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tv   Lockup San Antonio - Extended Stay  MSNBC  September 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the united states and the united kingdom. obviously we have an enormous amount of trade that already takes place. we have a lot of investment between british companies in the united states and u.s. companies in the united kingdom. and that's not going to stop. and we're going to do everything we can to make sure that the consequences of the decision don't end up unraveling what is already a very strong and robust economic relationship that can become even stronger in the future. but first things first. and the first task is going to be figuring out what brexit means with respect to europe. and our first task is making sure that we get first tpp done, but also that we move forward on the ttip negotiations in which we've already invested a lot of time and effort. okay? thank you very much, everybody.
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>> president barack obama and theresa may, the british prime minister, a short little question and answer after their brief statements, a meeting, their first face-to-face meeting since british prime minister theresa may took power, if you will, in july. july 13th of this year. she now prime minister for just six weeks and they're meeting in china, the tenth-largest city in china for the g20, the 20 largest economies gathering as they do every year to discuss various issues and the one that will be one of the issues that will be leading certainly will be brexit which brought theresa may to the fore. and they having that meeting as president obama tries to seal his foreign policy legacy. his final trip as u.s. president, sitting u.s. president, there in china. he will next go to lao
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settlement. the first u.s. president, sitting president, to visit that country. so it is now 12:00 in the afternoon, day two as the leaders have gathered there for the g20. we'll continue to follow this historic trip for the president, his final visit to kichina, in e coming days. for now we return you back to our regular programming here on msnbc. so our class officer is trained to try and figure out, where do we house this person where we have the least amount of problems? so we're looking for things like, is he mentally ill? does he have any medical issues? >> any problem with seizures? >> no, ma'am. >> suicidal? >> no, ma'am. >> gang related? >> no, ma'am. >> homosexual? >> no, ma'am. >> of all these factors, arguably the most critical to determining violence is if the inmate is a gang member. >> if they confirm him as a gang member, the next question is, is he a threat?
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>> what year? >> i don't know -- two years ago. >> the most common way to identify a gang member is through self-admission. simply by asking. >> why'd you start hanging around with these guys? >> only ones who show me love in here. >> the violence comes in when rival gang members meet up with each other. so we go out of our way to keep them separated. unfortunately, hard as we try sometimes, we don't catch all of them. sometimes we'll put them in the wrong place and that's typically when the fights erupt. >> this was the scene following a riot in which inmates from the mexican mafia fought with members of their archrivals the tango orjones. >> sometimes they slip through our fingers. >> you know, gangs are groups of opportunity. you know, they're going to group
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together. once they see their numbers are large enough they become very territorial. from there it tends to develop into a dangerous situation. >> while rival gangs can pose a threat to each other, they often reserve their harshest punishment for members who drop out and enter the jail's protective custody program. >> almost all gangs believe there is one way in and one way out of their gang. and that's through violence. we always tell any ex-member of any major prison gang, your life is in danger. there is somebody out to get you. it is going to happen. >> that's the way it goes. those are the rules. you are in it for life. or you're dead. >> because of threats he faces for leaving the mexican mafia, victor has asked that we only use his first name. he is housed in a unit made up entirely of inmates who have chosen to leave their gangs. >> i guess the worst part about gangs is paranoia. it's like a virus. it invades. sometimes people hear things that weren't said. some people see things that
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really didn't happen. as a end result, a lot of innocent people have died. i just got tired of it all. all the lies, you know. all the backstabbing. all the politics, paranoia. i just got tired of it. >> victor joined the mexican mafia while serving a prior 23-year prison sentence for kidnapping and aggravated assault. a recent parole violation landed him back in jail. where he has adopted a fatherly role with some of the younger ex-gang members in his unit. >> you want to do it in the right way, legal way. >> i'm told i can't be doing this. >> can't be going to prison at this age. >> among those victor counsels is johnny robles, charged with attempted capital murder and theft. he pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. >> you get to a point where you got to make a decision. is this the type of life i want?
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>> you know, i have to first of all be willing to change my life, you know know what i mean? >> robles joined the gang during a prior stay at another texas jail. >> i didn't like the idea of them trying to run my life. i feel like a puppet. i told them i wanted to get out of the gang. and i was coming back from eating dinner. by the time i knew it, i had two guys. one hit me on one side, the other one hit me on the other side. they went to punch me, hitting me, kicking me. i woke up the next day and i was in the hospital. not knowing what else they did to me. not knowing what else they did to me. i'm glad that i finally got out. not having them tell me who i can and can't talk to.
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>> in geez jesus' name we play, amen. >> amen. >> while the ex-gang unit might seem like an island of tranquility, that is not always the case. inmate tim gaffney has been in the unit for two and a half years and still doesn't take any chances. >> my eyes are red because i don't never close my eyes in the shower. that's just the golden rule. when you shower, you leave your eyes open. you always keep your back towards the wall. that way you can see who comes and goes, you know. because bad things happen in the shower. >> gaffney, who has pled not guilty to capital murder and is awaiting trial, is a former member of the white supremacist gang, the aryan brotherhood. >> i climbed the ranks pretty quickly. climbing the ranks comes with a lot of responsibilities. you don't ever know who wants to kill you for your position. i have done a lot of things. none of it i'm proud of any of
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it. but when i was young, i thought that was the norm. i got wrapped up in prostitution, drug ring, guns, the fast money, and -- and before i knew it my life was just a downhill spiral. one thing led to another. next thing i know i am on drugs. >> gaffney says he was drawn to the aryan brotherhood because they shared a foundation. >> i grew up with the hate, hate in my home, of black people, black people, black people. that's all i knew. and seeing that growing up, i thought, hey, man, that's what it's supposed to be like. well instead of turning to the kkks, i turned to the aryan brotherhood. i look at it like, if you're going to do something with a hood over your face, no sense in doing it, you know? stand up for what you believe in. >> coming up -- >> it is one of our interview questions when they first come in. we'll ask them, are you currently a homosexual? >> life inside another one of bexar county's specialized housing units. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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san antonio's bexar county jail houses an average of 3,500 men and women. there are separate housing units for active and ex-gang members. but that's just the start. the jail also attempts to identify and segregate gay inmates in their own housing units. >> it is one of our interview questions when they first come in, we'll ask them, are you currently a homosexual? if they say yes, we have to give them an option to house in the homosexual unit for safety and security. if they feel they cannot house out in general population, they have the right to go into the homosexual unit. >> within the homosexual unit, inmates are classified as either masculine or feminine. >> are you masculine or are you fem? >> i'm gay. i'm gay. >> okay. >> i'm just gay. >> not me, honey, i just am fem.
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>> you have your masculines are more manly looking, but you know, straight-acting, straight-looking. >> ask to massage him. >> okay, what's really going on? >> then you have your fems that are, you know, some of them take hormones so they act like girls. they live their life as women in the world. transsexuals, drag queens. they're walking around with bras, thongs, things in their hair, being dramatic, loud. 80% of the fights are the fems. >> shut the [ bleep ], [ bleep ]! [ bleep ] and didn't do [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! that's [ bleep ]! that's [ bleep ]! bitch! >> though eloy orosco is housed with the masculines he was
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once classified as feminine during an earlier stay at bexar county. >> this time around i butched up a little bit and said i was masculine. they put me in the masculine group. because i don't want to be with a bunch of drama queens and girls. i'm trying to be in the masculine group, with the boys. >> starting at age 16, orosco has been in and out of the bexar county jail. he was recently convicted for burglary and is back now after violating parole. orosco believes his experience in jail has made him a leader in his unit. >> a lot of people look up to me and come to me for advice. they know that i'm in and out of the system. some cases, emotions get lost. and as far as in the system, maybe you should try to go back to the law library and try to get another motion and do that again. >> nothing goes down without me knowing. if there's an altercation, they'll come and talk to me about it. like, hey, this person did this. they're going to see my reaction to it. >> while the feminine and masculine inmates are sometimes housed in the same unit they're not allowed out of their cells at the same time in order to
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prevent sexual activity. >> if they put us all together, you know, you're going to have guys having sex with fems. >> officers acknowledge there are more attempts at sexual activity in this unit than others, but say they usually stop it before it occurs. >> we keep a pretty good eye on that kind of stuff. the officers are required to do rounds and checks and specifically in those units, those officers know the games they try to play. you know, we've had some incidents in showers and stuff like that. we try to keep the feminines, to the fem side and masculine to the masculine. we don't let them intertwine. because you are asking for problems. >> in most other housing units inmates are given anywhere from six to eight hours daily to spend in the day room or
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recreation areas. since the homosexual unit only allows the feminine or masculine groups out at once, they spend half as much time outside their cells as other inmates. an unhappy circumstance for most of them. >> i want to start out with a simple braided necklace, if you will. >> joey draws on his creativity to deal with the monotony of long hours in a small cell. he makes fashion accessories he sells for commissary snacks. >> so you take your three, three strings, you tie one end of it. just peel off a piece of paint. i want to put the longest string so that one of the strings is completely covered with the paint. i sit down and put it in between my toes. you can make necklaces, you can make belts, you can make little rings. some of these girls really like it when -- when i say girls, i don't mean actually girls, but they prefer to be called girls. which boggles my mind. but to each their own, i suppose. >> rhodes, who is awaiting
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extradition to illinois on a bribery charge, to which he plans to plead not guilty, is grouped wuds with the masculine inmates. >> i'm a man that wants to be with another man. i don't want a girl. if i wanted a girl i'd be straight. >> but i am also, i won't date a guy that's taller than me. i won't date a guy that's bigger than me. so i guess i am more of the masculine man. >> rhodes has recently begun teaching his new soul mate, kyle beauchamp, the finer points of chess. another challenge considering they don't have a chess set in their cell. >> we need to make some more squares. i ripped them up. now, if you look at the scoreboard. mine is joey. his is kyle. it's 4-1 and one stalemate.
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beauchamp pled not guilty to charges of shoplifting and violating his parole, represents the third kind of inmate housed in this unit. >> he's actually a straight guy. he's straight. he's not gay at all. >> during his interview process for his housing he said he was homosexual. so he was housed in our homosexual unit, upon his request. every inmate signs an inmate form requesting to go into homosexual unit. it's on their own free will. >> some straight men look to the homosexual unit as a safe harbor compared to the predatory environment found in many other units. >> i had one or two gay men tell me, hey, go to the gay pod and you will be taken care of. >> i've had other guys in there write me, you know. like, show me your penis, all this stuff like that. i'm like, okay, whoa, back up. i'm not like that. little do they know that i am straight.
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>> bexar county don't really care. >> beauchamp says most inmates have been respectful of his sexuality. >> you know, he's very flamboyant. come up to me, give me a massage, something like that. he wouldn't go too far. he knew i was straight. >> no, i know a lot of people were saying there was something going on between me and him. i could have messed around with him if i wanted to. of course you get a straight guy walking in the door, everybody is saying, well, nobody's had him, i want him. i want to be the first. >> but these days, eloy orosco has bigger concerns than jailhouse relationships. he recently violated his parole after testing positive for drugs and threatening his sister-in-law with violence. >> i told her i was going to beat her up. i become a little bit violent speaking once pills and drugs and alcohol take place. i think i'm superman. she called the police and said that i was going to hurt her and wouldn't stop until i got her. so they got me for a terroristic threat. in a few days i will have a
9:20 pm
relocational hearing where they'll decide whether they send me back to prison or reinstate me on parole. >> orosco is entitled to make his case in the hearing. but his sister-in-law is also invited to testify. >> if my sister-in-law shows up, i'm guilty. because i'm a repeat offender and because i've been incarcerated so many times, my word is really not trustworthy. with my sister-in-law, you never know. she's unpredictable. so with my luck, she'll show, and i'll go back to prison. i guess i leave it in god's hands and see what happens. >> coming up -- >> was anyone subpoenaed to be here for the hearing today? >> eloy orosco finds out if his sister-in-law will testify against him. but first -- >> going with the mexican mafia was always supposed to be a temporary thing. i didn't know that was supposed to be a permanent thing. >> a young man joins a dangerous gang and now faces the possibility of life in prison. fa
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with an ever-increasing number of dangerous gang members joining their inmate population,
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officials at san antonio's bexar county jail make every effort to not house rivals in the same unit. but in one section of the jail, old enemies have made peace. >> i just got to think positive, you know? just hope that everything goes okay, know what i mean? >> johnny robles, a former member of the tango orojones, has found a sympathetic friend in victor, a former member of the rival mexican mafia gang. both men have dropped out of the gangs and are now housed in the jail's ex-gang members unit. >> it feels like reality hasn't hit yet. even though it did hit -- >> robles, charged with attempted capital murder, has been devastated by the recent death of his 3-year-old daughter. >> i ended up losing my daughter in a car accident. i loved her very much. she was so beautiful.
9:25 pm
she was always so beautiful. i don't think no one could ever take this pain away. i try to do other things so my mind won't think about it. it's hard to. you ain't got no control over yourself, you know? >> it doesn't matter how much you try to push it out of your mind, it's always there. it's always there. the problem sometimes when you hold your feelings in, sometimes it's even worse. because you implode, you know. people, trust me, they all come to me for advice. so i just try to help them, you know. it doesn't matter, if they're ex-mexican mafia members. i help all of them the same way. >> now, you know, i talk about her. it just hurts me. you know? >> it hurts you but it's good to talk about it, though. because you let your -- you know, your feelings, your emotions out. it's better, you know, than to leave them inside you where they hurt you more. when i see them, i see a reflection of myself. eventually they're going to be me in years to come.
9:26 pm
at least i know that i gave them some advice that nobody gave me when i went to prison. >> maybe with this tragedy in the future, you can make better decisions, you know, regarding your children, or what have you. you know, you get to a point where you've got to make a decision. is this the type of life i want? or do i want to stay out there and do something for my family? you know? >> for some it could be too late for meaningful change. but the jail has seen a trend toward younger inmates requesting refuge in the ex-gang unit. stephen vogt is a new arrival. he joined a branch of the mexican mafia on the streets at age 17. >> i have actually never been in trouble before. never had a ticket. i never harmed people at all. i never even been in a fight before.
9:27 pm
>> my favorite game was legend of zelda. they came up on with the skyward sword. i played it since the beginning. >> vogt says he comes from a good home but was talked into joining the mexican mafia by a friend. he says it was presented as a way to earn money by selling marijuana. >> easy money. i can make $500 in a day. >> vogt says his involvement in the gang led to his current charge of capital murder. he pled not guilty and says he was only supposed to be the lookout for a gang-ordered robbery that went wrong. >> it was a stabbing. my co-defendant was the one who had the knife. so it was something that he was only -- he was supposed to scare them with. but he ended up using it violently against him. >> you got my letters? i just miss you. >> my mom never knew anything. and to this day i feel terrible for that. >> i don't know. just been depressed lately. and all that. >> i did something. it made my mom feel so terrible. she visits. she writes me. she makes me feel loved. she makes me feel loved. that's what i love her about.
9:28 pm
>> my lawyer filed a new motion for reconsideration. >> if vogt is found guilty of capital murder, his sentence is automatic. life in prison without parole. a fate already handed done to his co-defendant in the case. vogt clings to the hope that his lawyer can have the charge reduced. going with the mexican mafia was only supposed to be a temporary thing. i didn't know that it was supposed to -- i didn't know that it was suppose to be like a permanent thing. coming up -- >> on your stomachs facing the back wall. >> staff conducts a surprise contraband. >> you're not allowed to flagrantly induce any homosexual activities or induce others to commit or participate in said activity. do you understand? >> yes, ma'am. >> kyle beauchamp says good-bye to the homosexual unit. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪
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governors along the east coast preparing for the worst putting emergency operations into action as post-tropical
9:32 pm
cyclone hermine lingers offshore, promising major storm surge from virginia to new jersey. in the swing state of virginia the "richmond times dispatch" is not endorsing hillary clinton or donald trump, instead urging voters to pick libertarian nominee gary johnson. the paper's urging johnson be invited to the upcoming presidential debates. for some inmates at san antonio's bexar county jail, one day can roll into the next with very little change. but today in one of the low-security dormitory units, the monotony will be broken. the special emergency response team floods into the dorm and orders all inmates to their bunks.
9:33 pm
>> on your stomach facing the back wall. hands behind your back. there's no talking. bunks 41 to 48 get up. go to the rec yard. single file. >> we search for contraband. drugs. weapons. anything that's been altered from its original form. anything that they're not supposed to have in their possession. the inmates are directed to sit down in the dorm's enclosed rec yard. the search team will hold them there as officers conduct a thorough search for contraband. first a drug detection dog is brought in to sniff out narcotics. >> inmates are very crafty. there are thousand of places where narcotics can be hidden within the units. the k-9 units have found drugs in peanut butter, in mattresses. inmates are here 24 hours a day. they have plenty of time to think where to hide stuff. >> this time, the dog doesn't discover any drugs among the inmates' possessions. but she does find a pack of imitation narcotics put there by her handler.
9:34 pm
>> k-9s are like small kids. they need positive reinforcement. so i'll plant a synthetic narcotic. that way she gets her reward. >> the k-9 search complete, officers begin their search of the bunks. meticulously inspecting every single item they find. illegal substances or weapons can result in inmates getting time in segregation or even new criminal charges. anything altered from its original purpose is also considered contraband and will be disposed of. even this inmate art, created from food wrappers, is considered contraband. >> they get very creative. these are all out of bags of chips. >> once the search is over, the inmates are ordered to lie down on their bunks for further instructions. >> if you had any contraband, it's in the trash. everything else, check with your bunky. check up here in the front. do you have anything missing? do you understand? >> yes, ma'am.
9:35 pm
>> well, i've been here since april and i've been down the shakedown every month. they mess up everything. but that's a choice you got to make to go in jail. >> there's a shakeup of another sort in the homosexual unit. the inmates are on the move. >> we move inmates out of these units often so we can do unit repairs. they'll be relocated to another unit while that's being done. >> put your stuff behind your back and put your hands on the wall. >> the inmates carry their possessions inside sheets. but before they're allowed to enter the new unit, officers conduct a shakedown for contraband. >> the more contraband i find, the more [ bleep ] i'm going to throw out. >> finally the inmates are taken to a unit almost identical to the one they left. but one of them has decided his time in the unit is up. >> hey, you, just stand there for me. >> kyle beauchamp says he is straight but requested to be
9:36 pm
housed with homosexuals when he was first booked into the jail. some older inmates told him that with his green hair, it would be safer than general population. >> a lot of times some of the convicts will mess with the younger ones. they'll sit in a holding cell with these young cats and they'll see how naive they are and they'll tell them like, when you talk to that officer tell him you want this, this and this. messing with them. they do it, and they realize they got played. >> all right, you called me earlier about your request to go to general population. he addressed to me he didn't understand what the homosexual unit was. he didn't know what he was signing up for. that he very adamantly didn't want to be in there. >> still, when an inmate requests a transfer out of the homosexual unit, the jail requires that he understand what's expected of him. >> i'm going to have you sign your signature here, same thing it says. it says, i'm requesting this of my own free will, i'm not being coerced, i'm not going to demonstrate any behavior that may get me in trouble. you are not allowed to advertise any homosexual tendencies or induce others to commit or
9:37 pm
participate in these activities. do you understand? sign that for me right there. >> beauchamp has requested to move to a trustee pod, a housing unit for inmate workers. though they are not paid, there are some other benefits to be had. more time out of their cells and extra food. >> a trusty on the day -- more than likely every day, they'd get two trays at the end of their work period. >> is that your main motivation? >> yes, that is my main motivation for being in the trusty pod. >> but eloy orosco need not worry about getting an inmate job for extra food. >> i'm quite excited. >> yes, yes, exciting. >> he is able to purchase more than enough snacks from the jail commissary to quell his appetite. >> one star mint. one rice. three instant coffees. >> orosco pays for commissary from money put on his books, a debit account, funded by family members. including the one person to whom he feels closest.
9:38 pm
>> my biggest thing is my mom. she's always there for me. she says i'm her child regardless. >> three doritos. one, two, three. >> she has never neglected me or said, i don't want you to be gay. >> that's everything. >> but she's always kept that in my head, that you know it's not right, you know the way you're living is not right, and you know it's not godly, and you know that in the end you're going to pay for it. deep inside, i know it's true. i know that it's not right. but do i think that i'll go to heaven when i pass away? part of me wants to believe it. the other part of me knows it's probably not going to happen. >> orosco will soon face another sort of judgment day. he is scheduled for a parole hearing on the infractions that returned him to jail. a positive drug test. and allegedly threatening to harm his sister-in-law, resulting in a charge of making terroristic threats.
9:39 pm
>> some of the evidence they have against me were a lot of messages that i sent to her on facebook. >> are you a violent person? >> i sure am not. i'm not. i really am not. i guess you can say that drugs really took me there. >> orosco faces three possible outcomes from the hearing -- reinstatement of his parole allowing him to go home, a return to prison for up to two and a half more years, or something in between. he could be sent to an intermediate sanction facility or isf. it's a halfway house which holds parole violators in custody but allows them to work at outside jobs. >> it's another form of a prison. they do a lot of counseling there. they have classes. i'm thinking that's where i'm going to go. hopefully not. i'm trying to get reinstated. because they're playing with my life here. >> coming up -- >> i'm never going home again. that's what they tell me. they may put me to death. i got a lot to think about. this place is a think-tank. >> tim gaffney and ex-gang members attempt to make peace
9:40 pm
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instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. violence has in one way or another impacted the lives of every inmate inside the bexar county jail's ex-gang unit. but now many of these men say by dropping out of their gangs, they've taken the first step toward new lives. >> prayer call, prayer call! >> come here, pops. >> now we have a prayer circle. how it come about is one guy had some problems. and he was going to court this and that. so we decided to have prayer. and it just escalated from there.
9:44 pm
and we got 10, 12, 15, sometimes 20 people in the prayer circle now. >> heavenly brother we come give you thanks, fatherly god. >> we get in there with a special question we are lifted up. >> ask that he watches over our family, everybody's family. take care of the ones in need. >> bless our brothers in the circle, out the circle. our sister in the circle, out the circle. please take care of my two daughters, everybody's kids, family. >> glad that i woke up able to see this day. >> tim gaffney is a former member of the aryan brotherhood. >> a lot of us, we do bible studies. not out there. but we do it individually. but i am never going home again. what they're telling me. they may put me to death. i got a lot to think about. this place is a think-tank. you can sit out there and be tough with the fellows all you want. when you lay your head down at night that's when the torture comes in. >> if it wasn't for a radio and reading the word and reading the novels and books that i read right here, i would probably
9:45 pm
just go ballistic. >> gaffney is awaiting trial for capital murder. >> they say i stabbed a man to death. and stabbed that person 11 times. >> he says the night he was arrested he mixed alcohol with powerful prescription medication and the rest is a blur. >> when i woke up and the medication wore off, when i found out what i was charged with, i was totally shocked. they're saying that i went to work and came home and went down the street to somebody i never met and slaughtered him to death. i would like to think that i'm a better person than that. i've done some crazy stuff in my time. but i tell you what. i don't believe i'm a murderer. >> he has capital murder too. i talk to him. he talks to me. >> gaffney has become friend with 21-year-old stephen vogt, a mexican mafia member. vogt is also awaiting trial for capital murder. >> i like steve. when he came in he was real skinny. he was like a little puppy without his mama.
9:46 pm
>> she's not my girlfriend, she's my ex-girlfriend. >> she's at college? >> yeah. she's trying to study to be a music teacher. >> i've seen people like him before. i know his situation. he got caught up in something that he never should have got up in. went running with the wrong crowd. he was a follower. steve is a good kid. he's -- he's good as gold. >> i ain't got nothing. >> gaffney has even pushed aside his white supremacist views to learn spanish from vogt. >> once in a while we'll get white people who are ex-aryan brotherhood. the majority is latinos. >> this is a culture shock. everyone speaks spanish around here. [ speaking foreign language ] >> and i'm the third wheel. i'm lost. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he's teaching me spanish but it's doing no good. if i don't know what he's talking about, it's like -- what is this in spanish? >> that's the same thing. >> oh, uno. is that what it is?
9:47 pm
>> yeah. >> shows you how much i know. >> only time can tell how permanent or sincere the changes claimed by those in the ex-gang unit will be. kyle beauchamp, however, has experienced some undeniable changes in his stay at behar county. he's now a trusty or inmate worker. >> i have been working laundry about a week now. i work from 9:45, 10:00, till whenever we're done. it can be 6:00 in the morning, 7:00 in the morning. one of the benefits working laundry, coming out of the pod for eight, nine hours on end. also we work for food. we get two trays in the morning. two trays in the morning is a lot better than one tray in the morning. we get it first. we get it hot. so that's always a plus. >> beauchamp has a new hairstyle and it's considerably more noticeable than the one that initially prompted him to request housing in the homosexual unit for safety. >> i got one of my friends in
9:48 pm
the pod to cut my hair. it was getting a little hot, doing dryer work. i like it a lot. it keeps me cool. >> change has also come to beauchamp's former cellmate joey rhodes. he has received permission to transfer to an all straight, male, general population dorm. >> i requested to be moved out of the first place that i was in. only because i had stalkers. it got a little hectic there. it wasn't what i was really expecting out of all of that. i was going there to say, hey, maybe i'll have more in common with these people. maybe i'll find better friends. every day i was getting two, three people coming to my window trying to get me to expose myself to them. and every time i would go take a shower i'd get people just coming in there, sitting on the benches, just kind of watching me. i was like, hello? it's kind of scary. i'm not going to lie. finally i talked to classification and they moved me out of there. but i'm in a great new pod. there's a lot of cool people
9:49 pm
here. a lot of cool new friends. it's interesting. >> while rhodes must keep his home sexuality under wraps in general population, he's met at least a few inmates willing to share their opinions. >> i will be straight up. i do have friend that live that lifestyle. i don't judge them. i believe god accepts everybody. it comes down to the fact that it is wrong. >> i kind of keep things to myself which is what they instructed me to do. but i'm sure there's gay people in the same unit that i'm in. and i know that. >> what if it wasn't so much the desires? what if they actually fell in love -- >> exactly, exactly. like i said, i'm not saying i hated them -- >> we're not saying you hate them. it's just your beliefs, your feelings. >> i am not saying it was wrong. it's what i was rated. it's what i was raised. >> that's how i was raised. >> me, i'm attracted to both. >> yeah. >> and i told are you when i first -- >> it's not even about sex at all. it's basically about how i feel about a person.
9:50 pm
>> i understand that. >> when i came here, it was a negative thought. first thought that came into my head, maybe this kid's gay. then you told me i am bisexual. okay, you like both. >> i might be a little nervous about it. i might be shy and bashful. but i'm not afraid they're going to hurt me. i don't think they'd hurt me. i kind of -- i don't know. i'd kind of welcome it. i mean -- i like the attention. so if they did find out -- i mean, they're not going to do nothing about it. >> in fact, rhodes has found some of the conversations on the topic have taken surprising turns. >> look, i told you when i was 11 years old i got real depressed because i felt like i start the becoming that way. started becoming gay. i got scared, i got depressed. i told my sister i think i am turning gay. they said what is wrong with you. when you see a girl how do you feel? it makes me happy. how can you be gay if you have feelings for girls. i said, i don't know. i grabbed the bible. i kept reading. it told me i was wrong. and i said god, change my mind. and he changed my mind. when you see the pretty guard, you know what i am talking about, you know some of their names too, some of the guard come in our pod. yeah. when you see them.
9:51 pm
>> all right. all right. >> because the fact that you're in jail and you haven't seen women in how long. when they walk in your pod you get real happy desire inside. >> no, not really. >> i do. >> no. >> well, that's you. >> we're born different. >> so far this place seemed a lot more laid back. i feel a lot more comfortable with who i am. i kind of let them know, hey, i am. i'm gay. and they seemed to be perfectly okay with that. i think it would be -- this jail would be a lot better if they didn't segregate people the way that they do. >> so we all agree? >> all agree. >> all right. >> fist pound, do the jail thing. >> coming up -- >> the first allegation has terroristic threats of family, household. do you admit or deny the allegation? >> deny. >> eloy orosco tries to convince the parole board to set him free.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
orosco! >> yes, sir! >> you ready? >> yeah! >> it's a day of reckoning for eloy orosco. >> it's a big day for me. i'm really nervous. >> he is on his way to a parole hearing. orosco could have his parole reinstated and go home or be sent to prison for up to two and a half more years to complete his sentence for burglary. he could also be sent to an intermediate sanction facility or isf, a halfway house for parole violators. orosco's parole violations include a failed drug test and allegations by his sister-in-law that he made terroristic threats against her. she has been invited to testify at the hearing. if she shows up, orosco fears he will return to prison. >> i am a repeat offender. so my word really isn't too much to take into consideration. so if she shows, i'm guilty. but she's married to my brother.
9:56 pm
so she has the rest of her life that she plans to being with my brother to face my family. >> orosco also worries that if his mother attends the hearing she will find out about his failed drug test. >> i haven't been straight up with my mom. as far as coming out dirty. i just hate to break her heart. >> have a seat. >> the hearing is attended by orosco's parole officer, antonio ramos, and is run by edna corales. >> is anyone subpoenaed to be here for the hearing today? >> offender's mother is here but she speaks only spanish. i tried to get the complainant to be here. her testimony is important. she hasn't made it yet. i'm assuming she's not going to make it. she stated that she was just simply afraid of the threats that had been made, according to her. >> orosco caught a break in that his sister-in-law is not here to testify against him. but he must still defend against her allegations. >> do you admit or deny the allegations?
9:57 pm
>> deny. >> okay. >> do i have problems with her and have i had problems with her in the past? yes. to the extent that i would hurt her? no. threatening her? no. did i confront her about it? yes. never at one point did i say i was going to hurt her family or house or anything like that. >> next allegation, failure to abstain from the use of illegal drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances. admit or deny? >> admit. i went out to a party, took some pills, they were ecstasy pills and i ended up coming up dirty for methamphetamines and opiates. i do recognize when i'm wrong and i was wrong, as far as using pills. but you have to take into consideration that, before i was incarcerated i was doing a whole different level of drug, i was real bad out there, i was shooting up. >> you said you were making an effort, but you were also doing drugs and breaking the law. whether you are on parole or not on parole, using illegal drugs is against the law. >> now, the mom is able to speak english? >> no.
9:58 pm
>> not at all? okay. >> her friend, who is knowledgeable about mr. eloy's character, is going to testify on his behalf. >> okay. good morning. come on in. have a seat. >> my mom's boyfriend has never really been okay with me or on good terms with me. he feels that i am a spoiled brat. that i'm a drug addict and this and that. so -- i don't know. we'll see what happens. >> why should the parole board give him another chance to finish these last few months he has left on parole? >> oh, that being very simple. he got out, and he went to work. first time that i know he really had a good job. where they let him open up the cafe, let him use the cash register, and more or less was like a general manager of the place. if he stumbles again, put him back in again, okay? but give him a chance to stumble. >> the way he defended me today really showed me that i guess he's in good terms with me now. that was a surprise.
9:59 pm
>> all right, sir. >> hope everything goes well for you. >> while many things broke his way during the parole hearing, the end result was not what orosco had hoped for. >> what the parole office has recommended, isf, i'm not too happy with. >> rather than reinstate his parole, the board decided to send orosco to an intermediate sanction facility, a halfway house that provides drug counseling to parole violators for a period of six months to one year. the hearing did, however, allow orosco to continue an important illusion. >> i'm very happy that my mother didn't find out today that i was using pills. she didn't want to hear that, it will break her heart. she just wants to believe that i am doing good.
10:00 pm
it's always been rumored about this war between these two groups. when is the war going to happen? when is the bloodbath going to begin? >> an inmate with an influential family in one gang joins its archrival. >> i didn't want to be part of that organization. a female inmate also has ties to both gangs and now her mail has jail officials


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