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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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no. no. no. they said, headlines "maybe she came in illegally, maybe" let me tell you one thing, she has got it so documented she's going to have a little news conference. let's have a little news conference. >> next couple of weeks, that was three weeks ago. so i guess maybe press conference next week. that's the last word, joy reed is up next with our live coverage, hey, joy. >> i think they might be softening on the whole idea. >> i couldn't resist. >> thank you very much, lawrence, appreciate it. >> i'm joy reed. -- it was just yesterday that surprise striking a tone about his meeting with --
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>> we did discuss the whoa, we didn't discuss payment of wall. that will be for a later date. this was a very prelim nation meeting. i think it was an excellent meeting. >> within hours of that meeting, trump was back in the states and back in rare form in front of rocket supporters and in ohio today. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> we're going to build a wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall, we're going to stop drugs from coming in. >> trump's arizona speech was the last straw for some of his top latino surrogates, several of whom politico supports in light of the most recent hardening. joining matt -- as he himself
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used that term. what did you make of the speech that he then turned around and gave in arizona last night. >> discussions with the president. >> i think that was an important step. and the security is important. the security is important to all americans including latinos an we feel that that is an important first step and moving forward to then discussing issues regarding the undocumented that are here, that aren't criminal, that there should be some sort of legal
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status for them. >> you say that you believe there should be some sort of legal status, no only will there be no legal status, he even questioned whether legal immigrants are -- are assimilating, in words, whether there should be a star chamber where people should have to go through a test. he talked about the renewed deportation force. what he was talking about was aggressive kicking out from people, not any legal status, are you saying you're okay with those remarks? >> i think his focus was really those that are here that were have a criminal record and that is a concern for everyone, as he showed, there were people that lost their sons, daughters, husbands because of those that were here illegally that were criminals and let back out in our streets. i think that was his main focus. i don't recall discussions about those that are here legally having had some sort of standard.
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>> is that what you heard, katherine? >> no he said we want to make sure that the people who are here, my understanding was regardless of status, fit american values assimilated parted and past ideological test. >> he said the number that live here should live with the knowledge that they could be deported. the certification, which let's been honest, is an ideological certification by the federal government. that is really weird. >> i don't think that's for people who are living here. i think the idea -- >> i thought it was all immigrants. >> i think it's aimed visitors particularly for muslim countries. >> do you hear the confusion as to what the specific policy is, but i think that matt made fundamental point, was it donald trump's trump goal last night to communicate to 11 million people, be afraid. there was nothing in that speech that was conciliation toward the
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people that he explicitly told his own latino advisory council he was going to be compassionate toward. >> i think we're making a mistake if we say donald trump is attempting to communicate to the 11 million people or any latinos. he claimed he was communicating to the african-american community while basically saying, they live in some post apock liptic waste land. it was meant to appeal to his base. i think in all of this discussion in hardening and softening, we're looking for two leaves that -- tea leaves that don't exist. this is not a traditional campaign by any stretch. he has no infrastructure, he has no traditional organization that we see. these policies none of the specifics we normally see. he's see. he's lurching from one moment to the next. we see.
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>> corey lewendowski, his former campaign manager said that that speech was night was meant to communicate to white men. but i want to play for you, pastor, donald trump reversing course on the sort of angry affirm amped speech last night. trying to reassert that he was doing something other than what we saw. take a listen is. >> you are soph inning ftening immigration, where is the soften soften softe softenig. >> obviously i want to get the gang hemembers out. i want to get the drug dealers out. we've got a lot of people in this country that you can't have. and those people work it out, and then we are going to make a decision at a later date. once everything is stabilized.
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>> pastor, you don't have whiplash when you listen to the various donald trumps that you see just communicating with whoever his audience is. are you concerned that he would be -- >> nothing that i heard yesterday stated that he will be deporting the 11 million not criminal elements that are here. his focus was t-- terrible criss right now on the border with all kinds of problems that are coming into our land, and we believe -- i've met with mr. trump four times, three of which were in small, closed setting, and each of those times we discussed the plight of the undocumented people that were here. andib andible -- he was compassionate.
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what you just discussed, and i think that there is a concern on security, there is a concern on -- the problem is for the last seven years, we've had a failed immigration policy under president obama. >> hold on. let me ask you a question. i'm going to let catherine back in. would you it surprise you that the net migration into the united states from mexico is zero, and it has declined and it is considerably down. would it surprise you to find out that there is that chart right there. you are saying there is this increasing crisis on the border, the data says the opposite. >> i think the crisis in the immigration system, we need immigration reform, for the first two years when president obama had control of the house and senate, there was no talk of immigration reform at -- >> control of the house and the senate for two years, he got it in july of 2009, and lost in 2010. catherine. >> so i would add if your
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interpretation of donald trump's policy is that he's going to ship out criminals, and he's going to make sure that we don't have anymore illegals coming in, you support barrack obama's policy. he has been prioritizing deporting criminals. deportations are a new record high. there is new data that came out recently. they declined slightly this year, and we have net out migration of unauthorized immigrants, as just stated. so the policy that pastor seems to interpret as being donald trump's is what we are seeing under barack obama. >> trump several times emphasized that we are going to be getting rid of visa overstays. it's an important category, it's half of the illegal immigrants that are here. people who came into stupcommun and overstayed. we are going to get rid of half of those people, that's a whole lot of people. >> i think for donald trump supporters that think if you were to do that you would still
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be targeting people from mexico and latin america. on visa overstays. 9 thousand of them are from canada, 42,000, half that are from mexico. look at the caribbean, 22,000, you would be talking about 123,000 people from europe. the single -- donald trump would be going after, they are from europe. >> they are awfully hard to get to. having a biometric system, chris christie and newt gingrich suggested treating them like -- that's not going to pass constitutional muster. a lot of what donald trump talked about yesterday would be practiced unconstitutional. that is kind of an issue. >> and a question to you, pastor -- the abuse of them. donald trump's own modeling agency, apparently, abused that system to allow people who seemed to have also been at
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times not paid for their work, but really abused. very young women coming in working while they were on tourist visas. do you think donald trump should address that? >> well, i don't know anything about that. so i'm really not at liberty to address that point without further inquiry. >> all right. well, we will keep inquiring about it. hopefully if you tune in to msnbc, you will learn about it next time. coming up, the san francisco 49'ers and san diego chargers are playing at this moment. we will show you what colin kaepernick did during tonight's national anthem. stay with us. it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class.
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american legion to help to strengthen respect for our flag. you see what is happening. it's very, very sad. >> donald trump today promised veterans that he would protect and promote the american flag. what seems to be a shot at san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick who is refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality. he continued his protest before his team's preseason finale against the san diego chargers, which coincided with the home team's annual salute to the military. joining me now is jamel smith. and paris denard. let's go around the table and let me know what you think about this. who joined in that protest, too,
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what do you think of it? >> i think content is important. this is a long tradition of african-american athletes standing in for what they believe in. bill russell, jim brown, and sanders sat down in support of m mohammed ali, i think people often think of athletes, former college basketball player when you get on the court or the field, people forget that you are not just playing, that you have a social conscience. and i think what colin is doing is his way of protesting, and exercising his first amendment rights. you criticize things that you care about. celebrating our 10-year anniversary tomorrow. >> don't criticize the person that you love. >> when she criticizes me, i like to believe it's because she loves me. >> yeah. >> she wants me to be better and that is what kaepernick is
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doing. he's doing that. the thing now is what's he going to do next, is he going to step out and be a part of the solution and start trying to solve the problem, get involved with the movement? that's what i'm looking for. he's got the attention that he's needed on this. >> good point. you have had also even in terms of black lives matter, you had a lot of players that have stood up in terms of black lives matter, whether it is heat players, the football player, nfl players who have done the hands up don't shoot, et cetera -- >> it really helps us to think about this country critically. i love america more than any other country in the world, and exactly for that reason, i insist on the right to criticize her perpetually. that is the way the people that love this country should always live. without this exception of america exceptionallism. we are not seeking to actually make it better. i think real patriots try to
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make their country better. >> make it a unanimous paris. >> no, we are not. i will say this, joy, i will say this, you know, men and women fought and died and bled for the rights -- for us all to sit down like he's doing. they also -- have a life like will and juando who are celebrating 10 years, i hope to do that myself. the same opportunities were given to him to earn over $114 million for a six-year contract, as well as about a $12 million signing bonus. he is reaping the benefit of the rewards of this great country, so out of respect to those -- >> i mean if you think about the people who have the platform and the ability to make their pro he test meaningful, they are the people who have money. they are the people who are the heavy weight champions of the world. it is the people who are -- on this paris. one of the things that come out as a result of what kaepernick
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is doing, the people are examining the star spangled banner a little more. it wasn't the national anthem until the 1930s, it was written in the war of 1812. part of it was britain with whom we were fighting over canada said that slaves who fought for the crown -- of the national anthem deals with those people who fought for the british, and they said they have a war, the, the home and the country should leave us no more -- no refuge could save the slave from the terror of flight and the gloom of the star spangled banner. the fact that slavery is embedded in the anthem -- >> it surely doesn't. every time i hear whitney houston sing the national anthem, or marvin gay, i am proud to be an american, i'm proud to hear those black people sing it, and i'm proud to -- we
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have to deal with the issue of slavery. but thanks be to god that our forefathers had the which is come to put in place mechanism so we could right the wrongs, and we could have freedoms and opportunities to have the first black president, have a black person on the supreme court in clarence thomas, and have colin sit and make $114 million. >> i mean, i think that's enough for paris, but a lot of black people out here want a lot more than that. and it is an example of people proclaiming all the freedom that america has, but trying to limit this man from exercising his own, because he made $114 million in a league, does he have to be poor in order to protest the flag? does he have to be poor to sit down and protest? i know that. >> my grandfather served as well, and i stand for that national anthem. >> you let me finish my point. my point is it doesn't matter
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how much pride you have in this country. what matters is what you feel like this country needs to be. >> and not that you show pride and respect for this country when you criticize. and the fact that what he's doing by standing up, and also he's losing money. he's losing money on endorsements, he's losing money on, he might get cut from the team, and play into this. so he's taking a risk. and that's one thing i want to call out for him, because the others that have stood up and lebron and duane, they haven't said things that are going to imperil their whole lively hood, trump's whole message is that america is not great and all these things, and when he says that he's applauded, when colin kaepernick stands up and says our country needs to improve in some areas and that's why i'm making this stand, he's yelled at and jeered.
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>> we are going to give him a chance to think about that when we go to a break. up next some new information on a story that we have been following quite closely. donald trump and his gift to florida attorney general pam bondy. you don't want to miss that. hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber.
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fmale teacher: and then name thelargest planet?t? male teacher: someone we haven't heard from. female teacher:anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast is on track to connect 3 million people in need to low cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. welcome to it all. comcast. donald trump has paid a $2,500 penalty to the irs for an improper donation to florida attorney general pam bondi's reelection campaign. according to a reporting.
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he gave $25,000 to bondi in 2013, and an illegal contribution. trurm officials told t trump officials said they were honest mistakes. he has now paid the irs a 10% tax contribution, and has personally don't natur personally -- bondi had said she was considering joining a lawsuit against trump university. bondi ultimately decided not to investigate complaints against trump u, a decision she says had nothing to do with the donations on the trump foundation. and joining me now to discuss this, is radio host fernan fernand armandi. this sounds very interesting timing-wise. >> it's a little bit fishy, doesn't it, joy? but here again where what i find
8:28 pm
so interesting about this is you have donald trump making the case for the rationale, joy, that he needs to be the next president of the united states because of his competence, because he's a businessman, because he's going to win so much he's going to make your head spin. but here again another mistake that you would think this kind of minor league rookie mistakes that a multi million air businessman that is giving away charity contributions all the time. here we are again, and the name of the pac that it was going to go for was the injustice for all pac. you have 22 cases of fraud brought to the state attorney general's office, and you are going to pay for play with a contribution. here under mining not only the central core of donald trump candidacy, which is his competency as a businessman, now they are admitting guilt, and admitting mistakes. but here again joy in the case of pam bondi, someone who the very person that should be investigating some of these claims, in essence could you say
8:29 pm
he paid off? i think so. for looking the other way when it comes to very serious allegations about donald trump. and trump university. >> and you know, the trump campaign has tried to make something out of the clinton foundation, which -- here you do have what definitely looks like very odd timing. we'll put it that way, between this campaign contribution and bondi saying we are not going to look into trump university. i'm wondering about her political career, she's seen as arising star in the political party. at some point does this start to hurt her? >> you know, joy, it hasn't at the ballot box, because you've seen this kind of cloud of controversy follow pam bondi, but the last two times she's run, she's won with well over 50% of the vote. so there is kind of a teflon quality. but i think that supporting donald trump that regards himself as a figure of repute, a figure of political star in the
8:30 pm
future, is going to have to account for the donald trump candidacy with aones all of the sta -- hysteria dies down. in this case donald trump porting the republican she's standing in lock step with him. i think it will hurt her, joy. >> speaking of people having to kind of stand up for, account for the support of donald trump come what may, we've seen a series of interesting gafs on the part of minority supporters, african-american sporter african-american sporter african-american supporters. using the pejorative term illegals. the second one the head of l latinos for trump. this is a gift for your radio
8:31 pm
show tomorrow, but also a chance to ask -- >> different time. we are having problems here. >> what problems are you talking about? >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you are going to have to -- >> so i mean, that doesn't sound like brit, it sounds like a delicious opportunity for americans to have delicious food. j i don't know what he was saying. >> it's no the just taco trucks on every corner, what they are doing is they are waking up the sleeping giant, and, joy, you've seen this movie before, so have i, it's called california in the '90s. all that this talk is doing is rousing, and it's not mexicans, by the way, it's in that case
8:32 pm
that was a hispanic surrogate, it was a boneheaded move. every time this happens coming from someone representing donald trump, it's a further waving of that red flag, in front of the bull. and if you ask for the bull you are going to get the horns and that is what is coming here. it was interesting to see today the very day that many of donald trump's own hispanic advisors have stepped down with regards to his speech on immigration. i'm not sure who is going to be left on the trump campaign on the hispanic side by the end of this week. >> this is now on the cover of the post, the buzzfeed has covered it. who is somebody who is indeed arising star in the democratic party, 2020 and 2024, if his voters go the way african-american voters have gone toward the democrat. fascinating, i know that you were be here to follow it. terrific radio host, my favorite
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polster, sorry other pollsters and thank you very much for joining us from miami. coming up, donald trump has been talking about african-americans a lot lately. so why is he passing up the chance to talk to voters. my grd wrote existential poetry. and uncle john was an explorer. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin. now, i'm going to do something about it. kybella® is the first of its kind injectable treatment that destroys fat under the chin, leaving an improved profile. kybella® is an fda-approved non-surgical treatment for adults with a moderate amount of fullness... or a bit more. don't receive kybella® if you have an infection in the treatment area. kybella® can cause nerve injury in the jaw resulting in an uneven smile o facial muscle weakness, and trouble swallowing. tell your doctor about all medical conditions, including if you: have had or plan to have surgery or cosmetic treatments on your face, neck or chin; have had or have medical conditions in or near your neck or have bleeding problems. tell your doctor about all medicines you take.
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you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we are going to create jobs for all of our people. and we are going to fight to ensure that every young african-american and latino child is put on the ladder of american success. >> welcome back, and i'm joy reid. donald trump has been talking about black voters a lot lately. but he's passing up a chance to speak drethirectly to african-americans when he visits a black church on saturday. he will attend the service but not give a speech. he's going to do a one on one interview with the pass store
8:37 pm
afterwards. the interview won't be broadcast for another week. they are not leaving anything to chance with that interview. the "new york times" said it received a leaked memo outlining the pass store's questions and the answers that trump's hand letters want him to give. to a question about whether his campaign is raicist, the script said he avoid repeating the word, and talk about getting people off welfare and back to work. let's also bring in wj pastor of all got's people church in detroit who is planning to lead a protest against trump this saturday. and i'm going to go right to you pastor, you are protesting this event why? >> we are protest willing ing t event -- i'm protesting this event because we don't want donald trump as our president. we don't trust him. we don't believe him. we think that is a joke, and we know that he is a ratis racist,
8:38 pm
bigot, and we know that he's acting as the anti-christ. we don't want the guy to think that he can come by detroit michigan and bamboozle us into voting for us. and we want him to know that we are no the ignorant black people. >> paris, do you have a response? >> you know, the god that i serve and the churches that i go to, and the bible that i read, would have me give a different analysis of mr. trump as a christian. i would never call somebody the anti-christ. that is for god to judge. but aside from that, what i do know is that mr. trump's efforts are sincere, they are real, and that him going to detroit is going to be a fantastic event, and the interesting thing is, the "new york times" gets it wrong a lot of the times when it comes to reporting on mr. trump and the campaign. so i wouldn't believe anything that comes off of the pages of that publication as it relates to this campaign. i know for a fact that mr. trump
8:39 pm
is serious about this outreach effort, this engagement effort. >> hold on paris. paris. hold on. but paris, the "new york times" didn't make up a story, they have the memo, and in talking -- >> unsubstantiated memo. if they have -- there is no confirmation from the trump campaign. >> why would they want to confirm that? let me ask you this question, let me ask you this question. >> why would they want to release something like that? i don't think it's real. >> you think the story is made up. >> this is what i will say, joy, when it comes to trump has put black people out, is it true how he had treated black african-americans by putting them out of their apartments, out of their dwellings, out of their residences in new york. >> that is not true. >> okay. hold on a second. >> we care about the african-american people. nor does he care for hispanics, nor does he care for the gay and lesbian culture.
8:40 pm
>> hold on. guy time out. two of you talking over each other is not a conversation, and i want to try to get our panel here in new york into this conversation as well. but before i give it to the panel here, paris, let's clarify for one moment, the trump campaign, it is in fact clarifying that he is not going to speak at this church. he is going to sit through the service. he is not going to speak. i actually talked to folks on background not in the campaign, but in the republican party who are quite clear that he's not going to speak. this is actually confirmed the way it's going to be. he's going to do a one-on-one interview with the pass store. that is not being made up by the "new york times." why would he not get up before that congregation and say the same things he has been saying in front of white audiences? why wouldn't he do that? >> joy, i think you nail aed ed right on the head. >> you are saying he's going to speak in front of the church. you think he's going to get up and speak in front of the
8:41 pm
church. >> i have confidence that mr. trump is going to address the conversation and do what he has been doing and talk about the serious issues that the pastor knows very well, like the urban areas in detroit. >> let me tell you something, trump cannot speak for the black race. >> neither can you. >> hold on. >> excuse me. i am african-american, i know what it is like to be poor. >> so do i. >> and hillary clinton has no more -- >> okay. we are back to speaking over each other again. time out, gentlemen. >> hold on one moment. >> i'm glad to hear, paris, i hope he does speak to these folks, because there are few institutions like the black church. you know, joy, we are both in the methodist ilk, this is where you go, because it's a center of social and of civic life in the african-american community. and the idea that mr. trump, who purports to want to appeal to african-americans who want to go to this institution. this is the institution reverend
8:42 pm
doctor king and not speak and engage in a dialogue shows a lack of respect for the people he would be going to visit. the reports are saying he's not going to speak. >> hold on a second. one moment. matt, because you know, i'm glad to have you here, because one of the things that you and i have had an ongoing dialogue, there are some areas of disagreement on the right and the left, criminal justice, do you think because of the way, sort of the over the top nature of donald trump himself has missed an opportunity to really have a dialogue of with the african-american community about some of these issues. >> he has not expressed any noticeable issue in those. he made one pivot in this campaign which was at the convention his speech there and the whole staging of it was we are going to be the law and order party. he barked it out many times. and he singled out for criticism black lives matter in saying no,
8:43 pm
all lives matter. that was a major thing in the convention. that moment was the moment that you knew that there wasn't going to be a lot of criminal justice, more about the war on cops and that type of thing. that is it not on the table. he does not emanate from the libertarian right. >> paris, speak to that for a moment. you did see at the convention this sort of depiction of the black community as sort of a hell hole. they know where the bad guys are, they are going to unleash the police on the black community, criticizing black lives matter. donald trump hasn't said anything positive toward the african-american community. he talks about black people in all white settings. how do you defend that? >> you know what, joy, i don't know what speech you all were listening to, but i heard mr. trump in that speech, i have heard him talk to our community about our community, and the physical fact that you have heard him talk about our issues, i've heard him talk about our issues. >> in front of all white
8:44 pm
audiences. >> i don't care where he gives the speech, what matters is the message and it is a good thing that the republican nominee is bringing attention to the plight of our community. >> do you think all african-americans are poor. >> no, but a lot of our community are suffering, if you look at detroit and chicago, and the crime that is going on in chicago, if you look at baltimore, and the kconditions, we have a problem. >> will, and then reverend. >> he has no plan to solve any of those issues that so many african mer afric afric african-america african-americans -- this is a man who refers to us as the blacks. if you look at any of his policies he's talking about getting rid of the department of education, 2.7 million black students receive pel grants gone. he's got to have some meat on the bones, refer to us respectfully, have a dialogue and talk about issues that are going to address -- >> i don't want to be -- >> hold on a second. >> okay.
8:45 pm
let's go to reverend rideout. >> this evil man, this evil hearted, evil talking man, fool ish talking man asked the question to erkamerica, he said what the hell do we have to lose? well, we will lose our lives dealing with you. you say you want to make america great? it's not making america great when i see white people spitting on black people, knocking black people up side the head. what do you call america being great again? hanging black people from trees. what do you call -- let me talk, she said it's my turn. what do you call america great again? when you are disrespecting latinos, hispanics, and lesbians and gays, when you are trying to make it a right wing group. this is a moral issue that we are dealing with. it's not about left and right. it's about right and wrong. and america needs to wake up and know that this man is working the work of the devil.
8:46 pm
and i hope and pray that everybody that is going to vote do not vote for this man, because you are going to destroy america. he cannot fix what is already broken. okay? >> i appreciate it. we are going to follow your protest that you have, but i don't think we are going to make the devil be a part of this election. we are going to be able to keep the devil out of it. >> hold on. >> the person is talking just to the people of god, you can't keep the government, that is the government. >> i appreciate it. we are out of time. we'll be back later in the show. thank you. paris, denard, and pastor wj rideout. coming up next. a really exciting news day. we'll go out to florida next for just some weather and it's a hurricane. the hurricane hermine. stay with us. advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers.
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a hurricane is about to ramp up in florida for the first time in 11 years. hurricane hermine is packing winds up to 80 miles an hour. all right. what are conditions like where you are, reynolds, and what can we expect? >> well, what we can expect are things to get a lot worse.
8:51 pm
we've got some steady rain that is coming through, some wind gusts, maybe 40, 50 miles an hour, but get this, joy, later on in the next several hours, around 1:00, will be the witching hour. we can have winds approaching 6 0 miles an hour, some driving rainfall, and there is the potential flooding and power outag outages. 20,000 right now. we can expect those to go up. the number of sandbags, people here in this county, leon county, over the last two days, over 30,000 of the sandbags, people creating a fortress to hold out the possibility of flooding. people have been advised to stay off the roads. let first responders handle it. there were some power crews out and about trying to restore some service, they have been pulled in from the roadways, seeking shelter, until the worst of this is over. again we think the worst of it is going to be midnight, 1:00,
8:52 pm
2:00 here before the system lifts up and it affects millions of more people across parts of southern georgia, south carolina, into the carolinas, into the old dominion state of virginia, and off the atlantic coast. from then to now, it seems like a very long time. the story is going to be very rough especially during the midnight hour. let's send it back to you. >> reynolds wolf of the weather channel in tallahassee florida. stay safe. all right. and much more plittiolitics ahe. stay with us. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app?
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joy, listen, i would have a softer time on illegals. >> while you are talking to me, can you not use at that terminology. >> the english language matters, it matters that we use terms they are illegal, they are here illegally. my father came here legally. >> my parents came into this country as immigrants. you know what, my parents came here, so congratulations on that. >> use code words that is absurd. >> you just used a code word. part of donald trump's national hispanic advisory campaign. so i mean, and i'll throw this out to the table. the idea that the donald trump campaign is got people traveling with them who insist on doubling down even though hispanic himself on the term illegals, the tweeting of black face pictures. there is something wieldly
8:57 pm
pejorative about the approach to people of color, even among some of the surrogates of color in the trump campaign. what is that been? >> it's the sophmoric nature. not only could they engage in these sort of white sup. prep cyst activities and believes, they indulge in them and think it's fun. >> why would a person of color participate in that? is that something we don't have time for? you had on the phone that apparently after the story in the "new york times" came out, and i do not agree with paris denard questioning thever r ver of the story. after scripting his conversation with a pastor in detroit, jason miller said that mr. trump had changed and that he would address the congregation for five to 10 minutes after the interview with the pass to--
8:58 pm
pastor. what do you make of that, apparently after this story came out that he was going to have this scripted conversation with the pastor suddenly that he's going to speak. >> it's almost as if they are making it up as they go along. i think this reflects what i was talking about earlier, this is not a traditional campaign. this stuff is not that well planned, and you know, donald trump has always been about sort of testing the reaction and really having this good media sense of what his segment is. and i think, you know, when he sees something fall badly he switches away from it. >> i do feel like there is a trend with donald trump, which is that he tries to please the audience immediately in front of him. so when he's in front of the mexican president he's gracious toward mexico, when he's in front of immigrants, he's saying horrible things about immigrants. it's whatever the audience is. it is weird to me with african-americans he speaks very boldly about aftrican-americans
8:59 pm
when he's in a white audience. >> this is why this script existed to begin with, that it's just a fraught area for him, and that there is so many opportunities for things to go wrong that he needs to really think this through more so than he has done. and really any other messaging for any other demographic. it's always been as mentioned very fly by the seat of his pants-type attitude. that he is going to go with his gut and read the room. he's probably better at reading the room when it's a bunch of disgruntled white people. because he has an interaction with them. >> and he won't get the praise. i wonder about the long-term damage that this campaign is doing to the republican party which does need nonwhite voters in order to grow. >> look at what newt gingrich said in february of 2013, we lost this because of -- gingrich
9:00 pm
said last night it was an energetic speech. >> donald trump said the same thing. the deportation comments were a huge mistake? >> it doesn't help that his own surrogates, even the people. that does it for me. the rachel maddox show starts right now. as you have figured out, rachel maddow has the night off. she will be back tomorrow. guess what? she will be part of the show tonight. we are going hear from her and her thoughts on donald trump's immigration speech. you are not going to want to miss that. first, a lot happened in 24 hours since trump gave that speech. two things he needed to accomplish with the last minute trip to mexico in the afternoon and then the big speech in phoenix at night. trump said he was going to clarify the position on immigration. remember, he said two weeks ago, he might be softening the view. he was going to tell everyone what he meant and last night, in the speech, he presented a list of ten principles on immigration.


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