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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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battleground swing drilling down on his reaffirmed hard line approach to american immigration. >> don't worry. we're going to build that wall. the wall is going to go up. we're going to build a wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> adding to trump's immigration stance, members of his hispanic advisory board rethinking their ride on the trump train. headlines calling trump's latest speech and shortly thereafter but he agreed. >> he said he was going to soften his position. then we heard yesterday and i was totally disappointed. not surprised but disappointed. and slightly misled. that speech was a restriction speech. i'm sorry, but i can't be part of that. >> we have the clinton camp seizing on this fallout. the democratic nominee is off the trail, but her running mate
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didn't mince word talking about the meeting many mexico. >> this is kind of a diplomatic amateur hour by donald trump. what are the odds, matt, that he has been telling the american public for months now we're building a wall and mexico is going to pay for it, but that did not come up in the meeting. i find that kind of ridiculous. >> all this as a new "usa today" poll out show iing if trump wan to chip away clinton's lead, he has a long way to go. we're covering all the angles on the campaign trail. also to mexico city, we want to begin with katy tur, who was at trump's speech in ohio. joins me on the phone as she's driving off to next event in cincinnati. trump stirred the spot this morning. i want to play for everybody that conversation. >> the line last week, you're softeningeni
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softening on immigration. then the plan last night. where's the softening? >> it is softening. we do it in a very humane way. we're going to see with the people that are in the country. obviously, i want to get the gang members out, the drug pedalers out, the drug dealers out. we have a lot of people in this country you can't have. then we're going to make a decision at a later date once everything is finalized. you'll see this really quite a bit of softening. >> what have you been hearing from inside the trump campaign. there's whiplash that's been demonstrated to trump in america. >> there's acknowledgment he needs to adjust his image to appeal to more moderate voters and potentially appeal to minority voters. that's why you have been seeing him speak directly to hispanics on the campaign trail. he's been trying to tailor his message that might sound more
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appealing to those voting blocs. there's also the donald trump that came out last night and got hard lined and became the immigration warrior that he has been on the campaign trail. certainly was during the primaries. they are at odds of each other. you can see the two forces of the campaign fighting with each other through their candidates. one wants him to appear more presidential like he did yesterday on stage with the mexican president and the one who wants him to continue appealing to his base. the base of white men. that's what was said about him today. this was a speech to donald trump's base, which are white men. they believe they are the ones that are going to come out on full force on election day. when you talk to republican strategists, talk to operatives and election experts, there aren't necessarily enough white men in this country to come out on election day in order to get him into the white house. there are other voting blocs
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that donald trump needs to make end roads with. that includes women and minorities. so far it hasn't been working with either group. donald trump is still facing a deficit. he's facing a large deficit among minorities. >> katy tur joining us on the road as she travels from ohio. thank you very much. donald trump and the immigration policies that he has presented seemingly run contrary to his current opinion of mexico's president. since the meeting in mexico city, trump repeatedly praised the president there enrique pena nieto. the leader does not share the warm feelings toward trump. front pages in mexico ran pictures of the two together quoting the angry. president. jacob rascon has been tracking this. enrique pena nieto said mexico will not pay for the wall, but it was the start of that meeting
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where he made that declaration, but the joint press conference saying we department discuss payment. has he explained why he didn't fact check trump in realtime there? >> reporter: that is the question so many are asking. that was his great opportunity to show that he was a strong leader, many say. if trump said we didn't talk about payment and, in fact, they did, that they should have in realtime in front of everybody said something. the closest that we have to an explanation is something that his spokesperson said last night to another paper that nbc is trying to confirm, which is this. that enrique pena nieto says that he told trump in the beginning of the conversation he would not pay for the wall and that trump didn't respond. so almost giving trump some room here the spokesperson said so trump technically wasn't lying if he said there was no discussion about it because there wasn't.
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it was that the president here stated we will not pay for the wall. so the president here has been hammered by different sides because he invited trump over here and appeared soft to some initially. so he came out with an op-ed in one of the newspapers this morning. e he's saying different things than during the conference. he's saying that a lot of the policies of trump are a threat to the future of mexico. he goes so far as to say that. that's not what we heard during the press conference. generally people are shocked and stunned he even came here and confused and saddened and a lot of other words to describe how they feel ant it. take a listen to one person we talked to this morning. >> from my perspective, he's not a worthy choice for a president.
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>> the hard working people and there are honest people. i don't think he gets the right idea of mexican people. >> one newspaper described it this way. the way to understand what happened yesterday was a meeting between two desperate politicians. we know that both in the most recent poll have dismal numbers. 4% and 23% for the mexican president. >> we'll see how it pays off in the future. jacob rascon, thank you. joining me is the host of on salem radio network. also charlie sykes, radio talk show host out of milwaukee. guys, it's good to have you with me. steve, let me catch folks up if they missed this. trump and company tease a softening gang of eight um grags policy to come. he makes a trip to mexico,
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claims payment department come up. we have mexico's president saying it did. they ain't paying. then a hard line immigration speech to this raucous crowd saying the wall is coming and mexico is going to pay for it. how is this a course correction that's been teased by the campaign? >> thomas, i actually think it's even worse the way you articulated because the number one issue in this campaign right now is that the republican party nominated somebody, a majority of the american people don't consider to be a credible president of the united states. and he needs to show that he can stay on message for a day, for a week. we're taking baby steps here. so when you go to mexico and you decide to play statesman and play nice and then you come home and you give this ra cause speech, it does nothing to show that you have a kipt message whatsoever. he completely contradicted himself, thomas.
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really there's two voting blocs that republicans have to be looking at. you can talk about minority votes, but if they don't win these two blocs, it's white college graduates and catholics, 70% of which are white. he's losing those groups badly. the number one reason is they don't think he's a credible president. i don't know how yesterday fixed any of those problems at all. trump receiving certain praise from two believers. he likes ann. he rebuked praise. but to your conservative audience, how do you describe the last 24 hours? >> it was that whiplash. and the cognitive dissidence of trump looking presidential and the speech he gave last night. he probably should have stopped
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about the mexican trip. but if he would have stopped, he would have at least had a positive visual. by the end of the day, what he had done was to basically underline the fact that donald trump is not consistent. he's not going to be the same person in different environments. and i do think the red meat base, he nailed down the david duke shine box crowd. >> so real quickly. do we have the sound of mike pence? he appeared on another network and asked about this conversation of who was going to pay for the wall. and e had he says but i can tell you for a fact that both sides fully understand that they agree on who would pay for the wall. both sides had already arrived at a clear understanding on
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that. there was no need to really skusz that at the meeting. when these types of meetings are brokered, certain things are on the table and off the table. this is a major foundation point for donald trump. that's what's gotten him this far. now we have the backlash coming in the la ttino community and within trump's own campaign. it was just in the last hour that my colleague spoke to a houston-based immigration attorney who served on trump's advisory counsel until last night. take a listen to why he can't support trump anymore. >> we listened atently and hoping for a glimmer of the donald trump we met with a week and a half ago, but it never came. there was nothing pro business in that speech last night. after i heard that, there was no way i could continue to be part of a prop apparatus for donald
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trump. >> it's basically fool we once, shame on you. part of that advisory counsel, what is the expectation of donald trump to expand his base at this point because he seems to have hit a ceiling of support. and to take the white house, he needs to grow that. why doesn't he recognize that? >> well, thomas, on my radio show we have a saying. the razor is always in effect. when you continue to do things that don't work that have been prooumpb not to work, you are left with only the simplest explanation. he might have scored some points if he would have gone to mexico and said you are paying for the wall and we're going to offset it. but he didn't. he was totally two-faced. you have to come to the conclusion and i have said this for months now.
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he's not trying to win. if the goal is to create an alt-right media platform to take advantage of fox, this is the exact way to do it. this is exactly what to do. you build a small but fiercely loyal audience. if you're trying to win the presidency, this doesn't work. >> off steve's point, do you really think that -- >> there are voices in his head telling him he needs to expand. kellyanne conway was telling him to be a gentler candidate. then you saw steve bannon's influence at night. you saw the alt-right approach during the night. what you saw yesterday was donald trump basically bailing on any attempt at outreach for conservative hispanics. i know some of those hispanics hoping against hope that somehow they could talk themselves into supporting donald trump. there's a deep level of
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disillusionment among some of those folks and will be interesting to see over the next 48 hours how many of them realize that they just cannot swallow donald trump. >> but real fast to steve's point. is this an alt-right movement to basically demon news a clinton white house? >> i think that's probably in the back of his mind. right now i think donald trump does not want to lose this election. when you have the egoof a donald trump, when your persona is built upon winning, the prospect of being defeated soundly cannot be positive. but i do think when you have a campaign in which you have people like roger ails and steve bannon and a reality tv show candidate like donald trump, i do think that is plausible. i certainly would not be shocked after all this is over you do see some sport of a breitbart network come out of this.
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>> thank you, gentlemen. appreciate your time. today's pulse question is trump meeting with the mexican president. still a dispute over who is going to pay for this big, beautiful wall. did trump fail his first diplomatic test? the pulse is live. we can take a look at some of the answers so far. 77% feel yes, 23% say no. check it out. we look at the other side of the campaign trail with team clinton calling on the veep to stump in ohio. joe biden on the trail for hillary and not holding back. speaking of the gop nominee, more of his efforts to attract african-american voters with plans to visit a black church in detroit this weekend. which sector of american voters is that visit really meant to attract? plus mark your calendars. wednesday, september 7th, msnbc and nbc news along with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america will host the first ever
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this is just the begin inin of a negotiation. if i win, if i become president, mexico will pay for the wall. he rightfully said i have known their position. they don't want to pay for the wall. and every negotiation starts that way. but mexico will pay for the wall. >> then we have donald trump giving an interview to the columbus affiliate for nbc as he is stumping through the state of ohio today talking about that meeting yesterday with mexico's
11:20 am
president. now the mexican president said that he directly said that mexico will not pay for that wall. then there was silence on the other end of the discussion. donald trump did not respond to that. when reporters asked yesterday as they held that joipt press conference, donald trump said it didn't come up. last night declared in his speeches and also this morning that mexico would be paying for the wall and it will be built on their dime. so as we shift to the other part of the campaign, that is hillary clinton's vice president joe biden on behalf of clinton speak ing to a crowd of auto workers. he's also in ohio and took aim at the republicans presidential nominee and trump painting him out of step with working class americans. >> my biggest problem with donald trump i'll tell you about in a minute is not his policies. it's the way he treats people. if you ever sat there and talked
11:21 am
about how cool it was that john down the street got fired, you were fired. a phrase he's made famous. you're fired. you ought to come from a household where some people were fired. >> there we have the vice president making a strong delivery in ohio and all of this while we have new polling from suffolk university and "usa today." it shows hillary clinton is maintaining a 7-point lead over donald trump. kasie hunt joins me now live from warren, ohio. why was biden sent to this area specifically in ohio? >> hi, thomas, this is viptage joe biden. his campaign appearance today and also where we are. this is the place where the auto industry has been incredibly important. it has been the democratic union backbone of statewide victories
11:22 am
in ohio for many cycles. it's turning into donald trump country and that's partly because of those free trade agreements. you heard biden here today at this campaign event talking pretty emotionally about this. he was really identifying with people saying he comes from the region of the kocountry, also a valley with a lot of the same economic roots. he had a great repore with the crowd. he was joking around and then was serious. he called himself the sob at the family barbecue who insisted that the auto industry be bailed out, along those lines. but he was here on behalf of hillary clinton, who has not been out on the campaign trail very much the last two weeks. she gave a speech in rooeeno an then in cincinnati yesterday but has not taken questions in quite some time. when i caught up with joe biden, i asked him if she should be out front more and about the clinton
11:23 am
foundation. >> do you think she needs to be out front? >> she is out front with the american people. >> she's also been doing a lot of events. what i told her was i will campaign with her in scranton. we have a bunch of places we're campaigning together and some places where maybe i can help and not have her have to be with me. >> do you think americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of the clinton foundation? has it always been 100% ethical? >> i think the clinton foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in a position where things are changing and i think she's going to change just to the realities of how complicated itst all become. >> is she clearing herself up enough? should the foundation have stop ed taken foreign donations now?
11:24 am
>> i think you will see them stop taking foreign donations. . >> so the trump campaign is already seizing on those remarks from vice president joe biden saying it shows that biden can't vouch for the foundation and calls for the foundation to be shut down. this has been a favorite talking point for the trump campaign over the past couple weeks. >> kasie hunt, thank you. we want to shift gears and talk about weather. happening right now, it's bracing for impact. these preparations are underway now as so many are cautiously awaiting a tropical storm hermine picking up steam. so potentially just hours away from becoming the first hurricane to make landfall in florida in more than a decade. we're tracking the eye of the storm. we'll have the details, on the other side of this break. mes ofs america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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press conference and updating everybody on tropical storm hermine. this storm could become a hurricane by the time it makes landfall later tonight. it's already causing problems along the gulf coast in southwest florida. storm-related flooding is making travel pretty difficult. residents are filling sandbags, all of this as an effort to hold any potential storm waters back. but dozens of counties in florida and georgia are under states of emergency. the news is a little better in the pacific. we have hurricane madelyn weakening to a tropical storm. but it is expected to dump 15 inches of rain when all is said and done. and we have another storm named lester. and janet, give us an update of where you are and what folks are doing. >> so i'm in florida and this is on an inland gulf. it's supposed to take a direct hit from this tropical storm or what could be a hurricane. i want to give you a look here.
11:29 am
this is a protected marine layer. if you can see the waves here, it looks like a lake. and the rain now, we have 8 to 10 hours before this storm makes any type of landfall. there are it's a diving rain. we're already seeing flooding. and that just protends what's going to come over the next 24 hours for areas like this. 51 counties in florida under a state of emergency. georgia has declared a state of in a number of counties as well. there are mand foir evacuations in this county for very low-lying areas. what we're finding is that a lot of people are saying it's 50/50. they are not going to go. therein lies the danger even if you have a weak category, one hurricane or a strong tropical storm. and the rainfall effects will not go away quickly. in this area, it's a loss for a holiday weekend. it's a place people.
11:30 am
usually come on labor day. right now they are not driving in. >> i had to put on my glasses. the pilings are right behind you and the boats are on the same water line where you're standing. explain where the water line is supposed to begin and end. >> well, ufs out on that dock beyond where it says no power loading three hours ago. the water was probably i would say 6 to 7 inches or more below where it is now. it's come up quickly. this is a protected marina. i'm not sure if you can show how wide it is. we're not directly on the gulf. that's a little bit away from us. this is the impact we're feeling in a covered, protected space. the rain is driving right now. and again, this is something you'd expect to e see closer to landfall. but we're a ways away from landfall in this area. >> janet, stay safe. we'll check in now with the weather channel. jen, let's start with hermine.
11:31 am
it is a tropical storm. but explain where we're going to go with the threshold and the first hurricane to make landfall in more than a decade. >> we're talking about debbi. you saw the flooding out of janet's shot now. she's dealing with the storm surge. it's only going to get worse when you combine that with high tide. we can see levels 8 feet aboveground. as we give you the latest, winds are at 70 miles per hour. it's roughly about 135 miles to the north of where we have tropical storm hermine. hermine very like ly going to continue to strengthen and make landfall as a hurricane. very close to potentially tallahassee. it still has a long future ahead of us. we look for areas including the atlantic side already dealing with tropical storm watches as we're going to continue to follow tropical storm hermine all the way through the upcoming weekend. so we talk now and e show you the very latest. the winds are 70 miles per hour.
11:32 am
but if you notice, you can see all the activity in the right side of the storm we're starting to see the sign of the storm stremptening. that's why we have hurricane warnings in effect. tallahassee, hasn't had a hurricane warning in more than ten years. it's so hard to believe. but then you look at the areas of georgia as well as in the carolinas. we have tropical storm warnings in effect by tomorrow morning. very possible for yaurs including savannah and jacksonville. we cannot forget about the tornado threat already happening now. into the overnight hours, that's when we see more fatalities happening with the tornadoes as we see the center of that circulation getting closer to making landfall. >> pretty amazing with the storm surges we're watching. this is likely to welcome a hurricane. we'll keep everybody posted. the next update is 5:00. >> thank you very much. we'll stay tightly connected with the weather channel and keep everybody updated on that. when we return, back to politics and the widespread reaction to
11:33 am
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11:37 am
bring himself to say it. that tells me something about his backbone and his resolve. >> there we have hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine on the "today" show this morning. he also appeared on "morning joe" after what they call donald trump's darkest speech yet. trump's policies may have slammed the brakes on his outreach, but members of his advisory board withdrawing their support because of that speech. there are reports that serving others could be leaving the campaign in the coming hours. and now there are folks on twit er that don't like the fact that people are talking about this was a choking moment for donald trump in mexico. some using colorful language. let's talk about the advisory board. he joins me from there now. it's good to have you with me. the obvious question is have you changed your mind? are you leaving that advisory board? >> no, i am not. i believe that i may not be
11:38 am
totally happy, for me to retreat is retreat from the battlefield. i think we need to stay there. and appeal to the sensitivity of him and those that surround him and are helping him to develop his rules. >> so based on that speech last night, what part of the advisory board's advice has donald trump incorporated into his policies. >> well, remember, we knew from the very beginning about security and securing the border, securing the different sanctuary cities that we want to be finished because many of these criminals hire and we also knew that it's on the table to
11:39 am
leave the country. still had to see how we are able to soften him in an area that he will be more humane in how he will apply the leaving or the exit of these people of the country. >> the ladders he used is he will get those people out of here. the advice that the advisory board, colleagues that you are working with inside the trump campaign, some are saying and i believe it's a group of 30? >> there are 15. >> and from folks you have talked to within that advisory board, how many have said that they are potentially leaving? >> i haven't spoken to any of them because this was last night. i am seeing that there's a c couple that have said that. but again, there could be many more or no more. i only know what i can do. i will stick to my guns to the
11:40 am
end because something has to be done in order to make this easier on the families and the family may not be at a lengthy time. he said they had to leave and they could apply for reentry. >> you're talking about the touchback provision? >> the good people, the ones that are working, the ones that have contributed to this country, e et cetera. but they have not been legalized. they had to leave and reapply for reentry. we talked about reentry, but to apply for e reentry that's a little confusing because you apply doesn't mean you're going to get what you apply for. and the idea was that these people are good people, as he said they are, will realize they could return as soon as possible. because they have to leave, it
11:41 am
will be terrible for the families. that's not what we have in mind. >> to your congregation and this sunday if you're appearing before your congregation, are you going to be talking about donald trump's speech? and if so, how are you going to frame it to folks? but if people ask you questions about it and how you can still support him after what some people are saying is dark and dangero dangerous. >> let me tell you something. i may not be very happy with this issue. but you have to understand that one of my main issues is the danger of the religious liberties that have been really under this administration urnd attack. biblical principles that have been placed to have put to aside. so there are other things that we believe that are more important. >> if you believe in religious
11:42 am
liberty, what do they say when you question the ban on muslims? >> they are going to stay there applying and telling him and showing him a manner that is more sensitive to the people that are going to leave. apparently, there's no amnesty. this is the plan he has. so we have to work with what he has. we must try to soften that projection and that division of families to be for the shortest time possible. >> you definitely have some hard work ahead of you. i think a lot of people would agree with that. people would appreciate your resolve. thank you, sir, we appreciate it. coming up next, a check of trump's changing tone or is there one and that stance on immigration. it's been widely varying since he came down announcing his candidacy. last night, is it finally clear
11:43 am
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wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow. welcome back. we just heard from a member of donald trump's advisory board. he's saying he's going to stick around and work to soften that stance about trump and immigration. this is while other folks are leaving the trump train on the same advisory board. i want to bring in an op-ed columnist. you have an op-ed out calling donald trump an imposter. which is the imposter? the donald trump in mexico or the one last night in phoenix? >> the will the real donald trump please stand up? i think the real donald trump did stand up last night. we thought yesterday afternoon. here's something different. here he is at long last trying
11:47 am
to soften the edges here and broaden it out to his support out to a larger group of people. and then as soon as he got out of mexican air space, it was right back to the old donald trump and then some clearly back to this strategy of just trying to maximize the turnout of his most ardent support. it's almost as if there are competing pieces of advice within his campaign and rather than choosing, he's doing both of them simultaneously. >> based on your recent op-ed and the answer you just gave, i know it's the real dana milbank. although the beard, i haven't seen you in awhile. . so you can put the revolt is over. the whole point of this trip is to look more statesman like for donald trump. is he more statesman like as he's in this war of words, so to
11:48 am
speak, with mexico's president about the sticking point of payment for the wall? >> i mean, he was more statesman like for 30 minutes. as soon as he left and the mexican president accused him of lying about the content of their meeting and as soon as he arrived in arizona and gave the speech that totally unrecognizable to the presentation he gave in mexico, i think you lose that effect of being less presidential. but you also sort of assuage concerns among your base. that said, there are still those concerns because he's gone back and forth between softening and not softening to the point where this morning he went on the radio show of laura ingram, who has been a big fan of his, and she was apologetic asking him so where is the softening? >> he promised it was coming. he said it was coming. >> he said there will be softening. he didn't take her suggestion that he should use to say there is no softening.
11:49 am
he said there will be quite a bit of softening. i think everyone is confused about what his stances are on this central plank of his candidacy. >> this has taken up a lot of oxygen. joe biden and tim kaine are out today for hillary clinton. she's dark for the holiday weekend. 271 days since a press conference. is that the best use of her t e time? is she just running down the clock? >> i think that's a fair way of putting it. it's completely unacceptable that you have a candidate for presidency of the united states who has not faced reporters. yes, she's had one-on-one interviews, but she is essentially keeping quiet, letting donald trump have all the attention under the assumption admittedly a fair assumption so far that he would do himself at least as much harm as he has done good by making the campaign all about donald trump. we're approaching labor day. the home stretch of the campaign here.
11:50 am
it is important just for hillary clinton to be out there and show ing herself to be presidential and part of being presidential is not being afraid to take questions and actually disclosing more about herself and being visible. >> the famous liberty reset. we'll see how it goes. i got to go. thank you, gentlemen. have a great weekend. we have discussed the what, but now the big question is how. is it feasible to believe donald trump's immigration plan can actually be put into action if we hr president? if so, what's the cost. ari melber breaks it down, after the break.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
how do some of the claims donald trump made on immigration hold up?
11:54 am
the legal portion they are treated better than vets. break it down for us. >> that was the theme throughout the speech and his whole campaign. the idea that not only are there too many immigrants in the country undocumented or illegal, but they are getting a special status. let's take a listen. >> they are treated better than our vets. we are going to end, catch and release. under my administration anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained under they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which they came. >> it's just false to suggest that somehow undocumented workers have better benefits than veterans. veterans, obviously, have special status, special health care and they have all the rights of american citizens, which the undocumented don't. one other item is something accurate about existing programs. let's look at that.
11:55 am
>> we will restore the highly successful secure communities program. good program. we will expand and e revitalize the popular 287 partnerships which will help to identify hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens in local jails. >> now that's accurate. and that's also interesting. it is a different tone. when donald trump talks about 287-g he's citing a statute from a 1986 immigration law. i have never heard him cite that before. he or his speech writers are digging more into depth and that program has been rolled back. there were a lot of problems with it including the local authority that exists to deal with a federal crime with regard to immigration status. but that's something he's accurately referencing a program that has been basically changed and he's saying he would use to do more robust enforcement. >> when it comes to a gang of
11:56 am
eight language that we heard a little bit from donald trump, that didn't get through congress. anything dealing with money and donald trump and this beautiful wall and these programs, that's going to cost money. >> it's going to cost a lot of money. that's what was striking. even if you think this is good id idea, always the question in american politics, what's it going to cost and who is going to pay for it. this could be $100 billion more just for deportations. >> ari, thank you. appreciate the breakdown. one last look at your responses today with our pulse question. the question being trump meeting the mexican president, this dispute remains over who will pay for the wall. did trump fail his first diplomatic test. 79% say yes. 21% say no. check it out. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa?
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stay tuned. kate snow picks things up right now. you're going to be dissecting which donald trump are people supposed to believe. >> we are, or which one shows up at which moment and which audience. thank you so much. i'm kate snow. we now know where he stands. donald trump making clear his hard line immigration stance last night. think about what he's done though in the past 24 hours. it started on his trip to mexico yesterday followed by his much hyped speech last night. he's already had two events e today with a pretty recognizable message now. . >> another major part of our agenda is immigration security. we need to protect american jobs, security and safety. don't worry, we're going to build that wall. it's going to go up. >> from oh


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