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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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frustrat frustrated i would rather have young people to think through how to be part of the democratic process than those sitting on the sideline not paying attention at all. i think over time he will refine how he is thinking about it and maybe some of his critics will start seeing that he has a point around certain concerns about justice and equality and that's how we move forward. you know, some times it's messy but, you know, it's the way democracy works. all right. last one, angela king.
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>> reporter: thank you. the g20 group today discussed tax fairness and consistency, for you how much of that discussion was centered on the decision and how to do you balance fairness with your need and desire to protect u.s. companies and their shareholders. if i may, on one other business topic, how would you assess the likelihood of steel today makes a difference in over capacity? >> those are both great questions. the question of tax avoid answer and tax evasion is something we have actively promoted as an issue of the g20. it is also for some of the
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multi-lateral organizations to refine how we can approach these problems. it's a complicated piece of business. we did not bring up the specific case of apple because as a general rule i don't want to bring up the single case in a forum where we are trying to shape broader policy but at home we have been focused, whether it's on the inversion rules that we put forward, the proposals we put forward to define, you know, who the beneficiaries are behind the -- you know, the veil so we can catch people who are avoiding navoi avoidiavoi avoiding their taxes.
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we want to coordinate better norms internationally. the one thing we have to make sure we do is to move in concert with other countries because there's always a danger that if one of us acts unilaterally that it's not just a matter of a u.s. company being impacted but it may also have an effect in terms of our ability to collect taxes from the same company. you might end up with a situation where they pay into europe and u.s. -- the u.s. treasury is shortchanged. so if there's not some coordination between various tax authorities you have a problem there. in the same way there has to be coordination about even some of our closest allies racing to the bottom in terms of how they enforce their tax policies in ways that lead to revenue
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shifting and tax avoidavoidance our country. this is not something i think will be sorted out overnight. i do think that if we are to regain the trust of ordinary people that the system is not r rigged we have made some progress but not as much as we need to. my hope is that it's recognized.
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that they work together to put a stop to this. developed countries are losing revenue and that erodes their tax ways and ability to educate kids and build universities and infrastructure but it also wallops developing countries because oftentimes tax avoid answer can go hand in hand. in terms of excess capacity. in my bilateral conversations there was an agreement we would make progress on dealing with steel over capacity, which is consistent with the plans he has had to reorient the economy so it's not so dependent.
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we have made some progress on that front bilaterally. multi-laterally the g20 agreed to put together an intensive process of determines what the best steps are, which will be reported in the g20 next year. i think there was a validation of the basic principal that to the extent of over capacity of not just market forces but specific policy decisions that are distorting a well functioning market, that that needs to be fixed. it was one of a number of examples that aren't always sexy and don't attract a lot of
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headlines of where issues that we have raised in the g20 get adopted and then a bunch of work gets done and the following year you start seeing action and slowly we strengthen and build up international norms. if you look at the issue of i.t. and the digital economy we were able to get the g20 to adopt a range of principals about an open internet, net neutrality, making sure that, you know, businesses and vendors and providers aren't discriminated across borders. reflecting a lot of the foundational principals that have lead to this digital revolution over the last several years. and that will inturn generate a
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bunch of new work and there will still be conflicts about how people deal with censorship or how they deal with cyber security issues. we chip away at it. what we get is sturdier norms and we'll help all people grow and help people prosper. my parting words at the g20 is having watched this process over the last eight years, i think we all have to recognize, these are turbulent times. a lot of countries are seeing volatile politics. you know, some times you read the headlines and you can get discouraged about whether the international community and leadership are able to shape
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solutions fast enough for the scale of the problems, whether it's migrants and refugees or climate change or terrorism or making sure the international economy is working for everybody. but then when you look back over the course of eight years you find out things have gotten better. not always as fast as we would like, but in significant ways. you look at the progress we have made. the american banking system has $700 billion more. it is much sturdier. it is not just us. we also have an agreement in which all countries are having to strengthen their capital requirements and put in place some basic safeguards to prevent
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what happened at lehman's. as always, i would always like to see even more get done but i'm cautiously optimistic about the progress that we made. i tell my staff when they feel worn out some times that better is always good. it may not be everything that needs to get done but if it's better than before we started we'll take it. all right? thank you very much everybody. >> we have been listening to president barack obama speaking in china. there discussing the turbulent
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politics. good morning to you. i'm in world headquarters in new york. i want to bring in robert as well coreene john pierre. i would like to say, not a lot of domestic news which is to be expected. he did touch on the tpp which has been an issue at home. he did also touch on the controversy about collin kaepernick. your thoughts? >> he looked very relaxed and very presidential. there is a lot he wants to get done still. i thought it was really interesting because that was president obama, not candidate
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obama. also, the base is not with the president. they believe, as you know, that this is a job-killing type of bill. they think it is a good thing for the country. obviously it reminds me a lot of nafta where it was against president clinton but republicans were for this trade deal because of breaking down barriers. i thought it was very sub substantiative. the question is whether or not the american people here at home are paying attention. >> your thoughts coreene? >> yeah, i agree with robert on this one. the president is always very substantive, very honest and really speaks to the issues. the clock is running out. tpp is a controversial issue. you have the ticket saying they are against tpp. i'm also senior adviser for this
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election cycle. look, our members don't agree with this agreement. they feel that it hurts people, jobs, takes away jobs and it's not -- it's more for businesses. it's a tough one. it will be interesting to see how this plays out especially 60 days or so to the election. >> i want both of you to stay with me. ron, what were you seeing on the ground? as we talk about tpp of course this is a president here in a very lame duck setting in the sense that the clock is ticking and you have nominees here in both parties against the trade agenda that he was advocating today. >> and that's the question i would have asked him is how does he reconcile his views. the first trip is the 13th of sept in the philadelphia
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suburbs. on the one hand he believes deeply with this and he is very clear and straight about it. at the same time he can't alienate vote erps. some people would go so far as to say it is president obama's voters who she needs really badly to help put her over the top. but president obama is very straightforward about this. this is his 11th trip to asia. he sees this part of the world as a future. tpp is about defining how the rules of the road are for trade and this part of the world and there's always a strategic opponent in terms of national security concerns. by joining together these are
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small nations if for most part. they serve as a counter weight to china. it is a concern the united states has, president obama has. also there are these big disputes going on about freedom of navigation to the south china sea. china is building creating islands and bodies of land and water. that's a real concern. trade, tpp, it covers a lot of ground, a lot of things. he is going to push for it. interestingly on that issue he said clearly for the first time today that this is going to be something that happens in the lame duck. rep, the politics of this back there are that he needs a lot of republican support. this is a republican issue where there is stronger support. the question there of course is why would the republicans want to give him a victory on the way out the door?
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he keeps preaching it and we'll see how it goes. >> absolutely. i mean, robert, on that point, you talk about the president in that mode and talk about him thinking about his legacy. he does seem at this point to be focused on the international arena. i would note at home his approval ratings are rising partly because he is not the center of political disputes right now. i wonder what you see as sort of his legacy projects here in the final months as americans are largely overwhelmed with campaign news. >> i think it's two things. i think he said about his foreign policy legacy, i mean this doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. most really think about it because they can have more impact there. but let's keep in mind that this president has had bumpy
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relations. there is a lot of respect with ukraine and so forth. i want to go back to tpp. i think the president thinks it is an easy win for him. secretary clinton called it the gold standard. if you take a look at it it is really a good trade deal. it is hard to sell to those living paycheck to paycheck. they see their job moving ov overseas and that job not coming back. if the president that she has -- well, he won't say that during the campaign trail, i'm not exact ly sure how he wins. >> and i'll give you a chance to respond and expand on robert's
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poi point, there are a lot of trade and policy ekts perts who say if there ever were a trade deal that did incorporate many of the things the critics have been asking for, this is the deal. i don't think they could say it is the most. it almost seems like it's the hang over deal. there is a different environment. how do you reconcile that with the fact that it is not the worst deal? >> i think a lot of members feel that it didn't seem there was a lot of democracy in getting this out there and putting it out there for people to actually see what the deal was, to actually see the protects. th -- specifics. so that's part one. and then, you know, because of that there's concerns about, hey, jobs for actual people, like the ohio person that's living out there that robert mentioned. so it was just hard to convince
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folks because they didn't see the deal, didn't feel like it was a democratic process. >> all right. thank you both for joining me here coming out of this big live press conference. we want to go more into the politics as promised. the next few weeks could be make or break for both nominees. it is cutting into clinton's lead. kristen welker is always out in the action. i know she has talked about a new campaign plane which i think is only of interest to junkies but i guess they have one. we are seeing whether they can sell their progress with all eyes on the debate. >> reporter: there's no doubt that the pressure is ramping up and so is the campaign schedule.
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it's all hands on deck. secretary clinton back on deck as she has taken several days off for fundraising. she is going to be here in cleveland with her vice presidential nominee. former president bill clinton will be in detroit and cincinnati today. in pittsburgh bernie sanders has his first campaign event. he will be in new hampshire. so the campaign thinks he could be really critical in motivating voters. this all comes as secretary clinton is fending off questions about her e-mail. this continues to feed into voters lack of trust in here. on friday the fbi releasing his notes from the interview and among the revelations that she said she couldn't remember things more than three dozen
5:21 am
times. all over the weekend tim kaine defended her. take a listen. >> and what these notes demonstrate is significant detail why the fbi chose not to go forward with any additional proceeding. she made it by deciding she wanted to used one device rather than multiple devices. she said it was a mistake and she learned from it. >> now, that new campaign plane, here it is, a live look at it right now in westchester, new york. it says stronger together. that is the clinton-kaine slogan. she will be flying with her press corp. for the first time. it is a big day for the clinton campaign and underscores we are head sboog the home stretch.
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>> when i was on the obama plane in '08, he would only come back to the cabin like once a month. >> you don't get to see them every day. that's for sure. >> i know this month will keep you very busy. thank frs joining us this morning. donald trump was delivering a message for unity within an african american community. he is also talking about america first and of course immigration. katy tur, our long-time trump specialist joins us this morning. katy, this is what i want to learn. i always hear that he is a businessman, that he is flexible, that they like that, that he will try different things. walk us through sort of in trump world the view of the last several weeks where that flexibility was certainly on
5:23 am
disfldi display on immigration. it was like he was making it up as he went along, your view of that inside trump lank. >> reporter: there was a lot of confusion. the campaign and candidates seeming to be at odds with each other. his vice president unsure how to characterize donald trump, their nominees own immigration policy. it seemed to be there would be softening on donald trump's level when he went to visit the president of mexico. it seemed like he was open to compromise. his campaign managers seemed to suggest there wouldn't be deportation forces. donald trump himself the next day called it a softening.
5:24 am
we would have to wait and see what to do with those in this country who have not convicted a crime on top of being in this country illegally. it is also unclear if he considers those who overstayed their visa to be in that group of criminals that would be immediately deported. so confusion seems to be the reigning description of what's going on inside the trump world. it goes from the candidate himself to his surrogates. >> katy tur, thank you very much for your reporting. also have a special note for you. we are two days away from the commander in chief forum. it will be wednesday night along with our partners, afghanistan vet rans of america. they will host for a special live televised forum hosted by matt lauer.
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that's wednesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern as well as right here on msnbc. coming up next, the deadly storm, hermine expected to bring dangerous conditions all on the east coast. we do have live team coverage telling you everything you need to know. that is straight ahead. if your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief.
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>> welcome back. a path of destruction ran from florida down to virginia. two people killed and hundreds of thousands lost power. beaches closed in new york and new jersey. millions being told not to go into the water because of dangerous rip currents. bill, the storm is not letting up. >> no. just a bizarre storm. two weeks we have been tracking this thing and now it's inching back closer to the coast once again. if you weren't paying attention it was looking like a significant blow from the jersey shore from southern new england. it drifted further out to sea that be what was expected. the forecast kind of got low, less impacts for the coastal areas. it's a huge storm. this rain shield is now moving through nantucket. one spot is getting tropical storm conditions. it will rotate through as we go throughout the morning. it will not make it back to
5:30 am
areas near new york city. still a 70 miles per hour wind. it is still a very strong tropical storm. it is now drifting to the north at 3:00. you can see it backing towards new england. it will increase the winds too. it does bend it back. the important thing is winds weaken from 65 to 45. it will weaken and shrink and get smaller. the impacts will not be even noticeable in areas in cape cod. we are done with it by the time we get to friday. we could get some gusts up to 35 miles per hour. that's province town back down to areas of long island. i think late this afternoon towards this evening is when we are predicting the highest winds are. it is to are-- thank you.
5:31 am
what are you seeing? >> reporter: we are seeing strong winds and rip currents here. people are being told to stay out of the water. for tourists they expected much worse. they are trying to salvage part of this labor day weekend. the economic impact of this storm is still being felt. they are trying to recruit some of the losses. we were in ocean city maryland. there were strong winds and heavy rain there. a lot of businesses saw a sharp drop off in customers. we talked to one ice cream shop owner. here is what he had to say. >> how much would you estimate? would yaw say yesterday and today you have had 20%? >> i would say yesterday is probably 80% off? >> yeah.
5:32 am
>> you're thinking 80%? >> yeah. we are like farmers when there's great weather it's tough. >> so again, a tropical storm warning still in effect here. businesses trying to make the best of it. there have been hotel cancellations here as well. again, the impacts could have been more here on the east coast. we are looking to get strong winds throughout the day. people staying throughout the water here. >> gabe is at the coastline. thank you and stay safe. what is the situation on your coastline? >> reporter: hey t winds are really whipping out here. i'm seeing a visible difference even from 24 hours ago. the ocean out there, the swells have been about 6 feet and the water has come in a lot higher than it was yesterday. we are not even at high tide yet which is still three hours away.
5:33 am
the current out here is so strong a wind surfer was rescued off of fire island. they are keeping everybody out of the water. there is nobody on the beach right now because the rip concerns are so dangerous. >> thank you. stay safe. still ahead, we'll turn back to politics, donald trump and his first political request. he says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore but will he have to? we'll explain. that's straight ahead. new clients? let's go meet them soon.
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what's that? the number of units we'll make next month to maximize earnings. that's a projection. no, it's a fact. based on hundreds of proprietary and open data sets folded into a real-time, actionable analytics model. nine. eight. three. five. two. you're not gonna round that up? you don't round up facts. powerful analytics driving decisions for the world's most valuable brands. hewlett packard enterprise. welcome back. heading into the high stakes home stretch of this presidential campaign. three weeks in what's left to go. clinton's lead over trump in national polls does seem to narrow a little bit. what you see now is a 4 point lead. that's down from eight if you remember, a month ago. now we have a lot to talk about and pretty good people to do it.
5:37 am
smith is with mtv news, which is a news organization. the most interesting thing that happened, a lot of people living their normal, long weekend, maybe not following everything that happened. donald trump who talks about a lot of things, not shy, not a quiet guy. there's something that donald trump isn't talking about anymore. let me play it for you. a local reporter posed an interesting question that got this answer. take a listen. >> you don't talk about the birth certificate anymore. do you -- >> i don't think about it anymore. i don't talk about it anymore. >> what does it mean when someone comes on the political scene on an issue, which he did on 2012. he made so much noise in response to donald trump that this president did something no
5:38 am
president has never done before which was feel the need to quail the questions by releasing this long-form birth certificate. if donald trump said i apologize or i went to door what does i don't want to talk about it mean? >> it is quite convenient. the foundation of his political career is that birther moment. he had the perfect opportunity to start the opportunity about him apologizing for all of the misdeeds and things he has done throughout his entire public career. now he is seeking to put this under the carpet. i think the media shouldn't let him get away with it. >> agreed. the last week we have seen so much attention paid to donald trump's attempt. that for african americans is a huge stumbling block. no matter where he goes that is
5:39 am
going to follow him around. i think from a strategic point of view that's the best approach for him to take. expecting an apology for him is likely too much. at least he can stop going for that. it wasn't just birthers. he wanted to see his street signs -- transcripts. >> yeah, and it's smart to move away from it. >> they have still doing it. you have his former campaign manager still questions barack obama's school reports. he is now exploiting to being in the republican party. >> you're referencing corey -- >> yes. you can't go on tv and say i'm not going to talk about that anymore and that's what you have
5:40 am
been doing all of this time. that's the movement he is creating is in fact, you know, is about. >> and on that point, people have different memories based on what's important to them. you can have a dispute with your spouse. you're like i remember that. and so not to generalize it but in my reporting there is a deep detailed memory of donald trump's approach to the first black president. you mentioned not just the beirh certificates but the transcripts. he said the president needs to get off the basketball court and get back to work. that i have heard from people struck a lot of people as a really odd statement about a president who plays more golf than basketball. there seems to be that collective memory there that may
5:41 am
be different than what republicans say they hear about donald trump which is they are paying attention to them now. it may not be the same collective experience. >> i think there's a lot of weird surprise in regard to the extreme nature. frankly they asked african americans, you look at the central park 5 ad condemning five black and hispanic teenagers for a crime they didn't commit. >> right. >> and calling for the death penalty for a crime they didn't commit. later on when they got a settlement for the city, calling that a disgrace, insisting that they are guilty. there is definitely a very long memory about donald trump and i think frankly more voices need to be heard from that community in order to expose it. >> and that's going to a historically democratic side. jeff flake has been critical and seemed to go a step further.
5:42 am
take a listen. >> i would not vote for hillary clinton and as of now i still would not vote for donald trump. i just know that i would like to vote for donald trump. it's not comfortable to not support your nominee but given the positions he's taken and the tone and tenor of his campaign i simply can't. >> so he would like to but he's not going to. >> right. >> and then we have the response here. in all fairness i want to show his response. he tweeted back saying he was weak and ineffective. saying there's no one left in washington for trump to work with who he hasn't insulted. >> donald trump calling flake weak and ineffective. it is to provoke this response. jeff flake has to do this. arizona has 31% population eligible voters. and not only that but arizona is
5:43 am
really one of the places we see that's been a center of activism. >> are you saying that this is about a latino vote politically or also about being the kind of republican moderate -- >> both. i think it's both. on one hand he is even saying i want to vote for donald trump. he is no fan of hillary clinton but donald trump made it so hard. jeff flake in the past has called for donald trump to apologize for the comments he made about john mccain and being a p.o.w. we all know he sees that as an attack. there is already bad blood. i think trump has made it so hard that we see that i think trump is up in arizona five points. it should be way higher than that. when you look at the spreads in
5:44 am
the past but it could even put it in play. that's what he is saying. he is saying donald trump is potentially making this a purple state. not only that but to backlash at all. >> i think it makes it worse when you say i would really like to do this. you're like i want to do this. i would like to do this. this is what i would normally do. you're just off the table and i can't do this. >> yeah. and you can see how effective the attack was. it is kind of the equivalent of well, you report something or you write something and somebody attacks your place of business instead of attacking the words that you say. trump's calendar was about flake as a person. it is really about the politics. he needs to respond to all of these republican doubters in states like ohio and other
5:45 am
states he needs to respond and get these people in the fold instead of dismissing them. >> i would like this segment to continue but it's over. it's over now. thanks for joining us and getting up early this morning. this is important. we'll night nbc news will host hillary clinton and donald trump together and focuses on issues they will have to confront, the military and our veterans. still ahead, the parents of the boy that was killed at disney are breaking their silence. >> anybody that knows me knows i don't like to speak but i honor it to him. >> 5,000 balloons released this weekend in memory of lane
5:46 am
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for the very first time we are hearing from the boy that was tragically killed from a walt disney world resort. this is just outside the theme park with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. saturday would have been lane graves third birthday. in his small town of nebraska family, friends, neighbors all gathered for a bittersweet celebration of little lane's life. >> you have spent two years -- >> the heartbroken parents of lane graves who was killed in a
5:50 am
horrifying alligator attack speaking out for the first time. >> anyone that knows me knows i don't like to speak. i owe it to him. >> honoring him on what would have been his third bit drthday. >> amaid a sea of balloons hundreds showed up showing their love by forming themselves into the shape of a heart. >> it is to show how much they are praying for the family and how much they are supporting them. >> reporter: the family was on vacation at disney world. the boy building a sand castle when without warning a 7 foot alligator rose up and grabbed him. lane's father reach into the gator's mouth to try to save his sun but it was too powerful,
5:51 am
pulling the boy down! we speak about how lucky we were to spend two years, nine months and 11 days as a complete family. >> they have added signs around the areas. >> lane and ella used to say they loved their mommy and daddy up to the sky and down to the grass. lane and ella, we love you up to the sky and down to the grass. happy birthday, buddy. we miss you. >> reporter: the family has said in previous sames they do not plan to sue disney. >> thank you. appreciate it. still ahead, president obama speaks publicly for the first time about the kaepernick controversy. we'll have that and a live look at seaside heights new jersey. it brings dangerous surf there all over parts of the east
5:52 am
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5:56 am
of sports figures doing so. i think there are a lot of ways you can do it. as a general matter when it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who have fought for us, you know, that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are. i don't doubt his sincerity based on what i have heard. i think he cares about real legitimate issues that have to be talked about, and, you know, if nothing else, what he has done is he has generated more conversation around topics that
5:57 am
need to be talked about. >> president obama made remarks there at the g20 summit. that's how we lead off our sports cast. we have more on that. >> reporter: kaepernick has gone from sitting to kneeling in a silent sideline protest. as kaepernick was expected to show up to address a congregation the reverend said this. >> reporter: kaepernick's controversial protest igniting anger and support. the local police union threatening to boycott games with the police chief quick to
5:58 am
disagree. he supported his constitutional right to protest. she said it was aly l nod to the quarterback. a close look at kaepernick's post followed a dramatic shift in the tone of his posts that started around october of last year. that's when pictures, mostly of kaepernick gave way. the quarterback even taking to ins ins instagram about the socks he wear saying it was in protest of rogue cops. the sale of his jersey has spiked going from 20th to number one in the nfl store now flying off the shelf for a hundred
5:59 am
dollars as many buy his jersey in report. that's it for my coverage. if i were you i would keep watching. here is why. my colleague, stephanie, takes over right now. >> wow. i appreciate that. thank you. good morning to you. thanks for spending labor day with us. president obama taking place, his final g20 summit featuring an unscheduled comment from putin. that frosty relationship has not yet thawed. >> typically the tone was candid and blunt. this one was no different. summer is over and the presidential race is on. the race tightening. trump picks a brand new fight overnight. >> one battleground newspaper out with his endorsement picking neither. plus, labor day washout.
6:00 am
h hermine's havoc, imagine being on a cruz. we are tracking it all. of course this morning we have got to begin with president obama and china holding a press kon conference. front and center was his meeting, an unblaned meeting with putinand the leaders inability to get on the same page when it comes to syria and ukraine. >> given the gaps of trust that exist, that's a tough negotiation. >> nbc joins me now. first of all, nice haircut, high and tight. >> i won't comment on your hair. it would be inappropriate. too early this morning.


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