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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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don't you. >> you're supposed to say yes. i was just waiting for this moment. and i'm -- no, really. >> i've been waiting for many moment, she says, no, really, clinton's campaign rolling out it's heavy hitters too, bill clinton, vice president joe biden, senator bernie sanders, all on the campaign trail today. sanders calling his former rival, the superior candidate. >> on issue after issue, there should be no doubt on anybody's mind as to whether -- as to whether hillary clinton is the superior candidate because in every respect, she is. >> took him a few minutes to get to her name though. we'll talk about that and more. donald trump also kicking it into gear on the road in ohio where polls show test dead wooechb clinton. moments ago the gop nominee starting a round table with union leaders in the buckeye state. we have reporters covering both
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candidates all over the place for us. katy tur, katy is outside trump tower here in new york. let's start with donald trump, right. look at the poll arches. if you look at them, the campaign will say, and if you look at the analysis, there's truth to the claim he's rising in the polls, trump having clinton's lead basically in an average. what's the sense from team trump here as we flip out, out of labor day into what trump and his team have long said is really the start of the campaign? >> well, some of the polls he's doing better in, certainly pennsylvania he has closed the gap a little bit and closed the gap in a recent national poll, but when you look at north carolina, state he's going to be in tomorrow, he's actually down, hillary clinton is up four points there right now. but the campaign has been saying for the past month or so, they don't believe the polls. they believe the polls are underrepresenting donald trump's support, kellyanne conway saying it's basically not in vogue to support donald trump. that's why folks are not telling pollsters they're going to cast their ballots for donald trump in november. they, as you said hallie,
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believe this is the start of the campaign. it's notable though that while hillary clinton will be traveling with her press, donald trump will not be traveling with his press. there is a press plane, but so far only advanced staff on that plane. advanced staff being the folks that go out and make sure that the venues are in order and everything goes to plan there. no real campaign strategist on that plane that are talking to reporters. they've been actually as you know as well, less responsive lately to reporters request for information, but they do believe that they are going out and they're going to be able to find a way to cut into hillary clinton's lead and to gain support among voters and voting blocks that they haven't had good support with so far. that's why you're seeing him do african american outreach, you're seeing him speak more directly to hispanics on the campaign trail. is it going to work in the long run? it does not seem like it's going to be so easy. we've spoken to african american voters specifically on the campaign trail. they feel like donald trump is
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being condescending saying they have nothing to lose for voting for him. also they feel like he's only trying to appeal to them now as a voting black when he realizes he doesn't have their support and will need it forward. some speculating this is really donald trump trying to get moderate women voters, moderate gop white women voters a little bit more comfortable wl him. so a big hill to climb, especially in battleground states. although he is closing the gap nationally. we don't vote in terms it of the popular vote. we are a nation that goes by the electoral college. the battleground states are the ones that really matter. >> no national referendum. let's talk about one of these statings. it's kind of a battleground, you mentioned pa, north carolina, arizona, you look at the polls there, donald trump according to to the acp average up a couple of points, but he's picking another fight. jeff flake back and forth give us the latest.
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>> i'm sorry, are you playing a sound byte, i was waiting for a sound byte. he has a fight -- he's in a fight, he's in a fight with as you said arizona republican senator jeff flake. he is not up for reelection this year, notable he's distancing himself from donald trump because he feels that he has the room to do so. very much unlike senator john mccain who is up for reelection. he said that he would like to support donald trump, but he doesn't feel like he can. he hasn't been comfortable with donald trump's tone or tenor. he said this repeatedly most recently just a few days ago. donald trump coming out now and calling the senator weak in a few tweets about him. fighting back. this is after he's been told many times to stop picking fights with other gop senators and representatives and leaders still doing that, refusing to back down when he's been challenged in any way. it is notable though that the arizona gop is taking donald trump's side saying that senator flake's comments are
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counterproductive. hallie. >> katy tur, thank you so much. let's flip over to nbc's kristen welker. she is in cleveland where secretary clinton and senator tim kaine will be at the labor day this event afternoon. kristen, the secretary was criticized a lot last week for being off the campaign trial for holding those fundraisers instead, criticized for her accessibility with the press. when you look at where he is on the plane now with reporters, when you look at what her campaign is being about being more accessible. do you think that'll last and how do you see that playing out? given some of the fire she's faced? >> reporter: well, we sure hope it's going to last. we're sure going to try. you talk about the plane. this is a significant day in the clinton campaign. because the press is going to have more access to her. they're going to be riding around on the same plane with her. she said today, she would take tougher questions later on in the day. undoubtedly, andrea mitchell who is on the plane is going to hold her to that. and she's going to have to
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answer tough questions about her e-mails, particularly in the wake of the fbi releasing it's notes from it's three and a half hour interview with secretary clinton and it's just one of the story lines that is allowing the pulse to get a little bit tighter. as you were just discussing with katy tur. the strategy for the clinton campaign is going to be a regain momentum and she's going to try to start that today here with tim kaine, she then heads to illinois, but her surrogates are going to be out in full force, bill clinton as well as bernie sanders, vice president biden, and that's what you're going to see. essentially through election day, president obama is going to hit the trail and secretary clinton will be barn storming in all of the key battleground states, florida, north carolina, so this is just the start of what the campaign describes as it's final sprint. are. >> and do you see that as a divide and conquer strategy? sending these big-name surrogates out to these battle ground states? look at donald trump with a different kind of surrogate relationship. they come out and introduce him at events, they don't travel on their own.
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>> reporter: absolutely right. this is about dividing and conquering and rallying key voting groups. because president obama, of course, wants to get out the obama coalition. sbernz going to be critical at rallying those younger, millennial voters. the first lady's going to be out as well, hallie shp she's going to rally women voters. that's the core part. here's the other part. this is about voter registration, making sure that the obama coalition actually turns up at the polls. president obama, for example, his first stop is going to be in philadelphia on september 13th, that's two weeks before the voter registration deadline, hallie. >> kristen welker, thanks so much there in cleveland. hillary clinton has just landed. that is a look at the new plane that kristen was talking about. hillary clinton about to walk out of the stairs, walk down and head to that campaign event now with her running mate tim kaine. arriving in cleveland for the big labor day rally. she of course just one of the names out on the campaign trail
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on the democratic side. donald trump in ohio today, also on the gop side with his running mate, mike pence. let's chat about all of this now. joining me from d.c. today, miles associate editor and betsy woodrough, a political reporter for the daily beast. betsy, let's start on kristen there, while trump and prevention putting out fires, the clinton campaign is trying to put her in key battlegrounds, but, you know, this isn't a done deal. what does she have to do starting today, starting on labor day to capitalize? >> you know, it's obviously important for her to shore up the small leads she has in the rust belt states that trump is trying to flip. pennsylvania and wisconsin are crucial for her. the fact that in the most recent marquette poll, the gold standard of wisconsin polling, she was only up by three points. that's something that makes clinton backers nervous. they want to see her with a bigger margin. that said, she's in a good place all things considered. her favorability numbers could
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be a little bit higher, but she's leading in all the states, obama won in 2012. and if the election were held today, she'd be president. unless something unusual happens, it's it looks like she's in decent shape overall. >> nile, clinton has to do more than just win. when should we expect or should we expect the campaigns to feed more into the down ballot races? >> well, i think we do expect to that to happen. one of the interesting things aek the flap between jeff flake and donald trump was that it goes to the issue of arizona and trump's lack of popularity. even though sflaik not up for reelection. john mccain obviously is. hillary clinton has very fewer favorability numbers and this selection set up to some extent as a referendum on trump. that's why in the piece i wrote, we were talking about the need for hillary clinton to really roll up a significant margin of victory and for democrats to win down ballot. otherwise people will just say, if clinton is elected, she's got
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elected out of a disapproval of trump rather than a strong endorsement of her policies. >> nile, let me talk about mike pence here. he's, you know, how do you describe him? part peacemaker, part explainer. here's what he said on meet the press. let's play a sound byte and talk about it on the other side. >> people want to get legalized or want to get right under the color of the law. they need to leave the country -- >> legal in this country without leaving the country? >> chuck, he also said -- >> this is where we get confused. >> he said it's not going to be under the existing caps and program. it's rather going to be under a new and reformed immigration program. >> so, pence, reportedly during some of these recent campaign swings met with republicans out on the trail, senator flake among them apparently. is he an effective running mate or stop the spills more in the first place? >> you know, the problem is that the spills are happening in the
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first place. donald trump continues to get himself into these controversies that do not seem to me, at least, to expand his constituency of support. we're getting really, really close to the end of this campaign, you know, it's an important point to realize that absentee voting starts in a state like north carolina, in just a few days. so smens still having to make these comments to clear up messes, but that does not help donald trump or the republican ticket expand it's support beyond the 42, 43% level that will we're seeing in polls at the moment. >> one more quick one for you. we're talking about this back and forth, are more people on the fence than last week? the same amount? or dungt minority outveech forcing to pick a side and land somewhere? >> you know, i think the minority outreach is not going to make a big impact. my guess will be over the last seven days, trump waited 14 months after starting his campaign to make a concerted
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pitch to african american voters, and the rnc didn't give him a lot to build on. they promised after the 2012 election in their autopsy, so-called autopsy that they would spend more money and time and staff on reaching out to african american voters. and based on the folks i've talked to, that just didn't happen. couple that with the fact trump waited so long to really do anything particularly organized with reaching out to african american voters. and it seems unlikely that popping in at a church service is going to make a big change. he needs to make a change, particularly in michigan and wisconsin where african american voters are substantially sectors. states he wants to win. the fact that he waited this long to really get started on it suggests that maybe his campaign strategy wasn't as well-planned out as they would have suggested a couple months back. >> betsy, live from washington, thanks so much for joining us on this labor day as we look at that split screen, nile, thank you too. donald trump in the middle, hillary clinton on the left can be deplaning in cleveland. trump also in ohio.
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hey, welcome back, happening now, a look at hillary clinton's plane in cleveland. her running mate, tim kaine walking off and turning around and walking back on just moments ago as he take a peek at the
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candidates out on the trail before the election. the labor day swing, hillary clinton of course has been fundraising now off the trail, largely for a couple of weeks, just a couple of appearances publicly. although she's had a number of private fundraisers, bringing in millions of dollars for her campaign. also within the last hour, bernie sanders on the trail for clinton today rallying voters in new hampshire, but, it took him about 20 minutes to mention hillary clinton by name. all of it seeming more like a flashback really to one of his primary speeches. >> on issue after issue, there should be no doubt, on anybody's mind, as to whether -- as to whether hillary clinton is the superior candidate because in every respect, she is. >> so, what kind of an asset can sanders really be to clinton in a state where 60% of voters supported him in the primary? joining me now, jennifer horn,
9:18 am
the chair of the new hampshire republican state committee, thank you for being with us today, jennifer. >> thank you for having me, great to be here. >> let's take a big look now at the polling. latest university of new hampshire poll has trump behind clinton by nine points in a general election match-up. this is a state he won during the primaries, but is this still in play for him in the general? >> oh, of course it is. you know, we're working very hard here in new hampshire for all of our candidates on the ballot from top to bottom. and i think what's interesting about this race today is you just mentioned, talking about bernie sanders being here to campaign for hillary clinton, what's ironic for those of us here in new hampshire is when you look at the numbers on that side of the race. this is a state where bernie sanders won the democratic vote overwhelmingly in excess of # 0% of it, and here he is campaigning on stage with governor maggie hassan who is one of the establishment superdelegates promised to hillary clinton almost from the beginning of this race.
9:19 am
>> you know, i take that point, jennifer, and we'll talk more about sanders. i've had conversations with sources close to the campaign, and new hampshire has come up, a place of concern, for i believe folks close to the trump campaign and going hey, he dominated here during the primaries, but they're hoping he wins in the general. how is the ground game? are you getting out to vote, what are you doing specifically to pull out the win for him? >> of course we are. and at this time in the race, i think every state's a concern for candidates on both sides. we know today is labor day and the numbers are starting to tighten in many states across the country. we have a very strong ground game. we work very closely with the rnc as chairman priebus said many times, it is the largest, strongest, most technologically advanced ground game we ever put forth as a party. i'm very proud of the work we're doing here in new hampshire, and i'm confident it's going to make the difference in the end. >> jennifer, thank you so much for being with us, i appreciate
9:20 am
it. >> always a pleasure, thank you, hallie. >> no problem. taking a live look now, hillary clinton and tim kaine, she just got off the plane with her running mate. chatting with folks there in cleveland as he gets ready to head off to her campaign event. there on the right, donald trump is meeting and greeting with voters in ohio as well. both candidates out on the campaign trail. and guess what, you're going to be seeing this split screen or something like it quite a bit over these next 64 days until the general election. coming up, hermine might not have completely washed out labor day weekend plans, but the storm still packing a punch. rip currents, dangerous wind gusts up and down the eastern sea board. we are going to go live to two popular east coast beaches for the latest on hermine's impact, after the break. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. d it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five?
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long island to nan tuskt today with hermine expected to drift slowly mt. mid-atlantic through at least tomorrow. our team has all angles covered up along the coast. and here at our-headquarters. let's begin in new york where tropical storm warning is still in effect. it's where we find nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez whose been in his rain gear for it feels like a week now, gabe. this is not the hamptons vacation you wanted, i assume. >> reporter: i know, i did to want head to the hamptons for labor day, this is not it. we've been tracking the storm for several days. florida on friday, then head up the east coast, past the georgia, carolinas, and then really go offshore. it's me yandering off the east coast. the concern right now for this area is the danger of rip currents as you mentioned, hallie, tropical storm warning in effect. folks are trying to make the best of their labor day. they have been outside. some of them expected the effects of hermine to be worse. and so they're saying hey, why
9:25 am
not come out and enjoy this, at least a little bit. however, there is quite a big economic impact we've seen up and down the east coast public ocean city, maryland, we were there yesterday, business owners lost a ton of business. and right now, the warning is not to head in the waters. so all these rip currents are keeping swimmers out of the water on this labor day, hallie, again this storm hermine, we've been talking about at least two deaths have been blamed on this storm and at it's height, if not knocks of thousands of people, they lost power. so back to you, that's the latest here from eastern long island. >> gabe, thanks so much. it looks like and empty beach there now south to the jersey shore, tammie lightener is in seaside heights. tammie, gabe talked about the impact in new york, what's it looking like down where you are? >> reporter: if you take a look out at the ocean, the swells have been about six to eight feet.
9:26 am
you can see the tide is still coming in. and if we swing over to the left here, you can see how far the tide has come. it's gotten within, i don't know, six, eight, ten feet of the board walk, and that's been the major concern here. they cannot want the water to get up and over the board walk as has happened in the past and that's when damage happened. they're out here prepared hoping it doesn't get worse and this is the worst of it, hallie. >> tammie lightener, thanks so much, tammie. for the latest, let's chat with our meteorologist. so bonnie snyder, if the storm is me yandering as we say off the coast, are we out of the woods? >> not quite yet, hallie, the worst was the high tides. we want it the to leave us. but the low pressure area known as our post-tropical cyclone still remains. but keep in mind, in terms of the rough surf and the rain, that's where we're getting to new england and there's a line of thunderstorms rolling through nan tuskt right now.
9:27 am
we are getting some rain from it. this isn't a rain-maker though, it's more of a coastal flood maker, really. winds are at 70 miles per hour almost at hurricane intensity, if we get up to 74 it'll be that strong hurricane, but it's going to be a state of house tropical cyclone because it is over cooler water, more elongated. here's the laterest track, this is important to note, as we go into tomorrow, we're still looking at it fairly close to the shoreline in terms of it not pulling away. wednesday the same thing, then thursday, we see that turn. the risk for coastal flood willing diminish for new jersey, south shore of long island. we're still going to run that risk as we head up towards nantucket and the south coast of massachusetts and rhode island. we need this storm, hermine, that's been around for so long. remember it was 99l? we need it to get out of it. looking for the storm surge, we're still looking at the threat for the states you see through here, one to three feet. and this is at the time of high tide, mainly into the afternoon, minor to moderate flooding is
9:28 am
possible in new jersey and long island and the same for southern new england. this is again, at the time of high tide. if you live in a coastal area, this is something to keep in mind. the winds have also been fairly strong with this storm. nantucket right now looking at intense winds, 43 miles per hour. so that's stronger than tropical storm force, but as you head now to the jersey shore, it's looking a lot better, atlantic city the winds have calmed down and by the time we get to tomorrow morning, we're going to look at lessening winds. the biggest problem is it doesn't to want leave. it's been sticking around for days and i'm hopeful that for thursday, we can say good-bye to hermine. >> thanks so much. like a bad labor day house guest, sticking around adjust little too long. first live pics of hillary clinton and tim kaine in cleveland, ohio, she is out for the first time in a couple of weeks or first major campaign swing for her as democrats put the big names out on the trail. hillary clinton, bill clinton, bernie sanders, tim kaine, everybody out on the trail today. we're going to have much more coming up ahead on msnbc.
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it's very organized. there are many voters particularly in the primary, you saw pennsylvania was a great example of that. a number of democratic and independent voters crossed over it support him in the republican primary. i think the mayor today is just one example of what's happening across this country where, voters who traditionally have not voted republican orren haven't voted in a very long time seem to be coming out to support this messenger and his message. >> that was trump campaign manager kellyanne conway speaking moments ago in cleveland with donald trump making a stop at a diner there. just finished up. hillary clinton also in cleveland too. landing there minutes ago in her new campaign plane. donald trump and his running mate, mike pence, you see them there, they'll be working the crowd at the fair today in ohio. the first time we're seeing him since saturday when he was out in michigan. kellyanne conway talking about
9:33 am
the strategy that the trump team has been employing now really for weeks in this general election, trying to reach out to democrats and independents. that is one of the cornerstones of how they feel they can beat hillary clinton come november. will it work? i have experts to chat with me. we have senior advisor and national spokesperson for and susan. susan, let me start with you here. we heard from kellyanne conway speaking to reporters there talking about this idea that there will be crossover appeal for donald trump. is there going to be? >> it's hard to tell. maybe they're already baked in that number that donald trump has at 39 to 41%. but what we seen in recent pollings, if they are in fact at all attracted to any candidate right now, it's been a back and forth with hillary clinton. because as we see the polls tightening up, we see donald trump staying at his base number, hillary clinton gaining some popularity, and now losing that popularity. and mostly among independents and what you would call reagan
9:34 am
democrats, if you will. >> so i think it's going to be very difficult to gauge that, but it could rely on turnout. >> donald trump's visit to detroit. we saw video from saturday just a couple of minutes ago. getting out there and speaking to folks. what's your impression of that outreach effort? is it genuine and any credit for at least making the effort? >> no, not at all. i don't find it genuine, not one bit. he spent a week slandering the african american community in front of all white audiences, then he decides, 64 days before the election, that he's going to go to a black church, for the first time in his life to go into a black church and then he offers up conservative, republican policies, like first choice. which have not been known to work. he's expecting the black community to forget about the birth every movement that he especially led, and also the history that he has with housing discrimination, that goes back 30 years.
9:35 am
so it's not going to work. and it wasn't about african americans at all, it's about those anti-trump voters. those independent moderate voters who find it very difficult to actually cast a vote for donald trump because he spent the last 14 months, last 400 days, aspousing just kind of immigrant bashing, hateful rhetoric, and so, it's just not going to work. at least not with the minority of communities. >> is there anything that donald trump can do in your view to reach out more effectively to african americans? what message would you want him to be sending? >> honestly, i mean, i thought about this question a lot because i've heard it been asked a couple of time us. it's pretty baked in. he's at 0 to 2% with the african american community. they know who he is, and it's not going to change. even when they spoke to some of the attendees to the congregation he went to saturday, we appreciate him coming out, but i'm not going to vote for him. so i think it's pretty baked. >> and not only that, i think if you look at -- donald trump's
9:36 am
best hope is that actually turnout is not very high among african americans. he's certainly not going to get it. this is more of a check the box, show compassion, maybe turn some moderate republican voters his way, showing he's not a racist, but that being said, he needs to really hope that turnout is very low among african americans and other minority groups. >> let me talk with you about something else, susan, arizona and senator jeff flake. trump picking a fight after criticism he's been going after his own republicans too much. why is trump doing this? >> i can't tell you. it makes no sense. yes, senator flake was on the tv shows, donald trump should have ignored him. he should have stayed with his message. he could have stayed attacking hillary clinton on the e-mail scandal, he could have talked about immigration, anything, but instead, this becomes foughter and this is what we're talking about. and again, coming from a senator who's not up for reelection. he can afford to say what he wants toe. donald trump can't. >> your thoughts on arizona,
9:37 am
does hillary clinton have a chance there? >> well, i think so, yeah, most definitely. look, the thing is her map is expanding while his map is shrinking. there were two political reports last week that show that he had a zero chance of getting to 270, and that's what this race is all about. we can talk about polls tightening which is really important, it makes great foughter, but at the end of the day, you have to win 270 electoral votes. and he doesn't have that path. you're talking about arizona which should be in the republican win column, and we're talking about missouri, indiana, north carolina, which the president won in 2008 and lost in 2012, all of these states are now potentially in play. so, that is the problem here. and him getting into a battle just shows his lack of templement, it's the same old trump. >> what do you tell him to do if you want to see him win the white house come november? how does he have to change or do something different? >> well, he's not going to change, but what you can do is
9:38 am
keep him in the states that matter, ohio, iowa, florida. did. >> and he will be in ohio and north carolina. >> and most of all, i think right now if the campaign could just be all on the same page on one issue, like immigration. that's the problem. we saw surrogates giving different things on different positions, donald trump's positions on his key signature issue, immigration. so they really need to firm up their campaign, firm up their surrogates and stay focussed. and not pay attention to comments by senators from arizona. or any other place for that matter. >> got it, susan, thank you, corinne, thank you for joining us down there in washington. coming up, tense talks on the sidelines of the g20 summit. what president obama and vladimir putin hashed out at the private sit-down this morning in china. plus back to washington and back to work. the house in session tomorrow. so what's at the top of the gop agenda as the party also tries
9:39 am
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9:42 am
northrop grumman it's a foreign first for president obama. the next stop on his overseas tour, laos. this morning he wrapped up his visit to china with the g20 summit with a news conference touching on everything from trade, syria, to his last minute meeting with vladimir putin and cyber security. >> and our goal is not to suddenly in the cyber arena duplicate a cycle of escalation that we saw when it come s s to you know, other arms races in the past. >> nbc's hans nichols joins me now live from washington, hi hans, thanks for joining us. talk about that meeting today with president putin. what else did we learn? >> it was a 90 minute meeting.
9:43 am
they were fairly frequent and common at a g20 summit. on the issue of cyber security, the president seemed to be temping rhetoric but suggests look, the united states has more capacity than just about anyone, that's a warning that everyone, i suspect, heard. and then on syria potentially a ceasefire. the president acknowledged that while talks haven't collapsed for the most, they've failed and they have some tough negotiations ahead. >> we have had some productive conversations about what a real cessation of hostilities would look like, that would allow us, both, the united states and russia, to focus our attention on common enemies. like isil. but given the gaps of trust that exist, that's a tough negotiation. and we haven't yet closed the gaps in a way where we think it
9:44 am
would actually work. >> that is a agree to disagree, there's still a great deal of work they have to do, at least the two presidents know how to operate around each other. president obama started dealing with mr. putin when he was still prime minister and they continue to have what they say are forceful, blunt, and open conversations. hallie. >> hans nichols from washington, thanks so much. it's a political reset on the campaign trail and in washington. congress gets ready to meet for it's fall legislative session. finally back in town. back in the headlines. joining me now, representative blake farienthold. thank you for being here. >> let's talk about congress coming back in. coming back to a lame duck session. what is your sense of where the members, where your fellow members stand. do you want to kind of get some stuff done before any transfer of power? is there a sense that you want to wait until the new year? where are you with that? >> i think we need to get going with some things.
9:45 am
things that have to be done, obviously funding the government. the house passed a variety of appropriations bill that stalled in the senate. those need to move forward. and the house is going to move forwarded with it's a better way agenda that's online at regular la tir reform, tax reform, dealing with health care. we have lots of things that need to be done. and we don't to want wait. >> what about zika funding? >> well, zika funding again has passed the house and stalled isn't the senate. i suspect the house and the senate will come together on that very early on. i think that's going to be one of the first things that's addressed. >> i would imagine, folks in florida looking for that to be a priority. let's -- >> i'm coastal texas, so yes. >> i know. speaking of texas, let's talk about texas. i know that after one of your fellow congress members speeches at the rnc, senator ted cruz, you were disappointed in time. there was word now that cruz could be primary a couple of challengers names being floated. people like mick mckaul.
9:46 am
should senator cruz be primary representative? >> i think he made some promises and didn't keep them. the american people are tired of being lied to by washington politicians. it explains why donald trump is so popular and here ted cruz comes out, says he's going to endorse the eventual nominee and doesn't. i think the texans are upset about it. >> should he be primary and lose the see the? >> i think that's up to the voters. i'm mad with them -- he's going to have to earn my vote back. >> how does he do it? >> i don't know yet. two years is a long time. we got a whole intervening election. i'm worried about getting donald trump elected right now. the texas senate can wait for two years. >> let's talk about donald trump then and his effect on down ballot races. you did endorse the top of your ticket, but only fairly recently. so what when you look at the fights he's picking with people like senator jeff flake, with members of his own party, how does that effect the down ballot races? >> i don't think it does. donald trump is -- what the people want.
9:47 am
somebody who's not a washington insider. doesn't go along just because it's a republican issue. he's not necessarily -- he's his own man. and again, american people are fed up with being lied to. they're fed up with business as usual in washington, d.c. and donald trump reflects that anger. donald trump is are the man that wants to make america great again. we're tired of being in second rate country. that's where i think some of the folks in washington are trying to drive us. we're not yet, but if we're not careful, we will be. we need a true businessman as a leader and not somebody who's crooked. >> so why did it take to you so long to endorse your -- >> i endorsed before the convention, before august. i got to admit that i was for two texans before i was for donald trump, but i'm glad to be on the trump train right now. >> does he have a shot at overcoming hillary clinton's lead right now when you look at where the electoral college map is, representative, i was in texas fairly recently with donald trump, and that was a state where obviously he holds a
9:48 am
lead, but not nearly the kind of lead we saw from past gop nominees. how much of a cause for concern is that? >> i don't think it is. i tried to get into that austin rally, i was at an earlier event, so i was a little late to the it. there were cars lined up for miles. young people, the republicans have been trying to appeal to for years walking a mile to try to get into the venl ewe. there was eventually sold out. we haven't seen that kind of energy. that's going to translate. and i don't trust the polls right now. all the polls said edge land was going to stay in the eu, and they didn't. but some people were not telling the truth to pollsters. i think there may be some people who are a little embarrassed to admit that they believe in donald trump and are going to vote for him. and when they're alone in the voting booth. they're going to check that box for donald trump and make america great again. >> congressman blake, thank you so much for your time on this holiday. >> thanks. let's check out -- this kind of funny, ha-ha moment from the campaign trail this afternoon. a traffic jam in cleveland very
9:49 am
literally with the two candidates campaigning in in the same city. tweeting, that moment when the trump press corps bus stopped in traffic because of the hillary clinton's more or it kad. 2016, ladies and gents. coming up, taking a stand by not standing at all. look who's joining colin kaepernick, megan rappanor kneeling out the national anthem trying to show support with the quarterback and his protests against police brutality. you're going to hear some back and forth arena should be for these protests. stay with us. r friends about your job, maybe let's play up the digital part. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines. with my two hands. does that threaten you? no! don't be silly. i'm just, uh, going to go to chop some wood. with that? yeah we don't have an ax.
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9:52 am
in terms of mr. kaepernick, you know, i've got to confess that i haven't been thinking about football while i've been over here. and i haven't been following this closely, but i, you know, my understanding at least is that he's exercising his constitutional right to make a
9:53 am
statement. i think there's a long history of sports figures doing so. i don't doubt his sincerity. i think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked abouted. if nothing else, what he's done is he's generated, you know, more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. >> that was president obama in china earlier this morning commenting on the controversy caused by san francisco 49ers back-up qb, colin kaepernick's refusal to stand is during the national anthem. his form of protest against police brutality. on sunday night, u.s. women's soccer player megan rapino supported kaepernick. look at her there, that's her taking a knee during the playing of the star spangled banner. dave, thanks for being with us here. >> thank you for having me. >> following yesterday's match,
9:54 am
she discussed her silent protest. it was a little nod to kaepernick and everything he's standing for right now. i think it's pretty disgusting the way he was treated. and the way that a lot of the media has covered it and made it about something that it absolutely isn't, adding we need to have a more thoughtful two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country. so a lot of the criticism here surrounding whether the sports arena is a proper place for this. you've also been critical on the media's coverage of kaepernick's protest, what is the conversation you want to see from this? >> well, first and foremost, it's fascinating how it is morphed colin kaepernick immediately wanted this to be a conversation about police violence and police accountability, and then very bizarrely, it became a conversation about patriotism and whether or not colin kaepernick respects the military, which sparked this outpouring of support from kaepernick from vets. people can look at the veterans if patrick hashtag, then into a
9:55 am
discussion about whether or not athletes even have the right to protest, whether or not anyone has the right to say anything about police accountability and what megan has done, she's taken it to another place because meg season a proud member of the lgbt community and she also spoke in her comments about standing for that national anthem, thinking about living in a country where more than two-thirds of states it is still tleel discriminate against somebody for their sexual orientation and she's felt that alien nation and are the actuality of the rights with which she is allowed. this is a powerful statement of solidarity and also not insignificantly, she is the first white athlete to take a knee in solidarity with colin kaepernick. >> so, are these the conversations you think these athletes want to be seeing. the ones being had right now? >> well, it's so interesting because i think a lot of athletes are having these conversations. it's taking place locker rooms
9:56 am
according to a lot of reports, and my own reporting. people are discussing it, and what it's becoming is actually a rise of defense of colin kaepernick's right to say something. it's how it's being talked about in sports circles. and that's a very interesting twist because colin kaepernick has received so much of a backlash, so much have i tree yol, so much open race m and so many sports columnists who a couple months ago were praising the life of mohamed ali saying that kaepernick should just shut up and play that, a lot of athletes are saying wait a minute, we're the faces that run these places. we're the people who put the butts in the seats, why aren't we allowed to have a statement about the world in which we live? and i think that's something that's generated a new round of support for kaepernick where maybe people thought it would not exist in athletic circles. >> thank you very much for chatting about it. we'll be right back. of you, my. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one.
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10:00 am
wondering, look at this video from our campaign. there's the trump plane, there's the new clinton plane, side by side on a tarmac in cleveland. again, this is a picture, the 360 there that we will be seeing quite a bit of this campaign season. cleveland, man, it's where it's all going down. that does it for this hour of msnbc. kate snow picking up our coverage next right here on msnbc. >> cleveland rocks. >> it's the center of all the action. great to see you in person. happy holiday to you. >> thank you, you too. hi everybody, i'm kate snow. just about seven weeks until election day. and as hallie just said, the word of the day is ohio. hillary clinton taking her brand new campaign plane on it's maiden voyage before taking off for the buckeye state, she greeted the press on her new plane. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. >> have you missed us? >> waiting for many moment. >> clintnd


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