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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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next is someone that we love, like kanye loves kanye. hallie jackson taking it over. >> halliye, that's what they call me. thanks for joining us here at msnbc world headquarters on this labor day break. no break on the campaign trail. gosh, it's been a busy day. both candidates, a lot of their top supporters holding events today. and it is not over yet. just look at that map. a short time from now, hillary clinton has another appearance set in illinois. and just a few moments ago, tim kaine took on that attack dog role like so many vice presidential candidates typically do. >> donald trump put out a tweet today about our nominee for president, and the tweet essentially said she doesn't look presidential, does she, fellas. wait, listen to that again. listen to that again. this is what he said. she doesn't look presidential, does she, fellas.
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does she, fellas. here's my prediction. at the end of the second term of hillary clinton, donald trump will still be saying that very same thing as he's hawking bottled water somewhere and we forgot he ever ran for president of the united states. >> a feisty tim kaine out on the campaign trail. kristen welker is on the trail, too, in cleveland for us today. we have heard tim kaine go on the attack like this before. do we expect to hear more of it over these next 63, 64 days until election day? >> oh, there is no doubt, hallie. tim kaine and secretary clinton ramping up their attacks today against donald trump. she also went after her gop rival accusing his jobs plan of actually costing jobs n making fun of him for saying he knows more about fighting isis than the generals. there were some tough optics at
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the start of this event. secretary clinton had a bit of a coughing fit. she tried to make the most of it, though. >> i've been talking so much. every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> of course, not ideal because you have some republicans spinning conspiracy theories that there's something wrong with secretary clinton's health. of course, her physician has come out and said that's not the case. she got right back on track once she got over that coughing fit and continued to lay out her plan to create more jobs. after all, this is labor day. she heads to illinois. but the strategy today, all hands on deck. we'll see that heading into election day. a lot of her top surrogates on the campaign trail, including bill clinton, vice president biden and also bernie sanders who was in new hampshire earlier
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today. and i think you'll see a whole lot more of her surrogates fanning out over these critical battleground states. the polls getting tighter. she's got a new campaign plane and she's going to be gaggling with the reporters. andrea mitchell is on that plane. we're looking for some tough questions to come out of that. >> more news to come certainly. kristen welker, my fellow road warrior out there in cleveland, thanks so much. busy day for donald trump. he and mike pence were also in ohio. and in a rare move, trump spoke to the press on his plane once again raising new questions about his immigration policy, talking about legal status for undocumented immigrants. >> can you rule out that one possibility in that determination is -- >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> including a pathway to legal status? >> no. to become a citizen, you are going to have to go out and come back in. >> -- the plan about letting people have legal status just
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for living here, work here. people who live here for a whole long time and contribute to society. >> we're going to make that decision into the future. >> okay. good question. i'm glad you asked that. that decision will be made. >> joining me now, katy tur out in front of trump tower. y feel we've gone down this road before. more confusing rhetoric from donald trump on immigration. what are we to make of his latest comments? >> i don't know what we're to make. he's been back and forth when it comes to immigration a number of times. certainly it's interesting to see him taking questions on his plane. this comes after hillary clinton starts her first day on the press plane or traveling with the press on her plane making it clear that ohio is now the battleground state. two of them trying to canvas that state today, trying to convince ohio voters they are the candidate that should be in the white house. what i found also interesting about that press conference or
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mini press conference or reporter gaggle that donald trump had on his plane is that he addressed the controversy surrounding his own foundation. the trump foundation. and a donation that it made to a campaign group associated with pam bondy, the attorney general of florida. now that donation that the campaign or foundation made was for $25,000. it was around the time bondy was looking into investigating fraud charges against trump university. those charges and that investigation never materialized, and now the irs has fined donald trump about $2,500 or 10% of the donation for breaking tax law. so that's calling into question whether he participated in a pay to play scandal, much like he's accusing hillary clinton of doing. on the plane, donald trump said he never spoke to pam bondy about that and that he believes that states attorneys general will drop any charges or will
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not file charges against his university because he doesn't believe that they are merited. of course, he's embroiled in quite a big lawsuit in california over fraud for trump university. >> katy, your view of the democrats, if they ramp up attacks for trump, how damaging could it be or do you think it's something trump could deflect easily? >> you know, i've been asking questions of republican operatives on this matter. do they think either one of those attacks is going to work either against hillary clinton or against donald trump. this pay to play allegations. and they're saying right now the race is pretty much baked in that donald trump is the candidate that he is. voters know who he is. they either like his in your face, shoot from the hip bombastic, maybe sometimes controversial or a lot of the time controversial style. or they don't like hillary clinton. they don't think she's trustworthy. they have those opinions already. and whether these are going to make a voter like or dislike donald trump down the line, that
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seems to be something that people don't really expect to happen. this is not a race that's going to be won over who has got the worst scandal under their belt or more questionable foundation. this is a race decided on two people, their character and whether you think that hillary clinton is better fit to run this country or better suited for office after all her experience or there need to be new blood. someone like donald trump who is going to come in and shake things up. so the foundation scandals or lack of scandals, however you want to see it, doesn't seem to be something that's going to really weigh much into people's minds. >> katy tur outside trump tower. just up the street from us in new york. for an inside look and perspective on the trump campaign, i'm joined by steve cortez, trump campaign surrogate, member of his hispanic advisory council. thanks for joining us. >> happy labor day, hallie. >> thank you. let's talk about immigration. let's bounce off what katy was
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talking aboutth in this frankly confusing language. you know this but let's play it. his -- mike pence's interview with chuck todd on "meet the press." and then we'll talk about it. >> he's also said there's going to be no amnesty and no path to legalization. if people want to get legalized or want to get right under the color of the law, they need to leave the country. >> nobody becomes legal in this country without leaving the country? this is where we get confused. >> he also said it's not going to be under the existing caps and existing program. >> and he doesn't want to separate families. >> i would say that would be one of the things that would be pretty clear. there are other options, too. it's going to depend on the person. some of these people could have been on welfare for the last 30 years or taking benefits or cheating. and maybe some of them have to be thrown out. but not necessarily all of them. >> so two conflicting messages there. i hate to put you on the spot but you're the campaign surrogate. >> that's why i'm here. that's why i'm here. >> what's going on?
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>> this is a normal complex issue. it doesn't lend itself to easy sound bites. i understand the confusion but it's also misplaced. on the core principles, i think he's been remarkably consistent. those are twofield. first, at the border, it must be secure. for decades we've ignored our southern border. it's porow insecure. we will build a wall and secure the southern border. secondly, there will be no citizenship. if you committed a crime by coming here illegally or by overstaying your visa illegally, there will be no citizenship for those folks. we cannot reward criminal behavior with citizenship. now where is the ambiguity? people who are here who are not legal to be here, but who are here and haven't committed crimes and haven't cheated the system, who have families, he has said he's open to, down the road, considering the status of those sorts of people. not citizenship, but the status of those people. and i'll admit. he has certainly shifted and he
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has been considering his position. to me, that's leadership. that's not waffling. that's not flip flopping. that's being a real leader saying we have core principles we can't give on. let's be smart. >> a week and a half ago we were talking about this. you said leadership if he did shift his stance to soften up on immigration. are you satisfied with where he landed? i know where you were prior to his immigration speech and where you were after. where are you now? >> am i 100% satisfied? i'm not. he's the candidate. i'm not. successly, i think he took very seriously the advice of a lot of hispanics. i was honored to be one of them. he took seriously our advice. he humbly considered it and came out of a place that's a bit harder in terms of hough to deal with illegal immigrants than i would have arrived at. but i would say i am with him on 98 out of 100 issues. those two or so i can cast aside. this is more important.
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too often we've allowed the media and left wing politicians to portray the illegal immigrants as the victims. they're not the victims. americans have been the victims. particularly legal immigrants who had to go through a cumbersome process to get here legally. millions of -- not just latinos. asians, eastern europeans, latinos from all over the world. if there's one thing the trump campaign has done is that he's consistently reached out to groups who don't traditionally support republicans. >> he did. he reached out and then had a lot of folks, even his own hispanic advisers who said i
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don't want to have anything to do with him now that he's come out with this immigration stance. how do you bring him back in? what do you say. >> people of color, whether african-americans or hispanics, we have done terribly under this administration and, frankly, most administrations. particularly economically and in terms of safety. personal safety and crime. so let's stop subscribing to the democratic answers to our problems and let's start giving free markets, capitalism, free choice in education, donald trump. let's giving this a try to make our communities more prosperous and safe are. that's what i would say. what we've done isn't working. and we need to try something else. >> all right. we'll pose that question later in the show. thanks for being with us. stick around and watch if you're interested. up next, tropical storm warnings in effect in the northeast as hermine continues to make its way up the coast. check out the beaches out on long island looking deserted by labor day standards. officials warning of dangerous conditions. a lone fisherman trying to catch anything. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in
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montauk today. gabe? >> the big concern here on eastern long island is the rip currents. we haven't had rain pretty much all day. many tourists have been trying to make the best of the weekend. this is labor day. a very busy time here in montauk. and despite the fact that hermine was forecast to really cause a lot of problems here in the northeast, there has been some threats of coastal flooding that hasn't materialized just yet. many people came out here and decided to really try and make the best of it. hey, guys. sorry to interrupt. this is joyce. we were talking earlier. how are you? >> bayside, new york. >> and so when did you get here? >> thursday. >> thursday. and what do you think of the day? >> it's okay. pretty nice actually. just hanging out, watching the waves. >> you're here with your young daughter as well? >> two daughters. >> we're not going in the water but just watching the waves. >> they're saying the concern here is rip currents. so you're making sure your two
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daughters are safe. >> no swimming. >> did that ruin the labor day? >> no, we've been fine. so really not a big deal? >> not a big deal at all. >> what's your name? >> kelly. >> you having fun? >> yeah. >> good to meet you. again, people trying to make the most of this labor day, despite hermine. there are -- there is a tropical storm warning still in effect here on this beach and as well as in massachusetts. heavy winds there as well. this storm has been blamed for at least two deaths. one in florida and one in north carolina. we've been following it since it made landfall and up through georgia and the carolinas. at its height, hundreds of thousands of people are without power. for the next several days, the concern is the possibility for limited coastal flooding and some rip currents. these folks here really trying to make the best of it this labor day. hallie, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez on new york's long island. they say practice makes perfect. so is donald trump making a big
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mistake by not yet having held a mock debate? we'll talk about it. also ahead, new developments on colin kaepernick's national anthem protest, including new support for him. and president obama's first comments on it all. >> maybe some of his critics will start seeing that he has a point. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twentyeven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported
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the republican candidate in ohio today where he took questions from the press about his debate prep. take a look. >> all three of these debates -- >> what could cause you to change your mind?
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you're saying as of this moment. what could cause you to change your mind? >> hurricanes, natural disaster. i look forward to the debates. i think it's an important element of what we're doing. you have an obligation to do the debates. >> let me bring in david goodfriend, a democratic strategist and evan siegfried is a republican strategist although you are supporting hillary clinton. and let's start with you. let's talk about the debate prep that you heard from donald trump. successful strategy for him? it worked during the primaries? >> hillary clinton is the master debater. she knows how to go out and get under her skin. as we saw, donald trump really can't handle criticism from a woman. if i were donald trump, i would be out there and i'd be practicing. i would have someone like laura ingraham come in and do -- throw everything and the kitchen sink at him so he's prepared. what hillary clinton is banking
1:20 pm
on is in the debate she'll be able to get under his skin and show he lacks the judgment and temperament to be president of the united states. >> trump himself, they've been going after clinton pretty hard on a lot of different topics. do you think her fund-raising the last couple of weeks in august was the right strategy for her? what would you advise if you were on that campaign? >> i talk to the campaign all the time. i'll tell you if i'm in a boxing match and my opponent is flailing around throwing wild punches like donald trump did when he went to mexico and gave a speech and made himself look even more ridiculous than he did before, i'd saline back and let your opponent swing and come back at him and knock his block off and take your shot. and i think that's exactly what's going on here. why on earth would hillary clinton want to step in front of this wild swings. let him do damage to himself as he's been doing and then i think thus fall we'll see an incredibly energized well, funded, well-oiled machine in the clinton/kaine campaign.
1:21 pm
and you're starting to see how hillary clinton is leading with points about donald trump. today is labor day. labor is an interesting issue when it comes to donald trump. he is the most reactionary, conservative republican -- >> he's not a conservative republican. let's be honest. if you -- >> he was a democrat before -- >> let me finish. he has put forward such an anti-labor platform that's treated his own workers in such an anti-human way that on labor day in ohio where he is the contrast between him and hillary clinton who is emphasizing her pro-worker pro-labor credentials, it couldn't be any more stark. yes, i'm sorry. he is the standard bearer for the republican party today, and the republican rnc chair reince priebus is following right in lockstep with those very same positions on labor. it is today's republican party. >> hang tight there. let me come to you on this. if you talk about, you know, donald trump at the top of the ticket, what that could mean for
1:22 pm
down ballot races. democrats need four seats to win control. so how does the republican party, which you are still a republican, how does the republican party prevent those losses? >> we need to pull out all our resources and stop working with the trump campaign. >> that's not realistic? >> you're hearing it more and more among republicans. >> not among republican leadership. >> it's going to take some strong republicans standing up and challenging reince priebus and saying, you need to stop doing this. >> we've seen it again and again. never trump folks have been coming out for ten months. >> when republicans who are vulnerable all look -- start screaming i need your resources, stop wasting them on this conservative con man, that's going to be a big wake-up call. if reince priebus wants to be re-elected as the rnc chair, he has to save republicans. carly fiorina is getting ready to challenge him. we're doing a terrible job to outreach at every group.
1:23 pm
millennials, urban voters. i talk about it in my book how donald trump is bad for the republican party because he's going to be the way that many people view republicans as, which we're not. i'm sure david would agree that republicans are not hateful. we're not xenophobic. we don't promote these white nationalists known as the alt-right. we believe in economic opportunity for all americans n national security. >> kellyanne conway just tweeted out, let's see if we can pull it out. referencing something kristen welker talked about. must be allergic to media. finally spent a minute with them and linking to this video of hillary clinton's coughing fit that kristen chatted about with us at the top of the show. set aside the coughing issue that kellyanne is going after, hillary clinton has been attacked by donald trump and his surrogates for weeks now for spending so many days, 270-plus without holding a formal press conference. should she hold one and why hasn't she if only to stop the talking point? >> i'd say miss conway.
1:24 pm
you've stooped to attacking hillary clinton for coughing while speaking. if that's the best you've got, we're going to beat you and clean your clock. when it comes to attacks against hillary clinton for her health, that's been made up and falsified with falsified videos and rudy giuliani, a former prosecutor, should be ashamed of himself for jumping on that basic lie. and i think when it comes to hillary clinton's strategy with the press, she is now leading into a labor day, post-labor day strategy. you'll see a lot more of her in front of the camera. a lot more of her in front of the press. donald trump is the master of putting himself in front of the press. he digs himself deeper into the same hole he's in. i'll go back to the mexico trip. brilliant stagecraft. brilliant. everybody was talking about you. the only problem is by the end of the day at the end your immigration speech you said nothing new and had doubled down on your immigration stance which only served to alienate arizona,
1:25 pm
latino voters in the very state we were speaking. y he's yes, he's a master of getting attention but it's not serving him or the republican party. i don't think it's serving them very well. i think hillary clinton's strategy is well thought out and it's going to be very fun, frankly, to see if these debates how donald trump reacts to somebody, a woman standing next to him, giving as good as she gets and see how he handles it. i look forward to hat. >> about three weeks from those debates. evan, i know that you are not a trump supporter, but you were looking at some of the polls nationally. this isn't a national referendum. it's a snapshot of the race. seeming to tighten recently. someone who wants to see republicans down ballot succeed, do you want this race to tighten and how do you get it to tighten up more than it's been? >> donald trump needs to be beaten by as many electoral votes as possible. it needs to be an overwhelming victory. for republicans, house members and september members, we need to win those as well.
1:26 pm
that's the only way we're going to be able to stop hillary clinton and her agenda. and donald trump is basically bringing out a part of the republican party -- >> this is a split ticket strategy. people will vote against trump and for the down ballot -- >> a strong conservative candidate to give conservatives some reason to go out and vote for a senate candidate in danger. i think donald trump will be applauding it. donald trump at a time trying to unite the party is attacking jeff flake because he's not ready to vote for him just yet? that's splitting it apart even more. >> we'll leave it there. evan, david, appreciate you joining us there battling through these ifb issues in your ear. >> yeah, sorry about that. thank you. coming up wednesday, matt lauer will host the msnbc and nbc news commander in chief forum with hillary clinton and donald trump. focussed exclusively on issues the next president will have to confront as commander in chief. this is going to be live from the intrepid sea, air and space museum right here in new york.
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8:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. up next, they haven't seen eye to eye on much. but president obama and vladimir putin did shake hands today before their powwow on syria and other matters. what did they get done? we'll have a look next on msnbc. from engineering and manufacturing... to stealth bombers... to next-generation fighters... ♪ to landing an unmanned vehicle on a carrier for the first time in history. just wait till you see what's next. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman man, my feet same time tomorrow, fellas!? dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb a hard day on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. dr. scholl's work insoles.
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1:31 pm
time, he's going to refine how he is thinking about it and maybe some of his critics will start seeing that he has a point around certain concerns about justice and equality. >> the nfl season starts in just three days. also later this week, congress gets back to work with a couple of major issues right at the top of the agenda. the priority for the house and senate is passing this stop-gap spending measure to keep the government running past october 1st. the government funding bill. also funding the battle against the zika virus will be one of the topics of debate this session as well. a lot of folks in the key swing state of florida looking to see what congress does on that one. coming up, donald trump's eroding support among his hispanic advisory council. what can he do to win them back. one member who has now resigned accusing donald trump of demonizing immigrants.
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1:36 pm
meanwhile on wednesday in phoenix, trump gave that immigration speech that caused some on his hispanic advisory board to resign, including jacob monty who is joining us now. republican activist and former member of that advisory council. jacob, thanks for being with us. >> howdy. >> last time we talked to you, you believed that donald trump treated you and others as, quote, props. do you still feel that way? >> look, absolutely. on the 20th of august, i saw the donald trump that is real. he was compassionate. acted like a businessman, listened to us. he wanted to learn. we told him how we felt. i believed it. i had a lot of faith in his business record. unfortunately on the 31st of august, we didn't see a businessman or a compassionate person. we saw someone reading populist
1:37 pm
propaganda that i don't really believe comes from him, but you're responsible for who you hire, and donald trump ought to know what to do with people that aren't serving him well. he ought to get rid of them. >> since that speech, he's changed his tone on immigration. you heard a couple of those sound bites we played early eincluer, including one from today where we'd have to wait and see about the 11 million undocumented. does that open up the door to return to the fold, so to speak? >> no way. there were too many specifics in the phoenix speech. he needs to -- he needs a new speech on immigration. he needs to listen to rudy giuliani. go rudy, rudy. why would you let a 30-year-old kid steven miller be in charge of domestic policy? that kid has never won a national race? he has good advisers. listen to newt gingrich. listen to rudy giuliani.
1:38 pm
this thing could be winnable but you'll have to change and you'll have to fire some people if you want to win. don't listen to that populist rhetoric. i'm not happy not being able to support a gop candidate at the top. i've never not supported the gop candidate. i'm a real republican. there are thousands, millions of us, not just latinos but business people that know that most of these people are hard working people and need a shot. that's the american way. someone that's working hard, he's not our enemy. send the criminals back. there's no disagreement there, and no one is talking about citizenship. we're talking about letting people that aren't criminals stay here and work. it shouldn't be that hard. >> so you say you cannot support donald trump. you've said you cannot support hillary clinton. what are you going to do in november? >> well, i think i'm working like heck to try to save the senate and shore up the house. >> do you leave the top of the ticket blank when you vote? >> none of the above. none of the above. right now, and i'm not happy
1:39 pm
about it. but none of the above. i can't support hillary. i won't. and i can't support donald trump with this populist rhetoric coming from the teleprompter. >> i asked steve cortes earlier this hour about you. i said what would your message be to jacob monty. mr. cortes is still a member of the hispanic advisory council. he said his message would be give trump a chance and stop subscribing essentially to the democratic message on immigration. is that a convincing argument to you? would you give donald trump a chance now? >> we can't. there were too many specifics there. if he repudiates that phoenix speech, stops listening to senator sessions on immigration policy, absolutely. let's talk. but i don't see that happening. i'd encourage him to return to his business roots. we have republican values we can win on. don't run as a third party populist. we elected you as our republican
1:40 pm
candidate. come back. this thing can be winnable, but you'll have to change and you'll have to fire some people if you want to win. and there's millions of people whose money n and votes are sitting on the sideline waiting for the real donald trump. where are you, sir? i think i met you in new york. >> you sound upset. you look upset. fired up. >> i'm frustrated. i'm not happy not being able to support him. i really am not. but i can't do it right now. and i don't see it changing unfortunately. hope we can't just trust him on this one. that's what hillary clint op says. vote for me and trust me. we're not votes. you can't treat us as votes. give us a plan. we're not asking for amnesty. we're asking that these people that are hard working be able to stay here and send the criminals back. no one is talking about citizenship. he knows what we want. he knows what the business community wants.
1:41 pm
let's see. it appears like he's changing. again, rudy. listen to rudy. that's a good domestic policy adviser. >> jacob monty joining us live here on this labor day. thanks so much. appreciate it. a new report on the possible tampering of the presidential election. "the washington post" says u.s. authorities believe russia is orchestrating a massive campaign to disrupt our election. we'll take a deeper look at that coming up. [alarm beeping] ♪ ♪ ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪ the search for lief often leads... here...
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. there are no jobs. i'm going to bring back jobs. the democrats haven't done it. the level of poverty is 40%. the youth can't get jobs. 58% unemployed. and i say, i mean, i'm going to fix it. >> when he says i alone can fix it, that clearly demonstrates he doesn't understand how america works. how he got great and why we are
1:45 pm
great today. >> hillary clinton and donald trump in ohio this afternoon. the buckeye state battleground with its key 18 electoral votes. important to winning in november, and that's an understatement. joining me is andy krolln kelly jane torrence from the weekly standard. thank you both for being with us today. >> thank you. >> the u.s. is investigating a potential covert russian plan to disrupt the elections in november. let's pull up that full screen from the article. the official cautioning the intelligence community is not saying it has definitive proof of such tampering or any russian plans to do so but even the hint of something impacting the security of our election system would be of significant concern. what do you make of this? how serious of a threat is this and what could the political implications be? >> it's a totally fascinating story n completely unprecedented
1:46 pm
for an american elections, the presidential election. we've seen it dribble out throughout this campaign cycle, whether it is the e-mail breaches of the democratic national committee that have resulted in, at their worst, embarrassing revelations and the replacement of key top officials at the dnc. we saw alleged tampering in arizona, in state elections there. in those elections were quite controversial in terms of access to the ballot and lines at the polls. in an election that has upturned everything we thought about american politics, russian involvement in tampering adds just another insane variable into an already crazy year. >> kelly, how about this "new york times" report about more tension between donald trump and the rnc? chairman reince priebus, et cetera. the tensions deepening there. how are you reading this, and how much of a concern is it? >> it's a big concern. we're talking about battleground
1:47 pm
states. hillary has got a lead in pretty much all of them. and she, as you pointed out earlier, she has surrogates going all over the country for her. donald trump doesn't have very many surrogates. and the ones he does have are pretty iffy on him. you had someone early or who was saying, i agree with donald trump on 98% of the issues. how many of hillary's surrogates are saying that? they're very positive in her favor. trump has a real problem. he doesn't have a lot of friends that can help him reach out to all of the places where he desperately needs help. >> does the surrogate deficit really matter when it comes to media communications or is it more trying to get boots on the ground in these states when donald trump can be at one place at one time and his surrogates in another. does he have a surrogate deficit here? >> i think he does. and it is a problem. part of it is boots on the ground. it helps to have high-prosecute file people who can bring out supporters. but you also need people that
1:48 pm
can help get out your message. and what was the big news a couple of days ago? it was a trump surrogate saying we need to be careful about immigration or there could be taco trucks on every corner. this surrogate is not only not helping get a message out but he's damaging the campaign. and that's a huge problem. >> we talk about debate prep for both candidates. how key. we're three weeks out. one of the last moments that's either going to shake up this race or not. what would you want to see from each candidate were you advising them? >> if i were advising secretary clinton, if i ever found myself in such a position, you'd want to really focus on finding someone who could in some way replicate the irreplicable, which would be donald trump on the debate stage. study his debates in the primaries. and you find someone who has that unpredictability, bellicosity.
1:49 pm
if you're donald trump, the goal if i'm his adviser, get him practicing. he just said on his plane i believe today he does not have a hillary clinton stand-in for his debate prep. unclear if he is doing debate prep or otherwise just getting up there and shooting from the hip. so, you know, getting him just to focus on it would be the focus for that campaign. >> kelly jane, we know about the autopsy report that the rnc did back in 2012. we were just talking about some of the tensions there between trump and the rnc. when trump is trying to reach out to members of the african-american community, hispanic community when it comes to his immigration policies, how effective is that for him, and if you don't think it is effective, what can he do? >> it seems like a little too late. he had plenty of opportunities. the ncaacp, hispanic media. they've all asked him to speak. he was constantly turning them down. finally goes to a black church that the pastor was friendly, and what did he say?
1:50 pm
we're going to help you because we're going to bring companies back to places like detroit. that's the same thing he's been saying to everybody. he's not offering any message specifically for this group of people. he certainly could. he could talk about the drug war. talk about how damaging that has been to the african-american community. talk about violence in cities. so many specifics he can talk about. and instead he just said the same thing he's been saying all year which is basically a mantra without any substance behind it. >> andy and kelly, thank you for being with us. a somber birthday after a devastating death at disney world. the parents of the little boy killed by an alligator struggle with their loss. >> we miss you, buddy, and we miss those hugs and kisses. we all love you so very, very much. from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones,
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president obama has canceled his bilateral meet with president duterte of the philippines after, remember, the president cursed out basically president obama over human rights issues. this is according to the national security council spokesperson releasing this news that the two will not, in fact, come face-to-face. shifting gears today we remember lane graves, the toddler killed in a tragic alligator attack back in june. his parents now speaking out for the first time today at a touching memorial in his hometown. kerry sanders is following that story. >> reporter: saturday would have been lane graves' 3rd birthday. in his small town of elkhorn, nebraska, family members and friends and relatives gathered for a bittersweet celebration of lane's life lost. the heartbroken parents of lane graves who was killed in a horrifying alligator attack at disney world speaking out for the first time since the tragedy. >> anyone that knows me knows i
1:55 pm
don't like to speak, but my baby, i owe it to him to honor him. >> reporter: honoring him on what would have been his 3rd birthday. >> his mommy needed to say happy birthday, laney. we miss you, buddy. >> reporter: amid a sea of blue balloons at lane's favorite treat m&m cookies, hundreds turned out saturday showing their love for the family by forming themselves into the shape of a heart. >> it's an opportunity for people to come and show the family how much they're praying for the family and how much they are supporting them. >> reporter: the family was on vacation at disney world. the little boy building a sand castle on the shore's edge of the seven seas lagoon when without warning a seven-foot alligator rose up from the water and grabbed him. lane's father matt jumped into the water reaching into the gator's mouth trying to save his son but it was too powerful, pulling the boy down. >> melissa and i often speak about how lucky we were to have
1:56 pm
spent two years, 9 months and 11 days as a complete family. >> reporter: disney has built a stone wall around the lagoon and added warning signs around waterfront areas. >> lane and ella used to say to their mommy and daddy that they loved them up to the sky n down to the grass. lane, ella, we love you up to heaven and down to the grass. happy birthday, buddy. we miss you. >> reporter: in previous statements the family has said they do not plan to sue disney. hallie? >> kerry sanders reporting from lake buena vista, florida. a story that captured the attention of the nation. devastating for that family and so many in that community. taking a look at the storm that is working its way off the east coast now. hermine threatening hundreds of thousands of people up and down the east coast. kind of meandering as they say. right now off the shoreline. with us meteorologist bonnie is
1:57 pm
over here next to me. what can we expect? rip currents have been dangerous. what about rain, wind? >> rain and wind happening now. we've got it in nantucket, all along cape cod. even reports of large trees down. wind strong enough for that. and martha's vineyard. strong storms at this hour. in nantucket, a wind gust reported at 42 miles an hour. some intense winds. here's a close-up view. some of that sweeping across block island into montauk and long island. we're going to be watching for the storm system hermine, the one that's been with us so long, post trapical because it's over cooler waters. it's not going to regain its tropical characteristics. the winds are at 70 miles per hour and that turn, we were anticipate, has happened. the movement to the west-northwest at 7 miles per hour. now if were to continue on this track, we'd certainly be concerned because it would be headed in this direction. but it is going to weaken, and it's going to turn away from the u.s. mainland.
1:58 pm
our track by wednesday takes us offshore. it comes close to nantucket by wednesday but will be much weaker with tropical storm force winds. by thursday, anticipating it to work its way over the cooler waters and out to sea. this has to be one of the longest lasting seas. here's the warnings. tropical storm warnings continue from fire island to montauk into the long island sound. we're looking at some rough surf and thunderstorms that we mentioned into province town in massachusetts. for storm surge, not as bad as originally thought but, still, something to watch. one to three feet from delaware to connecticut. and once you start heading into new england as we look to high tide tonight and tomorrow, we'll watch for minor to moderate flooding. hermine is not over yet. you mentioned the rip currents. and, of course, any storm surge is always dangerous. >> all right. nbc meteorologist bonnie schneider, thank you for that look at hermine. that does it on this hour of
1:59 pm
msnbc live. up next, joy reid who is over in our studio with more. >> appreciate it. have a great rest of the day. all right. let's get right to politics. >> let me say that -- we're here in part because we know how important this election is to ohio. >> good afternoon. i am joy reid. hillary clinton is spending this labor day in the midwest kicking off the final sprint to the november election. clinton began the day showing off her new campaign jet complete with a press pool who will also travel on board hoping to get more access to the candidate. clinton is rolling out some of her biggest surrogates, including joe biden, bill clinton and bernie sanders. >> there should be no doubt on anybody's mind as to whether -- as to whether hillary clinton is the superior candidate because in every respect, she is.
2:00 pm
>> there's so many people like trump who look at us like we're not their equal. i'm sick of it. i have had it up to here. >> trump's biggest surrogates are rudy giuliani, ben carson and chris christie. trump was also in ohio today meeting with union welle erlead cleveland and talking to reporters on board his jet. >> it's going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. our jobs have been taken like grant took richmond. we have never had a case like this before, and it's getting worse and worse. >> and with just 64 days until election day, the latest polling average shows clinton holding on to a nearly 3 1/2-point lead in a four-way matchup. let's bring in l. joy williams and former aide for george h.w. bush, eric and steve


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