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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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stay tuned. kate snow picks things up right now. you're going to be dissecting which donald trump are people supposed to believe. >> we are, or which one shows up at which moment and which audience. thank you so much. i'm kate snow. we now know where he stands. donald trump making clear his hard line immigration stance last night. think about what he's done though in the past 24 hours. it started on his trip to mexico yesterday followed by his much hyped speech last night. he's already had two events e today with a pretty recognizable message now. . >> another major part of our agenda is immigration security. we need to protect american jobs, security and safety. don't worry, we're going to build that wall. it's going to go up. >> from ohio to mexico city, our
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reporters are going to bring you the latest. we begin with katy. we were missing your shot, but i see you. can i start with you and then i'll go to jacob. give me a fill on what's already happened today. already two events out there today. a lot of the same rhetoric from last night. >> it was a tale of two trumps again today. this morning e he spoke to the american alegion and sounded conciliatory. and being able to work with these countries if he gets into office. then in front of the rally crowd in ohio about an hour away from cincinnati and he was back to mexico is going to pay for the wall. that's despite repeated denials by the mexican president that that country would pay for the wall. donald trump yesterday after the meeting said in a news conference they had a discuss the wall and discussed paying
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for the wall. president enrique pena nieto saying they did discuss it and told donald trump very frankly that mexico would not pay for that wall and later in the evening yesterday he held an immigration policy speech where he went back to his hard line rhetoric, saying that mexico is going to pay for the wall. . they just don't know it yet. >> katy tur following donald trump from town to town. a lot of reaction on both sides of the boarder to donald trump' quick visit to mexico city yesterday. we have new details on what has been a whirlwind 24 hours. the mexico visit was the result of a couple weeks of closely gharded work. and all of it not sitting so well. >> jacob rascon has those
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details. >> the backdrop is important. these are two unpopular people. the most unpopular. the president enrique pena nieto has 23% approval and trump has only 4% have a good opinion of him according to the most recent polls. i'll show you a couple papers out this morning. we have one of the more popular ones that says trump did not ask forgiveness from enrique pena nieto for his insult to mexico. it says the president demands respect for mexicans. this next one here says mexicans deserve respect. his policies are a threat to the future of mexico. so two people here very different in public together shaking hands, very diplomatic and then separating and trump
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going to phoenix talking about immigration. a hard line stance. the president also went away from that very diplomatic meeting and went very hard against donald trump calling his policies a threat saying he made very clear they would not pay for the wall. no one is happy. they are upset with enrique pena nieto for inviting him. they are upset with trump almost seeing him as a character, a cartoon character from a far off that says ugly things, but to have him here became very real for a lot of people and they were genuinely concerned about what happened. a lot of them asking us what happened in that e meeting. because they didn't know and they were worried that some agreement was made to build the wall or deport everybody from over there. we had to do a lot of explaining here. >> jacob rascon, thank you.
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for some analysis now i'm joined by political analyst howard fineman. let's talk about the two phases of donald trump. . we see him on this diplomatic setting yesterday looking very presidential in front of a seal and a podium. later last night we get this red meat speech on immigration. does it just depend on who he is talking to. >> it does depend on who he is talking to. i think it's very lucky that we at t"the huffington post" startd our mexico edition this morning so we could report from both sides about both donald trump.
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fibbed more than a bit by saying that the talk of the wall hadn't come up. at least enrique pena nieto says it did. but people at the time at that moment as trump walked off the stage in mexico city, whatever they thought here in the united states a lot of professional political observers thought it was a bold move by trump. and one that was showing that he was moving to the center. that lasted a few hours. as soon as he got over to phoenix where he was speaking to a red meat crowd in a red state where immigration is a very hot and divisive issue and a state he has to win, he went totally and i think substantiately as far as he's gone in this campaign. it's true that technically what donald trump said would be to revert to the preobama official state of the law, but as we know, the official state of the law has been honored in the breach over the last 15,20 years. a lot of the harsh measures that
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are in statute have not been enforced. donald trump not only promised to enforce them, but the angry tone of retribution was what he was after to win votes in arizona. >> let me ask you about what we're hearing from the democratic side of donald trump's speech. let me play sound from tim kaine talking about the meeting trump had had with the mexican president. >> then he flew back. when he got back here, he's like, we're going to make mexico do this. he was like all fired up. when he had had the chance to sit down and look the other in the eye, it was like he choked, he caved, e he lost his confidence, he lost his will. he couldn't just be honest with that person. we all know people like that. we all know people like that. they are going to talk a good game, but when the chips are down, now is the point where if you have an opinion and something matters to you, you say it. they fold like an accordion. that's what donald trump did
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yesterday. >> so there's the democrat's version of it. is that the most effective version? >> i'm not sure, frankly. it's a loud accordion, by the way. i'm not sure because what is tim kaine saying that donald trump should have had had the guts to demand that mexico pay r for th wall. they are going on a character attack on donald trump and say he's a flip-flopper and can't be trusted. he's just a salesman with no substance. i think they are going to continue to make that argument. but i'm not sure on this issue, on that particular thing about the wall it's necessarily the best thing they could focus on because for trump supporters, you said earlier today he was in ohio. that's southern ohio. the wall and the symbolism of it is what sells in southern ohio,
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in other sort of appalachian america places that donald trump is appealing to. >> e let me switch topics. we have new sound in this afternoon from john mccain. he just won his primary in a big way. now he's getting ready for the november matchup against a democrat. this caught our ear. i want to play this and ask you about it. >> my opponent. representative kirk patrick is a good person. but if hillary clinton is elected president, arizona will need a senator who will act as a check, not a rubber stamp for the white house. >> that's a youtube video from the senator. interesting that he's distancing himself from hillary clinton. they have actually had had a pretty am meeable conversation. >> i wasn't there, unfortunately. i think it's also that ad is also interesting in that it's sort of the possibility that
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trump is going to lose. there's some people who think and who are wondering now that john mccain won his primary whether he would turn around and say i can't support donald trump. i debit think you're going to see that happen, but what mccain just did there was not only attack hillary clinton, but also put forth the idea that if she does win, that's all the more reason why you need more mccain. in other words, pushing donald trump off to the side. >> let me ask you about new polling out today. we have clinton up by 7, according to a new poll. "usa today" poll. we looked back at the polls we're taken at this point in 2012. president obama had a similar margin. he was up by 7 in one gallop poll. romney really surged back. so do you think this is -- what do you make of the polling at this point? should we take anything to the bank? >> not much, except the numbers
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that jumped out at me is that the more donald trump and hillary clinton campaign, the less they are liked by everybody. there's one poll that shows them both widely disliked, like two-thirds of the american people dislike both of them. whoever is elected is going to have a tough time governing the country. i hate to skip beyond election day. >> it is something to think about. howard, good to see you. thank you. up next, jumping ship. donald trump is losing the backing of several of his lat te no supporters in phoenix. we dive deeper into his plan with one of his surrogates and also a member of his hispanic council, right after the break. ♪ staying in rhythm, it's how try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones,
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after a few weeks of confusion, donald trump drew a hard line on immigration as we have said for an inside perspective, i'm joined by steve cortez, campaign trump surrogate. steve, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> let me start by asking you about the advisory board. we heard from several overnight late in the early hours of this morning, who says they are done with donald trump. disappointed with the immigration speech. you're part of that advisory council. are you disappointed in any way? >> i would say this. i'm not disappointed. i wish he had taken my advice. he's the candidate. i am not. i agree with him. most of the council agrees with him on the bedrock principles of immigration. one is the border must be secured. e we must build a wall.
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secondly, no citizenship for people who came here illegally. in terms of implementation, how do we deal with illegals that are already here, i argued for a softer tone than he decided on. but that's leadership. he listened to us, he gave a very serious consideration. he's the candidate and the one running for president. if i agree with him on 98 things out of 100, that's fine for me. i also think -- >> is it 98 out of 100? last night was a hard line. anyone here illegally doesn't have the right to be here. people would be deported for abusing the welfare system. people would be deported if they were involved in any crime. it's a hard line he papted last night. is that really 98% where you are? >> i think it is. he did take a hard line. our immigration system unfortunately, is out of control. we have no control of our southern border. it's an economic threat to america.
12:17 pm
it's a national security threat to america. and by the way, a lot of people really have to deal with this particularly in border states every single day. they have to deal with criminality in the streets. the police have to deal with this. all americans have to deal with the labor force competition from illegals. this is a very serious issue. also i think it's important to note that in his speech if you listen carefully, he talks about this is a process. we're going to begin first by the most dangerous people have to leave. people abusing the system, they have to leave. no more sanctuary cities. this is a multistep, multiyear process. we're not going to be knocking on doors and dragging an illegal grandmother who has been here for 30 years who is doing nothing wrong and sending her back to mexico. she's going to have a lot of time to get to compliance and that's what we want for those who are good people with clean backgrounds. >> anyone who entered illegally is subject to deportation.
12:18 pm
priorities for him would include criminals, gang members, security threats, visa overstays and those relying on public welfare and also recent arrivals. that's a lot of people. how does a trump administration round those folks up quickly? >> it's a lot of people. he mentioned this. he gave more detail. even though i didn't agree with everything. but he gave more detail regarding immigration and how he handled this issue in one hour than i have heard following this issue for the last 25 years. i gave him credit for being that detailed. one of the things he detailed is we're going to need more a.c.e. agents. i think by taking a tough stance, a lot of this problem will solve itself. if people know they are going to get picked up and can't work ul legally or get illegal benefits, a lot of those people are going to figure out their own situation and go back to their countries of origin.
12:19 pm
it's important we get started on the process. i have been very reasonable. i tell you often when i think that my candidate has made a mistake. i don't think this is a mistake. but did he take my advice completely? no, he didn't. >> it sounds like he didn't take much advice of the kocouncil at all. you urged him to soften his stance. >> to me, the bedrock principles i agree with him on are two-fold. we have to control our border. you're not a country if you don't control a border. and i thought donald trump looked incredibly presidential. he had a fantastic day. he wept down to mexico city and met with a world leader who compared him to hitler. he sat down with him and had a substantiative, real, friendly conversation about how do we solve the problems that face the united states and mexico. mexico has an incredible problem with illegal immigration on its
12:20 pm
southern border. so every country has the right to control its border. the second thing that's a bedrock principle. we have said all along in the trump campaign that there will be no citizenship. we cannot reward criminal behavior with citizenship and with the right to vote. even if we can't allow sosm of these folks to stay and get status. hillary clinton is the exact opposite on that topic. >> as we sit here, you mentioned the visit to mexico city yesterday. there's a bit of a twitter war going on. but donald trump wrote, mexico will pay for the wall! and enrique pena nieto just tweeted back at him in spanish. he says, i repeat what i said in person. mexico would never pay for a wall. they are going back forth on this. did he miss an opportunity. which is what the democrats are saying. what tim kaine said all morning long. trump missed an opportunity, if
12:21 pm
that's his position that mexico needs to pay, he should have brought that to the mexican president. he didn't even bring it up. >> i think tim kaine is being unfair here. e he says trump caved or he was afraid. i don't think donald trump is afraid of very much. i think what donald trump is e showed great decorum. it's the first time they met. first time he visited him in this capacity. so what did he do? he was incredibly polite and gracious and explained our positions. he's not going to hammer out the details in the first meeting. he's accused by the left of this duplicity because he went to arizona and had a different posture in front of a rally of americans. everyone speaks to different audiences. i act very differently with my wife then a college football game in the stands or tailga tailgating. so all of us speak to different audiences. that's what trump did. showed us the range of his
12:22 pm
capacity as a leader and even though he's an outsider, he's ready to act presidential and to present stage craft to the entire world. >> you think mexico is going to pay for the wall, even with the president again tweeting it will never happen? >> donald trump has been resolute on this. mexico, one way or another, is going to have to pay for this wall. mexico has been part of the problem regarding illegal immigration. they have to be part of the solution. >> trump's campaign surrogate steve cortez with us again, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, the clinton campaign on the defensive following a report that the former president's staff bill clinton's staff used tax dollars to help finance the clinton foundation. we're tracking down where that money came from, how it was used, stay with us. eet them soo. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice.
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sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. a new report from politico out today has the clinton campaign pushing back. bill clinton's staff used tax
12:26 pm
dollars, quote, to subsidize his family's foundation and an associated business and to support his wife's private e-mail server. politico said the investigation did not reveal anything illegal, but the clinton camp has been refeuding that story. let's get the latest developments. >> wi back in 1958, congress passed a law to allocate money for former presidents. harry truman was having trouble making ends meet. this money was provided to set up offices,port correspondents, pensions. bill clinton drew on this money as have former presidents, but plolitico say he is drew on it more than others. they said it was for private business associates. and the most contentious issue,
12:27 pm
the most attention, politico story originally had a headline that suggested that the server that hillary clinton used, the private e-mail server that's been center of so much contention was paid for out of this money. they have since changed that headline. the campaign pushed back very aggressively on this. two tweets from the spokesperson of the campaign. number one, this headline is egregiously false. server hosting hrc's e-mail during state tenure was personal funds. we told this fact to politico days ago and will be demanding a correction. the new headline now says that the money was used to pay for support for the e-mail system. that's because it helped fund the salary of a staffer who provided i.t. support. the campaign saying that's a stretch because the money provided to the staffer only about $10,000 a year. not enough, just a portion of the money. no matter what, this story from politico, they got documents
12:28 pm
from a request really sheds light on something they didn't know about. they certainly raised more money about the messy mix of all the different charitable private organizations inside the clinton organization. >> did you say $10,000 a year is the total amount of money we're talking about? >> it's about $16 million total that bill clinton got from the foundation. but he only had $96,000 a year to divide between staffers. he divided it up between ten staffers so we're talking about $9,600 per staffer. most of these were also paid out of personal funds, foundation funds, other funds. the clinton campaign is saying the reason it was set up and why they were paid is because bill clinton does a lot of different things. he might give a private speech in the morning, a foundation event in the afternoon and might do something else in the evening and that way the staffers can get paid from all of them. it makes it simpler.
12:29 pm
>> the clinton campaign argued that this is something other presidents in the past have done, correct? >> correct. every president has drawn on these funds. the politico story noted bill clinton has taken more money overall than former presidents, but a spokesperson pushing back saying george bush has taken more money per year than bill clinton. he's just been out of office fewer years. >> alex following all that for us, thank you. joe biden spending the day c campaigning for hillary clinton in ohio. and in the coming days, we'll see president obama back on the trail stumping for his former secretary of state. our election team took a deep dive into the polling data to see if obama's state by state favorability ratings might translate into votes for hillary clinton. you'll not see this anywhere else, when we come back. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve is message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know mo about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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hearing people like trump and the national chamber talking about we get paid too much that we -- give me a break. give me a break. this is a guy born with a civil spoon in his mouth that now he's choking on because his foot is in his mouth along with the spoon. [ applause ] >> vice president joe biden earlier today in warren, ohio, slamming donald trump. biden spoke in support of clinton, but much of his speech focused on donald trump and he said he was disconnected from the middle class. for more let's turn to kasie hunt, covering the clinton campaign from ohio today. what else did we hear from joe biden? you got a chance to talk to him. what is hillary clinton up to today? >> reporter: that's right, kate. vice president joe biden here in ohio for what was really vintage joe biden. this was the guy that was really comfortable. he really was on stage talking
12:34 pm
to the audience as though they were his people. he was very self-deprecating and talked about he's the sob at the family barbecue who was pushing really hard for the auto bailout. but you also heard him there vary his tone. he was very sharp and angry with donald trump. but the reality is he's out here in ohio campaigning today. hillary clinton is not. she's off the trail. the pool has been having some difficulty tracking her down. the group of reporters that follow her around to figure out what it is she's doing today. she has been fundraising for the last couple weeks and we have only seen her on the trail once or twice. i asked joe biden whether or not she should be out there a little more. >> hillary clinton is not out here on the trail. you're here in ohio. do you think she needs to be out front with the american people a little more? >> she is out front with the american people. >> she's been fundraising for a couple weeks. >> she's also been doing an awful lot of events. what i told her is i'll campaign
12:35 pm
with her in scranton. we got a bunch of places we're campaigning together and. some places where maybe i can help and not have her have to be with me. >> do you think americans should be concerned at all about the ethics of the clinton foundation? has it always been 100% ethical in your view? >> i think the clinton foundation, like all foundations, have found themselves in a position where things are changing. i think she's going to change and adjust to the realities of how complicated it's all become. >> is she clearing herself up enough? should the foundation stopped taking foreign donations now. >> you'll see them stop taking foreign donations. >> the trump campaign has seized on this and says that it's evidence that joe biden could defend the clinton foundation. this has been an issue back and forth as the foundation has grappled with how to adjust its activities.
12:36 pm
should hillary clinton be elected president. they have said they will. stop taking foreign and corporate donations if she is elected. but they accepted such donations when she was secretary of state. >> kasie hunt out on the road, thank you. i want to bring in senator bob casey, democrat of pennsylvania, clinton supporter. nice to see you, senator. >> kate, good to be with you. >> i want to go back to the story we were talking about in politico about bill clinton. i'm sure you're familiar with the story. they say their investigation of records involving this money that bill clinton was getting as a former president doesn't reveal anything illegal. but here's the key sentence. it offers fresh evidence of how the clintons blurred the line between their nonprofit foundation, hillary clinton's state department and the business dealings of bill clinton and the couple's aids. it feeds, senator, into a n narrative that a lot of voters when we poll say they don't trust that the clintons handled things the right way. >> well, kate, i think you have
12:37 pm
seen from the reporting since the story was presented this morning that the headline was grossly erroneous. and politico has had to correct that. number two, the important thing in terms of the candidate here, you have a candidate for president who was secretary of state, who in the story didn't mention this, had a server that was paid for by her personally. that was left out of the story. so i think people are going to sort this out. but it's pretty clear that a mistake was made in this story and there will be some back and forth about this. but all the while, we're still waiting for donald trump to tell us about his tax returns. this is remarkable that there hasn't been more focus on the fact that for the first time in modern american history, a major candidate for president isn't telling us anything. the evidence suggests the lim limited evidence unearthed only by "the new york times" and other reporters is telling us
12:38 pm
that he might not have paid any taxes for several years or telling us now that he has had these financial dealings with banks all over the world, including a bank in china, hundreds of millions of dollars. so all of this is not being examined because folks are focused on a server or something like that. but i think there's a lot we need to know from donald trump about his businesses, his tax returns and i think hillary clinton has been an open book. >> let me bring you back to immigration. i want to play what donald trump said and ask you about it. >> president obama and hillary clinton support sanctuary cities. they support catch and release on the border. they support visa overstays. they support the release of dangerous, dangerous, dangerous criminals from detention.
12:39 pm
and they support unconstitutional executive amnesty. >> donald trump also said last night that hillary clinton's plan for immigration is based around a flophilosophy that we e to help people who are here illegally. they deserve our attention. what do you say to all that? >> first of all, like a lot of things, donald trump didn't tell the truth in those statements. we know that. anyone who knows anything about immigration or this administration's policy knows that what he said in all the statements is untrue, number one. number two, he doesn't know the first thing about immigration, how to do it the right way, how to do it the way a bipartisan group of senators came together. 68 senators that said the border would have double the number of border patrol agents from more than 19,000 to 38,000. e he won't mention that because it gets in the way of his charade. what we saw last night was a candidate who is not serious
12:40 pm
about immigration. he's not serious about any issue because he really doesn't understand what he's talking about and did you want care about these issues, because he's never done any work. all he's done is make a buck on the back of working people, sell products o that are made in other countries, what you saw was a giant stunt, a political stunt. >> let me ask you about hillary clinton's policies. she said she would use executive action to, quote, go even further than the president already has. in the debate, she said she didn't have the same policy as the current administration. she said she wanted to stop raids and stop deportations for people who ro working and living their lives. is it fair to say her immigration plan would go further than obama's and do you think your constituents in pennsylvania want that? >> i'm sure there will be changes between the changes in contrast to what the
12:41 pm
administration may be doing on a range of issues. but at least we know what hillary clinton's plan is. it's right on our website on immigration. just like it is for jobs. just like it is for growing the economy of pennsylvania or any other state. we don't e know about donald trump's ideas because he has no ideas. his ideas are about fear and smear and divide and conquer. that's all he's about. he's a fraud as a candidate. >> senator from pennsylvania bob casey, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. vice president joe biden, we saw him a little bit ago. president obama hits the road again this month. we have some fascinating new and unprecede unprecedented data today on president obama's popularity and just how it's factoring into the 2016 presidential race. i want to bring in director of elections john live pin ski. this is information that other organizations simply don't have. you and your team took the nbc news polling data that we have
12:42 pm
and the survey monkey data, thousands of interviews, to paint a picture of the president's approval ratings state by state. let's show the map and tell e me what you found. do we have that map? so tell me what we're looking at. >> what we're looking at is exactly what you said. we often times have a national approval rate iing for obama, b if. we want to see whether or not obama's approval rating is helping or hurting clinton, campaigns are run at the state level. we took 55,000 interviews we did and used a statistical model to essentialliest mate his approval. what you see in the map is obama is either wildly popular with the dark blue and essentially in the lighter colors, that's where his rating is lower. if you were to look at a state like wyoming, he's at 31%. if you were to look at his favorite place to vacation, he's at 67%. you're looking at a lot of
12:43 pm
variation here. so the question is when we can use this kind of data to see whether or not obama is helping or potentially hurting clinton. >> then you map out a graph. i'm a geek and i love it. down on the bottom there is obama's approval rating. on the up and down axis is clinton support. those are individual states that you graphed. >> so what we have done is just like for the obama approval numbers, we estimated how well is clinton doing state by state. we estimated her support in all 50 states also. what we wanted to see is how correlated was obama's approval to clinton support. on that little line, the 45-degree line, the yellow line, it would show if the state is on that line, clinton's support is equal to obama. 's approval. if it's above that line, her support is a little higher. if it's below, it's a little
12:44 pm
less. >> she's got a lot of states where her approval is higher than his. >> what's interesting here is that's exactly right. there's two things. in a lot of these states, she's doing a little better than the obama approval number. the thing that's really striking is if the dots are on the 45 degree line, it means there's a very strong relationship between how obama is viewed and how well clinton is doing. >> so i love this graph if i'm the clinton campaign. >> there's a lot of good news for the clinton campaign. there's a couple takeaways. it's like you can see that especially with her lower approval ratings and obama's higher, she does well in states he's doing well. the thing that's a little bonus for her is in several states, she's doing a little better. so this is a good relationship for her. >> so interesting. john, thank you so much. we'll put the graphs up on my
12:45 pm
twitter feed so people can see them. we have been watching weather here. a quick update on that. tropical storm hermine has strengthened to a hurricane. it is set to strike florida's gulf coast making landfall by early friday. we'll have a report from florida, later this hour. stay with us. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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it's new and improved with guaranteedidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. back to the immigration debate now. it is the border states that are front and center there. i want to go straight to texas and former republican house majority leader tom delay joins us. how are you? nice to see you. >> it's great to see you, kate. i've missed you. >> it's been awhile since i covered capitol hill. donald trump outlined his immigration plan to deport anyone arrested for any crime whatsoever. he talked about closely cooperating with local law enforcement. isn't that already happening? deportations were up at the
12:49 pm
begin ining of obama's presiden. >> deportations are up, but the illegal entry is also up by huge numbers. right here in houston, texas, you can go three blocks from here and you have apartment complexes after apartment complexes packed full with illegal immigrants because houston basically is a sanctuary city. it's a huge problem in houston. it's costing the economy of houston huge amounts of money. most of these illegals are drawing welfare benefits. they are sending their kids to school. they are using the public services. many of them are paying taxes. but the impact on houston is monument tall. >> he laid out ten action points. some of them are major changes that would require legislative action, would require congress to be on board. how realistic is it he could
12:50 pm
deliver on the promises he made last night? >> he's going to have a hard time getting it through the senate. the house is there with him. it depends on who depends on who controls the senate that would make it very difficult. but he could get a lot of what he needs to be done. what needs to be done more than anything. when i was there in 1986 and that horrible bill was signed in that reagan signed, a message has to be sent to people particularly in mexico and central america and south america, that if you come here, you will be caught and you will be returned to your country of origin. there's no fooling around. the law will be enforced. and coming from the president that is huge. because then people won't take the risk of leaving their homes and coming to america if they don't think they can be safe here.
12:51 pm
that's really important but i think some of these things can be done in congress, particularly if the house stays in the republican hands. >> right, if it switch overs, that's different conversation. before i let you go, i would be remiss if i didn't ask you one question about, "dancing with the stars." you've been there. rick perry, fellow texan, what is your advice to him? >> take care of your feet and schmooze the judges. >> you had to leave because after stress fracture, right? >> yes. i had broken bones if both feet. i wasn't voted off. toyed leave. >> former republican congressman, tom delay. any excuse to show a picture of you dancing. thanks so much. >> thank you, kate. >> after the break, live to florida. the panhandle there where residents are bracing for what is now hurricane hermine, expected to make land fall early tomorrow.
12:52 pm
here i am... building a jet engine.
12:53 pm
we've been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, so you can see our confusion. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can also communicate digitally. like robots. did you build that robot? that's not a robot, that's my coworker earl. he builds jet engines with his human hands. what about that robot? that is a vending machine, ricky. john, give him a dollar.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
within the last hour. it is expected to slam into florida tomorrow. that's where we find gabe gutierrez out in the rain. gabe, tell us the latest. >> hi, kate, yes, as you mentioned, tropical storm hermine in the last hour or so, upgraded to a hurricane. florida has been under a state of emergency. the governor calling this a life-threatening situation. now we are here in franklin county and there are mandatory evacuations in effect for parts of this county. low-lying areas. saint george island where we're at earlier today before they shut down the bridge leading into the island and several residents there, as is often the case and some of these storms, they decided to stay there and ride out the storm. authorities are urging them to be careful and really to take cover and evacuate if possible. can you feel the wind really
12:56 pm
picking up, even as i'm standing here. a few minutes ago, you just didn't feel this type of wind or pelting rain as you do now. hermine making it towards land, kate. not officially making it for hours. today georgia's governor declared a state of emergency and south carolina is bracing for the effects of this as well over the next few days, kate. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez will continue to track that storm. thanks so much. we'll be right back after this.
12:57 pm
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that does is it for me. now to steve kornacki. >>.
1:00 pm
>> last night i outlined a bold new immigration reform to create prosperity and opportunity for all of our people. >> reaction today to trump's new immigration policy. some republican latinos jumping ship in response to it. we will tell but that in a minute. also on the agenda, thoroughly totally completely uninformed. joe biden, back on the campaign trail and back on the attack against donald trump. >> i don't believe the guy's bad guy, i just think he is tourly, totally, completely uninformed. he has no idea what he is talking about. >> the vice president also raising eyebrows today on the subject of the clinton foundation. we will tell you what he today say and why the trump campaign is now talking


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