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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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other. >> aye been saying more months he's unqualified, temperamentally unfit. >> i don't think she has a presidential look and you need a presidential look, you have to get the job done. >> we're going to run a campaign of issues, not insults. >> so let me just tell you about joking, i don't joke. look at the deals she's made it. >> 63 days out from the presidential race with both trump and clinton each able to claim a lead somewhere, but the big surprise this hour could texas end up a toss-up? and with reports russia maybe trying to interfere with the u.s. election, new this hour, we hear from two top generals supporting trump and clinton as the candidates get ready to face off in that town hall tomorrow on nbc and msnbc. we've got four reports now on a sprint to election day, just nine weeks away. a ton of ground to cover with
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our reporters in in the field as we wait by the way for hillary clinton. she just did a press conference on her plane with reporters as we wait for that video, let's get right to kristen welker out in front of the brooklyn rally d jacob, hello my fellow road war yores. let's get to it. kasey, let's start with you, polling showing the race tightening up, let's talk about hillary clinton's strategy here. what do you got? >> reporter: hallie, hillary clinton expected here very shortly and forgive me, i can't quite hear you, i apologize. we're waiting here for her to land. she was gagging with reporters in in the air, we're going to wait to hear what she has to say. this is a new habit for hillary clinton. she hasn't done that in the past, there's 276 days all the sudden she's now had two. it seems, extended encounters
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with her traveling press, but the focus here is going to be national security. this is the city where sentcom is based. they're up with a new add, focussing on national security. it's kind of the same theme as we've seen from her on her role models ad where you saw kids kind of watching things donald trump had to say, the focus instead now on national security issues. also her super pac up on that same kind of wavelength with a tough new ad that echoes that famous dazely ad that showed a mushroom cloud. this is something that she and her allies are going to focus on over the course of her next of couples. that is ahead of our commander in chief forum coming up tomorrow night, hallie. >> thanks so much. rolling with those technical difficult distance out of the field. kristen welker, we're looking at the fbi summary and there's no developments on this frt, walk us through it. >> reporter: that's right.
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well, they, of course, looking into her use of a personal e-mail server. and this comes in the wake of the fbi releasing that report on friday, hallie. which essentially found a number of things, including that on three dozen occasions, secretary clinton said she couldn't remember something or couldn't remember how she was briefed for example about how to handle classified information. now, she's getting a lot of pushback on that, and that's part of why you're seeing her shift her strategy, answering all of these questions from the press yesterday, she did on the plane address by andrea mitchell saying she takes it very seriously. paul ryan weighed in on the timing of the release of those fbi notes. take a listen. >> i can't believe that they would do what is such a patently political move, it makes them look at political operators versus law enforcement officers. just the fact that they chose the friday before labor day to
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put all this out there. it mystifies me as to why they thought that was a smart thing to do. >> reporter: and hallie, she's answering questions on her plane again today. slamming donald trump for saying that voters really don't care whether or not he releases his tax returns. she said that's absolutely dead wrong. and if you look at the polls and i'll let jacob talk about this, majority of americans do want to see his tax returns, hallie. >> talk about this unfolding controversy around the trump foundation and the irs. break this down for us. what do we know? >> reporter: there are a couple of issues, hallie with, we know because recently trump was forced to pay a fine to the irs of $2,500 and the trump campaign confirmed that to us. and this is over a donation to a political committee associated with the reelection bid of pam bondy back in 2013. that's issue number one that the donation came from the trump foundation which is not supposed to donate to a political
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committee like that, but the other issue is the timing of all of it because it came just four days after pam bondy had announced that she was considering joining an investigation into alleged fraud at trump university. and after the donation was made, days later, or eventually i should say, that the attorney general's office, pam bondy's office decided no the to open investigation or not to join that investigation. and the other reason we're all talking about this is because as you know over the last several months. trump has many times on the trail talked about what he calls a crooked system where businessmen and others pay to politicians, they donate to politicians, and essentially get what they want. and he has said, i've donated to both sides, and believe me, he would say, i get what i want. so this comes into question now because of what he said, and then separately as i said earlier, there is the question of whether the trump foundation was supposed to make that kind of a donation in the first place.
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they were not. and the trump campaign confirmed he has payed that $2,500 fine. >> we talked about that gaggle informerly. do you expect to see more going forward and is it a response to the some of the trump hits against her? >> reporter: oh, i think it's absolute lay response. i think we are going to see more of these airplane gaggles. halle, and part of that is so get ahead of the negative headlines that have been feeding into voters lack of trust in her. part of it has to do with trump hitting her, as you point out, part of it is dealing with the ongoing nagging questions about her e-mails, and about the clinton foundation.
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she knows she's got to turn a prnd. >> kristen welker, kasey hunt, the road warrior gang out here. thank you all so much. mark murray joins me now break down the polls we're talking about. so mark, there is a lot of information coming at us just this morning. walk us through this polling here. >> you're right, halle, we have a plethora of new polls out today. including the nbc survey monkey. this is the join line weekly tracking poll. and halle, it has hillary clinton with a six-point lead, unchanged from last week. sop not a lot of movement over the long labor day weekend that we've actually seen. but, there is another poll that does show some movement. and this comes from cnn, and it has donald trump up two points among likely voters. our survey monkey online tracking polls among registered voters, likely voters, it has donald trump up two points. but when you break down a lot of the recent badle ground polling, it seems to confirm more to our online tracking than the cnns, and let me show you, this is pennsylvania, and hillary clinton with an eight-point lead
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according to cbs and their ugov online poll. another poll out of north carolina has hillary with a four-point lead in that battleground state. and new hampshire, you end up having hillary clinton up nine points there. and so when you kind of look at all of the battleground polling right now, we have a brand new nbc map battleground map that shows hillary clinton with a electoral lead at drumpl at 174. there are a couple of movements. last month that was lean democrat after some polls including ours had hillary clinton with some sizable leads in north carolina, but now with her up just a few points here or there, we move that to toss-up. also move to toss-up the one electoral vote in nebraska. barack obama carried it in 2008. we had had that in lean democrat last month, moved it back to toss-up. right now, you end up having a
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situation where hillary clinton has a significant advantage and just to put that into perspective, halle, you end up looking, the battlegrounds of the toss-up states of iowa, ohio, of florida, of nevada, if hillary clinton doesn't even need to win any of those to be able to be above 270, so that's the situation right now looking at all the polling and all the maps. >> before we go, one state that is not a battleground or at least not traditional lay battleground, it is texas there in red. >> and so, since this is the first time we have seen these numbers, it's usually better to kind of track month to month or to be able to get a sense that these are the first numbers coming out of texas.
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they're eyebrow raising, yes, but i also do think let's also look at dig down in the polling where you're calling cell phones and having that kind of sample. >> texas not in play in your view? >> i don't think texas is in play right now, but it is worth watching and certainly there is a possibility that texas is much more in play than it was in 2012. >> all right. mark murray, 2016, man, thank you so much for being here. >> thanks, halle. coming up, we are waiting to get new video from hillary clinton talking with reporters on her press plane again going after donald trump. that should be coming in at any moment as soon as we can turn it around, you will have it up on your screen. and programming note, we will hear from both candidates tomorrow night when msnbc and nbc news team up with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. to host the commander in chief forum live in the intrepid sea, air, and space museum. that is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc and nbc news. coming up, ready to be
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commander in chief? clinton expected to throw out tough talk about donald trump's demeaner when she speaks larts on this hour. up next, we've got one of trump's top surrogates defending his character. plus, it's back to work for congress. we're going to take a look at the aggress e aggressive agenda members of the house and senate have to tackle over the next couple of months. scene russia trying to interfere with the elections here? that is what clinton is claiming. more on her suggestion that russian hacks against democrats were meant to bolster trump. but first, we want yo u to get involved here, chime in on today's microsoft pulse question, hillary clinton hold ossen to a six-point lead inr new poll. do you think trump can still catch up? get online, vote, we're going to be tweeting it out, snap chatting it, we'll talk to you soon. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then...
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the first question is about the russians and do i think they're trying to help trump. i often quote a great saying i learned from living in arkansas a lot of years. you find a turtle on a fence post that didn't get there by accident. i think it's quite intriguing that this activity has happened around the time trump became the nominee. he furthermore has praised putin. he seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators. including putin. >> so that is hillary clinton talking with reporters monday going after donald trump about some of the positive comments he's made about russian's vladimir putin. i would bet we will see more and hear more of that tomorrow night at the commander in chief forum on msnbc. new reports meanwhile suggest russia may be trying to
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interfere with u.s. elections this cycle. just a short time ago, i spoke with one of trump's top supporters, retired general mike flynn. >> general, flynn, thanks for joining us today. >> it's great to be part of it, thank you. >> sure thing. listen, let's start with this comment from hillary clinton that we played just a moment ago where she's suggested that your candidate has h some sort of bizarre attraction to dictators referencing vladimir putin, does she have a point? >> no. she has no point at all. she's just throwing off anybody that's really paying attention because she has really nothing to offer. so i mean, this is ridiculous. and for people to keep harpingen to, halle, that's a losing argument. >> she's harping on his relationship with russia? >> i would offer different advice to hillary clinton if i was advising her about what to be talking to the american public about. obviously if she's talking about things like that, she has
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nothing to offer the country going forward. >> one of the things you campaign wants to talk about general obviously is the military. you're out with that list of 88 generals, admirals, military leaders, supporting donald trump, which your campaign is touting mitt romney though in 2012 had five times that number. does that to you suggest that trump needs to do more to win over military support? and what can he do? >> no. and mitt romney, he ended up with that support at the very tail end of the election process back in 2012. so, and i would say they were talking really sort of apples and refrigerators in this day and age and this particular election. donald trump is a change candidate and i will tell you the 88 that are on that list today, i've already made aware that we have others that are going to be adding their names to that list. as of this morning, at a certain point in time we have to get -- have a good idea, cut off point to get that list out on the street because we wanted to people to recognize the fact
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that there are a large number of warriors, people who have fought sacrifices to this country and care deeply about who see donald trump as a far more preferred commander in chief candidate. >> but there are those who on the national -- >> for these poem. >> on the national security front who kr have come out saying that they cannot support donald trump now. do you see it list as changing their mind? >> yeah, i'm not sure what it is that you're talking about. i really didn't hear all of your question, i'm sorry, halle. we're very happy about where we are today in going forward in the next couple of weeks here. coming out of, you know, the last four weeks, from donald trump over the labor day weekend. a couple of other good events and today, tomorrow we're going to be focussing on national security, foreign policy, our military, and our veterans. two groups of people that deserve our absolute attention
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particularly as we have seen our veterans and how terribly treated they are and how unprepared our military is face the complex flets that we face. >> let me ask you this, hillary clinton is out that hits on this very topic. this. issue of preparedness to be commander in chief. in this video, you see the commentings that trump has made where he know's more about isis than generals do. does he know more about isis than you? >> you know, that is a statement that he made well over a year ago as he got into this, as he got into the primary. so, i mean, i kind of put things in context. i've been with him for almost a year now. and i will tell you that this is a very, very, very capable guy. very capable decision maker. he has a strategic vision. and he states in his overarching phrase of make america great again, but i will tell you that we are absolutely focussed, the
10:20 am
team is relentless right now in our message, and messages in general. everything from immigration policies to foreign policy to national security. homeland security, and defeating isis. how we will take on nation states like china, russia, this is some really important stuff, and i don't have any problems with donald trump being the commander in chief. he's ready today. >> i wonder if he said it a year ago, should we discount it? doesn't it still matter even if he said it months ago? >> those -- you know again, the clinton campaign, you know, they'll put together all of their various, you know, you know, their media and video and things like that instead of, you know -- i'm not sure what hillary clinton's focussing on because we have not been able to hear from her in a long, long time. nobody is questioning her on everything from her abuse of our national security system william the disclosure of highly
10:21 am
classified intelligence and information to our enemies, and nobody's asking about that and she's out there talking about different things and not putting out really any proposals everybody is focussing on donald trump right now. i think that something is going to have to turn for the clinton campaign because they're on a downward trajectory right now. >> general flynn, thank you so much for joining us today. appreciate it. >> thanks, halle, any time. breaking news now as we wait for hillary clinton just moments away in tampa, florida, moments ago, she spoke with reporters own her press plane headed down to tarp. let's roll some of that tape. >> i just to want start by referencing something that donald trump told abc news. he said that the american people don't care about his tax returns. and in fact, he's also said that it's none of our business. i just think he's dead wrong. i mean, the reason that presidential candidates going back decades have released their
10:22 am
tax returns is because the american people want to know. if they're going to entrust a president with the management of our country's finances, they want to know how did this person handle his or her own finances, which is one of the reasons why we've released 40 years of tax return. especially important, give them what we are discovering, not from trump himself, but the kind of work that many of you are doing and outlets are doing. when what have we learned? we've learned that donald trump has been bankrupted in his companies six times, he's been sued about 4,000 times, he's been accused, repeatedly of fraudulent behavior. his so-called trump university
10:23 am
is under investigation right now. because of the way it has scammed so many students who thought they'd get a better opportunity in life and we've recently learned that his trump foundation has been fined for illegal activity when it made a political contribution to the attorney general of florida at the time she was being asked by her constituents to investigate trump university because of the effects that these people that she's responsible for had experienced. and, of course, as we know, there was a phone conversation between them that contradict each other. the american people deserve to know what was said because clearly the attorney general did not proceed with the investigation. so the list is growing.
10:24 am
the washington post has a long list of many of the behaviors, the experiences, the activities that trump is engaged in that raise serious questions. the new york times discovered about $650 million owed to foreign banks and foreign entities. the business activities that had stiffed workers, refused to pay small businesses. so clearly his tax returns tell a story that the american people deserve and need to know. and his continuing claim, that he can't release his tax returns
10:25 am
because he's been disproved repeatedly. and so the question really is, will he abide by the precedent that everyone else, republican and democrat alike have fulfilled in providing that critical information to the american people? i think the burden is on him and indeed for the rest of us, in the campaign, on our side, the press, the public, to demand what a bigs majority of the american public says they want, which is for him to release his tax returns. so i'm going to continue to raise this because i think it is a fundamental issue about him in this campaign that we're going to talk about and one way or another for the next 62 days because he clearly has something to hide. we don't know exactly what it
10:26 am
is, but we're getting better guesses about what it probably is. and if he's going to pursue this campaign, he owes it to the american people to come clean and release those tax returns. >> we'll take questions. >> hi jen. >>. [ inaudible ] >> but they are concerned about you and more broadly, jason chaffetz today asked a judge to look into the deletion of some of your e-mails and said he's going to do more hearings including one on foia on thursday, are you concerned they're continuing to dig into you and if you win, they will keep doing that? >> jen, that's a very good
10:27 am
question. basically said is there a different standard for trump than for me? and do i think that a lot of these issues raised about trump are just raised because somehow the american public has factored into their assessment that, you know, that's the kind of guy he is, right? and a lot of this behavior coming from him seems to be expected somehow. and that's fine if you're a reality tv star or you're a real estate developer, i don't think it is fine if you want to be president of the united states. and i can only say, look, this is not new to me. you can go back and look at a lot of what has been said about me by so many people, going back 25 years. and so, it's something that i just accepted. when i'm in office, i work well with republicans.
10:28 am
and i believe as president i will work with republicans again. we have a long archive of quite complimentary comments that republicans who have worked with me have said over the years and we should do more to get those out because they come from the center to the far right in terms of people who i worked with as first lady, i worked with as senator, i worked with as secretary of state. i know thousand work with republicans and i don't believe we can get results. but i have no doubt they would prefer not to have another democratic president in the white house. so i'm running nor job. i believe i'm the best person for this job and they're going to keep coming after me and the example about the congressman calling for more hearings is just a perfect segue.
10:29 am
the fbi resolved all of this, answered all the questions, the findings included, debunking his latest conspiracy theories. the conspiracy theory machine factory because honestly, they never quit. they keep coming back. and here's another one. it's been debunked, that's how they want to spend their time instead of looking to address the problems of the american people, that's their choice. but when i'm president, we're going get down to business and we're going to get results. you know what, i can't speak for what they want to do. i think they should have learned a lesson from that this campaign. why did someone come from the outside and seize their nomination? who's never been in public service before.
10:30 am
clearly republicans were not producing results for people who support them. and i think that's what one of the results of this election we don't keep doing the same thing in politics over and over again, then it's not working. and it's clearly not working. for a lot of the republicans. those who are in safe districts are looking over their shoulder right now. they have come to the conclusion that maybe they should actually produce results for the american people and not engage in all of this partisan conspiracy theorizing that doesn't work. one more good job, well for anybody on the table doesn't educate a kid, doesn't improve health care, doesn't do anything. other than try to keep people agitated so that they can take advantage of them politically. >> hi.
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>> hi. >> to follow up on the chaffetz investigation though, he's asked for u.s. attorney to look into whether you're aids deleted e-mails that had already been subpoenaed, do you have any concerns that e-mails were deleted after they were already supposed to be preserved and did you ask for them to be deleted? >> no, with of course not. i have no concern on either account. and neither did the fbi. >> are you preparing to go after donald trump's personal life? do you think his personal life is fair game and on a related note, is there a member of your staff or surrogate of yours that sung well equipped to play the role of donald trump in the mock debate? >> i am preparing, i'm doing my homework. donald trump is a self-proclaimed great debater who won every one of the republican debates. i take nothing for granted. i think this will be a difficult, challenging debate.
10:32 am
which is why i'm going to be thinking hard about what i need to present the american people. i think there is so much in his political and public life that deserves to be examined. i am going to concentrate on what will affect the american people were he ever to get anywhere near the white house. as i've said repeatedly, he is unqualified to be president and temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. i think this is a huge challenge that his candidacy poses for our country. and the choice couldn't be starker. >> so we're going to talk about kinds of things he has said about our allies and our friends. he's cozying up to dictators, his banning an entire religion from coming to our country. his desire to deport 16 million people with a deportation force. and literally, so many else.
10:33 am
that's what i'm going to be focussed on. >> going back to issues that might pertain to kind of plague you -- going back to jen's question earlier about issues that may continue to -- may carry over to possible administration, if chelsea clinton does stay on the foundation's board, which the foundation has said definitively that she will or that's the plan currently, do you believe that could raise conflict questions and does that mean that you -- >> as i've said over and over again, doesn't matter how many times you ask me and how you've asked me, these issues will will be decided after the election and we will decide the appropriate way forward. when i became secretary of state, the clinton foundation, the world renowned charity went above an beyond -- >> all right. so that is hillary clinton there holding a what's called a gaggle
10:34 am
on her press plane with a number of the reporters. you heard i think our own monica assigned to the clinton team, this is the second time clinton has done something like this as he rolls out that new plane, she's traveling around with the press. her campaign clearly aware of the attacks that trump has levied against her. she has not been accessible. she's answering a number of questions, and a couple of interesting topics here. as you heard right at the end there, leaving the door open for chelsea clinton to maybe have a different role with the clinton foundation if hillary clinton is elected after questions of conflict of interest. she hit donald trump pretty hard right off the top on his not releasing his tax returns saying she will continue this line of attack and continue to raise this question, apparently, something that the clinton campaign sees is as politically advantageous strategy moving forward to go after the republican rival. a couple of other highlights, she talked about debate prep as well. getting read grir the debate saying not answering a question about who the surrogate playing
10:35 am
donald trump would be, not talking about some of the intricacies there, but she did try to fly old expectations game calling it potentially a difficult i did bait for her and she was asked about the e-mail and the aids may have acted inappropriately. she briefly said no and moved on to the next question. for more on this and analysis, i want to bring in kasey hunt who is on the phone from tampa where hillary clinton is set to appear shortly here. kasey, you were listening in on that, tell me what stood out to you. give us some context behind some of these answers. >> well, halle, i think first and foremost, we have to understand that there's a serious strategy shift going on here, right. this is the second day in a row that hillary clinton has decided to take this traveling supporters, clearly in response to the environment to what's going on. whether it's criticism was receiving or whether it was the
10:36 am
old tightening, both of those things i think are reasons potentially why this strategy shift could be under way. i do think she addressed the new cnn poll, there's ban lot of chatter today about this cnn/orc poll that shows the edge. the campaign has been very aggressive in switching back against those numbers saying look, this is labor day weekend, it's not necessarily refliktive of where things actually stand. although they do acknowledge that the race is tightening. interesting to hear her say that she pays no attention to polls at all. of course, she's up or down, obviously her opponent, as we know, very focussed on what's going on in the polls. she also of course talked about the clinton foundation and she specifically addressed chelsea clinton and her role with the foundation and whether that would continue. we had understood that chelsea clinton would continue to work with the clinton foundation even if her mother was elected
10:37 am
president. now hillary clinton saying that these issues will be decided after the election. she also really wants to keep a focus on donald trump's tax returns. and she said that she is wrong, americans do care about whether or not they release the tax returns. that's a point that she has been emphasizing on her campaign and the campaign has been emphasizing especially in the context of criticism they received for lack of transparency. >> kasey hunt on the phone there from tampa, florida, ahead of hillary clinton's rally. kasey, thank you so much for being with us. i want to turn now to capitol hill. joining me from d.c., republican senator john barrasso of wyoming, senator, thanks for being with us today. >> thanks halle, thanks for having me. >> sure thing. let's talk about this press availability from hillary clinton there. you heard her say that she does plan to continue to go after donald trump on his tax returns as a member of congress, you are required to report certain financial disclosures on a regular basis in the interest of transparency, should presidential candidates release tax returns prior to elections?
10:38 am
>> well, i've said for months, yes, i believe that, but when hear hillary clinton say things about saying somebody has clearly something to hide, and uses the word, scam, and talks about questionable relationships, it sounds like she's talking about herself and her behavior since he testified in the foreign relations committee to me about how she would distance herself from the clinton foundation if we confirmed her as secretary of state. and i believed her, and it shows now that i was wrong. you see, the front page today of the washington post, bill clinton got consulting fees, honorary fees of $17 million from a for profit university system, after hillary clinton invites one of their members to a breakfast as secretary of state. when you hear what's happening with the e-mails, with the computer that she still has hidden so well that nobody can find it, what we're seeing is all of these phrases that she's
10:39 am
applying to the republican nominee apply directly to her as well. >> is donald trump enough of a job keeping the focus on hillary clinton? you've endorsed donald trump, but you've also said that tone matters. where are you now with him? >> well, i think that hillary clinton should not be the next president of the united states. i can run through a whole list of reasons, but this country cannot afford to have the next four years like the last eight years with barack obama. people believe we need a fundamental change in direction of the country, and hillary clinton does not provide that. i mean, she is wrong about energy. she's wrong about the economy, she's wrong about iron, she's wrong on foreign policy. she is wrong across the board. >> you said you want change, something different, but let's do it out. if hillary clinton does fwhin november, if that were to happen, she says, she just said in this press conference when she's in congress, she would work well with republicans. congress and the white house have not been able to work together over these last several years as you are well aware. what changes if she's in the white house if you want to make
10:40 am
action happen? or do something different? >> you know her husband, bill clinton, drinkening alated, he was much to the right of barack obama. right now hillary clinton is to the left of barack obama, much closer to bernie sanders. you know, you look at the democratic platform, they're not talking about growing the economy. they're talking about redistribution of income and wealth across the country. >> you want to see her shift right? >> we need to make this country grow, the economy grow, we need fewer regulations. her platform calls for more regulations, more control to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, that's not what makes this country grow. we need to get america working again, we need a strong, healthy and vibrant economy. we do not have that under barack obama and we won't have it with hillary clinton as president. >> you're saying you wouldn't work with her if she is elected? i want to be clear on that point. >> i'm very clear. i'm going to spend the next couple of months making sure we hold the democrats accountable as president with obama and make sure that we elect a republican
10:41 am
senate continuing the majority, that's what i believe the american people need and want, and that's the way with ke grow the economy. government can either crush opportunity or create opportunity and with the taxes and the mandates and the sort of government control and the one size fits all that hillary clinton continues to talk about, that is not going to be good for america going forward. >> senator john barrasso, thank you for joining us from there in washington, appreciate it. >> thanks hal. coming up a face off over military might. donald trump gates big vote of support from 88 retired generals and admirals. this as hillary clinton gets ready to go after trump for what she calls his inexperience on national security later this hour. so who's message will resinate more with voters? coming up, we'll talk about it with general westerly clark. and in the meantime, your responses to today's microsoft pulse question, hillary clinton holding that six-point lead in the new nbc news survey monkey poll, can trump still catch her.
10:42 am
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and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of ose steps in helping preventanother strok. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. happening now, the trump campaign now responding to the clinton attack on his non-release of his tax returns you heard a couple minutes ago in this show. according to a spokesperson, i want to read you new, he says there's a reason why the cnn poll, the one that clinton was asked about on her press plane, why that cnn poll quote shows that voters don't trust crooked hillary clinton, she gives the same tired political attacks without offering any solutions to better our economy and to keep our families safe. adding, voters will continue to raise this concern so long as clinton keeps lying to the american public and hiding the truth. looking down there on my phone is that text just coming in. playing this for you, hear the back and forth now continuing
10:46 am
between clinton's team and trump's team. each seeing an advantage in going after the other really on the issue of trust and temperament. we're going to keep an eye on how clinton might respond any moment at a rally in tampa. but first, she's hitting trump on national security ahead of our commander in chief forum tomorrow on nbc and msnbc. >> i know more about isis than the generals do. john mccain, aarhero, he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay. >> donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in a war. >> how would you answer that, father, what sacrifice have you made for your country? >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. >> that is a new add out from hillary clinton's campaign centering around donald trump's comments on military service. debuting now as the u.s. looks into a potential covert russian plan to disrupt the november elections. an official told the washington
10:47 am
post that the intelligence community does not have definitive proof, but just the hint would be significant. hillary clinton weighing in about some of these possible hacking dangers. >> i do view it as a threat from an adversarial foreign power. and i believe that putin and the team around him certainly believe that there is some benefit to them for doing this. >> russia has denied any involvement in the attacks. president putin calling the accusations an attempt to quote, distract the public's attention. joining me now from little rock is former presidential candidate and retired army general wesley clark. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> let's start with this russia issue. the question of potential hacking, the question of potential involvement, is somebody whose been involved in some of the highest levels of our national security apparatus, how much of a concern is it to you?
10:48 am
>> it's a very significant concern. first of all, there is a russian effort under way to influence the u.s. elections and to influence public opinion worldwide, but also specifically in the united states. the edges of this are clear, and that's why you cite the washington post story, i think they're really on to something there. now mr. putin of course would deny it. that's also part of the way russia operates. of course he has to deny it. and, of course, there's probably no legally available proof to show that russia's behind it because we don't have access to the decision documents in the kremlin that gave the russian hackers the go ahead to do this. but this is all part of a pattern we've seen it for many, many years on the part of the russians, in europe and elsewhere. this is the first time that it's come to our attention in the united states and so overt a fashion. >> are we facing another cold war here, general? >> i don't think it's a cold
10:49 am
war, i think it's a struggle -- you call it a resurgent russia. resurgent russia is a russia that's a threat to it's neighbors in eastern europe. that's why nato has strengthened it's defenses and it's posture in eastern europe. resurgent russia is a russia that's more active in the middle east. it's bombing, it's aiding and abetting bashar al assad in syria. it's helping to rejen the bedevilling europe. resurgent russia is active with china and working on various military cooperation activities with china. as part of their shanghai cooperation council. so this is resurgent russia, not a cold war, but a challenge to the existing way that power is distributed around the world and the way that problems get resolved in international affairs. >> so general, earlier in the show we spoke with mike flynn who you know and we spoke a
10:50 am
little bit about this new open letter from 88 generals, admirals, military leaders, coming out now, you see it up there in support of donald trump, the gop nominee, obviously, what does this tell you about where lint military community? what does she need to do to win that same kind of support? >> well, it doesn't tell me anything. since the vietnam, really, the republican party has always worked to cultivate an image of being the daddy party, the tough party, the strong party on foreign affairs and i know a lot of the people that sign these letters, i respect them, they provided by good service. but the truth is, if you listen to what donald trump has said, he wants to undercut 70 years of u.s. foreign policy leadership and the sacrifices that these very men and women have made in service of their country. he wants to undercut the credibility of the u.s. commitment to nato. he wants to undercut the u.s. efforts to work against a proliferation of nuclear weapons. he suggested that our allies get
10:51 am
nuclear weapons. we don't know what donald trump stands for but contrary to what mike said, i don't see a strategic vision, i just see an unraveling of a structure that's brought peace and greater stability to the world over the last 70 years than we ever had before this. and when that structure unravels, no one knows what the consequences will be, but why should it unravel? america is still the strongest power. it's our standards and our values throughout world organizations and our soldiers aren't mercenaries. we send our soldiers where it's in our interest to fight not because somebody pays us. contrary to what mr. trump would suggest. so i think that when people look at this, they'll see that there's one very strong experienced candidate and that's hillary clinton. and that on the other side is basically a guy who's done real estate operations, who thinks foreign policy is like
10:52 am
negotiating a hotel lease, who doesn't understand what the united states stands for around the world. >> so a lot of discussion about what it means to be a commander-in-chief, who would be better in that role. general clark, thanks so much. we will be talking more about this topic tomorrow night when msnbc and nbc news hosts our commander-in-chief forum, teaming up with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america to host both candidates live from the intrepid sea, air, and space museum. you're looking at the setup tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern on nbc and msnbc. as the race for the white house enters its final couple months, donald trump and hillary clinton are zeroing in on battleground ohio. in that state, manufacturing job loss is really a critical issue, but the legacy of home foreclosures also hitting voters there particularly hard. we've got a look from msnbc's jacob soboroff back on the road today telling us about those critical voters up for grabs in his special segment.
10:53 am
joining us live from cleveland, yet another road warrior joining us here in the 1:00 hour. so jacob, you've been spending a lot of times in these swing states left's talk about foreclosures. that's still hitting folks so hard. what's the impact on the race? >> hallie, you don't have to go particularly far here in the glenville neighborhood of cleveland. a condemned house right here. if you look around the corner, it's homes that have been foreclosed among really nice homes and it's a legacy of the foreclosure crisis that hit this area in northeast ohio very hard tens of thousands of different homes are either abandoned or foreclosed and people want help from the presidential candidates and that's why we came here. take a look at this. where are we and what is going on here right now? >> we're in the glenville neighborhood, this is a condemned property that's been abandoned and the county land bank has taken the property over and we're about to do a demolition here. >> what we do is find vacant and abandoned properties and figure
10:54 am
out whether they can be rehabbed or demolished? >> is this the only one of these you do all week? >> no, we do 25 to 30 every week. >> check this out, there's a hole in the floor that goes straight down. >> there was probably a tub there. >> and somebody came in -- >> and pulled it out to recycle it and sell it to somebody else. >> we have thousands of homes that are overvalued, financed by mortgage companies that weren't regulated which means we have thousands of toxic properties. >> this is the mortgage crisis right here? >> this is the face of it. >> tell me what you're about to do? >> i'm getting ready to demo this house? >> is it an easy thing to do? >> no. >> how does it work. >> it takes years to get it down righ right. >> we're only about, like, 30 seconds in and half the house is already done. so when you look at what's going on here, it looks like the economy had struggled in this area. with the big election coming up
10:55 am
are you thinking about voting? >> i know who i'm going to vote for. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i'm a democrat. >> hillary clinton? >> yes. >> donald trump says he's the guy to get the economy, the jobs back on track. >> i don't trust him. >> you don't trust him? >> uh-huh. >> are you going to vote in november by any chance. >> of course. >> have you thought about who you're going to go for? >> i'm still in the air with that one. >> when you look at this, do you think a guy like donald trump could fix up your neighborhood? >> of course. >> you do? >> and so would hillary. >> who's more likely to help? >> donald. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> all it took was 15 minutes. >> hallie, my friend, you spent time here in cuyahoga county, it's no secret this is democratic territory. in fact, in 2012, mitt romney i think absolutely crushed -- was crushed by barack obama here and there were some precincts, nine total, where he didn't get a single vote. nobody is saying donald trump is going to win the african-american or latino
10:56 am
community but if you listen to that one woman, maybe he has a chance if people best think he could fix up their neighborhoods. >> msnbc's jacob soboroff, thank you so much, pal. before we get on the road to another swing state, jacob will be in ohio all week long. listen, go hang out with him, invite him over. i promise it's a good idea. i know from personal experience. use the hashtag "up for grabs msnbc" you may end up on our air. hillary clinton and donald trump both expected to speak in the next few minutes. this as some new reporting from the "washington post" shows clinton gaining steam in some traditional gop strongholds. more on how she's breaking away in some of these usually republican states after the break.
10:57 am
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which can be life threatening. stop taking and call your doct right away if you experience symptoms. or if you experience symptoms of allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, or dior swallowing.hing do not take invokana® if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invona® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. time for one last look at your responses to our microsoft pulse question. hillary clinton holding that six-point lead in our new nbc news/survey monkey poll. can trump catch her?
11:00 am
89% of you say no. 11% say yes and some of the responses online of how he does it include spend more time in swing states like florida and ohio, release his taxes, one of you said, and another, simply "he doesn't." that does it for us on this hour of msnbc, the place for politics. we'll toss it down to washington with my colleague peter alexander. welcome back, pal, good to see you. >> nice to see you, hallie. we are in washington today. the candidates aggressively targeting critical swing states. they are holding duelling events to take place any moment during the course of this hour. donald trump, you see that picture on the right side of your screen, he will be taking the stage any moment now thin virginia beach, virginia. hillary clinton, fittingly, is on the left to make things easier for you at home. in tampa, florida, the venues, no coincidence, both of these cities are home to some of these this


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