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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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separating her and donald trump, she's going to have a tough autumn. >> thank you. chris matthews returns tuesday 7:00 p.m. eastern. he'll be right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> if you don't do something about it, you gonna have taco trucks every corner. >> the reaction to those comments by the founder of latinos for trump. how his view -- >> hispanics, we're taking over. >> -- speaks to trump's cultural fear mongering. >> not everyone who seeks to join our country will be able to successfully assimilate. then, the latest outreach. >> we met with numerous african american folks from the area. >> i'll speak with someone who was in that meeting as controversy swirls around trump's detroit trip tomorrow. plus, evidence of pay for play by a presidential candidate. we'll tell you why he was just fine.
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and gabe sherman on his new reporting on roger ailes and involvement with the trump campaign, when "all in" starts now. good evening from new york, i'm joy reid, in for chris hayes. donald trump has spent his week engaged in what might be the strangest, most fly by the seat of the pants attempt we've seen in modern times to reach out to two groups with which he's historically unpopular -- latinos and african americans. first, trump flew to mexico city for a meeting with the mexican president pena nieto, where he claimed the subject of who would pay for his mythical border wall, the major platform of his campaign, just never came up. only to be almost immediately contradicted. pena nieto said he told trump during their meeting that mexico would not be paying. then at a speech in arizona that night, an entirely different trump emerged. he alienated several of his
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major latino surrogates in the process. then last night on this show, marco gutierrez, founder of the group, latinos for trump, said this. >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and it's imposing and it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you gonna have taco trucks every corner. >> that spawned a viral hash tag and about a million jokes, including this tweet from the clinton campaign. much more on that in a bit. but first to philadelphia, where trump held a round table with about a dozen african american community leaders. at a catering hall in north philly. snoo just outside the event, protesters lambasted the presidential candidate as racist. after the round table, trump said he would bring jobs, improve schools and get rid of the crime. >> we met with numerous african american folks from the area and they're having a tremendously hard time.
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and we will make things so good, we're going to make things so good. >> trump's trip to philadelphia comes ahead of his planned visit to a black church in detroit tomorrow where trump is scheduled to sit with wayne t. jackson for an interview that will air a week later on the christian cable tv channel the impact network. though "interview" might not be the right word. yesterday, "the new york times" reported on a leaked eight-page script for the interview, which showed the questions to be asked, and verbatim responses. that trump was advised to give. such as i have a strong faith enriched by an ever wonderful god. the times reported that the trump campaign would have approval over the final cut of the interview before it airs and trump would not speak to the congregation. a trump aide has said the campaign won't edit the interview after all and that trump will speak before the members of the church. well, today, bishop jackson insisted the interview wouldn't
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be entirely scripted and he contradicted the trump campaign's claim that the candidate would address the congregation. >> i have questions that they don't know about, no one knows about. i changed it after that came out. i want to make something very clear. there was no coercing with the trump campaign and myself to try to get him an upper hand on these questions. if he greets the congregation, as we do with all politicians or all visitors, if he wants to say, hey, i'm donald trump, i'm glad to be here, and it's not going to be an interview or speech to the congregation, because if that was something that anybody got, they didn't give me the news. so i don't know where that's coming from. >> jackson was even more emphatic in an interview today. just spoke with bishop jackson and he insists that trump, despite campaign statements, will not be speaking to the congregation tomorrow.
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the campaign however, insisted to nbc news late today that trump definitely will be speaking. so we're not sure what's going to happen tomorrow, and neither, it appears, is the trump campaign. here's one thing we do know. trump is in what you might call a deep hole with black voters. his favorable rating among african americans in one new poll is zero, with a whopping 97% saying they have an unfavorable view of him. another poll has him in fourth place among african americans with just 2% support, less than gary johnson and jill stein. joining me now, reverend joe watkins of the price evangelical church in philadelphia. republican political strategist and former aide to president george w. bush. and community activist deborah williams, gop presidential candidate in pennsylvania, who was one of the people who met with trump today. snoo thank you both for being here. i want to start with you, miss williams. you were in the meeting today. what did you hear from donald trump? >> good evening, joy. i was very impressed. i wasn't sure of what to expect
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when i went to the meeting, but mr. trump was prepared. he knew the statistics. he understood what was going on in the community. he did ask us questions to find out how we were feeling, what our temperature was in the communities. he even asked if we feel safe in our communities. and he talked about his plan for the communities. i was very impressed. >> and have you been surprised, made unhappy by, the fact that he has done this now meeting with about a dozen of you, about 12 to 14 people, but that he hasn't had that same kind of a conversation with african americans more generally, like, for instance, speaking in a larger venue? >> no. i wasn't upset. i'd asked several times if he would come to philadelphia. i wrote a piece called "black
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lives matter absolutely." and though i don't agree with some of the things i saw outside of the venue today, were very disheartening. i was -- it would put you to tears. but that isn't, i don't think, symbolic of the entire movement. and he was concerned about how people feel right now. because, you know, there's been something brewing for years in the black community, because no one in any party, has seriously addressed the issues that we need to address, in order to advance as a nation. >> and very quickly before i go to reverend watkins, were you a trump supporter before this meeting started? miss williams? >> oh, i'm sorry. i thought you were going to -- >> no, before i go to reverend watkins, were you already a trump supporter before this meeting? >> pretty much, yes.
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but i'm absolutely. >> so reverend watkins, deborah is supporting donald trump so she was happy with the meeting. you as somebody who pastors a church in philadelphia, who is well known on the national stage in terms of being an african american republican. are you happy with the form of outreach that you've seen from donald trump today? >> no, not at all. i think it's not serious. if you want to court any kind of constituency, there's a way to do it. one is with respect. two, it's to reach out to the leadership of that constituency, that is in our case, the naacp, the national urban league with mark morial, the national association of black journalists. there are a plethora of african american associations where he can reach out and begin a dialogue. then if you're serious about it, you spend money. you hire staff people at high levels and you have them on the ground in all the key battleground states, because you need to have a message that
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appeals to african american voters and you can't talk to african american voters the way we've been talked to by him on tv, which is to say we're all poor and live in neighborhoods where we're afraid we're going to get shot. we don't have any other choices, we might as well give him a shot. i don't want to be qted that way. i'm insulted by that. and to come at me that way and to come at people who look like me and who are of my race that way is insulting to me. so have a real dialogue. if you go to milwaukee, talk to leading african americans and large constituencies about how you stop black people getting shot by police officers. that's one of the ways to show you are serious. that's one of the ways to show that you're serious. and then spend money. buy advertising in black newspapers and black radio stations and black tv stations. and then spend time with the african american community, really analyzing the problems and talking to the whole community.
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because we're a very diverse community like every other community in the country. so that's what i would suggest to donald trump if he's serious. i don't think he's serious. >> and obviously pennsylvania is a hugely important state in november. you pastor a church, you're republican, african american. has there been any outreach to you, from the trump campaign for him to come and speak at your church? >> no, there hasn't been. and to my knowledge, i don't know that there are any boots on the ground, so to speak. if you're serious about winning a campaign, especially in a key battleground state like pennsylvania, you've got to have an office and people and staff members and folks who are making phone calls and who are reaching out to folks, and saying, here's what the message is, here's what we're trying to accomplish, i'd like to you join us. i haven't seen any of that. maybe i'm alone in that regard, about you i haven't seen any of that, certainly not in pennsylvania and in any other states as well. >> what do you make of that, debra?
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do you think the trump campaign has done any real outreach in the community beyond telling black people, i guess, how bad off our communities are? >> yes, there has been outreach, and i'm sorry that reverend watkins doesn't know about the outreach. i will talk to someone about that. renee amoore, our deputy chair, is doing outreach. ryan sanders, the people who were at the meeting today. >> they don't work for donald trump. those are people that work for the state committee, they work for the state republican party. >> excuse me. i didn't talk at all when you were talking. i didn't say anything at all. >> one thing i will say is that naming people that the audience that's listening to this is not going to know any of those people. donald trump could have spoken to people who we do know. like the naacp, like the urban league. as we leave the segment today, do you think he should have done that? >> i agree. >> i think he should speak with all of the groups, yes, i do. >> okay, on that point of agreement, thanks so much for
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being here, deborah williams and reverend joe watkins. >> thank you. joining me now, trymaine lee. you are in detroit where tomorrow's outreach effort, what's being billed as an outreach effort, is going to take place. do you know at this point, 8:12 p.m. eastern time, whether donald trump is or is not going to speak at that church in detroit? >> at this point, it's so unclear. as you mentioned earlier, there's been really great reporting around this, getting the leaked documents, the back and forth, which really is theatrics, that at least here on the ground, are adding to the skepticism that so many people have about donald trump's outreach efforts. i've been talking to people for the last few days who say donald trump can go city to city, in front of thousands of white people and talk about black unemployment and black violence, and how the youth are unemployed, basically to them, translating to that, your communities are no good and you're no good. yet when it comes to speaking to black folks in a black city,
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detroit, perhaps the blackest of america's cities, that he can't pull it together to really engage with black people. so to your point, there seems to be so much in the air, yet it seems par for the course, in terms of how donald trump has engaged with black people. i spent some time in a little coffee shop called the motor city cafe. you go in the back, and there's beautiful murals. a husband and wife purchased blocks and blocks of abandoned, vacant homes, gutted them and allowed it to be an art space. i'm sitting with a bunch of young people who are voters and they said, donald trump doesn't see this vibrance. he doesn't see that our families, sometimes they're struggling, but in so many ways, we are thriving. i wanted to play this one clip from my interview. let's take a listen right now. >> i think he's trying to play on our insecurities. and that's my problem. you're basically telling us we're helpless without you. but we're not hearing that we need a white saviour to come save us when we're capable of doing it ourselves.
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why can't you acknowledge that? >> that's when you hear donald trump's rhetoric, that i'll make it so good you won't believe it, your communities will be safe, everyone will be employed. but when you come to the ground and speak to young people in particular, who are at once idealistic, but they see what's going on. there's so much hope. yet when they hear donald trump talk about how great he's going to make the communities, and how he's going to address their needs, they haven't heard how. and like that ralph ellison quote in invisible man, i'm invisible because they refuse to see me. so many of these people in this community feel that donald trump so far has refused to see them beyond pathologies and social ills. >> we'll definitely be watching tomorrow. i think one of the key optical questions is whether or not there are protests, how big they are, whether or not donald trump goes in the front door. we haven't seen him traverse through a black community. we haven't seen what that looks like. so that will be very interesting, and we'll talk to you about that very soon. trymaine lee, thank you very much.
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>> thank you. still to come, bombshell reporting on ousted fox chairman roger ailes and alleged recordings of his meeting with a former fox host. gabe sherman joins me to talk about the revelations in his latest piece and what he knows about how much roger ailes is advising donald trump. but first, that moment from last night that we must talk about. we'll discuss right after this two-minute break. >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and it's imposing and it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks every corner. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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every now and then cable news delivers a truly jaw-dropping moment, and that's what happened on this show last night. >> we need to understand that this is a different time, and we're having problems here. >> what problems are you talking about? >> my culture is a very dominant culture. and it's imposing and it's causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you gonna have taco trucks
8:18 pm
every corner. >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, i'm sorry. hold on a second. i have to let adriano in here. i don't know what that means and i'm almost afraid to ask. >> i'm offended. >> i'll tell you what that means. the spanish never conquered mexico. we are a culture, we have a lot of good things that we bring to the united states, but we also have problems. >> so that was the founder of latinos for trump, mark gutierrez. and the reactions to that comment were swift and wide. it was the number one trending topic on twitter for hours, with many commenters agreeing with hillary clinton's press secretary who wrote that their team is fired up for taco trucks on every corner. washington post looked into the implications of a taco truck at any intersection in america and discovered, if you assume that three people were in every truck, that's 9.6 million jobs
8:19 pm
created. >> sounds delicious. but there's something serious about what he said, a kind of racial fear mongering that warns the american way of life is being threatened by mexican culture and that fear of other races, religions and cultures is something donald trump has been stirring up throughout his campaign. but perhaps what's makes his comments so -- [ inaudible ] >> this is a country where we speak english, not spanish. look, there's something go on, the muslims. and there's something going on. okay? >> we have hillary, wants to bring people in, as to whether they assimilate or not, you make the decision. but assimilation has not been exactly a positive factor. we also have to be honest about the fact that not everyone who seeks to join our country will be able to successfully assimilate. >> perhaps what makes his comments so astonishing, by hand wringing about mexican culture, he's disparaging his own culture. turns out last night wasn't the first time he's expressed that ironic and self-loathing statement.
8:20 pm
here's what gutierrez sounded like before he came on the show. here's what he sounded like before he came on the show. >> this is what i think about hispanics, because i am one. our culture is a very dominant culture. if you guys, as americans, don't do something about this, honestly, hispanics, we're taking over. i have six kids, guys. let's be honest, let's be frank here. >> joining me now, houston immigration lawyer who just resigned from trump's hispanic advisory council and maria theresa kumar. thank you both for being here. maria theresa, i have to come to you first. when you hear -- when we first heard the comments, i think everybody was sort of shocked when he said the taco truck comment. people sort of made fun of it. but then we went back and heard the 16-minute rant that he gave before he even came on the air in which he talked about himself having six kids and essentially
8:21 pm
disparaging mexicans as poised to take over the country by having lots of children, if they are not stopped. when you hear something like that, when do you make of that coming from somebody who is himself mexican american? >> i've always said when people say there are going to be 10 to 12% of latinos who are going to vote for trump, gutierrez is the embodiment of that. there's always those contraryians. not much you can do about it. what's frightening, he's feeding into donald trump's talking points, basically his whole theme of make america great again. and i don't believe the fact that you have more latinos and you have more asians and diversity, that that's what's making america bad. if anything, that enhances us. that's our dna, that is who we are as a country. and he is the antithesis of that. what i was concerned with is the fact that he said the spaniards never conquered latin america, that is not the case. so he was not only incredibly
8:22 pm
confusing, but i am constantly trying to make the point that the idea of immigration in this country is something positive, but it brings to light opportunity for this country, he did it so simply when he said, the worst case scenario is that there's going to be a taco truck on every corner. >> yeah, he might want to look up the term "hispanic." because that is wise. because spain had something to do with it. >> just a little. >> you were on donald trump's advisory committee, you've been forthright in saying when you met with him, it was in good faith, hoping he would moderate his position on immigration. when you hear somebody who is a member of the latino community joining donald trump in disparaging people of mexican descent, are you concerned that that actually feeds a part of the republican base that is quite happy with donald trump re-hardening on things like immigration? >> look, i don't know mario
8:23 pm
marcos, i don't want to know him. but is this a joke? i'm here to talk about immigration. i assumed it was a joke. but i mean, i don't know if that was serious, is he affiliated with the campaign? to me, it's not anything funny to laugh at. we have a serious problem in america. i thought donald trump was going to tackle this problem. i am very disappointed and saddened that, you know, it was all a sham and there is no immigration plan. so i just, i hear you and i know it's popular on social media, but i don't think it's -- i don't think it's funny. it's a sad day in america. we don't have an immigration plan by our major candidate, and you know, it's not funny to me. i think if that was a joke, i'm
8:24 pm
not laughing. before the presentation, before the speech, donald trump said that he was gonna have fun in phoenix. i mean, i didn't hear anything funny at that speech in phoenix. and i'm -- >> i don't think anybody's laughing at the speech in phoenix, jacob. if anything, listening to that as an american was incredibly chilling. the words that he was using was incredibly chilling. the fact that he was basically going to racial profile and create another class of americans was incredibly chilling. what was funny was the fact that this person who says he's latinos for trump was not only self-loathing, but he was trying to say his worst case scenario was the idea of having a taco truck. it's a recognition that even the folks that are supposed to be backing donald trump don't even have a real understanding or a grounding in policy, and that's nobody's fault except the trump campaign identifying him as a surrogate. >> let me ask you this question, mr. monty, because you have research on the table. public religion research institute did an extensive
8:25 pm
survey, profiling who the trump voter is. part of what they found in this nostalgia voter trend is a real sense of being bothered. 64% of trump's supporters at that time said they were bothered by immigrants who speak little or no english. they express antipathy to the idea that you can have a dual-language citizen of the united states. so at the root of at least some of trump's support is a sense of xenophobia, and it's a sense that people like you and maria theresa are the problem and you need less immigrants who look like you or like me in this country. you signed on to this campaign at a time when at least, to your words, you thought maybe donald trump would change his mind about that. but aren't you concerned that he's attracting people who think like that? >> look, i signed on with the campaign. there were a lot of other recognized leaders that signed on. we don't have faith in hillary clinton. we saw him as a way to get immigration reform improved to a lot of hispanics, and i don't apologize for that, for sitting
8:26 pm
down with him and thinking that he could deliver on immigration reform, because immigration reform has to come from congress. i don't know who this guy is, he wasn't in the meeting. i don't know -- i didn't know about him until i saw him last night. >> yeah. >> and i honestly thought it was a joke. if the campaign actually empowered him to talk for them, that's sad, and we should be outraged by it. i haven't seen anything that he's a surrogate. >> we should point out he's not an official surrogate, he created latinos for trump himself. he is a self-selected supporter of donald trump. that's an important part. should make sure we make that. jacob monty and maria theresa kumar, thank you both. >> thank you. still to come, donald trump's latest line of attack against hillary clinton that is something he himself is guilty of. that story ahead. [ "dreams" by beck ]
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>> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. access and favors were sold for cash. it's called pay for play. >> over the last several weeks, the trump campaign has repeatedly portrayed the clinton foundation as a pay for play front, alleging the clintons solicited donations for their charitable organization and in return granted government access and favors. even though there's no proof that any favors, government contracts, international deals, that anything in fact was traded for donations or pledges to the clintons' global charity.
8:29 pm
nevertheless, the attack is a big hit for trump and his surrogates on the campaign trail, despite the fact that trump himself gave money to the foundation and has acknowledged that he, before he ran for president, often donated money, expecting something in return. >> our system is broken. i gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, i was a businessman. i give to everybody. when they call, i give. and you know what, when i need something from them, two years later, three years later, i call them, they are there for me. >> well, we may have found a real-life example of pay for play in trump world. and the details of that are next. you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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>> i have devoted my life as a prosecutor to public safety, to keeping our communities safe, our families safe, our kids safe. and when it comes to law and order, i think you all know by now, nobody's going to bully me. i don't mess around, and neither does donald trump. >> one of donald trump's biggest supporters is florida attorney general pam bondi. back in march, bondi endorsed trump over marco rubio, noting to the crowd that she and trump had been friends for years. her name was floated as a possible trump running mate. she was one of a few elected officials to give a primetime speech at this summer's republican national convention. so needless to say, more than a few eyebrows were raised when it was reported in june that bondi personally solicited a personal contribution from donald trump around the same time her office
8:34 pm
deliberated, joining an investigation of alleged fraud of trump university and its affiliates. the trump foundation, a registered non-profit, ended up giving $25,000 to bondi's political committee while she was pursuing a re-election bid in 2013. soon after, she announced she would not pursue the case against trump university. and the plot thickens. now the irs is reporting a $2,500 penalty this year, after it was revealed trump's foundation had violated tax laws by giving a political contribution to a campaign group connected to florida's attorney general. joining me now, the reporter behind that story, david farenthold of the washington post. walk us through this. donald trump winds up -- or his foundation winds up giving this donation to pam bondi's political action committee. can you sort that out for us? >> it's very confusing.
8:35 pm
pam bondi solicits a donation from donald trump when she's considering whether or not to investigate trump university. trump pays that donation, $25,000 out of the donald j. trump foundation, which is an odd entity. it's a charity, contains almost no money from donald j. trump himself. you might think that it does, but it doesn't. trump pays that money out of the foundation, which it's not allowed to do. foundations can't make political gifts. then when he reports that year's activity to the irs, he leaves off the prohibited donation and sends the irs a listing of a false, non-existent donation to a group with a similar sounding name, to cover up the illegal donation. >> so there's this kansas charity with a name similar to the donald j. trump foundation. they say that is who gave the money to pam bondi? >> yes. pam bondi's group is called and justice for all. they get the money. trump's accountants send that year's tax filings to the irs.
8:36 pm
instead of listing that donation, which they told them they had given 25,000 to that group in kansas called justice for all. almost the same name. that group got no money from trump. but the irs was none the wiser and as a result, the illegal contribution doesn't show up on the irs's radar until this year. >> so many strange things, but if somebody calls and asks -- he loves to tell people how rich he is. if somebody is asking for a campaign contribution, donald trump could write them a check if he wanted to donate to them. what does it tell you that he would have a foundation which isn't allowed to do it? write the check instead of him himself? >> something interesting here. i've been trying to find evidence of donald trump giving money to charities out of his pocket, which he says he does. this tells you something about the way trump's organization runs. how they explain this is, this order to write a check to and justice for all, comes down to his accounts payable clerks. they pay all the checks for trump personally, his
8:37 pm
foundation, his business. it all comes out of the same office. their instruction is to look in the book, and they have the name of every charity in the united states, look in that book and see if the payee of that check, if that name is in the book of charities. if it is, it has to come out of the trump foundation. what they are saying, this clerk looks in this book, and sees this group in utah with the same name of this group in florida, they assume it's a charity, then by rule, they send out a check from the donald trump j. trump foundation. so trump set up a system where charity donations can only be paid out of the trump foundation. and that's why this first mistake leads them to send a check to a political group. >> you tweeted out that you took a picture of any suggestions, essentially trying to find out if donald trump has given to any of the groups that he says he's given money too, the police athletic league of new york city and $5,000 that he claims he gave them. have you been able to find out,
8:38 pm
after calling 313 charities whether donald trump has ever given his money away when he says he does. >> i've looked back to 2008. trump has the donald j. trump foundation, he last gave it his money in 2008. in the eight years since then, i found exactly one donation out of trump's own pocket. he said he gives millions out of his pocket all the time. i can only find evidence covering 313 charities, one gift in 2009 and for less than $10,000. in that span, that's the only one i can find coming out of trump's own pocket. >> i love that you tweeted the list. so people could see you crossing off, no, didn't, no, didn't. great reporting. david, thank you very much. still ahead, my interview with new york magazine's gabe sherman about his explosive new article on the demise of roger ailes. or the media demise. but first, thing 1 and thing 2 on that tweet that sparked an international debate after the break.
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so just ask yourself, do you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> thing 1 tonight, donald trump's disposition has been a cause for concern throughout the election. but even clinton's remarks were surely meant to be a rhetorical flourish, right? well, as it turns out, donald trump was literally baited into an international food fight by a tweet. as a result he changed part of the most anticipated speech of his candidacy. what that was is thing 2 in just what that was is thing 2 in just 60 seconds. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress.
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8:44 pm
traveled to mexico city to meet with the mexican president pena nieto. they held a relatively uneventful appearance afterwards, until trump was asked if payment for his border wall had come up in conversation. >> we didn't discuss that. who pays for the wall, we didn't discuss. >> a bizarre turn for the candidate who has made who's paying for the wall a rally cry. pena himself tweeted out, at the beginning of the conversation with donald trump, i made it clear that mexico will not pay for the wall. later that same day, donald trump took to the stage to deliver his big immigration speech, and this time, he made a point of demanding payment. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border and mexico will pay for the wall. hundred percent.
8:45 pm
they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall. >> so where did donald trump find his gumption to shove the cost of the wall back in mexico's face? the "wall street journal" had the answer today. trump was already peeved that pena nieto even brought up the cost of the wall in the meeting. it was apparently meant to be off the table. and then tweeting about it made things worse. as the "wall street journal" reports, even though trump's widely anticipated immigration speech that night omitted the line that mexico would have to pay, after seeing the tweet, he inserted a new sentence in to his immigration speech, they don't know it yet but they are going to pay for the wall. the candidate saying, and i quote, i had no choice. thus proving hillary clinton right, donald can be baited with a tweet. >> the much anticipated first
8:46 pm
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>> the much anticipated first presidential debate is 24 days away, september 26th at hoffman university in hempstead, new york. in the nonpartisan commission on presidential debates announce ed today, lester holt, anchor of "nbc nightly news," will moderate it. congratulations, lester. cbs news elaine quijano will moderate the vice presidential debate. it's probably safe to say no modern debate has garnered such anticipation than the clinton/trump face-off. any moderator will have their work cut out for them since trump has proven to be so unconventional. >> honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. i've been very nice to you. although i probably could maybe not be based on the way you have been to me. everybody said it was going to be three hours, three and a
8:49 pm
half, including them, and in about two minutes, i renegotiated it down to two hours so we can get the hell out of here. >> two days ago, he said he would take his pants off and moon everybody and that's fine. nobody reports that. he gets up and says that, and then he tells me, oh, my language was a little bit rough. >> the clinton campaign released a statement which reads in part, hillary clinton is looking forward to participating in the debates as she believes they're an important proving ground for anyone seeking to be commander in chief. srnlly given that fox has been selected to moderate a debate for the first time ever. it is time for donald trump to end his debate shenanigans and formally agree to debate. there's been no formal response to the debate lineup from the trump campaign. when we come back, the latest bombshell on the man helping donald trump in his debate prep, former fox news chief robert ails. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
8:50 pm
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offering innovative, and convenient ways to bank. easy-to- use chase technology, for whatever you are trying to master. debate approaching, there are more reports about how the candidates are preparing. "the washington post" recently reported that while hillary clinton is methodically preparing, donald trump is taking a different approach. he summons his informal band of counsellors, including rudolph giuliani, laura ingraham, and ousted fox news channel chairman roger ailes to his new jersey golf course for sunday chats. that follows a "new york times" report that ailes was advising trump, which the trump campaign denied, trump himself told "the times," i'll speak with roger, but this is not a formal thing. i don't have a debate coach. i've never had a debate coach. ailes stepped down as fox's ceo
8:54 pm
following a lawsuit filed by gretchen carlson, which alleged sexual harassment by ailes. after fox news asked a new york law firm to conduct an independent investigation. additional female employees of fox news allege sexual harassment by ailes during that investigation. ailes has through legal counsel denied all allegations of sexual harassment, but now sherman has taken a close look into what led to the lawsuit. carlson settled on a simple strategy. in 2014, according to a person familiar with the lawsuit, carlson brought her iphone to meetings in his office and secretly recorded him saying the kinds of things he'd been saying to her all along. joining me now, gabe sherman, where his new piece is the cover story. on these recordings, which is the big bombshell, and it's deep reported in a lengthy piece. have you heard the recordings? >> no, i have not.
8:55 pm
but they were used in the negotiations to settle for what is said to be an eight-figure sum. so clearly the audio recordings and the transcripts from these tapes were very damaging to roger ailes, that they were going to pay. >> do you believe they were played for roger ailes and/or his attorneys? >> i'm not sure if they were played or he was shown the transcripts, but i understand they were pivotal in these negotiations. >> one of the other things that comes true is the sense that rupert murdoch's sons had it in hear him and saw this as an opportunity to get him out? what was that about? >> so this has been a long-running feud. roger ailes is a very polarizing executive. as rupert murdoch was elevating his sons, this was in about the mid 2000s, roger ailes forced him out of the company. he maneuvered with other
8:56 pm
executives to marginalize him. the murdock children saw ailes as undermining them and not respecting their rights to move this to leadership positions at the company. >> one other thing that comes through, according to fox sources, murdock blamed roger ailes for laying the groundwork for trump's candidacy. in the days after gretchen carlson filed her lawsuit, trump advised roger ailes on navigating the crisis, even recommending a lawyer to him. >> this is remarkable. rewind back to last summer, murdoch was tweeting negative things about trump. really they were not on board, and fox had given trump the platform to launch his candidacy. they gave him a call-in segment on the morning show "fox and friends" where he could talk to voters every week. so murdoch said fox news has gone too far. he called ailes at home and said when this debate happens, i want you to put an end to this. >> and why do you suppose that is? roger ailes, one of the other
8:57 pm
things you point out in the piece, one of the gifts roger ailes gave to murdoch was to extend his political influence beyond the united states. so why the enmity? >> roger ailes became more powerful than murdoch. at one point in the 2000s, murdock stopped being able to control roger ailes and he used him to be the right-wing megaphone that it is. it was supposed to be conservative and populist, but not this paranoid network that ailes turned it into. so murdoch wasn't on the same page, but he couldn't tell him not to do it, because it was too profitable. it was too successful so murdock could not rein him in. >> you seem to indicate here that the agreement he signed in his separation agreement would make that difficult? >> yes, that will be difficult. the lawyers were insistent that he has a non-compete clause in his contract.
8:58 pm
he could try to violate that and they could sue him. but it would be difficult for him to jump into running trump tv if that's what ended up happening. >> let's get back to the core allegation here. how many women are we talking about that are alleging that roger ailes harassed them sexually over the course of what seems like many years. >> i have interviewed 18 women that allege harassment over a 30 to 40 year period. 25 women came forward to the law firm hired by the murdochs to investigate roger ailes. i've interviewed 18. at least 25 have come forward, which suggest there are many more out there. these are shocking allegations. >> and gretchen carlson getting around these sort of -- not being able to sue fox news by suing him personally. >> fascinating legal strategy. they sprung this trap by suing him personally, taking him by surprise and driving a wedge between him and the company. >> do you know whether roger ailes is advising donald trump on the debates? >> yes, i do know from trump
8:59 pm
sources that he's in talks with him. i confirmed reports that he was in bed minister, new jersey. so these are accurate reports. >> and do what about his immigration speech, do you see the fingerprints of roger ailes? >> yes, i've heard they're pushing trump to try to repackage himself, take trump's right-wing immigration position and try to re-spin it for a moderate audience. >> yeah, but we also remember the willy horton era and that vibe was in that speech. >> yeah. >> gabe sherman, thank you very much. great reporting. really appreciate it. well that is "all in" for this evening. i will be back here tomorrow for my show, a.m. joy at 10:00 eastern. so please tune in for that, bright and early. the rachel maddow show starts now. where is rachel? hey, rachel! >> hi! when all this is over and we get to the election, i'm going to gift you some days off. >> i will take them. >> we are going to work together and i could play a fake doctor
9:00 pm
and i'll get you a doctor's note and we'll scheme to get you some days off. >> and i would sleep for a week. >> i know you would. see you tomorrow morning too. >> thank you, bye. thank you to you at home for joining us. was held in madison square garden in new york city. 1992 had been a tough democratic primary that year. there were a lot of contesteds, for lack of a better word, a lot of competition in the democratic party. because the democratic party really felt like there was a vulnerable incumbent to run against. they decided who they wanted to run at the democratic convention in new york city in 1992, they made it official, their candidate to run against george h.w. bush would be bill clinton. and conventions of course are largely scripted affairs, but you can't control everything, you can't predict everything.


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