornadoes is a possibility thursday afternoon tornadoes for the tampa/orlando area. so there are still effects, even though this won't be a big hurricane. and i'll finally leave with what is immensely impressive, two very strong hurricanes. this category 3, hurricane
7:21 am
lester, madeline, a category 4 heading in the general direction of the hawaiian islands. and the big island of hawaii will come closest. right now winds 130 miles per hour, a beast of a storm. it will weaken as it gets to hawaii but still expected to be close to hurricane strength as it nears hilo. so the utter banks, good to go there. and florida issues to deal with in the next 48 hours and tomorrow in hawaii. >> bill karins, thank you for the update. breaking news we need to get to you right now. about the controversial governor of maine. paul lepage and it appears as if he may be ready to step down amid this latest controversy. nbc's hallie jackson has some new reporting on all of this. hallie, what can you tell us? what are you hearing? >> reporter: all right, craig. this is governor paul lepage, who apparently says he is considering the possibility he may not finish out his term. this is from a radio interview he did at wvom in maine.
7:22 am
this is first reported by the "maine press herald." lepage saying he's looking at all his options. he said he thinks some things he has been asked to do are beyond his ability. not going to say he's not going to finish his second term. he's not saying he is going to finish, adding if it i've lost my ability to help maine people, maybe it's time to move on. this has been sparked, apparently, by something happened with lepage over the last week, a threatening voicemail he left for a state representative filled with curse words, filled with expletives, especially daring the state rep to make the voicemail public. after lepage took offense at some comments made. lepage apologizing for that, profusely, in that interview this morning. saying there is no excuse for his behavior, but adding when he was called a racist, he felt that that just sort of set him off, basically, and i'm paraphrasing here. lepage is not a stranger to inflammatory or offensive comments.
7:23 am
he's been the governor of maine since 2011, been in the public eye, one of the more recent ones, i believe this year, when he was talking about the heroin epidemic and talked about drug dealers -- >> i've got the quote here. >> smoothie and shifty. >> d-money, shooty and shifty, they come up here, sell their heroin, go back home. half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> yeah, so lepage clearly has gotten into it, and has been criticized very roundly from lawmakers and others in maine and around the country for comments exactly like the one you just read, craig. but he has been defiant, apparently until now. i'm holding up my phone because that's where the audio and the transcript and article is from "the press herald". lepage talked about in this interview he is going to extend the face-to-face interview with
7:24 am
the rep. and the reason we're talking about this and why i'm in front of trump tower, lepage has appeared with donald trump at his campaign rallies. he has gone up to maine to try to grab an electoral vote, pushing from the one district up there. so it is sort of a story that is still developing and we are continuing to work on, craig. i'll toss it back to you at 30 rock. >> governor paul lepage, governor of maine, considering stepping down. hallie jackson, all over that as well. keep us posted, please. i know you will. tightening polls. what happened to hillary clinton's convention bounce? i'll talk to a clinton campaign senior adviser on the other side of this break. still ahead here, primary day for what we like to call the down ballot races, house and senate contests in arizona and florida. we have reporters all over that, as well. we'll go there live. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ]
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high potassium, increases in cholesterol, risk of bone fracture, or urinary tract infections, possibly serious. serious side effects may include ketoacidosis, which can be life threatening. stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms or if you experience symptoms of allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take invokana® if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about anmedical conditions and medicationyou take. usininvokana® wita sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. hillary clinton may not have any public campaign events today, but she will be
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continuing her private fund-raising push, and she has been bringing in some big donor dollars. just yesterday, three private events in the hamptons, estimated to raise at least $2.8 million. the democratic nominee outspending her opponent, as well, according to our latest numbers, clinton outspending trump 10 to 1 in advertisements. senior adviser for the clinton campaign, joe benson. i want your take on this blackface stuff. hillary clinton in blackface, took it down later in the day. he has since apologized. we have not heard from the campaign on this. what is the reaction from the clinton campaign? >> look, i think this is unfortunate continuance of what we have seen from the trump campaign and from the candidate, donald trump himself. these offensive tweets that seem to try to just push the envelope
7:29 am
in ways that are always promoting politics at a time whether it's a tragedy or something horrible that's happened. trump did it after orlando just this past weekend. his absolutely inappropriate and offensive tweet about dwyane wade. my understanding is this minister has now apologized for it. but when you set a tone like that and you're trying to tell people this kind of behavior, these kinds of comments are acceptable, you know, that goes right up to the top. you've got to be accountable for stuff like that and that starts with donald trump. >> let's talk about the race, the survey monkey poll shows -- the survey shows that her lead has narrowed over the past week. she is now up six. what's going on? why is she sleeping? >> you go back, everybody was asking about the bounce and the big bounce and all of this. and i said, look, the history of presidential elections in america, they're pretty close. very rare that we have blowouts in these elections, only seven presidents have been elected and
7:30 am
re-elected with even more than 50% of the vote. so we have always expected a race in single digits. that's probably where it sits right now. your poll has it at six. i think the last -- the nbc survey monkey last one was at eight. we always -- i also always said, you've got to wait for a couple weeks after the convention in those initial bounces to see whether it settles and i think we're going to be in a mid, single-digit race from now through election day. >> let's talk about these fund-raisers for a second. >> sure. >> three events, almost $3 million. here's a candidate who continues to boast tt she is a champion of middle class voters. >> sure. >> or even folks with lesser means than that. can you really identify with people like that, if you're asking folks to drop 50 grand or 100 grand to spend time at a dinner. >> be clear about what's happening here, craig. there are a couple things. first of all, she has a record of her lifetime about working
7:31 am
for people who need help getting ahead, whether it's getting disabled kids into school, getting health insurance for kids, increasing death benefits for gold star families by eight times. working with republicans to do those things. whereas donald trump, his own campaign manager, said he built his businesses on the back of the little guy. why are people donating money now? and why are they willing to put their money into this? first of all -- >> huge sums of money. >> a lot of this money is shared across parties to elect democrats. but they also see the stakes are very high. people right now are stepping up to the plate, because they have heard the kind of divisive prejudicial and bigoted statements coming out of the trump campaign. his recent alignment with steve bannon from breitbart news. a news organization that's given currency and trading and trafficking of white supremacists, white nationalists. folks understanding that the
7:32 am
stakes are high and they want to make sure donald trump doesn't get elected president of the united states. >> the first debate a few weeks away now. >> four, i think. >> yeah. "new york times" today reporting that you guys have called in a psychologist to help prep secretary clinton, also using donald trump's ghost writer tap to help as well. are those things true? you've been in the room. is that true? are you using a psychologist? >> none of those things have occurred in any rooms i've been in. >> you're a psychologist. >> let me tell you about hillary clinton. >> so that's not true. >> let me tell you about hillary clinton and debate prep, right? here is how hillary clinton prepares for debates. she believes when you're running for president of the united states or any office, you have to tell the people you're asking to vote for you what you're going to do. how you're going to get it done. and the difference it's going to make in their lives. she is known as a policy wonk. she spends her time going over the details, going over the facts and the truth about the situation. something donald trump doesn't seem to do. but she wants to have every i
7:33 am
dotted, every t crossed about what she is going to say in the debates and that's how she prepares. >> how do you prepare to deal with his temperament. >> i think a very fair question. look, trump is unconventional. he's unpredictable. i think you have to work at preparing for that. i think you have to always when you are preparing debate for debates, you have to prepare for different kinds of scenarios. i remember even in 2012, when we were working with president obama and john kerry was the stand-in for mitt romney, john kerry would throw a different look every time. it's like if you're playing a basketball game or a football game, and you've got to make sure you understand that the other team may throw some different looks at you. >> editorial board at the time, calling for clinton to cut ties with the foundation, saying in part, i think we've got it, the clinton foundation has become a symbol of the clintons' laudable ambitions and tangled alliances in operational opacity. if mrs. clinton wins, it could
7:34 am
prove -- it could prove a target for her political adversaries achieving true distance from the foundation. not only necessary to ensure its effectiveness, it is an ethical imperative for mrs. clinton. what say you to that? >> with all due respect, "new york times" -- secretary of state, they worked out details with the foundation, with the obama administration on how that foundation should operate and they have. they have taken steps that no other foundation has taken. they disclose the names of all their donors, things that were part of the agreements, et cetera. and now she is looking to take further steps in the event and they have announced them in the event she becomes president, where she will be the last voice on things. when she was secretary of state, there was this agreement that was the white house that was a final check. she will be the final check. so she's got to take additional steps and they have said they'll do that. bunchts she is not going to sever her ties if elected. >> she is going to be president of the united states. the foundation has named the
7:35 am
clinton foundation. let's not forget what it does. people receiving aids drugs are getting them through work of the clinton foundation. malaria, saving the lives of children. the work these foundations do, saving lives, is a big part of this story. and it's a part of something that we can't let those people fall off the table because of the getting from the foundations like the clinton foundation. >> i'll have you back and continue the conversation. joel ben heson, appreciate your time. >> mccain, rubio, wasserman-schultz. the races on this 2016 primary day. this is msnbc. stay with us. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats,
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♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at with almost two months to go until election day, we are closing following some key primary races that have been heavily influenced by the presidential race. our reporters are live in florida, arizona watching these
7:39 am
hotly contested down ballot races where the voting is under way this morning. let us start with kelly o'donnell. she joins me live from phoenix, where john mccain, we're told, is scheduled to vote at any moment. kelly o., good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. well, we expect that the senator and his wife, cindy, will be here, oh, in the next 15 minutes or so. a number of cameras are here to capture him coming to vote. also a representative from the primary opponent's campaign here with a big sign. that's election day, primary day in arizona. in this state, unlike many others, we are required to remain 75 feet from the entrance of the polling place. so we can't actually go in and see the senator and mrs. mccain cast their ballots, or anyone else, for that matter. this is such an important race, because john mccain is seeking a sixth term. yesterday happened to be his birthday. his 80th, and that has been an issue in this campaign. kelly ward, former state senator and osteopathic physician, used
7:40 am
in her ads the notion she is a fresh candidate. she raised the issue of age and time in washington again. >> there are so many issues i have with senator mccain. i mean, age is one. he's been in washington for nearly four decades. that's simply too long. we do need term limits. i'm running on a term limit pledge. >> when your primary opponent, kelly ward, talks about your age, happy birthday, by the way, how do you respond to that? is that a below the belt hit? >> i let the people of arizona know me very well make that judgment. >> reporter: and what i can tell you from talking to senator mccain, he says it's really about the relationship he's had with arizona voters and invites them to look at his schedule, look at the hours he puts in, he holds lots of town hall meetings, where they can interact with him directly. there's a lot at stake here today, because kelly ward is a trump backer. mccain is supporting the
7:41 am
nominee, but does not really enjoy talking about him. i've been one of those who have pestered him with queions about trump said this, trump said that. he's trying to run his own race. craig? >> kelly o., there in arizona. it really did look like yesterday, by the way, when he answered your question, it looked like he really wanted to say something else. but we'll let the sound bite speak for itself. kelly o'donnell there in phoenix. thank you. let's go across the country now to the battle ground ball state of florida. just outside disney world. msnbc's kasie hunt and marco rubio in a primary challenge there, the sunshine state. what should we be watching there in florida, kasie? >> reporter: no sign yet of mickey mouse, craig. very disappointing. but we -- we're here at a polling place. we have not seen very high volume of voters here, i wouldn't say. and marco rubio, who you may remember from the presidential race, a few months back, is on the ballot again this time for senate. he decided he actually did want to stay in the senate, after
7:42 am
all. and he had what has amounted to not very much opposition in the primary. carlos beruf, doesn't like he will pose much trouble for rubio in the primary today. rubio mostly kept his head down and out of the spotlight since coming back into this senate race. he did have a little bit of a tricky time answering some questions from the "miami herald" editorial board about whether he stood by everything he said about donald trump during the presidential primary. because, of course, he is now supporting donald trump for president. and you will remember, the back and forth that trump and rubio have, "little marco," the insults thrown. rubio says he still stands by everything, including the statement that trump is a con man. it will be interesting to see how he tries to navigate questions once he is clear of this primary, craig. >> kasie hunt outside mickey's house there in florida. >> reporter: almost. to central florida, to south florida, where former dnc chair
7:43 am
woman, debbie wasserman schultz facing a tough primary battle for her congressional seat from a candidate supported by bernie sanders. msnbc's alex sites wald joins us from davie, florida. you talked to the congresswoman a short time ago. what did she tell you? >> reporter: that's right, craig. this race really became nationalized very quickly, as you would expect of the former democratic national committee chairwoman, tim canova raised close to $4 million. many upset with the way debbie wasserman schultz ran the primary. i have heard from some that didn't like debbie wasserman schultz to begin with, always thought she was too strong here. the first primary challenge she faced in 12 years in office. still well ahead, but they're thinking they might take another shot at her in two years. i asked her about that this morning. take a look at what she had to
7:44 am
say. concerned that if the margin isn't huge today that somebody will take a look two years from now, maybe your same opponent, and take another shot. >> one race at a time. i take every race seriously. this race is no different, no matter whether i'm on the ballot in a primary or general election. you know, you have to have a healthy respect for the people who you're asking to support you. which i always do. >> reporter: so congresswoman spending a lot of time saying she did not lose sight of her district while she was doing her national duties. a lot of support here. and she clearly is the favorite heading into tonight, craig. >> alex, thank you. always appreciate your reporting. resentment, revenge and an anger hangover. conservative talk radio host, hugh hewitt on the other side of this break to talk about what's driving this election cycle of vitriol and the unfortunate consequences that could be ahead for the winner. (vo) stank face.
7:45 am
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fear, gratitude, hope, or resentment and revenge? those are just some of the feelings that drive presidential elections. there's an article in the "washington examiner" that says, quote, only a relatively few voters are inspired by hillary clinton's or donald trump's personal stories of triumph over long odds or their promises of a new morning in america. quite a few are campaigning because they are very, very ticked off at one thing or another, or many things. msnbc political analyst and radio talk show host, hugh hewitt, wrote that article. hugh, always good to see you. i know you just got off the air. thanks for being with me. >> thanks, craig. >> you contend, this is the resentment election. how so? >> people are not doing what they did in 1984, the morning in america campaign for ronald regulareagan was a celebration. not doing what they did in 2008,
7:49 am
president obama's a hope and change election. i expect the turnout will drop both from 2012 and 2008. they're coming out to vote against something. they're going to vote against, for example, president obama's immigration amnesty. of they're going to vote against their obamacare premiums, a story i covered this, craig. one caller from obama, got their rate, $6,000 deductible, $1300 a month, $25,000 for insurance. he's not going to be -- in medicaid, mad at hell or vote against donald trump and any of his many miscues you covered earlier in the hour. people are voting against things. and thus, the voter misery index, the negative quality attached to both candidates is as high as it's ever been, making for a very unpredictable election. >> we have seen this play out in poll after poll, unfavorabilities, numbers for both candidates at historic highs. you do mention that the bigger challenges will come after
7:50 am
january 2017. how heavy is that lift going to be? >> i'm interested that -- and i wrote in the column, i don't see a lot of paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, juk schumer or nancy pelosi in the campaigns. whether trump wins or clinton wins, neither are going to have a mandate, even if hillary clinton has a fairly significant heck electoral college as held today. although donald trump has had a couple good weeks. she's not going to win with a mandate. she works with speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell and still an entitlement crisis, still a defense department that's been hollowed out. obamacare has to be fixed, craig. it's a disaster, it's falling apart all over the country. josh earnest got asked a question at the white house yesterday and he did a tap-dance worthy of freda stair. there is no way to put it on the
7:51 am
table because of obamacare. so whether hillary clinton holds on to her lead or donald trump comes back from behind, they both have to sit down and work with a congress that has been on the sidelines in this election as, you know, a wrestling match has broken out between clinton and trump. one that is only going to get ug uglier. >> you tweeted yesterday that with regard to this immigration speech tomorrow, 90% of goppers don't want deportation but do want a fence. a future oriented. what do you think we'll hear from trump tomorrow, what should we hear from trump tomorrow? >> he's got to maintain his insistence on building a fence. >> you know that's not happening. >> i believe it will, craig. >> mexico is not going to pay for it. >> i don't think mexico is going to pay for it. it was originally passed in 2006, 700 miles of fence promised. the border is 2,000 miles. 1,000 miles is passable. on that thousand miles, a double
7:52 am
sided fence. the visible expression of an inadvicement commitment. on the other hand, i do believe that 90% of republicans are with me. i am not in favor of mass deportation. i don't believe they ought to be send home, i don't believe they should be able to vote. i believe in what i call regularization. stay here, come above ground into the above-ground economy. and become regularized as american participants but not american citizens and let's move forward by protecting against the next wave of immigration and security issues. that's where the center of the party is. i know donald trump will stay strong on the fence. i have no idea what else he's going to say. >> all right. hugh hewitt ending with some honesty there. thanks as always, sir. >> thank you. new evidence the russian government may be trying to interfere with our presidential election. we'll have more on that, right after this. [ crowd noise ]
7:53 am
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7:55 am
senator harry reid asking the fbi to look into evidence
7:56 am
suggesting russia may try to manipulate voting results come november. the "new york times" reports the center send a letter to james comey, lead writing that the threat of russian interference, quote, is more extensive than is widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results. meanwhile, intelligence officials say russian-based hackers are behind two recent attempts to breach state voter databases here in the united states. illinois state officials said that the hackers could have downloaded information on as many as 200,000 people in that state. we'll be right back. ugh. heartburn.
7:57 am
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all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. that's it, that's all. that wraps up this of msnbc. i'll see you back here at 1:00 eastern. tamron hall is in the house. >> thank you, craig. right now on msnbc, donald trump's immigration dilemma.
8:00 am
tomorrow he is set to reveal details on his signature issue and his campaign says he'll go after donald trump. will trump abandon his deportation policy that is based, clearly, still supports. it's primary tuesday, voting under way at senators john mccain and marco rubio, as well as congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz fight for their political lives. we'll take you to the ground fight in all of those states. and new this morning, maine's embattled republican governor, paul lepage, says he's considering resigning. this new development comes amid mounting pressure from democrats and members of his very own party over a threatening voicemail the governor left to one of his opponents. we'll have that coming up for you, as well. good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin with a new look at where voters stand now with 70 days to go before the presidential election. our new nbc news survey monkey weekly tracking poll shows the race is narrowing again slightly, clinton with a six-point lead n


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