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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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so thanks for your time today. that's going to wrap up this hour of coverage. now kate snow picks up. i was so excited. >> i liked that before the commercial and everything. thomas, we have a bit of confusion this afternoon. thanks so much to you. i'm kate snow. let me pull the curtain back for you. typically when we cover high-profile international visits by a president or a candidate, like the one donald trump is making to mexico this afternoon, usually the press would have some type of general schedule for planning purposes. even if we can't say it here on television, but today the campaign has been very quiet about where exactly and when exactly donald trump would be visiting with mexican president enrique pena nieto. he announced his brief visit to mexico last night on twit ter. at this point this afternoon, what we know is that we are going to hear from him at some
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point, that he will make remarks, we were just told, somewhere around 3:30, 3:45 eastern time, half an hour from now that donald trump and enrique pena nieto in mexico would make their remarks. whether we'll see it live, we're not sure. remember the back story. you don't need to look that hard to find the times when donald trump has said aggressive things aimed toward mexico and mexican people. for instance, 218 words into his presidential campaign, he said our southern neighbor is not our friend. . then there was this famous moment from that very first speech. >> when mexico sends itself people, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime and some i assume are good people. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border. i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words.
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>> jose bah lart is there in mexico city. can you describe what's going on there? >> it's kate snow. we're on air. we're wondering what you know at this hour. we're having trouble with our cell connection there in mexico city, but i can promise you jose is there and will get back to us as soon as he can. let's turn over to bloomberg politics john heilemann, because i know he's with us. good to see you, my friend. >> i don't know what's going on down there either. >> just for a minute put on your
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analysis hat here. why the trip in the first place? it was all last minute at least to us. we didn't e know about it until last night. why do you think donald trump plays this card right now? >> well, we're going to know the answer to this question relatively soon. but the traditional reason that a presidential normminee decide to go on a foreign trip is to look presidential and to be seen meeting with head of state from a foreign government and to help the voters imagine what it would be like if this person were president the and holding these meetings all the time. trump in the context of this immigration speech tonight could have that in mind, which is to say he's about to give an immigration speech that's going to focus on mexico. he's going to go down to mexico and convey the image of i can get a deal done and work with the mexican government and can have a relationship with the mexican government that would allow me to implement the policies i want to implement.
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some of them controversial. that could be a reason. another reason is to try to show his base that he is talking tough to mexico. even as he softens in some respects some of his immigration policies he's going to talk about tonight. we don't know what the purpose is until we see how he talks about the trip, we can't really know what he has in mind. >> this all m comes in the context of this big speech tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, 6:00 p.m. out west where we expect he will outline his new vision or slightly changed position on immigration policy. >> this has been an issue that has been hurting trump for weeks. he had a hard line on immigration. but calling for a deportation force to send back 11 million or so undocumented workers here in the united states. in recent days, he's backed off that or seemed to and suggested he's not backing off at all.
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we now, if you read the tea leaves, listen to what kellyanne conway has said. that puts him in a bind because that was an important element to immigration hard liners in the republican party. he's trying to figure out how to have a policy position that doesn't alienate a large part of the country without in the same time alienating his core supporters. >> john heilemann with us here in new york. thank you so much. appreciate it. with all due respect comes up every day here on msnbc. jose diaz-balart is back on the phone with us. clarify what's happening on the ground?
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>> yes, we are expecting to be taken into another room where after the meeting between donald trump and president enrique pena nieto were expected to be able to hear donald trump say some words. i don't know if he's taking questions. at least that's not what we're being told now. he's expected to give a statement. don't know if he's side by side with enrique pena nieto. this is an unusual thing. it's been received here in mexico. words matter. and donald trump's words about the wall and about making mexico pay for it, tweets in the past month where he said don't go to mexico until they pay us back. mexico's corrupt. those things have gotten traction here in mexico over the past year. so many kind of woke up with the
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surprise that front page of the local newspapers had the story about trump's arrival. there are a lot of people that say what is it that president enrique pena nieto expects to get out of this and what donald trump can get out of it. but what can he get out of it. it's important to say the president of mexico invited donald trump and hillary clinton to come to mexico and meet donald trump, the one who first answered that call. >> do we think they are behind closed doors having some kind of private meeting? is that what we think is happening? >> that's what we are led to believe. i would say about six minutes ago as i was entering the front door of the presidential palace, the hospitelicopter that we bel was transporting trump and his
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people flew right overhead and landed in the large area that the presidency has here where they can land helicopters. this was about eight minutes ago and we have been taken into this room and shortly told we will be brought to another area where we'll be able to see at least donald trump. >> that's good to know. we had not confirmed yet whether donald trump was in the kocount or not. but you have seen evidence of the helicopter. >> i got to be honest with you. i did not see donald trump in the helicopter. but all of us in this chamber right now, right now they are closing the door of the chamber. they are letting us into another room. we're filing past. i don't know how much time. >> do you want to stay with us on the phone? you may our only connection to what's actually happening.
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just give us a play-by-play for what you're seeing. >> absolutely. right now we're being filed in to another area. this is one of the early rooms in the presidential palace. i would say maybe there's about 75 to 100 journalists in line. now we're being brought in about 20 at a time, quick-moving line. and cameramen and radio people and some of us in television. >> so are they bringing you through in order to allow each of you to get a shot of the two leaders and then move on? >> no, i don't think so. i'm here with our producer. we're being taken from here to the press room.
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my producer tells me that she's been able to confirm that donald trump is meeting right now in with the president of mexico in the president's office. the equivalent of the oval office, but they are meeting there. we are actually being now taken into the press room, which is very close by the president's office. >> jose, why don't i let you go. no, i'm not. the producers say to keep you on the phone. tell me a little more context and backdrop for this. you mentioned the feeling of the mexican people. trump's popularity among mexican citizens is about 4%, i believe. he's not a lar figure there. so when it was announced he would be coming to make this kind of high level visit, what
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have the reception like? >> it was anger, it was surprise and you know this and mexico and much of latin america is really kind of in a state of mourning over the loss of probably the most iconic singer/song writer of modern times here in mexico. and he died just a day ago. so people here are in mourning because of that. so someone told me earlier this morning when i arrived here that for the last 24 hours he's been looking up to the heavens, now you see what's happening. donald trump has said that he
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refers to the undocumented immigrant. they are letting in the cameras first. >> we're giving our viewers a real sense for what happens on these trips. this is very last-minute. jose, thank you so much. i want to let you go and get in the room and record hopefully and send us back the tape as quickly as you can. thanks so much. >> thank you, kate. >> the backdrop for all of this immigration speech as we have mentioned is that later tonight he's going to be delivering a key speech on immigration in phoenix, arizona. that's where he travels to next. that's where we find kelly o'donnell this afternoon. i understand you have some new information about what we might hear tonight. >> well, a couple things.
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first let me pick up where jose left off. he was giving that logistics picture. i talked to officials who say while we seem to not have a lot of the details from a media perspective k078ing from the campaign, behind the scenes this trip has been known about for some period of time. there was a briefing yesterday well before this was publicly known. i'm told in terms of the security, the logistics and planning for this, not an issue because the united states has a very significant presence in mexico city and mexico of some of the critical agencies that would be involved. the secret service has a large presence. the border protection agency. so in terms of hearing from the campaign that this was something they wanted to do and being able to launch the proper advance and planning, i'm told this was not a heavy lift and that in a briefing, no one blinked when this was discussed. and in part, that's because
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there's a history of last-minute trips for candidates in the united states. but there are also been a number of times when nominees have traveled abroad while they were running for president. it's part of that burnishing foreign policy credentials trying to reach out to partner nations, friendly nations. i have traveled on some of those trips. from a press or media standpoint, this one is unusual because there's the absence of the traveling press. the intention of that is to make certain that the american people through us, the media, have a sense of where is the candidate. you raise d the question is donald trump actually on the ground yet or what time did we know that. so there are some big gaps in terms of the public messaging coming from if the campaign. but behind t sahe scenes from a u.s. government perspective, they have been on. top of this and plan ining it a not a concern in terms of security related to this. and there may be some additional reimbursement that is involved from the campaign to the u.s.
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government if there are some extraordinary steps taken. that would not be specific to the trump campaign, but that kind of thing would come into play when it comes to who is paying the bill. we have been talking to sources who know a lot about the policy of donald trump when it comes to immigration and all the changes it has gone through in the last week or so. i'm told to expect him to try to use some of the tougher language, the secure the border, build the wall tone. some of this rhetoric that got so much of the interest in his candidacy to begin with and to go after hillary clinton on her policy to set up the big contrast as the trump world sees it between what a hillary clinton presidency would mean to immigration. i also had the chance while here in arizona to talk to jeff flake, republican who lives with the immigration issue, has been one of those who has been trying to broker a comprehensive plan over the years while in congress. i talked to him about what it means for trump to be going to mexico in light of all the
12:17 pm
things said and all the hot politics we're in. here's what senator flake had to say. >> i'm glad he's going. i hope when he sits down with the mexican president that the mexican president will tell him how important nafta is for both of our countries. to tell him those crossing the border aren't mexico's worst. they aren't rapist. tell him this is a complicated issue. it's an important partnership that we have. we have to get serious and not just throw platitudes about some wall and making mexico pay for it. i'm glad he's going. the notion you can just say things without consequences. >> and i'm also told that donald trump is prepared to speak about a sweeping range of the aspects of the immigration issue. we may not hear a lot of new policy or details, but really sort of setting out his plan in several steps about some of the
12:18 pm
things that are talked about. it isn't just the border. a big part of the immigration debate has to do with things like guest worker programs, internal enforcement, how do companies verify the status of their employees. . it can be so complex. at least to a degree, he would be dealing with some of those issues as well. >> kelly o'donnell, got it all for us in phoenix, arizona. thank you. as we have said, donald trump at this moment meeting with the president of mexico enrique pena nieto. they are at the presidential palace downtown mexico city. we're going to keep track of that and bring you the remarks from donald trump as soon as we have them. when we come back, i'll be talking with a trump campaign senior adviser. also what about this new poll number that's just come out of wisconsin. it has hillary clinton e leading donald trump by 5 points. we'll be right back. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app?
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we are still following br k breaking news. donald trump's surprise visit to mexico today to meet with mexican president enrique pena nieto, which is happening as we speak. i want to bring in a trump campaign senior adviser and also republican strategist. nice to see you. let's talk about this visit. it comes after a number of things that donald trump has said in the past that have been taken as controversial, that have been taken by offensive to the mexican people. in his presidential announcement back over a year ago, he said mexico is not our friend. i want to play a clip from that. >> sure. >> when do we beat mexico at the border? they are laughing at our stup stupidity. and now they are beating us economically. they are not our friend. believe me. but they are killing us economically. >> so he says that a year ago and now here he is sitting with
12:23 pm
the president of mexico. what's he trying to accomplish? >> he said negative things about trump. >> not to the extept that donald trump was saying. >> it's not about friendship. it's about working together. the u.s. has been working together with mexico for a long time now. there's been a partnership there. we have some of the common interests and common issues. and this is about leadership. donald trump is the true leader of this country. he was the first to go to louisiana. whenever the attacks happened, donald trump has been the first to respond throughout the last year. is giving more foreign speeches. >> she's in cincinnati and she just gave a speech where she
12:24 pm
said this is just a photo op by donald trump. it's not real. it's just him trying to look presidential. >> of course, she's going to say that. we're gaining in the polls. we're up in a lot of the polls. donald trump is doing something that an agile leader would do while she's following the same format of a candidate. it's why she's losing. american people are not responding to her policies. they are a retread of the last 30 years. >> would he be making any requests of the mexican government? will he talk about the wall with the president. will e he ask for them to pay for the wall, as he said publically so many times. >> everything is on the fence. the wall is there to protect the united states of america from illegal immigrants, from not just mexico, but south america, central america as well. we want to have that fence because we want to be good neighbors with mexico. we'll make sure it is paid for by mexico. it will be part of the negotiation. >> the president has said we're not paying for it. >> that's what negotiations are
12:25 pm
there for. donald trump is the best negotiator to ever run for president. he is willing to go and sit face to face with a leader of the country who maybe they haven't always said the best things about. you have to put those things to the side when there's bigger concerns like the concern this country has about the economy, national security and immigration. donald trump puts any of those personal things aside, goes and discusses the key issues at hand. >> have to ask you about the big speech tonight we're wait iing r on immigration. there's been some contradictions and conflicting statements in the past couple weeks. people are confused about what he will say tonight about the estimated 11 million people who are undocumented living in this country. what is he going to do with those folks? >> let's start with this. . the first step will be to make sure all illegal aliens are deported. two, cities like san francisco, cities in connecticut, cities all over the country that are
12:26 pm
sanctuary cities. e-verify is in place all over this country and is mandatory. with the rest of the illegal immigrants, deal with them on the laws on the books now. very importantly, humanely. >> what kind of additional laws? what is he proposing specifically to do with those who are here illegally but not criminals? >> that would be in the speech tonight. it's going to be a good speech. it will lay out more of the policy as he runs for president. >> you're going to make us wait for that speech. >> we're excited for us. >> thank you so much. nice to see you. coming up, what do the border patrol agents make of trump's plan. jacob soboroff is there asking them. you're watching msnbc live. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job?
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ask your doctor about it by name. hmmmmm....... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. we continue to follow donald trump's visit to mexico. he's in with the mexican
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president now. been in there about 20 minutes now. and we do expect at some point donald trump the campaign has told us will come out and speak to our cameras. we'll bring that to you as soon as we have it. in the meantime tonight, donald trump will be laying out his immigration plan in a major speech they are billing in phoenix. e details that would have been his key campaign proposals. a border wall, tougher enforcement, he talked about deportation. chief legal correspondent ari melber has been looking at the numbers surrounding these proposals. >> it would be an expansion of the federal government and cost a lot of money. the wall, for example, estimated to be $25 billion. the campaign, who i have spoken with on this, hasn't released any budget proposal to account
12:31 pm
for that other than to say they will give the bill to mexico making today an interesting day to see how that might play out. you look at the law as it's currently applied. it costs about $17 billion a year just to run through the border patrol and i.c.e. that we do annually. what does that get you? if you look at the raw numbers, what you see is 200,000 or 400,000 removals annually. so the key point there if we're trying to price out proposals, you'd have to increase that by 5, 10 or 15 times to get anywhere near the undocumented population. that's why so many tonight are look iing for more specificity what he means by expanding i.c.e. and how much would that cost. >> ari melber, thank you so much. speaking of that proposed wall, what would it mean on the
12:32 pm
ground? jacob soboroff is out in san diego along the u.s./mexico border. what do agents tell you? >> reporter: it's a fascinating thing to see. this is basically a small city just north of tijuana. you can see some of the enforcement mechanisms. you have the secondary fence there. you have the primary fence behind, which is vietnam era landing strips from the vietnam war. then a big tower with video cameras. what the border patrol wanted to e show me was a place on the border where there is no wall. why did they want to show me that? this is largely in the conversation with donald trump's proposal for the border wall. do they feel like they need one? that's what you wanted to know. check out what they told me. >> the primary main fence
12:33 pm
purpose is to stop the vehicle flow from entering into the united states. >> so this is a secondary? >> yes, the secondary fence is used to deter ul legal gri myogrants from entering. >> there are nine sectors of the border patrol and each has its own topography, length and challenges of the 1,989 total miles of border we share with mexico, some type of fencing protects 702 miles. agents will tell you where there's a boarder, wall or not, some people try to cross it. >> these are the scouters or smugglers. >> so those people are scouting out in order to do something illegal. >> more than likely, yes. >> so this point right here is the end of the border fence. >> yes. >> u.s. and mexico. >> so you're telling me that you guys can do what you do without
12:34 pm
the need to extend the fence? >> correct. as you can see on top of the mountain, we have two border patrol agents where they patrol constantly day and night. >> agents kaulgt 26,290 people trying to cross illegally in the sector. sounds high, but thanks to increased enforcement and more technology and man power, when you compare to the all-time high of almost 630,000 in 1986, apprehensions here and across the country are near all-time lows. in 1986 ts the border patrol caught 1.6 million, the most ever. last year that number was just over 330,000. so i can see people watching this at home and saying, jacob is standing where there's no border fence. that's why we need a donald trump border wall that stretches across the country. >> we manage what we have now.
12:35 pm
it works perfectly for us. >> these are your guys too? >> that was beautiful. >> kate, you heard the border patrol agent say they manage with what they have. that's a mix of technology, infrastructure of the wall and man power. if you look at the budget requests for next year, they are not asking for any new wall in that budget request. one thing i want to say is i have gotten pushback about whether all the agents feel that way. the border patrol union did endorse donald trump, but it was the 11 members of the border patrol unions leadership, not the 16,000 rank and file members of the border patrol. there's some confusion about that out there. >> they are all going to have different opinions, i would assume. jacob soboroff on the border, thank you so much. very interesting perspective to see all that firsthand. we're going to take a quick break. donald trump in mexico city
12:36 pm
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my friends, we are so lucky to be americans. it is an extraordinary blessing. it's why so many people from so many places want to be americans too. >> hillary clinton there talking american exceptionalism during her remarks in had cincinnati this afternoon. that speech just coming a few hours before dth dlt's meeting he's having with mexican president enrique pena nieto. we are waiting for remarks from president enrique pena nieto and from donald trump shortly. clinton has been invited to mexico by president enrique pena nieto, but so far she's not made the trip or said whether she will. crikristen welker is live in cincinnati. what else do we hear from clinton this afternoon? >> secretary clinton had very sharp words for donald trump. kind of building on what we heard from her campaign
12:40 pm
throughout the day that this trip to mexico is disingenerous because it comes on the heels of so many controversial and offensive comments that donald trump made about mexico and mexicans. take a listen to what she had to say. >> getting countries working together was my job every day as your secretary of state. it's more than a photo op. it takes consistency and reliability. it's certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> secretary clinton argued that donald trump fails the commander-in-chief test and she pointed to other examples like his fight with the gold star family. also his praise of putin. as to whether clinton is going to travel to mexico, i spoke with one of her campaign officials who reiterated at this
12:41 pm
point there are no plans to go. not clear she's going to go before the election, but certainly they are discussing it. officials pointing to the fact she met with him in 2014 and they say the campaign is in regular contact with the mexican government. >> thank you so much. as we wait for donald trump and the president of mexico to make remarks, we're going to squeeze in one more break and be right back. monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take cntix
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see what the power of points can do for your business. some relationships you stick with.
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12:45 pm
hewitt, political analyst. how are you? >> give us your thoughts about this move by donald trump announcing it last night on twitter and here he is in mexico city. >> very good move by donald trump. i think typically presidential candidates do the three i's, they make a trip that's routine for people running for the office. going to mexico, i think bush did. i believe reagan it. and i think it's something that shows stature and hillary clinton criticizing it. doesn't matter one way or the other. donald trump is going to stand next to the head of state and goes well. i want trump to win, so hopefully it goes well. it will be an interesting reaction that he comes back to phoenix and makes a speech on immigration. he will be able to reference his conversations with the president in mexico.
12:46 pm
so very good political move by donald trump. especial. ly on a day when "the washington post" reports hillary clinton's unfavorables are now at 59%. his are at 60%. so they are neck and neck in unfavorability. >> that's higher than she's been. >> yeah, she's had the worst two weeks of her campaign. donald trump is doing a smart thing here while she's caught up in another e e-mail scandal. so she's falling and he's rising. i think it was smart to go down to mexico and i hope he executes. >> is this all political theater? we mentioned earlier we showed some of the controversial statements he's made about mexico. everyone knows them by heart by now. he said at one point a year ago mexico is not our friend. now he's meeting with the president. is it all just for show or do you think he actually wants to accomplish a dialogue? >> everything that both of them do between now and november is political theater. everything. every statement they make, every meeting they have, every
12:47 pm
conversation they conduct and every ad they release is all political theater. i understand this. most voters do. i don't think you're going to see a lot of movement in the campaign until the debates and maybe not even after the deba s debates. i noticed the milwaukee university law school poll came out today. that's the best poll in wisconsin. it's by far the granddaddy of the polls. it's a 3-point race in wu. it's much closer than i thought it was and much closer than observers did. i think we see a tightening of the race that's going to continue. these three debates will be dramatic. i will be watching like everyone else. and i am hoping that he adopts my position, which is regularization. the 14 million people here not criminal or involved in criminal activities get to stay. they don't get to vote. we finish the fence. it's been promised since 2006. at least 700 miles of it. if the republicans had gotten it
12:48 pm
built between 2006 and 2008 we would have already had had regularization. i think it's humane. there's another story over the weekend that donald trump's worst demographic is his terrible numbers with mass attending roman catholics. and that's because roman catholics believe in the social gospel. so i'd like to hear him continue to moderate the rhetoric on the 14 million people who are not in the country legally and give them -- >> you want change from his initial stance of deport them all and send them back? he said the children born here back to home countries. >> his position has been all over the place. he's used the word touchback. i have never understood a lick of what his immigration deportation policy it because there's been so many. tonight will be the closing campaign one. as you and i both know, and the audience ought to know, immigration policy is done in an
12:49 pm
negotiation with congress. congress will decide. all he can do is deliver a fence. he can deliver a fence under existing authority of the 2006 law and existing budget authority if he had gets some appropriations for it. that's really what his campaign has been about. the visible expression of an invisible to security and sovereignty on the border. that will be a lot of tonight's speech. >> what are the chances he just said to the president of mexico, don't worry, i'm not really going to make you pay for it. >> i don't know. i know in "the new york times" editorial board meeting that was off the record it's said in leaks he said this is my opening position. i'm negotiating with people. that wouldn't surprise me in the least. no one can imagine deporting 14 -- it's an extreme position to talk about deporting 14 million people. i live in southern california half the year. we are very comfortable with a mixed language culture, with a
12:50 pm
telemundo and spanish-language radio. it's kind of a throwback position to talk about e deportation. i don't expect much don't expec tonight. >> talk radio's hugh hewitt, thank you for being with us. we'll take a quick break. you see in the corner of your screen, we're still waiting in mexico city for donald trump and for the president of mexico to appear. if that happens, we'll come right back. stay with us. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami.
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12:53 pm
once again, i'm kate snow here in new york. we're waiting in mexico city to hear from donald trump who has just met with the president of mexico, enrique pena nieto. we're waiting for remarks from those two gentlemen. jacob rascon is down in mexico city. he's been traveling around the city. jacob, what are folks there saying? what do you hear on talk radio there about their perception of this meeting?
12:54 pm
>> so maybe i shouldn't have been surprised, but i was, but i can't find a single person with anything positive to say about trump or the current president pena nieto. some people are stunned. some shocked. some expressed disgust over the whole thing. they just can't believe, they say, that pena nieto would invite trump over here. as you probably talked about on the show, we've been traveling a lot today, so i haven't followed a lot of what's been said on the show, but the most recent poll here that people reference that was done by one of the major papers showed the approval rating for pena nieto, something like 22%. and then asked if they had a good or very good opinion of trump or clinton, only 4% said they had a good or very good opinion of trump. so we have seen that on the ground so far in talking to
12:55 pm
people on talk radio. there's no love for pena nieto or trump. they're not overly critical. you can tell that both men are not liked. i will just mention as well, that we have heard various protests around the city, but nothing large-scale yet. we did pass one place where there were several dozen protesters. we hear from our friends at telemundo they're up to 100 people at another location. so nothing major yet but there are protesters. they've only had, since last night, to organize. but it's what you might expect here for both men, the president and trump. >> jacob, this unpopularity of the current president of mexico, that's not just because of donald trump visiting, correct? there's been -- he's been dogged by scandal down there. an economic downturn. there are other reasons why people would be unhappy with their president. >> oh, of course. this poll that i referenced was taken, of course, not today.
12:56 pm
it was in the last several weeks. so he already had that low approval rating, 22%, for a number of things. but i think top three for people are that they don't approve of the way that he has battled corruption. they see him as part of the problem. in combating poverty as well and other factors. the overall economy was predicted to grow at 2%, and it only grew at 1.4% or something close to that. so for a number of reasons, he is not viewed favorably. this only hurts everybody. just talking about where is he -- when is he going to arrive? reports are he's arrived, but it's very, as you know, i'm sure you have reported, we don't have a lot of details. we don't have a traveling press corps with trump. right now traveling just from place to place looking for and talking to people about what they think about what's happening in their country. >> jacob rascon on the ground in
12:57 pm
mexico city. thanks for that perspective. as we've been reporting, donald trump is meet with enrique pena nieto, the president of mexico. you see the two podiums there set up for them to speak. we'll be right back. e-man! what up, peyt. you know i have directv nfl sunday ticket. i get every game, every sunday. alin hd. yeah. i know that. so you wanna come over? i'll make nachos! i can't right now man. i'm playing. oh yeah. alright. i'll pencil you in for tuesday. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket included at no extra charge. only on directv. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhlthcare insurance company.
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and headache. tell your ctor about all the medicines yotake, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. as we continue to wait for comments from donald trump in mexico city, steve kornacki will pick up our coverage from here. >> hi, kate. >> continuing our coverage, i'm steve kornacki in new york. we're continuing the wait right now. a little after 3:00 our time, a little after 3:00 east coast time. donald trump apparently arrived for that meet with the president of mexico, enrique pena nieto. they've been in that meeting now, it's going on close to about 45 minutes. it was expected originally they'd have emerged around quarter of 4:00 eastern. then you'd see from those podiums, they'd deliver a joint statement. donald trump and the president of mexico. that's been


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