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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  August 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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firsttp daily with chuck todd starts now. if it's tuesday, somebody is voting somewhere. there are a lot of somewhere's today. the air of revolution, that's going nowhere. >> tonight whatever happened to the trump and sanders revolution. it seems to be fading in a down ballot whisper. >> as americans our goal must be to elect progressives at every level. >> plus, exactly how much of a threat are russian hackers to national security in this election? and rick perry from debating other candidates. >> oops. >> to rehabbing with the stars. this is mtp daily, and it starts right now.
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voergetsing is happening now in arizona and florida. two big name senators are on the ballot. maybe a year ago we would have thought that both could have primary problems. think again and the presidential primary season was the heated in the resent season and bringing voters in and sanders brought the movement and revolutions and today on this last giant primary day of the year, where is the fiber and where is the movement and what sanders and trump said and we're going to change the system and just knock the living daylights out of them in washingt washington. as voters head to the poll today, some do pit the grass roots and that revolution is a trickle down the ballot these days. kelly ward in arizona is rung a trump like campaign against senator mccain and mark rubio
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has embraced the ticket. even before donald trump began to rally, groups like the conservative found november threatening to ousts the gop and a number of republicans 18 months ago in the senate november thought to have top tea party challengers. they dispatched and then jerry more rain a and a lot of top and then just like rubio today, she is liking to win easy. and of the four incumbents that have lost the only one that was a race at all was over a freedom caucus member and by the other way the primary losses this year from the left to right november all house members. two lost because of redistricting and then corruption. if the current polling, the
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contest shows that they're doing just fine in donald trump's republican party. on the democratic side bernie sanders have been silent. he can campaign solo for the first time in new hampshire on lay door day. he is live raejing and the only race he was vocal about was tim in florida. does not sound like a political revolution, does it. joining me is cnn analyst and one of sanders most vocal voters and then serving on ted cruz's campaign during the beginning of the primary season. welcome both of you. both of you i do not consider members of the political establishment. you have fought your way into -- >> thank you. >> i give you that. nia, let me start with you. when push came to shove, he did
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not endorse john or sitten fell in iowa. he did not go for the new people and the progressives on the left. he played it safed and worried about his own campaign. >> well, that's a little hash. >> he did not get involved in the primary. >> he was running a race of his own and running for the president of the united states. he did other things that i did not see others do while run asking that was to embrace the candidates from the local level and then in terms of revolution, it does not happen over night and as you recall the day that from 2014 and there was an approval rating and 96 percent of those november re-elected and so that's really the tension here about a conserve that voters may have about the congress as a whole but as we know they tend to like their own congress person, and it's hard.
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revolutions take years. we're not going to relent on this. it's going the take time. >> yeah, rick there was an unsettled election on both sides. >> that's right. >> the sanders november outsiders wanting to cause appeal and challenge the status quo. a lot of cruz supporters november the same thing and looking to challenge the status quo. why did that not trickle down this year? >> well, if sanders had won, he may have looked at a different race. it's an interesting twist and an extraordinary year. on the republican side i they the donald trump supporters and i do think that a lot of them are new. the tea party was sort of a revolution and they got involved up and down the ticket. i don't see that happening with donald trump supporters, so when i look at the senate races it looks like to me that the republicans are going to hold the senate.
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i don't see an uphill and down ballot. >> yeah, you're holding it with people and i remember having the conversations with people and the folks that were involve and the conservative moment to challenge the guys. port mono is no conservative and blunt is unpoplar and then yet they did not and let him go this cycle and then let him go in cruz and trump. >> yeah, that's very true and i think that if cruz november on the top, it's again the trump supporters are different than they do not and are not as plugged in to the races and so it's hard to explain because all of the trump supporters definitely want a revolution and want a change. it looks like they're going to return everybody back to congress. most of them everybody. >> seems to be the same thing on the democratic side. let me ask you this. why did the primary not take off
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in your opinion? >> i mean look governor strickland was the governor of the great state of ohio. he was a congressman and there was not that much of a focus on that race in particular. in terms of -- and i know that senator port man has an eight percent lead but there's time left from now to november. the governor can have an upset there. in terms of sanders, he really de did show that these candidates and these races that -- chuck in other words it's bigger than the president of the united states of america. both sides want that, but in order to have a real revolution, you have to feel the candidates on the local, state and federal levels and there's not been anybody that's done that in a way and that's what the revolution is about. revolutions do not necessarily happen over night. >> of course. >> they have to take time. that's what we're seeing here. chuck, we can not forget and i
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cannot emphasis enough and the data shows the data man that the congress is a very powerful thing. >> yeah, that's why and let me ask you opinion nina and sanders is doing well and you did not see progressives down the ballot sort of ride in the victories and i they some of us thought that was going to happen. there's been a disconnect between the presidents and everyone else. >> again, we're tapping into an awakening. 2016 is an extraordinary different year especially within the primaries of both parties. it takes time to tap into this. this is not over and this is really about getting people to continue to focus year after year after year. i have to say from vermont he did not do a bad job.
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>> if you're mitch mcconnell and you sit there and say he may look and say that we cracked the code and have avoided all of the problems and we don't know what mccain is going to have tonight and mccain does survive tonight. he is going say that we cracked the code and none of those people had to deal with this. does that mean that they're out of the woods? >> well, look there's a lot of speculation and a lot of things can happen this fall. my sense is mccain is going to be fine and rub oio is going toe fine and there's so much attention on the clinton trump race, that it's just overwhelmed the lower races. we just don't have a race nationally to focus on. nobody is talking about the senate. very few are talking about the
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center race. does not look like trump is going to win to me. on the one hand you have got clinton on one side who represents the establishment and that's a little bit discouraging and then on the other side donald trump is losing badly that it's discouraging to the republicans. >> nina, the last question here. what should be the test in 2018 for the sanders revolution? how will we know that the seed planted are sprouting? >> the continuation of the winning of races from the school board all the way up to the state legislature and statewide races. that does not mean that we're going win every single race or the revolution, but the fact that people are tuning in and the fact that people -- let's
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use tim for one example. the race is not over, but he raced low dollar. $3 million and low dollar grass roots money. that's a test. having people wake and involved and engaged like never before is a test. i would argue that just winning elections is not the only test. it's one of many tests. we have to keep people awake in this thing chuck, and we're going keep on doing that. >> i hear it's one and only but -- >> i knew you were going say that. more people running. >> those are good tests. the pop quiz is the good test, but you have to get the final exam right. >> we're working on it. it's going take time. >> thank you both. >> thank you. marx i'm going to start with you because we're junkies. we have been waiting to cover some primaries and woke up and
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said is mccain really kelly ward the primary. this is really not trickling down. >> yeah it's argued that john mccain is not the best type force st. and i have a couple of theories and then it's a campaign based and sometimes those are not the greatest. >> i they we make the missake. >> yeah, bernie sanders that was taking about the issue and saying that i'm better on the issues and sometimes that's hard to affect the change. political parties have an about to coopt and then stamp out. remember the occupy wall street that we had several years ago and the tea party movement.
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you see those things and then go on to survive. >> it's just enough to take a little bit of the air out. >> yeah. >> i would say that it's a combinati combination. we're seeing that there's no trump moment. in fact very few candidates have even tried to do that. on the democrating side i think that there was some left wing, but i think that there's an idealism and just the sense that clintons approximate personality is off put asking that she is compromise and if you do not have those things coming together, it's not going work for you. >> it's interesting and it's because there's a missing i had logical poll here. >> it's difficult because i think that there are similar and different things going on here. when you have a race going on, that draws a lot of attention.
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the different thing is that on the democratic side it's difficult to be energizing and trickle down when the revolution has not worked. you have sanders endorses and saying that it's important to elect hillary clinton. it's hard for him to energize the supporters. i think that the republican situation is slightly different in the sense that trump requires trump. that energy gets trained out. >> on both sides it's important to know that the revolutionary guy did not get the vote. >> meanwhile let's start with bernie and is he going to get within ten points or 15 points? does that matter? >> well, this goes back to john mccain and then mark rubio and the politician matters.
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we run the races and ideology plays a big roll and as far as someone not very good, she get phrase for that and the district with 68 percent and 31 percent for clinton and over bernie sanders. it's not bernie sanders country. >> yeah, districts matter and policy matters. >> yeah, a year ago there was something on kelly that i said wow, this is not jd h. jd did enough and then a late night selling of some sort of craziness that made him look like a spoof. she seemed like a profile and then went up short. >> yeah, it's progrossed and then making hearse a little bit more and then attack on mccains age was not the sign of a
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confident candidate. >> in arizona where there's a large senior population. >> yeah, it felt a little bit like i cannot believe what i just heard. >> yeah, it was unafrack tif. >> yeah, there are many ways to make the case against john mccain in a primary that going after where he lived in the first time and saying that i have not lived in arizona and i have lived in the hilton longer and then the age that the guys mother was 103 and renting cars in paris. seemed like a bridge too far. >> i did not like it. >> we will see what republican voters have. can there be nor the hacking threat than we know? should we be more concerned than what we're hearing? stay tuned.
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will come back to mpt daily. we have a few polls on what trump is running a campaign. check out the latest survey online and the presidential poll in the four way clinton leading trump in the go you are way. the fact of the matter is that the gap has closed. it went from eight to six inhe two way and down to four in the four way. whether this is movement in trump's favor, the bottom line is this. something is happening in the last week or ten days. the biggest change is that donald trump has a new campaign team and listening to them. will it continue? we shall sweee. we will be right back. no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five?
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this appears to be real and government is not as worried about this as they should be. let's take a look at what is happening in just the past few months and this is what we know publicly. they had the network breeched not once but twice and then they found what they say are signatures of two russian agencies. we learned later than an analytic traprogram was part ofe braemp. in july the campaigning committee confirmed that they were the target and then investigation found that russian agencies infiltrated that system. the new york times fell victim this month and the moscow was attacked and russian actors november the suspects yet again. then there's the headlines today and this is where everybody should start to get up and seeing the hair stand on the back of their neck.
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in arizona a resent attempted breach of their voter registration system appears to have failed. it forced the state to take the online voter registration done. russian hackers are thought to be behind the attempt. more than 200,000 people and the fbi is investigating the issues and sent out alerts to the nation. democratic leader says that it's time for the fbi to investigate the in tent to false identify the results. wow. attacking the elections is the attack on the democracy and then it's the task force to exam the resent hacks but if we reach the critical mass and it's more of a sense of concern and outrage on a bipartisan level.
2:23 pm
whose job it is to help manage and secure their election. i want to start with you before i get to the ambassador and that's how confident are you in the election system considering what we just learned about arizona and illinois? >> well, thank you for having me on. i am confident in the system that we have today. the election o o officials are doing all that they can to possibly immediate any sort of threat that might occur in the november elections. i wanted to make sure that i differentiate between one thing here and the attacks on the dnc are totally different than any attacks on the election system. >> what do you mean by that? >> in terms of -- i mean that the system in the attack on the dnc was an e-mailed base system. an e-mail base attack and the attack that is reported for the
2:24 pm
election is on the voting machine or other aspects of it. these are not hooked up to the internet and therefore as long as the features are turned off that would be wifi or other things there's no attack that can be done in the same way that it's done on the dnc. >> you said hey, i want to differentiate here and one is an e-mail attack and one is an attempt to hack voting machines. i understand what you said. how is this a deaf con five year or one? >> there was no attack on voting machines. there was no attempt on the voting machines. no attempt on them. the attempt was on the voter registration list. all election officials have back up to that and in terms of the paper back ups and then they're having the back ups with the
2:25 pm
recommendations. >> okay. we have talked about this issue numbers of time and we know that there's evidence that the russians want to get involved in other elections. they have done it in you are rope and doing it to us. ask it just me or is there a sort of a -- i'm shocked at the lack of out rage that i'm hearing from capital hill and from the white house and there does not seem to be a high level of concern. it's coming across as a low level and is that appropriate or not appropriate? >> well, chuck i think within the government there's a high level of concern and from the people that i talk to. they're worried about this and obviously things have been discovered because we know them in public that are alarming and my guess is having work in the government they discover a lot more than you and i don't know anything about. there's an alarm and here is the problem. one they don't want to get involved themselves in the
2:26 pm
process and two if you do call the russians out and say we know believe that you helped the remove the chairman of if party, what's the response? once that is said by senior government officials on the record, then the next question for people like you is what are you going to do about it. >> is that the reason why? i was going to say there does not seem to be and i get that. that's the problem with the cyber attacks in general. >> yes. >> i know that there was a response to south korea. we think we know what it was. we have never confirmed that we did anything. >> that's correct. the problem is they don't want to necessarily respond with how they want to respond. i want to be clear here. i am just speck lating. i don't know that there's anything proven. i know that when i was in the government there was a problem of the cyber security. the other part of course for the
2:27 pm
russian social security that they want us to be tacking about this. i want to be clear about that whether they're off line or not, they want to call to question the process. that in and of itself is a foreign policy objective. >> wow. >> let me ask you this. >> can i just say one thing. i was invited out to arizona and that's where i am today for the primary because of issues that occurred in the previous primaries. kwun thing that i was talked to by a voter is that he was confident in the way that the system works. why was he confident, because he served as a poll worker. your see that from the inside. what we encourage is that folks across the country and we need a million poll workers to work on election day to volunteer or to be paid as a poll worker so that
2:28 pm
they can see it from the inside and see it from setting up the machines andalening up the votes and shutting them down from the day. they can see them in the inside. this gentlemen came to me not knowing who i was and saying that he had great confidence in the way that the system is running because he served as a poll worker. >> nice to hear if you did not know where you worked to hear that. let me ask you this mr. hicks, hearing what happened in southern illinois some are going to wonder is my information safe? is it possible to rerace me because they think that it's a way to manipulate. what's the voter registration and is it safe? >> well, go to and there's a website to each and every state wide voter secretary of states office.
2:29 pm
so you can go there to the secretary of the states office to look to see where the registration is and make sure that it's up to date. one of the things that i hear most frequently is that people's registration is not up to date and so they end up voting provisionally. now is the time for voters to go out and check the registration and insure that the registration is up to date and that they can vote accurately on november 8th. >> okay. i want to get you the last word here. my concern and i have been watching this is that there's not by part son and republicans feel handcuff in this and the democrats are the targets and it's almost as if they're not fully believe thag the democrats have been targeted. i don't know what it is. how does this get elevated as a nonpartisan issue? >> i think that you're absolutely right chuck. with the dnc hacks that was just a partisan thing. a lot of people saying that we
2:30 pm
need to know the truth. does not know how we got it. when we're talking of stolen information. maybe we will have to wait until the end of the election cycle, but we need to think of this as a national security threat and this is just the beginning. this is -- we're talking about the tip of the iceberg and going to talk about this to come. >> do all of the states and secretaries of the state have the resources to keep these files secure? >> the secretary of the states would like more resources and i believe that in talking with johnson from dhs that they're offering additional resources of the secretary of the state and officials and the secretary of the states have to request that and so i think that, you know, we need to encourage people to make sure that the registration is up to date and encourage them to get out to vote and so they're not worried of the vote
2:31 pm
coming in november. >> former ambassador to russia and a big stanford fan. we will see if they can avoid a second loss this year and get into the playoffs. >> friday night. kansas state. tune in. >> i will. >> me e too. >> it was a pleasure to speak to you as well. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> you got it. coming up play by play of tonight and the big -- and could mark rubio be placing his bets again. stay tuned. americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. e united states postal s svice.
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welcome back and somewhere a
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loot of somewhere and including the lich states of arizona and fla a florida and on the twitter and then the result and then john mccain and then the tough primary fight and then mccain along the trump line in immigration and not wanting to secure the borders and then hit him hard on age. mark rubio to win the republican nod and then the second term and then waiver on the idea of committee to the full six years. >> can you not commit to florida voters because you don't know what the future is going to hold. i can commit to you that if i am running to be a u.s. senator, i am fully prepared and i'm the last political officer. >> now, was registered.
2:40 pm
>> on the democratic side and then with the share of personal problems and then the duking out and the right to take the general murphy and then the advantage of the nomination and then democrats are desperate and then grayson and then desperate and don't forget the former chair debbie and we're going bring in the panel. mark murray and let's talk about john mccain a little bit. he may not break 50 tonight. he may win. i want to remind people that these arizona state republican party, and i they it was three years ago cinched him because he did not toe the line. >> he had a primary that he was concerned about. >> yeah, that's right. so one of the things that people are going to be looking at
2:41 pm
tonight if he is under 50 is does arizona become a race for november because a lot of states are in play and then the republicans are worried that there's a strong candidate if he is weakened. >> yeah, a source of mine called it mccain and said that she an no mans man. cannot run too far to the right or the middle. he is stuck at john mccain. >> politically an asset and this maybe be the year that it's not an asset. maybe he can change the immigration issue and make it more and who knows. this is a krcrazy year and we we going before that things november not interesting enough in the primaries and then
2:42 pm
predicting interest tonight but -- >> i want to play you some sound and there's a dig at mark rubio on the immigration and i want to talk about it on the other side. here it is. >> people want today make the point that all of a sudden donald trump had adopted jeb bush or mark rubios issues on immigration, that's false. they never wanted to build a wall. and then i hope wins the primary and continues to be a senator was part of the gang and then president obama frankly. >> you know, it was because of that that i think that rubio was going to struggle in the primary and never did. >> chuck, i still think that the republican party overall and donald trump we're still going to find out tomorrow night and -- >> it's not hurting.
2:43 pm
>> it's not right now. i want to see where the dust settles and right now the polling shows that mark rubio had four or five or six points. >> that's in the general and he is going run away with the primary. this immigration and that totally ham strung him during the primaries calls for him and part of the strategy was going to -- >> it was different from rlu ru >> i wanted to get close and say that he is on fire. other than that, we're not going to see any flames tonight. it's all going to have cold water on mark rubio 2020. >> yeah, that was a nice slide. mark rubio made it very clear that he was not enjoying his job in the ensate brief prefsenate .
2:44 pm
just say that i'm all in. i mean if you're running for the job again at least undo the damage. >> yeah you could be who you're not. that was an honest answer that a politician is going to give. >> yeah, no i'm not. that's an honest of an answer that you're going to get on something like that. >> yeah, i'm commit and then the situation is so dire that i have to put myself forward. >> here is a question, who is more vulnerable in november? >> great question chuck. i still think that john mccain because mark rubio there's so many ways for democrats to go. if you're watching that money -- >> where do you spend your money, florida or arizona? >> arizona is cheaper. >> i think arizona. mccain or rubio? >> i think that mccain has a tougher opponent. >> it's amazing. democrats really blew it when it comes to recruiting in florida.
2:45 pm
they have two -- they thought that they had one descent candidate and he was problematic and then the real nightmare is alan grayson. and rick perry's latest move. is it a sign of the trump of the american politics? stay tuned. it's less useful like a hat for your cat surface has touch and a beautiful screen you can see things like they've nevebeen seen this mac doesn't quite compare it's slower, heavy, and a bit square fold it in half, hello when you start lighter than air, you can doodle a heart yes it's plain to see the surface pro 4 is made for me but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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little short lived. is he taking the kwrk from donald trump on the path of political success. the tomorrow er texas governor is on the part of the reality show "dancing with the stars." no, we're not making this up. he plans to use the show to build awareness for the veterans cases. is he really looking to take home to trophy or hoping that it helps him step back into the political spotlight? by the way he is not the first former texas republican politician to appear on "dancing with the stars." that honor goes to tom delay. we will be right back.
2:48 pm
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2:50 pm
health as i am her bad ideas. >> i guess that you can call that tamping down on the clinto percolating out there. time for "the lid." ruth, it felt like pence's way of saying i don't want to get into it, they both need to release more. that was interesting. he referred to his running mate as you know, one of the two nominees. >> the two major party nominees. >> what are you? >> look, but he did still refer to her bad health as if this were some kind of proven fact and that, i just have to disagree with. and just to put out there the amount of health information that hillary clinton has released is siificantly, it may not be enough to satisfy everybody. i'm all for more. but it is significantly more detailed than that letter from that doctor. >> this is the issue that trump has on all of these issues. she's released more tax returns,
2:51 pm
released more health records, released more e-mails, released more, you know, records on the foundation, and you could argue, and apparently i hear she argues that every time i release i get bad stories, he does nothing and he gets nothing. so there is a level i hear of frustration. >> i think one of the reasons pence took that sort of gingerly approach is he didn't want to get caught in the trap of having to answer for trump's release of records. >> the whole doctor business we broke on nbc news friday night, it's downright embarrassing. i think they kind of know it. >> so many things have been. i think that this is just another way where the republicans nominated somebody who is not well placed to take advantage of clinton's unbelievable vulnerability and so man professional politicians look at the stories, look at the polling on hillary clinton and are amazed at the opportunity they let slip away. >> it's another case where pence is still trying to be i don't want to say moderate, it's not
2:52 pm
the right word, but he's trying to almost round off the edges. >> i will put it another way. he's running a parallel campaign in a lot of ways, even the way he answered that question was somebody who realizes both of them should end up doing this. he's not always trump's advocate, not always the attack dog. he is actually running as almost the club for growth candidate for president that could have been -- >> club for growth nominee. >> tim kaine is now embracing the attack dog role. take a look at these rough comments he had today on donald trump. >> the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big con. his next big con. donald trump, it's time for you to come clean, release your tax returns, explain your business interests, start telling the truth, because americans, democrat, republican and independent, are entitled to the truth. >> like everything with kaine, that sounded harsher when i read it. that's sort of both his asset and liability with kaine.
2:53 pm
>> it's still a big asset for him. it's a different way. you look in some ways being the attack dog on donald trump and doing it with a certain sense of niceness is the way to break through in this cycle where we have gone into the gutter and kaine's i think attacks are more effeive given the other back and forth. >> i thought the greatest metaphor was the haircut footage we showed last week, where the guy giving mike pence the haircut oh, you're running for vice president? >> tell me who you are? >> tim kaine would get the same treatment outside of richmond. both vp candidates are less known than any two vp candidates we have tested in 25 years. >> yet both of them would probably be doing better if they were the main nominees. >> all right. paula page, sort of the other story of the day. is he, is he not, is he really considering resigning, is he not? there was a story that he was. he put out a tweet. started talking like mark twain. there is some chatter that some republican party officials kind
2:54 pm
of hope that this stuff was true, he really was thinking about resigning, because he does provide sort of the uncomfortable story of the day about once every two months. >> not just in maine. national republican story. >> it's never local. he always breaks through. like the angela lansbury of maine politics. >> that's the odd thing, there have been so many previous comments he's made, you would have thought might have done it. maybe this is the proverbial straw. >> leaving the voice mail with those words, with a legislature, that took it to a level we never heard. perhaps andrew jackson threatened death to people. i have no doubt. >> but demonstrably unhinged and i think andrew jackson voice mails probably were lost somewhere. >> the next great book. but there's something about this lepage thing that stuck. that's got to be troublesome because he has been described as mini trump. the tell it like it is kind of guy. doesn't help trump. >> also, you wants your politics to have a certain humaneness to
2:55 pm
them. we have had canings here in the capitol before. there were duels. at the same time, you have a problem with somebody, you can pick up the phone and handle it in a professional way. >> lepage missed the days of duels. >> yes. there was a story in the "new york times" earlier this year where he was trying to organize the anti-trump people in the primary. a week later, he endorsed trump. he can turn on a dime and he can in this case as well. >> all right, guys. i will leave it there. paul lepage is a gift that even, you could break through in the presidential year, you are doing something. i don't know what that something is but you're doing it. thank you, all three. we'll be back in a minute. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend.
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in case you missed it, two signs national democrats are losing confidence in ohio senate candidate and former ohio governor ted strickland. a major democratic super pac scrapped nearly $200,000 in ads slated to begin next week, first major week of the campaign post-labor day. not a good week to be dark. senate majority pac won't be up in the air for him until september 20th. that follows news yesterday that the democratic senatorial campaign committee was also delaying its advertising. the strickland campaign say the delay represents a shift in tactics, not a vote of no confidence. that's always what you say when tv ad spending is pulled. but strickland does trail republican senator rob portman eight points according to the latest monmouth poll. it was a little bit more in a poll that we had as well. we had him up six to eight. but you got to ask yourself,
3:00 pm
strickland has been down the whole time. got to ask when democrats recruited him did they think the guy who was able to represent appalachia could run that same type of campaign in 2016? the answer is no and he is having to run as somebody he is not comfortable being. perhaps that's reflected in this race. we will see. november is still two months away. "with all due respect" starts ten seconds late. i'm donny deutch. >> i'm john heilemann. good luck beating this. >> rick perry ready to show off his texas two-step. >> texas two-step. >> texas two-step. >> texas two-step. ♪


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