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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  September 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? this su this sunday is 65 days to election day and we're no clearer about donald trump and deportation. is he purposely not committing to a policy? or does he really not have one? >> we did discuss wall. we did discuss payment of the wall. they don't know it yet but they are going to pay for the wall. and this morning mike pence on what a trump presidency would do. >> i think he's been completely consistent. >> and get his reaction to the latest on hillary clinton's e-mails. >> just more evidence that hillary clinton is the most dishonest candidate for president of the united states since richard nixon. >> my sit down with mike pence. also you say you want a
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revolution? >> we need a political revolution. >> but where is it? can bernie sanders convince his most passionate followers to get behind clinton? senator sanders joins me live. plus polls show the race is getting tighter. clinton is losing ground but trump isn't gaining much. so where is clinton's support going? joining me for insight and analysis this sunday morning are chris saliza. --. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press". >> from nbc in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good sunday morning and a happy labor day weekend. end of summer to everyone. it is hard to look at the events of this past week and not think it all seems oddly familiar. wash rinse repeat. friday was hillary clinton and e-mails. the fbi revealed details about
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their interview and ended up raising new questions and giving republicans yet more ammunition about how she and her aides handled e-mails and classified information at the state department. and wednesday it was trump and the issue of deportation. in the afternoon he seemed accommodating. maybe even presidential in a meeting with mexico's president in mexico city. then just hours later before supporters in phoenix, trump gave a thundering anti-illegal immigration speech that seemed more suited for the primaries than the general election. and just yesterday trump made a rare attempt at winning over african american voters with an appearance at great faith ministries in detroit. >> i am here today to listen to your message. and i hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences in our country today. i just want to let you know that i am here to listen to you. and i've been doing that.
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>> yesterday i caught one trump's running mate at the ohio state university, before the buckeyes opening game against bowling green. ohio state won big, 77-10. i asked pence to explain trump's position on deporting undocumented workers in this country. and then i had to ask again, and again and again. >> it begins with building a wall, border security. i begins with enforcing the laws of this country. removing criminal aliens and removing people who have overstayed their visa. ending catch and release. strengthening our border parole. strengthening immigrations and customs enforcement. all the kind of things we talked about. the e verify for employers. all the things that will build all the way thats that illegal immigration has been made possible this country, all of that will come to an end. i and i think that is exactly
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what the american people want to hear today. with regard to anyone that remains after all of that is done. i think what you heard donald trump say is that we'll give consideration working with the congress in a new and reformed immigration system to consider it at that time. but what -- what the american people want to see today is to establish the borders of this country, enforce the laws of this country. and donald trump has created a road map to do that, chuck. >> why can't you definitively say what's going to happen to these folks? it used to be he would say it. everybody has to leave. even quickly. everybody has to leave. and now there is -- there is some muddiness to this. i don't know how -- it is just unclear to me. can you clear this up? >> well they may be the way you see it. looking at this some 10,000 in arizona last week. it wasn't the way they see it. as i campaign across the country for donald trump and donald trump, i think people hear him loud and clear and he's been --
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>> no he's not. but he's not been consistent on this issue of what do with the 11 to 15 million. >> well there are people in different circumstances in that category. there are people who are criminal aliens in this country. and i think everyone in this country understands that people who are here -- >> -- violent crimes. >> well people who are here their first act of this country was a violation of the law but have gone on to criminal activity in america, we want them out. we want them out quickly. donald trump has made it clear that a priority of our administration will be removing criminal aliens. it will also be finding people who have overstayed their visa. an enormous number of people come to this country legally and then simply overstay their visas because we make no effort to hold them accountable to that or uphold the law. the simple truth is that what the american people long to see is leadership at the national level that doesn't myopically
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focus on -- >> a whole bunch of the latino leaders a quite a few have backed away from supporting because they didn't like what they herd on wednesday. they were told one thing and felt misled. one even said that. and one of the major issues has do with what about this issue of the deportations? and what are you going to do? and it is not just media. >> i was campaigning in idaho, a mexican american who came to this country legally with his family. came up wearing a the trump/pence shirt and shook my hand and said tell donald trump we support him a hundred percent. people who have come legally. who stood in line. who played by the rule this is the latino and hispanic community just like every other american long to have a president that says we are a nation of laws and we are going to uphold and enforce those laws. and what i thought was important about trump's speech the other night was different frankly with
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all due respect to the media's focus on 11 million or whatever that number is. he was focused on the more than 300 million people who are citizens of this country and who are here legally in this country. and driving policies in immigration that will work for them, work for the future of our nation and -- but make no mistake about it. i hope -- i hope your viewers have a chance to read or to see that speech in arizona. he also talked about establishing a commission to reform our broken immigration laws whole cloth. to really re -- you know, to re-form and change the way that people -- that people have the ability to come into this country. and do it all in a way that is in the interest of the american people and in the interest of the long-term future of our country. >> is it fair to say that you are not going to answer this question about the 11 to 15 million -- when i say just you, but the campaign, you are going
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to leave it as an open question throughout the campaign? >> i think -- >> but he hasn't when it comes to -- on one hand he said deportation force. everybody has to leave. everybody has to leave. we've got to have borders. now he's saying, he's open to doing something different with whoever remains which would be about half. >> well i think we -- i think we -- we really don't know what number is or who that is until we do all of the things in the -- >> out of the shadows if you don't tell them what the penalty will be? >> i think look, donald trump's made it very very clear in his 10 point plan we're going to build a wall. enforce the laws of this country. end catch and release. and do all the things that politician this is both political parties have been talking about for a generation. he also said there is going to be no amnesty and and path to legalization. if people want to get legalized and right under the color of the law they theed the leave the
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country. >> -- without leaving the country. >> chuck he also said it is not going to be under the existing caps and the existing program but it is rather going to be under a new and reformed immigration program. i mean, what you heard donald trump call for was border security. building a wall, which actually hillary clinton actually said that she was for a physical barrier i'm told a few short careers ago. >> what do you do with so called dreamers. kids brought here, when they came over here, their parents brought them here. illegally. they were kids. they have gone to public school. what are you going do with them? he said he's going to resipd the executive order the president signed? do they live in the shadows. >> he's going to rescind all of the unconstitutional executive orders he's said. we have in president obama and now in hillary clinton. -- the supreme court turned that back with this administration.
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and donald trump of course will rescind that. and he won't as hillary clinton promises to do executive amne y amnesty. >> how are you going to force an ally to pay for the wall? i understand the remittance idea that you redo the patriot act. that feels like a shake down. >> well look, we have an enormous economic relationship with mexico. and this week you saw donald trump travel to mexico city and meet with president pena nieto and start a constructive dialogue, first on issues they agree on. but i'm very confident when donald trump becomes negotiator in chief we're going sit down with our ally in mexico -- >> when is there incentive to pay for this wall? other than we're going to withhold money? that is the incentive. >> the united states of america is a most powerful economy on the face of the earth. access to our economy is enormously valuable to mexico and every other country in the
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world. as we go into, whether it is reforming nafta as both of these leaders talked about in their meeting this last week, or a broad range of yashs in this relationship. the one thing donald trump knows is how to do a deal. >> let me ask you about being in utah. first you had a campaign in utah. there are a lot of mormons in particular don't like the muslim ban. don't like even the revised version of it. and they come home from missions and talk about trying to help these syrian refugees. i'm sure you heard complaints about this. what did you tell concerned utah resident answs about the muslim. >> i have to tell you, people are listening to donald trump's agenda to make america great again. and they are responding.
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and i'll tell you, particularly in utah, there is great concern about the supreme court of the united states. >> let's go back to this muslim ban. when -- you basically said it was unconstitutional. you have defended the new version of this. why do you think the new version of this which would target countries or regions rather than religion, why do you think that is constitutional? >> first off the foreign policy of barack obama and hillary clinton has resulted in the wider middle east literally spinning out of control. we've seen syria imploding into silly war. libya imploding into the civil war. we have entire countries in that region and territories that have been compromised by tear ritual. and i think what tear ritualrro. and i think what terrorism -- what donald trump has said is we have to immediately suspend any countries that have been compromised from terrorism. >> how do you identify? what is a -- give me the definition of a country
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compromised by terrorism? france? germany? united states? >> starting with syria. hillary clinton wants to increase southeastern refugees to this country by 50 5 5-- 550. >> right now it is 124010,000 a nations wants us to increase to 65,000. >> what the u.n. requested. >> donald trump and i believe we should suspend the southeasteyr. --. the safety and security of the american people second to the agenda of the u.n. or to
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liberals in this country. and donald trump is just simply not going to do that. >> quick question about the leadership of the campaign. there's been some troubling aelss usain bolt with -- allegations both with steve bannon, things he may have said about jewish people. things that may have happened between he and his wife. troubling allegations with roger ailes. both of home who advisors to this campaign. are you comfortable with that considering some of the allegations you have read with both of these men? >> i can promise you the person leading donald trump's campaign is donald trump. we talk several times a day. he's a hands on leader and hands on ceo. >> appropriate for -- >> i trust donald trump's judgment to assemble around this team a group that is going to help us move forward and be successful and win. and come on. steve bannon has denied all of those allegations. >> some of them are in court records. look, and i know -- but --
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divorces are divorces i'm not -- gu it is troubling aelss people are going to look at that and said steve bannon. roger ailes. it just feels as if -- does he ignore troubling allegations against people that work for him? >> i trust donald trump to assemble a team around him in this campaign as he has and you will continue to. you will continue to see people added to this campaign. what's remarkable for me, having just joined this campaign just six weeks ago. is the fact that this campaign has alms been propelled by a movement of the american people. i mean, where in hillary clinton there's a thousand employees and experts and pollsters and frankly people in the republican primary who had significant apparatus as well. the other big news story this week besides trump immigration muddle in a friday news dump the fbi took the rare step of releasing notes from its three and a half interview in
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july with hillary clinton about a private server. no recording. just notes. the top takeaway, clinton claims she did not explain basic classification procedures. she didn't recall any training on how to handle classified information. in fact clinton told the fbi she could not recall or could not remember key details more than three dozen times. even told the fbi she thought the c referred to the order of paragraphs instead of the word confidential. which is the lowest level of classification. and and fbi notes show that a computer specialist whose name was redacted deleted an archive of clinton e-mails after the existence of the private server became public in march 2015. the fbi says it requested 13 mobile devices which were use by the system but clinton's law
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firm could not produce any of them. one staffer told investigator he destroyed two mobile device bis breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer. after we talked about clinton's e-mails. >> just more evidence that hillary clinton is the most dishonested can for president of the united states since richard nixon. >> that is a tough charge. >> it is a tough charge, chuck, but come on. >> if she were at dishonest as you claim, then why isn't the fbi prosecuting? >> hillary clinton, what's evidence from the notes, what's evident from the -- all of the revelations over the last several weeks is that hillary clinton operated in such a way to keep her e-mails and particularly her interactions while secretary state with the clinton foundation out of the public reach. out of public accountability. >> -- higher ground on this issue. this whole idea of transparency and her accountability.
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if you guys were as transparent, releasing his tax returns. it is -- whatever you want to say about the clintons we know this because the information has either been dragged out of them or it's been disclosed. we don't have any disclosures. we don't have your tax returns yet. >> donald trump and i are both going to release our tax returns. i'll release in the next week. donald trump will be releasing it a at the colleagues of an audit. >> that won't be before the election. >> the issue here -- well we'll see. the issue here is not one of the incomprehensible decision she made as secretary of state to have a private serve nr in her home. really goes to the question of why did she do that? and the other e-mails a that have come out in the last several weeks really give evidence to the enafact that its
11:19 am
all an effort to paper over and conceal a pay to play process that was under way while she was secretary of state. >> in the spirit of transparency you have sealed your congressional records. where they are not going to be opened up at university until after your death essentially. are you going to rescind that order and release all of that information now before the election. >> certainly look at it. it's the first i've been asked do that. but i truly do believe in the patrick's right to know. and frankly now -- >> you would air on the side of transsnairns when in doubt? >> you know me, chuck. that's always been my policy. you have i believe in a free independent press and accountability. and i give a lot of credit to efforts in the media and independent organizations that to your point have brought this information to the light by clinton foundation. the revelations in this fbi interview. i truly do believe give evidence
11:20 am
to the fact that hillary clinton is the most dishonest candidate for president of the united states since richard nixon. >> coming up. bernie sanders joins me live one day before hitting the trail for hillary clinton. and later, whatever happened to clinton's big lead in the polls? she's slipping but where is the support going because it doesn't pay pe appear that donald trump is getting a bump the emissionsapture before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. heythere's a more enjoyabley! way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber.
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reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. welcome back. political strategist alex casillanos. kristen welker of nbc news who
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is covering the clinton campaign for us. welcome, all. let me start with you. pence trying to defend trump on immigration. what did you think? >> um, well, he is not going to answer the operative question, which is the one you asked him multiple times. what's he going to do with the undocumented workers? i think what pence -- what pence signed on to he knew what hwas getting into, right? there wa no question of, like, i wonder what it would be like to run with donald trump. you knew what you were getting. i think what he has made peace with when he took this, i'm going to go as far as i comfortably can as a much more main line politician than donald trump in defending donald trump. what i'm not going to do -- you heard this on taxes as well. what i'm not going to do is put my own personal credibility on the line. i'm going to say donald trump has been -- i think donald trump has been consistent.
11:24 am
these are donald trump's views. >> he did the same thing on the roger ales question. trump owns ales. >> he is not going to own it, and he won't say anything about the undocumented workers. i don't know that trump knows what he wants to do with them, so i'm not sure if you asked trump candidly, he would be able to give you an answer. >> you are a long-time political . it seemed we saw, sometimes it was clumsy but besaw over an eight day period. they were -- they were plowing the field, the trump folks of basically waiting for trump to change his position. and on wednesday, the mexico city day, they thought well okay. and the meeting -- something afoot. and then the wednesday night speech. missed opportunity? >> ity it was a bit of a missed opportunity. in the sense that we all lock our doors at night. not because we hate the people outside, but because we love the people inside. and i think the tone of the speech was not matching the
11:25 am
words of the speech. at the same time there is a little bit of softening and evolution in the position. the tone of it is very hard line. i like donald trump -- what donald trump is doing on immigration. it is much more honest than we usually get from politicians. barack obama's plan was to close gantt mouantanamo. -- guantanamo. it is much more honest to say look, we're going to do a few big things. build a wall. get the bad guys out here. and we're going to work on -- iterate. we're going to work on this as we go. i think that is a much more honest approach. >> donald trump is so disingenuous. it is not an honest approach when you say you are going to deport over a million people almost overnight. and the law that basically condones racial profiling that
11:26 am
the supreme court said you have to get. the principal problem i believe that the latino voter had with immigration law is it is all code word of we don't like the browning of america. when you start talking we're going to go ahead and repeal the amemento of the birth right citizenship. and when you tell an american -- we know that you are talking about us. and when you start talking about the complexity of immigration reform, these are not individuals that live in silos. you are talk -- image imagine being in the living room and the person sitting next to you, your grandmother or aunt is undocumented. and he wants it both ways but he's been very clear that he considers two different types of americans and one unfortunately is not the browning of it. >> what was interesting here is the rnc reaction and they said basically don't tweet about the speech. don't do anything. sort of the mike pence approach.
11:27 am
we're not going to say anything. >> and a public official tells me there was an immediate realization between the rnc and the trump campaign to some extent that the tone was off. but also the optics were off. the fact he was delivering this speech, throwing out red meat to the base after that trip to mexico there was a sense why didn't he deliver that speech at the brock gbrookings institutio >> but it's indicative. >> -- of him. >> -- indicative of him that day. people say as the low bar. he's reading off a teleprompter. he tonally sounds like -- he looks statesman like. and then a tweet from the mexican president said i made -- >> sets him up. >> now all of a sudden does this
11:28 am
things, he's going to pay for it. he just doesn't know it yet. >> -- went and bed at 5:00 p.m. >> i'm 62 years old. i shouldn't do any public events after 5:00. >>. [ laughter ] >> -- a 70-year-old man doing it either. >> i don't think you should. but chris was right. the first half of the day was beautiful. and by the way trump is moving up in the poll, just a tiny bit even despite this. the first half of the day he's standing on the stage, he looks presidential. the mexican president doesn't have the strength that he has. can't stand up to trump. overall a good impression. >> little criticism from some latino leaders thinking the clinton campaign has been a little slow with the pitch. no spanish advertising so far. are they slow? behind? >> the fact that trump, the republican candidate has actually given the campaign tons of media in spanish media.
11:29 am
>> -- free -- >> -- crystallize it. there is a man we've all grown up with listening to in spanish. he's gone anti-trump. the fact he has so much media in the spanish language is good. fantastic but her challenge is actually going to get the latino millennials. the ones that are english dominate that may not be turning it on. >> guess what, i'm going to have an interesting millennial conversation with somebody with who's not an millennial. but who has a lot of appeal to millennials. we'll back in a moment with none other than bernie sanders. who declared a revolution during the primaries and he now hopes he can get his revolutionaries to vote for his former opponent. he hits the campaign trail on his own t memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector.
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helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. welcome to it all. comcast. bernie sanders is hitting the road tomorrow. to campaign for hillary clinton
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solo. the first time he'll do that on her behalf. both events in the bald ground state of new hampshire. a state hillary needs to win in november and a --. develop an intensely loyal following and he now hopes to bring those voters over to her side in her battle against donald trump. senator sanders from vermont. welcome back to the show, sir. >> thank you very much. >> let me ask you about your revolution. and i put it this way. why did you have so much getting your voters to support you, but you have had less success in seeing your voters, for instance, pull an upset over deb wasserman schultz down in florida? or where your motivated base came out for you but not for
11:34 am
others. how do you explain that. >> well it's not quite accurate chuck. . i think you got 43% of the vote taking on a pill effort to establishment. i think you are going to see a very strong presence in upstate new york and state of washington when in november they both won their primaries and i think you are going to see candidates for state ledgislature for city council for school board. what the political revolution about is transforming america. is getting millions of people involved in the political process. is understanding it is not just the president. it is people come together and saying we need a government that represents all of us and not just the 1%. and that is not going happen over night chuck but i think it
11:35 am
is happening. >> and -- he was really upset at you personally because he thought you abanded mr. canova. where were you in you didn't campaign for him. and that fan feeling you felt when elizabeth warren abandoned you and chose to run that is what he is feeling right now. >> well there are a lot of things happening this this country and in my own state and work that aif got do. i can't do everything. i would say our supporters contributed about 600,000 dollars to his campaign. and what you are going to see is not only more of an active role
11:36 am
that donald trump does not become the next president of the united states but we create a movement for this campaign and the future in which we create a government in which our government responds to the needs not of the koch brothers but to ordinary people. >> oi want to put up an interesting little poll graphic. overall the head-to-head. we had an early august poll. and gary johnson and jill stein were combined for 15%. but among those aged 18-34, gil stein and johnson get 29%. that's more than trump. clinton at 37%. a lot of those folks are your supporters, as you know. stein is making a direct approach of your supporters and
11:37 am
so is johnson. >> this is what i would say. this campaign is supposed to be about the real issues impacting the american people. either hillary clinton or donald trump is going to become president of the united states. and there is no question to my mind that hillary clinton is far, far, far and away the superior candidate. look at the issues. which candidate is going to be raising the minimum wage to a livable wage. which candidate is going to be making colleges and universities extingui tuition free. which candidate is going to do something about climate change, which is hillary clinton and which candidate doesn't even acknowledge the reality of climate change, which is donald trump. which candidate is going to create billions of jobs and deal with immigration reform and criminal justice reform. i think an all of those issues, it is about the american people.
11:38 am
and on all of those issues chuck, to my mind, hillary clinton is far and away the superior candidate. and i hope people see that. >> do you hope johnson should be in the debates? >> if people reach a certain level, you can debate about what that level is. i think if it's 15%. >> is that fair? >> -- in the debates -- >> but you think that level? that 15% metric is a fair metric? >> probably too high. >> should be lower. let my play from you perhaps one off your more famous sound bites. >> "american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails"". >> thank you. >> that happened almost a year ago. october. and here we are in september of a year later. do you have any advice for hillary clinton and how she could handle this?
11:39 am
could she handle it better? you struggled with the foundation? do you think she should shut the foundation down? >> chuck you know the ladder part of my staple is what the american people want to hear about are the real issues impacting their live, why the middle class isdeclining. income and wealth. that is what i believed then. that is what i believer now. everyone guarantees healthcare to all people now as a right. the issues i believe we need to focus on, politicians and the media. let the american people get involved in that debate. and i think at the end of that discussion people will see clinton as the superior candidate. >> i understand that. but you can't govern if you don't have trust.
11:40 am
can she rebuild trust by pledging something to do that? is it shutting down the foundation? what would you tell her to do? >> i would certainly suggest that as president of the united states, she should cease all contact with the clinton foundation. >> does that mean shutting it down or -- >> at the very least she should not be involved. at the very least. >> and would you feel more comfortable if it just didn't exist during her time as president? >> i don't know enough. they do a lot of good things with aids and so forth. so i can't definitive lly answe that. i think what we have got do as a nation is have a serious debate on the enormous crises facing this nation. that is where our focus has got to be. >> on the campaign trail
11:41 am
tomorrow. stay safe sir. good to see you. >> thank you very much. when we come back, why the recent tightening of the polls may not be exactly what it seems to be. but before we go to break you have got to see this scene from the vatican this morning where pope francis officially elevated mother teresa to saint hood. officially now known as mother teresa of calcutta. back in a moment you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? sorry ma'am. no burning here. ugh. heartburn.
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hmmmmm....... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. and we are back. it's data download time. you may have noticed donald trump has been closing the gap with hillary clinton in recent polls. her post convention bounce is clearly gone but it hasn't gone to the direct benefit of trump. so where has it gone? we're going to look at polls that were released right after
11:44 am
the conventions and then rereleased again in the last week. we're going to start with our own poll. nbc news survey monkey. trump sits at 37%. he's down a point from early august. libertarian gary johnson gained a point. jill stein gained a point. clinton and trump lost four and johnson and stein and no answer gained four. now the monmouth poll. the combination of johnson/stein and all others, that also went up two points combined. while trump gained in this poll he doesn't go up as much as clinton drops. now a another poll. clinton is down 5 points from her postconvention lead in this
11:45 am
poll in august. trump is down a point. at the same time johnson up a point. stein up three and no preference up two. clinton and trump are down and johnson, stein and no preference are up six. johnson and stein appear to be having more of an impact on the clinton support than trump. are these voters at all in play for trump? are the voters vacillating between clinton, third party candidates, or not voting at all? coming up, have you been getting e-mails for someone saying they are desperate for you. they need you and they need you not. worry not. it is probably not have a jilted exlover. ot taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah!
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back now with the panel. we talked about trump and immigration. christen welkekristen welker. >> to some extent the problem is not for secretary clinton, it is not the content of the stories. it is the fact they keep breaking. there is this drip, drip, drip and feeds into to voters lack of
11:49 am
trust this her. you ask if it's too late to turn it around? it is hard to see her really turn that around at this point. i they that is baked into the cake. democrats want thoher to get ba into the game so she can defend herself. >> there was no recording. it's fbi policy. and at this point, unless the person has been arrested. ry and to say it is disconce disconcerting, the fbi or the person getting interviewed. there is that record here. you are going by notes -- i'm uncomfortable with all of this. >> i feel like there is an audio record of almost everything at this point. when i'm outside in public i assume -- >> -- fair to either the lawyer -- >> -- don't even release. this is sort of over and above the releasing of the interview -- >> -- all of a sudden feeds into
11:50 am
the narrative that she's getting some sort of special treatment. >> she's not. no. it is a befuddling policy i think. >> -- a little differently than somebody under fbi, this kind of investigation. >> she thinks she's treated over and above -- >> -- late in the ninth inning when the investigation is almost over when most investigations like this. you start interviewing key folks like that early and that is how petraeus ends up getting caught on perjury. you walk peek through. they lay it out all in front of her at the last minute. you okay with this? but her problems are much bigger than this. her problem is she was dishonest about this. she said there was no classified information and that was just not true and on top of that the clinton foundation -- >> -- recently did a piece on the clinton foundation saying
11:51 am
there is -- the scandal is that there is no scandal. and if you look at the clinton foundation has done is actually good work -- >> -- not. >> but then you take trump who basically took his foundation money and actually wrote a check to a campaign. that is actually illegal. and he actually had to pay a fine. >> -- goes back to mike pence. if you want to make this an issue, you have got to release something. you have got to be an even doctor even higher ground. and there is nothing. >> and her clear weakness and real flaw -- if we talked about this any other context, somewhere between 55 and 65% of the public consistently said the words honest and trustworthy don't apply to you, anyone around the table would say that is a big problem. the thing is you can't beat something with nothing. >> yes you can. >> donald trump -- all right. we'll we'll find out. no tax returns. you know, everybody knows why it
11:52 am
is not being released. this idea that he's under audit. that is an excuse -- >> scrutiny that the clinton have said gotten. >> right. >> -- the point alex. >> -- because of disclosure. >> -- president of the united states, if we're going to hold her to a standard of press conferences and -- >> -- i would be for a world where democrats were held to the same standard as republicans. however, of course he doesn't want the pressure on his campaign, he wants on the opponent. and do you care more about the e-mails or the tax returns? they care much more about the e-mails because that is our government. that is policy. that is all -- >> you know what is in tax returns. don't you want to know if your president is going to use his presidency to enrich himself or not? >> apparently hillary clinton's
11:53 am
voters don't. because that idea that somehow the clinton foundation is this wonderful foundation that helps people. most -- >> -- so -- >> -- in 2013 raised 100 million bucks gave 9 million -- >> unfavorable ratings are higher than secretary clintons. talk about the taxes -- >> not necessarily. >> well he is in the latest poll. >> -- survey in ohio that says hillary clinton's negatives are higher than donald trump -- >> -- >> -- the debates are coming up. and i think this is going to become a bigger problem for donald trump. that he hasn't released his taxes. he's going to have to actually answer this question over and over on a much bigger stage. >> -- like the least worse choice? that's seems like we're headed
11:54 am
for, the least worst choice. when you have two people, two historically unpopular nominees. between now and november 8th, it is going to get worse, nastier not better. you are going to see whoever wins with with a remarkable hill to climb with the american public in the white house. >> quick break and end game coming and those "i can't live without you" messages from your secret admirers. >> coming up in the meet the press end game." brought to you i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat e way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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♪ [engine revs] ♪ [cheering] ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪ back now with end game. and speaking of the end. there is a starting comment of michelle balkman in an interview she did with --. here it is.
11:57 am
>> well i don't want to be melodramatic but i do want to be truthful. >> sure. >> and i believe without a shadow of a doubt this is a last election. this is the last election and the reason i say that david is because it is a math problem she's going to change the demographics of the eyunited states so that no republican will ever win again. i'm old enough to relationship when the republicans had the demographic advantage and the republicans had all the voters. and this is the cyclical thing. shame on her. >> if she only believes that this republican party that our principles are good for people like her, that her not good for the next generation of voters for young people, for women, for minorities, for everybody? then she should be a republican. that kind of thinking is what
11:58 am
created the vacuum that defeated 16 other republican candidates and let an outsider come in. it was all about us and not about the future. there is a message out there. another generation of republicans. let's open up this economy so that everybody benefits. let's open up our schools. everybody benefits. she's the past. she's what's wrong with the republican party. >> the republican party had the latino vote to lose. and the latinos are the fast -- older generation -- >> -- social conservative. >> so what she basically said is admitted the republican party is a white nationalist party. >> no she -- >> -- actually want a party of -- >> i know. [ laughter ] >> i got to pause you guys here because i have my own little fun thing that i'm trying to get across here. >> it is your show. >> well, some days. but i want to make note of some of those annoying e-mails we all
11:59 am
get. desperate pleas to people who have been receiving -- and you are wondering geez, why are you stalking me? like a jilted exlover. kiss everything goodbye o. running out of time. or i've lost hope. by the way these are not -- you don't need to get a restraining order. these are just end of the month political fundraising e-mails. so i have to say very quickly -- >> i have so many of them. my inbox -- >> it obviously works but to me i just throw them away. they are jokes. >> i used to. and this is as recently as a year ago. i'd be like oh hillary clinton. wait a minute. they do it -- it is just like mail where you are -- >> -- nigerian prince -- >> i was going to say i miss the i niejen e-mails. fair enough. before we go i want to a little promotion. donald trump and hillary clinton will make their first general
12:00 pm
appearance at nbc and msnbc this wednesday night 8:00 eastern. if it's sunday it's "meet the press" good day to all of you. i'm alex witt coming you do live from new york. high noon in the east -- in the west. 3:00 p.m. here. i got that right. and donald trump feeling the heat over his immigration plan. surrogates facing tough questions too about whether is 11 million undocumented immigrants will stay or go if trump wins the white house. also questions about if trump even has a chance given his stance. today proof of trump's uphill battle with latino voters. servers stumble. calls today for hillary clinton to step up to the mic


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