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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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donald trump is expected in mexico to meet with the president. the last-minute trip is a political gamble for both men and could change the rhetoric about mexicans and immigration. hillary clinton certainly doesn't think so. >> it certainly takes more than try iing to make up for a year insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then fly iing he again. that's not how it works. >> so one thing is for sure that all this is only adding to the drama surrounding that big speech that trump will give tonight. a detailed immigration policy as promised. campaign officials say all will be revealed this evening. >> typical politicians will tell you the sound byte now specifics a the a time to be determined. it'sery presidential to go and lay out those policies ahead of time. >> there will be no path to legalization or citizenship. people will need to leave the
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country. >> you're going to hear how he's going to address the 11 million. >> we're going end to the flood of illegal immigration and uphold the constitution and rule of law. >> with the focus on the southern border and trump's promise to build a wall, we're going to get a reality check on the state of security and what actually needs to be done. our team has all the angles covered from mexico city and beyond. we want to begin with jose bah lart. he invites both to visit and gets trump to accept. how has the mexican president explained his political logic to the mexican people for this meeting. >> can you hear me? >> we're going to work on getting jose back on the line for us. >> i hear you. >> so the question being with the mexican president's ratings in the 20s, how is he explain
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the logic of inviting trump to come visit mexico? what has he said? >> we're having some issues with jose so we're going to check in with kelly o'donnell. >> we're going to try this one more time? >> i can hear you very well. >> even better we don't have you on the phone. you're in front of the camera. the logic of mexico's president in inviting the president how does e he explain that to the mexican people? >> that's a question that we're all asking. the mexican people are asking because really this just happened over a period of 24 hours. it's very unusual. there is no precedent for this in mexico that a sitting president of mexico invites candidates to the presidency of the united states. like wise, there's been an incident where the president of the united states invites
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candidates running for president of mexico to the white hse for a conversation or for a coffee. so a lot of questions on what exactly the president was trying to accomplish by inviting hillary clinton and donald trump to a meeting here at the presidential palace. but it's interesting that donald trump seized on that on the day he's announcing his immigration plan to say i have been invited. i'm going to come and speak to the president of mexico. a country that for over a year i have been insisting will build the wall when i become president. so it's really a shock for a lot of people here. and a lot of questions still not answered at this hour. >> i was e-mailing saying the visit is still a go. there was some question about whether or not this is going to happen or not. but we know that former
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presidents of mexico have been pretty outspoken about this visit. i want to play what he said earlier today about trump's visit on cnn. >> he is not welcome to mexico by 130 million people. we don't like him. we don't want him. we reject his visit. >> e we reject the visit. he also followed up with the fight on twitter. it's the current president who invited him and extended this invitation. there's a big risk/reward for both men here. but there's also a chance for backfire and political disaster for both men. >> yeah, look, the president is riding an all-time low popularity train here in mexico. the latest poll shows him at 23% positive reviews by the mexican people. that same poll found that donald trump has a 3% favorability view
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by the mexican people. so what is it that either one of these two men can gain by a visit. presumably if he comes and says donald trump came, insisted that he ask for for giveness like the former president said he should be doing on his knees today. but it just seems as though it's going to be interesting to see that photo op and then if as it's been expected, donald trump speaks after the meeting if the president of mexico will also be in that opportunity with the press what it is they talk about and what it is they each ask of each other. i don't know who wins more. some of the trump people were saying it's a presidential-style visit. i think that maybe in the final analysis a guy that has 23% popularity ratings in his own country unless he does something
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pretty unusual, unlike a president, those numbers aren't expected to grow. >> thank you, jose. i know we're going to let you get back to work. let's go to kelly o'donnell. for a firm illumination of his immigration policy. what are sources saying about this speech, peshlsly given the high-profile visit of trump to mexico today? >> my sense is that the speech is not fully locked in yet. there's still room for making some adjustments to reflect this trip today in a more broad way is to expect there won't be some surprising new policy, but trump arguing his case perhaps reclaiming that tougher talk that we saw from the campaign trails in the primary season. aware that when he talked about a slower approach and perhaps
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the use of the word humane, which seemed to be a talking point for trump. there was some pushback on that and questions raised, even among some of trump's real supporters that that created a sense of needing to be clear about where he stands. i would expect that we might hear based on my reporting that trump would talk about kind of a time line for how his policies would go into effect. not everything can be done on day one. building a wall, a critical part of that. expect him to talk about that. also trying to contrast himself with what he believes are the pitfalls of the hillary clinton immigration policy and making that a case against her, which serves two purposes. any time the campaign can be talking about hillary clinton, that's a good day for them.
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based on what advisers are saying about how impractical term he is needs to adjust. >> kelly o'donnell in place. we'll see donald trump coming up there this evening. that speech at 9:00 tonight. we'll have it here on msnbc. joining me is communications director shawn spicer. it's good to have you with me on such an important day, a busy day. given the lead up to the speech on immigration, a corner ston of the candidacy has been a hard line approach against mexico and building a wall, immigration. what's the conversation been in like the campaign for the last 12 hours? >> i think it's about how to lay out a lot of what kelly talked about. there's four main pieces that need to get addressed tonight. one he's going to talk about congress and one of the things that a lot of americans not just conservatives have been appalled by is doing things by executive action. he's going to talk about doing
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things in a constitutional way and how to secure the border. that's an important part of this. e-verify and others is to make sure we don't just build a wall and hope nobody keeps coming in. that's one of the subjects that i'm sure will come up today in mexico as well. it will all part of the speech in arizona. >> is there going to be a a vision to pay for this? potentially come back in through different channels. all that's going to cost money. where does it come from? >> a lot of this has to be done in phases. these are the four things i outlined that are big in themselves. one is to start that conversation about how do we
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deal with the major problems. how we pay for it and what the costs for relative to what's been appropriated is another conversation. part of it is is to figure out what congress has appropriated, what funds can be recaptured, what funds i.c.e. needs. the unfunded main mandate who have to use general funds in it their state budgets to deal with the impact of immigration on their states. there's a a much broader budget discussion that i would agree also needs to happen. but both, if not all, are major topics that have to be addressed in and of themselves. >> i say about paying for the wall because in march, they told the mexican newspaper there was no scenario where mexico would pay for the suggestion of what trump has said about a wall. he also went on to say there's been episodes in human history where these expressions of this rhetoric have only led to ominous situations in the history of humanity. that's how hitler got in.
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they took advantage of a situation, a problem which humanity was going through at that time. have you counselled donald trump or the campaign about the risk/reward of the visit in advance of the big speech tonight? and if so, what did you say? >> i think he's had an ongoing conversation with the entire team on the impact of this speech and the ability to look presidential and address big and bold issues. i think one of the things that's getting missed in the discussion is there's a shared interest with our neighbor to the south. mexico has a much more stringent policy when it comes to immigration. it's the e equivalent of a felony. we can work together in our shared interest to talk about how legal immigration benefits both countries to make sure that it's in our national interest. this isn't just an american issue. the mexican government has a stricter policy when it comes to immigration for a reason. they understand the impact of illegal immigration on their
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economy. >> they don't offer the american dream. we're known worldwide for the fact that we are all a nation of immigrants. that is the fact of the american dream that you can come here and achieve great things because of the opportunity that this affords. none of this would be here otherwise. certainly other countries have different policies in place because they are certainly not the united states of america. but the risk/reward for donald trump traveling to mexico and having this appearance of looking presidential is there any chance he will embarrass the nominee? >> one thing that's important to correct you is we are a nation of immigrants, but we are a nation of laws. one of the things people come here for is to seek the american dream, to do better. they also understand we're a nation of laws and equality and justice for all. so you can't have one without the other. that's important. so people like to cherry pick parts of america. i like to look at totality and
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say part of the reason people come here is because they seek the american dream, a better life for themselves, but they recognize the system treats people fairly, isn't interrupt and that -- corrupt. >> you'd probably say the mexican government does have issues with corruption, does have issues with not having great laws on the books about justice and fairness, but you want to contrast our immigration system to theirs. i think you're cherry picking there because it's not apples to apples. >> i'm sorry if i left you with that impression. i'm not contrasting. i'm just explaining that in mexico they understand the impact of this. it's not a one-way conversation. it's a dialogue and a conversation between two neighbors about what's in their shared interest. my point being is to say this isn't america saying we must have the following. the mexican government and the mexican president gets that. he understands the importance of
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having a legal and smart immigration policy that puts both countries' interests at the front. it's not like it just benefits the u.s. or just mexico. they fully agree having a strong and vibrant legal immigration system benefits both countries and both peoples. >> sean, just so it's in realtime. i have been looking at the donald trump website to see if there's been any enhancement or change to policy on immigration. i'm on it now. it doesn't look like there's been any updates. but one thing that remains on here is his issue with ending birthright citizenship. i know reince priebus says he does support birth rooigt citizenship. what will his position be? >> i think that's a position that the candidate holds himself. as the chairman pointed out, i don't know he will tend to expand on that tonight. you'll have to tune in and watch at 9:00 tonight.
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>> a deep tease from sean spicer, good to have you on. we have been asking you our today's pulse question. the former mexican president saying donald trump is not welcome here. should donald trump be making that trip? 8% say yes, 92% think no. the pulse is live. check it out at we're keeping a close eye on the arrival of donald trump expected for that meeting in mexico with the president there. we're going to bring you any news as soon as we get it. >> when do we beat mexico at the border? they are laughing at our stupidity. now they are beating us economically. they are not our friend. >> donald trump really has a lot to say about mexico and did so from the very start when he descended that escalator to declare his run for the white house. will those remarks come back to
11:16 am
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s that high stakes move for donald trump as he meets some time today with mexico's president. trump is making this last-minute trip to mexico city and then heading back to the u.s. going to arizona to prep for this highly touted immigration policy speech this evening. >> i believe that him listening
11:20 am
to us here in our hearts and our passion, our commitment to conservative causes in the hispanic community and him aligning himself with that. he has intent to grow this country and order on the border is important. >> joining me now is grace martinez, advocacy coordinator with united we dream action. good to have you with me. you were a dreamer yourself, young undocumented immigrant. you have a perm stake in what trump's speech means tonight. you hear from one of trump's advisers saying he's really listening and that order on the border is certainly very important about whether or not he's going to build a wall and the type of policy he really wants to institute. do you understand the policy of donald trump, the candidate, currently as it stands or are you looking forward to the speech tonight? >> it's been clear that the word that defines donald trump is erratic. for people like myself that are undocumented and have undocumented family members,
11:21 am
it's been clear from day one that he wants to enact mass deportation. he wants to deport me and my mother. that is crystal clear for all of us. but this in and out and softening or not is just erratic behavior and concerning to our country. >> so is there anything trump can say to you in this speech tonight that would enhance how you feel about his candidacy? i'm grounded in my family and my two u.s. citizen sisters. for someone to call my mother and my family rapists and promise to take away the birthright citizenship of my sisters is really difficult to believe someone that says anything different. i'm not a fool. immigrants are not fools. latinos are not fools. we know that donald trump is trying to fool us. i think today it's going to be
11:22 am
an underlining of his failed policy priorities and availing of what e he truly is, someone that believes in mass deportation. >> president obama has 2.8 million plus deportations under his presidency. do you think that donald trump is trying to push that even harder because many people would say that what we have seen under president obama has been the strictest enforcement of this so far. >> it's nothing new in fighting back against president obama's deportation machine. as someone whose father was deported eight years ago, i understand the pain that brings to communities. but donald trump wants to make something that's already bad and toxic and make it worse. he has promised to increase the force by triple in the community. he has promised to deport people
11:23 am
like myself and my families and u.s. citizen children along with them. so i think that donald trump is a threat to the way of life in our communities. >> so grace, thank you for joining. you'll be watching tonight like many other folks. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. hillary clinton has been on the campaign trail and reacting to donald trump's surprise trip to mexico. >> countries working together was my job every day as secretary of state. it's more than a photo op. it takes consistency. >> she was extended this invite by the mexican president to visit that country. what her campaign is now saying about whether or not she will accept. that's next. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... nald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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giving a speech to the annual convention of the american legion. donald trump will be there tomorrow, but she took this opportunity to slam trump for what she called a photo op referring to the last-minute trip to mexico to meet with that country's president. kristen welker is there in cincinnati. clinton had a lot to say about her opponent even though we never heard the name trump once. >> she never used the name donald trump, but she echoed what we have been hearing from her campaign all day, which somehow this trip to mexico is disingenerous given all the controversial comments made about mexico in the recent year. take a listen. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships. getting countries working together was my job every day as
11:28 am
your secretary of state. it's more than a photo op. it takes consistency and e reliability. actually, it's just like building personal relationships. people have to get to know they can count on you, that they won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. >> secretary clinton also slammed trump for feuding with a gold star family earlier this year as well as praising vladimir putin. she is getting a new endorsement from james clad, the former assistant deputy secretary of defense under former president bush. so another republican joining the ranks of those who are endorsing hillary clinton. this comes as she's getting new poll numbers out that show her favorability ratings are at an all-time low. >> kristen, thank you very much.
11:29 am
coming up ahead for everybody, we're going to take you back to mexico and mexico city. that's where donald trump will be meeting today with the president. this is after accepting an invitation from the president. it was a swift-moving plan to get trump to mexico. we're going to get reaction about his visit there and find out about how mexicans are reacting to his arrival, after this. you work at ge yeah, i do.
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breaking news this half hour with donald trump expected to meet with mexican president. the surprise visit coming only hours before the candidate is set to deliver a big speech on immigration this evening in phoenix. it's been a week or so of con dictions and trump is expected to finally articulate or clarify what his shifting stance on immigration policy would look like under his white house. recent remarks have raised questions on where the gop
11:33 am
nominee really stands when it comes to this key foundational issue. >> donald trump is not softening his position on immigration. there certainly can be a softening. >> his policy has been the same. >> there's no deportation force. >> we are a country of laws. going to have to go out and they will come back. but they will have to go out. >> he's not talking about a deportation force, but he's talking about being fair and humane. >> he's not talking about a deportation force. he did months ago talk about a deportation force. you want to bring in raul raez. gentlem gentlemen, good to have you with me. we're waiting on eyes on donald trump from an official confirmation that he's gone for this visit.
11:34 am
it's surgeon ly gettin lly certg a lot of of the headlines. is trump doing something that has political reward or do you think this is a political stunt? >> it's hard to see what the political reward would be for trump because if this meeting goes well, it's not as though that's going to boost his standing among the base nor would it improve or lessen his lack of support among latino voters. it's hard to see that aspect. what's interesting about this visit it being so unexpected is we're focusing a a lot on how this could potentially impact our presidential race. he represents part of the party in mexico that when he was elected this was the return to power for this party. hooesz used all sorts of language against him and been critical of this visit. he's the other party.
11:35 am
so i wouldn't say they compare to our republican parties, but what they have in common is the rivalry is there. you see the play between these two men taking the sides of their parties. the mexican public and social media in mexico is on fire. people are so angry about this visit. >> both men needs to come out looking like a winner from this, which really is something that's nongauchable. because of the approval rating being so low, that back in march he compared donald trump and campaign rhetoric to the rise of hitler. the new campaign manager steve bannon played a keep role in making that happen. donald trump needs a win out of it. and that means that one of these men needs to walk away a loser of this meeting. >> i think more than anything else, thomas, this is a fphoto op. these foreign visits every four
11:36 am
years when we have a presidential campaign are just that. opportunities for the candidates to look diplomatic to look worldly and trump has not done this. he's gone overseas before, but that's been to his golf course in scotland. he's not had a diplomatic-style visit before. there is something to be gained if this, it's the ability to come back a few weeks from now and say something like, look, i have looked the president of mexico in the eye and i was stern with him and said we're building that wall and you'll pay for it. even if trump doesn't say that, you can bet he's probably going to lead us to believe that he took a similarly tough stance. so it's something tell the base. it's something to tell his followers. i went down there and i told them what kind of leader i would be. >> we know that donald trump and the rhetoric he has used and
11:37 am
demonstrated hos pillty to mexico, to immigrants, to people that believe in the rights for immigrants and position from him. we know there are certain protests that have been planned ahead of this meeting today and certainly within the last 24 hours a confirmation of this. more folks might show up. but does that optic really diminish the returns for a trump visit. >> i think it remains to be seen only because of the unexpected nauch of this visit. e we only found out about it late last thiegt. had this been announced in advance, we would see thousands of people in the street. "the new york times" described trump's stature among mexicans as widely reviled in mexico. i think that's a fair assessment. his approval rating in mexico is 2%. we will see some demonstrations and protests in mexico. nothing along the scale of what we would have seen if there's been more advanced notice.
11:38 am
many people see this in mexico irrespective of their parties in mexico as once again the u.s. potentially meddling in mexico's politics, because i agree, trump will probably go home and say that the president was told he will pay for the wall. whether or not that's true, which will lead to political repercussions in mexico. that's something mexican people are very touchy about. the united states and their perception of undo influence on politics. >> the same interview in march that the president said trump was like hitler. he said there's no way we're going to pay for this wall. there's been colorful language used by former mexican presidents about the wall and the proposition they are going to build it. with the mexican president's aremoval rating in the 20s, this could be a big payoff for the mexican people. it seems like the honous is on
11:39 am
him to show up for his own people and get some type of mea culpa from donald trump. >> if you look at the news coverage out of mexico today, he's getting widespread criticism for inviting trump into the country and agreeing to meet him like this on what seems like somewhat friendly terms. i will note, though, one thing trump is doing that will avoid the large scale protests is he's flying by helicopter. he will not be taking a motorcade. that lowers the opportunity for there to be people on the streets waving signs and shouting. he was clever in doing that.
11:40 am
we are talking about donald trump acting about as presidential as i can recall in recent weeks. that's in making what is typically like a state-type visit to a foreign country. >> we know that he invited both hillary clinton and donald trump there. we have from the campaign of hillary clinton no plans of whether or not she will go to mexico prior to election day. it's still under discussion. we know that from them. thank you. really appreciate it. we have been asking folks at home today about our pulse question. the statement by former president saying that donald trump is not welcome here. should trump be making that trip? so far the results, 8% think yes, 92% think no. the pulse is live. check it out at there's still time to vote. coming up next, more reaction to trump's unexpected meeting with the mexican
11:41 am
president and could this trip help him with hispanic voters in the states. plus ahead of the policy speech tonight, we're going to dig into what republicans hope to hear from him. and we'll have that speech, the major immigration policy speech from donald trump at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock prottion that locks ay odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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11:45 am
discussion with reporters that the ambassador to mexico is not participating in the meetings. also wasn't asked to do so. the only contact between the campaign was with the secret service in organizing kind of the operation that needs to happen in taking the presidential nominee at the last-minute notice to accept this invitation from the president. the national press secretary for the initiative it's good to have you with me. what's your first reaction that donald trump accepted this invitation from mexico's president and what type of signal, if any, that this sends to latino voters. >> this is a great opportunity for donald trump and the pet to sit down and talk about u.s./mexico relations.
11:46 am
it's very critical. we share a lengthy border with mexico. our economies are connected. both countries depend on each other's imports and exports. if i'm an hispanic small business owner, i'm looking for opportunities to partner up. so i think they are going to be looking to see what is the outcome. they are also going to pay attention to immigration reform. when we talk about securing the border, it's not just a national security issue, but it's also talking about drug trafficking. these are key issues in our nation and key issues we share with mexico. >> for the president that has been watching the political season play out and knowing donald trump originated his
11:47 am
campaign ba campaign saying mexicans are rapist and criminals and also saying that nafta needs to be renegotiated, does the mexican president and most latino-americans feel they have an honest broker in a campaign that's been represented by donald trump. i mean, this meeting did you want seem as if they are going in with the best foot forward, so to speak. >> that's a very valid question. there's a long list of things to point to. but also the rhetoric that has been displayed in this campaign. this is the opportunity for donald trump to show that e he can go beyond that. he can engage on a policy discussion. it's also an opportunity to show that when he said not all of them that he really meant that the vast majority of hispanic americans of imgrants in this
11:48 am
country are hard working individuals, people who are part of our churches, who have gone through our education system, people who contribute. so the reality is there's been a lot of rhetoric, but this is the opportunity to really show that i have sound policy that actually can move the country forward. there are a lot of doubts, but this is his tumt to really come out and show that he can go beyond the rhetoric and go beyond the tone that he has had since he launched this campaign. >> do you hope he offers an apology to ms. speakexico's pre about getting off course in a broad brush way in talking about them. he cannily out what he did in the past. it was a mistake. he shouldn't have painted a group with a broad brush. e he can play out how policies this can create a strength in the relationship that we have with mexico. i think he can talk about how we
11:49 am
can partner together on the border. there's a genuine support for border security. but it has to be something that's realistic. something that both kocountries can recognize. if we can help those affected, we can also reform our visa system. immigrants coming from if all parts of the united states, many of them from mexico, come through our legal system and they are contributors here in the united states. that's what people across the nation are going to see outside this meeting? >> it has all our attention and this speech for donald trump. thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you, great to be here. >> donald trump touting that plan to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border. how it's playing over with those whose job it is to guard that border. we're going to take you right there. you can see jacob soboroff on
11:50 am
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i'm very confident my running mate will be clear with the mexican president that we are going to have a new administration that deals with and confronts not only illegal immigration, but the flood of drugs and the heartbreak of human trafficking that's coming across our borders. >> so the biggest piece of donald trump's immigration policy is building a wall and getting mexico to pay for it. we have mike pence talking about the fact that donald trump will articulate this big vision tonight. but literally, this wall, how would this wall block anyone from crossing illegally? we're talking about the trump wall. jacob soboroff has traveled to the border to find out the current security plan and what those efforts look like. it looks like a clear shot behind you currently.
11:54 am
what did you find out? >> reporter: that's the big question, thomas. will this wall if stretched throughout the border, affect the numbers coming across into the united states illegally. i came here to see frankly a reality check versus what donald trump is saying about his proposal and what's really happening on the ground here. and the u.s. border patrol here in the sector took me to a place on the border where there is no wall and this is what we found. it's to stop from entering into the united states. >> the secondary fence is used to deter from entering into the united states. >> there are nine sectors of the border patrol and each has its own distinct to pog pography, l and challenges. of the 1, 989 miles we share,
11:55 am
fencing protects 702 miles. agents will tell you where there's a border, wall or not, some people try to cross it. >> there's some people just sticking their heads over right there. >> these are what we call the scouters or smugglers. >> you're sure those people are scouting out in order to do something illegal. >> more than likely, they are, yes. >> so this point right here is the end of the border fence. >> yes, that's mexico on the other side. >> yes. >> you're telling me you guys can do what you do without the need to extend the fence here? >> correct, as you can see on top of the mountain, we have two border patrol agents that patrol constantly, day and night. >> last year eights caught 26,290 people trying to cross illegally in the sector. sounds high, but thanks to increased enforcement including fencing and more technology and
11:56 am
man power, when you compare to the all-time high of almost 630,000 in 1986, apprehensions here and across the country are near all-time lows. in 1986 the border patrol caught 1.6 million people. the most ever. last year that number was just over 330,000. i can see people watching this at home and saying, jacob is standing where there's no border fence. that's why we need a donald trump border wall that stretches all the way across the country. >> we manage what we have thousand. it work perfectly for us. >> these are your guys too? >> that was beautiful. >> donald trump has challenged reporters to come here to the border to see it for themselves in the context of talking about the proposal. that's part of the reason we came here today. as you heard the agent say, they manage with what they have
11:57 am
despite not having a fence across the entire sector, that's because of a combination of technology of infrastructure, the fence and man power. you're not going to hear agents say the same thing in every sector across the country, but the key number to look at is the fiscal year 2017 budget request from the border patrol. they are not asking for additional border wall at this point. you look at that number, apprehensions are near an all-time low. >> if they did ask for the wall, would they put in saying mexico has to pay for it. we'll wait to sere in 2017. . thank you, sir. jacob soboroff, want to take a look at the pulse question today. we have been asking about the former mexican president saying that donald trump is not welcome here. about that trip to mexico. should trump make the visit? results so far, 9% think yes, 91% think no. the pulse is live. that's going to wrap up this hour of our coverage. we're back in a moment. finding a different angle.
11:58 am
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