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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  August 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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makes for great tv. >> thanks for joining us tonight. our breaking news coverage of donald trump's trip to mexico tomorrow and his speech tonight continues live now trump's trip to mexico tomorrow and speech tonight continues live now with chris hayes. hey. >> good to see you, lauren, thank you very much. i'm chris hayes, still, as i was hours ago. to reset the breaking news, moments ago before taking the stage tonight, trump tweeting, quote, i have accepted the invitation of the president of mexico and look forward to meeting him tomorrow. immediately afterwards, he tweeted the confirmation he's meeting tomorrow with trump in private. the visit is expected to come before the big immigration speech tomorrow where trump is expected to clarify where whether he seeks to deport millions ofeople from mexico and other places who now live in america.
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presidential nominee has had said a relationship with mexico and its people. joining me now by phone, the political reporter for the political post. >> broke the story he considered the visit. robert, how did it come about? >> well, this came about, starting last friday, trump and secretary clinton both get invitations from the mexican president, and steve, based on my report in the newly installed campaign, ceo, met with trump advisers sunday in new jersey. trump's weekend retreat, and look at the letter, use this as a political opportunity, an opportunity to jolt trump's campaign, maybe be seen as a statesman. that's their view, and then it came together in the last couple days. trump's representatives reached out to the u.s. embassy and mexico city, and working with my colleague here at the post, today, we started to hear more and more about these behind the scenes talks about trump wanting to meet with the mexican
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president, and then trump tweeted tonight, it's official. >> and he's going to go down there, do this meeting, which will be with the president of mexico said, private, and then fly back and do the big twice postponed much anticipated policy speech? >> i hear the speech is going to be hard line, that stephen miller, the speech writer who worked for jeff sessions, the new ceo, they are all over the speech, and so this waivering we've seen from trump on immigration in recent weeks, so-called potential softening, that doesn't seem to be happening with the speech and the trip to mexico, i think, underscores based on my reporting, how trump moves to the right, not to the center when it comes to immigration in the closing chapter of the campaign. >> robert, thanks for all your excellent reporting. appreciate that. i was skeptical, i will say, robert, when i saw that, is robert getting spun here? but i'm publicly flangelating
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myself. >> thank you, my friend. >> any mention of this so far, katie? >> reporter: no mention, but it's a big deal that donald trump go down to mexico, especially on the day as there's policy speech on immigration in arizona. immigration has been the corner stone of his campaign since day one when he announced his candidacy saying mexico was sending some undocumented imgrants at the border who were racist and criminal, so his relationship with that country has been bad since day one, and saying that multiple times that mexico would pay for the wall between this country and theirs. that is a rallying cry at campaig campaigns, campaign stops, who
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would pay for this, fomexico. donald trump said the wall gets ten feet higher. what they discuss with the president is going to be of great interest. will they have an understanding, and agreement going forward for donald trump's immigration policy. it's important to know that mexico has a very low approval rating of his own, 23%, around that, in terms of his popularity down in that country. that is saying a loot. is donald trump going to leave there with softening on his immigration stance? we'll wait and see. my reporting matching what bob's reporting is that this is -- there's no indication that they are going to be giving any leeway to donald trump's original plan, which is getting undocumented workers out of this country, especially those who are criminals, and building a wall. >> all right, katie there in
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washington. great. with us tonight, our panel. well, this is a big development. i don't quite know what to make of it. anyone want to go first? initial thoughts? all right, i'll go first. two things, this is something seen other campaigns do. i think in some ways, president obama was the pioneer of this taking the trip, big campaign, risky move. idea was, here's a relatively young, relatively fresh faced senator projectsing he's capable of being the commander in chief, chief diplomat of the world. it worked pretty well. mitt romney did the same. it was well less oiled machine. mayor of london and whether they
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were ready for the olympics or not. i'm not the president now, but look, i can do this kind of thing, is not so nuts. donald trump might be talking about this right now. let's take a listen. >> the seattle area recently experienced the largest number of heroin related deaths, the of it, in 20 years. the largest number in 20 years. it's getting worse. it's getting horrific. not only heroin, they have drugs now pouring across the border that most people have never even heard of. we have to stop the drugs from poisoning our youth and poisoning our community. [ cheers and applause ] additionally, we are going to stop the syria refugees from entering the united states, and
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instead build a safe zone overseas. [ cheers and applause ] amazingly, hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees. >> donald trump talking about syria refugees, and governor of the state quite instrumental resettling refugees. there's been no accounts of them doing anything violent or bad despite the propaganda offered by some quarters aligned with donald trump. all right. back to the mexico thing, the big news. probably not going to talk about it. one reason he won't because the crowd chapter chants, build the wall, like, what is he going to
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do? tell the president, like, you're paying for the wall. no way. >> he has a track record. said it a million times. first thing he spoke about when he started campaigning. you can't go back on that. it's a main part of the campaign. flipped the position, and everyone was painting him as a flip-flopper. i don't know what he's going to talk about. at the end of the day, he can't do worse with the voters than he is right now. according to fox news, but we'll find out, the campaign is crazy, why not get crazier? >> trump is going to go out there, this is wrought with peril if he does it. number one, he doesn't know the issues -- >> right, right. >> s.t.a.r.t. witart with that, know the issues. number two, this president, the president of mexico, has been highly critical of donald trump in the past. >> extremely. >> called him out on rhetoric, and this is a president who doesn't have a great track record himself, starting there. he's been calling him this.
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this is a lose-lose for donald trump. >> katie mentione 23% approval rating. this is from one who has street protests from teachers on strike to those protesting the as yet unsolved disappearance massacre of students that happened there. >> and activists. >> and what that said to me is a political stance for him to tear the cover off the ball and go after donald trump and, you know, because that's what we're playing. >> i think this is a situation where both guys come back to the constituency, say, hey, i gave the guy what-for, and guess what, he left crying. he's sad. he's hurt. honestly, really this is about bravado and nothing about policy. we shouldn't read too much about what's going to be discussed. frankly, interested to see if he makes the plane on time. there's a speech in arizona on the same day you have a, you
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know, meeting in mexico city. good luck. >> and, i mean, i'm excited about the hand shake. >> the very awkward -- >> really show who has the power in the relationship. yeah, i think it's totally a lose-lose. not only is the wall the main part of the campaign, but it is his campaign. >> right. >> there's no other policy he's not flip-flopped on, and if you ask donald trump supporters why they support him, most of the time wall is the big thing. if he comes back with no answer about who is going to pay for the walsh then -- >> there are seven issue positions on the donald trump went, one of them is hash, well, donald for the wall, it is one of the positions. take a listen to the things donald trump said about mexico over the course of the campaign. >> when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are not sending you. they are not sending you.
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they are sending people that have lots of problems. they are bringing those problems with us. they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. their rapists, and some, i assume are good people. >> the conflict of interest he was the judge because he's of mexican heritage although he's from indiana. >> the judge, who we believe is mexican, i think that's great, that's fine. >> i'm building the wall, okay? i'm building a wall. we're building a wall. we're building a wall between here and mexico. and who is going to pay for the wall? mexico! who? mexico! who? mexico! who? mexico! build the wall! build the wall! >> you know, it also occurs to me there's a-semmetry here.
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he has to keep negotiations should donald trump become president. i mean, donald trump could just come back and lie about what happens in the meeting. yeah, he'd pay for the wall. i don't think -- >> lying? >> i think he doesn't ever. i think he doesn't have the same -- i don't hi he has the same worries. >> i don't think so at all. he doesn't have the worry most people have. he cares about himself, uses bravado to get across the point of view. why believe anything donald trump says come tomorrow? makes it whatever he wants it to be. >> and that's what he's done. he has a track record of doing that, going into a meeting and coming out and telling you something that's completely did not occur in the meeting. >> he also has a track record on this issue of going to a meeting and being momentarily persuaded by who talked to him last. >> with dreamers, said, i don't know, the kid seemed like a good kid. >> that happened years ago. >> the other question is whether
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this gives him the opportunity to use this term, have a softening, on it, whether he could come back and say, look, you know, if this is the setup for the big divot, robert saying they are going to double down, but i don't know. >> yeah. who knows what he's going to do, but i just look at this domestic reaction to this. you see a lot of people, like, okay, he's on everything, hasn't done outreach to black and brown communities. he's going to mexico before going to detroit and ferguson before any other black community in the country. so, i mean -- >> he is going to mexico before he goes to a black audience anywhere. >> exactly. why should anyone believe this is any grav toes as a politician, by any real outreach to the communities. >> hillary clinton is basically always fine with a day that
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donald trump wins -- dominates the news cycle, and donald trump is fine with that too, and that's what tomorrow will be. >> we don't know what he's going to do with this. i will likely say this, why not, and predict things that might not happen. >> right. >> but he also has a history of going into meetings and people being charmed by him. >> absolutely. >> it happened to paul ryan, people here, you know, it's -- don't have an incentive to lie what happened in a meeting. >> great point. >> that could happen. >> what it could be is, essentially, they say, we had a good conversation, always the language people use, and we don't see eye to eye on everything, but he looks elevated, and he gets to say, come to me, and they go about the business. to me, the question becomes what is in the speech tomorrow night? if he's right, that is a big news. if he's just going to double down on this. there's a lot more that we have in store for you tonight including some news out of
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that thing on the upper left hand corner, washington, that is not a mistake. we did not get it wrong which state donald trump, 70 days from campaign, campaigning in washington state. which now joins texas and mississippi that generally don't see candidates this late in the cycle because time is prerks. we're talking about why after this quick break. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on.
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washington, because you know why? republicans don't win it, but we're going to win it. that's why i'm here. that's why i'm here. [ cheers and applause ] >> right now, donald trump is holding a rally in washington, 30 miles north of seattle, explaining why he's there with two months to go, even though washington has not backed a republican for president 1984. hillary clinton is leading him by 19 points. connecticut, trump's newest campaign manager, told rachel last week, the schedule is not her fault. >> we have the schedule we are taking better control of. there's changes. there's a post labor day bonanza of a new schedule, promise. >> promise he would turn loose,
8:20 pm
and poll trump trailing, making some states more competitive, it's not because he's turning blue states red, rather than the reverse. clinton in six points or less for traditional red states of arizona, georgia, missouri, south carolina, and texas. with me, the panel. what does your extremely sophisticated computer model say about how close this race is in washington state? >> i don't know what the hell donald trump is doing based on what our forecast says which is based on the polls. anyone here heard of blake gordon before? he was a senator from the state of washington, last republican senator, won last re-election in 1994. that's the last time any u.s. senator has been elected from the republican party in the state of washington. i don't know what he's doing. they inherited the schedule. oh, i won washington in the primary. fantastic, i'll win the general, not realizing they are two
8:21 pm
different electorates, how he runs the campaign. >> i have a theory on this. the state campaign sources say he raised over a million dollars in washington, short notice, had a fund raiser. three most head scratching events are jackson, mississippi, austin, texas, and washington. i basically think it's a kid with vegetables and ice cream. the ice cream is the rally, vegetables are the fund raiser. to go to the fundraiser, tell him and tell him he gets to talk to a big crowd. that's what he like, and he doesn't like the grunt work of the fundraiser, and so this is what you end up with. >> he doesn't like having to ask for money. this is a man -- one thing to ask for money as a developer, doing it for housing or building or development, but asking as a money as a politician is another dynamic because the return on what you ask for is very different than the return in financing. >> right. >> exactly. >> you're begging.
8:22 pm
it is odious for him, yes, he gets a high and adrenaline shot from the adoring crowds. for him, that's the biggest part of this. >> yes. >> that's the biggest part of this. it's not just other stuff. people come up with all these theories and all these ideas and data, but for him, it is that adrenaline shot he gets from the crowd yelling build the wall. >> the fact even in the states where he should be competing, there's no fuel. one in florida, one in north carolina, pbs report said he's trailing, you know, by more than 200 over the entire country. i just feel like, you know, the guy doesn't have any interest in doing the work of a real presidential campaign. he's just out here to get attention, get the rallies and his jollies, and we're paying for it by us covering it and -- >> well -- >> i don't know if we're paying for it. >> well, to get people on the trial, but i feel like, you
8:23 pm
know, at the end of the day, you know, what we're seeing here is him doing what he wants to do. he's going to do it. i feel like, you know, it's not going to move the needle. he'll be disapointed. >> it's the contrast with hillary clinton, right? when she was elected senator, how she was going to be a workhorse, and surprise, hillary clinton enters the senate almost goes underground. she immerses herself in the detail of being a senator, good or bad senator, what she was not was a show boat. that was clear. he's the opposite. seeing that in debate prep and everything in running their campaign. >> it's nothing new. this is not -- donald trump doesn't have a campaign, his stick the whole time, and thinking about the organizational failure of the campaign, those are the most sort of fascinating and interesting, i mean, he doesn't have a county in crucial states
8:24 pm
or the jefferson county colorado run by a 12-year-old. >> favorite campaign detail. >> right. spent more money on hats than actual payroll for people working on the campaign. that was a serious loss. >> with the sound of the rolling stones, you can't always get what you want -- >> how they always end. >> write an essay about why he communicates to the audience, but does not mention the biggest news of the nights, going to mexico tomorrow. fascinating he did not tell the crowd that or say the word mexico. like what's the deal there? more to come. just after this break. don't go anywhere. mastery is a journey of continuous improvement. come triumph, or trial, tennis legend serena williams moves forward, and with the chase mobile® app we're on the same path, offering innovative, and convenient ways to bank.
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interesting news in chicago where the top cop is firing the officer who shot the teenager along with four other officers involved in the incident. chicago police superintendent johnson filed the charges today, more than nine months after the video of the incident was released. that contradicted the the of the shooting. the video shows 17-year-old mcdonald walking down the street carrying a knife, according to the police, and stated in the report he fear for his life. he opened fire as mcdonald appears to walk away from him. the shooting happened in october 2014. after a legal battle, released
8:29 pm
in 2015, and all five officers accused of lying the circumstances surrounding the death according to the files charged by johnson joining us now, a successful professor, and got the ball rolling on this, and, craig, what do you think of this news frts chicago police department, they are moving to get rid of the officers, not just the officer involved in the shooting, but the others there who files police reports? >> it's a big deal, chris. thanks for having me because officer typically don't get fired for wanting to cover up police misconduct in chicago. contrary to that, they are promoted. that's what is expected of them, but at the same time, this is the a-typical case under all these lights, and i say a couple things are critically important to watch. one, that it's not just simply the file issue these line officers who did exactly what they were expected to do. when an officer shoots someone, you lie, cover up, back up the
8:30 pm
officer. we have to remember there was an official statement put out by the police department itself approved at the highest levels that everybody now knows was objectively false, and it was not just something released a day later, but it was something never corrected were 14 months with a narrative that continues for 14 months releasing information consistent with the false narrative. boy in the system, boy had a knife, and all along, the story was the lie. the critical question is, is the investigation going to continue, and are the much further up the food chain held liable? that's the first thing. second thing that i think is critically important is this is a case where all the lights are on. so this is a -- this can't be the one off thing. this case exposed routine operation in chicago. if we want to change it, just like we want to change it nationwide, it's not just having
8:31 pm
a policy, which we had for years, that, you know, you lie, you lie when someone has misconduct. you can be fired. but that we mean it, that we walk the walk, walk the talk, not just talk it. and so the question really will be, and it's an unanswered question, what happens going guard? are question going to -- are we know going to actually want to enforce this? >> right. >> saying we don't stand behind officers who lie. you lie, you're fired. secondly, just as importantly, that we protect the officers who come forward. like the person who actually stepped forward in this case, who i can never say who it is because that's the end of their career, end of their lives. protecting them for the heros they are and say you retaliate, not only are you fired, but prosecuted, and we treat the folks who are honest, good officers, the heros they are. >> what you said there is important to highlight. there was an officer, my understanding, part of the reason the case, how it came to light, an officer came to you to say you should look at this case
8:32 pm
because it's not right what happened. that is what got the ball rolling. police officers who appeared to have covered up, and there was someone who wanted the truth to get out. >> that's exactly right. without the courage, and that took real courage, you know, i was no better than anyone else. when i saw the story, it's a story that appeared on average once a week in chicago. averaged for the last 30 years about a shooting a week. 80% of the people shot by police have been black. that's been consistent for 30 years, but without actually someone on the inside coming forward and saying, enough is enough. this was an execution. somebody needs to stop this. honestly, i thank you too, chris, without people like you and msnbc coming forward taking proactive steps to put it in the public eye, no one talked about this when it happened, and now the entire nation is, and it's making it different.
8:33 pm
>> thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. new details on just who will accompany donald trump to mexico. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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with humira, control is possible. 33,000 e-mails that she deleted. they're gone. and not only deleted, folks, this was after -- this was after she was subpeaned by congress to produce. not only that, but bleached something never even heard of, in an expensive fashion, used chemical so nobody can see them. who does that? who does this? >> that's my favorite moment of the campaign so far. donald trump drying the method in which hillary clinton deleted e-mails. the actual thing is bleach fit, that sis software, but he thougt
8:37 pm
she was pouring clorox on the server, pairing nicely about wiping her server mimed wiping like this. >> oh. >> it's a good reminder these are both -- >> not millennials. >> i'm not a millennials. >> these are both, what, 69 and 70 respectively? it's all just confusion for them. >> this reminds me of the simpson's line, they have the internet on computers now? >> they both have children that can explain it. >> that's right. >> marco rubio easily won tonight. let's take a listen. this is a phrase used in new york city all the time, like, don't do any any favors. like, don't do me any favors that a real new york phrase. rubio has a thing he's dragged
8:38 pm
back against his will and serving the people of florida. here's him after the victory giving a speech. >> this has been an unusual road back here to be with you tonight. as you know, after my race ended in march for presidency, i was prepared to become a private citizen, and i was not just prepared to do so, but excited about what that meant. time with our family, other opportunities. but i just couldn't be at peace with the idea we were not just going to potentially lose the senate seat, but balance of power in this critical moment. the veigh ka si on the supreme court, and potential that schumer of new york is the majority leader. with all the issues facing america, i'm grateful now being back with you here today ft. support so many people have given us. >> oh, he's just warming my heart so much. >> he does not sound -- it's remarkable. >> that's a grand sacrifice on his part. >> you know, people said, he didn't like the senate.
8:39 pm
he department say -- was bored, didn't go to work. he ranked last in absenteeism. now he's just dragged back against his will. what's remarkable to me, for all that, how he sounds in the speech, not like triumphant in the future and the future's now -- >> he was up five points in the polls. murphy, a flawed candidate, and if i was a democrat, here's the seats to take control, this one has fallen back. it's back there. >> i have to know that the president is tweeting right now about his meeting with donald trump tomorrow. saying, i invited donald trump to converse about the relationship. tomorrow, i receive donald trump. i believe in dialogue to promote the interests of mexico in the world and principally to protect mexicans wherever they are. obviously; that's a sort of
8:40 pm
interesting shot across the bow about how this breaks down. the other thing about rubio is he was mr. gangabee. had a challenger who was trump, and one of the things seen this year with donald trump is that donald trumpism has not been bigger than trump itself. it's -- trumps in running these trump-esque primary challenges had zero success so far, interesting to e me begin that so much of the kind of sub text relations, so much of the election is understood at the will of the trump voters who are not apparently challenging that in other races. >> because trumpism is mainly about trump. his voters are committed to him specifically. let's not forget, he's not actively campaigning on behalf of the other candidates who are even running under his man tell. he's doing little to support the candidates. he's not building an organization, so he's not helping other organizations to be built of other political candidates where that's the key to running.
8:41 pm
when you run a campaign as a presidential level, you make sure the ballot is a part of it, coordinated campaigns run, whatever people's opinions are, this is how politics is run. without that support from the top, it's hard for people to survive, and he was attacking the other half of the republican party directly himself. >> yes. often doing the opposite. we have news. i promise you news about who is going with donald trump tomorrow. we'll bring you that after this break. don't go anywhere. mmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean,
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in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country, and i'll be talking about that tomorrow night in arizona. big speech on immigration. we'll be talking about that. arizona tomorrow knight. >> donald trump talking about immigration in washington earlier this hour. he did not make mention out of breaking news from the campaign that before that big speech in
8:43 pm
arizona, he's traveling to mexico to meet with mexico's president. bloomberg is reporting that rudy julianneny, strongly anti-immigration senator from alabama, jeff sessions, traveling with trump to mexico, and according to the arizona republic, i feel too good to check, but sheriff joe arpaio wants to go to, so, you know, the more the merrier. we'll be right back. ..! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo!
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8:45 pm
it is a good thing we're on air live and you're with us. there's a lot of things happening, including this. john mccain won his primary challenge in arizona. he was facing, i believe, several challengers in his arizona primary and we don't have a margin yet, but it's early enough in the night you can imagine it was fairly handedly done, 55-29 as of now looks like, so, you know, a big margin, and it's interesting
8:46 pm
because john mccain, this goes back to the point with rubio, right? remember 2010 and 2012 and 14, huge upsets, establishment candidate knocked down in races, in congress, and in the senate, republicans tearing their hair out because they sent up people like todd aiken who was crushed, and that's not been the case. john mccain has challengers and wins. >> always has primary challenges. i'm not sure that she's necessarily -- >> so was christian o'donald, and took out mike cast sell, a serious republiced long time congressman from delaware. >> might have alzheimer's or something along those lines. look, john mccain is a brand in that state, a favorite in the general election. ted cruz, first term senators, did not have built in spaces nationally. these guys running in these
8:47 pm
spaces, and women, bilt in brands and not surprising they are winning re-election. >> what do you think? arizona, i want to say on arizona for a second because so mccain won the primaries we learned. democratic challenger, and polling five to six points down it looks like? >> yeah. it depends on the poll exactly, the cnn poll had her down more, but polls have it closer, in fact, having her ahead, but this was, again, a state that if hillary clinton can win in the state of arizona, which is possible, not probable, she could bring her, but this, again, is not one of the bits i'm looking for for the democrats to maintain control. >> between arizona -- so arizona and georgia are the two frontier states, right? you got states like north carolina going to obama in 2008 and romney in 2012. it's a battleground. new battlegrounds in colorado and virginia, solidly were hillary clinton, and other states are out pags tst the perimeter of the modern party.
8:48 pm
which two is more likely? >> georgia, by far. >> really? >> growing african-american population. you see donald trump is struggling with white voters in the sixth district. it's a state, overall, trending democratic over time. you've not seen that in arizona at all. >> another arizona state that's an institution, of course, sheriff joe paio who might be goon the mexico trip. >> good luck with that. honestly, frankly, utter disrespect that trump has for mexico and mexicans for him even to consider bringing this person along. >> declaring the reporting, apparently he wants to go. >> oh, okay. he may be the guy who is going in the trunk. >> yeah. >> even the people who he's announced, sessions, these are people who are very extraordinary straight, and i
8:49 pm
think, frankly, you know, realizes, hey, he's not negotiating, but to make demands. >> we have to be clear on this. sessions is one of the biggest immigration hawks that existings, right? not only that, but remember donald trump, the first thing he said in the campaign, fist thing, he said, when there's people not doing their best, sendsing drugs and rapists, and he doubled down saying the following, that mexico, the mexican government was involved in essentially, just kind of, like, conspiracy, to send undesirables into the united states, and not just that i think these imgrants were bad, but it was a theory about the mexican government. >> right. there are less people coming in than leaving. so this is like a totally -- not a made up problem issue but blown out of proportion. coming back to the battle ground states, i mean, especially the diverse battle ground states, like look at florida. there's a lot of new voters who
8:50 pm
are registering, and a lot of them are not borders, and i don't know how he's going to win the state. >> florida is a great example. the demographic changed significantly since the primary. it's gotten like 1% more latino since the primary. >> contactually. >> seeing a big difference. cuban primarily, but now there's puerto rican growth by orlando, orange county. this is a state that donald trump needs to win, and he's not winning it right now. >> right. >> clinton's campaign responded to the planned trip to mexico and firing squad in the media, which is interesting. don't go away.
8:51 pm
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see what the power of pointsc. learn more at clinton campaign responded to the fact that donald trump is visiting mexico tomorrow. from the first days of campaign, donald trump has painted mexicans as rapists and criminals and has promised to deport people, including children and u.s. citizens. he has said we should force mexico to pay for the wall. and ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mention doe, and whether he's committed to splitting up families and deportation of millions. that's their response. they are on this nothing's changed kick. one of the big issues that's sort of divided the right over the years is views on immigration. it's part of the sub text for the fascinating firing squad. this is hannity today taking after -- going after glenn beck.
8:55 pm
take a listen. >> so here's what i say to all of you never trumpers, glenn beck, i hope you're listening. you own hillary clinton's supreme court appointments. you own it. you are doing everything you can do to cast doubt in people's minds. >> divide on the right over donald trump was on full display on hannity and luminaries over lack of support for the republican nominee. fox news called out formal rivals, and best insults were the aforementioned beck who he says waged a holy war against trump and happy to take the blame if trump is elected and if hillary clinton wins, there's hell to pay. >> are you going to say, you gave trump time on your show, and i gave every other candidate time. his agenda is infin nitly better than hers. if you can't see that, then
8:56 pm
there's your problem. you own it. you own here. you enevery dumb thing she's about to do. i blame you. got it? i am going to name names regularly if she wins. >> turning to the panel, i find it fascinating because there's been -- i don't think -- i think there's less of this in the republican party than in the kind of conservative media folks. to me, it's all positioning for post election day. you can almost feel the desire to have the fight about who is responsible for the loss. >> right. >> like, they already skipped lead to the stab in the back phase. >> right. >> well, i think it's a couple things. i think there's been lines drawn, and there's clashes on the conservative side who are interested in trump and supporting trump because it benefits them, gets them more hits, all of that. there's folks with conservative values, right? i think the war -- i think that is where the lines are. there's also, yes, there are
8:57 pm
people lining up, laying the ground work, trump is doing it himself too. if i lose this, that is happening at the same time, but part of this is some people staked fortune to trump because of his followers in attracting support for them and audiences. >> i think it's about all the experience. >> yeah. >> he's saying to what degree the republican party consolidated around this candida candidate, that's going to be my audience for the next four years going forward, no matter who wins. i think what you're seeing here is, you know, saying, hey, make sure you listen to me. make sure you watch fox news. don't watch glep beck, and that's pretty much that. >> also, totally, i think, fascinating and unprecedented with this election is that we are in the social media age, right? >> right. >> and campaigns are media organizations preside organizations. that's app interesting relationship, right? where the media -- they don't need them more than the campaign needs them. to your appointment, the post,
8:58 pm
what happened after the election, donald trump, whether he wins or loses, has a media organization, and he wound be allowed to as president, but the people, hannity and others think what happens next and who to align with, and, obviously, donald trump. >> that point is so important. today, tonight, we learned about the president, first robert had this scoop that it was positive, but donald trump tweeted it. that was the confirmation. that goes out to 11 million people. that was not begin to a reporter. 26 not released in the official statement. it was direct, this intermediated from donald trump to the twitter to us. people jockeying about the power. >> two things, number one, listen to the comments, it's clear everybody thinks that donald trump is going to lose. hannity is not making -- >> that's so revealing. >> we know from past history, you ask people who wins the election, that question is telling. we're seeing it in poll after poll and predictive, and the
8:59 pm
fact most people think donald trump is going to lose probably means donald trump's going to lose. >> the other point we have to make here, rush with an amazing moment on the show, a caller said, you let donald trump get away with all this nonsense attacking people for amnesty, being soft. you knew he was making this up, didn't have a policy, and said, yeah, never took the guy seriously, and limbaugh's going to make more money and have bigger audience under president hillary clinton than under president donald trump. that goes both directionings, nation magazine, under the geor bush administration, they turned a profit, first time in decades, so there was a thing that what's bad for the country is good for the nation, but that is true of all sort of ideological media, and the structure there is divided. >> right. >> we want to keep that in mind. >> talk about trump tweeting out to 11 million followers, those are all -- if you're media,
9:00 pm
that's an audience for the con receiver tich media. that's who it is. >> all right. thank you. great, thanks. that does it for this live edition this evening. rachel we'll have the reporter who broke that story here with us, i think, live in just a moment. although that's still being worked out. this is the scene tonight right now in everett, washington. a live shot of the xfinity arena in everett, washington, where donald trump is slated to take the stage for a rally there within the hour. this is worth watching tonight for a couple of reasons. one of which is just that it's very strange for them to be doing this event there tonight. i mean, this event tonight, this xfinity arena, it's a big arena. it holds 10,000 people. the trump campaign said they had rsvps for like 13,000 people who wanted to attend and that must make them feel great.


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