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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we'll bolster our defenses including with an intelligence surge to protect us and our allies. we will do whatever is necessary for as long as it takes to bring isis to justice and end their reign of terror once and for al all. >> i will tell you this, i am a very patient person. i don't quit, i don't give up, i don't blink. this sunday will be the 15th anniversary of the attack of 9/11. i was a senator from new york, i knew people who were killed. i worked with families and the few survivors i worked to get the health care needed to get to the first responders and
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emergency workers who ran toward dange danger. i work to make our countries safer to to rebuild new york and the pentagon but i always, always was determined to do anything i could to bring bin laden to justice. and thanks to the very patient painstaking work of the american intelligence community. finally when i was secretary of state we were given the opportunity to evaluate the best evidence we had seen in a long tim time. and i was honored to be part of the group advising president obama as we went through the evidence over and over and over again trying to decide was it credible enough, strong enough to take action and if we did
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what kind of action? would it be a missile strike? would it be a bombing? would bit an attack by special forces? and when it came time to go around the table, these were all extremely experienced, thoughtful experts we all gave our opinions. i was one who said i thought it was worth the risk. and i was -- >> you go, girl! [ cheers and applause ] and i was in that small situation room on that day. you all know the story. some of you read the book, some of you have seen the movie. it demonstrates what our values are as americans.
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donald trump said he would order american troops to murder family members of terrorists and to torture. that's what he said. heedless of the consequences that that would lead to in terms of putting americans all over the world at even greater risk. here's what happened that night in pakistan and this is not an often told part of the story. so i want to tell you particularly the young people here, particularly active duty and military veterans like mary. if you saw any of the reenactment you know one of the helicopters clipped its tail going into the courtyard on the wall. it disabled that helicopter. now, thankfully every contingency had been thought through so we were prepared for that.
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the military was prepared. they can get a helicopter like that to take out the seals who were going to blow up the disabled helicopter. after rushing into the compound, taking out the two bodyguards, taking out bin laden's adult son, taking out bin laden, they knew they had to get out of there. at any time there could have been pakistani military wondering what's going on? something's happening. this was a military garrison town so time was precious. here's what the seals did. before they blew that helicopter up they took out all the women and children family members, including the worst terrorist of all. they took them out of the compound around the back do safety before they blew that
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helicopter up. that donald trump is what american honor looks like. [ cheers and applause ] i want to mention just three other threats. one threat here right at home, the epidemic of gun violence. and we have got to have comprehensive background checks, close the gun show loophole, close the online loophole and end the ability of people on the terrorist watch list buying a gun in america. this agenda is supported by a vast majority of americans and a vast majority of american gun owners. it's time we all said in one voice, hey, we can respect the second amendment, we can respect the right to own arms but we
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don't want people who should haven't guns in the first place killing anybody else ever again! [ cheers and applause ] another threat to our country is climate change. 2015 was the hottest year on record and the science is clear, it's real, it's rewreaking havo on countries across america. i send my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by hermine. but this is not the last one that's going to hit florida given what's happening in the climate. nobody knows that better than folks here in tampa and in the broader region. sea levels have been rising here about an inch per decade since the 1950s.
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at the rate we are going, by 2030, which is not that far away, $70 billion of coastal property in this state will be flooding at high tide. and wherever our infrastructure is threatened, so, too, is our homeland security. the next president will have to work with communities like tampa's to prepare for future storms. when i'm in the oval office i'm going to work with local leaders to make smart investments in infrastructure to help protect regions from flooding and other effects of climate change. i'll work on the international and national level to turn the clock back to stabilize and reduce emissions even more, to gain more time. but we'll have to begin working immediately on mitigation and resilience and prevention as
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well. and what about donald trump? hi doesn't believe in climate change, he says it's a hoax invented by the chinese and says "you can't get hurt by extreme weather." this is the same guy who hat on of his golf courses has demanded a sea wall be built to protect his golf course from rising tide. so it's fine if it affects donald but if it affects the rest of humanity he could careless. if it affects people who lose their homes or businesses that took a lifetime to build doesn't matter to him. when it comes to protecting our country against natural disasters and the threat of climate change once again donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. [ cheers and applause ]
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let's not forget the next president has to keep our country safe from public health crises like zika. it's painfully obvious we can't rely on republican congress or governors to fund an adequate response. they can't help themselves from playing games even when lives are on the line. i call on all republicans to put people before politics and finally vote in favor of a clean funding bill to fight zika right here in florida! [ cheers and applause ] but the failure of the republicans in congress, including your republican senator means that we can't always count on them, can we? so last month i announced that as president i will create a
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public health rapid response fund to be available when emergencies occur to have a congress sis tent budget to better enable government agencies at all levs to quickly respond to major public health crises and pandemics. this will complemeplement our es to deal with these crises and because of climate change we'll have more of them because of mobility around the world you can get on a plane in africa and bring ebola to the united states. you can be a mosquito in brazil and make your way to florida. we have to be better prepared. it's always better to invest a penny in the front end then to have to pay many dollars after the crisis has already occurred. [ cheers and applause ] that's why it's time to put
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politics aside and put our people's needs first. i'm excited about doing this with you, for you, on your behalf but i can't do it without you. the deadline to register voters is october 11 if you're a student but registered somewhere else and it would be more convenient to vote here, you have until october 11. please learn how to register. you can go to and learn how the do that. you can go to my web site, hillary and learn how to do that. we are also building volunteer teams so you can get involved by going to hillary clinton or text j-o-i-n-to 47246. or you can sign up today. are from there people with clip boards.
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you can sign up to have a volunteer registration shift and you can also apply if you're interested to our get out the vote fellowship program. we'll organize special groups to get people to the polls and we need you. this state has so much promise and i want to be the best president that you could possibly have in florida. [ applause ] . i want to work on these issues. thef everything in this blueprint we have published and i want particularly to give the young people of this university, this sta state, this country the best shot you can have to be part of the american dream however you
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define that ch. many of us who came before know there are barriers in a way. when i was a young woman there were schools i couldn't go to, scholarships i wasn't eligible for just because i was a woman. a lot of those barriers have been knocked down. for every african-american, latino, asian american, native american, gay american, h, you know barriers have been knocked down. we've got to make sure they're all gone and that no demagogue can bring them back and can every exploit the fears and insecurities of the american people so please vote this year like your future depends on it, because it does and if you give
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me the great honor of serving as your presidentially get up every day in that white house and work my heart out for those jobs with better health care and affordability, protecting our rights, protecting our country, unifying america. because we need to be the united states, not the divided states of america! [ cheers and applause ] as that sign over there says, thinkable true, love trumps hate. let's have a future that proves that's true. thank you all. god bless you! and good afternoon, everyone, i'm kate snow, we've been listening to hillary clinton in tampa, florida before that, we heard from donald
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trump. it's nine weeks from today. it probably seems like an attorney but now that labor day is over it's crunch time both candidates gearing up here on msnbc two and a half weeks from now we find out when the state department will be releasing more clinton e-mails. that news expected on the same day that early voting begins. the first debate is a few days after that so what is happening today? a lot. there's plenty to get you caught up on and we are because the place for politics we have reporters on the trail with both campaigns bringing you the latest developments in this final stretch to election day with.
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>> we've seen quite a strategy shift from hillary clinton just in the last couple days. we'll see if it holds out. i think it would stack up pretty significantly if i matched them with the ones she's given the last two days. clinton offering a focus on national security. she was more conversational than she sometimes is in these stump speeches but making the case that donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states. we may have a section of her speech where she talks about his credentials to be commander in chief. in a few hours he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident he got into a twitter war with the president of
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mexico. he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's anningment we can expect to her continue to make at that commander-in-chief forum set for tomorrow right here on nbc and msnbc. if you take a step back here for a second, think about the dynamics that play in these final couple of nine weeks as you said. donald trump has shown he has the ability to generate so much earned media coverage that some democrats say they have to battle that on the airwaves it's been why they've been airing eve ads so for hillary clinton staying in the mix of that everyday is important. we've seen these polls tighten. you saw the cnn poll that shows donald trump ahead.
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the clinton camp pushing back against that. others show her ahead. so it's likely to be closer than it has been and team clinton needs to work to make sure they stay on top of that. >> kasie hunt, thanks so much. clinton talking commander-in-chief in tampa, donald trump doing the same in virginia minutes from the largest navy base in the world in norp if you can, virginia. what was trump's main line of attack. >> if you had to choose a main line, it would be from him that we have incompetent weak leaders. he said that repeatedly pointing to clinton but also talking about kerry and obama in reference to the iran deal. even in reference to china when president obama landed and the
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stairs were not brought out he said we were embarrassed, we should have left, he said the same thing about cuba and saudi arabia. it seemed in almost every answer he found a way to say the word incompetent. he was asked about something related to isis and he found a way to talk about putin, russia and clinton. here's what he said. >> hillary likes to play tough with russia. putin looks at her and laughs. he laughs. putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. that would be easy. look how bad her decisions have been. russia didn't like isis any better than we do. wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia?
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the town hall was light on specifics. he was asked whether he supports regime change in syria. he said "we have a problem, it's called isis." he didn't answer the question. he pointed to his 10-point plan on his web site about veterans affairs and told people they could look at that. >> did we mention it is nine weeks until election day? for some analysis i'm joined by bloomberg managing editor john heilman co-anchor of "with all due respect." >> how are you? >> hope you had a great end of summer. here we are, first question. you're trump's campaign manager with nine weeks to go. what are you telling him today?
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>> you're going to make me be donald trump's campaign manager? i'm telling him reports of his death are exaggerated and that the discussions coming out of the democratic convention where it looked like hillary clinton was pulling away to the lead that might be insurmountable are not true, i'd be pointing him into something suggesting the race is tightening but i'd caution him not to get overconfident and get into a position where he thinks he doesn't have a huge amount of work to do. the polling we've seen from the cnn poll, the big "washington post" national poll, the battleground is tilted in hillary clinton's favor but there's a path if we're focussed that we might be able to walk. >> and we'll look at that map in just a moment with mark murray. now you know what's coming. i'll change your job. now you're clinton's campaign
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manager, what does she need to do? >> you'd be saying to hillary clinton you've been focused on these -- these presidential debates coming up. you should keep focusing important to do well. take him seriously. i'd tell her that having done her first gag until a while on her newly launched press charter that she's good at those things. she did another one today i'd say you've been hesitant about meeting the press but you're accomplished. they won't bite you. by doing this you look like you're being accessible and candid and we should stay on this path and keep taking these question questions because when you do take questions you do fine. >> we've been talking about this for weeks that it's been so long since she had a formal press conference.
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does she need to do a more formal press conference or is it enough that she comes back to the back of the plane? >> i think it's weird to ask nominees to do formal press conferences. it's not common to have a formal press conference. they're not president of the united states yet either one of them. it's just important to meet with the traveling press, those people cover the candidates and are likely to is the sharpest and smartest questions. that's important and candidates benefit when they take questions from their press corps around answer them well. both are confident, capable of dealing with us and our questions and both candidates should make it a routine thing to talk to those reporters who follow them around. >> i apologize for the hypotheticals. if you were matt lauer tomorrow night hosting the commander-in-chief forum where we have both candidates back to back, do what do you think the one area that needs to be
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explored is in terms of military and veterans affairs. >> you asked me to pretend to be donald trump's campaign manager and hillary clinton's, i don't mind doing that but you're asking me to be matt lawer? that's a job way above my pay grade. >> the point is what needs to be explored? what do they need to talk about more? >> what both candidates very talking about, national security and foreign affairs, in the end america remains a country at war and we continue to have troops fighting on our behalf. for a country that is war-weary and has seen so many of its young men and women fight, for the families who might have to have their churn fight in the futu future, we need understand where they think, what the standards are by which they make a judgment and what it's worth in
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america's interest to put our children, our collective children, put their lives on the line and donald trump has tried to put himself to hillary clinton's left on national security issues. hillary clinton is regarded as being more intervention iist. people call her a neo-con, i don't think that's fair. it would be good to press them about what are the circumstances in where you'd commit american troops. what would be the circumstances to go to work to make that decision that a president faces? >> thanks, john, "with all due respect" is weeknights on msnbc 6:00 eastern time. new cease-fiontroversy for trump campaign. the campaign pushing back against allegation wloofs some are calling pay for play saying
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his donations too a florida attorney general in 2013 has nothing to do with her office declining to join a investigation into trump university. trur trump paid a $2500 fine. hope hicks said "this was a minor issue brought to the attention of the foundation and addressed immediately." they're arguing it was a clerical error. joining me, a surrogate for the trump campaign and a member of trump's national hispanic advisory council steve cortes is with us. steve, hope you had a nice labor d day. the campaign said it was a clerical error that they donated this $25,000 to pam bondi's group in florida. but it's easy to see how people could connect the dots, you give a donation, it's linked to the attorney general, a few days later she says i won't look into trump university, do you see the
12:27 pm
problem this there? >> i can see how the optics can be problematic. if you look at that in isolation in florida alone that the money came out of the trump foundat n foundation. i think there's a reasonable explanation. mr. trump does an enormous amount of business in florida. he owns more property therein than any other state in america. he supports pro-growth candidates like pam bondi all over the country. when you look at the attorney general and this investigation into trurch university, 49 out of the 50 states decided there was no issue here. me didn't pay or give donations to all 49 attorneys general so there is no quid pro quo in this case. what he was doing is supporting a fine leader for the state of florida who believes in pro growth policy. there is no "there" there when it comes to trump university. the overwhelming majority of students who took his courses were satisfied as reported by their own surveys. >> still being litigated in
12:28 pm
court. i want to play you something donald trump said in an interview on abc news and i'll ask you about it. you've talked about hillary clinton's stamina. you've even said she doesn't look president zblshl i do believe that. yes. >> what do you mean? >> i don't think she has a presidential look and you need a presidential look. i think if she went to mexico she would have had a total failure. >> steve, what's a presidential look? >> i'm not sure to be honest what a presidential look is. i won't comment on. that i won't get into hillary's health, i don't have any idea. i'm not a doctor, i'm not close to her. i know her schedule hasn't even compared to donald trump's. i've mentioned before that mr. trump keeps a schedule, he could be my father and i could never keep up can his so i think he can proven his stamina is incredible, his hustle is relentless, he is a guy fighting all day everyday for the
12:29 pm
american people while hillary clinton by contrast is taking vacation days is hobnobbing with aged rock stars and raising money from billionaires so i would hope that now that we're past labor day she will pick up her pace and show the american people she can handle the gruelling task of being commander in chief. >> you know the democrats and the clinton campaign made a comment about every time he says "presidential look" that smacks of anti- -- being against women. something you wouldn't say about a male candidate. >> i would hope not. i don't believe that, knowing donald trump and the way he's conducting his business career, the way he treats his daughter i don't think there's an anti-woman bone in his body so i really believe his record has shown us he respects and admires women. i think what he's getting at is her lack of activity. she's a lazy candidate. that may change.
12:30 pm
>> the "dallas morning news" has endorsed every gop candidate since 1952 except in '64 when they were neutral. today in an editorial they called donald trump, they said donald trump is no republican, they end the piece by saying donald trump is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote. couple that with a "washington post"/survey monkey poll that has clinton up by a point in texas, still within the margin of error, but it's texas, steve. if you're not doing well in texas, off problem. >> polls have moved our way in the trump campaign, we've had a fantastic few weeks, particularly a cnn poll. even if you think that's an outlier, many polls have tightened to within statistical error or tied so. >> those are national polls, i'm asking about texas. >> i will concede that that's surprising to me. i think we will end up winning texas but what donald trump has done, he is such an insurgent in
12:31 pm
this campaign; he was in the republican primary, he is in the general election that he is upsetting the entire political order in the united states. that order hasn't seven it had american people for this administration and the last one under george w. bush as well. when i look at texas specifically my friend governor rick perry is incredibly critical of donald trump, as was i, about this time last year. he has come around. texas leaders like governor abbot and former governor perry. they'll encourage their people that donald trump has the message for growth and security that we need and ultimately texas will be red by election day. >> trump campaign surrogate steve cortez, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, the post labor day home stretch of the election season and what better way to dive into it all than with a brand new battleground map of all 50 states. and tomorrow night by the way we
12:32 pm
hear from the candidates as we mention nbc news along with iraq and afghanistan veterans of america hosting the commander-in-chief forum with hillary clinton and donald trump focusing on issues the next president will have to confront as commander-in-chief. it will be hosted by matt lauer, televised live from the intrepid sea air and space museum in new york city. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern. you won't want to miss that right here on msnbc. 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board.
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is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at we have a brand new map out today that shows hillary clinton with a wide lead over donald trump. let's get right to nbc news senior political editor mark murray. i love when you break down the map. >> hillary clinton has a 272-174 electoral lead over donald trump and it's worth noting what it
12:36 pm
was last month. it was 288 for hillary clinton and 174 for trump. so what ended up changing? we moved north carolina to the tossup. we had that. >> orange is tossup? >> right and now we have the one electoral vote in nebraska, essentially the omaha area. we put that in tossup. so that explains where things are right now this is an advantage for hillary clinton because she has 272 electoral votes. you need 270 to win the presidency. so without florida north carolina iowa and nevada she surpasses 270 electoral votes. that's a significant lead in the battleground map. >> if he takes those it swings his way. is. >> if he wins the toups, she still wins which is why he has to go into the virginia and colorado. >> he has to pull the lean democrats over to him and you
12:37 pm
have new polling? >> so here is the nbc/survey monkey poll it has hillary clinton up six points unchanged from last week so all the mutual over labor day didn't change the race at all but today's big poll from cnn, we have donald trump two points over hillary clinton. this is among likely voters, survey monkey was among registered. >> explain that. i get confused about the difference in the pools. >> registered voters are people who are registered voters, the broad universe. i think that you are going to the polls to answering a handful of questions so again according to their model you have donald trump up by two but hire's where things get interesting. among registered voters, hillary clinton is up by three points and in a presidential election where so many people are going to the poll, this isn't a
12:38 pm
midterm election or special election. >> most everybody shows up. >> registered score maybe only changes one or two points but we see a net five-point change from plus two for trump to plus three for hillary among registered voters. so we'll get on thes of polls but a lot of ways this is the best way to look at this new poll out today. >> so interesting and trump is youing about the previous screen. >> the totality and the battleground map, she still has the advantage. >> mark murray, good to see you. nice to see you in person, thanks so much. coming up, fox settles with gretchen carlson over her sexual harassment against roger ailes. we talk to "new york" magazine's gabe sherman who's covered ailes for years. ♪ staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- could mean scrapping it amaple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlin. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson has settled a
12:42 pm
sexual discrimination lawsuit against roger ailes. a source close to the matter says the settlement is around $20 million. 21st century fox released a statement that read in part "we regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity she and all of our colleagues deserve. we want to bring in gabe sherman, author of "the loudest voice in the room, how the brilliant bombastic roger ailes built fox news and divided the country." gretchen carlson settle this is lawsuit. how did we get to today? >> it's been a stunning turn of events. this lawsuit was filed on july, is six and he resigned under pressure after a wave of other women had come forward to the outside law firm hired bid 21st
12:43 pm
century fox to investigate this matter. >> so today they settle. about $20 million at anchor, greta van susteren leaving fox she said "fox has not felt like home to me and i took advantage of the claw r clause in my contract that allows me to leave now." i heard from a person close to greta who said she was unhappy at fox, was troubled by the culture and exercise add clause that allows her to leave fox news if roger ailes is no longer running the network. this is a sign that this machine that roger ailes built and held together could be coming apart. >> >> let's talk about the campaigns and how they're handing the media. we mentioned it with john hielman earlier, hillary clinton
12:44 pm
trump did it yesterday although the press is not flying with him now. this is later than usual for any election season. >> and what both campaigns want to do, it's all about control, they want to control the native and this narrative that she was hiding from the press, for them that's a win, win, she diffuses the talk she hadn't held a news conference and it allows her to stay on message. >> for trump? his relationship with the media? >> i think we'll try -- this idea of blacklist and the idea he's hostile to the media by mixing it up with reporters who cover him it allows him to move on from the narrative he's hostile to the press. >> and we have both of them tomorrow night which i'm sure you'll watch alongside me. thanks so much, we'll be right back, you're watching msnbc live. the police for politics.
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>> as we reported earlier, donald trump's campaign pushing back against allegations of what some are calling pay for play. the campaign says his foundation's donation to a political group connected to the florida attorney general pam bondi in 2013 had nothing to do with her office declining to join an investigation into trump university. trump paid a $2500 fine. i want to bring in david fahrenholt, a "washington post" political reporter who has been covering this. nation to see you. >> thank you. >> trump said yes he never spoke to bondi about it, he was unclear what the "it" was. what do we know in terms of trump's defense? >> you're right. trump's -- it's a contrast in the way trump was during the primary. trumped talked about himself as the master of this corrupt system, he was pulling politicians' strings by giving him money now we're talking
12:49 pm
about a specific case where he made a donation to a politician who seemed to be considering an important legal case against him, trump says i had nothing to do it with, i didn't speak to her about this. she's above reproech. >> campaign says it's a minor issue, it was a clerical thing, they addressed it, paid the fine because it camel from the wrong pot of money. what do you think voters will think of this. i said it's easy to connect those dots. >> certainly. i think voters might look at this and see that is -- this is the image trump created for himself. here seems to be possibly an example of that to other interesting thing is the trump talked about this as a clerical error, there's something interesting which is that trump's foundation which he has no staff, he runs it it gave a
12:50 pm
gift and then left the gift off and listed a fake gift that didn't exist. >> you've done reporting about the foundation you did a lot of reports but just in general, what's the headline. >> well, he says that he gives a million out of his pockets. the only thing that i found from 2008 to this may was one gift from 2009 for less than $10,000. instead he has a donald trump foundation and it's not his money at all. he has not begin his foundation over money since 2008. he is not having to make a sacrifice at all. >> thank you from the washington post. >> thank you. hillary clinton just rallied voters and you saw that and for the second day in a row she spoke with reporters on the plane and responding to one of the questions on her and her
12:51 pm
family's involvement in the clinton foundation. >> when i became the secretary of the state a clinton foundation a world renowned charity went above and beyond anything that was expected from anything and disclosing any donor. if i'm elected president, everybody is going to take a hard look at what goes forward and what does not. the foundation has denounce and a lot of the work will be spun off. let's not say that there were conflicts because they were not. >> joining us is the deputy director for the clinton campaign. i want to talk about the foundation. the trump campaign released on this and saying that the foundation of the foreign exceptions is on the face and unpress departmented and unacceptable conflict of interest that's going to badly compromise clinton if he is elected president. i want to pair that quickly. this comes after bernie sanders
12:52 pm
was on "meet the press" and spoke to chuck todd. this is what he said. >> i would certainly suggest that as president of the united states, she should cease all operations and contact with the clinton foundation. at the very least, she could not be involved. at the very least. >> he is saying cut ties. donald trump going further and saying that there's a conflict here. to that you say what? >> well, you know the clinton foundation already took unprecedented steps and they critiqued the fundraisers and did everything appropriate and the work that the foundation is doing and she said if she is elected, it's a unique circumstance and the foundation will go further. you saw her speaking so passionately and this is a charity that's doing work around the world and $1.5 million that
12:53 pm
need hiv or aids drugs vooef it from the clinton foundation. 75 percent of the children that need it are getting it because of the clinton foundation. it's important that the work continue, and they're going to see the right way do that and find the right partners and go through a transition period so that the work can continue and in a way that's appropriate. >> i travelled with former president clinton to cover and i have been to africa and seen the work, and i get that but the question is why not seooner and why not now. >> well, they're going to change the board and they have announced that. hillary and the husband and her daughter have been working for months to find the right way to do this. these are important programs and it's taking place and it's going to take the time to find the
12:54 pm
right partners and the transition. that's something that they're engaged in now and they will have more after the election and she said today that she is going to answer all of these questions and they're going to be transparent about it. >> donald trump very happy about the cnn poll that's out today and it shows him up by a point among likely voters. we can sit here and talk all day about the polls christina but does it show that there's some tightening here and that things are not as easy for hillary clinton as people might have thought a few weeks ago? >> we never thought that it was going to be easy. that's why he is working her heart out. she is in florida today then north carolina and ohio yesterday. she knew from the first time that it was going to be close. all of the presidential campaigns are and she is taking nothing for granted. we have a significant that's
12:55 pm
close and every poll that comes out we have a problem with this one and every single poll that comes out, we never take anything for grant and we hope that the supporters and they polled over the labor day weekend. we don't do that because it's excuse of the results. we think over the index and then again it does not matter. hill hi does not pay attention to the polls. she just gets out there and works her heart out. the voters have a choice on what kind of country we're going to be. she is out there taking about the plans to make a difference in people's life. >> thanks for being here. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> hope that you had a great weekend. we will be right back but do not miss the premier of the 11th hour with brian williams.
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:we have some breaking news in the sexual assault case of bill cosby. the judge set a trial date of june 5th, 2017. he is charged with drugging and molesting at his home back in 2004. this is the only criminal case stemming from dozens of sexual miss conduct and to date more than 50 woman have made the accusations ranging from sexual assault to harassment and being drugged by the comedian. that's going do it for me this hour. i will see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 eastern and don't forget tomorrow night hosting the commander in chief
1:00 pm
forum with hillary clinton and donald trump and that's focused on issues that the next president is going to have to -- and space museum in new york city and 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. up next is steve. thank you. we're live in new york and 63 days from election day. nine weeks away from when the polls open and topping the aagenda and putting donald trump ahead. is it a shake up? >> even today where cnn came out with a big poll and trump is winning. that's good psychology. it's good psychology. >> we actually have dualing polls out today in a survey as well of every one of the 50 states. a atton of numbers floating around, and i'm going to head


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