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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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forum with hillary clinton and donald trump and that's focused on issues that the next president is going to have to -- and space museum in new york city and 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. up next is steve. thank you. we're live in new york and 63 days from election day. nine weeks away from when the polls open and topping the aagenda and putting donald trump ahead. is it a shake up? >> even today where cnn came out with a big poll and trump is winning. that's good psychology. it's good psychology. >> we actually have dualing polls out today in a survey as well of every one of the 50 states. a atton of numbers floating around, and i'm going to head over to the board and go to all
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of them and where the race stands now that they're entering the home stretch. also on the agenda is the battleground and then on the ground in one of the biggest swing states of all. >> when you look at this do you think that a guy like donald trump could fix up the neighborhoods? >> of course. >> you do? >> so can hillary. >> now, there's one group of voters that looms in deciding how ohio is going to go in november. we will tell you who they are and tell you more from jacob as well. that's ahead and forget the press confidence drought that hillary clinton is talking to the media again and going after her o opponent. >> he said that the american people do not care about the tax returns, and in fact he has also said it's none of our business. i just think that he is dead wrong. >> meanwhile her husband former bill clinton facing scrutiny over the millions of dollars that he made with a four profit
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college. we will tell you about that and a whole lot more this hour. we begin with the developing story. this has been a big subplot this year in the race. arizona senator jeff flake is out with a new attack on donald trump. this is very public demonstration of the tensions within the republican party with donald trump as the presidential candidate and with this fluid a and when flake was asked if his state is up for grabs in november? >> it should not be up for grabs. mitt romney did it saying that you're going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it is not a policy. >> so that was jeff flake and pretty much as soon as he said that donald trump was out with this tweet and the republican party needed the leader and if
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it's going stop illegal immigration and tweeting the great state of arizona and there's a weak and in affective senator. jeff flake said and that was donald trump in response to what flake said over the weekend and now within the last minutes jeff flake firing back and saying that hillary clinton think that is he can win and don o don is not going to pose the problems with the state. what trump is willing do is a terrible things with woman and mock the disable and go to the character of pow's and then go after the gold star parent of a fallen u.s. soldier. i'm not okay with that and i'm going speak out until he changes the tone of his campaign. if he refuses to do so, he will lose more than the election. that's republican senator jeff flake talking about his party's nominee and don in just the last
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few minutes and that's where trump is holding an event and katie, we're in the home stretch and labor day has come and gone and the headlines as we start and donald trump at war with a major leader in the republican party. >> reporter: yeah, this is not what the gop wants to see and donald trump going to battle with another republican senator. this is what she is doing. frankly in the past it generally has not hurt donald trump. remember he went out at with senator mccain and most recently a month ago when he was going to endorse mccain and he went on endorsing mccain and paul ryan and kelly ayott and it was a moment there. the one blas that it seems to hurt don is wisconsin where paul ryan is a very poplar representative and also it's the home of ryan and that's the area that we see donald trump really
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laying in the bed that he has made if you will. in the other states like new hampshire he won during the primaries and so this fighting with the establishment thing has not really hurt donald trump all that much so far especially when you can consider it's part of the establishment and the message. it's part of the reason that he changed so much accord to go the sources and paul manafort when he was in charge and he did not like him telling him what to do. donald trump said what works for him in the primary was that he was pushing against washington and the status quo politicians. we have seen that there's an about to get along with those that are friendly towards him and then it's not not and they do not agree with what he is saying or the tactics and then senator flake, that's when donald trump goes on the attack and that's when many criticize him for the in ability to let
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something slide and let something go and getting into a twitter war and also a twitter war with the mexican president and anybody that dares to call him out or dares to disagree with him. what kind of commander in chief will he be. that's what kind of things people are saying when they talk about the tone and temperament. not just hillary clinton. many people inside of the establishment that are saying that they're worried what he would be like if he was in office. is this something that the campaign would like to see him do? not necessarily. i think that time and time again this is how he will act and react i should say. >> okay. katie in north carolina following the trump campaign. thank you for that. there are a lot of numbers out there and a lot of new polls and some of them getting the headlines. let's take you through and we have the two headline polls today and one is the own nbc survey and then what you see here is a four point lead and
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what you don't see is the other two candidates and then gary johnson and they're included when you just go clinton and trump in the poll, it's a six point lead for clinton. however, there's also this and cnn with the poll this morning shows donald trump movering ahead nationally over hillary clinton in the poll 45 to 43 percent. you have not seen any polls putting trump ahead. what is happening here? is it a real movement or outlie or what is going on? well, there are two things that seem to be at work here. number one it's about the methodology and the cnn poll is using the likely voters opposed to the monkey poll that uses the registered voters and then two to right now and if you're a registered voter and getting called up i'm for clinton or trump or however.
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that's what they have been using and as we start to get closer to the election pollsters come up with what they call the likely model and what they're trying to do is predict who among the voters is actually likely to turn out and vote in november. cnn has their formula on how to do that. this is the first time that they have used the likely model and it puts donald trump ahead and it tends to favor republicans. now, here is the interesting thing. cnn also put the numbers out just for registered voters and similar to the monkey poll and look what happened when they did that. clinton moved into the lead by three points. you don't see a gap that big and this is something to look at going forward as other polls start to come up with their likely models. i know the survey polls within the next few weeks is doing the same thing. something else that's driving the numbers and you can take a look at this and then it's a
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swip here. is that how we do? hang on a minute. there it is. this is the other thing that's driving the numbers here. we talk about this all of the time and the divide between the college educated and this is a group that's never voted for the nominee and now clinton leads and trump leading by 26 with whites that do not have it and then the same more gin that myth won in 2012. look at this donald trump's margin with the same group have him leading by 44 points. you see the similarities up there and there's the big difference there with the polls as well. they have donald trump doing that much better with the whites that do not have a college degree. that's more than a third in 2012 and that's the difference in keep in mind. now, we said that there's also a survey of all of the 50 states that's out today and making the
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headlines. check this out. washington post did this one and they're looking for a poll and online poll in all 50 states. this is what they came up with. they say that it totals 244 and trump leading by four or more and then a key thing to keep in mind and this is an online poll and it was conducted over a span of a month. take it with a bit of salt and there were some interesting findings when you go into the states here. they have donald trump doing better than we see in ohio. that was two points in michigan and within two in wisconsin and those are blue states and how about this in terms of clinton. they have clinton ahead in arizona and we know that they were close. they have hillary clinton ahead in texas powered by college educated woman moving decisively and they say in this poll to
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clinton and i don't know why we have missouri in here but in missouri they have clinton with two points in missouri. we say to take this with grain of salt. this is interesting to see all 50 states. those are the numbers that are floating around today. now let's turn to some expert commentary on all of this. we have a former republican congressman and then norm who wrote an essay that in many ways predicted the rise of donald trump within the republican party. i will start with you and you saw the trump movement coming within a year asking the republican party. here we are with labor day and where do you think that the race stands in we took you through the numbers and where does it stand? >> well, let me put on my hat for a minute and know that we will see the flux wags and some are not very good polls. some are pretty solid polls and you're going see a lot of
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changes and we say that over and over gain and then the polling averages. that shows clinton up three to four points and what it means is that the big bounce and the unusually big bounce has settled down to about a half of what it was. that's where the race is. the second thing that people should know when they look at the polls is that anything it's a shift and one thing that you did not note was a drop for support with the minority voters and very unlikely that's happened. when you have a three or four lead, you're going to have some polls that show the candidate on average that's behind up by two or three. you're going to see other polls and we will see them as well and that's up by eight or nine. that's the nature of polling and that's good to deal with.
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>> yeah, they're going start to do the likely voter model and then we will see that. >> it's questionable those voter models. >> yeah we will see that and then let me turn to you and then we looked inside of the numbers and then that's the blue collar divide between white voters. donald trump seems to me when looking at the numbers if he has a path here it's driving up with the blue collar whites to the levelings. we did not think that any republican could get and trying to with stand and keep the losses to a minimum among the suburban whites and do you think the math could work out that way? >> well, that's been sold to the trump campaign for months and moss and have a big increase in the blue collar votes and working class neighborhoods. the math at least as a look at it and he is a pro at this too never works out.
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that's a declining demographic and when he is losing is expanding deaf graphic and i think that it's unlikely that he is going to produce the increase. the polls that i saw over the summer and they were mainly done for the individual members of congress and senators in the state and they did not really reflect that. they showed the republican candidates running really strong and far ahead of donald trump who was in a much bigger trouble than the polls and talking today and that would seem to indicate. >> yeah the other question is that we did not have gary johnson up and they're in the neighborhood of ten percent combine in the two polls. i know his or the i cannily the third party can kates unless you're talk of a ross and they seem to fizzle out as the election day approaches. >> yeah u what you see is the
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high water mark and that was true if we go back to races where he did very well in 1992 and then john hander son and so the number are likely to drop a little built. it's interest to go see if the college educated white republicans who may not want to vote for tribal reasons for hillary clinton but cannot bring themselves to vote for donald trump move in a different direction. it does not show a shift in clin or the clinton or trump. i am skeptical that it's going a game changer. >> if the trump team were to call you up and say what's the single most valuable piece of advice that you can give us, what would it be? >> i don't know that you can do one piece of advice, but his
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immigration stand that's an nated me from the beginning is going to produce a record turn out with the hispanics and the voters substantially and he has to get straight on the immigration issue to have a serious chance in the race. by the way, i want to make a point. norman is right about the candidates likely to fade unless the president puts them in the debates. that could change a bit. >> 15 percent threshold there and that's a good tease because later in the show we're going look at the question on the threshold of where they stand. thank you for the time. appreciate it. >> thank you. trump weighing in on the florida attorney general and the foundation and trump university. >> many of these attorney generals turned that case down. i will win that case in court. many attorney generals turned
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that down. plus, bill clinton finds himself under scrutiny with a different university and taking millions from the type of institution that his wife is campaigning against. the first debate and who is going to be on the stage and who is not. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. as far as my taxes that are concerned the only ones that are concerned is the press. >> you don't think there are any voters out there? >> no, i don't think that anybody cares. >> o donald trump says that no
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one cares about the tax returns. polling says that may not be the case. 62 percent says that it's important for the candidates to release the concerns. there are reasons that the candidates may not want to release the tax returns. here is an example of what can happen when you do release them. they have released the tax returns and from the returns that they made public there's a controversy and it has to do with this and it's $17.6 million paid to clinton by a massive profit chain offal colleges. now, clinton was given the title and made speeches on behalf of the company and the contract expired 12 day bfrs the way announced the candidacy for president. now, the issue of the profit universities and the role in the education world is a lightening rod and then it's the
1:22 pm
descriptideseepgs and then the school say that is the school did not deliver on the promised and they have saddled with debt. now, there are some key differences between laureate and trump university. trump university is not acredited. and then laureate is challenging and the hillary clinton team say that is she is committed as ever to on the institutions and she rails for profit schools and she and her husband have made $17.6 million in one of them and that's gogs going to put the campaign under and now an enterprise reporter for the washington post.
1:23 pm
roseland, you have written on this and take us into this and what kind of a world are we talking about here that bill clinton is taking in $20 million of honor their chancellor. what is he doing for that money? give us a sense of it. >> sure, this is a highly contra versele industry. they only have five campus in the united states. they have something like 80 all around the world. they have faced scrutiny in other countries as well as this country. one thing that we see is that they had a great deal to gain from sog a tie and recognized and incredible figure and it probably helps to explain why they were so interested in paying him what is a high amount
1:24 pm
of money. we found a good example of this is malaysia where there was a campus and there was an event where they read out loud a statement and then noting that there may have been something special about it that a person like bill clinton wanted o to be involved with them. that might be true but it might have been the $18 million that he was getting paid. >> also you write about his wife was secretary of the state when he was electicollecting the mon. there was a state department event where it did not enrich them in my way but the prestige of the brand. >> yeah, that was before bill clinton got the contract. she actually request the chief of staff and laureate be included. i spoke to a man that attended
1:25 pm
the meeting and was an advocate for lowering the cost of education. he said what you talk about does not matter. it's not that you get the make the case but the fact that you get to say that you were there and that provides the institution and you get the know the people in the room and he knows why the profit guys get invited to that and secretary clinton says this one was. >> thank you for the time. >> thanks for having me. >> again, we know this story. speak of trump, trump today facing a new scandal of his own and responding to a report last week that he had to pay a fine for an improper donation to florida attorney general pam bondie. it's the trump family foundation
1:26 pm
made in 2013 to a super pack supporting her. now, this was done at the same time that her office was trying to decide to join a new york state investigation into trump university. the office decided that it would not get involved in the investigation and the lawsuit and saying that there were in sufficient grounds to proceeds. trump says it had nothing to do with the investigation of trump university, but the uirs said i was improper hence the fine. trump's campaign spokesperson again dismissed concerned on the incident yesterday in a statement to nbc news saying that this was a minor issue that was brought to the attention of the foundation and trump paid the fine. now, i think it was the first
1:27 pm
debate when donald trump was asked about the money that he gave and to democratic poll situations and asking to defend that and explain that. he said look i give money to poll tiiticians because when i they do what i want them to do. this looks like a demonstration on that and the action. >> well, part of why this is resurfacing and something that the trump campaign is not having to deal with is because of that reason. he has in speaking out and has pouted the record as a business man of f giving to politicians and bragged about the favor that's granted with that. so to hear now in these reports that he donated to a pro and political committee as she was weighing whether or not to open up a fraud investigation raises
1:28 pm
serious concerns on what he hoped to get out of the donation. >> where does this stand right now? we have a $25,000 fine and is it case closed here? any fall out for her? >> well, let me be clear the original donation was for $25,000 and the trump organization accord to go the representative in correctly withdrawal the money and gave it from foundation and gave it to the personal account and that violated to the political con dates and in that mix up they also failed to report the charity had made a con harrtrib. now, the reason for the penalty is because the foundation had
1:29 pm
failed to disclose the original donation and donald trump then after reporters and liberal watchdogs went after and reported this out and reimbursed the foundation for the $25,000 donation that he had intended to give and they had the pay a $2,500 penalty on top of that. >> okay. from the washington post and very good reporting. thank you for the time. >> thanks. coming up. do you remember this? >> ohio according to nbc is going to go at the end of the night when all of the votes are count today the president of the united states. 51 votes up there right now and what a big win. >> ohio saved george w. bush back then in 2004 and we want for barack obama twice. trump is trying to win it back and one group of votes is looming extra large.
1:30 pm
he is on the ground in the buckeye state and that's head. a quick programming note for tomorrow. you don't want to miss this. the commander in the chief on clinton and the issues that the next president will have to confront. that's tomorrow on nbc and msnbc. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now.
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welcome back. here are the headlines at the half hour and wrapping up a town hall and trump heads to inconor carolina for a rally and hillary clinton just finished speaking to supporters and taking jabs at trump that's the parent company of the fox news channel and they have settled the lawsuit and she
1:34 pm
claims that she was sexually that rationed by the chairman according to haven't if i fair that reported it. fox agree today pay her $20 million. bill cosby's trial date is set for june 5th 2017. the comedian was in a pennsylvania court today for an evidence hearing. they're trying to get the key evidence thrown out. brock turner the former stanford student assaulting an unconscious woman and he is forced to reregister four times ayear. he was released on friday after serving half of a sentence that was six months. president obama is the first sitting u.s. president in american history to visit the country. he is there for the summit of the asian country and while he is there, he is going to hold a
1:35 pm
town hall and work for the partner deal. those are the headlines and turning back to the election and we're past labor day and all systems are for a go. we're going to look at a swing state and ohio according to the polls there and donald trump losing right now by four points to clinton. this is a blue state that don o don needs to flip. he needs the 18 votes if he is going to have a chance of hitting 270 realistically. this year the whole state may come down to one group and that's african american voters and we can show you why. let me show you what happened in ohio four years ago. president obama was e re-elected and he carried obama and then a key reason for that and 15 percent of the voters on election day in 2012 were african americans. that was extremely high black turn out in ohio four years ago. 15 percent of the electric to put that in the context, go back
1:36 pm
to 2004. we played it bah a few minutes ago when george w. bush was re-elected because he won ohio. only ten percent that night was black. so you went from ten percent in 2004 ask the republican wins and 15 percent in 2012 and the democrat wins. that's a big change. that illustrates the importance of the african american vote but getting the vote to turn out for you. it could be critical in deciding how ohio goes this november. jacob is on the ground and we're talking to cleveland area. this is a region that's feeling the pain of the 2008 chick crisis, so what are you hearing on the ground there? >> well, it's an incredible thing to see steve here in the neighborhood of cleveland. the home foreclosure crisis hit northeastern ohio hard and
1:37 pm
places that we normally talk about. when you walk around this neighborhood you see condemned homes and if you walk across the street in a neighborhood like this, you see something more stark and that's homes completely torn down. some of them were torn down years ago and some of them recently. it's an effort to rehabilitate these. there's a lot of people that are struggling in this african american neighborhood and then they're looking to the presidential candidates for help. this is what i found. >> where are you and what is going on right now? >> well, we're in green dale neighborhood and this is a property that's aabandoned and we' we're about to do a demolition here. >> we find the properties and see if they can be rehabbed or demolished. >> is this the only one that you will do all week? >> no, probably 25 to 30 every week. >> reporter: check this out. there's a hole in the floo floor that goes straight down.
1:38 pm
>> there was a tub there and they probably took it out to recycle it. >> you have homes that are over value and we have thousand of toxic properties. >> reporter: so this is the mortgage crisis. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell me what you're about to do? >> i'm about to take this house down. >> reporter: is it easy to do? >> no, it takes years to get it right. >> reporter: we're only 30 seconds in and half of the house is down. so when you look at what is going on, it looks like the economy struggled here. with the election coming up, do you know what you're going vote for? >> i know who i'm going vote for. i'm democrat. >> reporter: donald trump said that he can get the jobs back on
1:39 pm
track. are you going to vote? >> of course. >> reporter: do you know what you're going to vote for? >> i'm in the air on that one. >> reporter: do you think that don can fix up the neighborhood? >> yeah, and so will hillary. >> reporter: who do you think will help? >> donald trump. >> reporter: all it took was 15 minutes. steve, if mitt did better among the voters here in ohio in 2012, you know as well as anyone it would have gone a long way in the battle with obama and what happened is that there were nine precincts that he did not get one vote. if you listen to the woman that i met on the street around the corner here, donald trump may have an opportunity if there's a signal that he can fix
1:40 pm
neighborhoods like this. >> yeah, that's for sure. he has the opportunity in the polls and a lot of them showing that he is doing worse with the black voters. thank you in cleveland. jacob is going to be in ohio all this week. if you want him to pay you a visit, tweet him using the #up for grabs and he may take you up on the offer. coming up we have the debate coming up and we know that hillary clinton is going to be there and don and lester holt going to be there moderating it. is there a third poll for a candidate? we're going get that answer soon. we will give you a hint with the most important number of the day. that's next. gomery and abigail higgins had...
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1:44 pm
you can debate about that level. what is it 15 approximate percent? >> you think that's fair? >> you think that is a fair metric? >> it's probably too hard. >> bernie sanders does not like the threshold. if you want to make the debate stage, you have to get 15 percent in the polls ahead of the debate. that's the big question as we look ahead to the first presidential debate and that takes us to the most important number of the day and that's 20. why 20 and not 15? because the count down is on. it's 20 days until the fist presidential debate. here are the rules. you have these five polls and there's an average and the debate will and sometimes in mid-september they're not giving us an exact date yet and if you're at 15 percent on average in these polls in mid-september, you get a podium on the debate stage. those are the rules. we know that trump and clinton is past. how close is gary johnson and
1:45 pm
jill stein? using the polls and if you average them together this is what you get. trump is there and gary johnson that's a good number and by far the best that the libertarians have done and it's not 15. jill stein is back. if you want a voice in the debate, you better get some votes to gary johnson in the polls because mid-september is coming up and he is not going make the numbers. we're 20 days away from the first presidential debate. after the break twice in two days hillary clinton speaking to the media on board of the campaign claim. she is targeting everything from trump's taxes to the new polls. >> i had so much fun yesterday. i did want to do this again. adventures on the plane. we thought fibers that help you stay regular
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a lot of this behavior comes from him seems to be expected somehow. that's fine if you're a reality tv star or a real-estate developer. i don't think that it's fine if you want to be president of the united states. i believe that i have created so many jobs in the sort of conspiracy theory machine factory because honestly they never quit.
1:50 pm
they keep on coming back. >> that was hillary clinton just this afternoon talking with the press about donald trump. this was her second q&a with reporters in two days after an almost almost 280-day drought. elliana johnson washington editor of the national review and the wsht wfsht's chris cillizza. chris cillizza, two basically press conferences i guess you could call them in two days after that long drought. what do you think's going on here? >> i actually think what they're doing finally is smart. which is they're not doing this big hubbub, you know, she's going to go to a place and there's going to be a million reporter they're waiting for. they're doing it on the plane. so yesterday she said oh, i'm so glad this day has come, i'm so glad we're doing this. i don't know if that's true. but i do think by going back there, doing a few questions, that was a good answer. what she's saying essentially is donald trump is getting judged by a different standard and i don't think he should. good way to drive a good message for her.
1:51 pm
i think it's a little lower stakes because it's on a plane so, it's the reporters following her. what i don't understand, and it may make zero difference from here going forward, steve, why did they just not do this sooner? because she's clearly able to answer questions sort of on the fly like this. >> elliana, this reminds me a little bit of watching hillary clinton in the debate settings. i was watching her today. i had the same reaction chris cillizza did. she seemed pretty strong in that setting. >> yeah, you know, both of these candidates are hostile to the press and they don't do very well when they take hostile questions. and what i would say in response to chris is she has a habit of when she's asked challenging questions, particularly about the relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation and about her e-mail, where she has a very difficult time telling the truth and often tells flat out lies and she stuck her foot in her mouth a number of times and created new news stories and new rounds of,
1:52 pm
you know, news stories simply by taking questions, which i think is why she's so resistant to fielding questions in the first place. >> let's look at the state of this race again. we always sort of use labor day as the barometer, as the mile mark, whatever you want to call it. we're in the home stretch now. we put a bunch of the numbers up at the top of the show. we can show you the bottom line, these two new polls out today. we have our own nbc survey monkey poll. you have the head to head there, hillary clinton up six over donald trump. cnn's poll, they've got this likely voter model. they've got trump up by two points. chris cillizza, what do you think the reaction -- if you're a clinton supporter looking at those two polls, how do you react to that? what should the reaction be? >> guardedly optimistic. i would say look, i continue to think that the fact that she is not ahead by more is indicative of the fact that there remains lots of people who want to not vote for her but donald trump continues to not give them a sort of safe place to be. the race i still think is possibly winnable for him.
1:53 pm
the problem is i think eliana will agree with this, possibly winning for him means him doing things radically-ish different than he has to this point. the race is there. i think if republicans -- if hillary clinton winds up winning, steve, i think republicans will look back and say this was a huge missed opportunity, this is someone with real negatives, with real problems in the electorate, there are still people despite the campaign donald trump has run since he won the indiana primary may 3rd, still people with lots and lots of doubts about her. he just continues to not provide anything close to a safe harbor for those voters to land in. >> yeah, and eliana, i'm thinking of what chris says about the opportunity donald trump still has this last two months of the campaign and the news we had at the top of this hour, this war of words with jeff flake, started on sunday. jeff flake made some comments trump didn't like. trump responded. and now it's escalated and you have jeff flake really just ripping him in the last hour. >> oh, absolutely. for donald trump i think the story of this campaign really is going to be one self-inflicted
1:54 pm
wound after another. and you no, the polls are tightening. but while donald trump right now can certainly win this race, it remains true that he has never really led for an extended period of time. and so the advantage still is with hillary clinton even as the polls narrow. and i think chris is exactly right that democrats and the clinton camp rightly should feel some guarded optimism because trump seems ton be able to let himself run a winning campaign. >> chris, i think i saw you -- >> that's a good way of putting it, by the way. >> i think i saw you mention this earlier. we just put the numbers up for the third party candidates trying to get to that 15% threshold for the debates. gary johnson right now a long way from there. 9% average in those polls. needs to be at 15. good news for hillary clinton if he can't hit 15? >> yes. chuck todd and i have talked about this on air and off air, if donald trump was being uber strategic, which he has not
1:55 pm
shown any evidence of being, you would want to bump gary johnson's profile up as much as possible because you want another force i think in that race to lower your win number. the truth of the matter is elliana's right, donald donald trump hasn't led and the other thing is donald trump hasn't been above 44, 45 ever in the race. he has a pretty hard ceiling. could he win at 43, 44? i think he could. could he win if he needed 51? and the only way you get your win number down is you bring up a gary johnson. the best way to do that, ross perot obviously taught us this in 1992, the only way to do it for a third-party candidate is you've got to get in the debate, be on the stage with the two other major party candidates. otherwise i think you wind of looking just kind of like also this guy over here is running. you don't look like a viable alternative. >> it will be interesting to see what happens to those third-party numbers if they done make the stage. chris cillizza, eliana johnson, thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, sir. >> and tonight don't miss the premiere of "the 11th hour" with
1:56 pm
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right here in new york city. all of this leading up to the commander comn. chief forum. hillary clinton, donald trump. they're going to be on board for that live event moderated by matt lauer. it's tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern on both nbc and msnbc. that does it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's tuesday, it's new poll day apparently. trump's ahead in one new poll. well, clinton as head in another -- wait a minute, they're tied in another new poll. that's right. we're going to try to make sense of all of the numbers that have been hitting you today. tonight, so many new polls and so little clarity. separating the news from the noise. plus the candidates make their pitches on how to keep america safe. >> we are going to solve the isis problem. >> he says he has a secret plan to defeat isis. but the secret is he has no plan. >> and did donald trump make a campaign contribution to stop a


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