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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>>. >> last night i outlined a bold new immigration reform to create prosperity and opportunity for all of our people. >> reaction today to trump's new immigration policy. some republican latinos jumping ship in response to it. we will tell but that in a minute. also on the agenda, thoroughly totally completely uninformed. joe biden, back on the campaign trail and back on the attack against donald trump. >> i don't believe the guy's bad guy, i just think he is tourly, totally, completely uninformed. he has no idea what he is talking about. >> the vice president also raising eyebrows today on the subject of the clinton foundation. we will tell you what he today say and why the trump campaign is now talking about it.
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also, what trump didn't address last night. the status of millions of people already living in this country. what exactly would he do with them? we'll dive into that very important question. all that and much more still ahead this hour but we begin with our top story. donald trump and the day after. if the idea was for trump to look presidential yesterday, he may have accomplished that yesterday afternoon when he stood side by side with the president of mexico at a formal event. the two men talking respectfully about each other and about a potential working relationship. but now, 24 hours after that event, the tensions behind the scenes coming to the surface. president pena nieto has been hammered by critics at home for granting trump an audience and is now calling the republican nominee quote a threat to the future of mexico. this after their meeting yesterday. the president writing in a mexican paper, that i was clear
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with trump that mexico will not pay for any wall. trump said yesterday after the meeting that the two men didn't discuss payment for any border wall. pena nieto's office saying that is technically accurate. quote, the president made it very clear that the topic was not discussed further. trump trying a very difficult balancing act today hoping to project the image of an international leader, but also trying to keep his base fired up on the subject of immigration. >> i just came back from a meeting with the president of mexico where i expressed a deep respect for the people of his country and for the tremendous contributions of mexican-americans in our country. we agreed in the meeting on the need to stop the illegal flow of guns, drugs, cash and people across the border and to take out the cartels.
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don't worry, we will build that wall. it is going to go up. we are going to build the wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. we will stop drugs from coming in. >> and katy tur and kasie hunt. katy at trump event and kasie with joe biden. we start with you in cincinnati and you are covering the trump campaign. what are they telling you that they got out of the last 24 hours? out of this trip to mexico and out of the speech last night? what do they think they got out of it politically? >> well, they were hoping to have donald trump come off as someone more presidential. somebody who looks more like a leader, of that visit to mexico
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yesterday. and after standing on stage next to the mexican president. they believe they accomplished that. they thought that was really great moment for donald trump on this campaign so far. game-changing moment for him. but then donald trump got on stage last night and gave a basically one of his primary speeches for his new unveiled immigration policy speech hitting hard line notes that we heard him sell over the primary. which worked for him during the primary. but the issue is, and the campaign acknowledges this, that donald trump needs to change his image a little bit to get moderate voters, to get potentially minority voters. was he successful with that last night? well, there are some advisers that say no, absolutely not. include something who resigned today. donald trump's national hispanic advisory council saw some resignations including jacob monty who said he didn't want to be used as prop like the hispanic president was. so that's why he resigned. these members were booing, about two weeks ago, when donald trump
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sat down with them at a round table at trump tower and talked about what they considered legalization. will he or won't he talk? where does that stand that ended last night when he got on stage and said, yes, there will be deportation forces. not sanctuary cities that people just can't come into this country hunkered down and expect to be legalized. so the hard line rhetoric that he used, stance that had last night, the red meat aspect of his speech, turned off some of his own advisors. and this morning now he is reaping the fallout from it. >> all right, katy tur in cincinnati. thank you for that. meanwhile, vice president joe biden, there was a time not long ago that he hoped he believed he might be the democratic candidate for president in the fall of 2016. instead, he deferred to hillary clinton now vice president biden with two months to go before the election hitting the campaign
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trail solo on behalf of hillary clinton for the first time. joe biden in ohio talking about bread and butter middle class issues. take a listen. >> you're fired. a phrase he's made famous. you're fired. >> you ought to come from a household where some people were fired. where the plant closed down. where all of a sudden they're staring at the ceiling wondering how in god's name aim going to make it. >> msnbc's kasie hunt is on the campaign trail with the vice president. this is all about going after donald trump. joe biden playing the role of surrogate. but you lot gos the chance to talk to him and he said some very interesting things that have the trump campaign interested. >> that's right, steve. this is the corner of ohio, at a uaw hall, a sign that instructs
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people who drive americans cars to park in the better parking lot and anyone who doesn't drive them needs to park some place else. that's the kind of place this is. that's why you send gentlemen biden out here. this is the backbone for democrats, union democrats especially. for many, many years. and now it is potentially trump country. a lot of people lost their jobs that a lot of them are blaming the trade agreements for the fact that the economics here have changed quite a bit. and we had vintage joe biden on display here. joking around with the crowd. talking about his own blue collar upbringing in scranton, pennsylvania. but the reality is, he is here. hillary clinton's not. she's been off the trail fund-raising. we saw she has an enormous haul, $140 million for her campaign and for democrats over the course of the last month but she hasn't been out front defending herself on questions we've been grappling with. she has dawn couple of interviews and can couple of speeches and that's it. we asked joe biden about issues
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hillary clinton has been facing with the clinton foundation. take a look. >> do you think americans should be concerned at all about the ethic of the clinton foundation? has the clinton foundation always been 100% ethical in your view? >> look, i think the clinton foundation like all foundations found themselves in a position where things are changing and i think she will change and adjust to the realities of how complicated it has all become. >> is she clearing herself up enough for that. should the foundation have stopped taking foreign donations now? >> i think you will see them stop taking foreign donations. >> trump campaign quick to respond. and trump saying biden couldn't defend hillary clinton saying quote the fact that even the vice president can't vouch for the clinton's foundation's ethics speaks volumes about hillary clinton's terrible judgme
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judgment. going on to say the clinton foundation should be shut down. >> very interesting exchange there. kasie hunt in warren, ohio. thanks for the time. now to cnbc chief washington correspondent john harwood and political reporter with the new york times. john, talking about this immigration speech from donald trump yesterday, the trip to mexico yesterday, what the trump campaign was trying to achieve in the last 24 hours. what do you think? do you think the trump chain is now in a different position in any way than they were 24 hours ago? >> i don't. here is the problem. donald trump has to hold his base but also make his base bigger. and there is a two-person race and he was trying with that trip to mexico to convey a different impression of himself. one more sedate and dig any find that and what people are more accustom to seeing as a president that has to function as diplomat. that is fine so far as it went. but when you go immediately to phoenix and give a speech where
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you are talking about about rapists and child molesters and illegal immigrants who have killed american citizens, and deportation forces and all of the things that created that image that he had in the first place, you cancel out the effect of what you're doing the first time. when you have the severe image problem and donald trump's problem is severe, you've got to have a sustained eye tempt to change how people see you. and if you just go and have what was a descent looking event with the mexican president, but then reverse course later, i don't see how you make progress. >> do you think it is a balancing act even possible here between the support that donald trump built during the primary process on the issue of immigration with all of the hard line rhetoric, with the hard lined positions, keeping that support engaged, keeping that support fired up and changing his image in a way that will appeal to voters who have been
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turned off to that, can you balance those two things at the same time? >> extremely difficult to do. and the emotional tone of the speech in phoenix, as you said, was the primary kind of speech. now he is trying to do one thing on policy. he is suggesting that while all 11 million who are here illegally are subject to deportation, they might not actually be deported for some period of time and who knows what would change once the border is secured. so he is backing way from the idea of all 11 million have to go, even though he says they might have to go. but that kind of gets swallowed up and lost in the tone and tenor of what he said in phoenix yesterday. >> we never really add him, i'm trying to think, in modern presidential campaign history. sticking to such a hard line position on immigration. you had george w. bush, john mccain, even mitt romney, general election version of him, trying to get to the middle on this. we've never really tested a
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general election nominee running on an agenda like this. >> no. but we have tested what happens when somebody makes a campaign appeal that is solely focused on their base and not aimed at the middle. you know, barry gold water tried that in 1964 and it didn't work too well. didn't work too well for george mcgovern in 1972. so this is the challenge that trump faces. he's got a very loyal constituency that is sticking with him. he thrives off of the emotion in the room which is one of the reasons why he raised the temperature last night because he enjoys the feedback he gets from his audience. but he has got to figure out if he aims to win the election, ways to communicate in different ways to larger audiences than that. >> all right, cnbc's john harwood. appreciate it. >> you bet. >> in trump's immigration speech, not going over well with prominent latino republicans. katy tur just mentioning this a few minutes ago today in the wake of that speech several
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hispanic trump surrogates have begun questioning their affiliation with the campaign. jacob monty is a member of trump's national hispanic council. he resigned shortly after the speech in arizona last night. another trump supporter saying the speech likely cost him the election. i want that bring in daniel gar saturday, republican and executive director of the libre initiative. daniel, you are a fairly conservative politically if we today peg you. but in immigration you have differences with donald trump. your reaction to the speech donald trump delivered last night. >> i am a free market conservative. that is true. look, like other latinos you were mentioning who are good friends of mine, serious professional people, who are dedicated to their community, were looking to see what donald trump today offer. and this is a segment of the community. millions of latinos. who resist, who cannot stomach hillary clinton's agenda of big government, big spending, more
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borrowing, growing the size in the scope of government. we're looking to donald trump and hopeful that he could provide a sensible market based immigration approach last night. but it was an entirely enforcement. it disappointed a lot of latinos in the movement. >> and we will dive into the details ahead in the show. but he did, to the extent that people are say there is softening that he backed off the idea of 5 million or so of the 11 million here illegally. he didn't say anything about status or citizenship, he said that wouldn't happen. but he didn't say that they would be priorities in terms of deportation. priorities in terms of -- >> that's right. he is envoccing prosecutorial discretion which is what president has done with the dreamers and was trying to do with dapa. to make sure that otherwise law-abiding undocumented community could be spared of deportation because of the limited resources and we could
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focus on criminals, on gang members, who are coming over and committing crimes. the folks who are involved in sex trading business. you know, these kind of folks that need to be targeted and need to be deported immediately. as fast as possible. but he didn't talk about the aspirations of that community. he didn't talk about the contributions of immigrant to america. that had been 200 million immigrants have come to america throughout the arc of history, making us richer, stronger. he should have talked about that. instead of pointing them out as a problem to solve. they are part of the solution and providing a value to our economy. public policy should induce human flourishing. what we wanted to see is a policy position that are going to induce family cohesion, make our economy stronger and also allow the private sector to respond to market forces by hiring who they need to hire. whether that is high school or
1:16 pm
low skill. >> who do you think he talked to last night? >> given the content of one dimensional and enforcement only it sounds like folks who have an angest about what they have as a sense of loss of control at the border. there is a legitimacy to that. and a lot of latinos feel we should secure the borders. there is nothing wrong with that. we should focus on driving a consensus on those issues. but that's the thing, because you are actually distancing yourself from consensus, both parties are right now, you have hillary clinton who is overpromising. she is promising the policy positions that she cannot deliver on and she knows it. what you need is consensus on both sides. a president did not impose law. they have to execute it. they have to work with both sides and we did not see that last night. >> all right, daniel garza, thanks for the time. >> a pleasure. >> how is trump's deportation
1:17 pm
plan starting, with the immediate removal of those who committed violent crimes. >> can you call it deport fed you want. the press doesn't like that term. can you call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. >> and the calendar is flipped from august to september. that means hurricane season is on the way. hermine is on track to become the first hurricane to make land fall in florida in 11 years. when it could hit and how much more it could intensify. and sights set on recapturing the u.s. senate. losing it two years ago to republicanes. now where are the republicans most vulnerable seats? we will look that with our most important number of the day. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics.
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anyone who entered the u.s. illegally is subject to deportation. that is what it means to have laws in a country. >> one of the major issues hanging over that speech, what to do with the millions of undocumented immigrants already in the country. the speech provided some clarity but still left a lot taupe interpretations. let's dive in and take a closer look at what exactly donald trump says he is calling for when it comes to the issue of deportation. have you right now, estimated 11 million people living in this country who entered illegally. that's the estimate, is 11 million. what is trump saying to do with that 11 million? he talked about prior advertising deportations for
1:22 pm
those who committed criminal acts. there are various estimate of how many of those 11 million fall into the category. on the high end about 2 million, on the low end, about 600,000. that's up to 2 million of the 11 million that trump is talking about prioritizing for immediate deportation. another group he talked about there, people who have overstayed their visas. it's expired. they are still in the country. he says they shouldn't be here. he said they should be prioritized for deportation as well. the estimate there talking about 4.5 million people who would fall into that category. these are the two big groups that trump is talking about making it a pry tort deport if you say 2 million on the high end when it comes to criminals and 4.5 million when it comes to those overstaying thevisas, thas about 6.5 million. that's about 60% of the total but of course that leaves more than 4 million people. 4.5, 5 million people, maybe
1:23 pm
more, not prioritized by donald trump. when it comes to deportation. where would that leave them? what would their status be in 4 million, 5 million people under a donald trump press president spip that presidency. that is something that donald trump talked about in more broad terms. lets atake a listen. >> importantly in several years when we have our deportation goals and truly ended illegal immigration for good, then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those individuals who remain. that discussion can take place only in an atmosphere in which illegal immigration is a memory of the past.
1:24 pm
>> i will bring in bore wibs senior adviser to the trump campaign. boris, we ran through the numbers. you are looking at about 6 million, under what donald trump put out last night. 6 million that he says, hey, i become president and right away i'm moving to deport. is that fair to call this a mass deportation terms? >> it is not about the terms. donald trump has been very direct. you laid it out there yourself. number one is to deport all illegal criminals. then you go into cities and catch and release. most of them we are talking about with you last night. then the key contrast for the american people to see, is donald trump secures the border. and hillary clinton with her hundred-day amnesty plan and 550% increase in syrian refugees, she wants an open-border policy. >> if we're talking contrast, let's focus on the people we are just talking about there.
1:25 pm
i think there is an interesting contrast here. i'm curious what the trump side of this is. clinton side is the 4.5, 5 million we are talking about, who do not fall into the category. no overstaying visa, no criminal record, 4.5, 5 million people. clinton says there should be a process in place. many have been living in this country, following the laws, working. there should be a process in place to give them citizenship. >> that's called amnesty. >> you call that amnesty. that's the clinton side. i'm not clear what donald trump want to do with those 4.5 to 5 million people. under trump presidency, what happens to them. >> key is to go for the 10 point he talked about yesterday. that's the key. that's priority. as you know very well when you govern you have to make priorities. >> but what does that mean? >> those that don't fall into the other categories, with you work with the laws on the books and in accordance with congress
1:26 pm
and constitution and very importantly again, humanely. that's what donald trump is saying. laying out more specifics as time goes on. again, key here, issues that he concentrated on yesterday that you and me have been talking about and all criminals are deported and making sure that san francisco is no longer he is not ral city. >> but what is the goal? if is the goal to get them out of the country? >> the goal of donald trump for -- >> yeah, let's be honest, the goal is to maximize her voting base. should you have a citizenship to all 11 million. >> goal for donald trump is making sure that america is a sovereign nation. we have real border both north, south and everywhere. we have true border in this country. that's what he will do with the wall. make sure mexico does pay for the wall and go for points we've
1:27 pm
been discussing and once you are left with smaller number of illegal immigrants and not committing a crime then again deal with the according to the laws that are on the book now and with lace you pass. >> does that mean that eventually there could be a process to give them legal status? >> no, no amnesty. >> when he says wait a few years down the road and talk about it, it is not talk about giving them any kind of legal status. >> there is no path to citizenship. >> legal status. >> no path to citizenship. for those ill lem immigrants if you're here now. we will work through the details when the the time comes but those illegal immigrants a lot of them are large and just 300,000 just in the last few years readmitted to that united states who have committed crimes and again so important for the voters to recognize. they have such a binary close, right? when it comes to november 8 and early voting between hillary clinton whose immigration policy is first of all not very well detailed and second of all completely open borders.
1:28 pm
unconstitutional amnesty executive orders and donald trump who again makes sure america is protected and employed. >> boris epstein from the trump campaign. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on wednesday, msnbc news and along with iraq and afghanistan veterans of american hosting trump and clinton for a live prime time forum. discussing issues that the next president has to handle as commander-in-chief. meanwhile, florida, bracing for first hurricane in 11 years, big threat with hermine as the storm surge and possible tornadoes. mandatory evacuations are under way. this is what it looks like where the storm is expected to make u.s. land fall, when it will hit and where it is heading next is coming up. this is life threatening. we have a hurricane. we can rebuild a home. you can rebuild property. you cannot rebuild a life. hmmmmmm.....
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welcome back. here are your headlines. donald trump reiterating today he will build a wall along the u.s. mexico border if elected president. also insistinging that mexico would pay for it. he made the comments a day after meeting with mexican president pena nieto who said he told trump that his country will never pay for a wall. hillary clinton not responding directly to trump's speech but she did send vice president joe biden and her running mate tim kaine out on the trail for her. we're also learning that bernie sanders, clinton's primary rival, would campaign for clinton on labor day. the election again just 68 days away. elsewhere be a authorities in florida have found the zika virus entrapped mosquitos. first time mosquitos tested positive for the virus in the continental u.s. at least 47 people in the united states have contacted -- contracted zika via mosquito
1:33 pm
since first detected a month ago. meanwhile, space x, private space exploration companies, confirms that one of its rockets exploded during a test at cape canaveral. a blast so powerful that it shook buildings miles away. no one was hurt but a satellite on board was destroyed. the falcon rocket was scheduled to launch this saturday. florida is bracing as well for its first hurricane in more than a decade. the storm called hermine strengthen need a hurricane in the last hour. it could make land fall early tonight or tomorrow morning. it is in the gulf of mexico. its impact could ultimately be felt as far away as new england by next week. gabe gutierrez is in apalachicola, florida. that's where hermine is headed now. gabe, what are the preparations like on the ground there? >> reporter: hey, steve, good afternoon. rain is coming in side ways and has been for the past few minutes.
1:34 pm
wind is starting to kick up here and here in franklin county there are mandatory evacuations for areas in the coastal communities. in st. gorge, island we were there earlier today. some residents sticking it out planning to ride out the storm but authority urge them to be careful. governor rick scott also came on and said this is a life-threatening situation. reapy warning residents about what could happen here. as you mentioned, land fall expected sometime in overnight hours. this is a storm that has strengthened the last day or so. north ward in the gulf of mexico at about 12 miles an hour earlier today, but now expected to hit land. this is not just a threat for florida. georgia's governor declared a state of emergency. portions of north carolina under a state of emergency. a large swath of the south looking at the storm expected to bring not just heavy rain and damaging wind and devastating storm surge but also the possibility even of isolated
1:35 pm
tornadoes south carolina is also looking at impact from the storm and into the holiday weekend rip currents up and down the east coast. so the situation in franklin county, wind pick willing up and rain and they expect this to make land fall possibly into the overnight hours. >> all right, gabe gutierrez, you can see that storm is coming, stay safe, gabe. now to meteorologist erica grow. erica? >> we are tracking this through the gulf of mexico, through the panhandle and florida. this is dumping heavy rain fall. minimal category 1 hurricane with peak wind of 75 miles an hour. as it moves inland and loses ilts strength, it is going to start dumping that heavy rain. this is forecast track. look at timing of this. labor day weekend up and down
1:36 pm
the coastline. areas where a lot of people want to go out to the beach and enjoy the holiday weekend. by the time it gets up toward the mid-atlantic and it will be a tropical depression that doesn't mean it will be reduced any. this storm cast surge may be upwards of she, very heavy rain fall at least 5 to 10 inches in some parts of the state of florida. we will continue to track it for you steve. back to you. >> erica grow, thank you. 51 counties including hillsboro county and that's where tampa is and joining us is the mayor of tampa. mr. mayor, thanks for taking a few minutes. you heard what all of our viewers heard. what is the biggest challenge you face with a storm like this coming? >> caller: fortunately, steve, we're on the back side of this
1:37 pm
hurricane. though we will get the storm surge and wind that move in a counter clockwise basis. we have a lot of heavy rain and tampa is a low lying city and there is a lot of standing water and what we have been telling everybody from day one is do be drive in standing water. we just urge people to use common sense. that standing water can ruin your car. there may be downed power lines in there that could cause you an awful lot of harm so just use common sense. drive around the areas that you know will be low-lying and we're all going to be fine. >> bob buckhorn, mayor. thanks. expected to make land fall within the next 24 hours. we will squeeze a quick break if and senate is in recess.
1:38 pm
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no one will forget. see what the power of pots can do for your business. learn more at it's important to america's future that we have a say over the next president's appointments to this united states supreme court. >> senator john mccain on tuesday night, celebrating his primary win out there in arizona, running for another term in the u.s. senate but that primary just the warm-up act for john mccain. he is one of many republicans facing a potentially difficult general election fight this fall and it is not just mccain and not just republican candidates. question of which party is going to control the senate when all the dust settles after november it takes us to our most important number of the day that
1:42 pm
is 4. what is 4? the magic number for democrats. if democrats can pick up four senate seats they would be at 50 and the president's party wreaks the tie in the senate so 50 would be enough for them. they need 4 with a clinton win. let's look at the battlefield. here is the good news as we are two months from the election right now. all of the state you see in yellow here these are republican-held seats that dmcod be in danger this year. they could have a fighting chance of getting pick-ups. if you look at the map closely, here is the good news for democrats. he looks to be in a world of trouble in illinois. these two states look good for democrats and hoping that hillary clinton will have coat tails in new hampshire and in pennsylvania. also democrats got an unlikely state indian and indian evan,
1:43 pm
popular former senator and famous name in the state. deciding he will run for old senate seat so evan buy is back and leading polles. five best targets for democrats remember they need to pick up four if they are going to get to 50. some of the other states are reaches although we have to tell you just this afternoon john mccain in arizona, a poll came out putting that race in a tie. so john mccain could be in trouble out there in arizona. here is the flip side, those are the prospects for democrats to gain seats. how about where republicans are on offense. we look at this, pretty empty map except for nevada. that's where harry reid, outgoing senate democratic leader, his seat is up and republicans have a real shot there. that is the best hope for republicans really. if they could win nevada, if they could flip nevada, then maybe they can survive losses in other states we are showing you. if democrats can hang on to nevada they look right now to be in reasonably good shape to get
1:44 pm
to that magic number of 50 and control the u.s. senate after this election. so that brings us back to our most important number of the day today, it is 4. meanwhile new polls showing the race for the white house tightening in key states. we will break down the state of the race. all of the latest numbers. stay tuned right after this. squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew!
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now he is choking on because his foot is in nhis mouth along wit his spoon. >> that is vice president joe biden in warren, ohio. his latest attack on donald trump. we are joined by national political reporter and betsy woodruff, reporter from the "daily beast." donald trump is in mexico during the day giving that speech in arizona last night. a day later, do you think the trump campaign is in any different position now as a result of yesterday? >> it was a revert to form. last ten day he of the trump campaign created a lot of confusion and raised a lot of questions about whether he was changing his position and moving to a soften tone and softer policy. and donald trump made it clear he was not. deportation is still on the table. citizenship is off the table and importantly he is going to crack down on legal immigration. this puts him where he was before, right where he is playing for. working class white voters. where he is playing with nationalist sentiments and he
1:49 pm
will ride that all the way through to the elections. >> we can show everybody, this is national poll, usa today suffolk poll. giving hillary clinton the lead of 7 points. you see the libertarian. jill stein green party candidate and they are both on the board as well. swing state polls, pennsylvania. this giving five-point lead to clinton again, including both independent candidate there without johnson and stein. 7 in pennsylvania. and marquette university law school poll out there, clinton, 3-point lead. this surprised some people. hillary clinton was up double digits after the democratic convention, now down to 3. i get the good news for donald trump is obvious, there is a tightening in the swing states and we've seen that in other ones. bad news is it seems like hillary clinton's numbers can come down and make it close but i never see him moving up into the mid high 40s. >> right. that's a bit of a problem.
1:50 pm
the fact that republican party nominee has trouble regularly cracking 40% in some of the polls is really perplexing. i think part of the reason is just an ske existential problem and he doesn't have massive appeal. fox news poll that came out yesterday, a national poll, asked respondent's what they wanted to happen to the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. and 77% said they favored some sort of pathway to legal status. the reality is trump crafted his campaign reasonably consistently on having a very, very strict enforcement of immigration laws and that just isn't what the majority of american voters want. that's a problem he won't be able to fix. >> how can he, we talk about this too all the time, suburban white voters voting republican in the past and they looked at donald trump for the last year and they have moved further and further away from him. he sort of is staying the course when it comes to immigration. he's got eight weeks.
1:51 pm
is there anything he can do to bring them back into the fold? >> i think all a base turnoff game. he has to maximize and see the white vote and it is not clear there is enough of them and even if they get to 70, 80, 90% turnout. and if you look at the change in rhetoric since this campaign shake-up is to appeal college-educated whites who voted for republican candidates in every election dating back to 1952. he has potential there. but the speech last night shows he is going to go with the working class, white working class strategy and i think betsy is right about immigration polls. there isn't a majority for this message, this restrictionist, protectionist message of cutting down immigration and cut down on trade and it alienates minorities and college student too. >> the thing he has, best thing going for him, we have seen this in poll after poll as well, his negatives are high. hillary clinton's are very high as well. it does seem in this race, every time she starts to open up a lead she slips back.
1:52 pm
almost as if swing voters, yeah, all right, fine, i'll go with hillary clinton and then reservations come right back to the surface. >> without a doubt. look, this is what republican insiders and talking heads have been saying for the last two years or so that loint was a deeply flawed candidate. now we are seeing the polls suggest that she was weaker than kind of the mainstream view held. that it was probably very savvy on the part of her campaign to largely clear the primary field except for bernie sanders. that's a smart strategy because looking back, know wlag we know now, poll numbers and last year of her campaign she didn't have the inevitablity that many advocates said she had. and the fact she is running against a historically loathed candidate is a boom to her but i imagine democrats are taking a deep breath and finding some sort of a sucker in the fact that they aren't up against a
1:53 pm
candidate that isn't more competent. >> i that i republicans are having a version of that as well. well, we're in september. the home stretch. debates to come. and donald trump can cut into that gap. thanks for joining us. here is ham pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> dow up to 18 point. s&p down by a fraction of a point. the nasdaq up by 14. that's it from cnbc, first in business, word wide. hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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images you do not see everyday. in venezuela massive protests. amid the worst economic crisis in the last half century there. nearly 1 million protesters, think about that, 1 million people taking to the streets, saying they won't least until the ousting of their president. cal, i've been watching these pictures today. i think like a lot of people, it is amazing. we see protests but a million people in a country the size of venezuela. this is shocking. >> this is the opposition movement as you see. it has taken over the city. this is the result of three years of significant recession. imagine 18 wi0% inflation. bakes goods, bread, milk, water. not available in super markets.
1:58 pm
long lines we have seen the past few years. this is what is pushing to that. add to that oil prices crashed. from $85 to $30 a barrel. 95% of venezuela's export. let's go to is a venezuela politics. the president has taken over the supreme court and is flooding it with judges he picks. opposition has taken over the legislature, the equivalent of our congress. they keep passing law to restrict his power and turn and the judges keep overturning it. that's what this is about. a lot of people think this could be the beginning after coup sit type situation in venezuela. >> that's the question. how is the president responding? he has a million people out there right now. what is he saying? >> he is trying to organize his own march to take place tomorrow and what people are fearing this venezuela, especially in the capital with a population of 2 million, this is half the city in force, people are worried there will be violence.
1:59 pm
we have seen violence in the past. the it t the tit for tat rallies. we could see a spike in violence. >> people think the late hugo chavez. he instituted a lot of reforms. does his shadow hang over this at all? >> it is. and as you said, these government sort of takeover of so many industries, right? and this economic what the president is calling the economic war. he even chute the boreder with colombia because a lot of the goods needed in venezuela were taken across the border and sold on the black market in colombia. there is a black market in venezuela bigger than the actual market. >> keeping an eye on the situation there. 2 million people in the city and 1 million are on the street. if anything develops, i'm sure cal will keep us posted on that. and an update on the weather we have been talking about, heading for florida. the 5:00 p.m. update just
2:00 pm
released. maximum sustained wind clocking in at 75 miles an hour. they are warning people to prepare for a life-threatening land surge. hermine should be back to the east coast over the weekend. that does it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. i'll be back for the rachel maddow show. but first, "mtp daily" starts now. >> if it's thursday, donald trump crossed the border then crossed the line, for some inside his own campaign. tonight, the tale of two trumps. >> we didn't discuss that. we didn't discuss who pays for the wall. we didn't discuss. >> mexico will pay for the wall. >> this is just the beginning of the negotiation. >> and final straw for some trump insiders plus a kplat calculated risk. >> if hillary clinton is elected president -- >> and later diggi


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